Crooked Granby City Council-Criminals buy Fat Thieving City Clerk a $13,000 City Vehicle to Drive Her Fat Ass 1/8 Mile From Her Feed Store

Did you know tax dollars bought a $13,000 car for our city mgr to drive back and forth to work daily, but only spent $10,000 on police car with nearly 150,000 miles on it!.....I am wondering, since she makes more than most of us and our officers, will we also be paying for her gas, tires, and oil changes?

Where do funds for her to have a personal vehicle come from and why is there not enough money in a fund for better police cars?

Thought we needed money to get better sewer and water. Why are we blowing what we have on what we don't need? I'm perplexed?? #frivoloustaxpayers