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Thread: James Von Brunn allegedly shoots guard at Holohoax Museum

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    Default James Von Brunn As I Knew Him

    James Von Brunn As I Knew Him


    Quote Originally Posted by whgrthumper View Post
    I never served in zogs army so I can't even boast of my brave heroics in the service but I guess I am hoping that one day I will do something that really counts in this war we are in for our survival.

    After reading your response, my first inclination was to delete my post but I will let it stand for others to better understand. My reaction was not well thought out. I had just read about JVB on Drudge and did not think about it very rationally. Yes, how the hell is a man 80 years old supposed to carry any big artillery with him? I do regret linderblackdukesteeleing the issue. Neg rep coming my way from me.
    It takes a while and experience in order to look at things differently, as 'outsiders' from typical ZOGling whiggerdumb. Once you have a bit of experience you get to where you know where you stand.

    So I've figured out that I will keep stuff that I wrote 15-20 years ago to show the road by which I got there. I don't hold these particular views in some cases, but I didn't just teleport to the positions I hold today. Likewise the same with yourself.

    Not only was it a matter of how much 'big artillery' Von Brunn was physically able to unlimber, but also how much artillery Von Brunn was able to keep as a convicted felon. Old men like Von Brunn (born 1920) and my father (born 1919) always had as a farm implement a semi-automatic Stevens or Savage or Springfield .22 rifle with a tube magazine to shoot snakes or a rabbit for the pot from the tractor. They would have favored that weapon and probably it would have been bought before the age of paper kept on it. It might have been the only gun not seen or kept track of by his parole officer from his 1980s conviction.

    Von Brunn was a quite intelligent man and probably the most computer savvy man in the Movement of his generation. Most old people like that won't even bother with a computer. Von Brunn kept an e-mail tree/listserver and I would occassionally send him something to make the rounds. Most of the time he would send me stuff -- until about three months ago when he stopped. I thought that Von Brunn had gotten sick or died. At least until the 5:00 local news mentioned his name, and as I told Roxie, "I think I know this guy. Why, . . . . it's Jimmy Von Brunn." Looking back at my archive, I see that around Dec. 11, 2008 I sent confirmation to Von Brunn that I had put a link to his web page on the links section of my web page at www.whitenationalist.org and asking him how he liked my review:

    I liked Von Brunn's web page so I decided to put it in my links section at

    Quote Originally Posted by MartinLindstedt e-mail

    Subject: Put your page in my links section RE: LIBERALISM and the AUTOMOBILE

    I liked your web page so I decided to put it in my links section at

    <a href="http://www.holywesternempire.org/"><b>Holy Western Empire</b></a>
    by <a href="mailto:vbrunn@hotmail.com">James W. von Brunn</a> concerns the plot by jews to kill whigger joops/jewps (jew-dupe troops for Zionist
    protocols) first. Part of his book <a href="http://www.holywesternempire.org/tob_shebbe_goyim_harog_first6.pdf"><i>Kill The Best Gentiles!</i></a>
    can be read on-line in pdf format. There is also an older, but interesting <a href="http://www.holywesternempire.org/links.html">links</a> section. </p>

    I hope this meets with your approval.

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri
    Actually, most of Von Brunn's e-mailed material was the rather typical stuff that used to be sent wholesale by Deon Masker or Dave 'U.S. Militia Theater Command' Rydel or Dot Bibee or a lot of older feebs who had to send everything by e-mail or jewhoogruppen listservers. Von Brunn was always polite, giving me the option to unsubscribe, and I would look at some of his postings. As noted above, I asked him what he had to say about my review of his web page as a reply to something about Liberalism and Automobiles.

    James Von Brunn was the world's oldest and politest CreaTard. Most CreaTards are urban or suburban whigger punks from back East never brought up right. I usually have an itch to give them an ass-whupping to try to teach them manners. Pastor Faber is in charge of outreach to them because he is younger and an Easterner. 6Killer said that Von Brunn actually had Klassen in his home and liked Klassen. 6Killer's father and Uncle Neumann thought Klassen was a jew faggot, but Von Brunn obviously liked Klassen.

    Von Brunn never caused me any problems over religion and doubtless the ADL/SPLC and FiBbIes got my e-mail address and the few messages I sent back to Von Brunn, but nothing of any consequence was ever sent or received. A bunch of the events that Von Brunn sent me were of people I consider to be paytriot camp followers and confidence artists, some of whom are doubtless distancing themselves from Von Brunn, the no-class cowardly fuktards. Von Brunn was to me a member of the Old Resistance who functioned as a communications node. We were polite enough. He knew I was one of 6Killer's DSCI friends and he sent me a 'pagan' Christmas-card e-mail with a smile. Von Brunn had a correct sense of humor. Pretty classy and sharp old gentleman of the old school.

    Von Brunn had no intention of coming back. He had no intention of living through what he intended to do. Probably that old .22 rifle with a tubular magazine that every White kid his age grew up using was the only rifle he felt like using and had access to. Probably the FiBbIes are discovering that it was something left that they didn't account for from his prior conviction. It isn't going to be a gun that is going to bite his kids or his comrades in the ass. He tied up all loose ends. Which is why you don't hear anything about there being any 'conspiracy.'

    Unlike how ZOG treats 'The Greatest DeGeneration' of stupid shabbes goyim who killed the Nazis for them, Von Brunn was treated unfairly and cheated by ZOG out of his Social Security check by dirty jews and whigger regime criminals intent on punishing Von Brunn for his wishing that he had never fought the Germans for the dirty jews. Von Brunn had German cousins, as does 6Killer's family and my family. White men killing White men in two dirty jew wars meant to kill White People on behalf of dirty jews and whigger regime criminals. And that ate at Von Brunn. So, old and tired and sick of it all, Von Brunn went to get a Viking funeral. And the tough old bird did plug a nigger dog, so he wasn't too far off.

    Von Brunn isn't sorry for what he did. He made damn sure that there are no ties to all of these no-account, no-class, chickenshit whigger nutsionalists and these cowardly shitheads are telling their idiot followers that no, they don't believe their own lying bullshit, and they are against violence against ZOG, niggers, jews and regime criminals, and how it is a 'false-flag' operation, and pissing down their legs and running for the tall grass. What do you expect of typical whiggers, especially the ones who in other times claim to be [cheer]leaders? Well, go ahead, $permFront, LinderMiller, John DeNutless and all the rest of you typical whiggers playing at Rabbleooshun. Tell the jews and niggers and muds that you are just cowardly whigger punk shitheads all mouth and no nuts. That's part of the reason why jews and ZOG get all so upset and scared when one of their supposed tame goyim dogs that they got to cheat and fuck around turns 'lone wolf' and bites them cocksuckers in the ass. Itz another Holoco$t.

    Hermann Goering put one over on ZOG when he killed himself in his own cell. The rest of the Germans were able to look their conquerors in the eye from then on in Nuremberg the next day. Every single dirty jew and nigger whelped sees even the most inoffensive and idiotic whigger as a potential Nazi or Klansman. So let them see you as such. Never ever apologise to a jew or mud for anything. They have no right to live in a White country and need to be exterminated with the tamer of them run off.

    I'd offer James Von Brunn an ordination as a pastor in the Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations either posthumously or if he lives. However, James made it quite firmly and politely clear that he considered himself a 'pagan' and I shall respect his wishes. I think we need to figure out how to give Von Brunn a medal for his services in a non-denominational manner.

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri
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    Default Predicting Race War

    Predicting Race War


    Holocaust shooting signals race turmoil, some say


    By JESSE WASHINGTON (Probable nigger jewrnalist)

    Crazies. Lone nut jobs. Isolated loonies. Those are frequent descriptions of people like James von Brunn, the 88-year-old white supremacist accused of opening fire at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum and killing a black guard.

    Others believe he represents something more dangerous: a growing racist movement motivated by a number of converging factors, including the first black president.

    The potential for an increase in violence from whites who feel they are slipping from power is high, people from across the ideological spectrum say.

    "I believe we are headed for an unprecedented level of conflict and racial turmoil," said Carol Swain, author of the 2002 book "The New White Nationalism in America" and a professor of political science and law at Vanderbilt University.

    Swain cited anger over immigration, growing minority populations, racial preferences, high minority crime rates, the economy and multiculturalism as forces driving white people toward nationalism.

    "It seems like the tables have turned for some white people, and they have no recourse except desperation," Swain said. (Carol Swain is another affirmative action nigger who wrote a book blaming whitey for wanting to put an end to ZOG.)

    An April intelligence assessment by the Department of Homeland Security said that right-wing extremists could use the troubled economy and the election of President Barack Obama to recruit members.

    Former FBI agent Danny Coulson, (a murdering FiBbIe pig at Waco who wrote a lying memoir) who headed the terrorism investigation of 1995's Oklahoma City bombing and now runs a security firm, said federal agents have increased their monitoring of white supremacist groups since Obama's election, and have noticed increased chatter and membership.

    "These neo-Nazi groups have been laying in the weeds for a long time," he said. "Then you have a president who comes in who's an African-American and they hate that. And he's tough on guns, and they really hate that."

    The movement has broadened beyond neo-Nazis. Advocacy groups for blacks and Hispanics unwittingly provided a blueprint for others to organize and defend the interests of white people. (In short the beaners and niggers have formed their own racist gangs and militias but Whitey is supposed to just remain a victim of both ZOG and the muds forming into gangs.)

    Louis R. Andrews is chairman of the National Policy Institute, a white advocacy group. He does not advocate violence, but expects to see increased racial animosity that will eventually manifest itself in more physical attacks.

    "There's no such thing as post-racial," Andrews said, when asked about the claim that Obama's election moved American race relations to a better place. "There's conflict, conflict, and continued conflict."

    Andrews said he voted for Obama because "I want to see the Republican Party destroyed, so it can be reborn as a party representing the interests of white people, and not entrenched corporate elites."

    Swain argues that many people with "white nationalist" views don't fit the extremist stereotype — they are professors, scientists, elected officials. (In short, average whiggers are finding out that they are under siege because they are White and becoming militant.)

    "What drives a person to the point where they hate someone?" she asked. (Reality, you stupid nigger bitch. Reality. Just be caged with niggers and beaners for the better part of a day and you will hate them for life.)

    Historically, the answer has been economic trouble, combined with several more factors, scholars say. (In reality, we don't like each other to begin with. Once there is an end to 'suckcess' there will be no living in peace with each other.)

    "The hate is always there. Social factors have to exacerbate it or bring it out," said Jacques Berlinerblau, associate professor of Jewish civilization at Georgetown University. (There never has been any 'jew' civilization any more than there has ever been a nigger 'civilization' but only jews living off White Civilization.)

    "It's almost as if there is some sort of silent signal, a signal that it's OK, this is necessary, it must be done," he said. (We call it a 'tipping point.')

    Some people can be "pushed over the edge" by stresses such as the loss of a job or another traumatic event, said psychologist David Eigen.

    "Men aren't supposed to feel powerless or helpless," Eigen said. "When a man starts to feel that, he feels angry and ashamed inside, and he can project it outward. For hundreds of years, Jews have been a convenient target. So let's blame the Jews."

    "There's something festering in society today," he said. "A boil has been broken. We want to put a Band-Aid on it, but it's too late."

    In Pittsburgh, Richard Poplawski was recently charged with gunning down three officers after his mother called the police on him. Poplawski had been upset over losing his job and afraid Obama would ban guns, his friends said.

    Poplawski had posted numerous racist messages on an extremist Web site in the months before the attack, according to the Anti-Defamation League.

    "I've been a longtime lurker on Stormfront," said one post on an account identified as his, "and I see myself probably ramping up the activism in the near future." (Actually, it wasn't until the piglice showed up that Poplowski ended up shooting three little piglice. Poplowski didn't 'ramp up' his activism until it came time to shoot the piglice at his door.)
    Right now the various races are preparing for a race war. Everyone is expecting this race war. But Whites are expected to die and be unresisting victims of this race war. And, because they are used to living in peace for the past few centuries, many, if not most, whiggers will die in this race war until the surviving Whites get their heads together and then start killing the niggers, beaners, jews and muds. Right now these lying presstitutes are simply telling their lies so that Whitey won't be able to get his head into place to fight a race war.

    Which is fine. Most whiggers should die. They need to die because they brought us to this situation. Our problems are caused by whiggers. Once these whiggers die, caught in a crossfire between the racial warriors, then the White Nationalists will be able to get down to butchering the niggers, jews, muds, but most importantly the race-traitor whiggers who want to die in any case.

    James Von Brunn simply decided to end it all and so he went and did something. ZOG is scared because there is nothing that they can do against certain people with nothing left to lose. James Von Brunn could have worn a suicide vest and pulled a Palestinian at the Holohoax Museum. Instead he made a statement as a fighting man to die defiling the temple of Satan's spawn. Future martyrs will probably attack softer targets which are not protected and which are far more important for maintaining civilization and get away with it. No capitalist/socialist regime can afford to guard everything and watch everyone. James Von Brunn was under the radar until the minute he went in and opened fire.

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri
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    Default Why He Did It

    And Why Von Brunn Won't Be The Last
    by Edgar J. Steele

    Suddenly, the news today is full of yet another crazed-gunman-opens-fire story. James Von Brunn, inveterate Internet crank and author of "Kill the Best Gentiles," was shot by Washington, DC, National Holocaust Museum armed guards as he tried to force his way in with a rifle. Von Brunn shot and injured one of the guards before he, himself, was critically injured by another just inside the entrance. At the time of this writing, both Von Brunn and the injured guard are hospitalized and in "grave condition."

    Why Did He Do It?

    The TV news today is full of the question, always asked after one of these shootings, but never of those of us capable of providing the correct answer: "Why did he do it?" Always, the news anchors and pundits go on to answer their own question by dismissing the gunman of the moment as a right-wing, hate-filled nut case, illustrative of why further restrictions on liberty and gun ownership are necessary.

    Already, the Southern Poverty Law Center has weighed in on the national news. You won't be hearing anything but their side of things in that forum, though. Taken at face value, Von Brunn's explanation would be as inflammatory as his actions, if even that were to be trotted out. It won't, though. And, certainly, the real reason for Von Brunn's outburst today never will be broadcast beyond the confines of these outer fringes of the Internet.

    Below, I am going to give the honest answer as to why Von Brunn went off on his aborted shooting rampage, probably better than he could, himself. No ... certainly better than he could, himself.

    Von Brunn in the Flesh - Sort Of

    I never met Von Brunn, but I did brush up against him in a series of acerbic exchanges a few years ago. Confusing me with one of his peers in the White Supremacist movement (I get that a lot), it seems that he didn't approve of my advocacy of nonviolence.

    I had written the following in a 2006 investment-advice piece: "Remember to have priorities. A safe and productive place for your family to tough out the coming hard times is first. Food stores. Independent water and sewage. A way to defend what you have. Always have 6 months' living expenses, including debt service, in cash, even though the dollar is falling like a rock. These things are more important than any other sort of investment."

    Von Brunn's response to the world at large: "Edgar Steele's advice to investors fails to comprehend the extent of a money melt-down disaster. Recollect, Russian Revolution (ILLUMINATI/BOLSHEVIK) torture rape and butchery ; the deliberate starvation of Kulaks; the incineration of 20th C. Europe; Mao; Pol Pot. The World flowed with blood, stunk with unburied corpses. The ILLUMINATI is ubiquitous and not compassionate. Today, we are witnessing the penultimate stage in (ILLUMINATI /ZIONIST) GLOBALIZATION of Planet Earth - - protestors will be eliminated. There is NO ESCAPE. No place to hide. To protect what you have and take what you need, the MOST important investment ARYANS can make today is NOT as Steele advises. NOW, for a limited time, the most important investment is in AMMO. AT LAST, you wimps must stand and FIGHT!"

    His Own Personal Armageddon

    An old man (89, according to news reports), today Von Brunn apparently got tired of waiting for his own, personal "penultimate stage." Today, he set out to practice what he preached. Doubtless, Von Brunn did not expect to get felled so quickly, but he surely knew his was a one-way mission, nevertheless.

    Von Brunn was making a statement and setting an example. Both provide a lesson to which we, as a nation, should attend, but which we undoubtedly will ignore ... yet again.

    Make no mistake: I do not defend Von Brunn's rhetoric or actions. On the contrary, I roundly condemn them both. Even so, listen up, folks - because there will be more ... lots more ... acts like today before this is over.

    Defending the Politically Incorrect

    I am an attorney best known for defending the politically incorrect in cases where our important constitutional rights are at issue in situations where those people are being railroaded for their beliefs in the context of trumped-up civil and/or criminal charges. I have defended and provided legal advice to, probably, more of the politically incorrect than has any other attorney in America today. Always, I have required that they be fundamentally decent people, trapped on the business end of a railroad job ... and innocent - always they must be innocent, regardless of how things might eventually turn out in court.

    And, believe me, I get at least one opportunity each and every week to defend the politically incorrect. Problem is, usually they are guilty or stupid, or, more likely, both. I'll tell you this much about Von Brunn, though: stupid he is not. Reportedly, he is a member of Mensa, the group for bona fide geniuses. I believe it.

    Would I defend Von Brunn for his actions today? Absolutely not, unless it was simply to secure him a fair plea deal or at a sentencing hearing. Never could I defend his conduct at trial. And, even then, I wouldn't do a single thing for him pro bono.

    Fair disclosure: if anything, I am biased against James Von Brunn, not for him or his "cause," though you may end up wondering about that after you hear me out today and learn why I think he did what he did and why this is just the beginning. Sooner or later, somebody had better pay attention, because guys like Von Brunn aren't going away anytime soon.

    Time Was Running Out

    So - why did he do it? Well, the easy answer is his age. Von Brunn dedicated his life in recent years to what he saw as an inevitable armed confrontation between the government and a supposed army of others believing as did he. Time was running out and the revolution hadn't yet begun. It is easy to believe that he opted for making a statement while he still could, perhaps hoping to spark the beginning of the revolution he believed to be inevitable. Frankly, that is the most likely reason for why James Von Brunn took a rifle to a site that he found more offensive than most any other in America today.

    But, there are lots of oldsters who don't take to the streets with a rifle in hand. Von Brunn's reasons go much deeper, obviously, and are shared by a great many others in America today. Knowing why and doing something about it now might prevent senseless bloodshed in the future.

    The Self-Styled Martyr's Point of View

    In a very real sense, today's shooting is of a piece with that of the abortion doctor a week ago. That shooter was surprised to find himself treated as a common criminal, which he is, of course. Similarly, Von Brunn no doubt also considers himself a martyr, deserving of admiration, and a figure likely to be vindicated in the longer view of history. Make no mistake about this, though: Von Brunn, too, is a criminal, albeit an uncommon one.

    I like to say, when speaking of those responsible for the horrible financial catastrophe now crashing down around all of us: It takes a towering intellect to create a towering house of cards. The same can be said for James Von Brunn's intellectual world. A less-serious way of describing it would be to call him a "victim of his own desperation." He trapped himself with his own rhetoric and felt compelled to act upon it. A decorated veteran of World War II and a PT-Boat captain, Von Brunn was no shrinking violet. Mere rhetoric is insufficient for the true man of action.

    In fact, twenty-five years ago, Von Brunn was arrested and received a lengthy prison sentence for then attempting to place the members of the Federal Reserve Bank under citizen's arrest (at gunpoint, it must be added). A worthy, if misguided, adventure.

    Like many others, James Von Brunn feels victimized by Jewish control of America and offended by the preferential treatment accorded minorities, particularly Blacks. His anger is born of the frustration of being unfairly treated in the country for which he so proudly fought.

    Not Just Another Racist Anti-Semite

    All over TV today, clueless anchors and pundits dismiss Von Brunn as just another irrational White Supremacist, racist Anti-Semite. Perhaps. But, then, that ignores the question of why he might be all those things and whether - just maybe - he and others might have some justified complaints that are not being addressed. In fact, the short shrift being given to Von Brunn's position today helps to hasten the day when the next guy just like him does something just as off the wall. America, we need to talk.

    America, We Need to Talk

    About racism ... against Whites. It is not racist to demand equal treatment for White America. Equal rights for all - special rights for none.

    About unfair treatment ... of Whites ... by an increasingly remote and controlled American government.

    About the looting of the American taxpayer ... by an undisputedly secretive and private organization, the Federal Reserve Bank, which is owned in its entirety by Jewish interests. Facts are facts, like them or not.

    About the circumspection of the Constitutional rights guaranteed all of us.

    About the illegal and unjust wars of conquest being maintained overseas by America, primarily for the benefit of Israel.

    About the rising tide of American unemployment and the shipment of American jobs and factories overseas by plutocrats who now see themselves as citizens of the world and not of America....

    Shootout at the Holocaust Corral

    Why did Von Brunn choose to unload at the National Holocaust Museum? Because it is an edifice to one of the most stupendous lies of modern times, paid for and maintained with taxpayer dollars, that's why.

    Did the Holocaust take place? Well, that depends upon what you mean by Holocaust, but clearly 6 million Jews were not systematically gassed and cremated by the Germans during World War II. I have written extensively on this, both in my book, Defensive Racism and in essays such as Holy Holocaust. People go to jail in other countries for saying just what I have said. They are trying to make it just as illegal to say these things in America today. Why?

    Why must it be illegal to challenge the accuracy of an allegedly historical incident? This patent unfairness is just a part of that which Von Brunn symbolically struck out at today.

    Just a Fair Shake - That's All They Ask

    People like James Von Brunn deserve to be listened to. They deserve to be heard. After all, are they not citizens? Do they not deserve the manifest protections accorded to the politically correct? Not so you could tell it. Not if you believe what you hear in the media today, that's for sure. Von Brunn is not purely a nut case and he is no isolated incident.

    Just a fair shake. A fair day in court. That's all they ask. To be heard out. To be given a seat at the table. But, no, that increasingly is denied to the James Von Brunns of today, as made abundantly clear by the imminent appointment of a Latina racist to the US Supreme Court.

    More is Coming

    Make no mistake. Today's was no isolated incident. You will see more and more shootouts like what took place in Washington, DC, this morning, until America begins to listen to all her citizens and accords all of her children an equal voice in her affairs. Mark my words well, America.


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    Default James Von Brunn

    I won't go over my "don't do it" position vis-a-vis going berserk with a gun again. I've done so twice in the past couple of months, and that's enough so all of you should be able to get it.

    I will say that when one writes such articles, one usually has in mind the young kid who has been filled with rage to the point of madness by the bullying, swaggering niggers at his high school, like Kenneth Neal Wilson. Or the middle-aged man like Fred Cowan who has just plain had enough of being fucked over by the affirmative action and the incompetence and the belly-crawling at his job, until he finally snaps and comes in smoking.

    One usually doesn't worry about scholarly, elderly gentlemen who are almost 90 years old. One can't really lecture or try to persuade someone of that age, because nothing really applies to them.

    One of my learned colleagues on the internet has written a long screed on "why he did it" which, given this colleague's penchant for misinterpreting and assigning sinister motives to everything I say, I will forbear to analyze. With all due respect, though, I think it's a lot simpler than that.

    I think Mr. Von Brunn decided at the age of 88 that he's done what he come here to do, and he wanted to go out like the soldier he once was, with a weapon in his hand. Kind of like John Wayne's finale in The Shootist. His saloon was the symbolic target of the local Temple of Lies. I think it was in essence a case of suicide by cop.

    If he survives, I am sure ZOG has something especially vile in store for him. They're really good at that, our lords and masters--torturing very old men in their final days for their rebellion and resistance during life.

    Ask Pastor Butler, to whom they so kindly gave a triple heart bypass so they could try him for treason and make him die in prison. (They failed.)

    Ask John Demjanjuk, dragged in his wheel chair and trailing his oxygen bottle to Germany, a land where he was not born and of which he has never been a citizen, so he can die in prison there for something that never happened.

    Ask old Klansman Bob Chambless as he lies in the hospital ward of some federal prison on life support, not even conscious of his surroundings, but he mustn't be allowed to go home to die. Oh, no no no no. He also must die in prison, because in his youth he resisted.

    We are ruled by a deranged, evil little boy pulling the wings off flies.

    America. We have to kill it, before it kills us.

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    Default Glenn Miller's Letter to Editor Regarding Von Brunn

    Rounder: I just emailed this to the Springfield, Missouri New-Leader. We'll see if they print it ...
    "Dear Editor;

    Fellow White Patriot, James Von Brunn, spent two days and nites in my home, near Aurora, in Spring of 04. I found him to be highly intelligent, a true authority on world and national history, an American patriot, and extremely dedicated to white racial survival. Also, a gentleman and though past 80 even then, surprising healthy - a tall, upright, big-boned, blue-eyed, Germanic alpha male specimen.

    We spoke for long hours into the nites about racial issues, but mainly about the jews, of course, since we've both been anti-semites for over 40 years. Compared to the jewish problem, we see all others as mere distractions.

    Regarding jews, the beliefs of James Von Brunn are actually little different from the stated beliefs of such prominent Americans as Billy Graham, Patrick Buchanan, Rear Admiral John Crommelin, former US congressman Paul Findley, Ron Paul (a crypto anti-semite), Charles Lindbergh, Henry Ford Sr, Thomas Edison, Louis Farrakhan, Obama's former pastor, and many others too numerous to list. Google their names alongside "anti-semitic" for proof.

    Admiral Crommelin, by the way, and James Von Brunn were very close friends. In 1982, Crommelin arranged a private meeting with then president Ronald Reagan, regarding James' symbolic attempt to kidnap members of the Federal Reserve Board. For which, James spent 6 years in prison. The president, predictably, declined to provoke jewish leaders by intervening.

    Somewhat a defeatist by 04, after devoting 40 or more years of his life desperately trying to awaken white gentiles to jewish domination of America and the west, and demoralized by his failure to do so, as well as by the failures of all Americans who've tried, James Von Brunn changed his focus from the legal to the illegal. He'd lost hope. The jews were just too powerful and whites too soft, disease-ridden, drugged, apathetic, and brainwashed.

    Are there more elderly James Von Brunn's out there ?? You betcha. Lots of young ones too. We've all entertained all sorts of ways, legal and illegal, to free our people from jewish bondage. Believe me, the fed's thought control police would be aghast at some of the plots and schemes that enter my head at times, and doubtless, the heads of countless thousands of other fed-up white Americas, as well.

    When tyrants make legal resistance impossible, they make revolution inevitable.

    And so, when I file next year to run for U.S. Congress, Missouri's regime puppets might be well advised to see to it that my name appears on the ballot. I'm an old man like James Von Brunn you see, and we just don't give a damn anymore.

    Frazier Glenn Miller, Jr
    Aurora, MO 65605
    tel: 417-463-7703

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    Default Something Beats Nothing Every Time

    Something Beats Nothing Every Time


    Quote Originally Posted by katzass
    What is this person talking about? He sent him an email and was on his mailing list, and now he "knew" him?

    I wonder if the OP can tell me what von Brunn looked like back in the day? I wonder if you can tell me anything that might have distinguished him from others?
    Look, katzass. I'd say that I knew James Von Brunn better than anyone on this forum, or anyone on VNNF or $permFront or any other of the whigger nutsionalist forums. And, that I certainly knew Von Brunn better than the myriad jews infesting the jewsmedia lying about what Von Brunn intended.

    As mentioned above, we never were more than acquaintances exchanging hyperlinks to web pages and e-mails. James Von Brunn was of a different religion than myself and we both knew and respected the limits of those differences.

    What gets me is that liars who never knew him claim that they knew what he was about. What especially annoys me is that cowardly feebs like John DeNutless, the Whigger-Whimperer Edgar Steele who James Von Brunn supported and who knew of him have essentially shat upon this elderly hero and told every whigger listening that they don't approve of overt racism and violence when they incite it theysselfs. To these chickenshits the Revolution NEVER happens until the jack-booted thugs start to kick in their doors and beat them up while handcuffed and then the Revolution should have started ten minutes ago.

    But you end up having mamzer, whigger or jew forum pigeons and trolls like Larrikoon and Katzturd and Bamser the Sorta-Mamzer Kryger and Mikey Jukes-Kallikak Connor who never have anything intelligent to say demanding that anybody who does have anything to write about current events should be silenced on the basis that these meddling cretins don't like what is said. Piss on them. ZOG should be destroyed along with its degenerate critters infesting it and making ZOG ZOG.

    By all means, Katzturd, jump on John DeNutless, as he is a coward and a phony living off of the Heroes of the Resistance and sucking up to the traitors and jewsmedia. But I'd love to denut you myself as a probable jew or whigger troll siding with ZOG if ever I knew who you were and where you lived. Whigger or jew faggots doing nothing but lying behind a keybored have never been able to drag down a someone doing something for the Resistance.

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri
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    Default It Wasn't A False-Flag Operation

    It Wasn't A False-Flag Operation


    Quote Originally Posted by NathanSchroeder
    very possible this was a setup. as I dont watch TV I havent been hearing what the mainstream jews media has been saying. the timing is perfect for them it seems as they are trying to get hate crime laws passed.
    Well, I sort of knew the old man through exchanging e-mail, and I do think that James Von Brunn got to be an old man who was tired of living with jewshit and so he decided to piss on their little kike memorial that they devoted to theysselfs courtesy of the White taxpayer in the District of Corruption.

    The Whigger-Whimperer Edgar Steele thinks that Von Brunn did it. Like most members of the Old Resistance, Von Brunn thought that Edgar Steele was a lightweight poseur with his lawyerly calls for 'peacefool Rabblelooshun.' James Von Brunn never kidded himself that us White People are going to get rid of the nigger, mud and jew infestation by begging them to please go back to Africa or Mexico or Khazaristan or wherever these parasites cum from to live off of us. It is an altogether idiotic notion back then and certainly is now. The only way we will ever rid ourselves of these muds and the spawn of Satan is to give them a choice that they can't refuse and that is by killing them all and letting God sort them out. Since the Bible says that we are not going to destroy ZOG/Babylon but rather that a Great Tribulation is going to do it, it is foolish to jump the gun on YHWH. The Revolution/Great Tribulation is being fought On YHWH's Time. It's just that James Von Brunn was getting old and as 'the World's Oldest CreaTard' decided that he couldn't wait. And as a former WW2 vet he hated to think he killed White men to advance jews as a member of The Greatest DeGeneration. They were cutting off his means of life and so James decided to end it all.

    Unlike the Whigger Whimperer Edgar Steele and John DeNugent/DeNutless, I am not going to crap all over James Von Brunn's sacrifice. I think it is up to Von Brunn to decide if he thinks it was all worth it, and James was not an idiot. He knew he was not coming back from this mission. So as a suicide commando, he did what he thought he had to do. And I, for one, am going to honor him for it.

    We cannot act like a bunch of whiggers scared of what the jews, niggers, mamzers, muds and whiggers are going to do to us under color of [f]law of ZOG/Babylon. Rather, we should make ZOG/Babylon scared of what we will do to it. Can you hear the jews and whiggers and muds whining in fear and pissing and moaning that us White devils hate ZOG so much? I sure can, and their whimpers of fear and outrage is music to my ears. When this civil war/Great Tribulation cranks up into high gear, there ain't going to be much of any ZOG/Babylon left. ZOG, like every mighty Evil Empire fears going into the ash-heap of history, because no mighty Evil Empire has ever survived the civil wars and social decay which destroyed it.

    ZOG. Finish off ZOG before ZOG finishes off us.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri
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    Default Stay Away And Stay Alive.

    Stay Away & Stay Alive. . . .

    TraitorGlenn Miller Is The Perpetual Name-Dropper


    Quote Originally Posted by TraitorGlenn Miller

    http://www.vnnforum.com/showthread.php?t=95766&page=18 post #355

    Here's a copy of my letter, dropped in the mail a few minutes ago by my wife on her way grocery shopping. Who'll join me in writing this great patriot ?? Imagine the lonliness, despair, pain, isolation, and helplessness James must be feeling right now. Let's cheer the old warrior up and let him know he has not been completely abandoned by his comrades. Whatchasay ??

    James Von Brunn
    George Washington University Hospital
    900 23rd Street, N.W.
    Washington, DC 20037

    "Dear James;

    I hope this finds you recovering from your wounds and not suffering from too much pain.

    You’ll recall spending time in my home in Spring 2004. I want you to know I really enjoyed meeting you and the long chats we had. I regret now you didn’t stay longer.

    Anyhow, you have many more friends than you think, in spite of the situation you now find yourself. We don’t believe much of the media’s reportings and so we’re searching on our own, via the internet and elsewhere, for more truthful credible information.. We understand there is credible evidence, for example, that you shot no one, and that the guard who died, was in fact, shot accidentally by another guard or possibly by more than one. This strongly suggests your actions had non-violent intentions, as did your actions against the Federal Reserve Board back in 1981, as attested to by your close friend, Rear Admiral John Crommelin. But in any case, please accept my deepest admiration and appreciation for all your sacrifices and for all your labors, unselfishly devoted these past many decades, for the rights, freedom, and the continuence of our people.

    James, I don’t know if you’ll be allowed to receive this letter. It’s only a simple, personal letter from a friend, so perhaps they will.

    I’d be honored to lend you any assistance that I possible can. Other patriots at Vanguard News Network feel the same. Lots of them. So, when and if you’re allowed, please let us know.

    Respectfully your friend,

    Glenn Miller
    17209 Lawrence 1220,
    Aurora, MO 65605
    The thing to remember about TraitorGlenn Miller is that this drunken miscegenating lifer swine and professional snitch has absolutely no sense of shame. He will run out on its Klan buddies at Greensboro, take money from The Order and then snitch on them and even people who never had anything to do with TraitorGlenn Miller at Ft. Smith, testify against his lieutenants Doug Sheets and Randy Jackson, declare war on ZOG and get picked up dead drunk and pissing on itself with a trailer full of explosives and automatic weapons. There is not a single one of TraitorGlenn Miller's former comrades and followers who haven't wished that they had never heard of the cowardly miscegenating lying rat, much less hear it testilying against them in a ZOG kort. This spawn of Belial has absolutely no morals.

    This drunken rat will act all hurt that you 'insulted its non-existent manhood' like it did when it found out what I was really saying about it while trying to get it to run for Congress back in Feb-March 2004. It is a complete coward and will not want to stay a second where some White man could geld it and take its rat head. There is not a bigger coward in the bowel-Movement than TraitorGlenn Miller.

    This piece of shit is trying to claim the reflected glory of a Hero of the Resistance. In fact, TraitorGlenn Miller still quotes David Lane who it betrayed. Likewise James Von Brunn.

    James Von Brunn was never a leader in the Movement. Rather what he was was an inveterate communicator and networker. One time when he sent me an e-mail it was about a left-wing LibberToon organization called "Boston T-Party" which is largely run by a LibberToon lying piece of shit named Thomas 'Judas' Knapp who I brought into the Missouri LibberToon Party way back in 1995. I thought of informing Von Brunn about how in real life a White Nationalist type and a leftist LibberToon addicted to bringing about faggot marriage and every single beaner and Haitian nigger into the ZOGland because of LibberToon doxology probably wouldn't like each other once they did meet, but I decided to let 'the World's Oldest CreaTard' find out the hard way by himself. LibberToons are most certainly deranged, but they are almost always harmless pussies as long as you don't cum between them and they's dope.

    When I picked up from Rabanger reporting that TraitorGlenn claimed that he had James Von Brunn at his doublewide back in 2004, I called 6Killer to ask him what was up. 6Killer told me that yes, Von Brunn had spent a few nights at TraitorGlenn's back in 2004 but that Von Brunn was not amused when some Movement people e-mailed him with "Jimmy, you need to know about TraitorGlenn Miller" advice. 6Killer says that he wishes that he kept his e-mail archived, but he uses Micro$haft. Whereas I use Eudora and have most e-mails since 1995, somewhere. Von Brunn is ashamed of accepting TraitorGlenn Miller's hospitality.

    I got introduced to TraitorGlenn Miller by another WN activist who is into whining about snivel rights. I had TraitorGlenn Miller trying to pay for my and wife's restaurant meal and visit me in my office at the foot of the hill in my mother's town doublewide in August 2000 before I knew about TraitorGlenn Miller from Katya Lane and Louis Beam. TraitorGlenn Miller is like an infectious leper who tries to rub up against everyone it can and infect them. TraitorGlenn Miller does that, be it the Missouri Reform Party in 2000 or the Ron Paul people in Barry County in 2008. This scabrous moral leper will try to infect you and you will not be pleased when you find out that you have been slimed by contact with that rat. Von Brunn wasn't.

    I ended up having to tell Pastor Dan Johns that the 'wonderful Movement guest' that he had on his Internet radio show was a notorious snitch who testified against Pastor Richard Butler and Louis Beam even though they never had done anything to TraitorGlenn Miller or even met him before Ft. Smith. Dan Johns bucked a bit, but I told him that it was better that I tell him and not have some of Butler's people inform him. No, no need to take the program down unless he wanted to, but to NOT have the rat on again and to simply go on like nothing had happened.

    Anyone having anything to do with TraitorGlenn Miller and Alex Linder is an enemy of the Old Resistance and is deemed a fool and traitor or both. Someone from the Old Resistance will make a call and tell you to drop TraitorGlenn Miller or else face payback when it comes time to settle accounts. And weaseling like John DeNugent don't cut it. Anyone having anything to do with TraitorGlenn Miller is a diseased animal to be disposed of when the Resistance comes to power and to be treated as a traitor today. I don't think that a typical whigger hanging around the fringes can understand the hatred in which traitors and informants are held by the Old Resistance. We do not play at Revolution, we live Revolution. Only one side can prevail and survive and as true Revolutionaries we seek power and the way to power is to exterminate any and all opposition from the criminal regimeists and any whiggers stupid enough to support them.

    James Von Brunn is a Hero of the Resistance/Revolution. He is still alive. When/if he goes to trial, he should learn from Herman Goering, Saddam Hussein, myself and refuse to be [mis]represented by a ZOG lawyer -- any lawyer. This is a political show trial and what Von Brunn needs to do is to show no remorse and defiant hatred and to always seek to derail the railroad. What is ZOG going to do to a 89 year old man? Kill him? Von Brunn might well die before trial, perhaps be sent to St. Elizabeth's NutHouse in the District of Corruption/Congoids, and will never live to see the end of any appeals.

    Seeing this morally leprous piece of rat shit suck up to Von Brunn annoys me no end, as it will annoy Von Brunn. And I include as treasonous pieces of whigger shit Edgar Steele the Whigger-Whimperer and John DeNutless/Nugent who are doing there level best to disown Von Brunn while at the same time trying to advance theysselfs upon his deed of Revolution against the dirty jews and ZOG. Listen to the Whigger Whimperer call Von Brunn a 'criminal.' Listen to Voice of ReTards/Reason have these two bowel-Movement self-serving traitors disavow the only thing that puts the scare into ZOG -- random, unpredictable violence by White men with nothing to lose.

    I think Voice of ReTards/Reason is a ZOG false front. I think Edgar Steele, the Whigger-Whimperer, is simply a self-serving whigger feeb without an ounce of political ability who is simply out to be a moderate at all costs -- when moderation is doomed. The Old Resistance has always thought he sold Butler out, even though Butler was doomed anyway. John DeNutless/Nugent is just a wannabe idiot politician who is so far gone that the idiot actually thinks that he will get 50 million whiggers to vote for him for President in 2012. Nugent ALWAYS takes the easy road which leads whiggers to perdition. With his constant whining about being molested as a child by his own parents he sounds more like a professional whining victim than a leader. The idiot can't simply say whether or not he is a homosexual when gently grilled by the jew Colmes and had to be asked SIX times before he said that 'No, he was not a homosexual.' If you got to be cornered if when asked, then you would do better being an actual faggot. Nugent comes across as being more evasive than most politicians.

    To wrap this up, yes, James Von Brunn spent some time at TraitorGlenn Miller's in 2004. When Von Brunn found out about TraitorGlenn Miller then he was quite angry at being tricked.

    The penalty in wartime for bringing in the enemy, agent or spy into your own camp and someone getting hurt by that act of stupidity or treason is death. Rabang 'Albion' Miller is not an innocent creature at all, but an enabler of treason and deceit. None of you whiggers reading this have ever lived through a civil war. The way you are going, you will not live to see the end of this civil war, which is called "The Great Tribulation."

    But I have a question for you: What does TraitorGlenn Miller and Alex Linder and VNNF and Voice of ReTards/Reason and John DeNutless/Nugent and the Whigger-Whimperer Edgar Steele give you that you must risk your life and the lives of your family on listening to and believing these caught liars and cowards?

    And for all of the whiggers above and on these forums whom I've insulted who would ask of me the same question, let me say this: I don't care any what you think of me. Have I not insulted you to where you will not want to believe anything I tell you because it is me who is telling you it? The more of you stupid whiggers who die in The Great Tribulation the better. Neither Christ nor I have use for useless idiots. The sooner 150 million of you whigger nitwits die the better, just as long as 140 million jews, niggers, beaners and assorted mud die with you. YHWH will save or sacrifice His Own, and this war is being fought on YHWH's Time. As did Christ in Matthew Chapter 13, I often speak in parables so, having eyes you do not see, and having ears do not hear, lest seeing and hearing you should repent and be saved, when you are not really someone who should live to start a New World. And for those who see past the parables, I do make you angry so that you will either see clearly or be further blinded.

    You want to save jewrself and jewr family: Stay away from TraitorGlenn Miller and Alex Linder. Listen closely to Voice of ReTards/Reason but only by Internet connection. Stay Away And Stay Alive.

    Listen to a people shepherd of Christian Israel. Jeremiah 3:15.

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri
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    Default The 2009 Resistance Hero of the Year, James Von Brunn, Was Probably Murdered By ZOG

    The 2009 Resistance Hero of the Year, James Von Brunn, Was Probably Murdered By ZOG


    What is quite likely is that the unrepentant war hero -- the elderly fighter against the jews in Civil War II -- was murdered by ZOG yesterday.

    Why? Let me tell you why.

    James Von Brunn went on a one-way mission to scare the dirty jews in their Holohoax temple to gullible goyim worsheeping the jew race who had been allegedly murdered by fed-up Germans. Like I said on above posts on this forum, the D-Day silliness a few days earlier had pushed James Von Brunn over the edge. James wanted to die in the attack and so he prepared his own one-way mission, and as I speculated, took along one of his old .22 rifles.

    Now whether or not James killed this nigger with his .22 can be easily verified. I suspect that it was simply nigger cowardice which killed the nigger security guard because it never was stated that von Brunn's .22 bullet had killed a burly nigger. Rather, the jewsmedia danced around the subject, leading anyone who knows how they lie whenever and however possible to figure out that the nigger security guard died from a hail of bullets from the other cowardly nigger security guards. niggers are invariably incompetent, which is why niggers screw up everything and anything they touch. What is most likely is that the other panicky nigger security guards shot their own fellow nigger and the jewsmedia decided to blame von Brunn for it because as they look at it, the insufferable goyim decided to lift up his hand against the spawn of Satan, the apple of D-g's eye.

    So when ZOG had a wounded man the question is whether ZOG can use the White man for a show trial. Since James von Brunn was certainly not going to grovel and plead and rat out others, and had no remorse, ZOG decided to put him in a NutHouse and see if doping him up would make him more pliable. Since von Brunn was not pliable, it is quite likely that von Brunn was simply murdered in order to spare ZOG the humiliation of a show trial with a highly uncooperative unrepentant defendant quite likely to make the show-trial into a circus by exposing it as a railroad.

    You see, the same thing happened to me. I was sent to a NutHouse illegally and doped up illegally simply because I demanded to be my own attorney. They did not want me filing motions and digging up dirt and filing federal civil rights lawsuits against them. The trumped up case was going to fall apart if or when I got to confront my slightly retarded grandson like it did fall apart at the first time that the prosecutor Jake Skouby and Bill Dobbs had to get him to try to testify to the lies that 'therapists' had allegedly claimed that they had coerced from him.

    Now for me the illegal doping was two or three milligrams of Risperadal which was not meant for the made-up political diagnosis of Psychotic Disorder Not Otherwise Specified, but rather an attempt by the nigger witch doctors Alicia Thompson and V. Marvelene French to justify keeping me at the Biggs maximum security center indefinitely so that I could be attacked and possibly murdered by nigger and insane whigger criminals.

    I would spit out the dope whenever possible which was possible always except when this African Somali raghead nigger named Fahti Said was on duty. Raghead niggers ALWAYS hate Christian White men, and so we can't get away with anything. So when 'Fathead nigger' was there, it was swallow the dope and get a mild headache feeling a few brain cells die. As a result, I really really hate nigger animals for what they did to me. Every time I was forced to swallow dope I felt violated. I'll gladly skin out every single whigger nurse who mindlessly enforced this illegal doping as well.

    Psychotropic medications ALWAYS kill elderly old whiggers suffering from senile dementia. I used to dig out the dope sheets for the dope I was forced to take and the dope that the other nuts were forced to take. I never seen any psychotropic drug which didn't say that it was NOT to be used on geriatric patients suffering from dementia, or even anyone over 65 years old.

    So, James von Brunn is in a NutHouse, ZOG doesn't want to give him a show-trial in which von Brunn is going to openly gloat about making the jews and niggers squeal, and for which Jimmy had absolutely no remorse. So what to do if you are ZOG?

    Answer: Simply force psychotropic medications which will eventually destroy his mind and kill him dead, neglect to take care of the staph infections -- disguised as spider bites -- which is endemic in NutHouses in which unclean niggers and nutty whiggers wanting to die don't take very good care of themselves or take baths and are unclean, and James von Brunn will indeed die before trial with ZOG claiming that only the insane members of the 'Greatest [De]Generation' which saved the jews from von Brunn's German cousins would ever dare raise their hands against D-g's Chosen Piss-pul -- the jews.

    James von Brunn probably would have lived longer if he had been put into solitary confinement in a jail someplace. But ZOG had to in effect murder him by putting von Brunn in a place where he would be forced to take the poisonous psychotropic drugs that would take away his will to fight and then his ability to fight, and then his life.

    When it comes time to deal with these regime criminals, give them as fair a trial, if any, as they gave out heroes of the Resistance. The only reason to give regime criminals a trial is so that they can confess, and can die under torture after betraying their families and friends and co-workers serving Under Satan's Administration. These regime criminals deserve only a lingering death and let they and their families die like Ahab's House, like Ahab's regime, unburied and food for the dogs in the cities and the birds in the field. They need to die before they kill us -- and don't anyone who claims to be a Resistance fighter ever forget what needs to be done with those who serve evil. When typical whiggers see how the Resistance treats the jews, the muds, but most importantly the whigger regime criminals with the utmost in remorseless callous brutality, then the Resistance/Revolution will endure for at least two, maybe generations. We must impress that the Revolution was necessary and that the hundreds of millions of ZOGlings dead was altogether the fault of the jews, muds, but most importantly, the regime-criminal whigger race traitors.

    James von Brunn. The Hero of the Resistance for 2009 who made it but a few short days to 2010.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

    Accused Holocaust museum shooter dies
    White supremacist died in prison hospital while awaiting murder trial


    WASHINGTON - The 89-year-old white supremacist charged with a deadly shooting at Washington's Holocaust museum died Wednesday in North Carolina where he'd been held at a prison hospital while awaiting trial, authorities said.

    At the federal prison in Butner, N.C., spokeswoman Denise Simmons announced that James von Brunn died shortly before 1 p.m. Wednesday.

    Simmons said the suspect had "a long history of poor health which included chronic congestive heart failure and sepsis."

    Von Brunn had faced charges that could have earned him the death penalty.

    He had been receiving medical care for months at the North Carolina prison complex, which is known for its medical facilities to house aging and sick inmates. Simmons said von Brunn was pronounced dead at a local hospital.

    Von Brunn's lawyer, A.J. Kramer, called the death "a sad end to a tragic situation," but declined further comment.

    The elderly suspect had been awaiting trial for the killing of security guard Stephen T. Johns at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum on June 10. Von Brunn had been wounded by return fire.

    Officials at the prison hospital had previously said chronic medical problems had complicated a psychiatric evaluation for the suspect, who prior to the shooting had written racist and anti-Semitic screeds on the Internet.

    'Glad he's gone'

    One of the two guards who fired back at von Brunn said he had mixed feelings about his death.

    "I'm shocked. I'm glad he's gone. I wish he had his day in court but it'll never come," said Harry Weeks of White Plains, Md.

    Weeks returned to work in August and said he thinks often about his slain colleague.

    Johns "was a good man. There's not a day that goes by that I don't miss him."

    A seven-count indictment against von Brunn charged him with first-degree murder, killing in a federal building, and bias-motivated crime. The indictment also accused him of seeking to intimidate Jewish people at the museum.

    Authorities say von Brunn walked up to the museum carrying a rifle and shot Johns, who was black, as the guard was opening the door for him.

    Von Brunn had a racist Web site and wrote a book titled "Kill the Best Gentiles," alleging a Jewish conspiracy "to destroy the white gene pool." He also claimed the Holocaust was a hoax.

    Von Brunn, alleged Holocaust museum shooter, dies


    The elderly white supremacist accused of killing a security guard at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in June died Wednesday afternoon at a North Carolina hospital, authorities said.

    James W. von Brunn, 89, who was wounded in the head during the assault, had been undergoing mental health evaluations at a federal prison in Butner, N.C., in recent months. He died at a hospital near the prison shortly before 1 p.m., a federal prison spokeswoman said.

    Von Brunn's quiet death contrasts sharply with the brazen violence he unleashed June 10 in what prosecutors have described as a suicide mission, an attack that shocked the nation and sent tourists scattering for cover on a busy downtown street.

    Prosecutors said that von Brunn, an admitted white supremacist who lived most recently in Annapolis, had been planning the assault for months and that he hoped "to send a message to the Jewish community" that the Holocaust was a hoax. "He wanted to be a martyr for his cause," a prosecutor said in court.

    Before the shooting, von Brunn had finalized his funeral plans and gotten his finances in order for relatives. Then, shortly before 12:45 p.m., he double-parked his red Hyundai on 14th Street NW in front of the museum and walked toward the front doors, a rifle at his side, authorities have said.

    As von Brunn neared the entrance, security guard Stephen T. Johns, 39, opened the door for him. The white supremacist fatally shot Johns at point-blank range, authorities have said.

    Other guards quickly returned fire, wounding von Brunn in the head. He was treated at District hospitals but needed a wheelchair and had difficulty speaking during a court hearing several months ago.

    Von Brunn was indicted by a federal grand jury on charges of first-degree murder, committing a hate crime and gun violations. If convicted, he would have been eligible for the death penalty.

    His guilt was never in serious doubt -- the shooting was witnessed by dozens of people, it was captured on surveillance video and the assailant was carted away in an ambulance -- but some had hoped to glean some insights into von Brunn's psyche during the court process. Many, including Johns's relatives, remain shocked that anyone could be filled with so much hatred that he would shoot a helpful security guard at a museum that serves as a memorial to the slaughter of millions of people.

    Johns left behind a young son.

    "I just hope he was ready to meet his God," said Nola Gorham, Johns's grandmother, of von Brunn. "I didn't wish him no back luck, even though he did a terrible thing to my grandson. . . . Nothing can bring closure" to something like this.

    The museum issued a brief statement on its Web site Wednesday that didn't mention von Brunn by name and continued to hail Johns's heroism. "This tragedy is a powerful reminder that our cause of fighting hatred remains more urgent than ever," the statement said.

    The suspect's son, Erik, told a reporter that he was aware of his father's death but declined to comment further. The son has said that he wished his father had died in the attack, not Johns.

    During a September court hearing, von Brunn told U.S. District Judge Reggie B. Walton that he wanted a quick public trial, but the judge delayed the defendant's day in court until he had undergone mental health tests.

    He had been held at the prison in North Carolina since Sept. 25. In addition to his wounds from the attack, he also suffered from congestive heart failure and sepsis, prison officials said.

    It is not clear when he was taken to the hospital or how he died.

    Von Brunn was known for decades as a loner and white supremacist who spun elaborate conspiracy theories about Jews and black people in leaflets, in books and on his Web site.

    In December 1981, he walked into the Federal Reserve with a handgun and threatened to take the members of the Board of Governors hostage. He had hoped his actions would lead to the deportation of all Jews and black people from "the white nations" of the world.

    He was convicted and served a little more than six years in federal prison.

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