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Thread: ZOG Is Falling Apart

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    Default ZOG Is Falling Apart

    ZOG Is Falling Apart


    Today the whiggers are having problems in feeding and taking care of theysselfs. They are losing jobs, manufacturing facilities, even necessary infrastructure. As a result of whiggers not being able to take care of theysselfs, they soon won't be able to take care of, feed, and support the muds and jews either.

    This thread is devoted to showing how the mighty Evil Empire is losing the little things which show that someone is minding the store and running things well. Little things like roads going back to being paved with gravel. Big things like entire cities full of niggers being declared derelict and bulldozed down. And an Evil Empire well aware that it can't maintain living standards for its animals and having to hide this fact while clueless whigger 'intellectuals' yap on as if this overt decline in living standards, in civilization is a good thing.

    ZOG is falling apart, right now. The degenerate animals within it are no longer even capable of taking care of theysselfs. Whites will be expected, then forced, to provide for stupid dangerous nasty animals unable to take care of themselves and then unable as White people to keep what they create. Whites are slave to ZOG/Babylon. Whites will rebel, either overtly in civil war, or simply stop producing anything more than what they need for their own survival. The end result shall be like in the Soviet jewnion when the peasants and Ukranians refused to produce grain and were exterminated. ZOG might well become that tough in an attempt to survive -- but maybe not. Maybe ZOG will simply fall apart as its army and its piglice are not any more competent than its burrocrats and jew banksters.

    Time will tell.

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri
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    Default Counties reverting to gravel roads!

    Counties reverting to gravel roads!


    Quote Originally Posted by Hal Turner Radio Network


    LANSING, Mich. (AP) - Some Michigan counties have turned a few once-paved rural roads back to gravel to save money.

    More than 20 of the state's 83 counties have reverted deteriorating paved roads to gravel in the last few years, according to the County Road Association of Michigan. . . .


    Does it occur to anyone that from the year 1900 - 1960, no county in the USA had to do this? Why now?

    I'll tell you why: The welfare class has sucked the life blood out of the country! Governments at every level -- federal, state, county, municipal -- are all spending so much money paying people who don't work that there isn't enough money left for governments to do the things they're actually supposed to do.

    This is the reality of the "social contract" that all of us were duped into thinking was legitimate. Sadly, we have now found out that the "social contract" to "help" the "less fortunate" is actually a way to simply spread the misery. Anyone who dares say this publicly is immediately smeared as a "hater" or "selfish."

    No one ever calls the welfare class "blood suckers" or "parasites." Maybe its time we starting calling it truthfully. Return the stigma of going on "relief." If we don't, the USA will end up just another third world cesspool. No thanks!

    Rural Michigan counties turn failing roads to gravel


    LANSING, Mich. (AP) - Some Michigan counties have turned a few once-paved rural roads back to gravel to save money.

    More than 20 of the state's 83 counties have reverted deteriorating paved roads to gravel in the last few years, according to the County Road Association of Michigan. The counties are struggling with their budgets because tax revenues have declined in the lingering recession.

    Montcalm County converted nearly 10 miles of primary road to gravel this spring.

    The county estimates it takes about $10,000 to grind up a mile of pavement and put down gravel. It takes more than $100,000 to repave a mile of road.

    Reverting to gravel has happened in a few other states but it is most typical in Michigan. At least 50 miles have been reverted in the state in the past three years.

    Quote Originally Posted by BCMike


    Wow, another great thread full of hot heads and delusions.

    Axioma- where to begin- How about here? "Spartanman: You have given me far too much to work with, let’s begin at the end and work backwards".

    Likewise- There are more holes and inconsistencies in your ramblings than a horn of Swiss Cheese.

    Next, you say "I teach comparative legal systems, with emphasis on meeting the needs of LEOs who are working on their CJ degrees"-So you teach Law Enforcement Officers working on a degree in Criminal Justice? That's what the annoying use of acronyms and jargon appears to say. And that makes you some kind of expert in Constitutional history and principles? Not quite.

    You say that "... NO EXECUTIVE can govern “by the US Constitution” because that is the role of the COURTS"

    Really? The courts govern? The courts are the ones who make policies, regulations and laws, create and implement plans for social and economic development, make decisions on how to spend the people's time, money and resources? Gee- My simpleton little mind always thought the role of the courts was to interpret the laws against the Constitutions of the respective state and the U.S. Constitution to ensure the laws and enforcement of those laws account for the protections and provisions in said Constitutions.

    Then there's "Next, REPRESENTATIVES DO NOT GOVERN! You are mixing up the three branches of government! Only executives govern..." Wait- Didn't you just tell us that the courts govern? Which is it? Obviously Spartanman isnt the one mixed up about what branch does what job.

    Then there's "constant hammering against both political parties is nothing more than a thinly veiled attack against the American political system and against America itself!!"

    Yep, it's an attack against he political system that has become corrupted by power and greed, facilitated by constituents who care about nothing except 'what are you gonna gimme' so he (or she) who promises the most handouts wins. Do you also think that George Washington is Anti-American? or haven't you read his Farewell address where he warns about the corruptions and deceit of a two-party system?

    Then there's "THOSE WHO PROMOTE THIRD PARTIES GENERALLY HAVE AN ANTI-AMERICAN AGENDA, BUT COVER THEIR AGENDA WITH “LOFTY” RHETORICAL GOALS"- Anti- American agendas hidden behind lofty goals?? Sounds to me and a lot of others that this is happening today, as we speak. It's not 'third party' phenomenon. It's here and now with the two we have.

    The answer to your question of "Why do you think that EVERY HOSPITAL and EVERY SCHOOL and ALL AGENCIES have attorneys on staff??" is a very simple one. Because they are afraid of some whack job will sue them over every little thing. It's about money- that's all.

    Finally, there's "Anything that causes chaos, doubt, and distrust of the American system of government must be suspect! Therefore, rather than merely accepting any third party, and chalking its existence up to a particular group with a specific interest, it is MORE important to discover just exactly WHO is behind each movement, their actual motivation, and how they are financed!"

    That I can agree with, except it's not just third parties, but ALL parties.

    Your long-winded, condescending, self-fulfilling wordy attempt to sound somehow more educated, enlightened and smarter than the rest of us has proven to be nothing more than a thinly veiled rant full of its own contradictions, doublespeak and idealism. It doesn't appear that you fooled too many people.
    Quote Originally Posted by obamautopia


    Fact: Gravel roads are more dangerous because they are more slippery due to loose gravel and potholes. If gravel roads were superior for transportation safety - then why isn't the interstate and the autobahn merely gravel roads? Why not city streets?

    Fact: Gravel roads put more dust into atmosphere as anyone who has followed the choking dust of a vehicle moving ahead of you on a gravel / dirt road can tell you.

    Fact: Gravel roads require more frequent oil changes - thus using more oil and dirty oil filters to dispose of. Also more air filter changes. Also more fuel filter changes. Also more car washing. Also more tires. Also more windshield replacement and fabricating glass requires a tremendous amount of energy.

    Fact: Gravel roads are less fuel efficient. In one study in Bogota, Columbia, fuel consumption was reported to be 25% higher for a vehicle moving on a gravel or earth surface than on an asphalt pavement.

    Fact: Gravel roads wear out vehicles faster meaning more consumption to replace the parts, many of them steel parts which take an enormous amount of energy to fabricate and "carbon footprint" for the idiots who think anthropogenic "Global Warming" is anything other than a Leftist Agenda.

    And so America slowly continues its slide into a 3rd world Leftist "Utopia", thanks to the Democrat Party of The Left.

    My Commentary: A common theme in these comments is that the Republicunts blame the Demoncrats for the lower living standards. However, this Repulsivecunt has a point: Cheaper degraded county roads mean that private property, such as cars, fall apart because of this public infrastructure falling apart. It was because of White government doing things relatively efficiently that capital improvements in basic infrastructure was made to enhance private property. A Repulsivecunt regime is aimed at taking care of its base -- whiggers -- just as a Demonocrat regime is aimed at taking care of its base -- niggers and jews. This whigger is pissed because it and itz has lost political power to the muds/Demonocrats.

    This poster also alludes to the policy of ZOG bulldozing decayed cities/shitties in Michigan, like Flint and Detroit, where the niggers routinely set fire to abandoned buildings, trying to get back to the dirt path and shit-mud huts of their native lands.

    Quote Originally Posted by nn55nn


    Many here are missing the big picture

    Gravel roads are not the end of the world in and of themselves. As someone mentioned, there are gravel roads in many other parts of this big country. The problem is that in most cases those gravel roads in other places have always been gravel roads. What we are talking about are roads in Michigan that used to be paved for not only decades, but for several generations. Roads that have come and gone with the once great automobile industry.

    Michigan had a chance to learn from history. They did not learn form the old oil industry in the US. They did not learn from the steel industry that made Pittsburgh and Allentown wealthy.

    Everyone was greedy and spent all of that money with reckless abandon! Im not only talking about CEOs and executives, but UNIONS. $60/hr for a janitor that does not even have a high school diploma? We wait until 2003 to reduce the pay for that over paid janitor? hey, about 40 years too late. AND YES, sometimes it is too late to make changes! Last call was even before Ross Perot. Actually it was the early 1980s, when Chrysler was in trouble.

    By the end of the 1980s, Japan had already taken huge market share from the US and the decline of the US auto industry was firmly established!!

    Executives making too much money

    UNIONS that made our most important industry vulnerable to cost efficient Japanese

    UNIONS that essentially became a gigantic PUT option on the extremely overpaid complacent, low achieving, drug/alcohol infested/anti-education lifestyles of hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of people thinking once they started with a manufacturing job they were set to the grave.

    By the time Chrysler had to be bailed out, the US already had two oil crisis! Come one, how many oil crisis does it take to make people realize we need to do something??? Are we that stupid? in a word, yes, yes we are.

    Lots of money was put into the wrong hands! its called misallocation, and is common during the hay days.

    What should have been done is too late to talk about really. But for closure :
    - industries in your backyard that created millions of jobs for so many decades WERE A GIFT! This gift was wasted!
    - we did not teach the value of a dollar or an education when a janitor with a 6th grade education got 60 bucks an hour! Who needs school with a wage system like that?
    - instead of viewing the automobile age as an endless source of infinite money, people of Michigan should have looked as this as a gift that should be used wisely. A gift that will run its course sooner or later. And that with the money that engine produces, we should prepare for the time when that era goes away.

    Its easy to tell oil countries to use oil profits to create new industries because the oil will run out. BUt it should have been just as easy to tell people in the auto industry that we should have been preparing for the day when the auto industry will not be the big money engine ti once was.

    Sure we can blame the severe imbalances in global trade that always favored foreigners over the USA. But even if it was not the Japanese offering more value than us, it could have been an invention of historic proportions that would eventually make autos essentially obsolete.

    There was only one attempt to create a new industry to help create jobs in Michigan and that was essentially a failure. ROBOTICS. Robotics was a failure on many levels: it was in direct competition to human jobs, it was too related to the auto industry. American cities that have proven resilient to severe recessions were cities that were DIVERSIFIED! If Pittsburg was too much steel and steel prices collapse, then Pittsburg will collapse - and they did. If oil prices collapse, and if your citizens are dependent too much on oil, then that city will lose many jobs. Which is what happened to Houston when oil went. Dallas was much better off than Houston, because Dallas area was diversified.

    Id say the leaders of Michigan are the most pathetic the world has ever seen!! WHY, because in no time in history as so much wealth been generated for such a long time as the auto industry has. 100+ yrs!

    And what do they have to show for it? Robotics? Jeff Daniels? big whooping deal!

    Our leaders, our UNIONS, our laws have squandered a gift that was given to us for 100years. A gift that has given more money and lasted longer than any other age that has ever existed on this planet. There were never be another gift like that EVER! Michigan deserves to suffer for wasting this gift, wasting that enormous amount of money. Money that could have been used to build other industries that could have supplied diversity which would have kept jobs in the state.

    All that is left now is to bull doze the cities and grind up the paved roads.

    Any thought of creating a new industry that will create hundreds of thousands of jobs in Michigan is FANTASY! WHY? Because many other states in the US will be competing for the same jobs. For that matter, even the USA may be out of luck because really the rest of the world will be competing for any new jobs that open up.

    The jobless recovery of 2003-2005, WAS NOT jobless. It was jobless in the USA, but not jobless in India, China, Russia, eastern Europe, and Brazil.

    If jobs come back to Michigan, they will probably be jobs created by rich foreign countries! But this generation will not see it since those countries will build themselves up first before doing anything for us. Look at Japan for an example. Japan built plants here in the states, but only 20 yrs after they became champions of their skills.

    Michigan is no more, dont be hopeful for it either. Cars are not coming back. Those wanting to spend money on that OLD industry are wasting money. China is the largest manufacturer of cars, India will also soon exceed US manufacturing. 2.5Billion people in India and China. 0.4billion in USA and Canada.

    The glory days are over. Michigan is experiencing severe DENIAL. And later it will turn to rage and sever anger. Anger towards UNIONS, auto executives, and Michigan politicians. Those are the people to blame! Then after the anger has calmed down (15-20 yrs from now), the seeds of new ideas can have a real chance for local/state prosperity in the face of global competition that is connected by lighten fast internet can have a real chance at success.

    Commentary: This whigger got it right. It doesn't matter that a number of county roads in less-populated rural White areas never were paved because of buckling and potholing in the wet severe Michigan winters and the rural voters didn't want or really need paved county rural roads. There are plenty of rural West-River South Dakota county roads which never will be paved.

    But what is important is that roads which have been paved for decades are no longer able to be kept up in suburban and urban areas. These rural roads reverting back to gravel means a diminishing standard of living -- especially given that the county road and property taxes won't be rebated to Whites given the lower standards. Instead, the taxes which used to be earmarked for paving will be used to hire more niggers and muds, to the county jail to keep them locked up, and to the skrules to create more whiggers and try to edjewcate animals. The living conditions for whiggers will become more onerous, the burdens will increase, and eventually the matters will snap as whiggers are unable to take care of theysselfs, much less the animals and jew parasites they are forced to support.

    The purpose of this thread is to show that ZOG/Babylon is falling apart. That the burden of supporting ZOG is falling upon a very few Whites, around 10 million of them and a lot of whiggers, 150 million of them, and that the 140 million niggers, beaners, gooks, and jews are simply a parasitic dead weight. What is most important is that whiggers are no longer able to even support theysselfs, but the burdens will fall heavily as the parasitic whiggers, muds and jews insist on more power and perks. The Whites will simply rebel, either overtly, as in civil war and Revolution or as simply refusing to create anything more than what they need to support themselves. The whigger backbone, long since replaced by a wishbone, will fail and snap.

    This thread concerning the fallback from paving county roads which have always been paved is but the canary in the coal mine. Another canary has stopped singing and fallen over, dead. And the Whites and the whiggers act as if a nerve has been touched -- as it has.

    Hal Turner or someone who works for him seen this matter and brought it to my attention.


    Sign on and get a profile there.

    To read more commentary on this news story in Michigan which struck a nerve amongst whiggers, go to:


    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri
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    Default U.S. Cities may have to be bulldozed to survive!

    ZOG Cities May Have to Be Bulldozed to Survive!


    Quote Originally Posted by Hal Turner

    U.S. Cities may have to be bulldozed to survive!

    Dozens of US cities may have entire neighborhoods bulldozed as part of drastic "shrink to survive" proposals being considered by the Obama administration to tackle economic decline.

    The radical experiment is the brainchild of Dan Kildee, treasurer of Genesee County, which includes Flint, MI.

    Having outlined his strategy to Barack Obama during the election campaign, Mr Kildee has now been approached by the US government and a group of charities who want him to apply what he has learnt to the rest of the country.


    Of course, no U.S. newspapers dare report this, the story had to be found in a British Newspaper.

    The U.S. media is in a tizzy over this ugly reality because it will reflect poorly on the President they consider a messiah, not to mention all the "protected groups" of "underprivileged" people in those cities who we're always told are our equals.

    The simple truth is that the populations of our major cities have sucked them dry and destroyed vast areas that were once thriving, safe places.

    What we're actually seeing here is the final result of "diversity." The utter destruction of civilization wherever certain populations become the majority.

    Diversity; had enough yet?

    Click Here to read the British Newspaper Story:
    Quote Originally Posted by Telegraph.co

    US cities may have to be bulldozed in order to survive


    Dozens of US cities may have entire neighbourhoods bulldozed as part of drastic "shrink to survive" proposals being considered by the Obama administration to tackle economic decline.

    The US government is looking at expanding a pioneering scheme in Flint, one of the poorest US cities, which involves razing entire districts and returning the land to nature Photo: GETTY

    Headquarters of General Motors Corp. in Detroit Photo: BLOOMBERG NEWS

    An empty house in Detroit Photo: DEREK BLAIR

    The government looking at expanding a pioneering scheme in Flint, one of the poorest US cities, which involves razing entire districts and returning the land to nature.

    Local politicians believe the city must contract by as much as 40 per cent, concentrating the dwindling population and local services into a more viable area.

    The radical experiment is the brainchild of Dan Kildee, treasurer of Genesee County, which includes Flint.

    Having outlined his strategy to Barack Obama during the election campaign, Mr Kildee has now been approached by the US government and a group of charities who want him to apply what he has learnt to the rest of the country.

    Mr Kildee said he will concentrate on 50 cities, identified in a recent study by the Brookings Institution, an influential Washington think-tank, as potentially needing to shrink substantially to cope with their declining fortunes.

    Most are former industrial cities in the "rust belt" of America's Mid-West and North East. They include Detroit, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Baltimore and Memphis.

    In Detroit, shattered by the woes of the US car industry, there are already plans to split it into a collection of small urban centres separated from each other by countryside.

    "The real question is not whether these cities shrink – we're all shrinking – but whether we let it happen in a destructive or sustainable way," said Mr Kildee. "Decline is a fact of life in Flint. Resisting it is like resisting gravity."

    Karina Pallagst, director of the Shrinking Cities in a Global Perspective programme at the University of California, Berkeley, said there was "both a cultural and political taboo" about admitting decline in America.

    "Places like Flint have hit rock bottom. They're at the point where it's better to start knocking a lot of buildings down," she said.

    Flint, sixty miles north of Detroit, was the original home of General Motors. The car giant once employed 79,000 local people but that figure has shrunk to around 8,000.

    Unemployment is now approaching 20 per cent and the total population has almost halved to 110,000.

    The exodus – particularly of young people – coupled with the consequent collapse in property prices, has left street after street in sections of the city almost entirely abandoned.

    In the city centre, the once grand Durant Hotel – named after William Durant, GM's founder – is a symbol of the city's decline, said Mr Kildee. The large building has been empty since 1973, roughly when Flint's decline began.

    Regarded as a model city in the motor industry's boom years, Flint may once again be emulated, though for very different reasons.

    But Mr Kildee, who has lived there nearly all his life, said he had first to overcome a deeply ingrained American cultural mindset that "big is good" and that cities should sprawl – Flint covers 34 square miles.

    He said: "The obsession with growth is sadly a very American thing. Across the US, there's an assumption that all development is good, that if communities are growing they are successful. If they're shrinking, they're failing."

    But some Flint dustcarts are collecting just one rubbish bag a week, roads are decaying, police are very understaffed and there were simply too few people to pay for services, he said.

    If the city didn't downsize it will eventually go bankrupt, he added.

    Flint's recovery efforts have been helped by a new state law passed a few years ago which allowed local governments to buy up empty properties very cheaply.

    They could then knock them down or sell them on to owners who will occupy them. The city wants to specialise in health and education services, both areas which cannot easily be relocated abroad.

    The local authority has restored the city's attractive but formerly deserted centre but has pulled down 1,100 abandoned homes in outlying areas.

    Mr Kildee estimated another 3,000 needed to be demolished, although the city boundaries will remain the same.

    Already, some streets peter out into woods or meadows, no trace remaining of the homes that once stood there.

    Choosing which areas to knock down will be delicate but many of them were already obvious, he said.

    The city is buying up houses in more affluent areas to offer people in neighbourhoods it wants to demolish. Nobody will be forced to move, said Mr Kildee.

    "Much of the land will be given back to nature. People will enjoy living near a forest or meadow," he said.

    Mr Kildee acknowledged that some fellow Americans considered his solution "defeatist" but he insisted it was "no more defeatist than pruning an overgrown tree so it can bear fruit again".
    Sundry Comments

    Quote Originally Posted by Rodney (a Nigger?)

    Europe, do you see the ignorance, hatred, and out right lies puked by these NeoCON NeoFascist Limpublicans. This is a CITY OF FLINT issue being dealt with by the CITY OF FLINT. It's also one of the best ideas I've heard in years. An undesirable effect of the productivity of the auto industry in Michigan was the creation of sprawl so you'd have to drive, buy tires, and oil. Destroy perfectly good trolleys in California and replace them with busses that consume tires and oil. Use the Interstate Highway System as a marketing tool for more gas guzzling tanks.

    At the end of the day, this is Flint's solution to a uniquely Flint problem. If you don't live there, if you don't pay taxes there, you really have no standing and Flint will do what it must. I know all you gun toting bible thumpers who are nothing more than domestic terrorists are going to have to let live if YOU want to live. Hate speech is not protected anywhere in the Constitution and shooting up churches, murdering guards, and robbing "suspected" drug dealers and murdering the whole family, you thought, all while hiding behind the Minute Man logo will stop and we won't rest until every one of you Fascists dogs are where you belong.
    Nigger/Whigger Codney gets off from what Flint is doing to what Whitey isn't doing for Flint, i.e. subsidizing the niggerhood run into the ground by niggerdumb. The fact of the matter is that nigger-hating Whites like myself using free speech to talk about niggers are living far from Flint whenever possible. So nigger, you have no standing to whine about how we despise everything Flint stands for.

    But nigger, you openly hate us Whites. Good. We hate you dirty nigger monkeys as well. Many of us are getting over our love for the CONstipation and Bill of Goods and understanding that there simply is no living in the same country with niggers, jews, . . . . or whiggers. One race must prevail and dominate and survive and the other race must be killed or run off to its native land.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ann Wingate
    You said: "I know all you gun toting bible thumpers who are nothing more than domestic terrorists are going to have to let live if YOU want to live. Hate speech is not protected anywhere in the Constitution and shooting up churches, murdering guards, and robbing "suspected" drug dealers and murdering the whole family, you thought, all while hiding behind the Minute Man logo will stop and we won't rest until every one of you Fascists dogs are where you belong." Fascinating--an attack on hate speech followed by a hate-speech fulmination calling for mass murder.
    Whigger chick simply can't understand why Rodney the nigger hates Whitey. That is why Flint and Detroit were turned over to niggers with the resulting pathologies becoming evident. Niggers can't maintain formerly White cities and they blame rural Whites for their failure. However, niggers do understand that Whites will figure them out and eventually get rid of niggers and nigger nonsense and pathologies.

    Quote Originally Posted by Donovan

    I am amazed with the level of ignorance displayed in these comments.

    Most poor urban black neighborhoods are gutted because of the White flight that took place in the 60-70's, and the stagnant wages in the US since the 1970's.

    Why doesnt this article challenge this idea? For example, maybe it's great that they are bringing back more green spaces, but what about the outsourcing of jobs that led to this crisis? What about housing in the areas where there is homelessness (which New Orleans is a case), What about the suburban sprawl around the country that drains cities of potential revenue? There are many other solutions to these problems.
    So it is all Whitey's fault for not wanting to live with nigger animals. So whiggers run off to the suburbs to get away from niggers and muds and still this whigger thinks that other whiggers have a duty to provide niggers with new homes that they will tear up and jobs that they can't do effectively. In short, other whiggers are to be the niggers' slaves. But not him. He loves niggers so very very much and that excuses him from having to be the nigger's whigger wage and tax slave.

    There is a reason for Detroit falling apart, and that is niggers. Whiggers didn't gut these buildings, niggers did. Whiggers running away from their jewb to support niggers didn't force the niggers to burn down Flint and Detroit. Drunken chaotic niggers with 40-ouncers did. There is a reason why New Orleans isn't being rebuilt, and that reason is again, niggers. niggers simply cannot provide for theysselfs, but now that whiggers can't provide for theysselfs either, then it is time for everything to fall apart. What this whigger egghead proponent of bulldozing above proposes is to try to turn a dead inner shitty back to a bulldozed open area like before the niggers took it over, with no provision for niggers to go anywhere. That and hide gliberal whigger ignorance by literally pretending that niggers never existed in these dead shitties.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dan Kildee

    For those of you who would like to learn more about this effort, please feel free to e-mail me directly (see below).

    Please keep in mind a couple of points:

    One, we do not "buy" these properties, they come into our ownership through tax foreclosure - the owners have stopped paying property taxes and they come into our ownership after two years. Two, nobody is ever forced to leave their home -ever. In fact, my program has actually saved almost 3000 homeowners from foreclosure. Finally, I am not "anti-growth" as some seem to think. It is the unfettered growth in LAND USE that is irrational. I am all for economic growth - so don't confuse the two.

    Our goal is to reuse the properties that come to us more rationally by returning much of the land to a natural state, rather than sell these uninhabitable buildings to infomercial-watching speculators. That experiment was tried for 30 years, and failed miserably.

    Thanks for your interest. The debate is needed.

    Dan Kildee
    So if people can't pay their property taxes because they have no jobs, their homes go to some gliberal whigger to either sell or, if too far gone, to bulldoze.

    Gliberal whiggers live off of big government. They enforce their way upon the inhabitants and then they 'clean up' financially.

    So where are the niggers going to live now that you demolished their current self-owned shithole? I get it! Whitey gets to pay for a new house fixed up to put the jobless niggers into!

    Below is the obverse of what is happening with this egghead's plan. Whitey figures out what the end result will be:

    Quote Originally Posted by Y Me

    I have this great plan to keep the tax monies coming into the city treasury.

    Let's buy houses in affluent, nicer neighborhoods to give to some poor slob whose house was in a run down neighborhood that we had to demolish.
    Now we just sit back and watch that house deteriorate from lack of upkeep just like their former house did.

    That in turn would cause the surrounding houses to loose value, and erode our tax base, which would cause their owners to cut and run to a nicer area to live.

    This would leave more housing for us to stuff poor slobs into, causing faster deterioration of the neighborhood and further erosion of our tax base.

    In a short period of time, we get to do this demolish, move cycle all over again. Wonderfully fun ain't it? Let's face it, most of those areas being demolished are probably inhabited by minorities.

    Most of the affluent areas are probably inhabited by whites who are living there, because they don't want to live in minority inhabited neighborhoods because of the problems of those areas such as crime, drugs, violence.
    They also don't want to live next to trash dumps. They want to live where people upkeep their properties, where it is safe for them and their children to be outside of their house at night.
    Is it really wise to bulldoze down nigger shacks in order to have an excuse to put these niggers into a 'good neighborhood' that they will merely destroy again? In short, this egghead Kildee's plan is simply 'urban renewal' of the same sort as has happened before in the 1960s until today. The difference is that whiggers no longer can afford to pay the taxes to keep up the niggers, who will destroy where ever they live. So essentially Kildee's proposal is to use the bulldozers to tear down the nigger shacks/hovels and hope that now since you have a bunch of homeless niggers to do what with them? Essentially Kildee's plan is bulldozing an accomplished fact on the ground, a fait accompli. The comments section is merely a political battleground between Demmyctwat whiggers and muds wanting Whitey to have to pay to put the poor niggers up now in a better neighborhood and gliberal whiggers getting to [d]rule over their little nigger brother/exploitable field hand in the gliberal whigger global plantation now that the idiot dokturd has bulldozed down the nigger shacks/hovels versus Repulsivecunt whiggers who love seeing niggers bring down suffering upon theys niggerselfs due to Typical nigger Behavior (TnB) but not wanting to pay for worthless niggers who can't or won't do something useful, like pick cotton or fruit -- which is why they have mexcrement to do that and have the whigger taxpayer to feed and house the beaners from which they draw cheap labor. The only difference between gliberal whigger Demmyctwat and khannedservantive Repulsivecunt is which variety of mud pisspul that they will use to power and money on the backs of the whigger taxpayer. Now that whiggers no longer can afford to feed and clothe and house theysselfs, then things are about to become interesting in the ZOGland. There will be inter-racial war between whiggers as to which whiggers will serve as slaves to keep up the 'high-class' whiggers and their mud serfs. And there shall be racial war between whiggers and rioting hungry muds with a sense of entitlement. The niggers and beaners will fight over whom shall have the peanut left by the whigger, understanding that whiggers can't support both niggers and beaners. And the White man will be at war against the whiggers, as well as the niggers, beaners and jews, knowing that the White Man cannot be free until all the whiggers, muds, and jews are exterminated.

    Eventually these matters will be settled, like they always have, by the collapse of ZOG ending in a racial, religious and class civil war.

    The reason that I post these articles about ZOG destroying itself is to galvanize the White man to understand that ZOG is anything but invincible. ZOG is falling apart, like every mighty Evil Empire. ZOG is doomed. The cracks show on its shithouse walls. The racial and economic factions which shall crack ZOG/Babylon open like a rotten watermelon are readily noticeable. Looking at the comments section you see that the ZOGlings hate and despise each other -- gloating about the misfortunes of the muds, hating Whitey -- in our not-so-happy multi-culti imperial family.

    The program of action that I propose is that ZOG/Babylon is doomed. The Great Tribulation is at hand. So White Man, think like your barbarian warlord forefathers. The Noble Barbarian is YOU. Let this civil war come, then exterminate the whiggers and regime criminals, all the niggers and muds, deporting as necessary, and kill all the jews and establish upon the ruins a military dictatorship run upon a racial religion which allows none but Whites to live in White areas. Whether the whole rotten basket falls like overripe fruit into our laps, or whether we must bypass the strong points and mop up piecemeal like we did when we invaded America does not matter. We shall prevail because we must if we wish to survive. We have no choice but to fight in order to live.

    White Man, plant, cultivate and nurture your inner warlord. Never apologise for being White. Let the muds hate you, as long as they fear you. And put them back in their place -- away from us.

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri
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    Default Turner?

    Anybody got any updates on Hal Turner? Last I heard the poor SOB couldn't even make a $25,000 bond.

    Hal Turner was able to pay a bondsman $2500 and supposedly has arraignment in Connecticut on June 22, 2009.

    I put up a link and response to his plight elsewhere in the forum. I simply edited in my response in order to save space and to answer your question quickly.


    Pastor Martin LD Lindstedt CJCC/AN
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    Default Retailers Head for Exits in Detroit

    JUNE 17, 2009
    Shopping Becomes a Challenge as Auto-Industry Collapse Adds to City's Woes


    DETROIT -- They call this the Motor City, but you have to leave town to buy a Chrysler or a Jeep.

    Borders Inc. was founded 40 miles away, but the only one of the chain's bookstores here closed this month. And Starbucks Corp., famous for saturating U.S. cities with its storefronts, has only four left in this city of 900,000 after closures last summer.

    Lochmoor Chrysler Jeep on Detroit's East Side has stopped selling Chrysler products, one of the 789 franchises Chrysler is dropping from its retail network.
    There was a time early in the decade when downtown Detroit was sprouting new cafes and shops, and residents began to nurture hopes of a rebound. But lately, they are finding it increasingly tough to buy groceries or get a cup of fresh-roast coffee as the 11th largest U.S. city struggles with the recession and the auto-industry crisis.

    No national grocery chain operates a store here. A lack of outlets that sell fresh produce and meat has led the United Food and Commercial Workers union and a community group to think about building a grocery store of its own.

    Journal Community
    Discuss: Can Detroit recover from the recession and auto industry crisis? What will it take? One of the few remaining bookstores is the massive used-book outlet John K. King has operated out of an abandoned glove factory since 1983. But Mr. King is considering moving his operations to the suburbs.

    Last week, Lochmoor Chrysler Jeep on Detroit's East Side stopped selling Chrysler products, one of the 789 franchises Chrysler Group LLC is dropping from its retail network. It was Detroit's last Chrysler Jeep store.

    "The lack of retail is one of the biggest challenges the city faces," said James Bieri, president of Bieri Co., a Detroit-based real-estate brokerage. "Trying to understand how to get it to come back will be one of the most important keys to its resurgence -- if it ever has one."

    Detroit's woes are largely rooted in the collapse of the auto industry. General Motors Corp., one of downtown's largest employers and the last of the Big Three auto makers with its headquarters here, has drastically cut white-collar workers and been offered incentives to move to the suburbs. Other local businesses that serviced the auto maker, from ad agencies and accounting firms to newsstands and shoe-shine outlets, also have been hurt.

    The city's 22.8% unemployment rate is among the highest in the U.S.; 30% of residents are on food stamps.

    "As the city loses so much, the tax base shrinks and the city has to cut back services," said Margaret Dewar, a professor of urban planning at the University of Michigan. That causes such hassles for retailers as longer police-response times, as well as less-frequent snow plowing and trash pickup.

    While all of southeast Michigan is hurting because of the auto-industry's troubles, Detroit's problems are compounded by decades of flight to the suburbs.

    Hundreds of buildings were left vacant by the nearly one million residents who have left. Thousands of businesses have closed since the city's population peaked six decades ago.

    Navigating zoning rules and other red tape to develop land for big-box stores that might cater to a low-income clientele is daunting.

    The lack of grocery stores is especially problematic. The last two mainstream chain groceries closed in 2007, when The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co. sold most of the southeast Michigan stores in its Farmer Jack chain to Kroger Corp., which declined to purchase the chain's two Detroit locations, causing them to close.

    A 2007 study found that more than half of Detroit residents had to travel twice as far to reach a grocery store than a fast-food outlet or convenience store.

    Michelle Robinson, 42 years old, does most of her shopping at big-box stores in the suburbs. When visitors staying at the hotel near her downtown office ask where to shop, she sends them to a mall in Dearborn, 12 miles away.

    A few retailers are thriving. Family Dollar Stores Inc. has opened 25 outlets since 2003. A handful of independent coffee shops and a newly opened Tim Horton's franchise cater to workers downtown.

    Discount grocer Aldi Inc. opened stores in the city in 2001 and 2005. A spokeswoman said the chain is "very bullish" on Detroit. Farmer's markets draw crowds looking for fresh produce.

    Olga Stella, an official at the Detroit Economic Growth Corporation, works to persuade businesses to move to the city. She says companies have underestimated Detroit's economic potential and that Aldi and Family Dollar are proof there's money to be made here.

    Meanwhile, the former Lochmoor Chrysler Jeep is now Lochmoor Automotive Group, a used-car dealership and repair shop. Gina Russo, daughter of the dealer's longtime owner, is being groomed to take over the family business. She has agreed to start selling small pickup trucks made by India's Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.

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    I wouldn't bet on ZOG falling apart you all. They've been at this game far too long. Civil War in America. Race vs. Religon vs. Class. ZOG Wins! That's how they play. They pit US against each other, egg US on and fund both sides.

    Rich Man's War = Poor Man's Fight.

    You can't tell the niggers and the mudds that though. They're out to get the White Man.
    "Pleased to meet you, I hope you guessed my name!"

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    Default Times Are Tough On Whiggers

    Times Are Tough On Whiggers


    Quote Originally Posted by EinsatzGrenadier View Post
    A long stretch of road by my house has been turned to gravel. At first it seemed like it was going to be re-paved, but nothing has come out of it. It's messed up because it's the road that the Fire Station is off of. Very nice, huh?
    Where do you live? There have been plenty of rural roads without much population which never were paved. But what is new is the local county road commissions can't afford the asphalt and tar to seal these roads or the gas to keep the crews fixing them.

    Insofar as the Michigan cities being bulldozed of nigger housing is concerned, back in the 1960s-1990s it used to be called 'urban renewal.' Essentially the nigger areas would be bulldozed and Whitey would build them new projects and high rises which the niggers would then destroy and have bulldozed with new dwellings built for niggers. This time, the bulldozing is occurring, but whigger taxpayers have no money to build new houses for niggers any more. So what is happening today is the same old 'urban renewal' with the bulldozing of nigger houses, but no 'renewal' of new houses for niggers and beaners. Hard to build new houses for niggers and beaners when whiggers are being foreclosed upon and homeless.

    6Killer is doing agricultural work flying and to his surprise, for the first time ever, he seen whiggers in old RVs picking fruit -- nearly as many as the beaners. Whiggers in their 40s and 50s. Looks like the 401K after becumming a 201K has becum a 101K and they need a little bit of money for the gas. He said it made his jaw drop, seeing whiggers working in the fields as agricultural help. Times are tough on whiggers.

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri
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    Default Nothing Lasts Forever -- Not Even ZOG

    Nothing Lasts Forever -- Not Even ZOG


    Quote Originally Posted by Blue Raider 88 View Post
    I wouldn't bet on ZOG falling apart you all. They've been at this game far too long. Civil War in America. Race vs. Religon vs. Class. ZOG Wins! That's how they play. They pit US against each other, egg US on and fund both sides.

    Rich Man's War = Poor Man's Fight.

    You can't tell the niggers and the mudds that though. They're out to get the White Man.
    ZOG may not want to go into the ash-heap of history any more than any other mighty Evil Empire ever has, but the score is always in favor of time and against ZOG.

    ZOG is falling apart. When whiggers can't support theysselfs, then where will the niggers, muds and jews appear? They are parasites who cannot do well on their own.

    Pastor Martin LD Lindstedt CJCC/AN

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    Default Yes, I've Even Been To Bad Axe.

    Yes, I've Even Been To Bad Axe.


    Quote Originally Posted by Boleslaw
    Have you ever been to Michigan Martin?
    I used to be a truck driver. For a few months I was driving a dedicated route for a chicken-hauler from Springdale/Chickendale Arkansas. The route took frozen chicken from the Simmons plant in Siloam Springs to the Spartan Foods warehouse in Grand Rapids Michigan and for the return trip I would load up castings for big trucks from the foundries at East Jordan and Bad Axe to take to Springfield, Missouri. Sometimes canned food to the Oklahoma penitentiary in McAlester Oklahoma.

    And in driving previously I'd taken beer from Winston-Salem, North Carolina to Detroit, Mt. Clemens. Them niggers sure love their cheap 40s! I went to Ontario and either entered or exited in Detroit. One Halloween I left Detroit before dark and the niggers celebrated 'devil night' by burning the rubbled buildings.

    And I have picked up lumber in Gaylord. I've seen the pretty little towns of Michigan and Indiana which are the closest in cleanliness to the towns of Germany within the ZOGland. Southerners are lazy and Westerners simply never had the water or the people to tidy up their landscapes like the Germans do and the Germans of Indiana and Southern Michigan do.

    So, I've been in every state of the lower 48 except Vermont, and I saw Vermont across from Lake Champlain when I picked up a load of paper in New York state.

    What I seen was an increasing impoverishment of rural and small-town whiggers back then. An increasing cutting of corners and an increasing meanness of spirit and an air of hopelessness. And this was back in the mid-1990s.

    Whiggers are becumming less able to take care of theysselfs. They are increasingly solipsistic and atomized, and now the means for life is becoming harder to get.

    So if a Baby Boom whigger has seen its 401k turn to a 201k on its way to becoming a 101k, and now has no retirement other than Social inSecurity, then what? The jew banksters made off with trillions, the ZOG-bux are about to be traded for whatever commodities and hard assets the Chinks can get for their depreciating state investment funds, and the whiggers are left with the task of not only taking care of theysselfs, but in trying to keep the niggers and beaners and mud whordes in check, and the Muslims from reverting to pre-state conditions and off the dirty jews.

    So if whiggers can no longer support theysselfs, then how are they going to support ZOG/Babylon, the jews and all the nigger and beaner and mud flood within the ZOGland?

    They can't. And soon, very soon, they won't.

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri
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    Default The disengagement strategy -- Bruce Charlton's Miscellany

    The disengagement strategy -- Bruce Charlton's Miscellany


    As a society becomes increasingly corrupt (such that real motivations of officials are selfish and short-termist rather than truly operating in pursuit of the 'officially-designated' functions) the citizens tend to develop the default of 'disengagement'.


    This means a disposition to avoid contact with institutions; because to ask for help is to draw attention to oneself, with potential to be drawn-into the pervasive corruption.

    Disengagement is, of course, exacerbated when organizations are ineffective and unlikely to provide genuine help.

    In a corrupt society, institutions are - on the one hand - dangerous and - on the other hand - useless: so it makes sense for the majority of people to have as little to do with them as possible.


    So, ordinary, decent people tend to avoid, if possible, calling in the police or consulting lawyers; sick people would try to avoid medical contact or hospital admission; a private 'economy' grows detached from the sight and influence of the public administration; and the population increasingly ignores government and media information - as being merely propaganda - and instead relies on personal experience and trusted personal contacts.


    In the past England stood at the extreme opposite of this kind of corruption and ineffectiveness - with a high level of trust and confidence in 'officials': police, national and local government; the 'serious' media (the BBC, the broadsheet newspaper); doctors, nurses and the National Health Service...

    Yet I feel a culture of disengagement emerging ever-more-strongly in the past couple of decades and accelerating year on year.

    FRIDAY, 14 OCTOBER 2011


    Quote Originally Posted by dearieme

    I agree. My father once told me "In America everything is run on the assumption that everyone is dishonest but in Britain it's assumed that everyone is at least middling honest until there is evidence to the contrary." That seems to me to be reasonable as an approximate description of the way things were. Not now. If we need a symbol of The Fall, Mr and Mrs Blair fit the bill (which is not to deny the existence of such as Mr Lloyd George).

    14 October 2011 15:34
    Quote Originally Posted by Daniel

    Viewed from the other end of the kaleidoscope, one could also call it re-engagement: with family, with tradition, with community, with remaining trustworthy local institutions.

    15 October 2011 06:21
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    I am The Librarian

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