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Thread: Why the CI Resistance Cannot Support John DeNugent

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    Default Why the CI Resistance Cannot Support John DeNugent

    Why the CI Resistance Cannot Support John DeNugent


    Quote Originally Posted by John Gerhardt

    Fri, Apr 10, 2009 at 5:58 PM,
    Martin Lindstedt <mlindste@mo-net.com>
    Date: Thu, 26 Mar 2009 10:34:15 -0500
    Subject: Re: Your Forum Invitation
    From: John Gerhardt <jxxxxxx@xxxxxx.com>
    To: Martin Lindstedt <mlindste@mo-net.com>

    Now for the better reply. Am past the moving stuff over phase, now we're in
    the unpacking & organizing phase, almost as time consuming. But will try to
    look into this subforum you set up within the next few weeks.

    The point about Miller & those who collaborate with him if not tolerate him
    or those who, is that anyone waffling on the issue of a known
    traitor/informant, to the point they argue more against issuing a
    denunciation than in doing it, is that these people themselves, as several
    have pointed out, perhaps are so tolerant because they know they'll rat if
    enough pressure is applied. We had some more or less confidential go
    arounds with this Nugent. Which is one reason we'll be issuing a general
    update. With the point that anyone pro-Eurofolk should demand repudiation
    as a condition of continuing support or friendly terms with them. I know
    after the dust settles, it will be LibRA's position that there will be no
    friendship with those friendly or tolerant of traitors. This is asinine
    that we have to continue with this issue (which should never even be an
    issue). Some have been caught refusing to issue a public denunciation but
    whining privately about no association because they turn around & sneakily
    associate with thefuhtraitor, more or less in hopes (in some cases I'm
    guessing) of getting some of Miller's ZOG tainted money. We can't allow
    this to continue. The mere fact that this situation exists goes a long way
    towards explaining WHY so many more who feel the same on race as we do
    REFUSE to support pro-Eurofolk causes or groups.

    I haven't checked either VNN or Storm Front for a very long time, & then
    only when someone sent me something posted on these sites. VNN I've known
    to have oxygen wasting dregs dominate their site or chat rooms. Storm
    Front, from what I see (& which confirms your own observations) has also
    deteriorated. Perhaps the bane of these types of groups is that they end up
    with what I like to call cyber slinkies. Those who will spend hours pecking
    away at key boards but refusing to be more active in a positive or
    constructive sense. Like the cause is some sort of video game rather than a
    movement intended for real world effect or something. (If that sounds like
    HAC in some of what he writes, well, on this point it must be admitted he
    is correct.) I hope what you set up won't deteriorate like this. You seem
    to be off to a good start. One can allow free discussions, to be sure, but
    there comes a time when certain idiocies need to be shut down. It's a pity
    & a shame these 2 sites are so bad.


    Your logic is impeccible and you are right, Pastor John Gerhardt. No
    forgiving or forgetting traitors. I will allow traitors like Will Williams
    and Traitor Glenn Miller to post on my forums, but only for the purposes of
    administering due humiliation. They won't be able to claim that we are
    afraid of the lying yapping of jews, traitors, idiot whiggers and regime
    criminals. No one supporting a traitor should be allowed to claim any
    self-respect. Every traitor should be marked and despised. A rat is a rat
    is a rat.

    I want to destroy the families and lives of the regime criminals who
    destroyed my family and jailed and doped me up in the NutHouse for 3 1/2
    years without a trial, habeas corpus, bond, access to a law library or
    getting to face my accuser -- who when it came time at the preliminary
    hearing refused to lie and so their bogus case fell apart, and who are
    still threatening to refile charges for the next 17 years. I swore an oath
    to YHWH to send these regime criminals and race traitors screaming to hell
    with their spawn and I will not be foresworn. So as I demand vengeance, so
    too do our heroes and martyrs have a right to their payback, and woe betide
    any liar, traitor or feeb who idiotically and dishonestly asserts that evil
    is good and good is evil. I'm off the Internet or I'd provide the relevant

    Accordingly, I shall nor offer John DeNugent a free thread until such time
    as he denounces TraitorGlenn Miller or any other rats in the [bowel]
    Movement. I am especially annoyed in that DeNugent is posting the pictures
    of our Order POWs while letting the traitor who ratted on him get a free
    pass. Furthermore, he made a paen to Michael Collins, who routinely shot
    and killed collabor-traitors first thing right off. What do you think he
    would have done to TraitorGlenn Miller but burn the cowardly thieving old
    drunk rat out with its litter in its double-wide? The solution to
    TraitorGlenn Millerism is for potential rats to fear YHWH and the
    Resistance far more than ZOG. TraitorGlenn and the rest of the rats need to
    figure out that Revolution is not a game and if you screw up and get caught
    you need to take your lumps and endure. I don't see any of our heroes
    express remorse for doing what was necessary.

    No, you are right, John DeNugent needs to pick a side. He got booted off
    $permFront thanks to Don Black and David Duke whined a bit in support, but
    Davy didn't tell Donny to relent. From what I gather DeNugent is still off
    $permFront. I think that he wants a wide audience and so clings to
    VNNF/TGMNNF and would drop it if he had a larger alternative. What DeNugent
    needs to understand is that he does better within a Movement organ of
    quality, not quantity of whigger feebs slopping at the trough associated
    with open payola by ZOGbux paid for out of the petty cash drawer of the
    Department of ZOGland InSecurity. Right now DeNugent is playing about
    e-Nationalist forum, which foolishly plays at having a quasi-secret forum,
    and thus not much access to a larger audience.

    I've found out over the years that any Movement e-mail listserver or forum
    which doesn't allow for public access in the name of 'secrecy' is usually
    run by fools of feds, because there is no real secrecy, not when the NSA is
    sucking up every byte over the wire and airwaves. ZOG pulled this crap
    before the 9-11 and OKC false-flag operations; all the Paytriot Act did was
    to legalize what was already ZOG's Standard Operating Procedure. There
    never was any such thing as [d]Rule of Law ever in the ZOGland if it ever
    came against the interests of the people in power anyway. Every 'secret'
    jewhoogruppen or secret forum has at least one third feds, jews, nosy
    whiggers, piglice and rival Movement spies and probably more. I would know,
    I've spied on rival Movement feebs and maintain spies on VNNF and

    What do you think we should do about DeNugent's Finnish kid? The kid is a
    free-speech martyr awaiting deportation back to Finnland, but as you
    pointed out, we need to look after our own first. I'm not going to jump on
    the bandwagon unless DeNugent figures out his first loyalties. The kid
    writes to the Order POWs, and seems a true believer. I don't think we
    should crassly say that we won't support the Finnish kid unless DeNugent
    ditches the rats, but we should point out that none of our martyrs are an
    island unto themselves. It all goes back back to us fighting against ZOG
    and all being together under the gun. Being in jail is worse than prison,
    which is why they jail people for forever until they plead out, like the
    feeb Kevin Alfred Strom. The time, often spent in solitary confinement,
    means that the time hangs heavy and all of them could use support letters
    and a fiver for postage, paper, commissary.


    April 10, 2009

    One of Linder's VNNF 'Tards was insinuating John DeNugent is a homosexual
    with his Finnish kid Henrik Holappa and so DeNugent has to deal with the
    consequences of dealing with bowel Movement vermin. DeNugent posted his
    phone number and so I went ahead and gave DeNugent a call around 9:30 pm
    CST. I introduced myself and after a minute of awkward small talk went into
    what I wanted him to do: Denounce TraitorGlenn Miller and Alex Linder and
    their VNNF ZOG false front. DeNugent refused to do so.

    So I continued talking, pointing out that the bowel Movement is full of
    feebs, rats, vermin, jews, mamzers and whiggers. Why associate oneself with
    ones enemies? $permFront is related to TraitorGlenn Miller through Ron
    Doggett, but at least knows the score. By the way, is David Duke going to
    call off his Black dog and let DeNugent back on? Well . . . . no.

    So back to TraitorGlenn Miller. Linder's feebs are going to continue to
    defame DeNugent, Joe Fields, and everyone else. Why go on a place where you
    are defamed and called a homosexual all the time? And what about Michael
    Collins? What would Michael Collins do with TraitorGlenn Miller and his rat
    kind? DeNugent pointed out that this was 25-30 years ago in the early to
    mid 1980s and the principals involved were in their 60s and 70s or already
    dead. Time to move on.

    So what about the Order prisoners he talks with? Scutari, Pierce, Kemp,
    etc. Are they ready to 'move on?' DeNugent said that if they have a problem
    with it, then they can stop writing him. I pointed out that it wasn't that
    simple. TraitorGlenn Miller is not out of the Movement, but rather is the
    ZOG paymaster for Alex Linder's VNNF. We can't 'move on' as long as these
    traitors are essentially calling the shots by financing what the public
    thinks is White Nationalism and the Movement. If TraitorGlenn were to fade
    away and drink hisself to death in his double-wide in Aurora Missouri, then
    fine. But he insists on having his name on VNNF and so do his rat
    supporters. They spam the forums with rationalizations as why it is
    permissible to be a rat. Every racial patriot needs to denounce anyone who
    is affiliated with ZOG traitors, otherwise we will never attract thaose to
    whom racial loyalty is paramount.

    DeNugent thinks that he is going to be head of a Movement in which everyone
    gets along. I told him that the Christian Identity people, the most stable
    and racially loyal will never support him unless we get a denouncement of
    TraitorGlenn Miller and Alex Linder and any other rats. We don't forgive
    and we don't forget. We don't 'move on' leaving rats and traitors in our
    rear echilon. Us Dual-Seedliners see a Great Tribulation coming. DeNugent
    actually thinks that he is going to save 50 million whiggers. I told him
    I'm seeing only 5-15 million whiggers saved in the coming Tribulation.

    DeNugent and I have profoundly different views of the White Nationalist
    Movement. I see it as populated by whiggers, and infested with jews and
    mamzers. DeNugent asked me what a 'mamzer' was and I explained to him that
    it meant 'miscegenated bastard' -- the product of a forbidden sexual
    liason. It is full of professional disrupters and self-serving whiggers.
    There is no way you can get twenty of them together and not risk having a
    fight. DeNugent actually sees himself leading a mass Movement and thus
    doesn't want to annoy any possible supporters. I told him that it was
    impossible to remain neutral on the TraitorGlenn Miller issue.

    Nevertheless, I really liked John DeNugent. I said that perhaps we can have
    a friendly debate over our different views of the Movement. DeNugent is
    wondering whether or not to cancel the April 11th New England thing because
    the feds/ZOG forced the owner to cancel and refund the money. And DeNugent
    is worried about his own safety. The Department of ZOGland InSecurity is
    cracking down on political dissent by fair means and foul.

    I'll be checking in with my fellow pastors in Aryan Nations, Pastors Faber
    & Visser. I am pretty sure that they will agree that we will not work with
    anyone affiliated with TraitorGlenn Miller or VNNF or who gives rats a
    pass. Not that they are working with them now. This week Faber's Aryan
    Nations sub-forum was nuked by Boob the papist hybernigger Reichskritter on
    Aryan Front with the collusion of Dave from jew yawk. This vermin crept in
    during the [d]rule of August Kreis, who would accept anybody, including
    sandniggers, into Aryan Nations as long as they sent him twenty ZOG-bux. We
    learned that we can't trust too much anyone who isn't in our racial
    religion. We are developing our own forums and working on forming a CI
    Network right now. So we don't need $permFront or VNNF. When we form a
    rival WN network we will doubtless be attacked by these ZOG false fronts
    losing prestige and viewers.

    The VNNF vermin are attacking John DeNugent, so let him enjoy their
    behavior until he learns better than try to make a Resistance purse out of
    a jew's ear. $permFront kicked off John DeNugent and David Duke isn't going
    to make Don Black let him back on. If DeNugent is a smart boy, he'll figure
    out who he needs to get on his side and who he needs to cut. It is those
    who are screwing him over.

    I actually like John DeNugent. He is an honest man with qualities of
    leadership. He is also a total naif, who doesn't seem to have learned a
    single political reality in his 25 years in the Movement about the real
    pieces of shit that infests it and their motivations. He don't know how to
    fight dirty and mean, which are traits necessary when dealing with the jews
    and whiggers fighting us. I feel sorry for the stag who is going to be
    dragged down by these rats, who don't know or don't care that John
    supposedly "put it all behind him." You can't 'move on' with a pack of jew
    and whigger rats biting and chewing on your scrotum. First you need to kill
    or drive off the rats and stop offering them any shield or shelter to be
    rats. Well, John DeNugent, maybe you will learn, maybe you will not. These
    people are not your friends. And as long as you associate yourself with
    them, then the honest Whites will not associate themselves with you. Why
    should they do so? They don't need or want TraitorGlenn Miller
    'litterature.' They don't need or want TraitorGlenn Miller getting their IP
    number. So what does it benefit you to associate yourself with a known
    traitor who is funneling money into VNNF.

    I set DeNugent straight as to TraitorGlenn Miller's 'war record' and as how
    TraitorGlenn is not paying for VNNF out of a veteran's pension or truck
    driver retirement. TraitorGlenn got enough to pay for Jim Beam and pay off
    the mortgage on the doublewide, but not that much. I also brought up how
    I'm suing TraitorGlenn Miller over fixing it so openly White Nationalist candidates
    cannot run on a political party with ballot access in Missouri
    TraitorGlenn set it up so that I won't be able to run for US Senate in 2010
    unless I can end up winning my lawsuit against Obongo. DeNugent doesn't
    want to hear it. Well, DeNugent, you need to open your eyes and ears, and
    hear what Movement vermin are doing to destroy the political means and ends
    of Whites.

    So, Pastor Gerhardt, I wanted to finish this letter with what I have
    learned. I agree with you that we cannot support anyone who tolerates
    traitors and informants. We must insist that they denounce TraitorGlenn
    Miller and VNNF.

    I will try to get my V-bulletin forum up next week, instead of this week. I
    am determined to get our own forums and network up and running.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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    Default John DeNugent Finally Figures Out OctfagjewNut/COONstantine von Kikenmamzer

    John DeNugent Finally Figures Out OctfagjewNut/COONstantine von Kikenmeister


    Constantin von Hoffmeister swills barleywater and tokes on a fag,
    while a jew commie glowers down, anxiously wondering
    if somehow a fire ant got into the ant farm he put in his anus.

    I pull down my pants, so that the ants can enter my anus. The tickling sensation of the ants entering my anus makes me giggle. I am sure I read somewhere that having ants settle down inside your body will make you less of an individualist prick. I want to belong and the ants entering my anus will help me achieve this goal. Finally I shall become a member of the group that I am a part of. My ethnic interests demand that I subjugate myself to the process of having ants enter my anus. The ants form a collective. One of them grows really large, and Clint Eastwood as the pilot of a fighter jet has to destroy it.
    The Story of I by Constantin Von Hoffmeister

    John DeNugent Gets Tired Of Octjewfagnut

    Quote Originally Posted by John DeNugent


    Beyond that, Ogenoct, you support the Jews and the Hitler-bashing because the Jews have the Power, and you don't want to go to jail. It's really that simple.

    And you are attacking me at a time when others are also. I cannot forget this, not now and not in the future either.

    This is an issue of your character.

    You are much too smart to not understand who has the power. And it is not an amazing coincidence that you have chosen to flatter all-powerful Jewry - as it destroys our race.

    It is the same with the Christian Zionists. It is no coincidence that they worship nowadays the Power Jews. They understand on an animal level who has the power at this time.

    By the same token, it is no coincidence that only a minority opposes the Jews. Because only a minority is courageous and ready to suffer for principle.

    For this reason, I must say that most leftists and liberals are not courageous. They are going with the flow of a left-drifting society.

    It takes ZERO courage to say the "progressive" mantra of "I love blacks, Hispanics, gays and Jews -- and the poor wittle baby seals."

    And so there is also NO courage, Ogenoct, in your support of the Jews -- because you are just looking out for Number One.

    You know very well that antisemites go to prison for long terms.

    And there is also no courage in your current slavophilia and Hitlerophobia. You live in a slavic country and you are buttering up the people in your surroundings.

    And now you have forced me to state the harsh facts about your character. I say this as a person who has helped you in several meaningful ways, and who knows you.

    You are really a Judas, like Marinesko. You are betraying the white race for personal advantage.

    And you hate me because I do not. My stance puts a mirror up in front of your own face.

    If you want, we can now discuss you and Ilya Ehrenburg, who advocated the mass rape and murder of your own Germans.

    I am eager to have this public discussion -- right here on the thread "Apocalypse of the Psychopaths."

    What IS your opinion of Ilya Ehrenburg?
    Quote Originally Posted by OctjewfagNut/CONstipation von Kikenmeister

    http://www.thephora.net/forum/showth...36297&page=175 post #1745

    I do not believe in a Jewish conspiracy. I believe that Ashkenazi Jews are White and hence our brothers and sisters. See this thread of mine:


    Also, I cannot see what you are actually doing to save the White race. All you do is write one paranoid post after another. It is quite silly really. J?rgen Graf does not like me because I praise the Bolsheviks. It is not "the Jews" who are after him but the government of Switzerland which is not at all controlled by "the Jews." Finland is also not controlled by "the Jews." Hence, Henrik is not being persecuted by "the Jews" but by his own government and his own people.

    I am a big fan of Ilya Ehrenburg. He was a good European. I especially like his expressionist novel THE LIFE OF THE AUTOMOBILE. Ehrenburg was a great writer and a genius who enriched European culture. The same cannot be said for your hero Shitler (yes, I call him Shitler because he really was SHIT).
    I for one, believe that dirty Ashkenazi jews are OctjewfagNut's biological as well as spiritual brothers and sisters of this degenerate whigger fag. Can you imagine what Reinholt Heydricht would have done to this treasonous little degenerate faggot idiot? I'd have dressed it up as an SS corporal and sent to out on a suicide mission -- either that or heated up a poker to shove up its ass, is what used to be the punishment for faggots.

    If this is what has happened to German noble families -- and I think that this little faggot is a poseur -- then Heaven help Germany. Shouldn't there be a law that noble families can discreetly knock something like Constipation/OctFagjewNut over the head and dig a hole under the rose bush to dispose of it if they are want to save the family name? The breeders of purebred Herefords and Angus knock over the head any dwarfs that pop out of their registered heifers whenever necessary and bury it in a hole someplace. Germans of high birth ought to be as smart as South Dakota Swedish ranchers. Not that I think for a minute that this idiotic fag poseur is in any way descended from nobility.

    But quite a few people in the Movement know all about "OctjewfagNut/COONstipation von faggenmeister. . . .

    OctfagjewNut Is No Secret To The Bowel Movement

    Quote Originally Posted by John DeNugent


    Juergen Graf is a distinguished Holocaust revisionist, married to a Byelarusian, and a master writer in four languages.

    He wrote me this about Ogenoct in December 2007: What! You knew about OctFagjewNut and you didn't let the cat out of the bag for 15 months until after the mamzerkike faggot insulted you, John!!! What kind of leadership is THAT???!!! - MLDL CJCC/AN

    Dear John

    I write this letter in English in order to enable
    David Duke, who will get a copy, to understand it.

    I first met [Ogenoct] in December
    2004. He favorably impressed me as an interesting
    interlocutor, and I found out that we had a lot of
    things in common, such as our admiration for Ernst
    Juenger and out interest in India.

    By the way, O was sober that evening, and we
    only had two or three beers...

    In the meantime, I have had the highly dubious
    pleasure of having a look at O's ridiculous
    website. I have also read the speech he delivered at
    the Moscow conference "The white world and Russia" in
    June 2006. The inevitable conclusion is that
    O is not a white nationalist at all, even if
    he pretends to be one because he apparently dislikes
    Negroes and Arabs. He is a pro-Zionist communist.

    Of course, he is perfectly free to profess any ideology
    he choses, but he should not be allowed to speak at
    white nationalist conferences where he will do only
    harm and discredit serious people, such as David Duke
    or Gerhoch Reisegger (who called O a name I
    prefer not to repeat after O had delivered
    his hare-brained speech).

    Why we all know what David Duke - who, like everybody,
    has his weaknesses - has done for the white cause. His
    books My Awakening and Jewish Supremacism are
    masterpieces. Now compare this to the pitiiful rubbish
    O has the effrontery to publish on his website!

    Today David called me to tell me that he will not
    attend the forthcoming Moscow conference in July if
    O is invited as a speaker. I fully understand
    him, and I will forward this message to Pavel Tulajev,
    the organizer of the conference. Let our friend Pavel
    chose who of the two is a more valuable speaker and
    who is more likely to further the white cause!

    I authorize you to send this e-mail to everybody who
    might be interested.

    Kind regards Juergen Graf
    See, even David Duke, con-man extraordinary , knew enough to know that you can't have a White Nationalist anti-jew meeting in Russia or any other place with an idiotic wannabe jew/Bolshevik whigger faggot. Any place which allows the idiot to brain-fart in public is a soapbox you don't want to share.

    John DeNugent, you should have denounced OctjewFagNut/Constipation von Kikenmeister a long time ago. Instead you waited until OctfagjewNut caused you trouble to denounce you before you chewed on this faggot kikealike shabbes-whigger shithead's ass. So, that begs the question as to who you owe loyalty to: yourself first or to a Movement to be purged of traitors first?

    Likewise you need to denounce TraitorGlenn Miller and Alex Linder. All they do is let their whigger shitheads call you a faggot and nut-job. This matter is not over any more than OctjewfagNut's hatred of Whites is over. I'd geld them all at the first available opportunity. But sooner or later you will denounce them because you won't be able to proceed in the face of opposition from those in no mood to 'forgive or forget' treason and snitchery. You have shown that you can denounce faggot cretins after they insult you. But anyone can denounce ZOG agents provacateur after they annoy you and your own little personal me-god. What takes guts and leadership is to denounce traitors when the traitors are licking your ass and promising you support. You wait until you don't have a choice but to denounce traitors who have weaseled their way back into the Movement and you will be judged an opportunist and typical politician piece of shit.

    OctfagjewNut was never much of a traitor, just a faggot idiot that ZOG excretes and in a well-running social order would get ONE good beat-down by White men and after a second time there would be no third time. Dachau was custom-ordered for the likes of OctfagjewNut, who never was any threat to the Movement like TraitorGlenn Miller and Alex Linder is. You need a little more Hitler and a lot less TraitorGlenn Lindermiller.

    If you want, I got a lot of letters from the Order and CI denouncing TraitorGlenn and Alex Linder. There are plenty of venues where they are not welcome unless it is to get their rat asses beat. Of course my kind of Movement activist doesn't do hotel ballrooms whining about jews but prefers to do back forties with cross-lightings and red-meat rhetoric.

    No, John, you said you wanted input. Well here it is: Denounce TraitorGlenn Miller and Alex Linder. That's what we want to hear first thing right off. No room for traitors and ZOG rats any more than we need jews and niggers in the Movement. The sooner you perform this chore the better. Stop putting it off and bite the bullet and get it over with. Get 'er done, and I'll support you.

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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    Default Flush the VNNF/TGMNNF/GFRTCNNF cesspool of itz turds while you're up, John


    Quote Originally Posted by John DeNutjob's blog


    For the record, I have nothing but respect for Alex Linder, and I support VNN and its mission. But the people who post there, and who read the posts there, should be aware of who many of their forum neighbors may be, and what these neighbors may be up to.
    * * *

    I really do wish you would simply bite the bullet and denounce TraitorAlex Linder and his ZOG paymaster, the caught rat and agent provacateur TraitorGlenn Miller. Failure to do so means that you yourself fall under suspicion as a fool at best, a fellow ZOG false front at worst.

    VNNF is merely a ghetto for whiggers, mamzers (miscegenated bastards), and jews to post whiggroid 'muhDikkk!!!' posts. Of course a third of the posters are jews, given that the rest are mamzers or shabbes whiggers.

    So what exactly is that 'mission' of VNNF, given that a known rat and informer is with them? Why do you act surprised that on jew holidays that these observant spawn of Satan worship theys' D-g and daddy, Satan and can't take time to post on that VNNF cesspool for fools? Do you need to take a pecker checker or try shoving a double bacon cheeseburger down kikeazoid throats on Yom Kippur?

    Like I asked you to do back on my telephone call on April 9, 2009, just bite the bullet and denounce Traitors Alex Linder and TraitorGlenn Miller. Rats and snitches and agents provacateur have no part in the White Nationalist Movement, regardless of how much ZOGbux from the Department of ZOGland InSecurity that they bring to the table.

    Bite the bullet and do your part to kick the rats out, John. Show some moral leadership. Of course VNN/VNNF is a sewer and cesspool. Flush the LinderMillerite turds now. Just a little handle-jiggling will do it. Flush VNNF now, flush it now.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri
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    Enjoying the stench of nigger in jew yawk

    Default Post-Apocalypse of the Psychopaths

    Post-Apocalypse of the Psychopaths


    Like every other Jew-naming tribal war chieftain who demanded not just fealty but foldin' money - and who mocked pseudonyms as unAryan and cowardly - self-appointed white messiah John de Nugent continues his long public meltdown.

    Considering he's just about at the end of his tether now, I fear news of his suicide will be inevitably forthcoming. You wish he could get some help, but messiahs never seek help...only further enabling. Probably all we'll be left with is a grim cautionary example that no one with any common sense required in the first place. Truly sad.
    Quote Originally Posted by John DeNutjob

    If the movie “V for Vendetta” proved anything, it is that the Jews can openly reveal what they are doing to us, and if there is NO LEADER, and no ORGANIZATION, and no CAPTIVATING VISION OF LIFE, HONOUR AND JUSTICE, then no exposition of the facts alone — which is all basically just COMPLAINING — will accomplish anything at all, except make people even more dejected and feel even more powerless.

    Eternal Solutreanism means a new elite arising from among today’s pitiful, discouraged, downtrodden whites. It is the transformation of mere whites into Aryans — noble in character and skilled in mind — and working closely together across this globe, under one leader and one plan.

    Please read more below, and then, if your soul is deeply moved, volunteer, send funds, move here to Pennsylvania if you can, or help me from your own home in any way you can.

    Am I an angel? No. Am I a devil? No. Am I a man? Yes, I am.

    And if the Jews succeed because they are international, we who are Aryans, and not merely white of skin, we also must be international, a globe-spanning team, a band of brothers. And we will get them — without any mercy, this time.

    It is either this — white genocide — they destroy US – or we destroy our enemy.

    A kind young comrade offered me a room in his apartment in Madison, Wisconsin, after reading I was now living in a motel.

    I had told my readers I might lose my rented house if they did not contribute more; well, you readers, as a whole, did not contribute more and so I lost my rental house, which I had rented for 3.5 years.

    I am now in a black-mold-ridden motel. It took me over a week of wasted time to move from a 2500-square-foot house, and I spent a thousand dollars in a variety of direct and indirect moving costs, in order to lose a HQ-size house, and this on the verge of starting my Eternal Solutrean organization — with 13 of 15 videos done.

    Thus I descend from a HQ into a dismal motel. Thanks for everything, my beloved skinflints. ;-) If you are reading this, do let me ask you:

    Why ARE you reading this? It is apparently not worth you even donating ten measly bucks…..

    If every reader had sent just ten bucks, I would have garnered $20,000 per month….I could have started this movement a half-year ago. Today there would be the stirrings of WHITE POWER!

    The terrible karma is YOURS.

    Go ahead –. please be offended, miserly moochers, and do quit reading my blog. I beg you to be miffed.

    I find it ironic that, just like Hitler as an orphan teenager in Vienna, I am in a moldy room in a downtrodden worker-misery quarter. (I was coughing away from the black mold until I killed the mold on and behind the walls with peroxide and bleach, and washed, myself, all the curtains.)
    I have had three experiences lately where I go to a bar for a beer (in vino veritas, “in wine is truth,” the Romans always said) and people really do open up when drinking, saying un-p.c. things, and I listen very, very carefully to what they say and HOW they say it, word-for-word).

    When I began talking, people just started staring at me like some kind of, well, messiah or savior figure, just like…. in that famous painting, Hitler with that crowd of young people stacked up in front of him, him seated at that table….just RAPT with attention……
    A salesgirl at Macy’s, two brothers at Pittsburgh Airport, two women eating spaghetti at Harrison’s Bar and Grill [a nice local bar], and a salesgirl at a BP gas station-convenience store……
    It is as if they were really READY: that is all I can say…. I have never experienced this before…….Of course, Obama rode on this wave (fraudulently) in 2008 of The People wanting real change…..wanting a messiah (a concept from Zoroastrianism, btw, and related to the Indo-Aryan avatar concept), but I think people have been so burned by that letdown (and the media hoopla over that charlatan) that the Establishment, unlike this movement, cannot get the people’s hope up again like that.
    Well, the God video (some pix in the blog, as you know :- ) is the make-or-break video. (Both my cameramen were VERY enthused by the opening segments we have shot, both along the Allegheny River.) Maybe if AH had started a religion with islamic-like fervor, and not just the political-economic-military approach he took, and also been more RUTHLESS, we would have won the last time.

    One of the things I like most about Stonewall Jackson is that soon after he took command of his soldiers (prior to this, he had been a professor of military history) he had the slackers and stragglers (a straggler being, in military parlance, someone who goes temporarily AWOL and then returns when he feels like it) promptly arrested, tried, lined up and shot. Some of the southern boys protested, but afterward the effect was immediate, a spine of solid steel. No more “good old boy” mindset – this is war and victory is our goal. Do your duty or die — at the hands of your own comrades who ARE conscientious, and understand the survival of our race is not a game.



    –Cash in an envelope

    –Blank money order (put in $ amount, not your name or to whom)

    –MoneyGram (send from a Walmart or elsewhere)

    (NO more PayPal — the Jews there have blocked the account.)

    John de Nugent
    The Spider Knows!!!

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    Default Alas Poor John, I Knew Him Reasonably Well -- He made my transgendered mangina psychopathetically wettt!!!

    Alas Poor John, I Knew Him Reasonably Well
    He made my transgendered mangina psychopathetically wettt!!!


    Once upon a time John de Nugent was a moderately prominent personality in the White Nationalist Movement, but, during the past year, he crept out of the limelight and, if his recent blog postings and videos are anything to go by, his mind as well as my transgendered psychopathetically mamzerized mangina.

    I haven't followed John's exploits in quite some time, so I really have no idea what precipitated this despairing decline of his. I've been stalking Pope Marty and Johnny Tonto along with my fellow mamzers jewromy Visser, Bryan Wright, and that mamzer faggot Bryan Reo/SwordBrethren to pay much attention to John DeNutjob. From what I can gather, he's been berating WNs for not sending him enough donations to assist him in his mission to stamp out ZOG, or whatever it is he hopes to achieve, which is never a good sign. Is it, Hal, Duckster of Deaf, Rabbi Linderwitz, jewromy?

    I like John. I wore out a vibrator jewst thinking about him, his blue blue eyes, bluer than Pope Marty's gunbarrel-grey eyes, his heterosexual ladystick reserved for genetic females as opposed to Michael Jackson wannabes. I can't say I go along with all of his beliefs, but I've always found him to be a congenial, erudite man who loves his race and has arguably the best speaking voice in White Nationalism -- with the possible exception of Marty Lindstedt's. Now while I'm working the truckstop, I'll have to ask my clientele to not wear a John DeNutjob mask while I tickle their jewranuses with my tongue.

    Consider yourself in my prayers, John. Cum, cum.




    Wandering through a leaf-carpeted public park on my way to 'work' at the truck stop to the vaguely menacing strains of music that seems to have been borrowed from a 1950s monster movie, an earnest but mentally questionable John de Nugent eulogizes a pioneer woman whose children were scalped by Indians, remembers US soldiers fallen in battle, and plugs the heck out of something called "The God Video".




    PassTard Pisser picked a peck of pickled poofter possums.
    A peck of pickled poofter possums PassTard Pisser picked.

    Two & a Half Mamzers Forum!!!

    Winner of the 'Scarlet H' For Hypocrisy!!!


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    Default Interview with John de Nugent

    Interview with John de Nugent


    John DeNugent/DeNutjob/Da Noodge

    Long time White Nationalist John de Nugent is gearing up for yet another new drive to lead Whites in America in this post-election period. John, in his own words, aspires to be a philosopher-king, while, at the same time, he works at the grass-roots level in his local Pennsylvania area. Going from bar to bar, cadging drinks. John is good-natured as host Carolyn Yeager is a bit tough in her questioning as she seeks for precise answers to our present travails. Not to mention a lusty new meercat for her nasty ol' beaver. Subjects ranged from:
    The German-American experience of the World Wars is now being repeated in general White American experience;

    What to do about the “nobility and naivety” of the blue-eyed Aryan race;

    What is required in a White leader;

    Do we even need a single White leader who will simply be a target;

    The Northwest Front vs. John’s Pennsylvania-Ohio-Kentucky-W. Virginia location for a White Safety Zone;

    Chemtrails and other neuro-chemical methods of numbing and dumbing Whites;

    The importance of religion for long-lasting group survival.
    Cumpleate download: http://thewhitenetwork.com/data/audi...r_20121110.mp3

    Published on November 10, 2012 by Carolyn in Saturday Afternoon with Carolyn Yeager


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    Default John DeNutjob on Truth Militia Radio now.

    Never take seriously anonymous tards that sport jewess avatars.

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    Default The Realist Report with John Friend -- 11Feb13

    The Realist Report with John Friend -- 11Feb13



    On this edition of The Realist Report, we'll be joined by John de Nugent to discuss his political views, experience in the pro-White movement, and related matters. Calls will be taken throughout the conversation. You can download the entire program here, or subscribe to Truth Militia via iTunes here.

    Below are videos I recently watched produced by John de Nugent. Check out all of John's videos here.

    http://www.blogtalkradio.com/the-tru...ohn-friend.mp3 Download Link

    "Truth" (jew-lie) Militia Radio

    We go ass-to-mouth with jews, mamzers and ZOGbots



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    Default Who is John DeNugent?

    Who is John DeNugent?


    John DeNugent, "Provisional President of AmurriKwa"


    Speaking of crackpots, I have been getting a lot of unsolicited emails lately from a White Nationalist called “John de Nugent” about the Jewish Question.

    Here’s a sample of the stuff that de Nugent is sending me:

    “The Enemy fears that Whites will gain new hope that 1) the German Reich never ended in 1945, and is now preparing its violent and vengeful comeback, and 2) there are advanced Whites throughout the galaxy who are bitter enemies of the Jews and of THEIR allies — an evil power that is USING THE JEWS AS THEIR AGENTS, a force whose savage cruelty staggers the imagination. (It all confirms John 8:44.)” . . .

    Listen to this:
    “8) the Nordic Aliens are helping the Fourth Reich
    9) the Grays are helping the US government and thus the Jews who of course control the US government. Thus the theme of the series “X Files” is simply true, that the Grays are deeply embedded in the US government. …

    13) Nordic Aliens have abducted entire White American families and taken them to beautiful planets to work in agriculture and forestry, fearing that earth WILL be destroyed but desiring that White earthlings should be preserved. They are however kept at 1940s technology because Earthlings tend toward ego, violence, and misusing technology to make devastating weapons and, through pollution, to destroy their own environment to get rich quick.
    14) A Gray-Reptilian alliance enslaved many planets with a HAARP-like mind control and neurochemicals, making them into programmed transhumans without free will, slaves and soldiers in their war machine.
    The Nordic Aliens were forced to obliterate all life on those many planets and then restore those planets painstakingly so they could again host life.
    15) The Nordic Aliens wish the Fourth Reich to take care of the problems on this planet.”

    Note: See here, here, here, and here.

    Update: John de Nugent believes he is the reincarnation of Adolf Hitler and that he was molested as a child as punishment for the Second World War:

    “John de Nugent was then and is still certain about the fact that he is reincarnated from Adolf Hitler. One we had a walk he told me that how he felt the pain of losing the 2nd World War and how he still can remember the April 30th 1945 inside the Führerbunker. John de Nugent claimed that he remembers how he did hold the pistol before “he” (Adolf Hitler) finished his days among the living. John de Nugent could not bear any counter-statements about the possibility of Hitler’s escape from the bunker. John de Nugent had composed an article for the Barnes Review where he explains the last moments of Adolf Hitler. John de Nugent also kept the fact alive that he was Adolf Hitler in his last life by his facial structure and the matching eye color – deep blue eyes. However, John de Nugent used blue contact lenses while his real eye color is blue-green. Before publishing any close-up pictures of himself where his eyes were exposed, he made certain to color his eyes in dark blue. …

    Some of the Sunday hobbies of John de Nugent were to take photographs of him that is supposed to in the style of Adolf Hitler. He often said, also several other people hearing it, that it must be shown to the Jews that Adolf Hitler is back!

    John de Nugent felt that all the pain he had gone through in his childhood sexual abuse was the karma of losing the 2nd World War and causing the deaths of 55 million people . . . ”

    Posted on November 21, 2013 by Hunter Wallace

    The quality of people I am reaching is much higher than I ever did with a forum.
    I'm now at the top of the racialist intellectual community in the United States.
    I was a nobody when I ran The Phora.

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    Default Us meercats need jewnity

    Us meercats need jewnity


    Why is it when I read about John de Nugent, I hear the Laurel and Hardy theme song “Dance Of The Coo-Coos” in my head? The poor man needs psychiatric care now!

    MOTS, the leftists have the same unity as the Mafia or any other criminal organization, it’s based on the goal of controlling and exploiting others. Most normal, decent people are not used to dealing with this sort of people. But when enough of us get pissed off, we will unify and fix the problem.

    Stephen E Dalton says:
    November 21, 2013 at 6:57 pm

    I'm Little Butt I'm Loud!!!

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