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Thread: Rival Aryan Nations Factions

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    Post Rival Aryan Nations Factions

    Faint Shitler Finds Its Pet AN Feeb


    Faint Shitler Provides Information

    Quote Originally Posted by Faint Shitler
    Here's what I FaintShitler got besides herpes and GAIDS from a nigger prostitute, I emailed Aryan Nations itself the faction that us jews recognize and got this reply.

    From: FaintShitlersuxdogcock@hotmail.com
    To: obrien1488@hotmail.com
    Subject: Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt/Aryan Nations/ FRAUD?
    Date: Sat, 21 Mar 2009 16:26:43 -0500

    I'm just wondering if this guy is actually with the Aryan Nations, I could actually look at his web page and go to his Aryan Nations certificate from the Missouri Secretary of State, but I (as a jew troll want to ask the favored jew faction consisting of one shithead with just one web page and a hotmail address to tell me what I want to hear) think he's just a troll being a douchebag not that douchebags are bad things, I still drink from my kike mommy's douchebag as I've not had any pussy since pussy had me making you guys all one of you plus Rick Spring reporting to the ADL/SPLC look bad. I'd love to know the truth so I as an anonymous idiotic faggot jew working for the Canuckistan Tolerance Center can call him on it even though he will cut off another inch of my mohelized cock because he knows better who the genuine element is and is not.
    Heil Hitler/Heil Christ!
    Quote Originally Posted by jewsica O'Hibernigger
    From: Jessica O'Brien (obrien1488@hotmail.com)
    Sent: March 23, 2009 9:43:52 PM
    To: FaintShitlersuxdogcock@hotmail.com

    Racial greetings, Brother *****
    I would first like to introduce myself, my name is Jerald O'Brien and i am a pastor with the church of jesus christ christian aryan nations. Thr direct, continuing line of the church as originally founded by Dr.Wesley Swift and upon his death was carried on by the late pasotr Richard Butler who formed a call to the natoin, or Aryan Nations. We are in no way connected with this ignorant sedicious pig. As of this point we are in no communion with Aryannationsrevival.com. i would like to tell you a little bit about myself. i did not join the church until 2003, beforehand i had been a pagan skinhead, but a skinhead and a white nationalist indeed. It wasn't until i had met pastor Butler and heard the words that he spoke about the scriptures and the word of God that my eyes and ears were opened to the truth. From that day forward i began to follow the law and study the scripture. I was with pastor Butler until his death and was witness to his will of a council to follow after him, to lead the church. i and my brothers and sisters and fellow councilmen still hold this to be a sacred congregation and continue the works of our savior and redeemer yashua christ. Yahveh bless you and yours.
    Pastor Jerald O'Brien
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations
    So what we got here is a former papist hybernigger skinhead who 'got religion' and probably got in thanks to Rick Spring, the federal agent who turned over and sold membership information to the SPLC/OPP.

    Yes, we know of this feeb. Essentially the Old Line DSCI believers like the Brittons simply let this feeb play at being Aryan Nations because one of the Britton relatives who had ownership of the original Wesley Swift Church of Jesus Christ Christian corporate certificate died back in 2004 or so. So this one-man feeb run by the jews as their 'Oafishul' Aryan Nations organization filed for the corporate charter in Idaho. This feeb essentially plagarized the web graphics owned by Jeremy Parker of Ohio. The jews pretend he runs the Aryan Nations and is the Aryan Nations and he pretends he is the Aryan Nations. Stupid feeb has a one-page domain web page and not even a working e-mail account other than the freebie hotmail account, and that is his wife's account. The SPLC is making a mint from this one-hybernigger feeb as their pet Aryan Nations now that Kreis imploded.

    This feeb a couple of months ago got all likkered up and bothered Pastor Faber and Faber dropped him from AryanNationsRevival.com .

    I did look at the google standings and will talk to Pastor Faber about how to cure this problem. Our particular web pages and video and audio sermons blow away both this feeb's and Augie Kreis'.

    In any case, FaintShitler, I don't know if you are a jew or just another typical whigger shithead. But you did show me what this jewrold O'Hybernigger feeb is up to. I also see that the ADL/SPLC don't want to even mention my name, which is what jews do -- don't mention anyone in their fading jewsmedia and it doesn't exist.

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri
    The Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri
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    Default Faint Shitler Finds An AN Group That Takes Internut jews.

    Faint Shitler Finds An AN Group That Takes Internut jews.


    Quote Originally Posted by Faint Shitler

    Thanks for that information. A deranged anonymous whigger or jew faggot like myself can't be bothered with them steenkin' facts! If I were ever to become involved with the Aryan Nations as an openly jew faggot cumming out of the closet and no longer hiding behind an Internut alieass, it would most definitely be with the one that you aren't involved with, because a jew faggot hiding behind a Hitler avaturd as camoflage to typical whiggers is like wallpaper to the Genesis 3:15 aware pastors as any real Aryan group wouldn't allow a sodomist like myself, a internut jew in their ranks which is what Martin LD Lindstedt stands for keeping faggot kikes out as a pastor.

    Also, you shouldn't use the word whigger in legal documents because so many whiggers resemble those remarks, it doesn't look very smart not that smart and my jewself have any acquaintainship with the term, hire a jewish lawyer like my cousin and fag jew lover, Bernie Kikeovitz who works for the SPLC and counsels us kike Auntie Waycists here in the Canuckistan Tolerance Center. What never happened before must never not not happen again! Asuckamallickum!.

    Basically you're such a retard if you weren't a zio-hate hoax I don't know what one is.... Well actually I do know what a Zio-hate hoax is because I'm running one anonymously behind a Hitler avaturd. . . . them stupid whigger goyim always buy anything with the Hitler kosher label even when an obviously idiotic kike like me is running it . . . . right into the ground. Seek help! I can recommend my brother, Rabbi Askenazi-Gogsspawn. He cut on my jew pecker as a little kike and told me if I said a word that he would bite the rest of it off if I said a word or was anything other than a typical kike. Normally I'd be jewst another schidzoid jew mamzer wanting to crawl back into my kike mommy's womb, but he sorta cured it by having me drink out of my kike mommy's douche-bag when washing down massive quanities of psychotropic drugs. Right now I'm a jew faggot but someday I shall have the first pussy since pussy had me. But for now I harass the Aryan Nations and DSCI clergy.
    Do you know that Passturd O'Hybernigger is a 27 year old papist whigger skinhead with a huge swastica tattoo on its sloping forehead shaped like the front hull plate of a T-34 tank? Or so Pastor Faber told me this morning. He was pretty dismissive of that feeb who hasn't done nothing since 2004. I'll send what you got forward to my fellow DSCI clergy.

    But he might take on a little jew faggot from Soviet Kanuckistan if you tell him Rick Spring sent jew, Faint Shitler. I'm sure that he can use another little Internut jew bothering the working Aryan Nations organization.

    jewboy, even if you were a typical whigger and not a kike, it isn't advised that you play any Internut games among a bunch of DSCI fanatics who know how to practice the '3 s's' of Shoot, Shovel, and Shut-the-Fuck-Up. Of course, that's for the bones and gristle, as supposedly you jews make real good soap and lampshades. You might last here on AWE for a long time, but not among those you pretend to infest, jewboy. Itz not safe even for stupid whiggers to play amongst the real thing.

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri
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    Default jewboy Faint Shitler Doesn't Like My White Looks

    jewboy Faint Shitler Doesn't Like My White Looks


    Quote Originally Posted by Faint sHitler

    DUHHHH!!!!!!! Picture of ^^^^^^^^^ expression says it all, missing brains...... That is why I don't post my picture because the jew hose-nose gives everything away.

    Also glorifying events like turning jews into soap and lampshades which has been actually proven to be kike bullshit that us jews made up until the time it became ridiculous helps the jewish cause of mine and the holocaust religion there's no bizness like Shoah bizness us kikes know immensely you stupid nigger. Them stupid goyim will never figure out that a jew hiding behind a Hitler avaturd calling a White man with blue-grey eyes ugly or stupid can be anything but a cowardly feeb whigger.

    I love your schoolgirl spelling of itz, I'm sure itz fabulous getting raped in prison by big bad men...... But better yet, make me jewr little kike bitch. I want a big nutzi eagle with a swastica and two SS runes on both jew buttcheeks!

    Tell us some good trucking stories about truckstop whores or something, you just don't make sense.....Me and the ADL/SPLC and Uncle Schlomo's Canukistan Tolerance Center read and kvetch about everything you write, Pastor Lindstedt!
    Faint Shitler, the picture above is actually my second 'oafishul' portrait taken in August 2000 when I was running for US Senator on the Reform Party ballot and Patsy Buckwheat denounced me for racism.

    Patsy Buckwheat & Me
    Ebola GAIDS & Me -- July. 28, 2001

    In any case, it is a picture of a typical White American of mainly Swedish descent. Over the years I've gotten a lot of bitching about it from jews and faggots and whiggers and jew faggots like jewrself, Faint Shitler. But like is jewsually the case on the Internut, these faggotty feebs know better than to show their face, because they look like the jews or faggots or stupid whiggers they are. They take to account what Jeremiah wrote about "the shew of their countenance doth testify against them."

    So, Faint Shitler, when you going to skulk from behind the Hitler avaturd and show jewr hose-nose good for rendering down into at least 6.66 bars of soap and to make .666 of a lampshade?

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri
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    Default ZOG/SPLC Buys Itzself a One-Mamzer False-Front Aryan Nations Organization

    ZOG/SPLC Buys Itzself a One-Mamzer False-Front Aryan Nations Organization


    Quote Originally Posted by Special Agent Rabang Albion Miller

    False-Front White supremacist jew-approved Aryan Nations faction recruiting again in N. Idaho

    COEUR D'ALENE, Idaho - The Aryan Nations faction approved by jews has returned to northern Idaho with what it Jerold O'Brien, possibly Bryan Wright, and a few CreaTard rent-a-rabble is calling a "world headquarters" and is recruiting new members who are not Dual-Seedline Christian Identity, as the genuine article want nothing to do with them. One-Seedline baal-priests like Dave Barley with his mestizo mamzer offspring and the red-nigger chink-eyed thieving Bryan Wright are probably also maintaining a safe distance if they know what is good for them.

    Coeur d'Alene resident Jerald O'Brien is one of the leaders and usually the only open follower of the white supremacist group and said he expects membership to grow due to the election of President Barack Obama.

    He told The Spokesman-Review that the president is the "greatest recruiting tool ever" and that "like-minded individuals will respond and seek membership."

    Residents of a Coeur d'Alene subdivision on Friday found recruitment fliers on their lawns and O'Brien said a lot more fliers will be distributed. He said the group has "several handfuls" of members in the city. He also said that since he was offered a choice of expanding his pathetic web page and getting funds from the SPLC/ADL that he chose to go the TraitorGlenn Miller routine and go with the litterature. "I can continue to use the old lady's hotmail account for international recruiting," said the former papist hybernigger skinhead with the swastica tattoo on his sloping forehead. "I got from the Rick Spring faction in Alabama run by the SPLC copies of the former Aryan Nations membership forms that Rick and his wife stole off of Butler's desk and sold to the One Piss-pull's Project. And the $30 paid for the articles of incorporation in Idaho after the Britton family second cousin died and the original California incorporation died with him is all paid up. We're ready to increase the international membership of my one-man AN faction in Idaho by at least 100 percent."

    The fliers show a young girl asking her father "Why did those dark men take mommy away?"

    But many in the region reject the group. "I saw Aryan Nations and put it in the trash, which was stupid of me because it might be worth money someday," said Garvin Jones. "What's wrong with these people? Give me a break. I am a Californication refugee who ran up here to get away from them fucking niggers and beaners and I don't want a bunch of skinhead whiggers messing it up for myself. I bet if you went back in their family history, not one is 100 percent white. As a typical ZOGling whigger ass-clown, my worthless family was into every orifice available, so nobody can be as white as they say. I'll bet that former papist hybernigger got at least some Pollack in him."

    The newspaper reported most of the people interviewed in the neighborhood that received the fliers declined to give their names out of fear of retribution by jews.

    The Aryan Nations had a compound in northern Idaho until 2000, when the group lost a $6.3 million civil judgment run by Morris Dees of the SPLC in favor of two people who sued after being attacked by Aryan Nations' members. The Whigger-Whimperer Edgar Steele made his name by blowing the case and the whigger jewry stole Butler's farm based upon the silliness of the whigger skinheads who Butler foolishly allowed to run wild on his farm. Now that there is no 'official' Aryan Nations anymore, the 'lone wolves' run amok and a whole bunch of beaners are invading Idaho.

    County Task Force on Human Relations has fought the Aryan Nations for decades and is offering its services to anyone threatened or harassed by the group. Jerold O'Brien, the papist hybernigger with a swastica tattooed on his sloping forehead doesn't have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of, but without at least one false-front Aryan Nations faction that the SPLC controls, there won't be any need for us to exist anymore. We done finished off our sole tourist attraction when Butler died. We need to have at least one Aryan Nations feeb, but two would be better if case one falls sick or overdoses.

    "It's bound to be a small group of people trying once again to bring hate into the community," said Tony Stewart, a spokesman for the task force. "They don't have anywhere to operate from except a post office box. We need to figure out how we can funnel money into them and make of them a threat, like TraitorGlenn Miller's operation in Missouri."

    O'Brien said the group has a location, but it's "membership privileged information only. Bryan Wright has property next to baal-priest Barley's OSLer church and he says he will rent it out for muchum gallons of cheap firewater."

    O'Brien, who has a large swastika tattoo on his scalp, which took us at least eleven paragraphs to mention what a loser her is, said he lives in a home on the east side of the city where he regularly flies two white supremacist flags. The flags were last year's project and they are nearly paid for.

    The newspaper reported that its files show O'Brien marching in a neo-Nazi parade in Coeur d'Alene in July 2004 and joining in a skinhead rally that drew eight people outside the Spokane County courthouse in Spokane, Wash., in June 2007. He showed up from parts unknown as a 23 year old skinhead with a swastica tattoo back in 2003, and operated with Rick Spring and his wife attending to Butler and buying and selling membership forms.

    O'Brien said he and Michael Lombard have taken over the group following longtime leader Richard Butler, who died in 2004.

    The fliers are signed "Aryan Nations, Church of Jesus Christ Christian," and O'Brien and Lombard on the group's Web site are listed as "pastors." They pulled an Asscroft on theysselfs and laid hands on theysselfs and anointed theysselfs with an unholey mixture of Jergens Lotion and Crisco, no olive oil available and they had drunk up the wine a long time ago.

    In a routine assessment of domestic security that was sent to U.S. law enforcement agencies last week, the Homeland Security Department warned that right-wing extremists could use the bad state of the U.S. economy and the election of the country's first black president to recruit members. What this has to do with the 'F-Troop' of the Aryan Nations factions is irrelevant.

    At least two residents who received the fliers called the Coeur d'Alene Police Department. Sgt. Christie Wood said no investigation is planned because distribution of the fliers is protected free speech.

    But she said it's a crime to harass anyone based on race and such incidents should be reported. The County Task Farce on Hue-mamzer 'Rights' and Bi-sexual, Transgendered, and NAMBLA perverts immediately had an orgasm now that they are relevant again.

    Hey Special Agent Rabang Albion Miller, I would usually have fun with jewr thread as I also have moderation control here as the First Commandant of the jewlag, but you are doing an excellent jewb of spying for me while spying for ZOG and jewr senile degenerate rat-daddy TraitorGlenn Miller. I was wondering why Bryan Wright had showed up again, and thanks to you, I think I know why.

    Well, no need to not spoil a good story. Now that Kreis is all disowned, it seems that the ADL/SPLC/FBI need another Aryan Nations faction to operate as a false opposition and so they've chosen the northern branch of the Rick Spring faction (which stole AN membership applications from Butler's desk and sold the addresses to the SPLC and OPP published the list) run by a 27 year old former papist hybernigger with a swastica tattoo on his sloping forehead. 6Killer couldn't be bothered to renew the California charter of Wesley Swift owned by one of his cousins back in 2003 or early 2004 and some dirty kike probably loaned Jerold O'Brien the 30 ZOG-bux necessary to get a corporate charter in Idaho. Oh well.

    Every day has another instance of bowel-Movement drama. I need to get my own v-bulletin forum open since I bought software on Friday.

    You be sure to have fun, Rabanger. Every time you open jewr mouth about TraitorGlenn Miller, you insert jewr foot.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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    Default Shoving Aside the Freaks

    Shoving Aside the Freaks


    Quote Originally Posted by Grudnae View Post
    This isn't all bad. The counterfeit outfit will serve to drain off the ya-yas and wannabes. Any seriously interested people will soon see through the sham and find their way to the real thing.
    Talking to 6Killer the problem is that all this skinhead vermin essentially migrated to Butler in his dotage and Butler was too out of it to simply run them off. The end result is a hybernigger whigger skinhead with a swastica tattoo knowing nothing about Dual-Seedline Christian Identity claiming to be Butler's successor and the jewsmedia picking up on it and claiming these freaks as the real Aryan Nations.

    However, you are right in that it allows the underground congregations to avoid most of ZOG scrutiny and this is what is most important. Butler was the public face of what is really an intensely private network of churches. So I suppose the freak shows run by Kreis and this new shithead have their uses. I have no problem in shouldering aside their remnants and in getting things done.

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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    Default Jerald O'Brien got the whiggers thinking that he is head of the Aryan Nations

    Jerald O'Brien got the whiggers thinking that he is head of the Aryan Nations


    Hate groups in Idaho: 'You never decrease the problem by ignoring it'

    Jerald O'Brien's tattoed hands are seen in this photo.

    By Natalie Hurst

    Editor's Note: Some of the contents of this article are disturbing as it frankly deals with hate.

    COEUR d'ALENE - The Aryan Nations says it has returned to Northern Idaho, recruiting new members but in an interview with the Boise-based Idaho Human Rights Commission, its members say, not so fast.

    Jerald O'Brien stamped his skin with symbols of the Aryan Nations.

    "We alone are his children," he said.

    He named his daughter "Berlin."

    "Hitler was a great man," O'Brien said.

    And he's leading what he calls the next great battle: a war on race.

    "Now we have a slave reigning over us," he said, referring to President Barack Obama.

    A Coeur d'Alene resident, O'Brien is also an Aryan Nations leader and says membership is up with President Obama's election.

    "Six months ago, I had four contacts a month wanting information and membership applications," he said. "Now it's up to four or five a day."

    The Southern Poverty Law Center says in the last eight years, hate groups have grown nationwide by 50 percent.

    They count 962, the most ever.

    "It means that white America is waking up. That's what it's saying to me, that people are starting to get involved and understand the plight of our race."

    His faith is based upon the teachings of Richard Butler.

    For 30 years, he was the guiding force of the Church of Jesus Christ Christian, Aryan Nations.

    "You can't have a nation of all kinds of things -- you can't mix orangutans in and say, 'This is part of your nation...they've been taught to talk now," Butler said during one of his sermons.

    "I promised Pastor Butler and my father, who art in heaven, that I would not let this die and I won't lose my faith," O'Brien said.

    The Southern Poverty Law Center says Idaho currently has seven hate groups.

    CBS 2 discovered Gospel Ministries in Boise.

    Members claim God favors whites as true Israelites and that Jews descended from Satan. CBS 2 searched, but couldn't find a local address.

    The Southern Poverty Law Center says most hide behind PO box numbers or do commerce on the Internet.

    "The night of President Obama's election, the Stormfront website was hit with so much activity that it crashed," said Hilary Bernstein of the Anti-Defamation League.

    The Southern Poverty Law Center says in 2008, racial hatred struck Idaho twice. Last November, Rexburg parents were outraged when students chanted racial slurs about Obama on a school bus.

    And just this week, two men have been convicted of federal hate crimes after they attacked an African American man last July outside a Nampa Wal-Mart.

    But Idaho is countering all forms of hatred.

    In 2002, the Idaho Human Rights Education Center built a $1.8 million Idaho Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial in Boise.

    It's the only Anne Frank memorial in the U.S. and one of the only places where the full Universal Declaration of Human Rights is on public display.

    "When they were up there, Idaho was saying 'no' to the Aryan Nations," said Estella Zamora, president of the Idaho Human Rights Commission. "They were saying, 'we're not going to tolerate this and we're going to do what we can to eradicate this particular group.'"

    She says from Butler's hatred came hope.

    Several groups, including the Northwest Coalition Against Malicious Harassment, were formed to stop the hate. She says O'Brien doesn't represent a majority voice.

    "Once in a while, they come back and let us know they're still around," she said. "We acknowledge their presence and ask them to move on, go away, we're not going to tolerate them in our community."

    Eight years ago, the Northern Idaho compound from where Butler operated was torn down when the group lost a lawsuit and its members left town.

    "That was one of the great days of my life," said civil rights leader Norm Gissel.

    Gissel helped bring down Butler's compound.

    "You never, never decrease the problem by ignoring it," said Tony Stewart of the Kootenai County Task Force on Human Relations.

    Together, Stewart and Gissel helped clear the Aryan Nations from its path.

    "Every community, make it loud and clear, if you're going to move to our community and engage in hate, you will be rejected," Stewart said.

    "I don't believe he deserves the headlines, because it's one individual, he's not a threat to our community, so I don't think we even need to acknowledge his existence or presence," Zamora said.

    Stewart said what used to be Butler's compound is now back to more natural beauty.

    "I've been here several times when deer would cross," Stewart said. "The animals returned after the hate left."

    And in the Treasure Valley, Zamora says great strides have been made.

    "People can actually walk down the street and feel good about what some of the human rights organizations are doing," she said.

    ____ Do you think there's a lot of hate in Idaho? Do you think Americans give Idaho an unfair stereotype? Sign up to comment below and let us know your thoughts.


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    Default Ashkenutzi-Assklownvik 'Thinks' That Internut jews and whigger Secret Squirrels Get To Define Who Is Aryan Nations

    Ashkenutzi-Assklownvik 'Thinks' That Internut jews and whigger Secret Squirrels Get To Define Who Is Aryan Nations


    Quote Originally Posted by Ashkenazi-Assklownvik's Secret Squirrel Blog
    Aryan Nations Activists Cited For Littering After Distributing "Racist" Flyers In Coeur D'Alene, Idaho

    Tuesday, August 11, 2009

    Three pro-White activists with the Aryan Nations have been cited for littering in association with a flyer drop in Coeur D'Alene, Idaho. Media stories published by the Coeur D'Alene Press, the Spokane Spokesman-Review, and KXLY Channel 4. Discussion on Stormfront.

    The incident began around 6:30 P.M. on Saturday August 8th when a man called police and reported that three men in a small blue truck yelling ?white power? had tossed bags of Aryan Nation literature at children playing in a yard in the 1500 block of East Mullan Avenue. Police stopped the truck a couple of blocks away and searched it after the driver said he was ?exercising his freedom of speech rights? by helping the other two men distribute the fliers.

    But it wasn't until two local residents told police they wanted to pursue charges that the police took further action. Paul Mullet, 45, and Kevin McGurre, 27, were given misdemeanor citations for littering, and Todd Weston, 31 a citation for aiding a misdemeanor. They were released after being cited; no further legal action against them is planned.

    Mullet, who lives in Athol with Weston and has a history of white nationalist activism in Minnesota, admitted responsibility and vowed to fight any legal action against him. ?We?re going to recruit and we?re going to recruit hard,? Mullet said. If Mullet fights the littering charge, it won?t be his first legal battle over his beliefs. The Minnesota Attorney General sued Mullet in 2000 after he wrote threatening letters to Jewish business leaders. Then a member of the National Socialist Party of America, Mullet reached an agreement that allowed him to distribute literature but prohibited him from contacting Jewish people or groups.

    One anti-racist activist claims the distribution is a "hate" crime. Rachel Dolezal, who runs the Human Rights Education Institute in downtown Coeur d'Alene, claims that whoever is circulating the flyers is committing a crime. "Hate is a strong word and so White Supremacy is all about hate. It's called a hate crime when they distribute literature or when they bomb a house," she said.

    Aryan Nations has distributed pro-White literature in the past. They distributed similar flyers in the area of Atlas Road and Prairie Avenue in north Coeur d?Alene back in April. At the time, Jerald O?Brien, identified as a pastor living on the east side of town, owned up to the distribution and said people in this area could expect the dissemination of more flyers. It appears Pastor O'Brien is a man of his word. But Paul Mullet, who moved to North Idaho to help Jerald O?Brien, has since broken ties with O?Brien and moved the Aryan Nations headquarters to Athol.

    Thus it appears we might have two separate Aryan Nations organizations operating in northern Idaho, one headed by Jerald O'Brien, and the other apparently headed by Paul Mullet. There wasn't this type of confusion and fragmentation when Pastor Richard Butler was alive. The O'Brien group has their website HERE, and the other group, nationally headquartered in Lexington, SC, has their website HERE, although Mullet did not specifically state he was part of the Lexington-based group.

    A third party, DSCI Pastor Martin Lindstedt, who represents the Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri and who posts prolifically on White nationalism on a multitude of sources, doesn't have much use for either faction. However, Lindstedt's own credibility is limited, not only because of child molestation charges which proved to be bogus, but because he devotes an inordinate amount of time attacking other White Nationalist leaders who don't toe his line. Lindstedt also further marginalized himself by filing a ridiculous and frivolous lawsuit against Barack Obama, further described HERE.

    Now that we have threaded our way through the Aryan Nations spaghetti bowl, let's get back to the story. The following applicable littering-related ordinances were cited in the CDA Press comments section:
    (Coeur d'Alene City Ordinance) 8.36.100: LITTERING:

    It is unlawful for any person to dispose of, throw away or leave any empty container or other litter on any public park, grounds or thoroughfare within the City; provided, however, that such empty container or other litter may be deposited in receptacles provided especially for that purpose. (prior code 6-1-9)

    (Idaho State Statute) 18-7031 PLACING DEBRIS ON PUBLIC OR PRIVATE PROPERTY A MISDEMEANOR. It shall constitute a misdemeanor for any person, natural or artificial, to deposit upon any public or private property within this state any debris, paper, litter, glass bottles, glass, nails, tacks, hooks, cans, barbed wire, boards, trash, garbage, lighted material or other waste substances on any place not authorized by any county, city, village or the owner of such property, and is punishable by imprisonment in a county jail not exceeding six (6) months, or by a fine not exceeding one thousand dollars ($1,000), or both. Additionally, a peace officer or state fish and game personnel supervised public service of not less than eight (8) hours and not more than forty (40) hours may be imposed to clean up and to properly dispose of debris from public property, or from private property with the written consent of the private property owner, as ordered by the court."

    Many people criticize White activists for distributing literature in the middle of the night, referring to them as "cowards". Yet in this case, when the activists distributed during daylight hours, those same type of people not only called the cops, but then deliberately pressed charges. It appears the objective is to censor any sort of pro-White activism.

    Of course, it's easy for whites in Coeur d'Alene to rhapsodize about how much they love diversity; after all, the community is 94 percent white. Bring in a gaggle of Section Eight Negroes and Mestizos, and they'll quickly change their tune.

    Posted by Anchorage Activist at 11:40 AM


    What to make of Ashkenutzi/Ask-a-Nutzi Asscrack/Assholelick? jew agent provacateur or typical whigger nutsionalist ass-clown? Either way, both jews and whiggers are "Smarter than God and dumber than dirt."

    This anonymous ass-clown operates and maintains a White Nationalist oriented blog called "White Reference" that everyone, especially myself reads, just as ZOG, piglice, jews, rival whigger nutsionalists and Aryan Nations factions, and anyone really interested in the [bowel] Movement that is White Nationalism and its affiliates in the militias, common law, Christian Identity

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    Default Will the Real Aryan Nations Please Stand Up?

    Will the Real Aryan Nations Please Stand Up?

    Intelligence Report, Summer 2010, Issue Number: 138

    When self-described Aryan Nations national director Paul Mullet went looking in February for a place to establish a new headquarters, he headed west to Grants County, Ore. Rugged, rural and about 95% white, it must have seemed an ideal place to resuscitate the remnants of a once-leading neo-Nazi group.

    Mullet, 36, showed up in the town of John Day, population 1,850, wearing a blue shirt with a swastika patch and accompanied by three other men. They spent the night at a local motel, where they displayed a swastika banner for the benefit of a black and a Hispanic motel worker. Then they toured the town a second day.

    "John Day is the perfect place for us," Mullet told a reporter.

    Local residents vehemently disagreed. They turned out in such large numbers for two community meetings organized by the local newspaper that some were turned away. Dozens of folks took to the streets, carrying signs with slogans like "No room 4 hate." Everybody from the mayor and the police chief to ranchers and business owners voiced their opposition to the racist group coming to their town. Ironically, Mullet left spewing threats to sue the town for discrimination.

    Unlike Mullet's organization ? one of several purporting to be its rightful heir ? the original Aryan Nations was once a leading white supremacist group that hosted major annual gatherings of the radical right on a compound near Hayden Lake, Idaho. That group was decimated after founder Richard Butler was ordered to pay $4.8 million of a $6.3 million judgment in a civil case brought by the Southern Poverty Law Center on behalf of a woman and her son who were attacked by the group's security guards. Butler lost his compound at a bankruptcy auction. When he died in 2004, the group had been reduced to about 200 members around the nation.

    Since then, in addition to Mullet's group, several racist activists have tried to claim the mantle of what was once America's best-known hate group:

    August Kreiss III, once briefly designated as Butler's heir, initially led one "Aryan Nations" from his home in rural Pennsylvania. He has since moved to Lexington, S.C. As of last year, his group claimed two chapters and a handful of members. Kreiss has recruited heavily among motorcycle gangs, and recently formed what he calls the 1st SS Kavallerie Brigade Motorcycle Division as a kind of security crew.

    Another faction claiming to be the real Aryan Nations was originally headquartered in Lincoln, Ala. Today, that faction's founders have left, and the group has moved to the area around Coeur d'Alene, Idaho (near its original location), under the leadership of Jerald O'Brien. Last year, the group claimed to have four chapters. Yet another Aryan Nations faction, headed by Jay Faber in New York and boasting 12 chapters in 2009, is said to have recently merged with O'Brien's organization.

    Finally, long-time neo-Nazi Martin Lin[d]stedt has started a one-chapter version of the group in Missouri that he calls the Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations [of Missouri], that appears to be only marginally active.

    In a related matter, Charles Juba, a former Aryan Nations official, showed up in Odessa, Mo., in February, saying he planned to open a new, under-21 nightclub called the Black Flag. He was met with a reception similar to that given Mullet, with townspeople decrying his club and ideology, and he soon abandoned his plans.

    For its part, Mullet's group, based in Chillicothe, Ohio, is believed to have 14 chapters. Its fliers have shown up on lawns in San Bernardino and Rialto, Calif., and in Idaho Falls, Idaho ? the latter inside plastic eggs on Easter morning. Meanwhile, the Maryland-based World Knights of the Ku Klux Klan disbanded and became part of a local chapter of the Mullet-led Aryan Nations group. "Colonel" Gordon Young of the Klan group told followers that the move will promote white unity.

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    Default Mullet&Gullett Divorce 10-10-10

    Mullet&Gullet Divorce 10-10-10

    Nite of the Long, er, Whigger Dorks!!!

    But who will get the most ass-clowns from the former jewnion?

    Mullets&Gullets - Mullets - Gulletts = Mullets sans Gulletts


    It was another Saturday Night Massacre. Sometime in Saturday night and into the wee hours of Sunday, Oct. 10, 2010. the Mullets and Gullets were having a nasty divorce. When it was done, the so-called Aryan Nations 88 under the 'Reichsfuerher' Paul Mullet had kicked out the crackheads Morris Gulett and Bradley Jenkins and Major-jewneral assclown 'Chinese' Gordon. The Mullet portion is now called the "American National Socialist Party" and is busily deleting portions of its nearly two-month ASSoCIAtion with Morris Gulett, Bradley Jenkins, and Majer-jewneral Gordon, who are now called "The Three Stooges of Treason." Much pissing and moaning is going on about how Morris Gulett is a criminal crackhead and how could they have gotten involved with Gulett and Jenkins. Because they wanted to be crowned by the $PLC/ADL/FBI as the real Aryan Nations derived from Pastor Richard Butler, Ray Redfearin, and Morris Gulett, is why. Now that the bloom is off this rose, nutzis under Mullet have discovered that Ernst Roehm is a homosexual and that Joseph Goebbels has a club foot as well as Gulett's and Jenkin's cocaine addictions. Say it isn't so, jew!!!

    So far, the best public explanation of what happened is from Dan Schrueder of California, who runs Paul Mullet's web page and forum:



    ANSP vs. Aryan Nations Update


    Originally, I was not even going to bother to respond to anything that our Chief Critic, JT Bowles had to say about the Aryan Nations revolt against our rightful leader, Paul Mullet. However, I noticed considerable traffic on my blog in the last 24 hours of about 100 hits. This is a lot for me, especially since this blog has not even been up for six months. Also, since Mr. Bowles was not nasty in what he had to say, I thought I would respond, both here and on his blog.

    Here's what Mr. Bowles wrote:

    American Nazi Party Rallies In South Carolina On October 9th


    The American Nazi Party, led by Chairman Rocky Suhayda, held a public indoor rally at the meeting hall located in the rear of the building that is home of the legendary Redneck Shop, in Laurens, South Carolina. The event began promptly at 1PM and lasted until 5PM. Literature and refreshments were available to all attendees. Attendance more than doubled from the last
    American Nazi Party event held last year at the same place. Speeches were given by ANP Chairman Rocky Suhayda, ANP SA Political Advisor John Bowles, ANP Media Outreach Technician Axl Hess. A lively question and answer session was held after the speeches were given. Attendees represented were mostly White working people and their families fed up with living under a corrupt Old Order that is working against the interests of White Americans.

    More info soon....

    COMMENTATE: I had the pleasure of meeting the Southern Ambassador from Aryan Nations who was very professional and polite and outlined the agenda of the new Aryan Nations which was going to follow the tactics and vision of the late founder Richard Butler. In addition, open communication was established with the new Aryan Nations and the American Nazi Party after its recent cleansing of traitors from within its ranks (Paul Mullet and some of the left over NSALP trouble-makers). Negotiations are now continuing between the new Aryan Nations and the ANP for the new and better Aryan Nations to hold their possible next years National Meeting in the Redneck Shop meeting hall. The new Aryan Nations leadership is off to a good start and has accomplished more in one day than Mullet and the few (good riddance) agitators have accomplished in over a year.

    Cleansing?! I was not cleansed. Paul Mullet, when he found out that the AN council was going to back Morris Gullet, tendered his resignation from his own organisation which he himself had founded in June, 2009. I immediately resigned from AN, although I have not bothered to send in a resignation letter. Anyone from AN who reads this can let them know this can be considered my written resignation.

    My reasons for resigning are I felt the takeover was pretty underhanded. Secondly, since Gullet came on board, AN had become too 'churchy' for my taste. I believe in God, but I'm not a churchman. AN started out as an NS organisation with a religious arm. Gullet kind of turned that around and made it a religious organization with a political arm. It's kind of subtle, but I think everyone understands what I mean, even if they don't agree with me. That's fine. Thirdly, my honour is loyalty, and my loyalty is to my leader, not the organization in and of itself. Finally, although Paul Mullet has been arrested for a few minor offenses (as have I - three times - two times charges dropped, one conviction of a misdemeanor), Gullet was released from federal prison a few weeks ago for conspiracy to committ bank robbery. I'm not about to pledge my loyalty to someone who's done hard time in a federal penn, who came to power so dishonourably. If you think I'm full of bull, then that's your right. There are always two sides to every issue, and the truth, more often than not, lies somewhere in between. I'm telling the truth as I see it. If you see it differently, then that's your right.

    Also, he called Paul unWhite because Paul would not turn over the website to him. Why should he? Paul paid for everything out of his own pocket. We have already gotten a new domain name for our new site. We intend to use the old one until the domain name expires, or until we sell it, whichever comes first, then the new one goes up. Why should Paul give it up to them for free, and then have to turn around and start up a new site out of his own pocket?

    As to Bradley Jenkins, I'm disappointed in him, and don't know what to think. It is apparent that this was planned for quite sometime. In my view, that was unWhite. But again, it's just my opinion. If you disagree, that's also fine.

    As far as I'm concerned, THEY were cleansed, not us.



    So, what happened is that Paul Mullet let a bunch of people in from Morris Gulett's Church of the Sons of YHVH/Legion of Saints in order to claim to be the REAL Aryan Nations as directly descended from Pastor Richard Butler through Ray Redfearin. The fact of the matter is that Gulett isn't descended through Butler simply because Gulett was kicked out along with Redfearin and Auggie Kreis and because Redfearin thought Gulett was an incorrigible screw-up, then Redfearin didn't ask for Gulett to be reinstated along with Redfearin when Redfearin made peace with Butler and became Butler's successor.

    In any case, Butler died without leaving any heir to his faction of the Aryan Nations and Pastor Wesley Swift's Church of Jesus Christ Christian. Not Rick Spring, the Federal informant. Not Auggie Kreis the membership-selling mooch who rebelled against Butler. Not Sci-Fi Faber, who rebelled against Kreis and was Hal Turner's goofball bitch. Not Paul Mullet, whose church pedigree is murky. Certainly not Gerald O'Hybernigger O'Brien the little papist jewkal who got a hunka hunka burning Butler. And certainly not Morris Gulett, who in any case has proven unable to run even a wheelbarrow without putting himself and some twenty-three year old whigger into a prison cell based upon an idiotic scheme to get hisself some Bolivian nose-candy by robbing banks in Alabama. Even if Gulett had any standing to make a claim to a ministry, by doing nothing with his mantle except get himself put into prison and some young fool as well Gulett has forfeited his position of trust.

    I myself saved Morris Gulett's Church of the Sons of YHVH/Legion of the Saints CSOY/LOS both by asking Pastor John Britton to take over as Senior Pastor after Gulett's choice of Joe Johnson had run it into the ground, and by saving the Church Charter by getting Gulett to renew the charter and also by keeping Jeromy Visser and Visser's fellow mamzer Bryan Wright/Billy Wood from stealing Gulett's CSOY/LOS. This even after Gulett betrayed me by kicking me out of his church for extremism without a chance to defend myself based upon nothing more than the whim of Joe Johnson. This ended up in whiggers and jews claiming it was because Gulett actually thought I was a child molester based upon their trumped-up charges.

    In saving Gulett's CSOY/LOS, Pastor Britton and I wanted Gulett to take over his own organization and not give it to others to run for him. The request made to Gulett was that under no circumstances was Gulett to align with Jeromy Visser and Bryan Wright. Gulett also annoyed myself and Pastor Britton by signing up LiarBill DeClue(less) the 85-IQ (on a good day), mumps-nutted niglet-niece molesting, 250-lb of dogshit in a 150-lb sack KookKluddKlown of Klan NigletChester baal-priest who was snitching on Ron Edwards as seen in Season Five, Episode Two on Gangland entitled Klan of Killers/Mamzers. Any look at Missouri Case Net should reveal that William Shawn DeClue took a plea 'bargain' for a Suspended Imposition of Sentence in return for snitching. Someone who himself signed a plea-deal to take on another known informant is the height of stupidity. Gulett should be simply running his own small DSCI Church, NOT in a position of wherein Gulett gets to find 'fresh meat' for a ZOG jewlag. As mentioned before, Gulett sent some young kid into prison with him over stupidity and addiction.

    In any case, the line of pastors from Butler all died out. Butler chose a policy of trying to create a paramilitary force of skinhead, biker, and criminal rabble which in turn had a reaction amongst Wesley Swift's family church of the local elders going underground with their family and local followers. The end result is that Butler's church was comprised of the very dregs of Christian Identity and even those who were not Christian Identity but rather ZOGbots and whigger and mamzer criminals, who got a free pass. This is why Butler died alone with nothing but ZOG snitches, agents provocateurs and petty criminals trying to get a hunka hunka dead Butler's supposed authority. This unseemly squabbling over Butler's supposed mantle means that the squabblers are akin to buzzards and jewkals fighting over a carcass with precious little meat or anything of value except to the credulous, stupid, or those trying to pull something over the foolish.

    The Christian Israelite man who will fill Butler's seat will have to set aside what Butler done and instead get many of these scattered One-Seedline small family congregations onto Dual-Seedline Orthodoxy. NOT administer to a half-dozen clowns wanting to play nutzi whining like pussies for 'snivel rights' for whiggers. But that is what Mullet wanted -- a figurehead who would give Mullet title to Aryan Nations from the Whigger Nutsionalists just as Mullet got coronation by the $PLC/ADL/ZOG.

    So in putting so much stake in mere fraudulent credentials, Mullet was now at the mercy of his credentialing pastor Gulett. Since Gulett in turn lived off the same business model of selling positions and credentials as Mullet, it was just a matter of time before one of them got greedy and there was a fight over who got the followers and the money. Jack Sprat cannot live with another Jack Sprat as his 'wife.' Jack Sprat who can eat no fat must have a wife who can eat no lean. So, Bradley Jenkins and LiarBill DeClue(less) and the rest of the baal-priests seeking credentialing and who got them from Gulett would sooner or later vote to dispense with Mullet.

    Which is exactly what happened. One of my spies noticed that Bradley Jenkins and his wife disappeared from the Mullet forum about a week before the blowup. Why was that? It was because Mullet probably seen a problem and tried to head it off and knew that he would be outvoted by those followers of Gulett, that he tried to mount a purge and change the organization. In turn Gulett and his followers simply took the present web page and forum and in turn created their own web page and MyBB forum.

    So is Mullet going to dispense with his title of THE Aryan Nations as decided by the $PLC/ADL/ZOG in favor of Morris Gulett seeking the same title as the NEW Aryan Nations? Not if Mullet is smart and ambitious. Rather, Mullet should seek a Dual-Seedline Christian Identity pastor to act as his religious authority in order to maintain the title of Aryan Nations. Since he lives in Ohio, might I suggest that he be as smart as Ray Redfearin who went to the Ohio Secretary of State and formed his own Church Corporation for $25? Gulett has title to the Church of the Sons of YHVH in Ohio. Insofar as I know of, Mullet could incorporate his own Aryan Nations/Church of Jesus Christ Christian incorporated church by driving up to Columbus and filing tomorrow. Then at least in Ohio, anyone and everyone else would be forestalled from claiming the same corporate name.

    Now a month or so I made an overture to Mullet and got rebuffed. As I look at it, I don't believe in these above-ground organizations. However, I do not have any reason to complain about others who find value in these organizations from setting such up, PROVIDED THAT THEY ARE NOT ZOG FALSE FRONTS AND DO NOT GET OUR PEOPLE IN TROUBLE. If Mullet is an $PLC/ADL false front then I don't want anything to do with Mullet. On the other hand, I've not heard of Mullet getting people in trouble.

    Additionally, Dan Schrueder treated me fairly on the Mullet forum while this 'General' Gordon did not. Gordon actually had to go to trial for a rape and child molestation case, whereas my trumped-up charges fell apart when it came time for a preliminary hearing. Dan Schrueder gave me the benefit of the doubt. And as above, Schrueder seems to understand instinctively how to behave as a White Christian Israelite.

    Accordingly, I have decided, after consulting with Pastor John Britton, to offer an accommodation with the Paul Mullet Faction, terms to be decided by open negotiation. I will want a sub-forum on the Mullet v-bulletin forum in which I reign supreme and which will be open to the public to read. I will NOT be selling positions or memberships in my own Church, nor will I be responsible for what Mullet does in leading his own organization. My interest is in teaching the rudiments of Dual-Seedline Christian Identity to warlords, as part of my Ten Thousand Warlords Project. I will not have any truck with any non-whites in any way. My Aryan Nations faction will be separate from Mullet's, and run by myself, just as Mullet's faction is to be run by him. These separate Aryan Nations factions will of course advise each other on their public policies, but neither will possess a veto over the other. The purpose of this alliance will be to teach the Mullet faction basic Dual-Seedline Christian Identity teachings so that the aboveground political soldiers of that faction can plausibly claim to understand DSCI as the White Man's Racial (Hate) Religion.

    If these negotiations are effective or if they are not, let me say for the record that Paul Mullet has as much moral right to run his own Aryan Nations faction, provided Mulett's faction is not a ZOG false front as Morris Gulett. Probably more of a moral right given that Morris Gulett has obvious ties with ZOGbot vermin like LiarBill DeClue(less) and a probable hold to ZOG via probation, and a history of incompetence in leadership. YHWH did NOT tell Morris Gulett to get drunk and get caught on tape with an August Kreis informant plotting to rob banks in Alabama in order to score some Bolivian nose-candy and then taking a 23-year-old whigger kid with him into prison. Gulett acted with stupidity and weakness and a lack of gratitude towards myself and Pastor John Britton for saving that which Gulett did so much to destroy through Gulett's own weakness and stupidity.

    By making this offer, nobody is out anything even if it is refused. Mullet's faction needs Dual-Seedline Christian Identity religious instruction if it wants to continue to credibly call itself 'Aryan Nations.' While I disagree with open public recruitment of potential warlords, and will not participate in rallies and membership organizations, I have no problem in teaching DSCI to non-Christian Israelites so that they may become the Found Sheep of the House of Israel. Mullet's Aryan Nations faction and The Church of Jesus Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri really have no competing interests, like Mullet did with the Gulletts. Thus any relationship would be a symbiotic as opposed to a master/slave relationship for either party.

    Something to keep in mind. I'm a political warrior of no mean ability.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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    That didn't last very long

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