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Thread: An Open Letter To The Whigger-Whimperer Edgar Steele

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    Default An Open Letter To The Whigger-Whimperer Edgar Steele

    An Open Letter to the whigger-Whimperer Edgar Steele


    I've despised Peter Shaenk ever since he censored me for bringing up where Alex Linder got his money -- from TraitorGlenn Miller years ago. And I listened to this show, and what it was was simply edjewcated whiggers talking smack about their 'wingnut' followers of those who simply "go too far." Why they are simply far too edjewcated to simply hate niggers for being niggers -- they are not 'racist.' But the end all and be all of what they do is simply to moan their way like gentle-steers all the way down the chute to their personal slaughter house. They are so much better than the nuts that they hope will somehow save them in their hour of need. And having been there and seen that, they are like the suburban whigger militia generals who collaborated with the FBI in the summer of 1999 against the Christian Identity rural racist militias. The end result is that these suburban whigger militia generals pretty much were dead as organizations by the spring after Y2Kaos went bust.


    What ZOG fears, what niggers fear, what jews fear isn't the civilized White man, but rather the White man who hates them and ZOGling whigger race traitors with a blind hate, Someone who would torture them and kill them all without a twinge of remorse. I listened with disbelief when both of them were yapping about the 'wingnuts' who hate all non-whites and how they are instinctive racists. Well Edgar, after you've castrated these naive racists by turning them into reading jewr bullshit into edjewcated castrated whiggers, who is going to kill all the niggers and jews so that you can live in a free-range ZOGling whiggerdumb without seeing nary a nigger or jew? Hmmmm?

    Do you want to pull a Pat Buchanan on us, who when his brigade members supported him went all the way to San Diego cut a deal with BoobDolt? Or denounced me for racism when I followed a Buchananite platform and was running for US Senate as a Reform Party Candidate. He cut a deal with Bush to choose a looney-toon she-coon to collect the $12.5 million in RP funds and to make his racist White male ex-followers vote for Bush. And now this whore is on the jewTube yapping about death of the West due to Mexican immigrunts. So yet the whore lived the paytriotic life and enjoyed the pleasures of sin foor some seasons.


    And now you are congradulating President ONigger in jewr latest post while I am suing ONigger and the State of Missouri for not letting me run for governor while confined to the NutHouse.


    You sound like a militia general circa 1999, far more scared of White Extremist nuts killing you for moderation than you are of jews and ZOG. And now you are engaged in a piss-fight with some young bull who changed your words for his own purposes. And you wonder what to do, somewhat plaintively. Let me tell you what to do: The kid is wrong but oh so right! If he could twist Thomas Jefferson to kill jews and niggers and then twist you so as to do the same thing then the only difference is that you are the only one whining about how your vanity has been hurt. You screw over that stupid but racially right kid and betray him to ZOG, then you will have something to worry about because you will be regarded as a traitor. Not feel like producing anything? Then sulk in your tent until not that you are needed, but that you have your own little vengeance to pursue like Patrocles.

    I got out a month ago by finally bonding out from 3 1/2 years on trumped up sodomy charges brought about by some pig saying that some therapist said that my retarded six-year-old grandson said I kissed his penis. And first they stole my grandchildren, and then they took my freedom and because I wanted to represent myself they put me in a maximum security NutHouse and doped me up but good. And it took 3 1/2 years of sheer resistance and some guile to where I am out today.


    And where was the bowel Movement? The part that was not in prison was the part that wants to go whigger! Including you, Edgar. When you gave me a copy of your book for review I told you that it was a good book to scare thousands of whiggers with and maybe get a few worthwhile people into the Movement with, but it was absolutely useless to the hard-core Resistance. I don't recollect you using my review to sell some more books. By all means do what you do best as the whigger whimperer, but you should stop telling Bill White to not go balls to the wall right now.

    I've come to the realization that it is only absolute raw HATE which will save us now. I tell pigs and lawyers and jewdges and regime criminals that I intend to skin them alive and like Felix Dzerzhinsky will torture them into a confession, skin them alive and make them eat their own and their spawn's testicles, rape their females to breed a new master race and use biological warfare against them. Why, just as I was suffering from Psychic Disorder Not Otherwise Specified, some made-up mental disease used to jail and dope dissidents, they were suffering from Piglice Testicle Eating Syndrome.

    Rule of Law comes not from YHWH. YHWH doesn't care about whether degenerate Israelite whiggers destroy themselves. In fact he has placed a curse on such. Rule of Law comes from everyone, especially those in power understanding that the reason you do not torture is because it will come right back to you.

    So Bill White and Hal Turner are actually the real racial patriots. Fools, maybe. Patriots, absolutely. And they don't need cowardly whiggers sitting in the cheap seats cheer-leading for ZOG.

    There is a Great Tribulation coming, and unlike the jewdayo-Zionist delusion none will be craptured up to sit it out on Cloud 666. And it shall routinely mean that the vast majority of ZOGling whiggers shall die. And this racial, religious and class civil war shall likely continue until there is only 10-15 million Whites and not a single non-white left. YHWH placed the jew to plague the White Israelite so that Heaven will not be too crowded. And if in that war the dysfunctional CreaTards and One-Seedline CI/Babtist Hobbyist/New Covenant Cornholers die in that civil war, then so much the better!

    This bowel Movement is full of whiggers who claim they want to die for their cuntree and but a few White Men who are willing to kill non-whites and whigger race traitors because they have the guts and moral strength to admit that they simply hate niggers and jews. And when I hear you vapor on about us haters you sound just like them cuntree-club whigger supremacists who sold out Byron Beckworth who were racial soldiers who did your killing for you. What good are you paytriots who don't want to get jewr dainty hands wet with blood? Are you not like Alex Linder at Topeka in 2004 who was scared of what he thought was a little jew 2/3 of his size and is only good for yelling 'nigger, nigger, nigger, jew, jew, jew, when protected by 100 piglice?

    We don't need frontmen like David Duke or Don Black or any other of the like. We need what you despise.

    Let me tell you what I seen at the NutHouse: I saw no White or even whigger so far gone that he didn't consider himself far above any nigger or beaner or gook or jew. And I didn't see a single nigger that didn't think that whitey owed him forever. It didn't matter how much they were doped up, no matter how much dope is applied, biology is everything.

    So Ed, do what you do best. Be an Episs-ul to the ZOGling whigger ass-clowns. Tell them that Obongo is going to take their guns and maybe even tell them it is because they are already so willing to give up their nuts. And you herd them whiggers into a lather if you want. Take 'em for all their whigger's mites.

    But you don't tell us to stop hating. You don't tell us to show mercy. Back off from that dumb kid Delaney. Why the mean little bastard distilled jewr whigger pablum into 100-proof hate and you are scared of the little bastard and us wingnuts if you please. Like Covington in his white-flight escapist novels, touch him with the side of jewr Tory jackboot. But back off from him. Don't make yourself into a traitor. These people are wolves and wolves don't prod easy.

    Shit's coming down, folks. Ed, do what you do, and don't try to turn Resistance wolves into steers. Don't be like them suburban whigger militia generals trying to snitch out the CI element to the FiBbIes in 1999. Snitches get stitches if they're lucky. Don't get caught in the hate stampede. If you do, you might live to regret it. You are a whigger herder, not a Resistance soldier. You don't want to be a Resistance soldier anyway, not if you are scared or too nice to kill niggers for their crime in simply being stray beasts of the field who don't belong in our garden. Your function is not to play by ZOG's rules or enable this. I got out I think because ZOG regime criminals are hoping that I will use my influence to modify this onrushing Great Tribulation. And I'm using my time to make Dual-Seedline Christian Identity into the White Man's Racial HATE Religion. It will destroy ZOG/Babylon the Third and Last like Islam destroyed Zorastrianism and a bunch of other minor religions in its path.

    You have your duties and I have mine, Edgar, my whigger-herder brother. Let's carry them out.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri
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    Default You Don't Get It But A Little

    You Don't Get It But A Little


    Quote Originally Posted by gmork


    Actually, you know what, ignore this bit of advice, not that you had any intention of following it, I guess. Whatever your political and religious views they have nothing to do with the fact that you're clearly being railroaded on bullshit charges. And since there's no direct threat to any one individual I see no reason you shouldn't be allowed to air your views as freely as anyone else.
    Mighty big of you, I guess.

    The point I am trying to make is that Edgar Steele, the whigger-whimperer, actually helps ZOG by trying to tell whiggers that they are doomed, doomed, doomed and can't do anything about it other than to buy silver and buy guns -- but not to use these guns in their own defense by killing regime criminals.

    In addition, Edgar Steele is simply addicted to his own vanity. What is more important -- that his message get out, or that it get out under his complete control? And I've got a response from one of his idolaturds or a sock puppet showing the typical response that I've come to expect from the cuntree-club whigger paytriot -- nothing more than that they are so much better than Elmer, their movement true believer, and that they ought to be officers who will use Elmer for their own ends and set him aside and sell him out because they are so much more smarter than the mass of Elmers. This attitude did not go away even when WWI showed that those who do not take care of their jewps lose the wars they start.

    Fighting for survival is not something that paytriot whiggers can grant or take away according to their own little delusional self-credentialism. I am reminded of a LibberToon from Columbia Missouri who used to be a gyrene supply sergeant whining in 1995 that: "We had a nice militia until them stupid Birchers took it away from us." Ten Birchers took away this whigger's pet militia of one. The whigger militia general left because he couldn't convince them "fucking Birchers" to follow his LibberToon notions. The ten Birchers wanted to follow one of their own. Taking the Birchers for what they were, and showing respect for them enabled me to get them to work with my CI militias, as they had no love for niggers or jews either.

    Everyone has an inner savage which is controlled only by a very thin veneer of civilization. niggers and jews have an even thinner veneer which is often never in control. So I know that my side will win this Revolution simply because we can and will put the ways of civilization which created so many savages aside and then later worry about rebuilding civilization amongst the survivors, as much civilization as they want, when they fought for freedom and they fought for bloody raw red justice foremost. What I propose is that civilization be set aside so that we can save our People, and that our People once saved can apply whatever form of government and civilization they can afford. Eliminate the regime criminal whiggers which have betrayed us and fed these parasitic animals which prey upon us, and then once they have been eliminated, then we can grow and live again. Call it the Felix Dzerzhinsky final solution, which worked. The Tsar's regime never afterwards oppressed the Russian People.

    I will not come to kort as a self-convicted child molester begging ZOG for mercy in itz regime korts. That is what they tried to re-edjewcate me into making a false confession -- torture by imprisonment in order to make the weak confess to crimes they did not do, like they likely did with Kevin Alfred Strom. Rather, I will come before ZOG's korts as the herald of Revolutionary justice for regime criminals and their spawn. And that is a far better advantage that I paid for in blood with 3 1/2 years of imprisonment and torture already.

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri
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    Default The Whigger-Whimperer's GLibberToon Cameleopardian Sock-Puppet

    The Whigger-Whimperer's gLibberToon Cameleopardian Sock-puppet


    One of the Whigger-Whimperer Edgar Steele's Sock Puppets made a response to my article. At least I hope it is one of Edgar Steele's paytridiotic'Tard groupies and not Edgar Steele himself because I am hoping that 'The Great Whigger-Whimperer' hisself has not degenerated so far into syphilitic self-idolatry that this is the sort of sorry response that can be expected in the future. I really want the 'Whigger-Whimperer' to work his magic with ZOGling whiggers that some of them wake up and save theysselfs like a steer jumping the corral leading up to the chute leading to the kill line. Better yet, to have them whigger steers regrow their nuts and become fighting bulls and kill a few cattle industry workers trying to load them into the chute.

    Edgar, if you can hear me now, please pull your head out of your ass. This civil war is going to be run by means of violence. And them niggers simply won't go away just because you beg them to do because they are genetically niggers. Rather they will go away because people like me will kill them niggers or ship them off to Africa or maybe just give them their own Niggeria in the SE AmeriKwa. But that means that someone will have to get their hands wet with blood, and we are not going to put up with your putting on airs like some whigger shithead wanting to eat meat but looking down on the butcher.

    Now I could generate a sock puppet, I'd call him Felix Dzerzhinsky Sock Puppet -- FDSP -- vs. Whigger-Whimperer Sock Puppet (wwSP) to ridicule you some more. But I do have some measure of respect for you and what you are doing, plus the fact that I have other things to do right now that I'll put it off for now. But essentially my FDSP would simply kick your wwSP in the nuts until the goofy bastard decided to stop putting on airs of fake superiority. Your wwSP simply doesn't know what it is talking about and like a moronic child running into the street, would get hurt in real life when it came down to the nut-cutting.

    And your wwSP demeans you by whining that you got an honest response from me when you sent me a copy of your book. I said that it was valuable for bringing whiggers into the Movement but absolutely worthless for the hard-core made-man Resistance Soldier. And your wwSP would have made of you giving me your book the act of a whoremonger expecting to be rewarded by a whore moaning about how the john had the biggest hardest cock that made her squeal like no other. Edgar, it wasn't that good for me. But it was a nice attempt at a pickle-tickle, and it ought to make the whigger sluts squeal, especially if itz they'se first hundredth time.

    wwSP reminds me of this goofy LibberToon who told me back in 1995 in the "People's Republic of Columbia Missouri" area that he had been a supply/motor pool lieutenant in the gyrenes and that he had a wonderfool militia of one before the "frigging Birchers" showed up and took away his militia. I looked at this fool with amazement. A militia like we were organizing had a lot of middle-aged and physically fit old Birchers in it and I'd actually prefer Klansmen and Identity Christians in it like there were in the two militias I was organizing. But I was keeping my racism at the time on the "down low" and so I told the cuntree-club LiberToon wannabe whigger militia general that he would have to work with what he had, and if they elected a fellow Bircher as their Commanding Officer then he would have to live with it. He didn't, but rather run off whining about the injewstice of life not being run in accordance with gLibberToon whigger desires and hash-pipe dreams.

    Now I could, and probably will, create a sub-sock puppet for my Felix Dzerzhinsky Sock Puppet (FDSP) named Swillis Gumpf, a green-teethed 86 IQ alcoholic racist moron to kick your whigger-whimperer Sock Puppet (wwSP) in the nuts until the wwSP learns to shut the fuck up and not think it was better than the FDSP or the Swillis Gumpf Sock Puppet (SGSP) but that enjoyable and hilarious scenario waits for another day.

    Edgar, you have a place in the Movement, and you have earned it. I could not write an Edgar Steele piece even if I wanted to. But you cannot write a Jim Floyd, or Luke LaVellian, or Alex Curtis or Martin Lindstedt piece even if you wanted to -- and you don't. So when you see what we write and what we advocate, you have a fit. But you can't and won't answer us. Your wwSP was ever so busy doing something so as to not answer the points made. Doubtless it was busily jacking off in a corner somewhere. And it acted like all the staff and administration at the Fulton State Hospital, most of whom take voluntarily the very same anti-psychotic drugs that they force involuntarily upon the nutz who are condemned without due process of law to be confined there. If you and wwSP have no answer to a point made, the courageous and honest thing to say is: I don't know.

    And insofar as your being the "Attorney for the Damned" which title you have given for yourself, let me remind you that Timothy McVeigh had a lawyer. Eric Rudolph had a lawyer. ZOG forced a lawyer on Ted Kazinsky. Pastor Butler had a lawyer. Matt Hale had a lawyer. And the results were worse than if they hadn't even gone along with the pretense. Do you know who is beating ZOG's kangaroo korts? Osama Bin Laden's driver, hairdresser, camel herder, and every single Guantanamo raghead -- that's who. They simply tell ZOG to fuck itz kangaroo kort, fuck itz jewdges and prostitutors, and, most importantly, to fuck itz fucking pubic pretenders. And these 'stupid' ragheads without a fifth-grade edjewcation are whipping ZOG's ass in the court of international public opinion and sometimes getting off with time served.

    So Edgar, you are not that indispensible as a lawyer. In fact, you might well be a liability, because you enable what Gary Spence calls the illusion of a 'justice jackpot.' I was sent to the NutHouse simply because I wouldn't gamble using one of their officers of the kort as 'my' enemy spy. And yet you bitch that you are not appreciated and worshipped enough. With that attitude, perhaps you should limit your services to providing for non-political chicken thieves who will be suitably grateful.

    Edgar, don't worry about losing your Resistance audience. You never had them because they were going beyond any help you could ever give them. When you kick up a fuss about some enthusiastic kid taking your work and modifying it to fit his audience, then the question occurs as to why did you write the article in the first place? For the Movement? Or for your own profit? Like Ananias and Sapphira you seem to want to both profit and to be worshipped of men at the same time. And while Mike Delaney is no St. Peter, we do wonder at why you would even think of turning in our own to ZOG. And if you are not thinking of doing so, then to make a threat to do so is not only treasonous, but stupid as well. Don't fill ZOG's prisons any more than in the normal course of attorney incompetence. Mike Delaney was wrong of a minor sin. And you are guilty of a major sin. Perhaps both of you should go and sin no more.

    I have a totally different view of the future than you do. It is the Orthodox Dual-Seedline Christian Identity doctrine of a Great Tribulation in which the vast majority of the world is destroyed. And against mighty Babylon are arrayed only the few, the proud, the Elect. And that Babylon is destroyed and that the even fewer Elect remain. And so our politics and Resistance view stem from that doctrine. Yet to your cuntree-club whigger wwSP sock-puppet we are all a bunch of nuts to be bullied when we are not pitied. You represented Pastor Butler unsuccessfully. You seem even more unsuccessful in being close to the man for so long -- I met him only once in Topeka in May 2004 -- and yet you seem to not have taken anything away from the honor and privilege of knowing him, not a millionth of what I took away from meeting him once. From to whom much is given much is expected, and you seem to be a thoroughbred who got his ass whupped at the track by Tony the Pony. Perhaps Butler foolishly picked 'dry holes' in his attorneys as much as Kevin Alfred Strom did in his wives.

    And contrary to the idiocies of today's bowel Movement, what certain traitors, liars and hypocrites did in the past are very much relevant to today and the future. Like Llam Neeson in "Michael Collins" said, "Traitors and informants are the death of Resistance Movements like our own." And in the movie he took some peat, the only weapon they had, and led a mob that burned down a police station of the Royal Irish Constabulary. And the piglice were put on notice that they would serve the People, not a foreign king, or they would get a bullet in the head and their families burnt out. And Michael Collins won.

    So if Peter Shaenk is a liar to his professed principles, then everyone should know and Peter will have to live with it or make amends. And if Alex Linder is accepting money from ZOG from TraitorGlenn Miller, then that needs to be noted. And TraitorGlenn Miller cannot buy itz way back into the Movement, but needs to be so scared that it runs like the cowardly dog it was away from any White Man like it did from my office in August 2000. it needs to know that there is vengeance and it won't wait forever. Anyone who sponsors a traitor is liable to pay for its stupidity, even if by accident. So how much more when it is caused by vanity and the wish to be accepted?

    Ed, we won't let you get away with saying that you want to live in a White world while you look down on us who will do the heavy lifting and killing of niggers and beaners and jews. No brass, no gas, no ass -- and no free ride, Edgar.

    I think I've beaten you over the head enough. I've called you the whigger-whimperer, a take-off on the horse-whisperer. But a whigger is far less noble than a dumb animal because he should know better. And in his heart he does. You are the Movement's best whigger-whimperer. And that is something I'd like for the Resistance to take to the bank. So pack your camel, get your head out of your ass, and you help us all get to the Promised Land. You have something to do. So get over yourself and get back that lovin' feeling for your sinful ungrateful stupid whigger People. Some of them are worth saving.

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri


    Quote Originally Posted by Originally Posted by whigger-whimperer's Sock-Puppet:
    Some nuggets from the whigger-whimperer's Sock-Puppet:

    in reply to Pastor Martin Luther Dzerhinsky Linstedt:

    I’m going to go over your letter, summarizing the key points, particularly as it relates to Movement Past, Movement Present, and The Cause.

    in reply:
    Again, this is - at best - high school cafeteria clique talk.

    Believe me - NO ONE cares where Linder got the money for VNN.

    WE are focused on a Racial Future - in my case, using the Northwest Republic Analytical Framework of Harold Covington.

    Others have their own solutions, and are working on them.

    This means doing the Adult thing, and looking to the Future, rather than living in the Past - a Past, I might add, that does not inspire confidence in those who wish to move Forward.

    in reply:
    You have three ideas in this section, and all of them reveal an appalling lack of a grasp of the Situation before us.

    One, nobody is hoping the “wingnuts” will save us “in our hour of need.”

    We can do that quite well without uneducated, green-teethed, obese alcoholics wearing camo and pretending they are anything more than fools who lead their followers to their failure.

    Two, nobody needs to “collaborate with the FBI” against the “Christian Identity rural racist militas” - all ONE of them, if memory recalls.

    Three, for the life of me, I did not see ONE “suburban whigger milita general.”

    I did see Butler, and his thoroughly foolish, and thoroughly infiltrated “Compound” in the middle of nowhere, fail to actually DO SOMETHING constructive.


    The way Obama WON is the same way we can WIN.

    Then sulk in your tent until not that you are needed, but that you have your own little vengeance to pursue like Patrocles.

    in reply:
    This sounds like something around Mr. Steele and his relationship with Matt Hale, yes?

    You DO know that Matt’s not coming out in our lifetime, don’t you?

    And, think of it - if you are right, and Hale is “some young bull who changed your (Steele’s) words for his own purposes,” then you MUST recognize that Hale certainly - Hell, I just get tired of dealing with stupid, uninformed, uneducated people. I’ll skip to the next section, but I’ll say this:

    See what I said above about how the legal system REALLY works; it is about MUCH more than the black letter law.

    I feel sympathy for Edgar Steel for several reasons, but most of all, because he has spent years trying to save people from themselves, and damn if they aren’t about the worst clients imaginable - ignorant, wanting to run the case according to THEIR understanding of “the Constitution, and the law,” neither of which they understand, AND ungrateful, cheap-ass idiots.

    Perhaps, if there ever is a version of the ACLU for us, it’s motto might be:“No Good Deed Goes Unpunished.”

    Quote Originally Posted by MLDL
    you wrote:

    Including you, Edgar. When you gave me a copy of your book for review I told you that it was a good book to scare thousands of whiggers with and maybe get a few worthwhile people into the Movement with, but it was absolutely useless to the hard-core Resistance. I don’t recollect you using my review to sell some more books. By all means do what you do best as the whigger whimperer, but you should stop telling Bill White to not go balls to the wall right now.
    Originally Posted by whigger-whimperer's Sock-Puppet
    in reply:
    I can only assume Edgar Steele sent you the book as a favor.

    Again, “No Good Deed Goes Unpunished.”

    And, don’t worry - Bill White can handle himself.

    He is also getting a real education about the legal system, and the law, that law school will never provide for us.

    We should learn from his experience.


    Quote Originally Posted by MLDL
    you wrote:

    Let me tell you what I seen at the NutHouse: I saw no White or even whigger so far gone that he didn’t consider himself far above any nigger or beaner or gook or jew. And I didn’t see a single nigger that didn’t think that whitey owed him forever. It didn’t matter how much they were doped up, no matter how much dope is applied, biology is everything.
    in reply:
    You know what we all see at “the NutHouse?”

    We see people that have extreme difficulty in dealing with Reality in even the most fundamental manner.

    Perhaps that’s where most of Movement Past ended up!

    There, or in prison, giving eloquent lectures about “CONstitutional Rights,” and “inalienable Rights,” and all of that good stuff.

    Metzger has it right on this:

    You only have the “Rights” you can enforce. In fact, most of what you think are “Constitutional Rights” are merely privileges, and be can modified, or withdrawn altogether.

    This last, and then I have Work To Do.

    Quote Originally Posted by MLDL
    (Probably some more masturbation)

    you wrote:

    But you don’t tell us to stop hating. You don’t tell us to show mercy. Back off from that dumb kid Delaney. Why the mean little bastard distilled jewr whigger pablum into 100-proof hate and you are scared of the little bastard and us wingnuts if you please. Like Covington in his white-flight escapist novels, touch him with the side of jewr jackboot. But back off from him. Don’t make yourself into a traitor. These people are wolves and wolves don’t prod easy.
    Originally Posted by whigger-whimperer's Sock-Puppet
    in reply:
    Three quick comments:

    One, all of your “hate” has earned you nothing.

    Think about that for a minute.

    Two, Covington’s Northwest Republic Quadrology deals with much more than “white-flight escapist” fantasies. They deal with the greatest challenge of all, building a Nation for our Race.

    Three, “these people are wolves…” seems a bit of a slur…

    To wolves.

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    Default Peterless Skank Schaenk Bloviates Again

    Peterless Skank Schaenk Bloviates Again


    Download the program above

    Look at post if not censored

    Well, I've listened to Peter Shaenk. This goofy whigger with a microphone yapped about how it was scared that sundry sock-puppets might find out itz name. It promised that it would piss down itz leg and run for the tall grace if it ever got found out.

    Then it bitched because other whiggers were hiding behind anonymous accounts to spam his whigger web page. So he is going to IP ban these fellow clowns who are doing exactly what Shaenk is doing. Of course whiggers simply cannot understand that if it wants to hide behind an anonymous account that other whiggers will want to do so as well. And I suppose this Peter Shaenk is so idiotic that it hasn't figured out that if it can censorship ban mere whggers that ZOG can't figure out itz IP number.

    So I'm feeling fine. Unlike the cowardly and idiotic Shaenk and itz fellow whiggers making fun of itz pretentions, I have used my own name to post. But I underestimated the stupidity, cowardice and hypocrisy of typical ZOGling whigger ass-clowns like Shaenk.

    Shaenk then brought up my name. Whined that I was stalking it to itz unknown whigga-bunker someplace in the ZOGland, and then made me out to be the next Timothy McVeigh, Lee Harvey Oswald, etc., for which I should feel honored. Why I was going to gun down Obongo any day now and all the whiggers would be put in camps because of me and them clever jews.

    Of course Shaenk glossed over the fact that he cut me off exactly when I was bringing up where exactly Alex Linder was getting his money from, i.e. TraitorGlenn Miller. So I got to listen to sundry lies about the past, all of which could be disproved by simply hearing the recording of the past. I was immediately laughing at this whigger's nonsense and patent love of lies. Shaenk didn't like being called a whigger, any more than most whiggers love being called whiggers. But like most whiggers, it told the ZOGling whigger audience to take the whiglets out of earshot for me saying that dire word: nigger. Never mind the fact that any racially aware whigger will use itz favorite n-word so as to try to train the whigglets to not fuck niglets when they grow up. And Peter Shaenk then read a few sundry comments from the blog, and got so agitated that it said that it would IP ban me. But at the same time it urged itz listeners to listen to the star attraction.

    I've always said that it isn't the niggers or beaners or even jews that are the problem, itz the whiggers like Peter Shaenk. It gets the whigger-whimperer Edgar Steele on to bitch about the overt racists who are going to do their dirty work so that they can live in whiggerdumb after all us white trash are in prison after we kill all the jews and muds. Why us White Nationalists are supposed to make the world safe for ZOGling whiggerdumb, just as butchers are supposed to provide these whiggers with meat and then go to their section of town. These whiggers think that they are an aristocracy, but by their cowardice they are actually a kakistocracy.

    So Peter Shaenk bitched and whined all about how I was turned loose from the NutHouse to serve jew conspiracies and as a result the jews and piglice whiggers were going to put these [d]ruling whiggers in camps. Why I suppose then and only then will the piglice be able to trace Peter Shaenk in his secret paytridiotic bunker where he is cowering, scared of the jews, and put him in a camp with other jewdayo-whiggers. What is to me just one of Satan's pets is to Peter Shaenk the kike super-mamzers.

    Hey Peter Shaenk. Since I'm to be the next Timothy McVeigh, Lee Harvey Oswald, James Earl Ray, hell, the next Martin Lindstedt for that matter, why don't you simply put me on the air, with a 30-second delay lest I offend jewr senselessabilities with promiscuous use of my favorite n-word and w-word, and bring up ratings to jewr ratings-dead show.

    Let the whiggers decide who has the most compelling vision of the future. Why I am such a feeb wing-nut that a clever paytriot media whigger like jewrself should be able to outsmart a nut like me no longer on medication. And if it leads to an appearance on the jewry Springer show, then I'll take you along on a leash to prevent some hungry hungry hippo-nigger from denutting you and serving you up for Kwansaa.

    And about jewr saving snivilization. What a crock of shit. Civilization cannot long endure when the ZOGlings making it up are simply cowardly lying stupid hypocritical whiggers too scared to kill all the niggers, gooks, beaners, jews -- and whiggers that infest it. We differ in what makes a White man. I am a White man. You are jewst a cowardly lying whigger without a brain, without honor, without a clue.

    And not being scared of ZOG or whiggers, I call upon my friends and anyone who loves truth to out this whigger Shaenk, post its real name and face to an audience, and then demand that it run for the tall grass and bother the White Nationalist movement with itz lies no more.

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri


    Them?s fightin? words, Pastor Lindstedt! Maybe ?Peter Schaenk? will have you on his show as a guest.

    LOL :-)

    I doubt it. This liar cut me off 4 years ago when I asked him where did he think Linder got his money from if not TraitorGlenn Miller. And now it still can?t tell the truth.

    Then it bitched about what I said about Movement whiggers who pretend to lead.

    Then it whined about Alex Linder. And took the part of the guy who is giving it a microphone ? at least until it gets outed. Why them clever evil jews are just too stupid to follow the IP number.

    This fool, Peter Skank (get it, Peter Skank ? a good jape of an a-lie-ass) simply doesn?t understand that it says one thing, then the exact opposite, then yet another absurdity, and yet another. First it was you anonymous posters, then nutty me just out of the NutHouse, then Alex Linder, then pornographers, then jews, now someone else. Never niggers of course. Can?t say the n-word with the whigglets around. And then a call for jewnity between those who have a bowel Movement of CreaTard whiggers on VNN and the PC jewdayo-whiggers on VoR.

    Reason gets short shrift from the Skank. It always got another jew conspiracy before itz nose to air and it can?t figure out what it said 10 minutes ago.

    Can this fool get itz lies straight?

    By the way, Skank didn?t plug my Church. But he did get my name straight. and I got a plug from Terrible Tommy Metzger today.

    Eventually the audience will get tired of listening to lies and drop this fool, even though it is free bullshit.

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri
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    Default Whigger Power!!! with Peter(less) Schaenk

    WHIGGER POWER!!! with Peter(less) Skank


    Listen to the Peter(less) Skank.

    Why, the White Race is an impediment to Western Civilization. Why Western Snivelization is far more important than the White Race. This whigger obviously doesn?t stop to consider that if there are no more Western Whites then there won?t be no more Western Snivelization.

    Oh, and yes, I am not well meaning but rather insane. No inter-species/feces amity between the neo-whiggers and insane racists like myself.

    Peter Skank is waging a war on perception or something like that.

    But I did get itz e-mail address. Unlike the Skank I have3 nothing to hide. shanktalk@yahoo.com

    why is it that LibberToon whiggers whine about censorship by jews for them, yet immediately whenever they come to some position of power immediately censor some other White who they deem ?insane? because he is more overtly racist then them?

    Could it be that these whiggers are really not a bit different than the jews that they would replace? Other than being a bit more cowardly, that is? Able to lie to theysselfs as whiggers in a way that jews cannot afford to do to themselves, not if they wish to survive as parasites with bad Whites like me wanting to render them down into soap and lampshades?

    Perhaps whiggers don?t really want a racial holy class civil war but rather to sell trinkets and have a microphone? And yes, i do want to overthrow ZOG. I not only want to kill piglice and regime criminals, I want to make them eat their nuts as well.

    whhhhhhiiiiiiigggggggeeeeeerrrrr power!

    Oh well, I suppose I?ll eventually get banned and then this gliberal whigger will have to go to my web page to listen to the paytriot trinket sellers and conspiracy theorists of the day get trashed out.

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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    Default WhiggaZOG/Peter[less] Skank in the whiggabunker televising the whiggalution

    WhiggaZOG/Peter[less] Skank is in the whiggabunker televising the whiggalution


    Quote Originally Posted by jew AmeriKwa/whiggaZOG
    on December 4th, 2008 11:14 am


    Hibernigger wrote:

    Why is utterly insane Molestin’ Martin Lindstedt allowed to post his ramblings at all?
    Whenever I find whiggers like that, I intend to make them eat their words -- and their testicles. -- MLDL

    Quote Originally Posted by jew AmeriKwa/whiggaZOG
    in reply:
    This, in large part, is what killed VNN’s Forum - democracy run rampant.
    The thing that killed VNNF is simply that whiggers like New America were allowed to run wild there, but they don't want Whites to have anything to say. So they censored Whites, especially those who questioned the TraitorGlenn Miller/Alex Linder connection and who paid what. So now VNNF is a rathole of CreaTards and wannabe whiggers playing at Revolution.

    This particular whigger claims that it represents the Movement. Yet like the Skankster, all it sells is why things are so bad without any intention to do something about the mud flood. It like most whiggers says that free speech should not be allowed if it is in conflict with whigger speech.

    This whigger would impose itz own variety of Politically Correct foolishness upon others based upon what? What it insists should be itz own standards when this whigger, like Skank, is too cowardly to show its name and face in public? Since when do the cowardly have a veto on what the committed and the brave say? No, a typical whigger ahould be viewed as such and nothing it says should be viewed as having any relevance if it is too cowardly to show itz snout. --MLDL

    Quote Originally Posted by jew AmeriKwa/whiggaZOG
    I am working on my comments on Peter’s excellent show, and - by rights - “Pastor Linstedt” should have his analysis in THAT thread, and not THIS thread..
    The Skankster made the cowardly decision that it wouldn't allow any discouraging words on itz Paytriot Trinket Show. So I'm here on this forum wherein the whigga gangstas called Skanksters got to get down and dirty, as opposed to masturbating theysselfs in their own corner. -- MLDL

    Quote Originally Posted by jew AmeriKwa/whiggaZOG
    I do not want to deal with Linstedt any more, but I use him as a perfect example of Movement Past, and the perfect example of why self-proclaimed “White Nationalism” can be easily divided into two groups - Normal people, who act like normal people, work normal jobs, and make the world a better place on a daily basis - Pierce, Rockwell, Steele - and Irrational Fools, who adopt the symbols of power for a different place, and a different time, even as they brag of being the “Creative Race.”
    Well, what is jewr job, other than brawling with those of us who actually want to fight a Revolution and exterminate jews, muds, and whigger regime criminals? Is Dilbert the Geek Freak going to actually do anything which makes the world a better place? And more to the point, my criticism of "The Whigger-Whimperer' Steele was actually a blessing. Why Edgar Steele brings in plenty of you ZOGling whiggers into the Movement where you . . . . . criticise the Resistance people who have been in the Movement longer than Edgar Steele and from what I gather will be in the Movement long after Edgar steele leaves the Movement.

    I'm sure that Movement whiggers have some use other than minefield clearance. It makes ZOG waste a bullet, for example. But the problem is that over the past 15 years I've seen whiggers come and whiggers go and most of them learn nothing useful during their attempt at slumming. Whiggers are pretty useless. But Edgar Steele, the Whigger-Whimperer, sure does a fine job of getting them into a masturbatory lather. --MLDL

    Quote Originally Posted by jew AmeriKwa/whiggaZOG
    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt wrote:

    > So Peter Shaenk bitched and whined all about how I was turned
    >loose from the NutHouse to serve jew conspiracies and as a
    >result the jews and piglice whiggers were going to put these
    >[d]ruling whiggers in camps.

    in reply:
    If I was a shrewd and cunning man, I would remove our educated, articulate spokespeople who actually posed a Creative, constructive, challenge to the status quo, like Bill White.
    Actually, the Whigger-Whimperer Steele pissed over Bill White, saying that ZOG had every reason to jail him. Itz a game bowel-Movement whiggers play, called "Shit on every other Movement whigger who has a moment's more air time than me." Whiggas are pretty petty critters and don't like other whiggers having more than their fair share of jewsmedia time. --MLDL

    Quote Originally Posted by jew AmeriKwa/whiggaZOG
    I would then allow people like you to come forward,. and have every damn tv camera in the world covering you.

    And I would say, “See! This is what White Nationalists are like. Note the reason for his time as a Guest of the State!”
    I used to have the same debate in 1999 with anonymous whigger militia generals. 160 million whiggers in the ZOGland and every single one of them is exactly alike in their cowardice.

    Why dissidents are in jail because it is their own fault -- the cry of both slaves and whigger slavers alike.

    Frankly, after 3 1/2 years of ZOG imprisonment, I'm the Nelson Mandela of Hate. Being jailed shows that I'm the genuine article. And my hatred of jews and muds and whiggers is the other genuine article.

    Listening to the Skank moan about how after I pull a Lee Harvey Oswald or James Earl Ray on 'President' ONigger means that ZOG will put all of you whiggers in a concentration camp merely goes to show how much of cowards you whiggers really are. Why worry about ZOG and ONigger taking jewr guns when you are offering them jewr nuts to cut for free? Run, sWill Whiggason, Run! Them niggers you pretend to love so much are headed for the suburbs! And whiggers are too cowardly to stop them. Why they might be called racist! -- MLDL

    Quote Originally Posted by jew AmeriKwa/whiggaZOG
    THEN, I would have our Official Warm, Powerful, Masculine Negro Spokesperson offer a calm, quiet critique of what you said, and mention that “Now, with the election of President Obama, we are Too Bog For Hate.”

    I bet this whigger buys his insurance from AllState, as it has the big buck nigger telling this lustful whigger that itz safe in all states. --MLDL

    Quote Originally Posted by jew AmeriKwa/whiggaZOG
    The key is this:

    They will identify the word “Hate” with what they see, and Marty, they will Hate you, and anyone who dares associate themselves with what you preach.

    I do not have any more time left to deal with this.

    Marty, no one cares what you think, save as an example of what NOT to do, and who NOT to be.


    Anonymous whigger pulling a peterless-skank on us, remember that nobody knows anything about all the cowards throughout history who simply played it safe. In jewr case, it will be worse. jew'll end up as nothing more than a pile of nigger-shit forgotten in some corner. Well, play ostrich and put jewr head up jewr ass and because you don't see the racial realities, then jew'll be safe. By all means, tell that hungry nigger, "I do not have any more time left to deal with this." Perhaps if the refrigeration is out the hungry nigger will be congoidically civic minded enough to simply castrate you and then walk you to market as a tenderized meat whigger.

    The hatred of whiggers . . . . why I'm scared. Why they might go to the Peter[less] Skank show blog and write some mean stuff about how I am not a very nice guy and post it for every other Dilbert whigger to see.

    C'mon Peter[less] Skank. Get a leg up on the jewry Springer Show and Oporewhore. I'll bring you on like my pet meercat and not let any hungry, hungry congoid hippos take you home for lunch.

    New America???!!! Hah! Better name for jewrself is whiggaZOG.

    And it not over until the loser quits. And that is you, whiggaZOG.

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri
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    Outer-Space Aliens from jewrAnus?
    Mestizo Banditos jewst wetbacked in from the Border?
    Dilbertized Geek Freaks like sock-puppet jewAmeriKwa/whiggazog?
    Or Nazti, Naughty, Nazis/DSCI like Pastor Lindstedt?


    Quote Originally Posted by Someone

    > 3. Don?t you people have anything better to do? The economy is collapsing, the Republican Party is dead, the U.S. has a Marxist mulatto for a president, and the Jews continue to plan WWIII, and yet all you can find the time to squabble about is THIS? Get your priorities straight.<

    Quote Originally Posted by jewAmeriKwa/whiggaZOG
    in reply:
    A ?collapsing economy? implies a collapsing social order, and the gelding of the Republican Party at the NATIONAL level simply reflects part of this; there is nothing we can do about the rest, and, nor should we.

    Whiggers invariably do nothing except sit anonymously behind computers and plot the great whiggalution -- a final solution in which meat whiggers are killed and eaten by them wonderful niggers they love so much at a suitably safe distance. --MLDL

    Quote Originally Posted by jewAmeriKwa/whiggaZOG
    Obama is the best thing that ever happened to us.

    Peter noted, in an earlier show, that every government run by the Colored has been a failure; look at Detroit, for example.

    We can only prepare, intelligently.

    Like how, whiggaZOG? I think jewr none other than Peter[less] Skank or if not the Skankster, then the Skankster's most clinging sock-puppet.

    So what do you recommend? I mean besides taking part in an Auntie Racist Action counter-demonstration whenever the nazis or the Klan come to town? Buy some patridiot trinkets and ghost shirts? Buy some of the Whigger-Whimperer's excess silver stock? Keep the Obongo yard sign up in the yard? Inquiring minds want to know. --MLDL

    Quote Originally Posted by jewAmeriKwa/whiggaZOG
    goes on & on:

    And, for all of the people who speak of World War III, note this:

    That means the end of any form of government above the Tribal level, and WE can build Civilization back fairly quickly.

    To use an example of Alex Linder?s, magine this: a big sign at the border to ANY State in the Union, no matter how bare, desolate, and inhospitable it may seem (Montana will do for this example), with the words on it :


    So who's gonna shoot the niggers, beaners, spics, jews and extremely goofy gliberal whiggers?

    I mean, I and my bunch of racist religious 'wing-nuts' wanted the job, but the Skankster & sockpuppets threw a fit Wednesday nite at the very idea of someone aactually doing somethang about the problem.

    So I ask again:

    Outer-Space Aliens from jewrAnus?
    Mestizo Banditos jewst wetbacked from the Border?
    Dilbertized Geek Freaks like jewAmeriKwa/whiggazog?
    Or Nazti, Naughty, Nazis/DSCI like Pastor Lindstedt?

    Will jewAmeriKwa/whiggaZOG cum to a decision? Or will Leroy Jones and Malcolm Abdul Muhammed XIX get an especially stupid whigger Christmas turkey extremely full of shit to eat this year? --MLDL

    I see jewAmeriKwa/whiggerZOG has been reading his Covington comic books faithfooly:

    Quote Originally Posted by jewAmeriKwa/whiggaZOG
    In fifty years, you could watch Mankind?s first starship lifting off outside Kalispell.

    If Malc XIX gets to make the decision because some Nazti, Nazti boy hasn't got to plug Malc&LeRoi, then jewAmeriKwa/whiggaZOG will be nothing but a pile of whiggershit before the Obongo presidency. --MLDL

    Quote Originally Posted by jewAmeriKwa/whiggaZOG
    Outside the State borders, they couldn?t even maintain the roads, much less build them.

    It would be a Mud Hell.

    Can jewAmeriKwa/whiggaZOG say "cognitive dissonance?" --MLDL

    Quote Originally Posted by you

    >If I was Joe Blo and this thread was my first exposure to white nationalism, I?d run screaming the other way.<
    Quote Originally Posted by jewAmeriKwa/whiggaZOG
    in reply:

    All too true.

    The problem is, we have not had any Plan for what to do after they take the Red Pill.

    That, in good part, is why Mathews and Lane died with their lives unfulfilled; they accepted the Enemy?s Terms and Definitions of Who they were, and What they could do.

    We DO know this:

    Christianity, and Western Civilization, MUST be the Watchwords of our Racial Future.

    If you don't kill what kills whiggers, then whigger civilization will be nothing more than niggershit. whiggers got to survive in order to maintain what passes for whigger 'snivilization.'

    The White men who founded what became ZOG didn't have a problem with putting niggers to work and killing red niggers. But you can't have Western White Civilization unless you have White men willing to kill White Western Civilization and White Men's enemies. And these enemies are: niggers, beaners, gooks, muds, jews -- AND WHIGGERS. whiggers most of all.

    What has jewr precious Western Snivelization done for White People? Made them a minority in the world, one in our own country because of whiggers, and put us to the verge of extinction. Only whiggers love Western Snivelization because it gives them somebody that they dare feel superior to -- their own whigger brothers. It gives whiggers power to be whiggers without getting their asses kickewd except by their superiors: the jews, niggers, beaners, sundry muds and lesboskanks. They don't want a backbone because they can't use it. They want a wishbone because they are nothing other than wankers. Great Master Debaters like Peterless Skank hiding in itz fattenfeebenuntershiessenkopfenfuerherbunker hiding with itz sock-puppet jewAmeriKwa/whiggaZOG from the aroused & pissed-off lumpenwhiggertariate wanting a refund from patridiotic virtual bangles and trinkets.

    Peterless Skank raving on and on the last hours of itz show about saving whigger snivelization for the benefit of whiggers. Evil insane racist luntics like me wanting to shut down Disneyland4whiggers by me having a "Manson Moment" and bringing the jews and niggers down on it. All about how the jews are going to cum aand drag him from his VoR bunker because of me. yada, yada, yada as the kikes would snarl.

    Piss on whigger snivelization. Save the White Race and the civilization shall take care of its own self. But whiggers can't figure out where they want to go, much less know that they can't get there from here. That's because they are whiggers. And as my friend Luke LaVellian used to say, "Sheeple do things the herd way. Itz a ZOG eat dog world, don't be one of their servile curs."

    When LeRoi Jones and Malc XIX are about to munch whigger for lunch, itz a little bit too late to discover the joys of raw, red racism. Keep that in mind, jewAmeriKwa/whiggaZOG, sock-puppet of Peterless Skank.

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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    Default sPeterless Skank's & whiggaZOG's Triumph of the [S]Will.

    Peterless Skank's & whiggaZOG's Triumph of the [s]Will.


    Quote Originally Posted by New America/whiggaZOG
    on January 25th, 2009 11:15 pm

    (above comment deleted by odious Mikey Jukes-Kallikak Connor)

    in reply to auntisemite:

    you wrote:

    Sometimes I think that JS is baiting Mookie to come aboard RBN for ratings.. I see RBN warm up to him and I just don’t see the connection. Why is Piper talking nicey nice about him like he is a partner? Why does RBN hire jews as hosts?
    in reply:
    RBN is going down as the transition from Movement Past - powered by centrally controlled newsletters and shortwave radio - to The Cause was matched by the decentralized power of the Internet.
    The decentralized power of the Internut will make Peterless Skank irrelevant as well. How many anonymous whigger nutsionalists yapping about how it is the jews and the other whigger feebs wanting more ZOGbux is it going to take until 'Final Victory?'

    Peterless Skank is still bitching about being given the boot on Republic Radio because its new digs are not as luxurious or as well known as the old digs on Republic Radio.

    Quote Originally Posted by New America/whiggaZOG
    Suddenly, the well-crafted manipulative phrases are seen as empty shadows, and people have the power to organize independently of the likes of the National Alliance, or RBN.

    Or Peterless Skank, for that matter. --MLDL

    Quote Originally Posted by New America/whiggaZOG
    The currency of the Internet age is integrity, and RBN totally lost all of their claims to integrity when they fired Peter Schaenk summarily, following his down-the-middle interview with Bill White, and not ONE of their First Amendment/Second Amendment/Constitution type hosts said one damn thing about it.
    In that case, Peterless Skank and RBN 'totally lost all their claims to integrity' when Peterless Skank summarily censored me for asking TraitorGlenn Miller where he got the ZOGbux to give to Alex Linder for VNNF and their proposed Whigger FukTard Party summarily, and not ONE of their First Amendment/Second Amendment/Constitution type hosts said one damn thing about it, including Peterless Skank.

    And then on Dec. 3, 2008, Peterless Skank lied some more about me, had a jew cow, claimed I was the next Lee Harvey Oswald, gonna kill Obongo, and put pore Peterless Skank and WhiggaZOG and the Whigger-Whimperer Edgar Steele in the jewlags, Oy vey!

    Whigger Nutsionalism is all about censoring those without a mike below you and whining about censorship from those who own the mike above you when they decide that you went too far. That's why itz called a Paytriot [bowel] Movement.

    Bill White shit on his allies. Now ZOG shits on Bill Weiss. Life goes on as jewsual. --MLDL

    Quote Originally Posted by New America/whiggaZOG
    Not Old Man Jack McLamb, not Self-Proclaimed Radio Avengers, not ONE of them said ONE word in defense of either Peter Schaenk, or the Constitution.
    Not Peterless Skank, who loves the CONstipation when its his ox being gored but loves to censor others. WhiggerZOG/Peterless Skank are nothing if not hypocrites about whining holohoax. In fact, Peterless Skank ordered me to be censored on VoR, but his co-workers had a little more respect for the Bill of Goods. The point is that Peterless Skank/whiggaZOG are such hypocrites, whining like jews one minute them pulling the very same kikeshit on others. --MLDL

    Quote Originally Posted by New America/whiggaZOG
    And, after that, those who might make a difference decided to leave RBN, and RBN was left with the Elderly, who can not afford the electricity to run their radio receivers, much less buy their herbal teas, organic coffees, water filters, and gold.

    So why bitch now, WhiggaZOG/Peterless Skank? Were not trinkets sold on the Peterless Skank's watch as well? --MLDL

    Quote Originally Posted by New America/whiggaZOG
    One question for you who softly support RBN:

    Do you know what RBN is?
    Besides the place that fired Peterless Skank and set him down the road to sell trinkets elsewhere? -- MLDL

    Quote Originally Posted by New America/whiggaZOG
    Is it a real, licensed radio network, is it a real business, or is it the DBA for Republic Trading; hence, would it be seen as a marketing arm of a company that sells overpriced gold, with some herbal teas, organic coffees, water filters on the side?

    Peterless Skank/WhiggaZOG never did figure that out until they got they'se asses booted, though. --MLDL

    Quote Originally Posted by New America/whiggaZOG
    Listen to the 25 july 06 show from the RBN Archives, where Stadtmiller lays out The Plan For The Future.
    So, someone gots to pay for the medicine show. --MLDL

    Quote Originally Posted by New America/whiggaZOG
    Then, laugh quietly to your self, and send some money to VOR, PayPal link at the top of the page.

    Send jewr ZOG-bux today to Peterless Skank & its faithfool sockpuppet, whiggaZOG. --MLDL

    Quote Originally Posted by New America/whiggaZOG
    Support those who support your RACE.
    I suppose it would be a good time for some of you to send some money to me and support your racial hate religion:


    I don't put on as good of a medicine show as Republic Radio or even as good as Peterless Skank, though.

    Quote Originally Posted by New America/whiggaZOG
    And, instead of listening to RBN, get a copy of Harold Covington’s book, “A Distant Thunder,” and better yourself for the days to come.
    Pretty good books. Feed Covington [edit] and 666 deserving sock-puppets with yahoo accounts.

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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    Default Edgar Steele, Defensive Racism, and Christian Identity

    Edgar Steele, Defensive Racism, and Christian Identity


    Edgar Steel -- The Whigger-Whimperer -- A Review of his then-new book Defensive Racism from Oct. 25, 2004:

    Quote Originally Posted by Former Friend
    Interesting article despite blatant bias and being littered with factual mistatements. (Article about Christian Identity as 'glue holding racialist right together')

    Oh, by the way, recieved Edgar Steele's Defensive Racism several days ago. Started to read it and then laid it down in disgust upon finding this on page 14:

    Quote Originally Posted by Defensive Racism

    "Of course, many self-avowed racists hew to a religious basis for
    their racial outlooks as well. Followers of Christian Identity, for
    exaample, believe all non-Caucasian races to be the spawn either
    of Satan or of creatures lesser than Man. These people cannot
    rationally debate the concept of racism."
    I read that very same passage in Steele's "Defensive Racism" in the Introduction, page 14. And like every other Identity Christian, particularly of the Dual-Seedline doxology, I was annoyed. Still am to a degree. But let's look at what Steele wrote:

    Quote Originally Posted by Defensive Racism
    "Of course, many self-avowed racists hew to a religious basis for their racial outlooks as well.
    Us Identity Christians cannot help but be racists. After all, we know that while YHWH created all of the races, the only ones that concern YHWH are the White people, Sons of Adam, the only people really who matter. The only people who are 'people,' human beings. And the Bible, Christianity concerns the fight between good and evil as portrayed by one good Seedline, that from Adam through Seth through to Noah's middle son Shem to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob/Israel versus the evil Seedline from Satan's seduction of Eve resulting in Cain and infestations since through Ham's incest with Noah's wife producing Canaan, Canaan's interbreeding with the Cainites/Kenites, and Esau/Edom's displacement by marriage to two Canaanite females. The Patriarch Judah violated YHWH's law by spawning with a Canaanite female and producing three little mamzers, two directly destroyed for their wickedness by YHWH. Dual-Seedline is a dualistic religion going back to the very nature of all Western religions, through Zorastrianism to Moses to Christ. There is an eternal enmity and struggle between Dual Seedlines: one the sons of God, one the Spawn of Satan. The yellow and black races are barely mentioned in the Bible, if at all. Our religious position is that they have every right to live where YHWH placed them, in Asia and Africa according to their own customs and ways, but none whatsoever to live amongst us, to destroy us as a People.

    Edgar Steele's book, 99% of it, takes the position of 'Defensive Racism.' Perhaps he views us Christian Identity types, with our religious zeal, as being 'Offensive Racists.' The adjective "self-avowed" does smart a bit.

    But let's read the book as a whole, with Steele trying to tell his target audience -- which is not Christian Identity nor the Revolutionary Resistance -- that there is no 'superiority' nor 'supremacy' in 'Defensive Racism.' Methinks Edgar Steele doth protest too much. I've never met any White man who didn't think for a second that he was superior to any nigger. In my decade-long political career as a Resistance politician, once I could get the typical whigger to stop looking over his shoulder and have him confident that I would not repeat what they said, every single one of them want to ship non-whites back to whatever Turd-Whirrld shit-hole they crawled out of, or express fear of non-whites. (I've sometimes thought of writing an article entitled, "What the White Man Really thinks About Niggers" -- with the body of the article simply saying that the title says it all.

    Yet due to ZOG 'edjewcation' almost all of us were programmed in 'whigger supremacy' mode in which we all are 'equal' but some are more equal than others, and often we have to think to keep from reverting to our indoctrinated instincts of 'equality' equals reality. Steele is highly 'edjewcated' and reflects the jape against Ameri'Kwan kollidges -- American colleges in four years indoctrinate its inmates with programming which takes forty years, if ever, to overcome. In a book which is NOT targeted at the Resistance, but rather radical whiggers discontent in a State of Whiggerdumb, Edgar Steele must speak to them in a language that they can understand. The language of the Resistance is a second language to Edgar Steele. Should we be so inflexible in our thinking that we cannot forgive the momentary lapse into the old ways, especially since Steele is not talking to us, but rather those he came out of, voluntarily, and is now on our side?

    Take a look at the old files on my web page sometime. I don't remove them because like Edgar Steele, I too am a work in progress, moulded by circumstance and hopefully growing, like we all should be. They can be embarrassing, as I put away the mental playthings of a child a decade ago. Edgar Steele has some things that he might be embarrassed about on his web page as well. Should we be annoyed at him because what Steele is embarrassed about are not what we think he should be embarrassed about?

    Quote Originally Posted by Defensive Racism
    Followers of Christian Identity, for example, believe all non-Caucasian races to be the spawn either of Satan or of creatures lesser than Man.
    Is that not the central dogma of Dual-Seedline Christian Identity, if not the One-Seedliners? Why get annoyed when an outsider baldly restates, without piety or agreement, what we do believe as a matter of fact?

    Again, Edgar Steele is not Christian Identity. Neither are over 99% of ZOGling whiggerdumb. So how do we get from here to an "all of Israel shall be saved" there? Do we get annoyed and all bent out of shape when one of our allies baldly repeats exactly what he has been told by our leaders like Pastor Butler?

    Quote Originally Posted by Defensive Racism
    "These people cannot rationally debate the concept of racism."
    Now the jolt. And it jolted me too. Can you identity the offending adverb?

    But is this also not mainly the truth? If, as Dual-Seedline Identity Christians we say/believe/insist that the non-whites are Sixth-Day 'man' and the 'Beasts of the Field,' (items of Faith amply demonstrated by their behavior) and that the Cainite/Kenite/Canaanite/Edomite jews are the literal biological Spawn of Satan, then what exactly do we have to debate about with the unbelievers? Our Fighting Faith, what Richard Kelly Hoskins calls 'Second-Reformation Christianity,' simply says that "We are right and you unbelievers are wrong" and that there is absolutely nothing to debate about.

    The perjorative adverb Steele used? 'Rationally' as in 'rationally debate.' And after it is logically understood that there is no debate possible.

    Now I can live with a little bit of adverb jolt from a racial and political ally.

    Several years ago, I listened via Internet radio to Pastor Dan Johns interview Pontifex Maximus Matt Hale. And throughout the hour-long show there was no fight on both sides given the vast theological gulf between the Christian and the Creator. No "dead jew on a stick" from Hale and no "mamzer-made self-idolatry posing as a religion" from Johns. The differences were simply not brought up, but rather the common good of White Nationalism emphasised. The differences were well understood, but such was the discipline of both parties that they never made it to the tongue.

    As Henry IV is alleged to have said, "Paris is worth a mass." I've criticised Edgar Steele's book because I've read his columns. When I get done reading them, I usually observe, "Steele is so right at the same time he is so wrong." This is because what Steele writes is so right -- for his audience and so wrong -- to a Resistance audience.

    Both Edgar Steele and Harold Covington have written 'Movement' books, each without pause or care as to how I, or others might take it. I am glad Covington didn't ask my advice, because his 'Hill of the Ravens' alienated so many Identity Christians repulsed by his refusal to understand us, as well as his openly planning to merely exploit us as cannon-fodder and give us third-rate citizenship as a 'reward' for our sacrifice beyond all others in the Movement. Honesty can have that effect. Edgar Steele doesn't understand us Identity Christians very much better, for all his being around Pastor Butler and being 'awakened' by taking his case. Yet having written on paper his beliefs, he is willing to take criticism for them.

    I offered to buy a copy of Steele's "Defensive Racism." Instead Steele sent me a free copy, inscribed, "To Martin -- who proves that character counts -- For an honest review." I thank Edgar Steele for the kind words, but our agreement was for an honest review.

    I've scanned over the front, back and middle of Steele's 'Defensive Racism.' It is an honest book which us Identity Christians can live with. It was not written for us. It was written for this phase of a great civil war, Civil War 2 (to paraphrase another great Movement book of great impact), in these pre-Revolutionary days when sides are being chosen. Right now we are at the tail end of the beginning. After the November [s]election all hell might well break loose, and what will be known as the war to end all wars will officially openly begin.

    As an electronic publisher of Resistance writers, I know only Edgar Steele could have written this paper book to its target audience of ZOGling whiggers being awakened with a jolt caused by current events. Understand Steele's target audience and thus understand Steele's book, and why it is both timely, correct, and NECESSARY. "Defensive Racism" is not for meant for nor addressed to the Resistance, either Christian Identity nor the non- CI Resistance, or even the more radical of the Movement, who are going to be warlord chieftains practicing on behalf of our People some pretty nasty "Offensive Racism" against the enemies of our People.

    The sooner we understand that, the sooner we can appreciate Edgar Steele's "Defensive Racism." And once we understand "Defensive Racism's" statements of the obvious, then more of us will say, "Is that enough?" "Is that all there is?" and more of us will be prepared to to do whatever it takes for us to "Secure the existence of our people and a future for White children."

    Martin Lindstedt
    Oct. 25, 2004

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