A Dual-Seedline Christian Identity Argument AGAINST Circumcision


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I was not introduced to DSCI until I started posting here, I find it fascinating. I have always considered myself agnostic and did not have a religious upbringing. DSCI more than any other branch of Christianity seems to understand what it is really about, they have coherent answers where other denominations do not. I first began studying biblical history in order to get better acquainted with the Jews - however there is a lot of confusion with the Jews as they are quite clearly imposters and few theologians seem to understand this outside DSCI. I don't know if it is appropriate to say I am DSCI, but their views mesh perfectly with my own reading of the bible.

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What is the DSCI stance on circumcision? What started as part of the Covenant apparently became a very inhuman scam by the time Paul was around.
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Insofar as circumcision is concerned, it was a means of identifying to all a Covenant that YHWH had with Abraham. When Israel was deported to the 'Cities of the Medes' in Northwest Assyria and the Cutheans/Samarians were brought in to replace them then lions went and ravaged them and a Levite priest was sent to teach the Cutheans how to obey YHWH's Laws after a fashion. Thus the original Israelites were condemned to lose their identity and the dirty Edomite/Canaanite/Kenite jews were condemned to be known as 'dirty jews' for their actions. jews can't help theysselfs but to act as the spawn of Satan. They can be non-halachic jews with a jew father and thus usually aimless parasitic drones with a streak of kikeishness like jewnson with his kike japes until such time as jewnson decides to play super-kike and its inner were-kike sprouts virtual mark-of-Cain hose-nose. Or they can have a jew mother like that kike sow Helena who trotted over from Mutant$permFront as fast as her little cloven hoofs could bring her over, forked tail&tongue a-lashing looking for Purimfest on myself after running off that Eurowhigger piece of shit Maude DeFraud Franders. The Stevie-Nicks Cinderella chick doomed to be a Sarah jewsicca Parker kike harpy may have to ostensibly look up the word 'Purimfest' but her spawn-of-Satan sewage ichor makes her cum a-running for White blood to be shed for her virtual matzo-bread.

So, having been cursed to lose their identity, the deported Israelites couldn't very well maintain the Abrahamic Covenant and know who they were by circumcision. So circumcision became known in the Biblical time only by the genuine Judeans, Benjamites, and Levites and these Edomite/Canaanite/Cuthean/Babylonian pretenders. So circumcision lapsed. There is no otherwise good reason for circumcision.

So when Paul was converting the 'Gentiles' -- the Aryan Nations descended from Adamites/Noahites/Abrahamites/Israelites who as third and fourth sons had to seek their fortunes and who had wandered around all over -- to Christianity, a sticking point was circumcision. It hurts to cut off an inch from your pecker and risk infection around where you piss when you are older. So the decision was that this 'New Covenant' involved circumcision of the heart. And this policy was carried through as the New Church involved a 'bringing out' of the Law. Eternal life for being obedient and Christian was brought out. Under the Old Covenant the Israelites couldn't expect eternal life for obeying the Law. They were only promised a long and good life. It was only the unusual then, as now, who were to expect eternal life.

So, Christian Identity tells the 'lost sheep of the House of Israel' what is their true Identity. So, say that you are 40 years old when you discover Christian Identity is correct, you go from being a former Herbert W. Armstrongite with British Israelism to Pete Peters to Dual-Seedline and you were not circumcised as a baby by your foolish parents influenced by jew medicine. Should you get your dick cut on?

Hell no!!! Why do any such thing? Paul and Peter and James the Just, Jesus Christ's own half-brother who administered the Early Church said that Israelite converts didn't have to undergo circumcision. In fact, the jews practice circumcision because they, as spawn of Satan, want to pretend to be Abraham's Children and under the Abrahamite Covenant. So they practice circumcision.

If I had a son, I'd not circumcise him. It is up to him to decide whether to become a Christian Israelite (even though like every parent you will influence him to become better than yourself but like yourself religiously). If he is foolish to have his pecker cut on unnecessarily, then so be it. Circumcision is an affectation that jews and Muslims practice in order to claim to be something that they largely are not -- the Children of Abraham.

Essentially YHWH divorced Ancient Israel for Israel's whoredom in following strange gods and disobedience. So the Abrahamic Covenant/marriage contract lapsed. Losing their identity meant that Israel lost circumcision to point out who they were. By the destruction of Ancient Judea in 70 AD, so too did the remnants of the 'good fig' Judeans. So all that is left practicing circumcision are imposters claiming to be the Sons of Abraham, who are at best Edomites and as usual the spawn of Satan.

Why would any Israelite want to be mistaken for the spawn of Satan? They don't! Remember, YHWH gave you at birth a foreskin. Why remove it from your son in order to claim to be a spawn of Satan jew? That is not only stupid, it verges on blasphemy.

Already been circumcised? Well, nothing to be done about it now. jew medicine has already struck. Don't worry about it. You're stuck with what you got. But stop digging your own kids into a hole with an unnecessary jew operation. Abraham and Moses didn't cut on their peckers and own son's because they decided to have fun, but because there was a Covenant in effect at the time. As a Christian Israelite, you are already of Abraham's seed, now both you and YHWH know this. Since Christ's Church freed you of circumcision, why not take this gift from YHWH under Christ's Covenant, and not spurn this gift, as being more righteous than YHWH? It is presumptuous to spurn YHWH's Church's dispensation in order to pretend to be a jew, Satan's misbegotten spawn.

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Once you understand the White Man's Racial (Hate) Religion, you can tailor it to the audience yet keep it Orthodox. Political pastors like myself have no choice but to preach the Orthodox DSCI faith. It is the vast majority of the OSLer two-family congregations which can afford to indulge in heresy.

Hail Victory!!!

Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri