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Thread: Jason Kessler Refiles Charlottesville Lawsuit

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    Default Jason Kessler Refiles Charlottesville Lawsuit

    Jason Kessler Refiles Charlottesville Lawsuit



    As with Augustus Invictus’s presidential campaign, it is good to see someone fighting back for a change rather than holding Blompf’s beer and rolling over and losing multiple lawsuits.

    Daily Progress:


    “Exactly two years after the Unite the Right rally, the lead organizer of the deadly white supremacist event has again filed a federal lawsuit against the city of Charlottesville and various officials alleging a violation of his First Amendment rights.

    Kessler voluntarily dismissed an earlier lawsuit that similarly claimed his First Amendment and 14th Amendment rights were violated.

    The most recent iteration of the lawsuit drops the claim that Kessler’s 14th Amendment rights were violated and adds new defendants and plaintiffs.

    In addition to Kessler, the lawsuit adds David Matthew Parrott as a plaintiff. Parrott was formerly the spokesman of the now-largely defunct Traditionalist Worker Party and, along with Kessler, is a defendant in a separate lawsuit filed by area residents against key organizers of the rally. …”

    I fully support this lawsuit. I encourage you to support it as well.

    I didn’t support the Unite The Right 2 rally because I have grown skeptical of activism in the Blompf era (no effort has been made to rein in the Democratic cities issuing stand down orders), but a federal lawsuit against Charlottesville should have been our focus from August 2017.

    Not continuing with the college speaking tour.

    Not flash rallies which no one cares about.

    Not organizing a Unite The Right 2 rally.

    Not spending a whole year arguing over optics.

    Not campaigning to elect more conservatives who are puppets of Jewish billionaires.

    The fallout from Charlottesville was badly mishandled. We should have said nothing publicly and calmly started working on our own lawsuit.

    Kessler-Parrot Civil Complaint:


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