How Do I Get Archival Copies of The Movement Turd and Understanding DSCI?


Ive contacted LoganHunter and exchanged a few emails pertaining to podcasts he did, that are not accessible on your site. He said you gave the ok to call you and enclosed your phone number. I have been informed of the conditions involved in order to satisfy all interested parties. You need money for a flash drive i heard... no problem regardless if you have said podcasts in question.....ill pay for the privledge of inquiry and those are my terms, as well as compensating LoganHunter for his time and honesty.

I can call you late morning if you are a night owl like myself. I assume you are 3 hours ahead of me. Ill be around for the next few hours, so if you reply back soon, then I know its ok to call....or ill just call tomorrow but thats when my time is pressed, but no problem either way.

Thank you Pastor Lindstedt,

Meercat #3 aka: Anonymous emailing NIM-Buster Tard