The Resume and Cover Letter of a Phony Political Dissident

Thomas Shwankhaus ——————————————————————-(666)187-6969
213 High Brow Lane ▪ Zogcity,
A shoutbox, forum, or instant messenger position in support of disrupting the activities of legitimate political dissidents.
Education – Reading/Writing posts on Vanguard News Network, Stormfont

False Flag Operation Experience
  • Joined and rose to staff positions in a “free speech forum” which legitimate and well intentioned people were lured into.
  • Blasted the personal information of legitimate political dissidents over the internet who mistakenly trusted us.
  • Expelled the original founder of the forum.
  • Allowed child pornography to be sent over the private message system.

Harassment Experience
  • Signed up on a “race realist” website and impersonated the identity of another poster. Pretended the poster plagiarized and then put him through torturous circle jerking afterwords.
  • Impersonated a poster on a right wing forum multiple times. Threatened to do it again and then the poster finally threatened back. Banned that poster.
  • Released personal information of dissenting posters.
  • Called the family members of a poster.
  • Created photoshopped pictures and fake “youtube raps” of a particular poster.
  • Created imposter profiles on MySpace and Twitter, assuming the identity of a poster.
  • Still maintain that we are infact that real victims of the situation. Nobody was resisting our harassment, just trolling us.
Trolling Experience
  • “Negative repped” posters into the red.
  • Handed out infractions without proper justification. This is proof of supreme scheming and intelligence.
  • Reported posts that did not violate any rules.
  • Questioned the well documented ancestral background of political dissidents in an attempt to portray it as fraudulent.
Zog-Resistance Experience
  • Trolled away posters who were intelligent and sophisticated enough to have ideologies that are more complicated than primitive obsession with “zog.”
  • Threw eggs at a police station.
  • Shot politician child with a watergun. Called it a drive by shooting.
  • Joined the Democratic party and supported Barack Obama while our friend joined the Republican party and supported John McCain. Together we are infiltrating the system and advocating for the “silent majority.”
Work Experience : Shoutbox Operational Manager
  • Starting 4/23/2005, part time shoutbox duties were assumed in controlling and operating a community of fake dissidents.
  • Starting 3/4/2004, Web Development Duties included installing Vbulletin Software and taking MySql backups. These are true accomplishments from a tech perspective.
My name is Stan Singleton (it changes with each forum profile) and I would like to join your political movement in resistance against the status quo in America. I will pollute your movement with idiotic zog conspiracies, worthless trolling and circle jerking. I have much experience and it is documented in my contained resume.
Would you like me to join your organization?
Mike Jemm!ng (I know my name changes each time)

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