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Thread: R.J. Doyle Non-Lawyer 4 Judge In Newton County Missouri

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    Default R.J. Doyle Non-Lawyer 4 Judge In Newton County Missouri

    R.J. Doyle Non-Lawyer 4 Judge In Newton County Missouri

    Vs. GRIDS GRINDR Greggie Stremel Crooked Faggot Judge


    In 1998 I as Newton County LibberToon Party Chairman decided to run an open non-lawyer Richard John Doyle as Associate Court Judge vs. GRIDS Grindr Greggie Stremel who was rumored to be a big crooked faggot.

    This resulted in Greg Bridges, Newton County Prostituting Attorney filing criminal charges against R.J. Doyle and trying ever so hard to get him removed from the ballot along with the other lawyers and judges like GRIDS Grindr Greggie and others judges and lawyers in Newton and McDonald County. It meant filing lawsuits before the crooked Missouri Court of Appeals Southern District and U.S. Federal District Court as appeals and counter-suits.

    It meant looking up the Original Missouri CONstitution of 1820 which forbade "free niggers" from entering the State but most importantly said that "no rights inherent amongst the free white population" could ever be legislated away. And since they didn't have "law skrules" or licensed attorneys but rather elected judges from the county level then the Missouri Constitution of 1820 said in the establishment of Missouri as a state that the Missouri state officials couldn't forbid R.J. Doyle from running for judge.

    The end result is that R.J. Doyle got 1600 votes -- 16% of the vote total, humiliated GRIDS Grindr Greggie Stremel and Greggie Bridges who lost to that drunken crooked tard Scott Watson who wanted to be prostituting Attorney again and beat Greggie Bridges.

    Of course we both paid for this. R.J. Doyle was r.u.n.n.t.-o.f.f.t. to Wisconsin then Illinois where he becum the man-concubine of a number of fat old whigger women who wanted an occasional pickle-tickle where he eventually died of lung cancer from all that smoking in 2010.

    I got my grandchildren bought and sold by Newton County jewdges Kevin Lee Selby and jailed on $100,000 cash bond by GRIDS Grindr Greggie Stremel and illegally sent to the Missouri State NutHouse and had five front teeth knocked out by Newton County Sheriff's Deputies. So the cycle of hatred and revenge continues towards the Second Civil War.

    This thread covers the story of that year of 1998.

    Hail Victory !!!

    Pastor Martin Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri


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    Default Judicial candidate not licensed attorney -- Neosho Daily News -- 29 March 1998

    Judicial candidate not licensed attorney -- Neosho Daily News -- 29 March 1998

    By Jim Burrows
    Daily News Staff Writer


    A Neoshoan who is not a licensed lawyer has filed to run as a Libertarian candidate in this year's election for the position of associate circuit judge.

    Richard J. Doyle Sr. filed in the County Clerk's Office for the position of Division 2 judge, a post currently held by Judge Greg Stremel, who is seeking re-election. Doyle is also a candidate for Neosho No. 2 Precinct committeeman on the Libertarian ballot.

    Doyle, 55, 420 Morrow, may not qualify for either position. And in signing a "Declaration of Candidate for Nomination" he could have committed a crime.

    Doyle was accompanied by Martin Lindstedt, chairman of the Newton County Libertarian Party, when he filed Friday afternoon. No filing fee changed hands and Lindstedt said it was the practice of the Newton County Libertarian Party that the filing fee is returned to the candidate to be used for the election or any purpose the candidate wants to use it for.

    Lindstedt is of the opinion that a candidate for judge does not have to be a lawyer. The qualifications for being a judge are spelled out in Article 5 of the Missouri Constitution.

    Section 21 says "Every supreme, appellate, circuit and associate circuit judge shall be licensed to practice law in this state." Section 20 says no judge can practice law, therefore, according to Lindstedt, a person does not have to be a lawyer to be a judge.

    Doyle said he is not a licensed lawyer.

    The county's chief legal advisor, Prosecutor Greg Bridges, said the constitution is clear that judges must be licensed lawyers.

    Doyle could have committed a crime of false swearing, a Class A misdemeanor, Bridges said. The declaration of candidacy is a sworn, notarized affidavit which includes the sentence, "I further declare that if nominated and elected to such office, I will qualify."

    Bridges said in order for Doyle to qualify as a candidate for judge at the August Primary Election he would have already had to have gone through law school and have already taken the bar exam in February with hopes of passing it. The announcement of those who have passed the exam is made in April.

    In addition, a 1988 Attorney General's Opinion, No. 111-88, says candidates must be at least 18 years old and be a registered voter in the county for at least a year. According to registration records in the County Clerk's Office, Doyle registered to vote Aug. 27, 1997. He used the "motor voter" method of registration. He had registered to vote in Newton County in October 1988, but his registration was canceled after he failed to vote in two consecutive presidential elections.

    Doyle said he is disabled and is a motor route carrier for the Neosho Daily News.

    "As you can see, Richard is on the ballot," said Lindstedt. "Therefore, what was planned as a political sense is now a defense."

    "Judge Doyle has to be removed from the ballot, not denied it."

    There is a provision in the Missouri election laws for candidates to challenge the qualifications of an opponent. That challenge must be done within 30 days of the last day to file declarations of candidacy. That is 5 p.m. Tuesday.

    Lindstedt said if Doyle isn't allowed to run for associate judge he will sue. He has sued numerous public officials in the past without success. He said he knows he will lose.

    Lindstedt said he will file for U.S. Senator. He said he signed up Doyle to run for judge on the Libertarian Party, signed up his girlfriend, Roxie Fausnaught, to run for presiding commission[er] on the same ticket, and signed up his brother, Mike Lindstedt, to run for presiding commissioner on the U.S. Taxpayer ticket.

    Bridges says Doyle cannot take office if elected and his filing a declaration of candidacy is "depriving people of making a valid choice." He said a candidate cannot ask people to vote for a non-qualified candidate."

    Bridges said Doyle may have misled a public servant in the performance of his duty by signing the declaration of candidacy. He said it may be Doyle was misled by Lindstedt. In either case, the prosecutor said he would give Doyle the opportunity to withdraw.

    The above article appeared on Page 1A of the Sunday, March 29, 1998 Neosho Daily News

    Second To One!!!

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