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Thread: Whiggerville/Neosho FukTards

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    Default Whiggerville/Neosho FukTards

    Whiggerville/Neosho FukTards


    Thanks to the wonders of Google, the above article, published on Original Dissent forum, is the #1 item on Google, posted yesterday.

    You see, the above article goes to show that when you know what you are doing, Resistance propaganda will be heard. At least for a little while. . . .

    Someone signed me up and then informed me that they had done so in one of the Christian Identity forums which have sprung up and to which I am a frequent poster. This person told me what he had done, and my initial reaction was annoyance. I much prefer to lurk and spy on forums to which I am viewed as a threat -- and the major White Nationalist forums like $tormFront/$permFront and VNNF/TraitorGlenn MillerNNF/Greater Free Range 'Tard CorralNNF have no great love for my criticism of their ZOG false-fronting, treason and general typpycull ZOGling whiggerdumb. NeoshoFuktards with Shitobi and Scutter the Nutter are occassionally monitored for future reference as to II Kings Chapter 9&10 action, but this pissant forum wasn't even on my spy list.

    So, after the irritation -- people signing me up for something I'd just as soon not do yet -- I decided that this showed that McDonald County is full of Robert Joos and Christian Identity sympathizers and to lend them moral aid and support. After all, if/when I get banned by cowardly whigger piglice scared that I'm going to show them that Piglice Testicle Eating Syndrome will someday becum the only mental illness diagnosed on the DSM version 6.66, why I am sure that I can get one of them to do some spying for myself. I have spied on so many forums that I can get someone to do the reading and give me a report. Besides, I've been banned from so many places I know by now how to use an anonymous proxy server.

    The times are typical. 99% of you on this forum, like throughout the ZOGland are simply whiggers. Whiggers are diseased dirty animals who must be exterminated by means of civil war as ZOG/Babylon falls apart. The past year, the jew banksters have turned jewr 401K into a 201K and soon enough a 101K -- if that. You whiggers do simply want to die and take healthy White men down with you. For now, the ZOG piglice are living in fear for they know that they deserve to simply be exterminated out of hand -- and so they will. I tell all of you ZOGling whigger ass-clowns that mighty Evil Empires have been batting 1.000 in ending on the ash-heap of history, and ZOG/Babylon the Third and Last is no exception. I tell my White Nationalist audience that 10 million White men cannot maintain an effective military theocratic dictatorship over 150 million whiggers and 140 million muds and mamzers (miscegenated bastards). They still post articles over how ZOG is hurting us and ZOG is cheating us and ZOG is taking away our children and turning them into whigger faggots like Randy Turner and I tell them to simply keep their mouths shut, look to their own salvation, decide upon which of their own relatives they want to carry over into the Great Tribulation -- and most of their relatives are thieving treasonous whiggers -- and let YHWH and good marksmanship take care of the rest. Since we can't maintain an effective dictatorship over whiggers, then most of them must die in the Great Tribulation, Civil War II, Great Die-off, the Coming Collapse, whatever you want to call it.

    And, there are some of you here who I'd dearly love to MAKE A SPECIAL EXAMPLE OF, but it doesn't matter too awful much when you consider that all of the non-whites and better than 90% of the whiggers must and will die in the time of troubles ahead. Yes, you can indeed round up the aboveground Resistance -- after all there really isn't much of an aboveground Resistance and every single one of us Chieftains/Warlords can't work very good with the others -- but the fact of the matter is that there are less than 20 effective Resistance leaders if that, most of them are simply vain idiots playing at Revolution, and throwing them in jail would actually improve the Resistance by removing these fools as obstacles in the path of better men. Telling them this has not made me very popular with them, especially Alex 'the gut-sick guido-weasel dying of jew ass-cancer' Lindermiller, David 'Puke' Duke, John DeNutless/Nugent, and The Whigger-Whimperer Edgar Steele. On some of these Whigger Nutsionalist forums posting Lindstedt material is a ban-on-sight offense.

    But getting back to what I was saying. The situation in the ZOGland is what the WWI German General Staff said was "Hopeless, but not serious." 300 million ZOGling hue-man herd animals, 150 million of them whigger, 140 million mud, why it is hopeless to expect anything to save ZOG/Babylon. Letting 290 million of such exterminate theysselfs -- the wunnerfool thang about whiggers (and muds) is that they 'thinks' theysselfz' the only one -- is hardly serious. In the old days, whiggers died like flies, and the social order was a better thing for it. So it is hardly a bad thing, hardly serious, as when an 'accident' as Ambrose Bierce defined it -- the whining that results thereof when the inevitable happens -- occurs and the social carrying capacity shrinks and then there is plenty enough to go around now that there are not as many diseased animals eating the grass down past the roots no more. When there are only 10 million non-whigger Whites running around in the former ZOGland, all of them proven survivors, few of them Saints, then the situation might be serious, but hardly hopeless. Those of us who truly believe, will find that Christ has returned and those of you who merely wanted to take advantage of the chaos to get payback, why, everyone surviving is gonnna be as happy as such people ever are gonna be.

    So understand what you want, enjoy the time you have left, observe those whiggers -- which will be most of them, hell, all of them -- deserving of chastisement and from whose personal lives you will teach them the meaning of payback being such a bitch, and for now, take things with a sense of humor.

    Back in 2005, v-bulletin forums were rare. I was quite annoyed when the admin acted like a typpycull hybernigger whigger and deleted 600+ of my posts, every one better than all of Shitobeez and Scutter the Nutter's 20,000 forum-pigeon posts. But today, I got my own forums and I am a regular columnist on several more, of people who really do appreciate the First Amendment of the Bill of Goods of the CONstipation. So, every post posted here of any worth will be saved onto other forums. And, given realities, does it really matter is scared whigger piglice close free speech and inquiry on their own little dunghill? No. Someone from this forum decided to bring my attention to this matter and acted unilaterally. And I am not annoyed because I see so many whiggers who do nothing and few, if any, who have the initiative to do something. This sheeplike idiocy and lack of will is one of the signs of a degenerate population. Far better to save one good healthy sheep as a People Shepherd, a Pastor, than to worry that the degenerate herd needing extermination will get advance warning of the inevitable. Ahab got advance notification from Elijah, and all it did was to unman him. Likewise with whiggers.

    I've decided to create a new subforum on my Christian Nationalist subforum. I think I'll call it 'Whiggerville/Neosho FukTards' and make my sockpuppet John Q. Whigger the moderaturd of it.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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    Default But the Most Wunnerfool Thang About Whiggers.

    But the Most Wunnerfool Thang About Whiggers.


    Quote Originally Posted by jewdy pestermamzer
    AGAIN..copied and posted material..come on Martin..spit something original out..make a believer out of me..
    Typpycull whigger. It says something smart, but isn't aware of what it said was smart, then says a lot of stupid crap, and still isn't aware that it said something typically whigger stupid.

    In the NutHouse, whigger nuts and criminals trying to get over by pretending to be insane would say that I was insane for my certain religious and political beliefs. Rather than argue with whiggers, I chose simply to ridicule them and would simply tell them:

    Us Nazis and Klansmen and Aryans may well be insane . . . . . but jew whiggers are typical.

    jewdy, jewr blessed above all other pestermamzers in that I took this time to personally make fun of jewr stupid whigger ass.

    Why the most wunnderfool thang about whiggers is that each of jewrselfs 'think' they's the only one. Itz called solipsism.

    I recycle invective. No need to use new invective on the same old sort of whigger. Every whigger is like the other 140 million 'head' of whigger.

    But jewdy pestermamzer 'thinks' that she put the 'special' in special edjewcation at the whigger processing plant known as the pub[l]ic skrewls wherein the Randy Turners are out to turn them all into nutless whigger faggots loving the niglets of the whirrrrld.

    Wonder why I like and appreciate no more ZOG?

    Pastor Martin LD Lindstedt CJCC/AN

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    Default ZOG/Babylon is never as strong or as weak as it looks.

    ZOG/Babylon is never as strong or as weak as it looks.


    Quote Originally Posted by cougar on McDonaldCountyForums.com
    That thing Jewdy posting above you is the NUT! She is more deserving of a mental institution than Martin.
    Nope, jewdy Pestermamzer is probably a relatively sane Anglo-mestizo as Eric Thomson, the however-many great-grandson of the masonic Founding Felon Charles Thomson and coiner of the term 'ZOG' called them. I prefer to refer to jewdy as a whigger-mamzer and since many jews like to assert that they are 'men' as opposed to having the satanic ichor of demons as well as muds, then 'Pestermamzer' seems appropriate.

    Scutter, like Shitobi, is former piglice, which means that they were so crooked that even the piglice had to let them go, is angling for a provocation to have me banned. So my solution is simply to say as I please on my forums and let Scutter the Nutter worry about being outed. Scutter, being typical piglice, doesn't want its name known and was absolutely frantic at the notion that I might have taken its picture back on [s]election day in November 2004. Piglice are craven cowards who know full well they deserve extermination and fear that they and their little piglice will be visited in the wee hours by their victims wielding a dull knife with a bad attitude.

    So, Scutter the Nutter's statement shows that piglice always support ZOG, as do typical whiggers. Whigger vermin never done better under any regime besides Babylon/ZOG other than Sodom and Gomorrah. So whiggers and piglice instinctively support ZOG and act and lie against ZOG's enemies. My standard statement to those who repeat ZOg lies and call me a child molester is to simply reply that some day I hope to make them eat their lying words -- with their testicles as a chaser. Piglice invariably suffer from Piglice Testicle Eating Syndrome. But whiggers must be destroyed as well.

    Now never understood was how it was going to be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that I kissed my retarded grandson's penis and buttocks. The legis-traitors and prostitutors and piglice were simply plotting, like Ahab and Jezebel against Naboth, to make the accusation and then to torture me by imprisonment into making a confession, same as they do so many others. Never understood is that a precident has been set in which all that is necessary to do is to grab the children of regime criminals, torture them into making confessions, and then make the regime criminal confess as well. No, whiggers like a sizable majority of your Neosho FukTards think jew'll be in power forever.

    The CONstitpation and Bill of Goods guarantee nothing. What keeps piglice and regime criminals well behaved is fear of what is going to happen once they are no longer in power and their former victims are on top.

    This is the gravimen of my articles of extermination against you typical whiggers. I'm simply telling new warlords among you whiggers right now that there is nothing wrong with exterminating you whiggers by the tens of millions given the inevitable collapse. After all, whiggers are really nothing more than stupid animals who while they may have souls, are not going to do anything with them. These whiggers are going to die by the millions as their social order collapses, and so why bitch about the inevitable? When you are dealing with diseased animals who never will improve, then what choice do you have but to help Nature take its course?

    I spent 2 1/2 years among the nuts, 27 months at Biggs maximum security. The thing about it is that the higher functioning nuts are not really much more crazier than typical whiggers. The staff in many cases are nuttier than the patients at the NutHouse. When sundry headshrinkers said that I had "Delusions of Grandeur" I would tell them that it was far better than having "Delusions of Adequacy." For whatever reason, none of them liked taking with me at length and certainly not alone.

    Be that as it may, this forum here is schidzoid. A layer of whiggers and piglice leavened by someone who did summon me, with Cougar understanding that whiggers leave much to be desired in terms of competence.

    To paraphrase Bismarck, ZOG/Babylon is never as strong or as weak as it looks. ZOG may look never stronger just before things fall apart.

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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    Default White Man's Field Problem

    White Man's Field Problem


    Quote Originally Posted by tell it like whiggaz wants it View Post
    Cougar, it seems that no matter what Judy posts, you automatically give her crap! I admit Judy and I have gone at each other a few times, but nobody deserves the crap you are dealing her. You need to grow up and get on with your life!
    Whiggers protecting whiggers. Whiggers all want to die and they hate other whiggers, but they hate White people most. You want to see what whiggers are like, I suggest watching the remake of "Dawn of the Dead" in which zombies want to tear at and eat healthy living flesh. Whiggers and zombies are exactly alike.

    Take care, Cougar. The whigger-zombies are clawing about! They got your scent!

    Here is an interesting field problem which will be common in the future:

    150 million whiggers, 140 million muds, only 10 million Whites. Whiggers not able to provide for theysselfs and the muds. Whites producing only for themselves.

    290 million ZOGlings and only rations for the 10 million Whites and perhaps, their choice of another 40 million rations.

    So who lives and who dies? Who decides?

    I would suggest that the 10 million Whites starve to death the 40 million whiggers that they could save as the proper solution, the Final solution. Whiggers are simply diseased animals and the more of them which survive, the greater remains your burden. Let these useless eaters not have anything to eat, and you won't have to be bothered with them any more.

    Pastor Martin LD Lindstedt CJCC/AN

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    Default The Yapping of Whigger or Mamzer Dogs.

    The Yapping of Whigger or Mamzer Dogs.


    Quote Originally Posted by NowHereMamzer View Post
    Interesting. Like a flying purple whigger/mamzer pisspul eater flying my way. Oh shit!!!

    You can't post without ranting against every thing and everyone so I can't help wondering who you think you are reaching. After all, you've lost the ZOGling whigger ass-clown vote. I wouldn't vote for you as nigger-catcher.

    Now, I too hate ZOG and the whole brainwashed masses and feel you have absolute right to think, live, and do you own little thing but I can't help wondering about one BIG issue I have with your beliefs. I mean, other than that I really love ZOG, am one of their typical whiggers or mamzers and really don't think you should be allowed to run wild scaring us copulating, munching idiotic cornholing whigger and mamzer animals.

    You hate Jews, Jewish culture, and the whole Jewish supremacy issues that I as a shabbes whigger/mamzer support but because I am here faking it I got to pretend to admit are destroying the US yet your religion cast white folks are the "real" Jews. There, AlexLinderMiller the little guido-weasel with jew ass cancer ought to take this as proof positive that I'm a CreaTard in the mold of the Reverend Hardy Mongrol-Lloyd and not in that of James Von Brunn. Itz cougar season on VNNF/TGMNNF/GFRTCNNF!!!

    I just have to tell you that from my perspective I find the whole thing pretty damn amusing like masturbating with a 40-grit sandpaper glove. But now I have an excuse for having such a small wanger to show the nigger lot-lizards.

    You essentially want to BE the very thing you profess to hate! I'm with Alison -- I don't do links. Puhleeze let me die & lie in my own ignorance.

    It is the same thing as all the niggers these days who want to be the big boss man over the whites because they are a "superior race" and the whites were evil to have enslaved their ancestors. Like Michael Burks, I'm such an oooogly whigger/mamzer that normally I have to pay 20 ZOGbux for a ten ZOGbux blowjob at the Pilot truck stop but thanks to repeating the above to the nigger working grrrls, I only have to pay 15 ZOGbux for a ten ZOGbux blowjob.

    Guess if I used your special terminology to describe the whole Christian Identity people y'all would be called "Jiggers" (Jewish niggers) or maybe Kiggers (Kike niggers) Gee whizm ain't I are clever?

    NowhereMan/Now here Mamzer

    PS - Here comes the rant about me being a whigger and how I am going to be shot when Yahweh's judgment comes along. Like Doug Pells said while on the floor of the White Spot in Granby, you can whup my ass but you can't make me like it -- even if I do!
    Too bad I am a decent shot and have an arsenal that would make these people jealous. Why, Ah'm tuff: I bang my pecker on the toilet rim several times as a signal before sticking it into a glory hole in the Sans Fagscrisco McDonald's restroom!!! Calling Larry Craig! Calling Larry Craig! Easy to get when one HAS A REAL FUCKING JOB and WORKS FOR A LIVING instead of getting whacked out on drugs all day and writing rants on the Internet forums! But say what you will, that Bardamooch sure knows how to suck the lug nuts off a large car!!!
    It's a real Now Here Mamzer,
    Shittin' and bean a Now Here Spamzer,
    Thinkin' up itz now here plans,
    For No Buddy.

    Now Here Mamzer, what to say to such a rant: Sometimes I don't need to go out on Genesis 3:15 patrol, the whigger or mamzer cums to me and unloads itz spew.

    You know nothing of Dual-Seedline Christian Identity and more to the point, really have no interest in learning. Nor do I have any interest in defending my racial religion to sundry whiggers and mamzers and possible jews who show their Genesis 3:15 antipathy to it.

    The signs of the times are all about for anyone and everyone who wishes to learn of it. There are some valued allies, like Mandalore, who may or not believe in Christian Identity but understands that it functions as both a sword and a shield for being a racial warlord and having YHWH's blessing for the extermination of the whigger, mud and jew element infesting this formerly White homeland. We of Christian Israel do not impinge upon YHWH and question what one White man does think, but rather judge him upon his actions. Thus it is no accident that I fully support James Von Brunn, even though he is the 'World's Oldest Still(?) Living CreaTard' and few of the bowel Movement 'leaders' do so.

    One of my co-religionists is being railroaded by ZOG and I have every intention of fighting for him as best I can, warts and all.

    Now you, hiding behind an avaturd, have all the hallmarks of a typical whigger or mamzer who simply cannot and will not obey the Law of YHWH. There is nothing written on jewr heart that makes of you a White Man, but rather the whigger and mamzer element predominates to where jewr kind would end up facing the lash for offenses against the White Christian order and then the rockpile or rope. And thus it is to be expected that you will have nothing but hostility to a Neo-White Aristocracy imposing a theocratic military dictatorship over the surviving whiggers of which you both were a part of and did prey upon.

    To the ZOGling whigger and mamzer and jew I have nothing to offer except blood, fear and death, to paraphrase Sodden Winnie. You have no part among the Congregation of Israel, andeven if you survive the Great Tribulation doubtless jewr behavior will identify you as one of the tares and remove you irrevocably from the Body of Christ.

    That said, you share with Bardamooch the probable piglice the same feeling as every other regime-criminal whigger, jew, nigger, beaner and sundry mamzer: A hatred of seeing any White man not being a wage and tax slave to keep you filthy parasites alive upon our sweat, tears and blood. It is never enough that you got the stupid whiggers running like starved rats on the capitalism treadmill with their mouths muzzled lest they eat of the grain they harvest and thresh, but rather you must insist, like Jannes and Jambres and King Herod, that any potential Israelite Moses who might deliver them from cativity or sin and set them free must be destroyed. And thus the Great Plague of civil war is the only option left for freedom.

    Whigger/mamzer, you do not decide what the White Man does or does not do. You have no 'right' -- not even one of proper burial -- as long as you infest Christian Israel. The Great Tribulation will weed you out as surely as the Forty Years in the Wilderness did for Ancient Israel 3500 years ago.

    So the yapping of whigger or mamzer dogs does not really matter. The caravan WILL continue, Now Here Mamzer.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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