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Thread: Welcome to Auntie $permFront

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    Default Welcome to Auntie $permFront

    I'm Fucking Done With Stormfront!

    What a bunch of nutless wonders that fucking place has become!
    Check out this thread: http://vnnforum.com/showthread.php?t=93255

    They are under the mistaken impression that political correctness will gain them mainstream acceptance. Things will not change for us until conditions become so bad that most whites will have no choice but to accept our leadership.

    All they're doing here is giving in to the jew and political correctness. In fact I've seen posts over there saying jews aren't so bad and they're not the enemy.

    I've seen those too, especially after all those people joined since Obongo's election. Posts about how people who are resisting Jewish hate are "conspiracy theorists" and obsessed with Jews.

    I don't know why any of this is surprising. Don Black supports the Republican Party. He bankrolled his son's run for some office in that party a while back. Black's wife works for money to gain benefits for non-Whites. Don Black's unemployed son takes Swiss ski vacations. I wonder where he gets the money for that. Surely not the "sustaining members"?

    Stormfront went years ago.

    When Muadib was there, although not a perfect moderator, it was fairly normal to be critical of the jews and the nigger-culture they promote. But since he left, Political Correctness has bred on the forum like HIV on a hot sunny day in South Africa.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ahknaton
    Martin Lindstedt has been banned for general crudeness, spamming and his over-the-top calls for violence and mass murder. He cross-posts all his postings to 3 or 4 forums, anyone who misses him knows where to find him.

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    Stormfront ... right-winger city. (and ✡BNP✡'ers )

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