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Thread: I gets banned from phorafags/feebs

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    Default I gets banned from phorafags/feebs

    I gets banned from phorafags/feebs


    Quote Originally Posted by Apocales


    "Martin Lindstedt has been banned for general crudeness, spamming and his over-the-top calls for violence and mass murder. He cross-posts all his postings to 3 or 4 forums, anyone who misses him knows where to find him."

    account hard deleted.

    **mods I didn't know what forum to put this in, so I figured this would be a start.
    Looks like the phorafags/feebs forgot 'Contempt of Whigger/Mamzer/Faggot.'

    And to think that this mamzer welcummed me to phorafags/feebs six months ago when I was wondering if it was worth preaching to the whiggers and mamzers and jews and faggots -- what I call typical ZOGling whiggerdumb -- about they's inevitable doom.

    I think I'm the person who popularized the term 'phorafag/feeb' to describe the denizens of phorafags/feebs. I was banned from their 'academy' wherein these nitwit poseurs discuss 'highbrow' matters as I invariably called it a 'unibrow tanning salon and circle jerkiery.' I also used it as a whigger and mamzer hunting ground and mounted many a Genesis 3:15 patrol there, as an DSCI-SS Eloi Oberbannsturmfuerher vs mamzer Morlock untermensch.

    However, this idiotic move took me by surprise. You see, while fat soft idiots don't believe this to be true, any functioning ecosystem needs its major predators to keep the herd healthy. And I certainly did prey on phorafags/feebs' herd of whigger/mamzer pretty thoroughly. I don't think I left any whigger or mamzer shithead who got a big head insufferably soft unchecked for long. I was about to go to town on 'Whiggers who pretend to be balkanoid mamzers because they is ashamed of being whiggers' far meaner than any Dokturd Swill. Whiggers who are direly asshamed of being whiggers because they sense that they are non-viable ass-clowns are sort of like John Q. Whigger without self empathy.

    I think that this move will show that phorafags/feebs is pretty devoid of any ability to carry its load of poser/faux intellecshulism. Any person unable to mercilessly analyse himself and cleanse himself of lies, hypocrisy and cowardice -- without a self-knowledge circuit, without true self-awareness -- is a citter who is really nothing more than an eating, excreting typical herd animal, a whigger who has extinguished his soul and damned itself to being nothing more than one of the misbegotten mamzer animals which make up the mass of hue-manity. It is as if a self-loathing scrub bull, infected with Mad Cow, suddenly decided to say, "fuck it" and bit off its own nuts, knowing that it was for the best of cowkind that it geld itself, so it wanders off doomed to be good for nothing else but being a steer. Destroying the part of your body politic that tells you invariably when something is wrong with 'jewrself' is the act of a critter that really wants to die, but lacks the nerve to face the truth itself.

    In my fourteen years of being a Resistance Internut Road Warrior, I have found that any place that bans its Opposition grows fat and obese, its fat cells enjoying their placement to the top of their listserver body politic, and then without brains and muscle invariably die, as what is the point of listening to eunuchoid soft whiggers congradulate theysselfs on how smart they have been? I can well imagine that this news will make its rounds throughout the Movement as the whiggers within it say: Martin Lindstedt banned at phorafags/feebs. I can well imagine Alex Linder laughing, as phorafags/feebs has been the #1 dumping ground for his VNNF boat pissspul for the past five years.

    I notice that phorafag/feeb toxin levels seem to have reached the level wherein there has already been launched a lifeboat, a Simple Machines Forum for indigent whiggers on a budget unable to afford v-bulletin, that they called 'Salo'. Whiggers, lacking a self-diagnostic circuit lack imagination as well, they probably wanted to call it 'Salon' but were scared of litigation. So are they going to let a landshark aboard their phorafag/feeb boat-pisspul lifeboat? Probably not.

    And I sense that there was some argument amongst the administraiturds as to whether to do this. Thanks to running a v-bulletin forum myself, I know that there is invariably a forum secret to the herd and readable only by the high whiggers and mamzers and ZOG's NSA, of course. And I can well imagine which sides were for and against my banishment. Sulla the Dicktaster in favor, certainly. Starr against. Stan the Belgian Fruit-Loop in for, and the Green Man, who signed me up to phorafags/feebs sent to deliver the good news to Job.


    So what to do? I was a bit stunned when 6Killer called me around 2:30 a.m. CST this morning from my slumbers from canning a bunch of chicken leg quarters I got on sale for 39 cents a pound. Being banned from phorafags/feebs abruptly -- I had only insulted some secondary whiggers pretending to be Balkanoid mongrollian spam mamzers, a new development in whigger pathology/idiocy I wished to ridicule more thoroughly later, the past day or so -- took me by surprise. 6Killer was jubilant as he got banned by 88cmCrack years ago and viewed my sojourn at phorafags/feebs as the equivalent of Carrie Nation bringing her battle-axe to a Sans Fagscrisco bath-house. "Why do you waste your time on that wretched den of whiggers, mamzers, and faggots, phorafags/feebs? The place used to have at least some class back in the days of Fade the Bitcher confining us to the jewlag, but it is worthless now." I'd tell him, blandly, that it was for the Genesis 3:15 whigger and mamzer and faggot hunting that I couldn't find most of the time on StumbleInn.

    I have been banned quite often from sundry bowel Movement places. In fact, my being banned has been the norm. I think I was banned from every single militia-general jewhoogruppen back in the day when there were militias and jewhoogruppen. And even when 'The Pisspul' have spoken, as with the Misc.Activism.Militia usenet to where they want to take their medicine of ridicule and satire, the owners or moderators would invariably find some way to ban me. But censorship, destroying the inner self-diagnostic circuit is such a non-White thing to do, that any instance of such leads down a slippery slope to where even if it doesn't end, it destroys the forum that practices it. Expelling Whites means expelling White leadership, White brains, White ability and the end result is that the forum or listserver becomes nothing but a wasteland or slum that can't support nearly as much mamzer life as it could when Whites were able to be White on a White forum. I was puzzling out why a jew edjewcator was allowing White Nationalist gloating over an article by a disenchanted whigger trying to edjewcate niglets. The answer struck me: By allowing White criticism, the jew hopes that Whites will 'own' the problem and somehow save the nigger and the jew from their own folly. However, the problem today is that whiggers, the pore animals, are unable to even support theysselfs, much less the jews and niggers and beaners. The collapse of ZOG/Babylon, even though it is a Turd-Whirrrld cunttree today and getting worse, will probably mean that the rest of the world will devolve to the status of Calcutta. After all, what good does it do for China to make high-end electronics when they can't watch anything other than regimeist controlled TalmudVision sans jews?

    Cutting off White thought, White input, White creativity is the death of any forum claiming to be somewhat White Nationalist. The losses are not in the area of the whiggers, who are as common as dirt, but rather in the losses of leadership and cogency. Only one in twenty Whites have any leadership ability, the rest are rabble and mere sheep capable of merely consumption. They produce nothing. I've not seen very many Renaissances continue once the Galileos are silenced. White intelligent speech invariably heads to where it can be allowed to flourish, phorafags/feebs is simply becumming stagnant and complaisant. Besides, I have created venues for myself and for others to post to where the phorafags/feebs interested in my take on the bowel-Movement situation can go see for theysselfs on forums which wish for the traffic flow. Like me or not, like Scutter the Nutter said, like a nigger after he banned me:

    Quote Originally Posted by Scutter the Nutter on Neosho FukTards jewnior


    Maybe I should not have banned Martin after all. I mean maybe threatening to kill everybody and their kids was just his way of making friends. Anyway, the board really was a bit more active when he was posting here.
    And this was from piglice who had me banned five years previously. Like a nigger, the whigger does whatever stupid notion which pops up into itz non-White head and then it regrets it afterwards.

    Of course, like when I joined Mutant$permFront, I expected to be banned from McDonaldCounty FukTards, given the quality of its inhabitants. And, having stirred up the whiggers and mamzers to a frenzy -- the jews being congenital parasites take a more natural view that there will always be white blood cells in a still living, even bloated, carcass -- perhaps it was not to be unexpected that somewhere the whiggers and mamzers would put theys' niggroid proclivities into play and simply ban my White ass. I played similar tricks on the psychiatrists and social 'workers' during my entire stay at the NutHouse of deliberately causing trouble and paperwork one week and then 'backing off' the next week and then when things got back to 'normal' in the NutHouse of stirring the shit some more. Sometimes the fun and games got out of hand and things would blow up in my face a bit, but at least I kept my NutHouse life from being unnecessarily boring. Oh, well. Lose a sense of humor and you might as well give in to the general nuttiness making the rounds.


    Another thought which occurred to me was whether of not some piglice were telling the phorafags/feebs that they needed to dump their Richard Poplowskis and James Von Brunns because some shit against myself was cummin' down. Which is a logical worry now that ZOG/Babylon is running scared and jailing the bowel-Movement big talkers like Bill White/Weiss, Hardy Mongrol-Lloyd, and Hal Turner. ZOG/Babylon is running scared. After Poplowski and Von Brunn simply put the beat-down on ZOG piglice ass, ZOG is essentially imprisoning the Chicken Littles and Henny-Pennys of the bowel Movement scared that what is going down will find Revolutionary effective leadership which will exterminate or let die most whiggers and all regime criminals, mamzers and jews. Leaving aside the fact that the above clowns are simply that -- clowns, targeted arrests and even executions has never saved a mighty Evil Empire which is headed for the ash-heap of history in any case.

    I have found that whatever will be will be. It doesn't take anything for ZOG to trump up false charges and destroy your family and entire life. Such has happened to myself. The thing to realize it that the Resistance is fighting on YHWH's Time. Even more comforting is that everything that is done to you can and will be done to ZOG/Babylon and the whiggers, muds, jews and regime criminals which infest it. Count on it. Does anyone think that ZOG will go easier on Hal Turner because Turner decided that he was "not cut out for jail" and shut down his Internut radio network? ZOG won't. Far better to hang tough and wait for ZOG to implode as opposed to helping jail yourself through cowardice. Anyone, like Hal Turner who turns craven will find out the hard way that he is not cut out to be a Movement leader a lot less than he is going to be cut out for prison life. Stand and fight until dead or ZOG is dead, because if ZOG lives you die anyway, and better to die fighting rather than to die running for a hidey hole which no longer exists.

    Now I've been accused of advocating violence and the murder of the-m-asses. This is true in the exact same sense as Jeremiah and my favorite, Elijah did. They did prophecy the end of the regime and the end of their country and were punished for saying so. Yet they did not bring on the end of times for the whigger Israelites of 3,000 years ago, but rather what was written came to pass. I especially enjoy how Elijah under YHWH's Command, told Ahab that there was nothing Ahab could do to change the future -- Ahab's regime and family were doomed without even the hope of proper burial. Ahab had no choice but to take it like a steer.

    And likewise with you whiggers. You might have a soul, but you are unable to cash it in anymore than an Africa nigger living atop the Kimberly diamond deposit with his goats was able to do so. You whiggers are doomed. Nothing can save you, and you lack the understanding to know that the first step, untaken, is that you must save jewrself by, as the Islamics put it, by waging an internal Great Jihad and killing your own inner whigger before you can wage in any form an external lesser jihad against ZOG/Babylon.

    So to the phorafags/feebs I say: Die in ignorance.

    Of course I have plenty of other forums in which to post, and the end result of my banning from phorafags/feebs will be some phorafags/feebs following me to where they can talk to myself and thus the gaining of my particular forums. And, I always have my spies, who will report and direct my attention to matters of interest. Since I can read phorafags/feebs, thanks to anonymous proxy servers, all this means is that when I go on Genesis 3:15 patrol I must drag off the whigger or mamzer carcass for public dissection onto my forums. Such a little thing.

    Well, time to do something useful, like finish canning the last 30 pounds of chicken before it turns bad.

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri
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    I think of it as a feather in my cap, Pastor. The Phora Phags blackballed me a long time ago. Dumbass High Yellow Whigger Assholes. Phuck them. They deserve what they've got coming to them and I hope they get it sooner rather than later.

    Good luck on them chickens, Pard.
    "Pleased to meet you, I hope you guessed my name!"

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    Default '?anned on Phora'

    It is something where I don't see any negative connotations.

    Basically, an elite group.

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    Default Funny Funny phorafags/feebs

    Funny Funny phorafags/feebs


    Quote Originally Posted by il ragno View Post
    Even the people who can't stand Lucky are glad to see him out of that state-run snake pit, but let's face it, he emerged determined to redouble his efforts to bait and attack everyone within reach.

    God knows why, though; as the only people who've ever done actual, palpable, real-world harm to him - with malice aforethought - is his own family. Compared to his daughter, in-laws, neighbors, etc, Stan and Ahknaton make for some pretty harmless and insubstantial "enemies".
    You have a great deal of insight, Il Ragno, but the fact remains that you usually don't understand anything about the doings going on here in 'fly-over' country. It is 'jew yawk' parochialism. As an outsider often quite perceptive, yet not understanding what makes the whiggers tick because you are not one of them.

    I have an ignorant fat welfare-slut of a stepdaughter whose only useful thing done in her life was to squeeze out four healthy White children, the oldest and youngest far above the norm and two sons of their fathers who are somewhat below average.

    Now my own family, well above average in terms of intelligence and drive, still are thieving treasonous whiggers. As is Roxie's family, as thieving whiggers with 40 IQ points below that of the Lindstedts.

    However, the fact of the matter is that whiggers, if not for ZOG/Babylon, are no threat. My family feared and respected me, my grandchildren loved their PawPaw.

    Yesterday, as I was going to Springfield to file the still-continuing lawsuit against Obongo/TraitorGlenn Miller, I heard that my stupid slut of a stepdaughter got out of the McDonald County jail for forging the paycheck of the convicted child molester and murderer that she met at the Christian Mission over at Neosho. It seems like Judge LePage and the prostituting attorney got tired of feeding Fatass at the jail, and decided to release her on her own recognizance. She wanted a ride back to Jay Oklahoma to get back to Meercat #667, a blind beaner, who can't be too picky about his choice of gorda. FatAss will likely get probation because nobody really wants to be in charge of looking after the sow.

    My point being that if there was no ZOG/Babylon and its legions of whigger do-badders supporting an army of piglice, the fact of the matter is that I would simply rule like I do now, as a local warlord who nobody in their right mind would care to cross. Without ZOG being present, I'm simply a White man who is used to getting his own way because there is no one who wishes to cross me and because what I do is for the best of those who I supervise. I'm definitely well within the one-in-twenty Whites with leadership ability. And, I'm taking my co-religionists well in hand and running off those who have no part within Christian Israel.

    And, I'm known for a certain cold-hearted ruthlessness. Whenever I go to the korthouse, from one to four of the Newton County piglice are following me. I have seen regime criminals get all weak-kneed when they see me coming and seen them give warning of my approach, sort of like monkeys seeing the tiger. No regime criminal seems to have made the mistake of saying that I don't mean what I say.

    But whiggers by definition are diseased animals wanting to die. You see, while whiggers are the lost (and usually idiotic) sheep of the House of Israel, the flip side of the coin is that they are the misceginating Adamites of Genesis Chapter 6 who YHWH drowned in a local flood to destroy the First Babylon, the Noahites who YHWH scattered by confounding their tongues after the Flood in the Second Babylon, and the idiotic Israelites of today who are funding their own dispossession of today in the Third Babylon. Having gotten their Birthright, and having pissed it away, then they are fit only to die because of their weakness and stupidity in the millions.

    So take a probable local whigger piglice like Bardamooch the Frankenwhigger who is trolling the whigger nutsionalist forums like VNNF and the poseur phorafags/feebs. The only function Bardamooch has is to try to fit in and observe for its masters above, be they jews or whiggers. Since I've detected Bardamooch for what it is, then it is to be expected that the whigger piglice feeb will get in its little digs until it gets a Fire-For-Effect and hushes up a little. Like Daffy Duck, it can feel pain, but still learn nothing. Bardamooch needs to go back to VNNF and do some serious colostomy bag licking now that pore not-so-stupid Brutus dropped out after Alexis LinderMiller shit over his faithfool tard.

    Now we both knew Stan the Belgian Ambulance-chasing Fruit-Loop back when Fade the Bitcher made him a supermoderator back in late 2004 and 2005. And Stan hasn't gotten any wiser, only older. Stan is still a stuffy Eurowhigger faggot feeb living the phorafaggot/feeb philosophy of pretending to be something they are not, like smart whiggers having class and discrimination. The Green Mamzer is merely Stan's beta-whigger errand boy.

    The problem with phorafags/feebs, like that of ZOG, is the overwhelming whigger element. Someone perceptively said that I helped make phorafags/feebs what it is today, and they are correct in that I was one of its critics from day one, and so phorafags/feebs in some ways used to work, usually not to accommodate this criticism but to wall it off, like bees encase a marauding mouse that they stung to death within a coffin of beeswax. Eventually I tried the patience of phorafag/feeb whiggers to where they couldn't even stand me marauding their jewlag wading pool and so it was decided to ban me, and the banning was carried out in the dead of night and announced to cheering whiggers and mamzers. A few of the whiggers able to see something out of theysselfs did question whether it is wise to silence criticism which can make one stronger, but poseur whiggers are nothing if not self-indulgent and for the majority of phorafags/feebs the approval for this banning was evident. Now phorafaggots wanting their ass-chewing got to cum over to StumbleInn in order to get them groceries.

    As someone who has been banned from just about everywhere, being banned from phorafags/feebs is nothing more than a nuisance. I've never considered for a second going along to get along, the world is full of dishonest whiggers and I see no reason to become part of the herd, seeking always to differentiate myself. The danger in whiggerdumb is not the individual whiggers who are always in the individual sense contemptible, but in the mass, whupped up by jews and mamzers to do evil behind the full social appeal of the-m-asses of whigger. They do evil en masse, they shall likewise die en masse, cf. Jeremiah 16:1-12.

    So getting around to what you said, my problem has not been so much with the whiggers who know me because they yet depend upon me to help define their lives, but rather the masses of whiggers who do not know me because to them I am an archetype of the Evil White Man who made the social order that they destroy while needing it in order to live. When they have crucified the last White man, such will starve to death in ignorance and poverty.

    Whiggers want to die. They are evil degenerate suicidal hypochrondriacs. There is no saving them and things won't get better as long as such are alive. As Robert Frenz of www.faem.com observed, 60% of them are goofy feebs usually harmless as long as you have nothing to do with them. At phorafags/feebs I amused myself by ridiculing them and so they kicked me off. Well, there is never any shortage of new whigger fuktard forums to join, insult the whigger fuktards there, get them all stirred up, and then get banned again. I like to have my fun playing with whigger tards. We's living in a wunnerfool whirrrrld of whigger, so might as well have fun baiting them. Understanding whigger mentality is the first step to not being whigger.

    But Jett Rink turned out to be a disappointment. He would have made a great Linder-lite if only he had applied hisself.

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri
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    Default Motion For Dismissal, Prostitutor of SI v The Green Mamzer

    Motion For Dismissal, Prostitutor of SI v The Green Mamzer


    Quote Originally Posted by Apocales View Post
    Green Man/Ahknation/Green Mamzer/TGM

    You stand here before a crowd of your peers with the following charges at which point any member can add any charges he may feel necessary.

    1) Pretending to be a good white man while censoring like a Jew.
    2) Banning Pastor figures after inviting them.
    3) Not updating databases more often.
    4) Being a white racialist while proudly living in Korea.
    5) Having Asperger's syndrome while denying it.
    6) Pretending numerology is important.
    7) Talking shit about this forum while posting on it almost daily.
    8) Never visiting any babe threads (see gay).
    9) Jaywalking while being sober.
    10) Not taking this thread serious enough.

    How do you plead to the charges?
    Quote Originally Posted by The Green Mamzer View Post

    Not guilty. I haven't banned or moderated anyone because their opinions upset me personally.

    Not guilty. I didn't invite Martin to the Phora. He registered there and I sent him a PM here to confirm it was him.



    Not Guilty. Never denied it.

    Not Guilty. I'm not pretending.

    Not Guilty. When did I ever talk shit about SI?

    Not guilty:


    Not Guilty. The Green Man says walk.

    Not Guilty. This is a long post!

    Prostitutor of StumbleInn


    The Green Mamzer

    Case #6.66

    Motion for Dismissal

    Comes now the alleged 'victim/beneficiary' of banning from phorafags/feebs, Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt, ArchBishop of Missouri, to demand that these charges, some of them true, be dismissed against the puta-tive Defendant, Stan the Belgian Fruit-Loop & Eurowhigger faggot ambulance chaser little phorafag/feeb shitting lap-dog, i.e. the Green Mamzer, known hereafter as the putative Defendant in Error, and hereby makes the following suggestions of both fact and law:

    #1) Being banned from phorafags/feebs at the behest of sundry whiggers, niggers, feebs, phorafaggots, the phorafeeble-minded, jews, Balkanoid niggollo-type mamzers and noteworthy degenerate moral imbeciles has not been proven to be a crime of any kind and not currently an indictable offense but rather a praiseworthy honor of distinction here at StumbleInn. There not being any administrative [d]rule or statute regarding this manner, no charges should be filed.

    #2) While the Green Mamzer has manfully taken the blame upon itself for my banning at phorafags/feebs, it is understood that the Green Mamzer is really nothing more than Stan the Belgian Fruit-Loop's little beta-quasi-male errand mamzer and thus is not to be blamed but commended for its loyalty, the little gookazoid dog and Korean stew pup trying to stay out of the soup.

    #3) As the current Prosititutor of the on-going People of StumbleInn v Mikey Jukes-Kallikak Connor, I really don't like any proceedings to mar this ongoing case against a genuinely guilty phorafag/feeb shitting dog. Mikey told me in the phorafag/feeb shoutbox that it was not only probably not a knowing agent provacateur on Voice of ReTards/Reason, but not ever coming over to StumbleInn as long as I'm here to apply the jackboot to itz rump when it is going about on itz appointed rounds as a phorafag/feeb shitting dog. I told Mikey that the case would resume the day that it showed back up even if Maude DeFraud, his pubic pretender run off this May, along with Alleycunt, FeeWhiggerMeercat and that kike sow Helena over here from Mutant$permFront for Purimfest, which got cancelled by Breckenridge Elkins, the No-Bull Red Man.

    The Green Mamzer, while a phorafag/feeb shitting dog, is a polite little phorafag/feeb shitting dog, leaving nothing more than a chihuahua turd or two in disused corners and I've never stepped in the Green Mamzer's shit. A nice little phorafag/feeb shitting dog with a tinny, but pleasant little 'arf' and who has never ever broken the skin whenever I pulled its little tail. Stan the Belgian Fruit-Loop's little lap-dawg who always scratches at the door to be let out. A little mamzer with ALL of the characteristics of a dog, ESPECIALLY loyalty.

    Wherefore, I, Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt, ArchBishop of Missouri, alleged victim/beneficiary of banning from phorafags/feebs hereby request that all charges and specifications from Stan the Belgian Fruit-Loop's faithfool phorafags/feebs shitting lapdog of the Korean stew-pup breed be hereby released from custody until such time as Stan the Belgian Fruit-Loop decides to knock his little poopy dawg, the Green Mamzer, over the head to feed sundry starving VNNF boat pisspul, in which case StumbleInn should extends the Green Mamzer ass-I-lum.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri
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    I am not familiar with these forums Pastor that you inform us of .

    Should we be in these forums defending you?

    I still feel that any seeking the truth like we did, buying tapes and newsletters via snail mail in the 1970s/80s/90s, if they mistakenly join retarded forums/sites that you warn us of... they will learn how full of b.s. they are.

    I would like to steer our brethren to learning more,via you Martin,or Pastor Visser, or teacher William Finck at http://forum.christogenea.org/

    in the 1990s some of us were ridiculed for flyering... is NOTHING better than something

    ..I was convinced hat yes, it was... by a "Pastor" from the Church in ChristIn Israel.

    Does that still exist since August is now with A.N., and he told me in 2000-2001-2002 he was not fully comfortable with the National Socialist stance /attitude, though he was good friends with Pastor Butler.

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    Default Phucked with the Phora Phags Again

    I'll have you all know I raided the Phora Phags again. Ran their pussy asses around and dumped on 'em for a whole week.

    Jake the Freak Featherston -- aka Tubby O'Keefe, Telephone Threatener of Women and Childern. LOL.

    Burrhus the Athiest. Die old man. You're on God's Ignore List.

    as well as many others. LOL
    "Pleased to meet you, I hope you guessed my name!"

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    Fuck the Phora and Fuck the Jewish cunt of Starr AKA Kristin Jemming from Minnesota!.

    Last edited by Pissturd Wei?mamzer; 03-27-2010 at 10:27 AM.

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    I don't visit VNN, so I do not know the story.

    Never heard of her before.
    I typed her name into googlesearch and one of the first things that showed a link for was this


    I know nothing about her, but looking at her profile, she seems right wing (Ron Paul fan),and anti-jew maybe

    Kristin Jemming a couple of stories you will not hear about on fox news when they talk about the war on christmas:
    If Palestinian muslims were responsible for such things, the O'reilly and Hannity crowd would be ou...traged, but this is about Jews in Israel. They get a pass.
    See More
    Jewish Scene: Lobby for Jewish values passes out fliers against hotels, restaurants putting up Christmas trees, other Christian symbols ahead of civil New Year, say businesses who do so risk losing kosher certification
    December 19, 2009 at 4:07pm ? Share
    You sure you got her pegged right?

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