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Granby white supremacist tries to have lawsuit against President Obama reinstated
Monday, June 29, 2009

Avowed white supremacist Martin Lindstedt, Granby, filed documents in U. S. District Court for the Western District of Missouri today attempting to have his lawsuit against President Barack Obama reinstated.

The documents are being shielded from public view, as are all other filings in the case, but the docket, which is open to the public says Lindstedt filed a motion to "alter, abolish, or amend" Judge Howard F. Sachs' June 17 decision to dismiss the lawsuit. Defendants, in addition to the president, included Sen. John McCain, and various state and Newton County elected officials.

Though the documents are unavailable through the court website, Lindstedt posted his original petition on another website, where he stated his main reason for going to court:

"The main reason that Plaintiffs are filing this lawsuit is simply that it goes against Plaintiffs' religious beliefs to allow any non-white, especially a n-----, to be in any position of authority over any White man, no matter how degraded."

It appears more of our taxpayers' money is going to be used to deal with this frivolous action.
This lying whigger faggot kicked out of the jewsmedia who now is twisting the minds of young whiggers in the pub[l]ic skrewl system has no interest in accuracy or decency when publishing his lies. This contempt for the truth and cowardice in wanting to get it right is why Turner was kicked out on his ass at the Carthage JudenPress several years ago. They simply got tired of dealing with the inevitable contempt for his lies from their jewspaper audience, which is what inevitably happened in the days before the Internet. Whiggers refusing to read a liepaper means that the liepaper, while it can cause hurt and resentment from those it libels, inevitably suffers as the population makes fun of its veracity or even boycotts its advertisers. Today, what with the Internet, everyone and anyone can read my criticism of this lying faggot degenerate Randy Turner, and he gets a taste of his own medicine.

But Turner is a coward, as well as a liar and wannabe bully. I placed upon my blog a copy of the Rule 59(e) Motion, along with some criticism, and this cowardly faggot who can dish it out, showed that it cannot take it. The faggot simply refused to publish the below on its blog. Not to worry: anyone and everyone can read my comments below, which I posted on my own blog.

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PastorLindstedt says:
June 30, 2009 at 9:42 pm

The following was placed in the comments section of Randy Turner’s “the Turner Diaries” :


Turner, ZOGling whigger ass-clowns:

The jewdge Howard F. Sachs closed the case so you nitwits can’t see what is written. The fact of the matter is that the lawsuit deals with the fact that non-whites are now allowed to run for office but overtly White Nationalists have been disenfranchised and thanks to TraitorGlenn Miller and his fed handlers not allowed to run for political office, jailed or not. You lying idiots probably wouldn’t want jewr whiggroid opinions challenged in any case. The jew judge is actually helping you whigger and mud nitwits in your hypocrisy maintainence.

Essentially ZOG/Babylon has gone from ‘negroes’ not being allowed to run for public office on a political party ballot to overt Whites not being allowed to run for public office on a political party ballot.

So you whiggers, jews, muds and faggots really have no problem with racial discrimination as long as it is the White Man who is to be the slave. You are such liars, thieves and hypocrites when it comes down to it.

In any case, you ZOGling ass-clowns can read the Rule 59(e) Motion To Alter, Abolish, or Amend This Regime Kort’s Order to Dismiss the Obongo Lawsuit at:

Turner has no idea of what he is writing about, but that certainly doesn’t prevent him from making ’stuff’ up and lying about it. No wonder the fool faggot got booted by the judenpresse. Like politicians, presstitutes have only a limited shelf-life as their lies catch up with them. A pity that lying faggots like hisself are allowed to turn White children into whigger nitwits at the Whigger Processing Plants, a.k.a. pub[l]ic skrewls.

Sooner or later ZOG is going to fall apart because you whiggers no longer can support jewrselfs, much less the jews and muds.

By the way, Turner, I have a number of venues so jewr deleting or editing this comment merely goes to show why you were kicked out of the jewsmedia as a liar. But being a coward as well as a lying faggot means that you can censor away opinion when inconvenient.

Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri