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Thread: Hal Turner Arrested

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    Post Hal Turner Arrested

    Hal Turner Arrested

    Me And Ashkenutzi Asswipe/PorQue? Pigg Get Into It


    Quote Originally Posted by FIPS View Post
    Prune and poppyseed, too!?

    By the way, here's WhiteReference Blogspot's take on Hal Turner's arrest:
    Quote Originally Posted by Ashkenazi Anchorite


    Wednesday, June 03, 2009

    White Nationalist Radio Host Hal Turner Arrested In New Jersey On Connecticut Warrant For Publishing "Harassing Communications" On His Blog

    Upon visiting Hal Turner's Turner Radio Network blog on June 3rd, 2009, I discovered a post in which Hal Turner reported himself arrested on a Connecticut warrant for publishing "harassing communications". Because Turner has posted hoary stories about burying bodies in the continental shelf and planting dynamite in earthquake faults in Peru, I decided to ignore it until I got independent substantiation.

    Unfortunately, that independent substantiation has now been published in the Hartford Courant. The Courant reports that State Capitol police obtained an arrest warrant for radio host Hal Turner on June 3rd for inciting readers of his blog to "take up arms" against two Connecticut lawmakers and an official with the Office of State Ethics. Last week, he published a post that promised to release the home addresses of State Rep. Michael Lawlor, State Sen. Andrew McDonald and Thomas Jones of the ethics office.

    "Mr. Turner's comments are above and beyond the threshold of free speech", Capitol Police Chief Michael J. Fallon said in an e-mail announcing the warrant. "He is inciting others through his website to commit acts of violence and has created fear and alarm. He should be held accountable for his conduct".

    The story has also been picked up by the Connecticut Post, WTIC 1080AM and WWLP Channel 22. Discussion on the Vanguard News Network Forum and Stormfront.

    The post in question, entitled "State Restricts Catholics From Politics", was published on June 2nd, 2009. Turner believes a bill being considered by the Connecticut State Legislature could force the Roman Catholic Church to change itself internally and allow another state agency to force the church to register as a lobbying group. The bill, which Turner identifies as SB1098, is proposed by the co-chairmen of the Legislature's Judiciary Committee, Rep. Michael Lawlor (D-East Haven), and Sen. Andrew McDonald (D-Stamford), would reorganize the internal structure of local parishes to remove priests and bishops from financial oversight to replace them with boards of laypeople. Adding insult to injury is the fact that both Lawlor and McDonald are adamant advocates of same-sex marriage legislation and appear to be trying to legislatively punish the church for standing against their agenda.

    Turner goes on to say that when the Archbishop of Bridgeport found out about this effort, he wrote about it on his blog and shortly thereafter, Catholics began exercising their right to petition representatives for redress of this grievance. As a result, six weeks ago, 4,000 Catholics arrived at the State House to protest the Bill and that's when things got worse. The state of Connecticut didn't like having such a protest turnout, so they got another agency of government, the Office of State Ethics (OSE), to open an investigation of the church. The Diocese of Bridgeport received a letter from OSE informing it that an investigation was underway to ascertain if the diocese had violated state law by failing to register as a lobbyist organization. This is an act of bureaucratic terrorism by the state as far as I'm concerned.

    Further research reveals that the impetus behind the bill is an apostate Catholic organization called "Voice of the Faithful", who want to accomplish a lay takeover of the local Catholic hierarchy under the guise of SB1098. But veteran Rep. Christopher L. Caruso (D-Bridgeport), a Catholic who has made ethics reforms a key portion of his legislative agenda, said Wednesday it's clear that the Bridgeport Diocese should have registered as a lobbyist for the March 11th event under dispute, since Bishop William E. Lori set up the bus caravans from southwestern Connecticut. "The law is the law and if an organization expends more than $2,000 then it must register as a lobbyist," Caruso said in an interview. Caruso also explained that the law was created to provide full public disclosure on how money is being spent to lobby the Legislature. He said the bishop took it upon himself to spend diocesan money and it's simply a matter of filing a disclosure.

    Here's the pertinent part of Turner's post from the TRN blog, in case for some reason the post is taken down in the future:

    Quote Originally Posted by Hal Turner Commentary



    This is a direct government assault upon the Catholic Church, in absolute violation of the First Amendment to the Constitution for the United States.

    It is very clear to us at the Turner Radio Network that the state of Connecticut has become tyrannical and abusive. It is actively and aggressively attempting to directly interfere with the internal governance of a church and the free exercise of religion. It is retaliating against citizens for exercising their right to petition for redress of grievances. This is tyranny and it must be put down.

    While filing a lawsuit is quaint and the "decent" way to handle things, we at TRN believe that being decent to a group of tyrannical scumbags is the wrong approach. It's too soft.

    Thankfully, the Founding Fathers gave us the tools necessary to resolve tyranny: The Second Amendment.

    TRN advocates Catholics in Connecticut take up arms and put down this tyranny by force. To that end, THIS WEDNESDAY NIGHT ON "THE HAL TURNER SHOW" we will be releasing the home addresses of the Senator and Assemblyman who introduced SB1098 as well as the home address of Thomas K. Jones from the OSE.

    After all, if they are so proud of what they're doing, they shouldn't mind if everyone knows where they live.

    It is our intent to foment direct action against these individuals personally. These beastly government officials should be made an example of as a warning to others in government: Obey the Constitution or die.

    If any state attorney, police department or court thinks they're going to get uppity with us about this; I suspect we have enough bullets to put them down too.

    The state pushed; it is about to get pushed back. Elected and other government officials sometimes need to be put in their place. They serve; they do not rule. They need to learn their place or be put there by force.
    Ironically, it was back in October 2008 when Hal Turner celebrated the arrest and incarceration of ANSWP Commander Bill White for similar offenses. Since that time, I've looked upon Turner as little more than a front-running, opportunistic, back-stabbing money-grubbing son-of-a-bitch who is just one step above certified lunatic Martin Lindstedt and confessed murderer Hardy Lloyd.

    However, there is one difference between Turner and the other two cretins. Turner has worked productively for the Cause in the past. He led three pro-White rallies in Kingston, Knoxville, and Kalamazoo. His radio show and website in the past provided inspiration to hundreds of White activists. In addition, Turner is a racially-conscious White man being railroaded by the law.

    That's why I set my differences with Turner aside at this point and take up for him. While it's far too early to confer "POW" status upon him, it is not too early to let the world know that we've noticed the judicial terrorism being directed at him from Connecticut, and that there is a resistance. How would Connecticut's Capitol Police react if 50 pro-White blogs were to obtain and publish the desired addresses? It could happen.

    If the fag-lovers continue their war on people of faith in this country, we will fight back. We will speak out boldly about the evils of faggotry, and no one will silence us.

    Posted by Anchorage Activist at 6:05 PM
    Ashkenazi Anchorite/Asswipe is one of TraitorGlenn Miller's and Alex Linder's anonymous ass-lickers. The problem with being a supporter of TraitorGlenn Miller is that sooner or later when a jew mamzer/deranged whigger like Bill Weiss/White gets rounded up, it is forgotten that Bill Weiss/White shit on the Order POWS in order to get close to LinderMiller, and that since there is no such thing as bowel-Movement loyalty, the fussing against the competing members of the bowel Movement continues apace. Ashkenazi Asswipe 'forgets' as a typical whigger that one cannot practice gloating about the jailing of rival White Nationalist activists and then be deemed as anything but a liar, hypocrite, possible fed, probable jew or whigger.

    Like most of the anonymous jews and whiggers infesting the bowel Movement, this probable whigger, possible jew thinks that it gets to snipe from behind an anonymous Internut account and that it is going to knock off one of the Resistance demigods if only it keeps on trying hard enough. All it gains is my attention and determination to call in a few markers to spot it and then Fire-For-Effect, often the mere threat of which usually runs off these ZOGling whigger or jew pests.

    This feeb, like Rabang 'Albion' Miller, for some reason runs interference for the ZOG false-front organizations VNNF bankrolled by TraitorGlenn Miller and fitfully run by a gut-sick guido-weasel with jew ass-cancer. Is that typical behavior for a normal bowel-Movement whigger infesting the bowel Movement? No. And I'll give Ashkenutzi-Asswipe the credit of being a pretty good blogger. So this critter might be a jew or another whigger like the one who wrote TraitorGlenn Miller's apologia book on the ZOG dole.

    But I think it is a whigger. Maybe an older whigger. But like all whiggers, too wrapped up in itself to appeal to other than an audience of typical ZOGling whigger ass-clowns that infest the bowel Movement.

    It is a typical conceit of cowardly whiggers that they will topple anyone that they decide to talk shit about. The fact of the matter is that Ashkenutzi Asswipe has an overinflated value of itsself. Time for a bit of opfor research.

    Ashkenutzi Asswipe claims to be a Mormon. And it has an inactive blog:


    The picure shown of Ashkenutzi Asswipe shows some whigger fathead grossly obese with a shaved head trying to prove itz -- piglice? skincunt? nutzi? one tough anonymous whigger pussy? Well, I got a new nickname for Ashkenutzi Asswipe. I think I'll also call it PorQue Pigg(lice).

    Well, if it is a Mormon, obviously it has plenty of time on its hands to blog. Obviously the stake elders decided that all available Mormon pussy should be diverted away from this hue-man gilt, who thanks to 'continuing Mormon divine revelation' got in post-1979. Far better that Ashkenutzi Asswipe be blogging for ZOGling whigger ass-clowns rather than breeding down the Mormon gene pool or squirting out some more Lamanite mamzers. (I was a summer Mormon from 1966-1969, read jewseph Smith's novel, and suffice it to say that I'm really putting Ashkenutzi Asswipe in the dozens.)

    Like most whiggers and mamzers suffering from Peter Dunkin' Disease (schidzoid multiple personalities, all of them worthless and chaotic) this fat shithead wants to have it both ways -- and does, but only in its own mind. It is not rational to both condemn Tom Martinez who betrayed the Order and praise TraitorGlenn Miller who betrayed the Order and is still spying and paying for Alex Linder's VNNF.

    Now I suspect that this fat porcine whigger feeb hiding its face and fat ass using the Internut is a wannabe Net-Nutzi who wants to dress up as SA like its idol Bill Weiss/White and call this 'activism' of some sort. I fail to see what is accomplished by being guarded by 100 piglice from 400 niggers and whiggers whupped up by jews, but this whigger feeb must have great expectations of getting its first batch of pussy since pussy had it by getting into jewniform. I don't know what it is, but wearing a nutzi jewniform being protected by ZOG piglice from niggers is supposed to turn fat whiggers/mamzers into Aryans by some sort of Hebewood alchemy. Why, running around in jewniform is somehow supposed to guarantee that Bill Weiss and PorQue? Pigg will make them whiggress' twats wettt. Why, the jewniform and a 100 ZOGbux will get them a 20 ZOGbux blowjob at the truck stop. Anything, just don't get on top of the working girleys or they'll be squished like a duck! Maybe PorQue? can becum a nutzi gorda to some deserving anchor beaner girl or boy -- as long as PorQue can convince itself that beaners are Lamanites. It works for Dave Barley.

    PorQue? Pigg has been bitching about me since I have gotten out of the NutHouse and made fun of TraitorGlenn Miller and Alexis LinderMiller and their 'litterature' project. Why, according to PorQue, I'm insane. Well, maybe. So?

    As I told whigger criminals feigning insanity at the NutHouse, and psychiatrists and social workers who said that I was nuts because of my inflexible and intolerant religious beliefs common to Dual-Seedline Christian Identity, "I may be insane, but you whiggers are typical. And I'd rather be deemed insane by you whiggers than to be deemed typical by myself." Same thing I told Edgar Steele, the Whigger-Whimperer.

    Ashkenutzi Asswipe/PorQue Pigg is a typical bowel Movement whigger shithead. It got a blog. Big fucking deal. It repeats ZOG propaganda and puts a TraitorGlenn Miller spin on it. The fat feeb doesn't understand that nobody worth anything will side with a known traitor and ZOG informant who is still working the program.

    You see, trashing out TraitorGlenn Miller, in addition to being fun, means that whigger feebs who side with TraitorGlenn Miller are automatically deemed to be traitors theysselfs. TraitorGlenn Miller is a caught rat. He is no danger to anyone, really. As I explained to Louis Beam and Katya Lane after TraitorGlenn run out of my office for fear that I'd kill it back in August 2000, we need to use TraitorGlenn Miller as a Judas Goat to detect other bowel Movement traitors. Anyone who sides with a known rat is either getting money from ZOG, like Alex Linder, or hopes to get money and support, like John Nugent. Siding with TraitorGlenn Miller is the sure sign of a fool or a traitor or both. And once a side is publicly picked, there is no getting over it. You won't be trusted any more by the Resistance. For four years I feigned friendship to TraitorGlenn Miller while I trashed it out on the Internet until someone ratted me out to the Rat on March 10, 2004. Why, I insulted TraitorGlenn Miller's non-existant manhood. I told the Rat that it had no manhood, but what was left I looked forward to removing and making him eat it. Same way with this fat gilt PorQue? Pigg, who obviously hasn't seen its non-existant manhood for years and probably never had the occassion to use it anyway. No great loss.

    Frankly, VNNF is simply an open cesspool. My spies call it "Troll Central." It has done nothing much except to act as the pit for about 100 whiggers to post a hundred thousand whiggroid 'MuhDikkk!!!' posts. Its VNNF refugees -- VNNF boat pisspul -- have populated phorafags/feebs and a few other v-bulletin forums, but nothing much has been accomplished.

    So, Ashkenutzi Asswipe/PorQue? Pigg's support or enmity really means a liability if it is support and a boost if it is enmity. Why anyone who thinks that Alex Linder and TraitorGlenn Miller are anything other than ZOG false-front opposition would take this feeb seriously is beyond me. It is not as if I really care what bowel Movement whiggers 'think.' After all, I ask them to think for theysselfs, not that it ever gets them anywhere, usually. If you are a typical ZOGling whigger ass-clown who believes what whigger feebs tell you, then by definition you are nothing but a casualty in the making.


    My DSCI Position on Hal Turner

    Hal Turner is worth a hundred whigger feebs like Peterless Skank (Peter Shaenk) and the Whigger-Whimperer Edgar Steele, who whup up the whiggers to run, tail-in-teef, in circles being scared of ZOG. A real White Nationalist broadcaster and patriot has ZOG scared of them, not the other way around. But since bowel-Movement whiggers like to pretend to be bad under color of Internut safety, then gloat about the misfortunes of those who are brave, they live to whine another day.

    My policy is that ZOG must be destroyed, along with 150 million whiggers and 140 million muds in the coming Great Tribulation, and that is a good thing. Muds have no souls and whiggers have a shriveled soul that they will never use, and we cannot have civilization based on the backs of the uncivilizable, so the sooner and more thoroughly whiggers die then the better.

    Hal Turner did nothing wrong in my book. Just skin alive the piglice and prostitutors and they will admit that as well. My hero Felix Dzerzhinsky, first head of the Russian KGB, never did find a regime criminal who wouldn't confess given incentive. So no need to name specific regime criminals when you are going to exterminate all of them, along with their spawn. Those of the House of Ahab which die in the cities will be eaten by the dogs, those in the field, by the birds, none are to mourn or bury that which YHWH has delivered up to justice.

    For those of the Christian Identity community who have asked me my opinion of Hal Turner, let me say this:

    I have heard bowel Movement whiggers insinuate that Hal Turner is a ZOG agent provacateur. I read his blog, and the above blog entry. It really isn't all that much. An abortionist quack got whacked and the gliberal whiggers and muds and jews are wanting White blood, and so Hal Turner got picked up.

    Now I hear that Hal Turner is disorganized. Well, that is typical.

    One of the DSCI pastors I am allied to is Pastor Jay Faber. And Faber considers Hal Turner to be a personal friend of his. Faber said that he intended to work with Turner on Turner's new radio program and himself and Pastor Visser have had the last nine weeks been hosted on Hal Turner's website or something like that.

    Now the aboveground DSCI church is decentralized. Pastor Faber lives a few miles from Hal Turner and if Pastor Faber wishes to support his friend, then that is fine by me. I don't tell Pastor Faber how to run his DSCI church in New York/New Jersey and he don't tell me how to run my DSCI church in Missouri. I assume Pastor Faber knows what he is doing and he is the field commander on that ground back East.

    Accordingly, I ask for the aboveground DSCI church to pray for Mr. Hal Turner that he get out of the trap ZOG has sprung for him based upon ZOG feeling threatened and thinking it can arrest Movement activists without consequence. Hal Turner has supported DSCI pastors on his network, which means that he is better than the bowel Movement whigger paytriots who want to worsheep theysselfs first and think that they accomplish something. We should support those who, while not believing, have the character and decency to support our Fighting Racial Faith without looking down on us, or censoring us.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri
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    Default Hal Turner

    I think Hal Turner fell victim to the seductive lure of the internet.

    You're sitting in your rec room or wherever you've got your computer, the lights are off. It's quiet all around except for your sound card. The monitor is glowing and colorful. You're mouse-clicking away and making things happen on the screen that gives you a sense of power which White men almost never have anywhere else these days. You think you're Captain Kirk on the bridge of the enterprise. You're invincible and invulnerable and you think you can do anything you want. Part of you understands that the cyber-world is not real, so why would the police or ZOG bother with something that's not real? Surely they understand it's all a game...?

    So you end up doing stupid things, like making specific threats against specific named people, which would be illegal if you called them up on the phone and uttered them and certainly illegal if you uttered them in person. And when you finally piss off somebody with real power in the real world, you find yourself in prison.

    Bill White is the same. For years he did this shit about posting people's personal information on the internet and inciting his mysterious secret Armies of the Night or whatever to assault these people, vandalize their property, making harassing and threatening telephone calls to them, etc. So far as I know, no one ever took him up on it.

    I don't think anyone ever does; Tom Metzger and Willard both used to do that shit to me all the time, and the only one who ever actually even made any crank calls to me was that poor dumb kid Ren Herler.

    But then one day White did it to a former Federal juror, unknowingly tripping over one of those obscure little laws that no one has ever heard of, and the FBI gripped him.

    I have some sympathy for White. Yes, I know he's an asshole, and God knows he gave me some shit when he was loose and running free, giggling and cackling across the internet. But he is basically in living hell right now for the "crime" of being a silly overgrown adolescent, and his punishment is way, way out of proportion to the "offense."

    This sort of crap seems to be a sort of natural weeding-out process. We don't have the balls to deal with our internal problems ourselves, so eventually the Feds deal with them for us.


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    Default The Arrest of Radio Host Hal Turner puts YOU in danger!

    The Arrest of Radio Host Hal Turner puts YOU in danger!


    Quote Originally Posted by Hal Turner


    Radio host Hal Turner says he "absolutely can defeat" the criminal charges filed against him by the State of Connecticut, which charged him with "Incitement to harm persons or property" a felony which carries a minimum one year to a maximum ten years in prison.

    The implications of this case are enormous; any American in any state faces danger of arrest in another state if they write something on a blog, web site, FaceBook, MySpace or Twitter page that merely offends anyone in another state. This will be a landmark free speech case and YOU need to help!

    On June 3, 2009 Turner, writing on his blog from his home in New Jersey, referred to certain actions by Connecticut officials as "tyrannical" and opined that Connecticut citizens should "take up arms to put down this tyranny." Even though no one actually did that, Connecticut issued a "Fugitive from Justice" Warrant for Turner's arrest anyway! Turner was arrested in his home town in New Jersey and held -- without bail, as a "fugitive" - for almost a full week until a New Jersey Judge realized Turner had never actually fled justice and was not a fugitive at all. The Judge ordered that Turner be released on bail.

    Turner says Connecticut doesn't have a legal leg to stand on and cites U.S. Supreme Court case law to back-up his confident assertion.

    Read about those cases at the First Amendment Center web site at the link below and pay particular attention to the case "Hess v. Indiana" which fits the Turner case in Connecticut almost perfectly.

    There is MAJOR danger that affects YOU with this case: The Connecticut courts may choose to ignore federal case law and proceed with a trial anyway. The Jury may choose to convict. Turner could then be jailed pending appeals. The first Appeal would have to go to the Connecticut State Court of Appeals and that would mean Turner would sit in prison for months until that court ruled. The Appeals Court might choose to ignore the federal case law too and uphold the conviction. The next appeal would then be to the Connecticut State Supreme Court and would mean Turner would remain jailed for many more months waiting for that court to rule. The State Supreme Court may choose to ignore federal case law too, which would then finally allow the case to go to the Federal Courts where the law is on Turner's side. But as all of this is happening, Turner will find himself jailed literally for YEARS, waiting to win under the clearly established federal case law.

    Imagine the impact on your life if this happened to you. Being jailed without bail, being forced to spend tens of thousands of legal fees, facing years in jail. . . . . . all for something you wrote on the internet!

    The case of "Connecticut v. Turner" puts EVERY user of the internet at severe risk. Turner is not a citizen of Connecticut and he was not in Connecticut when he published his opinions on his blog. Yet Connecticut is forcibly applying its laws upon Turner!

    If Connecticut can apply its law to a citizen of New Jersey and jail that citizen over words published outside the jurisdiction of Connecticut, then ANY state can apply its laws to ANY blogger, web site owner, MySpace, FaceBook, Twitter or even YouTube user!

    How would this affect you? Simple: People you never met, in places you've never been, can take offense to something you write on the Internet and have you jailed in THEIR state for it! Do you see the risk now? Do you understand how important this case is going to be?

    It is absolutely essential for anyone who publishes anything on the net, to support Hal Turner in this Landmark legal battle. The freedom of speech for ALL net users is literally at stake.

    That's why Hal Turner needs our help. Since his arrest on June 3, Turner has had to pay over ten thousand five hundred dollars for two separate Bail Bonds - one in New Jersey ($2500 paid for bond of $25,000) and another in Connecticut ($2500 for another bond of $25,000) plus another $3500 for a lawyer in New Jersey and another $2000 for a lawyer in Connecticut! These legal fees cover only pre-trial legal work and DO NOT cover going to Trial. The expenses of going to trial will be triple or quadruple the initial amounts and, if Connecticut Courts ignore case law (which they can do) the appeals process will cost tens of thousands more.

    If Connecticut is able to grind Turner into financial oblivion to get him to plead-out, then the precedent for applying their laws to bloggers OUTSIDE of their state would be set -- and ALL of our freedom of speech will be in immediate jeopardy.

    That's why it is so important to help with a contribution right now. This case will be as important to freedom as the Miranda case which gave us the "Miranda Warning" 40 years ago.

    We cannot afford to sit this one out and see what happens. Get involved. Copy and re-post this article on forums and blogs everywhere. If you can't get involved personally, send a few bucks. It is literally YOUR OWN freedom of speech that you'll be protecting. Please mail whatever you can in cash, check or money order to:

    Hal Turner
    1906 Paterson Plank Road
    North Bergen, NJ 07047-1900

    As Mr.Turner has given the White Nationalist community open license to reprint the contents of his blog in this particular case, I shall do so on my sundry forums and blogs wherein I do post.

    Hal Turner is supported by Pastor Jay Faber of New York/New Jersey who is a fellow pastor of our Aryan Nations alliance of Dual-Seedline Christian Identity (DSCI) churches. Hal Turner has been a supporter of the Aryan Nations and thus the Aryan Nations, paying its debts, is a supporter of Hal Turner. Aryan Nations is a decentralized aboveground church with its pastors each in full charge of their local churches and responsible for building their aboveground churches in their states and region.

    Accordingly, I shall send in a modest donation to Mr. Turner and I urge the DSCI devout to send in a modest contribution of from five to ten dollars, preferably cash money or money orders preferably without an address or name attached to it. Neither Hal Turner nor ZOG needs to know who you are.

    I think Hal Turner is correct in what he says. ZOG is pretty much closing free speech all over the ZOGland in the name of fighting terror, both foreign and/or especially domestic. I doubt that Hal Turner is a ZOG rat. From what I heard from Pastor Faber sometimes Turner goes off the deep end, but I am no friend of political moderation. I've written and spoken a lot more radical stuff than Hal Turner has, and suffered for it by losing my family and 3 1/2 years of my life on trumped-up child molestation charges which fell apart when my grandson refused to lie about me. And the only way to make things right is to exterminate the children and families of regime criminals, whiggers, jews, and muds and impose a theocratic military dictatorship over the surviving whiggers by means of a thousand White Nationalist warlords each practicing the White Man's Racial (Hate) Religion of Dual-Seedline Christian Identity. The solution to this anti-freedumb of political/religious speech is to tear out 6.66 million regime-criminal tongues and brand and skin 6.66 ZOG judenpresstitutes. The solution to piglice brutality is extreme counter-piglice brutality of the sort that Iron Felix Dzerzhinsky practiced upon the decayed tsarist regime.

    There simply is no such thing as playing nice with regime criminals and jews. They started this shit of dispossessing and murdering the best gentiles, as James Von Brunn put it, and we need to finish this crap once and for all, using the precedent provided by Edward I in 1290 in England, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella in 1492 Spain, and as was attempted by Adolf Hitler in 1933. ZOG doesn't have very long to go until there is open chaos, and Whites need to know how to put an end to these non-white parasites and the degenerate tyrannical whigger regime-criminals who are enabling our racial extinction. If we are not allowed to speak of this matter, then we are in effect defeated and beaten into submission RIGHT NOW before we can take advantage of the collapse to get our freedom and save our own lives. And therefore, every White Nationalist who is the genuine article should support Hal Turner, regardless of whether you like him or not. If Hal Turner can't get away with speaking such a little bit of sedition, then none of us will get away with advocating a full-fledged Revolution and racial, religious, and class civil war to overturn the current criminal regime and to exterminate regime criminals.

    By the way, I suggest that Hal Turner file a 42 U.S.C. Section 1983 & 1985 federal civil rights lawsuit against Connecticut, New Jersey, and everyone he can think of -- and seek not civil damages, but declaratory and injunctive relief against these jewdges and sundry regime criminals who claim absolute or qualified immunity to monetary judgments. For around $350-500 to file the civil lawsuit, Hal Turner can gum up the state criminal charges because if it is a violation of CONstipational and Bill of Goods 'snivel blights' to arrest a citizen of another state on a bogus fugitive warrant (when he never was there to be a fugitive) based upon what was written as political speech on an interstate blog/web page/forum, then the criminal suit cannot continue. Even by filing the suit, then whatever evidence is brought against Turner is evidence which can be used against the state in the federal civil lawsuit. That might well lead to Connecticut cutting bait.

    I got a federal civil rights and election lawsuit against Obongo, the alleged nigger president which is before a federal jew jewdge which is going nowhere. Yet, it is a snare waiting to be enacted under a different regime or a different change of polyticks. The federal civil lawsuit is something which can go to the US Circuit Kort and act as a stumbling block and a knife. I saved a friend who I was running for county judge as a non-lawyer by tying it up in the federal and state appellate korts. Always make things difficult. Always.

    In any case, a copy of this response to Hal Turner is going to my sundry blogs, forums, and listservers. Feel free to copy and distribute with links and words unabridged.

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri
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    Default Hal Turner re-arrested by FBI piglice

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    Default Hal Turner Arrested by FBI Over Alleged Threats to Federal Judges

    Hal Turner Arrested by FBI Over Alleged Threats to Federal Judges


    Quote Originally Posted by Bloomberg jewsmedia


    FBI Arrests Blogger for Allegedly Threatening Judges (Update2)
    By Andrew M. Harris

    June 24 (Bloomberg) -- A New Jersey man described as an Internet radio talk show host and blogger was arrested for allegedly threatening to kill three U.S. Appeals Court judges in Chicago who earlier this month upheld a law banning handguns.

    Hal Turner, 47, of North Bergen was arrested by U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation agents at his home today, according to a statement issued by Chicago U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald.

    In the days after the judges’ June 2 decision to uphold a lower court’s dismissal of a National Rifle Association lawsuit challenging the ban, Turner posted on his Web site their names, photographs, phone numbers and work addresses, together with a picture of the courthouse delineating stanchions he called “anti-truck bomb barriers,” according to Fitzgerald.

    “Let me be the first to say this plainly: These judges deserve to be killed,” Turner allegedly said in one Web site posting, according to Fitzgerald.

    “We take threats to federal judges very seriously. Period.” the prosecutor said.

    The judges who issued the ruling were 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals Judges Richard Posner and William Bauer, as well as Chief Judge Frank Easterbrook.

    Unanimous Decision

    In their unanimous decision, written by Easterbrook, the judges had said that U.S. Supreme Court precedent, established last year in a high court ruling that struck down a similar ban enacted in Washington, precluded their invalidating the Chicago law.

    “The Supreme Court has rebuffed requests to apply the Second Amendment to the states,” Easterbrook wrote, referencing the provision of the U.S. Constitution that the Supreme Court had recognized as conferring an individualized right to bear arms.

    “These judges deserve to be made such an example of as to send a message to the entire judiciary: Obey the Constitution or die,” Turner reportedly wrote on his Internet site, according to a 10-page affidavit by FBI agent John Marsh, appended to the criminal complaint filed against Turner in Chicago federal court.

    Double Murder

    In 2005, the mother and husband of Chicago U.S. District Court Judge Joan Lefkow were shot and killed in her home.

    While her life previously had been threatened by since- jailed white supremacist Matthew Hale, who lost a case before her, the double-murder was later ascribed to another man unconnected with White, who whose medical malpractice lawsuit Lefkow had dismissed.

    That man, Bart Ross, allegedly admitted to the killings in a note he penned before shooting himself in his car during a March 2005 traffic stop in a Milwaukee suburb.

    Alluding to the Lefkow murders, Turner said in another posting, “Apparently the 7th U.S. Circuit Court didn’t get the hint after those killings. It appears another lesson is needed,” the Marsh affidavit said.

    Turner is due to make an initial court appearance in Newark, New Jersey, federal court tomorrow, before U.S. Magistrate Judge Michael Shipp. Information about defense counsel for Turner wasn’t immediately available, Fitzgerald’s spokesman, Randall Samborn, said.

    April Web Log

    Two days ago, Turner was arraigned in a Hartford, Connecticut court on charges he had used his Web log to incite violence against state legislators there, the Associated Press reported on June 22. He didn’t enter a plea, AP said.

    In April, Turner wrote on his Web log that 16 of the largest U.S. banks were “already technically insolvent,” failing the federal government’s so-called stress test.

    The April 20 posting was cited by the Web site FlyOnTheWall.com, at 8:14 a.m. New York time, after which the Financial Select Sector SPDR Fund, an exchange-traded fund tracking banks, brokerages and insurers, fell from $10.75 to $10.62 in six minutes.

    At 8:30 a.m., FlyOnTheWall advised readers to disregard the earlier posting and U.S. Treasury Department spokesman Andrew Williams later told Bloomberg News the posting was bogus, “particularly given we don’t have stress test results yet.”

    Reached by phone that day, Turner declined to say who would have given him the government data. The results were made public in May.

    Threatening to kill a federal judge is punishable by as many as 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine, the prosecutor said.

    To contact the reporter on this story: Andrew M. Harris at the federal court in Chicago at 5474 or aharris16@bloomberg.net.
    Last Updated: June 24, 2009 19:46 EDT
    Looks like the entire WN community flapping its trap beeleeving in the first Amendment of the Bill of Goods to the jew-Ass Oy Vey CONstipation is going to protect them from ZOG is getting jailed this month. Of them, the only one who got his licks in was the one who kept his mouth shut in advance, i.e. James Von Brunn.


    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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    Turner's said things in the past that seriously turned me off toward him... him and his earthquake down in Peru and crap like that. I've had doubts about whether or not he was on the take with the Feds. I guess not, huh.

    In the end, he's done more good for the White cause than harm, and he's generously promoted CI on his network; in fact, he's either claimed to be CI or at least have strong sympathies for it... can't remember which.

    One thing to always remember: you don't catch flak until you're over enemy territory. Hal's always caught hell, but now it's serious, so apparently he's in a position to cause The Beast some real heartache. I know for a fact that his campaign to get the Illegal Amnesty Bill quashed in the Senate a couple of years ago worked... because I took part in it and saw the results.

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    Default White Nationalists Need To Close Ranks

    White Nationalists Need To Close Ranks


    Quote Originally Posted by Victor Switzer View Post
    Turner's said things in the past that seriously turned me off toward him... him and his earthquake down in Peru and crap like that. I've had doubts about whether or not he was on the take with the Feds. I guess not, huh.

    In the end, he's done more good for the White cause than harm, and he's generously promoted CI on his network; in fact, he's either claimed to be CI or at least have strong sympathies for it... can't remember which.

    One thing to always remember: you don't catch flak until you're over enemy territory. Hal's always caught hell, but now it's serious, so apparently he's in a position to cause The Beast some real heartache. I know for a fact that his campaign to get the Illegal Amnesty Bill quashed in the Senate a couple of years ago worked... because I took part in it and saw the results.
    Hal Turner is the genuine article. The problem is that this genuine article is a blowhard with a chickenhead and absolutely no aptitude for management of allies or subordinates. Looking at Hal Turner, what I see is a cheerleader, not a leader. And others have concurred in this opinion. If Hal Turner had been in the slightest bit organized he would have a bigger network than $permFront run by Don Black, David Duke's sockpuppet and the idiotic ZOG false front for whigger Auntie Xian 'Tards, Alex LinderMiller's VNNF.

    But in spite of allying with some DSCI pastors, and us DSCI pastors are pretty grimly self-disciplined, Hal Turner is an organizational fruit-loop. Hal Turner would post to his blogs quite informative tidbits but one working on them couldn't find them even ten minutes, much less half-a-day later. Hal Turner is simply an overgrown five year old boy with an attention deficit disorder regrettably not cured by the discipline imposed by a stick at the hands of a stern father who wants the Halster to settle down and behave like he got half a brain. Hal Turner would have benefited tremendously from appointing a forum director and major domo from among a number of the more stable White Nationalists who supported him over the years but grew disgusted over Hal Turner's appetite for chaos.

    Some, indeed many, in the Movement are addicted to chaos no less than jews who always want things in a state of turmoil so that they can benefit from it, and niggers, who have always lived on the edge of disaster because they are stupid niggers without the frontal lobes or foresight to prepare for the future. Hal Turner is indeed one of these chaos freaks who so upset orderly, methodical White men who prize truth and order so that they can plan for the future. The above person sees no virtue in Hal Turner's love of chaos and disorder for its own sake. Nor do most White men, which is why there is so much annoyance at Hal Turner being Hal Turner.

    Now this lack of ability to see the consequences of his actions is what makes Hal Turner fearless, in the same way that 18 year old boys in the Army are fearless, and thus prized shock troops. Hal Turner would simply say whatever thing got into his head which was put there and thus he would get a scoop, such as the 'bank report' on credit worth which caused such a jitter in the markets and made the lying Timmy the Treasurer get caught out in a lie. What Hal Turner revealed was made into a comedy skit on Saturday Night Live two weeks later.

    to be added to later --MLDL

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    From what I understand, there is a Supreme Court legal precedence on this already. The SCofUSA ruled already about 'inciting', Hal clearly was in line with what that ruling covered. (I read an article by an Attorney)

    The Obama gang knows this full well, they just seem not to care and feel they can lock him up without bond till it is dealt with.

    Unless they plan to get a jury consisting of Jews, radical-blacks, and self-hating whites exclusively, (which I'm sure is the case) I don't see how they can convict Hal.

    Even if they do convict him, once the case goes 'up the line' to a higher Court, the Judge there is bound by the current SCofUSA ruling, and will be forced to quash the conviction.

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    A New Jersey blogger facing charges in two states for allegedly making threats against lawmakers and judges was trained by the FBI on how to be deliberately provocative, his attorney said Tuesday.

    Hal Turner worked for the FBI from 2002 to 2007 as an "agent provocateur" and was taught by the agency "what he could say that wouldn't be crossing the line," defense attorney Michael Orozco said.

    "His job was basically to publish information which would cause other parties to act in a manner which would lead to their arrest," Orozco said.
    Wasn't 2007 when he shut his operation down?

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    Default Rub-a-dub-dub, Three ZOG Rats In A Tub

    Rub-a-dub-dub, Three ZOG Rats In A Tub


    I'm going to let Ashkenutzi-Asswipe, another ZOG false-front, first give its take on the issue as I find it amusing about ZOG rats denouncing other ZOG rats.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ashkenutzi Asswipe

    Itz Over! Hal Turner Not Only Was An FBI Informant, But Lawyer Michael Orozco Unmasked Him As An "Agent Provocateur" In August 18th Court Hearing

    . TGM . . TAL . . THT .

    Ashkenazi Asswipe cuntinues:

    After the results of the August 18th court hearing in Hartford, Connecticut, I don't see how it is possible for any White activist to support Hal Turner (the rat on the right) in any way, shape, or form. Itz over!

    The Hartford Courant is reporting that Superior Court Judge David P. Gold authorized Michael A. Orozco, a New Jersey attorney, to represent Turner. Turner did not appear again in court because he remains in federal custody without bail in Chicago, where he is accused of threatening three federal judges.

    In asking Gold to allow Orozco to represent Turner, Turner's Connecticut lawyer, Matthew R. Potter, said Orozco has a long-term legal relationship with Turner, plans to bring a complicated First Amendment defense and is familiar with Turner's background as an FBI informant. That role as an informant for the FBI is a key part of the defense.

    But after the hearing, Orozco dropped the bomb, saying that Turner was specifically trained by the FBI as an agent provocateur. "Mr. Turner was trained by the FBI," Orozco said. "He was told where the line was ? what he could say." Orozco further stated that, "His [Turner's] job was basically to publish information which would cause other parties to act in a manner that would cause their arrest". And this is not just another one of Turner's Tall Tales, either; the FBI confirmed that Turner worked for them from 2002-2007.

    Part of Orozco's defense strategy will be to show that the recent blog comments posted by Turner did not cross the line originally set by the FBI, although they were made after his relationship with the FBI allegedly "ended". Turner's next Federal hearing in Chicago is scheduled for October 5th, and his next state hearing in Hartford for October 19th.

    Let's stop right here. There is a difference between being an informant and being an agent provocateur. Being an informant merely entails reporting findings back to one's principal. It does NOT entail inducing or soliciting criminal activity via entrapment. In contrast, being an agent provocateur actually entails inducing or soliciting people to commit criminal activity to preemptively flush them out and cause their arrest.

    This is about as low as one can go. The fact that no one went to jail because of Turner's activities is now IRRELEVANT.

    (Really, Ashkenutzi Asswipe? Ashkenutzi Asswipe is thus convicted by itz own lying forked tongue of being a liar and hypocrite: TraitorGlenn Miller's supporters, especially Alex Linder, routinely use as an excuse that according to TraitorGlenn Miller, nobody went to jail because TraitorGlenn Miller is a known confessed snitch and thus it is acceptable to accept ZOGbux from TraitorGlenn Miller. Thus we find that almost all of the bowel Movement is living off of the ZOG dole: VNNF & Voice of Retards/Reason, and $permFront, especially the case. - MLDL CJCC/AN)

    And as for his rallies? Circumstantial evidence now surfacing indicates that Hal Turner may have actually tried to sabotage some of the rallies in which he played a prominent role. In this VNN Forum thread, JimInCO, who attended the November 2005 rally in Kingston, NY, held in support of White hate crime victim Robbie Hedrick, wrote the following:

    Quote Originally Posted by JimInCO
    When YJ [the late "Yankee Jim" Leshkovich] and I were working on the Kingston rally, it seemed like Turner was continually screwing up our efforts. At the time I assumed that it was just Hal being a loudmouthed attention whore, but knowing he was working with the FBI makes me think that he was actively sabotaging what we were working on.

    A couple of examples:

    1) I found and weaseled my way onto an email list being used by the antis to plan their counter-rally. I fed YJ info from this list, which he passed on to Hal. Instead of sitting back and watching, he gloated about what we were doing, after which the email list was quickly shut down.

    2) At YJ's request I did about two days worth of research on the opposition. I can't recall the exact details, but there was something that I found about the 9 or 10 year old daughter of one of the organizers. I sent it along, with specific instructions not to publish it (it wasn't her fault her mother was an idiot). What does Hal do? He strips away the text asking him not to publish it, then publishes it anyway. WNs targeting 9 year old girls, that always goes over well.

    3) I found the location of the meeting place (a cafe, IIRC) where the antis were going to meet with local "green party" (?) politicians in order to finalize the plans for their counter-rally. We had the location, the time, everything. YJ and I were trying to find someone the locals wouldn't know to attend and record the meeting, to prove without a doubt that the local politicians were actively helping to organize these communists. Hal posted about the meeting before we were able to get someone there.

    4) Hal repeatedly tried to get my phone number so that he could thank me, or so he claimed. I though that a bit odd, since he could have just as easily thanked me via email. I wonder how many shekels a random WN's phone number is worth?

    And BTW, although Turner took credit for organizing the Kingston rally, let me be clear in stating that at least 90% of the work was done by Yankee Jim. As usual, Turner took full credit for the hard work of others, lining his pockets with donations (and tax-payer money, it seems) along the way.

    And in this other VNN Forum thread, OTPTT relates how Hal Turner pulled a gun on him during the May 2007 Knoxville Rally:

    Quote Originally Posted by OTPTT
    This explains Hal's pointing his pistol at me on the morning of the first Knoxville rally. I believe he was trying to provoke me into producing any firearm I, or others, may have had with me (us) on that day and his handlers would have known of my previous experience in using firearms to defend my person from various attacks from both niggers and kwops. I can only imagine what was in store for me had I produced a firearm at that particular moment.

    While Signal [another VNN activist] acknowledged that Hal pointed his pistol in my direction on that morning he (Signal) didn't attach any meaning to it. Of course I knew better or sensed that there was something more to it than just an irresponsible dumb ass playing with a pistol in PUBLIC several states away from his home. No one I know ever pulls out a gun in public much less in public and pointing it at other people.

    No one but an FBI informant would feel comfortable playing with a pistol in a public area where any number of people could have called the local police and reporting 'a man with a gun' at a local hotel. I'm certain there were kwops and FBI agents in some of the other hotel rooms observing those of us who were gathered at Hal's hotel room prior to the rally. I can't prove it but the circumstantial evidence is there in my opinion.
    Consequently, Hal Turner has now placed himself beyond the pale. He is worthy of neither financial nor moral support. It would be an insult to other political prisoners like Bill White to refer to Hal Turner as a political prisoner. I do not regret having defended him as long as I did; I do not believe in lynch mobs or vigilante justice. But Hal Turner has irrevocably buried himself with his own words.

    Itz over!!!

    What gets me is that it certainly is not over. Ashkenutzi Asswipe is a typical anonymous Internut jew or whigger ass-clown who is not only a hypocrite and a liar -- who is exceeding well informed -- but more than likely yet another informant shitting on a different one of ZOG's informants for nothing more than growing cover and concealment but also because of rival idiotology, Hal Turner being associated with the DSCI faction of James Wickstrom and Jay 'Sci-Fi' Faber. Being a CreaTard of the Alex Linder/TraitorGlenn Miller stripe, Ashkennutzi Asswipe simply condemns Hal Turner for snitchery and provocation while giving Alex Linder and TraitorGlenn Miller a free pass. Thus Anchorage Activist/Ashkenutzi Asswipe needs to be understood exactly for what it is: a spreader of ZOG/Babylonian propaganda provided to it by ZOG in order to advance its own preferred grade of informant and agent provacateur.

    Ashkenazi Asswipe claims, oh so sanctimoniously the following: The fact that no one went to jail because of Turner's activities is now IRRELEVANT.

    Well, it is irrelevant indeed. Hal Turner comes from a long line of amoral whigger paytriots who have infested the bowel Movement indeed, whose stock-in-trade has been to claim, in their own solipsistic whiggroid way: The Revolution only starts when ZOG's jack-booted thugs are kicking in MY front door. I seen it happen with the militia-general [bowel] movement which lied when it claimed "No more Wacos!" and then pissed down their legs and running for the tall grass in denouncing Timothy McVeigh when Little Timmy Tuttle put paid to Waco. Today the Whigger-Whimperer Edgar Steele himself is quick to call those in the multitude to the Revolutionary Radical Right in the Movement 'nuts' simply because he wants to maintain his monopoly right to steal as a state-licensed lawyer.

    But TraitorGlenn Miller's excuse for living as a cowardly rat -- why the lying bastard even whimpered it when running out of my office in Aug. 2000 for fear of me killing this rat -- is: Nobody went to prison because of my lying perjured testimony. Well, while no one did because of TGM's lies at Ft. Smith, others did when Miller testilied against them at other trials. And TraitorGlenn Miller's still giving out the ZOGbux and essentially funding VNNF to this very day, so both Alex Linder and TraitorGlenn Miller get a pass by Ashkenazi Asswipe. Ashkenazi Asswipe's simply a partisan for his sort of ZOG false front. Nothing more. To illustrate Ashkenazi Asswipe's hypocrisy, as well as Linder's and TraitorGlenn Miller's, let's go directly to the horses' asses' as they justify pulling the 2x4 in Hal Turner's eye while ignoring the railroad ties of treason in their own:

    Quote Originally Posted by Rounder/TraitorGlenn Miller View Post


    No definite comment about this yet. Too soon to judge. Not enough credible information.

    It could be that Turner fed inconsequential disinformation to the JOG in order to prove he himself is against illegal activities.

    In the 80s, I regularly invited county sheriffs and Joe Momier of the NC Bureau of Investigation to our marches and rallies, and I allowed them to subscribe to our monthly newspaper - all for the purpose of proving the White Patriot Party operated legally. I even had them in my home where myself and other WPP leaders chatted with them and gave them WN literature. And of course, I reported all this to our members via my newspaper and at regular meetings. Not one single member ever objected.

    Has any WN sufferred, in any way, because of Turner's communications with law enforcement personnel ??
    Well, the most infamous rat ever in the ranks of the ZOG false-front whigger nutsionalists figured out that caught rats shouldn't fling rat-shit just yet. But as a drunken caught rat, TraitorGlenn Miller does figure out that as a 'forgiven' rat by virtue of ZOGbux that the time cums to denounce a lesser rat:

    Quote Originally Posted by Rounder/TraitorGlenn Miller View Post


    Damn, ole Hal really is a phoney, lying piece of shit. Before these recent disclosures by his own attorney I was willing to give him the benefit of some doubt.

    Did Hal speak against the jews efficiently on his radio broadcasts ?? Or did he confine his rants, almost always, to niggers and wetbacks, while making mild criticisms of the kikes, infrequently ?? Zat about it ??
    Well, Traitor Glenn Miller, at least Hal Turner hasn't testilied against anyone who used to make the big mistake of following a cowardly lying drunken sack of lifer-shit like jewrself. That has been avoided. But the VNNF colostomy-bag lickers are oblivious to irony as well as reality, as can be seen below. when the gut-sick guido-weasel with jew ass-cancer pontifuckates as to why ZOG rats with money to bankroll his own ZOG false front are so much superior to impoverished ZOG rats stuck within the belly of the beast:

    Quote Originally Posted by Alex Linder/Gut-sick guido-weasel with jew ass-cancer View Post


    I've given my opinion of Turner many times before.

    I don't trust him based on my dealings with him and the fact that he lies about both his own costs and simply invents stories out of thin air and runs them as real news. VNN's backer paid him a lot of money to host us a few years ago. During the half-summer we were on his server, VNN was down about half the time. Worse than any other server we've been with. I loaded stories for three days, and only then did he tell me I was loading them to the wrong server.

    There's no excuse for what he has done. Those of you claiming to be shocked are pathetic.

    When will some of you get it through your heads that liars do more damage than good?

    We hardly need to lie to advance our cause. All we need is the truth, put in simple, direct form, repeated endlessly. That alone won't get the job done, but it is certainly the starting point. The rest I lay out in "Strategy" and related forums below.

    Those of you defending Turner belong to the class of loser-fantasists that, even here, we see far too many of. If you think it costs Hal Turner thousands of dollars a month to run his network, you are too stupid to be of use to any political cause. If you can't tell that Hal made up most of his news...same thing. If you're making excuses for him, you're worse than pathetic. Your type will cause this thing to happen over and over again.

    Lying and blowharding do nothing for our cause. Wake up and realize that. It's one thing to be a patriotard+race, as Hal was, and at a truly professional level. That's fine as far as it goes. We can use a Sean Hannity or Rush Limbaugh-style radio voice. But to make stuff up and to issue threats you know you have no intention of following through on is incredibly destructive. Not merely to yourself, as White and Turner have found, but more subtly in that it attracts precisely the kind of easily impressed loser that is sheer avoirdupois on any worthwhile cause.

    Rounder, if you had done what Turner did, I would have nothing to do with you. There is no excuse for what he did. Whereas, in your case, the Order wronged you. And I have not seen a single one of the Order fangirls acknowledge that. The Order did nothing for our cause except destroy the most successful American White political group created since before WWII.

    Just one last time, in case you don't get it: You making excuses for Turner are pathetic losers. Your very comments show that you are not to be trusted.
    Let's see: TraitorGlenn Linder says above that "If you think it costs Hal Turner thousands of dollars a month to run his network, you are too stupid to be of use to any political cause." Really?

    Yet in a different post Linder says:

    Quote Originally Posted by Alex Linder View Post


    I just paid our quarterly ISP bill. It was $20,000. I hope some of you other than Heather Blue can help out.
    Let's do some math: A quarter of a year consists of three months. Twenty-thousand ZOG-bux per quarter comes to $6,666.66 per month, which is an appropriate figure for a gut-sick guido-weasel suffering from jew ass-cancer minion of ZOG/Babylon going ass to mouth with TraitorGlenn Miller. But one can only suppose that infatuated ZOGling whiggroid ass-clown net-nutzi worsheepfoolly licking Linder's colostomy bag cannot be expected to understand reality or do math and Ashkenazi Asswipe certainly won't tell them fools otherwise. But the fact is that Linder says that it costs three times what it costs Hal Turner to run a text/graphical v-bulletin forum on VNNF as opposed to streaming audio on Hal Turner's server.

    Hal Turner wanted $1000 per month to run his Internut radio show and server. That was while Turner was using blogger, a free Google-based blogging web page, which Google deleted for Terms of Service violations after Turner's first arrest. Yeah, Hal, you are a real class act, trying to get the ZOGbux from jewr idiot listeners, trying to make a living off the Internut from the backs of paytriotards and patridiots, trying to be another Don Black and Alex Linder. 'Sci-Fi' Faber earlier this March was pissing & moaning to me that he would have to give Hal Turner, his buddy, $100-250 per month to run his Aryan Nations Internet radio show, and that was on the 'friend's rate' for holding Hal's hand and promising to beat up the niggers and jews pissed off at Hal Turner. It seems that the entire bowel Movement is full of Paytriots wanting to have a government job narking and spying and selling out whiggroid paytridiot feebs who believe their bullshit and trying to turn them in before any jews or niggers are killed. Anything these liars and feebs get from the patrio-tards is just that much more free cream.

    Now don't get me wrong: TraitorHal Turner deserves whatever he gets from ZOG betraying its own rat. But TraitorHal Turner is a piker compared to TraitorAlex Linder and TraitorGlenn Miller by a factor of six at least. Perhaps when TraitorAlex Linder says that he pays $20,000 per quarter, he means that he gets $20,000 from TraitorGlenn Miller and from that he has to pay a couple of hundred per month to industrial-level servers.

    It doesn't cost that much to run a v-bulletin forum. A small forum costs $180 for the v-bulletin license and for me, $142 from Hostmonster for three years web hosting. Pastor Visser pays the same or a bit less. StumbleInn ends up running out of bandwidth and CPU cycles from its host server in Virginia some nights. So a forum of VNNF's size does cost probably a hundred times what it costs me. But looking at the advertisers for domain hosting, and based upon what I heard from interrogations in the phorafag/feeb Shoutbox from Mikey Kikey Jukes-Kallikak Connor as the engineer of Voice of Reason/Retards, VoR spends $250 per month for streaming audio which is far more than any v-bulletin forum will ever use. Craig 'Corn' Cobb, hardly a rich geek, is able to pay for video streaming on Podblanc.

    So Linder, knowing that his colostomy-bag lickers on VNNF are such whigger tards that they won't be able to pick up on his denounciation of TraitorHal and be willing or able to ask questions of himself raised by those denounciations. However, Linder is a pretty arrogant little lying guido, and is both incensed and amused at the low quality of his whigger tards.

    But Linder has a problem in the perception that everything TraitorHal Turner did, TraitorGlenn Miller did as well, with the addition that TraitorGlenn Miller not only snitched, and still is an agent provacateur, but also testilied against the Ft. Smith Sedition Trial defendants, who got free with little thanks to TraitorGlenn Miller. There is also the perception, justified, that TraitorGlenn Miller pays Linder a stipend as well as the hosting bills for VNN/VNN Forum. In short, Alex Linder is another ZOG false front organized for ZOG to keep tabs on 'domestic terrorism' and has been so since 2004, when TraitorGlenn Miller first got involved with paying Alex Linder's bills.

    Let's understand that Hal Turner, because of his own greed and stupidity, was used as a snitch and agent provacateur against the White Nationalist Movement, and against Jay Faber and James Wickstrom in particular. Some think that Jay Faber and James Wickstrom are feds theysselfs. And they might be. 'Sci-Fi' Jay Faber is certainly a fool who can't run anything without screwing up, due to his own foolish greed for power that he can't earn.

    But the same old traitors and agents provacateur still remain: $permFront and VNN are still ZOG false fronts, and Ashkenutzi-Asswipe/Anchorage Activist is simply another apologist for his fellow agents provacateur ever-ready to lie and prevaricate in order to protect his fellow traitors. By all means, read what ZOG wants you to know -- Ashkenazi Asswipe is an excellent compiler of information. But understand that when you log on to VNN/VNNF that you are logging on to something paid for out of the petty cash drawer of the Department of ZOGland Insecurity. The rat which got detected was a cast-off rat, Hal Turner, who thought that he could serve ZOG and was cast off when this formerly useful idiot became a useless idiot, and thus expendible. The ZOG rats TraitorAlex Linder and TraitorGlenn Miller are still useful idiots to ZOG, and so still hunting, still gathering information, and still snitching. What happened to their fellow rat Hal Turner should serve as a lesson to them, that they can be harvested at any time, by their former master, same as Hal Turner was.

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri
    Last edited by PastorLindstedt; 08-23-2009 at 11:54 PM.

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