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Thread: The Dissident Right is Nothing But ZOGbots

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    Default Why is everyone so full of shit?



    Maybe I need to start writing articles where I teach you guys some shit thatís happening now. First, ZOG is getting more and more fake. I always knew that most people ZOG presents us, with any kind of fame or audience, are zogbots. But, unfortunately for me, Iím always hoping that theyíre not, like Trump. He is just a big, fat, stupid, orange, boomer asshole zogbot. Things are turning into one disappointment after another.

    Now, itís just been revealed that another leader of a so-called right-wing group, the Oath Keepers, is an FBI agent. I would be careful with this, too. Because ZOG can also lie with the truth. But the nigger who was head of Proud Boys turned out to be a zogbot, and so did the whole organization. ZOG is just literally sitting there with so much money and so many willing people, that NO ORGANIZATION of any size could be for real.

    ZOG literally took over Gavin McInnesís alcoholic drinking buddy group. Of course, that weirdo was sticking stuff in his ass, so he was a zogbot as well. And you know ZOG purposely put a nigger in charge of the organization to make it look ridiculous. A problem with whiggers is that they will only listen to NON-WHITES now, which is another reason ZOG puts beaners and niggers in charge of whigger organizations. If you are a non-boomer, (((boomers))) think you are a stupid asshole who deserves to be fucked over for listening to their dumb, worthless, lying (((boomer))) asses. So no one likes joining whigger run organizations anyway.

    The next few years are probably going to be VERY DEPRESSING, since no honest group can get off the ground when ZOG is sitting on limitless cash and limitless jews, whiggers, mamzers and shitskins who are more than happy to play their part FOR A PRICE. I was watching Christian street preachers on Jewtube, and even they strike me as zogbots. Itís amazing whatís going on.

    Second, and this is somewhat related to the first point. One of the things thatís horrible with ZOG is that whiggers are a bunch of phonies now. They are really insufferable. I donít know why I didnít notice this more when I was younger, but the problem is getting worse. The average whigger tard, and now jew or nigger, are just actors. They are either playing a part or playing a version of themselves. Itís like youíre never talking to a real person.

    And the problem with this is LOTS OF ZOGLINGS ARE JUST PLAIN LIARS. Lots of these tards are misrepresenting who they are, which is why itís SO EASY FOR THESE ASSHOLES TO LEAD RIGHT WING GROUPS. The followers of right wing groups have traditionally been cumplete morons, easily fooled at the drop of a hat. But now they donít even need these sincere morons, because ZOG has tons of zogbots ON CALL.

    So-called right-wing groups like Oath Keepers and Proud Boys were probably almost all zogbots. Iím talking about the rank and file, not just the leadership, which was always HEAVILY JEW, HOMO or NIGGER. Most of the tards who showed up at Charlottesville were probably zogbots as well.

    I knew the Capitol storming was just ZOG THEATER. Now, itís cuming out that I was right. The (((boomer))) narrative said that the instigators were zogbots, but the rest were for real. Bullshit, it was all zogbots, from top to bottom. It was only a few hundred people. It was probably no more people than were in the fake Heather Heyer accident film at Charlottesville. ZOG can round up HUNDREDS of zogbots NO PROBLEM, and maybe even thousands. Look at the Drumpf rallies!

    Third, we are going through deception ON A MASS SCALE. Thereís really nothing to do but prepare and/or sit back. ZOG is collapsing on itself. You canít change it. The lying of ZOG is approaching dizzying heights. The stupid jews and (((boomers))) PRETEND to believe this shit is real TO FOOL YOU. Itís getting SO STUPID that even average whiggers know a lot of these conspiracy ďtheoriesĒ are for real. Who the fuck would believe Covid is for real or that we landed on the moon? Only LYING (((boomers))) hold the line on all this fake shit, because their ass is on the line, just like the kikey kikes they worship. This lying WILL INCREASE to the point that it seems like itís spinning out of coontrol. So, itís imperative to turn it off and move on with your life. ZOG and (((boomers))) want you to freak out at the fear porn they produce and believe. ITíS ALL HOLLYWOOD. Donít pay attention to it.

    The main thing today is to turn off ANY SOURCES OF INFO that pretend any of this shit is real. Whiggers are starting to cumplain that other whiggers are PRETENDING ALL THE TIME. When other whiggers start noticing how full of shit everyone is, itís time to STOP BELIEVING. DONíT BELIEVE ANYONE WHO PRETENDS ZOG IS REAL. ZOG IS ALL SMOKE AND MIRRORS AND ACTORS. Most people canít see the BIG PICTURE, so theyíll never know how much theyíre being lied to. Trust me, everything and everyone, especially (((boomers), are FULL OF SHIT.

    (((Boomers))) NEVER REVEAL THEIR TRUE THOUGHTS. THEY ARE JUST PRETENDING. So, I would just turn off your listening to (((them))) and anyone else who believes we landed on the moon, 9/11 had planes and muzzies, Boston Bombing was real, kids died at Sandy Hook, the earf is a round ball which water sticks to and is suspended in space, nuclear weapons are real and nuclear energy is DANGEROUS AND COULD BLOW UP DA VORLD, Covid-19 is real, etc. etc. etc. Think about HOW STUPID THESE COONSPIRACIES ARE? ARE BOOMERS HIDING IN THEIR HOUSES LIKE THEY SHOULD IF ANY OF IT WAS REAL? Nope, they know itís all fake, the (((boomer))) bullshit fear mongering artists.

    Not just people, but events are getting more fake. Stay away from the people who act like this shit is real. They are only empowering ZOG. (((Boomers))) are massive phonies. Also, lots of whiggers are full of shit. But you guys probably already knew that, which is why you listen to me. Notice I donít buy anyoneís BS anymore, and have figured out that (((boomers))) are liars and everything is a coonspiracy.

    Daily Nigger is DEFINITELY looking at what Iím saying. Theyíre back to BLAMING JEWS FOR ALL OF THIS, when we know this is a (((boomer))) problem, and white boomers are to blame, since they lie so much, and are so full of shit. Just wait, Daily Nigger will be kissing (((boomer))) ass in no time. The jews and (((boomers))) work together. DONíT FALL FOR IT.

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