Portrait of Me As A DSCI ArchBishop & Baalzepup


For the past eight years my web page has had as my official portrait one taken of me at Walmart for $4.95 back in August 2000, when I was running for US Senator and being denounced by Patsy Buckwheat.

When I was arrested and illegally imprisoned on May 10, 2005, I was initially not able to shave. Plus I decided to grow half a beard in protest against ZOG, saying that they had unlawfully insulted YHWH by insulting YHWH's ambassador, cf. II Samuel Chapter 10. As I did not want to let Ken Copeland's goons give me a head shave, I also decided to let my hair grow as well.

So, as a Nazarene in Numbers Chapter 6, I have let half my beard grow and hair grow as well since May 10, 2005. Yes, it makes me look like a goof, but like Isaiah making a point (thank YHWH that I do not have to run around naked for 3 1/2 years to show what will happen to Ethiopia) so do I have a point to make: That while ZOG may cut off the sheep and wheat on my right side and let the tare-hairs grow, the time shall come when the left, the goats, the tares be cut off and burned.

So recently, on March 1, 2009, after I found out that the prostitutor couldn't force my grandson to lie against me and had to dismiss the charges, I let Roxie take a picture using her cell phone camera. I looked a tad deranged, so we took another picture, this time with Buddy the Poopy Dawg, also known as 'Little Cujo.' Poopy Dawg used to be a real terror -- a rat and people terrier, quite the mouse killer, but he used to chew on Roxie's hands. But she ended up having his nuts cut when she came to visit me in April 2008. Poopy Dawg also had a lot taken out of him when he got run over by a Geo Metro back in February 9th, but now is back to chasing AFTER cars.

Anyway, I said that the 'Little Cujo' in Buddy the Poopy Dawg was caused by a minor demon that I called Baalzepup. So I decided to stage a mock exorcism, like Jesus Christ did with the legion of demons infesting a lunatic and did a reverse Gadarenian transfer with an idiotic typical whigger named Bamse Skorta Kryger that I call Bamser the Sorta-Mamzer Kryger over on phorafags/feebs. Yup, Baalzepup is busily munching Bamzer's hemorrhoids and being Bamzer's naughty little personal ass-demon with rotor-rooter action. While some may say that Buddy/Cujo/Baalzepup's eyes glow because of cell-phone camera flash, it is really caused by residual Baalzepup in action. Baalzepup knows that he would rather be Bamzer's personal ass-demon on this plane than sent back to heck.

So, I have decided to place upon my latest web page -- http://www.pastorlindstedt.org -- my 'oafisul' portrait, me and Buddy the Poopy Dawg/Little Cujo/Baalzepup.

Better not cross me if you know what's good for you.

Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri