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Thread: Roxie Lee Fausnaught 29 Dec. 1955 - 4 August 2020.

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    Default Roxie Lee Fausnaught 29 Dec. 1955 - 4 August 2020.

    Roxie Lee Fausnaught 29 Dec. 1955 - 4 August 2020.


    Roxie Lee Fausnaught 29 Dec. 1955 - 4 August 2020. Died this morning in her home of renal failure around 3:00 am after visiting with some of her friends and family the day before who were notified of her condition. She refused further medical [mis]treatment. A more detailed obituary shall follow. Funeral arrangements are with Clark Funeral Home of Granby and she will be buried in Granby Cemetery.
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    Default I buried Roxie Lee Lamp Fausnaught today 13 Aug 2020

    I buried Roxie Lee Lamp Fausnaught today 13 Aug 2020


    Today I buried my woman of 33 years since 21 March 2020, Roxie Lee Fausnaught. She died around 3:00 am on 4 August 2020.

    I would like to thank Clark Funeral Home who did an excellent job of giving Roxie full value for her money spent in a pre-paid plan. The best thing that they did was to urge me to remember that this funeral was about Roxie first and to not mar the proceedings by being uncivil even — especially — to those who need to be knocked down several notches or two — but not today.

    I researched last night the Scriptures regarding this life and the Resurrection which I will streamline for purpose of being a prayer liturgy for the Christian Israelite being buried.

    If I couldn’t be polite to those who paid the respects to Roxie that I did not like, then I deemed it best to say nothing but a nod to those who did show up. So the funeral went smoothly and quickly.

    I would like to thank Roxie’s nephew and his wife for hosting the reception after the funeral and my sister and her husband for being of unmeasureable help and assistance in getting through the past week since Roxie died. Yes, I’m now a lonely man but one who will get through the loss of Roxie to a new life built upon the firm foundations of the old.

    In filling up the grave a competent job was done. Elden White was there explaining the process of making the Granby Cemetery fulfill its purpose and while I have reservations as to how it is run, today it worked for Roxie although it could be run better for the good of the People of Granby who voted recently to support it through their property taxes. Roxie is buried next to a lot of Granby Whites.

    Roxie was diagnosed with inoperable cancer. Inoperable because the medical profession no longer wants to do the bare minimum necessary to treat elderly fat old white women who have outlived their usefulness to the Greater ZOGland. Roxie’s death warrant was written in Mid-May of this year when the doctors refused to operate to remove her suspected cancer. So rather than linger on for another three or six or twelve months in the pain of speading cancer Roxie chose to leave this world when her kidneys shut down and to summon her friends and family — and those who counted came.

    So I wish to thank Chaplain Joe Morris of Avalon Hospice who let my step-daughter have her mother’s funeral and myself have her funeral as Roxie would have wanted and my sister and Clark Funeral Home who kept me on target of burying Roxie and at least being civil to those I did not and still do not like because that is what Roxie would have wanted — not using her death as a cloak to advance my interests in ongoing civil warfare. To those of my enemies who loved Roxie so much that they came even though when they cut me Roxie bled but still dared to come — well today was a truce day and I thank you — conditionally.

    Hail Victory !!!

    Pastor Martin Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri
    Roxie Lamp Fausnaught’s Man

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