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Thread: How Would A Tard Polish A Turd Like The Shitty of Granby?

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    Default How Would A Tard Polish A Turd Like The Shitty of Granby?

    How Would A Tard Polish A Turd Like The Shitty of Granby?

    I'm Sure that if we Will DO the Same Old Stupid Shit that SOMETHING will Change, cum-cum, cum-cum!!!


    Looking for positive nice old pussy-petting Same Old Shit-Affirming recommendations of how the city of Granby can improve it's reputation with the citizen's who have gotten perfectly used to the fact that nothing other than the Same Old Shit and us Council-Criminals doing whatever we want is what we will do -- same as always. If you just want to bitch about something, save it or go tell it to the Marines, cum-cum, cum-cum!!! I'm all the stupid bitch you need now that Senile Heifer Joyce Mann has gotten all she can thieve and wants to retire with her loot. If you have coonstructive ideas as to how we can put a superficial polish of a Turd like the Shitty of Granby, and ways things could possibly work better to keep ripping off you Retarded Inbreds, let's hear it. Otherwise, shut your yaps or I'll bully you unmercifoolly like I do Mr. Wedgie Tard, cum-cum, cum-cum. I already know that communication from the city to it's citizens needs improving because all you wish to do is not even bother speaking to us criminally insane council-critters. So let's at least pretend to listen if you are properly respectful and that will be something to be worked on asap. Upon being sworn in, I plan to be available to the citizens one day a week to listen to your cooncerns and needs. As I will be unopposed because nobody else really gives a shit any more, I'd like to get a jump start here to get things rolling for CHIMPROVEMENT. As always, Thank you Granby, for your support. You Inbred Retards really need to get back to pretending to believe this shit and caring other than looking to sell out and leave As Soon As Possible if you have any options.

    Desperately Seeking Black Satanic 'Interaction' -- cum-cum, cum-cum -- ever since I gelded my Meercat, lolololol

    Now I am picking up after anglo-mestizos in Granby-Gomorrah !!!

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    Default I've been a ZOGling whiggress Twat-Clown Refugee from Many Failed Shitholes

    I've been a ZOGling whiggress Twat-Clown Refugee from Many Failed Shitholes

    Here's How My Kind Fucked Up One in Nebraska, cum-cum, cum-cum!!!



    Terri Isbell Lachlan Fordyce the town I grew up in had a junk (cars) yard right in the middle of it, which was very noticeable since it was a village of only about 275 people. About a decade ago the city voted to start fining people who had cars that werenít properly tagged, visible trash or cars that werenít moved for more than one year. If they didnít resolve the issue within a certain time frame, the cars would be towed at the property ownerís expense. If they dealt with it quickly, usually within 30 days, the fine was dropped. The last time I went, the junk yard was gone and the city looked beautiful. Size doesnít have to limit a town, like I said, less than 300 in Dunning, NE. The photo is an a real shot from Google Earth. I remember walking by that junk yard and there were at least 100 vehicles where there is nothing now. But it take creative thinking, and a community that wants to work together to improve. I know that village, mostly ranchers and farmers. Iím sure if help was needed, the city pitched in.

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