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Thread: A Second-Wave Late Boomer Reflects Upon How ZOG Turned To Shit

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    Default A Second-Wave Late Boomer Reflects Upon How ZOG Turned To Shit

    A Second-Wave Late Boomer Reflects Upon How ZOG Turned To Shit

    & How The GenX Internuts 2.0 Alt-Kike ZOGtards & ZOGbots Packed The Bowel Movement's Fudge


    This morning I turned 62 years old. I was the eldest child born to a young mother at 1:10 pm on Christmas Day at Pierre, South Dakota in St. Mary's Hospital -- a Catholic Hospital. In fact, prior to my birth my father and father's family of West Geats from Scania had all been born at their homes on the South Dakota. I was the first child of the post-ZOGWARII [de]generation of Lindstedts born in a hospital as opposed to the homestead.

    On my 25th birthday Christmas 1982 I was pitching mail as a short-timer at the First Armored Division headquarters in Ansbach West Germany as opposed to being with the 2d Battalion 42d Field Artillery in Crailsheim. . At the Army rec center I read a Stars & Stripes article posted to their bulletin board that 1957 was the floodtide of the Baby Boomer generation and that Dr. Zhivago was the picture playing of the year. The major-general commanding was at the rec center seeking interaction with his privates and spec-fours. I was so looking forward to getting out of the Army after my two-year enlistment. The entire world was so full of opportunities.

    Every Boomer I've ever known remarks upon how the entire world has changed -- and not for the better. Today is a whole new world with nothing much left of it other than a few of my contemporaries most of whom have no ability to change in any case. Much is as it was -- everyone lucky enough to grow older thinks the younger [de]generations are going to hell. But in fact, Collapse is right around the corner.

    So this morning I wake up in a trailer owned by someone else as I've given away most of what I own because of a homosexual Satanic Mongrel Abomination infesting the Alt-Right [bowel] Movement got a Lake County Ohio judgment with four more federal lawsuits against myself for daring to make fun of a mamzer faggot ZOGbot who is now a lawyer. I'm facing Koontempt of Kort

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