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Thread: Granby City Council-Criminals Set Up Secret Meeting to Impose $3.4 Million Sewer Bond Issue

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    Default Granby City Council-Criminals Set Up Secret Meeting to Impose $3.4 Million Sewer Bond Issue

    Granby City Council-Criminals Set Up Secret Meeting to Impose $3.4 Million Sewer Bond Issue


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    Default Granby Alder-mamzers OK Sewer proposal, set bond election

    Granby Alder-mamzers OK Sewer proposal, set bond election

    City seeks $3.24 million, hopes for grants to lower resident's cost

    Stupid shitheads will have $100 sewer bills for the next 30 years, Granby is screwed

    Chadifer Sexton-Meercat #3 Heyworth(less), Editard/turd


    During a special secret meeting called specifically in order to pass their well-laid plans to spring a massive unpayable debt upon the Granby inbred tards Tuesday, Granby aldermen approved plans to upgrade the city's sewer plant and set a $3.24 million bond issue for the November ballot to pay for it. That way the Granby inbreds sewer bill will rise for an average of $35 per month to within the range of $100 for the next thirty years -- if the inbreds are stupid enough to vote for it.

    But just because the city is asking voters to approve that much for the work, it doesn't mean that will be the city's final bill, City Clerk Lawna 'Lyin-Hippo' Price said. "When I set up this secret special meeting, calling the shots and made sure not to notify Pastor Martin "Mad Dog" Lindstedt I think I might have gotten my lustfool meercat David Price caught in muh crack. Them sewer bills might well be higher than $100 per month if we get our kickbacks."

    Once/if retarded imbecile voters approve the bond, the city will apply for federal funding that could help lower Granby's out-of-pocket costs.

    Federal and state lending agencies, including the U.S. Department of Agriculture and state Departničnt of Natural Resources, will consider Granby's financial situation, and how much of the burden the city a be expected to cover, before determining what kind of grant money to put toward the project, Price said. "That "free money" sure costs a lot and it is uncertain as can be. We could wind up with another "Jefferson County Alabama Situation" where they have $400 water and sewer bills. The daze of inexpensive living in Granby ended with the T. Rampageifer Gamble Administardation.

    "It seems backwards, but that's how they do it," she said. "They determine - how much we can shoulder - based largely on the wage survey and projected utility revenue. Any amount over that, they will help us pay, as I understand it. But then again, as City Clerk I do no book-keeping and I made T. Rampageifer Gamble and Crooked Ira Hawkins outsource the billing. All I do is sit on my fat ass and canoodle with Jim Channel, another overpaid Granby City 'worker' who does nothing. Insofar as actually performing the criteria of a city clerk, I'm absymally ignert."

    If voters turn down the bond issue on Nov. 5, it could leave the city facing the entire bill on its own, Price said. This is a lie, as if the voters veto the proposed bond issue then nothing will be done because no one works for free. The present city sewer plant will have to do as usual.

    The engineering plan, designed by Joplin-based Allgeier, Martin and Associates under the supervision of Granbys Gene Spears, calls for building new basins at the greatest possible expense and switching the plant from a sequencing batch reactor style plant to the more common extended aeration style plant like the bigger towns that don't steal everything from the inbreds have because they have far better management of city finances. Granby is one of few cities in the state still using the sequencing batch reactor style plant, which is more cumbersome to operate but which cost a lot less because the state and federal governments paid 90% of the bill back in 1987-88, thirty years ago during the Reagan Administration. While we pay Victor Coggin $20 per hour wages, Victor would far rather sit on his ass and have Granby voters stupidly vote in $100 sewer bills until infinity rather than work with the sewer plant as is.

    The construction will include two clarifying basins, along with a new peak flow detention basin north of the existing treatment plant, a new ultraviolet disinfecting system, converting the basin next to the existing treatment basin into a sludge digestion basin, installing a new 150 gallon per minute pump and trash screen at the lift station, and implementing a inspection system for the city's sewer system using smoke and mirrors and video, with needed repairs to follow. All done at the greatest possible expense as the current City workers can't do any of the work because they are retarded and lazy.

    The work is primarily designed to help the city manage to get the largest possible kickbacks so they can move to Neosho, Carthage or the big time in the big city of Gay Joplin, because you can't keep them thieving bastards on the current city council on the sheep farm once they've seen Gay jewplin, as they say . . . Oh, and we need to save the large influxes of stormwater into the plant, Wastewater Superintendent Victor Coggin said. "A $3.24 million bond which never can be paid is a small price to pay for me not having to get out of bed and driving in the rain to divert the storm drain water which flows downhill to the sewer plant."

    On a normal day, the plant processes between 120,000 and 130,000 gallons of sewage, just over half its designed capacity. All of which goes to show that the sewage plant works good enough as is with honest competent management But when the skies open up, when it rains like it has for the past 32 years of the sewer plant's existence that number spikes and threatens to inundate the plant, he said. "I used to be coontent with how things have always been, but now that there is the mere possibility that Granby inbreds will vote to tax themselves and put up with a $100 monthly sewer bill forever then things just have to change."

    To avoid swamping the plant, and potentially damaging the biomass that does the treatment, operators are forced to push through untreated inflow, Coggin said. "Things are not going to get better because it is going to continue to rain in Granby and we need to spend all this money to save up to a half-hour's downpour. The rain in Granby's brain flows mainly down the drain."

    That's something state and federal regulators want the city to stop. Granby taxpayers should pay the most they can in taxes as opposed to on themselves and their families and if taking $3.24 million out of their pockets forever because it will continue to rain then so much the better!!!

    "Day to day, we are putting out good clean water," Coggin said. "1 could set a glass of drinking water next to one from what comes out of the end of the plant and let you see if you can tell which is which. After an unfortunate incident when Jim Channel stopped looking at his cell phone at Internet porn and played a trick on me I label the glasses to make sure that I don't drink from the glass that tastes like piss and shit, but if you Granby inbred tards will pay out $3.24 million and a $100 monthly sewer bill forever I could have two glasses of treated sewer rainwater to look at and label just for the fun of it."

    Appeasing state and federal regulators is not only the right thing to do, because when they are happy they pat me on my pointy head, give me a doggy-treat and occasionally a reach-around Mayor Crooked-Ira Hawkins said, its what the city formally agreed to do, and it is still pretty much the same old crooked City Council. A surprise inspection by the EPA in 2014 found serious deficiencies in the way the plant was being maintained and run by then-Superintendent Chuck Ranslow, who later pleaded guilty to federal misdeameanor charges relating to his malfeasance at the plant. The federal and state regulators were told by Ranslow's federal pub[l]ic pretender that they lacked jurisdiction to prosecute Ranslow and so they put the screws to the City Council-Criminals who signed all manner of unenforceable stuff because they thought they were caught crooks. If Granby could only get a new honest city council the citizens could tell them burrocrats to piss up a rope on theys' unfunded mandates that the taxpayers refuse to fund or obey.

    Hawkins said he isn't excited to spend a large amount of money on the sewer plant. "This is one hell of a log which has been applied to my tight mangina beaver. This is a shit sandwich which me and the crooked stupid and feckless City Council-Criminals have been handed and I've never especially liked eating bread. Senile Heifer Joyce Mann likes bread. . . . Bill the Buttlicker Barrett loves eating shit sandwiches as does Assley Edgmon of the First Synagogue of Satan if it cums with a side of fried chicken. Part of being a baal-priest involves eating a lot of fried chicken on Sundays. And so in order to keep getting the pats on the head, the reach-arounds and all-you-can-eat shit sandwiches from state and federal burrocrats why . . . uh where was I again? . . . oh, and he doesn't expect residents are either. But doing nothing is not an option, even though doing nothing is the best and certainly the cheapest option. What are they going to do if the Granby inbreds get smart and vote "NO!!!" on the bond issue? I suppose they will just have to eat shit, as on they's own shit sandwiches, cum-cum, cum-cum!!!"

    "This is what has been handed us," he said. "We have to meet EPA mandates. We just have to." Asked what the EPA is going to do if the bond issue is voted down by the voters, Crooked Ira said, "They just have to, they just have to. Or maybe I'll have to go postal at my own City Hall."

    Hawkins said he knows that asking residents to agree to a price tag north of $3 million is a big ask, but this is the only way to get the help the city needs. "I know that holding a secret unannounced meeting was the best way to do this. Pastor Martin "Mad-Dog" Lindstedt will let this shit slide and Never file a fourth Sunshine Act Enforcement Action.

    "It is a leap of faith, yes," he said. "Like the time I bought that gook whore pussy which gave a bad dose of black clap that ate out half my occidental pecker. Or the time I reached into the half-empty 12-pack of Milwaukees Best when T. Rampageifer and Chadifer Sexton-Meercat #3 were going ass-2-mouth with each other and T. Rampagefer had a rat-trap waiting which went off on my fingers . . . or this is really really nasty . . . uh, never mind where was I? Oh yeah. But at the end of the day, before we put a single shovel into the ground, we will know exactly what we are paying for and what it will cost. More like a $125 per month sewer bill, huh. It has to be doable, or we won't do it. "It" being paying $3.24 million for some bureaucrat's unfunded mandate to save storm-drain water because they want to claim to be doing something about the rain."

    You may call me Crooked Ira Hawkins but I'm a D-gly fuktard.



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    Granby City Council-Criminals Set Up Secret Meeting to Impose $3.4 Million Sewer Bond Issue


    Rougher Than a Cob, More Hot Than Turpentine

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    Default Questions Regarding the Wastewater/Sewage system Loan:

    Questions Regarding the Wastewater/Sewage system Loan:


    I’m confused. I have several, separate questions. And I don’t know who to speak to about this.

    Regarding the Wastewater/Sewage system Loan:

    1) The $3,240,000 loan for improving the sewerage system (Bill #845, Ordinance #845) states in Section #2 of the proposal that the revenue bond would be paid entirely and solely from the revenues generated by the City from the operation of the sewage system.

    Doesn’t this then mean that outside funding (grants, private donations, etc) couldn’t be generated to help cover the cost?

    Further meaning the entire $3,240,000 bill would fall on the tax payers using the city sewer system?

    2) Over how many years is this proposed bond repayment plan going to take place?

    3) How many households/businesses are currently using the city wastewater system?

    4) If the bill ends up passing, when would the bond be issued?

    5) Assuming the bond is issued, when would the project be started and is there an expected completion date?

    Separate question:

    The Water system:

    1) Is the city (or a private organization of some sort) actually attempting to get federal/state grants to assist with creating a new water system for Granby? Or is that on hold due to the sewage system urgency?

    2) Does anyone actually have an estimated cost on how much money (total) is needed to complete a water system overhaul?

    Any help here is appreciated, thanks.


    Granby Thots & Views

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    Default This sort of increased sewer bond issue simply for treating rain-water will add another $50 to your present bill and not ever be paid off

    This sort of increased sewer bond issue simply for treating rain-water will add another $50 to your present bill and not ever be paid off


    I'm from Springfield looking to sell my house in Springfield and move to some place outside a town. Living in a city or municipality adds 10-25 % additional taxes than county living because of an additional layer of government. I'm looking around in the area for my retirement home, and I seen this group.

    These federal and state bureaucrats want these small towns to treat their storm-drain water like is sewer water as opposed to simply closing the treatment intakes when it rains like they have done forever. So they threaten some unspecified punishment if the small-town taxpayers vote "no" to building catchment basins to treat rain-water. But the Hancock Amendments make it impossible for them to punish citizens for voting "no" to higher taxes because paying a bond issue is a tax. I know better than to be fooled, but there are plenty of idiots who will vote "yes" and make me pay higher taxes. Which is why I don't want to live in town unless I can sell my city property to someone for a lot more.

    I bet the mayor and city council sprung a secret meeting without public notice on you, didn't they? Well, they know better than to try this sort of thing in Springfield.

    I bet this sort of increased sewer bond issue simply for treating rain-water will add another $50 to your present bill and not ever be paid off. If the federal and state bureaucrats want you to treat your stormwater then let them pay for it, not you. This bond issue passes, half the smarter element will likely turn off the city water in order to avoid paying for the waste-water by ridding themselves of a city water meter. Then your city utilities will be bypassed and your small town will die.



    Sorry to write so much, but I've seen this scam before and I'd hate for you to kill your town even though I don't intend to live in any town if I can help it. Take what I say as a friendly warning. Out.邏



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    Default When rabid inbred Granby meercats cum-cum cum-cum and attack !!!

    When rabid inbred Granby meercats cum-cum cum-cum and attack !!!


    Jim Channel: Paul White so you're trying to tell the people of this group that this is a scam sir you should know the current situation we as the City of Granby face dealing with the EPA and DNR is definitely no scam

    Teresa Solenberg Paul White

    If you don’t live here in city of Granby, why are you even committing?

    We the citizens here are in dire need of clean water system and restore of our waste-water issues.

    Karen Wheeler Paul White

    I have a question for you since you obviously don't live in Granby, have you ever lived in Granby?



    I'm Little Butt I'm Loud!!!

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    Default Yes, you thieving Granby Inbred-tards are trying to run a scam -- on yousselfs

    Yes, you thieving Granby Inbred-tards are trying to run a scam -- on yousselfs


    Jim Channel

    Yes, I think your Granby city government is running a scam. Don't know/don't care what the DNR or EPA says. They are not the boss of me.

    My water and sewer bill is around $20 per month because living by myself I don't use much water. Springfield runs an efficient public works system.

    In Joplin they put in some improvements and LOWERED sewer and water rates.



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    Default Joplin water, sewer rates to decrease in Missouri American rate case

    Joplin water, sewer rates to decrease in Missouri American rate case

    Jordan Larimore, Jul 1, 2016


    Missouri American Water customers in Joplin are getting a break on their bills.

    The Missouri Public Service Commission has ordered new water and sewer rates to be effective in mid-July. The average Joplin customer — which is one using an average of 4,700 gallons per month — will see a decrease of $5.30, making such a customer’s total monthly bill $33.09.

    Missouri American Water filed the rate case on July 31, 2015, seeking to increase annual revenues by $51 million.

    The rate adjustment reflects roughly $442 million in water and sewer system improvements Missouri American has made since 2012, and a $7.1 million reduction in expenses since 2010, the utility said in a news release.

    The decrease in rates in Joplin is greater than the company’s original proposal, which would’ve reduced the average customer’s bill by $1.36 per month.

    The decrease comes despite more than $10 million in improvements having been made to Joplin’s water system. Those improvements included the installation of two booster stations at Gateway Zone and 15th Street, and the relocation and addition of 11,000 feet of piping and equipment improvements at Joplin’s water plant.

    As part of the rate order, the PSC has consolidated rates into three geographic zones, allowing the cost of Missouri American’s investments to be spread among a larger customer base. Joplin falls in the Southwest zone for water along with Warrensburg, Spring Valley, Lakewood Manor, the Shell Knob subdivision, Ozark Mountain, Lake Taneycomo, Maplewood, Riverside Estates, Stonebridge, Saddlebrooke, Emerald Point, Rankin Acres and White Branch, the company’s release said.

    Sewer rates were also split into districts, with Arnold forming its own zone and all other wastewater systems falling under a second.

    Customers will receive additional information in their next bill. Missouri American's last rate general rate order was given in April 2012.


    All the shit unfit to print


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    Default The August 2019 Sewer Project Report

    The August 2019 Sewer Project Report


    Title Page:

    Table of Contents:

    I. Project Planning, P1-2

    II. Existing Facilities P3-9

    II.B Description of Treatment Plant & Collection System p10-16

    II.C Condition of Facilities p17-21:


    III. [NO] Need for Project p24

    Plan "A" p 25-27 (Not Recommended)


    Plan "B" costing $3.24 million (Accepted) p 28-29

    Plan "C" p 30-31

    Diverted Flow Tables, p 32

    V. Present Worth Comparisons p 33-34

    VI. Recommended Plan and Proposed Project p 35-36

    Ballot Issue -- How the Ballot Proposal is Worded

    I am The Librarian

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    Default Granby discusses sewer upgrade

    Granby discusses sewer upgrade

    By Linda Greer
    Dec 13, 2006


    GRANBY, Mo. — The Granby City Council has agreed to move forward with plans for a $400,000 expansion of its sewage holding system, after wastewater plant operator Charles Sweet said the city was out of compliance with environmental guidelines.

    The city will hire Archer Engineering of Springfield to design a system to bring the plant into compliance.

    Sweet said to meet the guidelines established in the plant’s operating permit, the city needs to expand the current sludge tank and add another one, creating three times more storage.

    Archer Engineering built Granby’s operating system in 1989 and recently completed a bio-solids treatment evaluation on the system. Archer’s report revealed that because the plant does not have enough space to hold sludge at least 60 days, the treated sewage did not meet guidelines.

    Sweet said sludge must be held 60 days to enable micro-biological changes to take place so the substance no longer poses a health hazard when it is spread on fields.

    Councilman Terry Weaver said he was not opposed to seeking bids for something the city needed, but questioned why the city should spend money when it hadn’t been cited by the state.

    “We’re putting the town of Granby in debt,” Weaver said.

    Sweet said the storage capacity was only one issue. The plant also does not meet testing guidelines set by the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Agency, he said.

    “All it takes is one photo at the right time to create a big problem,” Sweet said. “If the DNR and EPA come down on us, $400,000 could become $700,000.”

    Sweet said the state agencies could impose stricter, and more costly, guidelines if the city does not take steps to get in compliance.

    “DNR will come down on us first and foremost,” Sweet said. “EPA rates are stiff; the DNR’s are stiffer.”

    Sweet said that as an operator with years of experience, he understands the process. “I can honestly tell you this needs to be done,” Sweet said.


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