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Thread: FordMustangGT was right all along about the ✡BNP✡

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    Default FordMustangGT was right all along about the ✡BNP✡

    BNP 'does not want all-white UK'

    British National Party leader Nick Griffin has said he no longer wants to see an all-white United Kingdom.

    Mr Griffin, who is due to take up his seat as an MEP for the North West, said the idea of a UK without ethnic minorities was "simply not do-able".


    The BNP leader also defended his view that the EU should sink boats carrying illegal immigrants.

    All the right-wingers, Nutzies, Combat18 types, assorted ✡BNP✡ rank and filers, all got hoodwinked by Nick Griffin, just like I said they would.

    The ✡BNP✡ is just a front for right-wing extremist Zionists. Only an idiot can not see that.

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    Default Interesting posts from a SF 1% (non closet-Zionist)

    Re: BNP 'does not want all-white UK' (post #3)

    Quote Originally Posted by ScottRoberts
    Mr Griffin is an agent of the Jews.

    As always the Jews seek to lead the dissent and the BNP is NO exception.
    As proven in the following clip: http://theforbiddentruth.net/videos/...fin.html#watch

    He came on strong, sucked every White Nationalist in Britain in, and now he is stabbing them in the back.

    Some of the closet-Zionists I had big arguments with (before I was banned [very brief period of membership ]) seem to be absent in this thread.

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