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Thread: Open Letter to Hardy Lloyd

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    Default Open Letter to Hardy Lloyd

    Open Letter to Hardy Lloyd


    Quote Originally Posted by Apocales
    Hardy is obviously not doing well at all! He is incarcerated and is in the hole for his own protection with 24 hr lock down, no visits allowed and no phone calls allowed. He can only receive mail. This whole situation is very difficult for us and his family.

    If you'd like you can write to Hardy at the jail. I'm sure he would appreciate any mail of any kind. Just remember NO racial content or violent mail can be sent to him.

    Hardy Lloyd # 101182
    Allegheny County Jail
    950 2nd Avenue
    Pittsburgh, PA 15219-3100
    I don't like the worthless bastard, but he has a right to receive his mail, especially since he is to be presumed innocent. However, these piglice think that they can do anything, even though it is illegal. And it is illegal, depending upon the Circuit (Circus) Kort, to mess around with prisoner mail.

    The 9th US Circus Kort says everything gets to go to the prisoners. The 5th US Circus Kort (Mississippi & Texas) says that the prisons and piglice can censor everything. In the 8th US Circus Kort (North Dakota to Arkansas) it is literally decided on a case by case basis. I don't know what the position of the 3rd US Circus Kort is in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

    I am mailing today to Mongrolloyd the beneath letter. You are nice to look after the worthless bastard, Apoc. I printed on 10 double-sided pages some legal material and then the Internut news and my two-page letter. That way the ZOG piglice have no excuse to refuse to deliver the letter. They can't lawfully disallow the legal reading material and then the news of his case I printed off on the other side of the page gets in as well. The jewsmedia claims that the probation piglice found 5 handguns and 3 long guns in his apartment. And the Probation Pig says that Mongrolloyd's rants on the Internut gave them 'probable cause' to search. I don't think so, because it is in effect saying that free speech indicates criminality. However. Mongrolloyd is supposedly to face the same jewdge who sentenced him for weapons violations and he could get a new sentence -- up to five years.

    In any case, I'll send off the letter today. The jail is supposed to be well run. But there are jewhoogroups about what a hole it is, and they are probably correct. I fail to see why he cannot visit his wife who stuck by him, regardless.

    Oh well, time to get on to other things. I'll notify John Gerhardt of LibRA and see how he wants to handle Mongrolloyd, if at all.

    Pastor Martin LD Lindstedt CJCC/AN


    The Church of Jesus Christ Christian
    / Aryan Nations of Missouri
    Pastor Martin L.D. Lindstedt
    xxx Rabbit Track Road
    Granby, Missouri 64844
    (417) xxx-xxxx
    pastorlindstedt@whitenationalist.org http://www.pastorlindstedt.org

    Monday, June 1, 2009

    ‘Reverend’ Hardy Lloyd # 101182
    Allegheny County Jail
    950 2nd Avenue
    Pittsburgh, PA 15219-3100

    Hello Hardy Lloyd:

    I’ll be honest, I really don’t like or respect you very much at all. But I do admire some of what you have done and sometimes you are honest. I realize you are about as selfish and chaotic whigger as any I’ve ever heard about. In fact, I’ve logged onto my forum and made a sockpuppet as ‘John Q. Whigger’ with your picture from five years ago as the avatar. But I’ve been in your position – in my case I was innocent of the bogus charges brought – and I know how things can be in jail. So I suppose you will still enjoy my letter, even though we are not exactly pals. Additionally, I think that the pretext under which you were seized, parole/probation violations for having unlawful possession of firearms is totally bogus. You have a right to possess weapons in your own home and it is because ZOG and the local police and prosecutors were hearing whining about what you said on the Internet that they had a fit and searched your house. I don’t know what the probable cause was. They probably made it up, and if you want to get out, you will probably best maintain that the arrest was a pretext to punish you for what you said. The local TV station ran a story about you and I seen it on the Internet. It was the typical Main Stream Media whining which I suppose that you will be pleased to hear was heard by quite a few ZOGlings. I imagine you got your name in the paper as well. So you got something out of it.

    I hope that they are letting you see your wife at visitation. I hear that you are in ad-seg for 23 hours per day. I wonder if you are getting to visit Mr. Poplowski, who was also in the news as a possible mental patient. I doubt it, but if it is true, I’ll have to laugh.

    In any case, I’m not going to send you any money or stamps, which might not reach you anyway. But what I am going to send you is a 10-page letter with legal material printed on one side and this letter and other stuff written on the other and sent as religious and legal material. If they cannot separate the legal and religious material, then they have to either let you have it all or deny it all. In which case you might have a lawsuit – at least you would if you were imprisoned in Missouri. I don’t know what the position of the 3rd US Circuit Court is in Pennsylvania. I’ll look it up later, perhaps. I still don’t know whether you will even see this letter.

    What I am also going to do is to send an e-mail to Pastor John Gerhardt regarding what the legal arm of the Resistance wants to do with you. (Note: Gerhardt doesn't really want anything to do with Hardy Lloyd. Most of his clientele are political prisoners guilty of nothing except hatred of ZOG and Gerhardt doesn't wish to spend limited time and resources on some chaotic whigger who shot a female in the face. -- MLDL CJCC/AN) Gerhardt runs Liberty Rights Activists (LibRA). I am a member of LibRA, but don’t always agree with their stances. I post their e-mail postings to my sundry forums when I get them. I got out of jail and the NutHouse on my own, essentially. I wrote Gerhardt as to whether I should support or help out Bill White. The response I got was since Bill White essentially shit on our membership, the Order POWs, and supported Alex Linder and TraitorGlenn Miller, then the LibRA official policy was to have nothing to do with Bill White. So I’ll be sending a copy of this letter to Gerhardt as to what LibRA policy is regarding yourself. I am sure that they will have distaste as to what you have done in the past, but perhaps they will add you as a member. I certainly don’t know if you have pissed on them, which is why I will ask. If you wish to get in touch with LibRA, their address is: John W Gerhardt, Chief Advocate, Liberty Rights Advocates, PO Box 713, Johnstown, OH 43031. Your wife can perhaps send in the $12 membership fee. The newsletter they publish is full of news geared to inmates. For some reason some of the most intractable prisoners who sue the prison system come from Missouri. People like Michael Murphy, who has sued and won to receive his mail.

    I have done some searching and I see that the policies of the Allegheny County Jail are better than at the Newton County Jail. You have some guy to thank from the StumbleInn Forum who posted your address and jail number and the conditions of your imprisonment to thank. I was one of the Dual-Seedline Christian Identity pastors who thought you were a complete asshole, but found your whiggroid chaos useful. You had 226 posts in a little bit over a day, and then your threads and posts were deleted. I never did find out whether or not it was the moderators or your wife who deleted them. The betting is high that you won’t probably get out soon unless you turn rat. My advice to you: don’t turn rat. Not that anyone is stupid enough to trust you with anything worth knowing. Probably the last person who trusted you foolishly you went ahead and shot in the face. There are a lot of people still disgusted over that shit. I am one of them. But at least you are no more a complete moral leper than the typical politician, lawyer, or pig.
    I actually listened to your radio broadcasts. I found them to be pretentious and foolish. But enough of that. I don’t know if your daddy and his $250,000 lawyer you bragged about are going to get you out or not. For whatever reason, perhaps you are not able to make bail. You might be on your own. You might be headed back to the NutHouse in your state for mental evaluation. Whatever. Regardless, you are on your own. Whether you get out and how you do is largely something to be determined by yourself. I recommend that you learn to keep your mouth shut and to not act like a stupid asshole – unless that gets you somewhere. You have to decide that and live with the consequences. I’m not going to say that ZOG is right when it is always wrong. But you need to understand that it isn’t your Daddy who is going to save you – it is yourself alone.

    If you receive this letter, then fine. I’ll be publishing it as an open letter anyway. I’ll see what Gerhardt has to say about your case and whether or not he will allow you in LibRA. If you have any statements to make or press releases, then have your wife send them to me and I’ll see about publishing them. Don’t expect me to publish anything that offends my sensibilities, however.

    I really don’t like or respect you much. But I hate ZOG more and I view you as a chaotic whigger with some leadership ability and the desire to screw up the System. The System is creating a lot of chaotic whiggers like jewrself. And I also view you being jailed as the result of whining from a bunch of whiggers and muds and ZOGlings. These unCONstipational jailings of Whites for gun violations is a standard trick of ZOG which needs to be curtailed. We both know how that is going to come about, but I do want this letter to have a chance to reach you.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt,
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri
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    Default Bardamooch/FaggotGlenn Is Likely Piglice

    Bardamooch/FaggotGlenn Is Likely Piglice


    Quote Originally Posted by bardamooch/FaggotGlenn View Post
    It says in your own post that Hardy is allowed to receive mail.
    And the purpose of jewr bullshit is to prove . . . . that I am as big a liar and probable piglice snoop as jewrself, Bardamooch/FaggotGlenn? Mongrolloyd is a piece of shit, but nothing compared to you typical regime-criminal enabling whiggers.

    What the law says and the piglice do are two different things. That is why I went to the trouble of printing legal material on one side of the letter and then my personal letter and the news on the other side. The pigs tamper with the mail, then they risk a lawsuit. No one can keep the piglice honest, except those gelding them, but you can make it expensive for them to be dishonest.

    Reading the kort cases, the jewdges and piglice have forgotten the main reason for acting decently: because someday they won't be in power and the new masters will want to blame the civil war on them, so they arte exterminated as horrifically as possible. When you whine like a pig about how much so many of us hate regime criminals, I really hope and pray that some stupid whiggers and piglice DON'T take seriously the Resistance warnings to turn them over for public extermination by slow torture. But I suppose that more than a few cities have got to be burnt down and exterminated, like Bagdhad under Genghis Khan, until you whiggers learn the hard way that it is extremely difficult to maintain an odor of sanctimoniousness while muching on jewr testicles.

    A liar is a liar is a liar. And you, Bardamooch/FaggotGlenn Miller, are a liar, a whigger regime criminal and probable piglice. Let's not even pretend to any amity.

    Pastor Martin LD Lindstedt CJCC/AN
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    Default Is Hardy Lloyd Back In The Can?

    Sorry, Martin and folks, I haven't been around as much as I might have been, but we're actually getting into the building of a Party here now and I'm actually busy now, in a way I haven't been in years.

    Did that kook Hardy Lloyd end up back in the hoosegow? If so, what for and what is the deal? This must be something recent. I seem to be vaguely aware that he was still posting to Yahoo as "George Hayduke" about a week ago.

    Can someone fill me in on the details, here or by e-mailing me at nwnet@earthlink.net, plizz?

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