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Thread: Michael Hallimore, Kingdom Identity Ministries RIP July 2021

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    Default Michael Hallimore, Kingdom Identity Ministries RIP July 2021

    Michael Hallimore, Kingdom Identity Ministries RIP July 2021


    According to CI Pastor Dan Johns ; Mike Hallimore founder of Kingdom Identity Ministries has passed on to the Empire Invisible. Not only the founder of KIM and various Bible Study programs ; Hallimore held the copyright for the works of Pastors Wes Swift and Bertrand Comparet. This becomes very problematic ; CI leadership sees a void ; a conflict over legacy? The tumolt of Jacobs Children.


    Sadly , this info is correct. An email from Aryan Nations this am , confirms the death of Mike Hallimore. A CI giant has ascended to the Empire Invisible. KIM and Herald of Truth Broadcasts are in transition. YHWH Bless.


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    Default Da Pisser-Possum gloats that Old DSCI carrying on the Work of Comparet is Dead

    Da Pisser-Possum gloats that Old DSCI carrying on the Work of Comparet is Dead

    Can't expect fake Mamzer-Kike See-Eye Dentists to Get It



    Re: Herald of Truth: American Institute of Theology

    Praise Yahweh! The documented liar and thief Mike Hallimore has taken his place in hell alongside other perverters of the Gospel!

    DSCI numbers are growing thinner, lulz.



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    Default Michael Hallimore -- Faithful to Bertrand Comparet & Wesley Swift Dual-Seedline Christian Identity

    Michael Hallimore -- Faithful to Bertrand Comparet & Wesley Swift Original Dual-Seedline Christian Identity


    I actually met Mike Hallimore at Everett Ramsey's Christian-Identity Rally in Springfield Missouri in early May 1999. I found out Hallimore died earlier this month (July 2021) and thus this obituary to a Soldier and Editor of the Dual-Seedline Christian Identity Faith as handed down to him by Bertrand Comparet and Pastor Wesley Swift's widow.

    As with all these rallies in the 1990s it had a set of what I called the "camp followers" selling stuff and Mike Hallimore came alone with Pete Peters' pet kike Charles Weisman who not only looked like a jew because he was one but was hostile to the very concept of Dual-Seedline Christian Identity which has as its precepts that jews are the spawn of Satan from the Seduction of Eve. Charles Weisman was peddling his pamphlet posing his single-seedline or "No Devil" doctrine which I glanced at, but didn't buy. I did buy Mike Hallimore's bound in a clip folder American Institute of Theology Bible Study Course for $75.

    I took along my grand-daughter Helen and remember that the 1979 Olds Cutlass's two doors had the door locks broken so like the Dukes of Hazzard I had to enter through the windows which was a pain for myself with a bad left hip. I also met "Kelsey" from Tupelo Mississippi who was a pussy-whupped dolt of Meggie Butts, the feminist side-kick of Debbie "Klunt" Downey the second-hand wife of Meercat Markkk Klowney, and the former sexual mascot of the Washington State Klan. Later Kelsey would reveal itself as a mere pickle of Meggie and Meggie would side with some jews to get me kicked off the Internet from the Granby Telephone Company two years later.

    Let's understand something. There is genuine Christian Identity and there is See-Eye Dentistry. Altogether too much of the time Christian Identity morphs into See-Eye Dentistry which brings in jews and ZOGbots like Meerkkkat Mark Downey and his big-titted vicious jew wife Klunt and the first thing such always do is to try to take control of the narrative and change the doctrine from Dual-Seedline "jews are the Spawn of Satan" to the "No Devil" Melungeon notions of Sheldon Emry in which the devils become those who would kick them out. Along with the females getting to rule the roost cums mamzers and jews promoting "Biblical polygamy" and then wife-swapping and all sorts of uncleanness in which the Old Line members are purged or simply fade back into the deep woods. What became a calling becomes a racket and a ZOGbot folly to trap ZOGtards.

    Actually this was the case before the Internet. In Internet 1.0 before the 2000 Tech Bubble popped there was infiltration by Mark Downey and Klunt, Wick "Wicked" Wickstrom, and what we called the One-Seedliners (OSLers) who followed Paul of Tarsus.

    Likewise today there are all sorts of jews and mamzers such as Dan Johns, Joseph November/Eli James, William "Baal" Finck, Jeromy Visser, and the Aussie Tranny-Poofter Robert Hancock / "Oba-gender-bender" along with Bryan Reo and the rest of the Foundation for the MarketPlace of Ideas.

    In all such cases, ZOG is scared that Deep-Woods DSCI will be doing all sorts of things such as spreading prion-poisoning or the Dylann Storm Coof, or taking down the power grid or any other example of "Strategic Domestic Terrorism" in which the carrying capacity of the ZOGland is impaired permanently. The problem is that the core Whites are underground and thus unknowable. So to keep tabs on the permanently disaffected from ZOG of rural whites it becomes imperative that the doctrinal DNA of Dual-Seedline Christian Identity be mitigated and thus destroyed by changing its very foundations -- and the foundation of post 1960's DSCI was formed by Bertrand Comparet who worked with Pastor Wesley Swift to found the Ministry of the Church of Jesus Christ Christian which had a deep-woods unknowable membership.

    Since there is no way for rural Whites to becum reconciled to jews and their Mighty Evil ZOG Babylonian Empire when the doctrine is that these Whites are the "Lost Sheep of the House of Israel" that only they have souls, that the non-whites are the 6th Day Beasts of the Field, that Adam was created separately on the Eighth Day , and that Satan incarnated hisself into a "Satan-nigger" and that Eve was seduced by Satan and gave birth to Cain and that the entire Bible documents the Struggle between the Good Seedline and Satan/Serpent Seedline and that the Remnant will survive until Christ's Second Coming along with secondary dogma that Noah's Flood was a local flood and other items then there is literally nothing new under the sun insofar as Dual-Seedline Christian Identity is concerned. Bertrand Comparet defined DSCI, and any change to his preachings be they by Captn Senility Clifton Emahiser or Baal Finck is mere jew-day-o posings by jew or mamzer baal priests.

    Mike Hallimore got willed Bertrand Comparet's teachings rudimentary sketched as the ministerial Bible Study for the tape ministry in which the local elders were family members throughout the ZOGland but especially in the Ozarks of Southern Missouri and Northern Arkansas and the areas of Western North Carolina and Eastern Tennessee. The capital city of Christian Identity is Harrison Arkansas and to a lesser extent Eureka Springs (from Gerald L.K. Smith).

    Hallimore was a young man when willed Bertrand Comparet's ministerial writings. Hallimore hit upon the editorial device of having plastic three-ring binders with a pseudo-leather vinyl cover and sundry Comparet writings split into chapters with pseudo-woodcut lettering on different colored paper along with sundry charts and Comparet booklets. Ninety-five percent Comparet edited by Mike Hallimore. Thus Hallimore was the foremost Dual-Seedline Christian Identity publisher.

    When Hallimore took in Wesley Swift's widow Lloraine Swift, she willed Bertand Comparet's speaking sidekick Pastor Wesley Swift (deceased 1970, Comparet lived until 1983) who was the main preacher of the Church of Jesus Christ Christian and Swift's tape ministry was added to Hallimore's Kingdom Identity Ministry operations.

    Thus Hallimore kept alive and intact Dual-Seedline Christian Identity to deep-woods DSCI family congregations and didn't add the jew foolishness and deceit as practiced by Eli James, Clifton Emahiser or Baal Finck. In fact, while Hallimore was friendly to jews like Charles Weisman and Eli James, none of theys' kikeshit was ever published by Hallimore and in the case of Baal Finck refused altogether.

    This is what jews get all wrong. YHWH doesn't change. Neither does genuine DSCI Doctrine. Mike Hallimore thus was a transitional figure within Dual-Seedline Christian Identity who while making a living in keeping it intact did keep it intact, and that is his honor for a job well done.

    Thus the never-ending work of jew and mamzer ZOGbots like Eli James, Baal Finck and Clifton Emahiser -- the Sicilian Shephardic marrano jew who started out as a Roman Catholic then beguiled Jean Syder to let itself add "commentaries" negating what Comparet wrote concerning the Sixth Day Beast of the Field and Adam's 8th Day Creation in favor of claiming that claiming that all of YHWH's Creation was of Satan in order to infiltrate itself and Baal Finck as jews and deny Two-Seedline in the result.

    Mike Hallimore did not change Dual-Seedline Christian Identity but rather kept it intact as written by Comparet until his death for four decades. That is a fitting commission and achievement. Keeping DSCI dogma fossilized intact for the generations after Swift and Comparet. For that the Body of Aryan Christian Israel in Christ owes Hallimore a debt and its gratitude for a job well done entrusted to him by Comparet and Swift's widow.

    Hail Victory !!!

    Pastor Martin Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri


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    Default This mamzerkike Aussie Poofer Tranny is about to blow a gasket and much Abo cawk

    This mamzerkike Aussie Poofer Tranny is about to blow a gasket and much Abo cawk


    It just goes to show what a piece of Jew mamzer-kike Aussie tranny-poofter filth you are dealing with, Samuelson, that you can't even pay tribute to a real good Christian man living in the Ozarks without using the occasion to slander others like the FiBbIe Washington State Klansmamzer Meerkkkat Mark "No Devil" Downey who as "Kludd" ran off with the "Klailiff" Deborah Badynsky, the jew wife and sexual mascot of the Washington State Klan run by the Pollack jew Badynsky who used to whore her out. The "Kludd" ran off with the "Klailiff" who becum-cum the "Klunt", oy vey cum-cum, cum-cum.

    Or Wick the Dick Wicked Wickstrom who coonvinced a Rulo Nebraska pig farmer to murder a five-year-old child and a 27 year old whigger playing See-Eye Dentistry.

    Or Baal Finck -- with a real jew name from jew Joisey who is related to Mark Potok and Mattoid Lauer -- who killed a Puerto-Rican sneak thief, induced David Dumers to help kill, then "fin[c]ked out Dumers and ruined his appeal. Baal Finck is a real Mamzer of D-g, serving our mutual father Satan.

    Or the Sephardic jew Rabbi jewseph Stalin Eliar James Kutz/Putz November who is the smartest of the lot of us infiltraiting jewboys. Or cut-nut Ashkenazi Melungeon Dan Johns who practices "Biblicull Polygamy" upon other mamzeresses.

    But NOT jewromy Da Pisser-Possum Visser. I showed jewromy muh mangina, shared with him muh name and where I work, and virtual tranny-poofter porn, and Da Pisser-Possum turned on me -- he's 25% Cherokee lol what of it? -- just because I was mean to Brother Steve of Las Angeles who gave Da Pisser-Possum cash and a plane ticket to go to the gated community to pick up Bridget Da Idjit and four lil pisser-possums because Brother Steve revealed itself to be 2-3% Souix. I piss on Da Pisser-Possum through a straw left in the cleft where muh pickles were -- stolen by muh littermate The One-Eared Dingo Who Stole Muh Pickle at the Alice Springs Lorry Lot.

    Now I'm an ex-tranny-poofter pisser-possum, thanks to jewromy. Still a raving hypocritical mamzerkike Aussie Abo-jew tranny poofer, but no longer a pet pisser-possum, cum-cum, cum-cum

    Don't go looking to Yahweh to deliver you from Bryan Reo. He's sicced that individual on you as payback for all the years of lies and deranged filth your antichrist ministry has spewed in "His Name".

    I always thought it highly apropos that you call yourself Mad Dog, because that is indeed what you are: a crazy unclean beast. May you die like one very, very soon.


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    A peck of pickled poofter possums PassTard Pisser picked.

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