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Thread: Belated Intoduction

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    What the fuck?
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    Default There Are 'Righteous Mamzers' and Gibeonites Out There

    There Are 'Righteous Mamzers' and Gibeonites Out There


    In my time of over 16 years in the [bowel] Movement, I have seen plenty of people come and go.

    And many of them have been 'not quite White.' Yet they understood their origins and in understanding themselves have been far more stable than the whiggers, who while they have souls, waste them away.

    When imprisoned illegally in the Fulton State NutHouse, I knew a little guido named Donny. Donny hated niggers and beaners, and acted more like a white man than most of the deranged whigger criminals or whiggers who had gotten a snootful of bad dope and had killed or injured seriously members of their own family who were common in the NutHouse. Donny was nothing other than polite to me, and we would work in gardening as part of the gardening club set up for the program when this Japanese social worker worked there.

    So one day Donnie, who knew that I was an Aryan Nations type, asked me if I thought he would get to Heaven. "I know that you probably don't think of us little guidos as being perfectly human or white, but do you think that I could get into an Aryan Heaven, thinking as I do?"

    So I thought for a minute and said, "I hope that you good little guidos who act honorably according to your guido nature are able to go to your own Guido Heaven. You probably would find Aryan Heaven a bit austere. A nice little guido heaven where there are plenty of tomato and basil plants and lots of pasta, and all the good things in life that good little guidos like yourself love."

    And Donny went away, happy. For I had given him hope in that pretty much hopeless place, Biggs Forensic Center, the place of grey stone walls and psychotic criminals with a few political prisoners like myself.

    And, I told my granddaughter Helen, after her big German shepherd doggie Candy Cane died -- poisoned no doubt by her welfare-slut mother -- that I was sure that there was a doggie heaven and that Candy Cane was in a better place where Candy Cane could chase rabbits and run wild and there was plenty of dog food for good little puppy dogs.

    Now does it hurt to be polite when it doesn't hurt White interests? No.

    If I could, I would make peace with ZOG for a Whites-only homeland and give the niggers the SouthEast, and give up to the beaners what they have taken already in the SouthWest. But there is not going to be any peace, and there will be civil war, and the fighting will continue until all is resolved.

    For the righteous mamzers, we need to tell them that yes, Christ will uproot every plant not planted by YHWH. But that if it be Christ's will, we would gladly set aside a place wherein the non-whites could rule themselves as best they could. For did not the African nigger live better under White rule as opposed to nigger rule?

    Trashcan Man 72 has admitted his origins, and not pulled a Bryan Wright and been a thieving mamzer trying to run wild stealing stuff, in collusion with Jeromy Visser. So who can we trust? A jew mamzer like Bryan Wright acting according to its Genesis 3:15 nature? A baal-priest whigger like Visser who is acting in concert with the above-mentioned Bryan Wright/Billy Wood jew mamzer trying to steal Pastor Morris Gulett's Church of the Sons of YHVH? Or someone who knows his place, and wants only a few crumbs at the table while the current ZOG exists, and would take its place separated within his own homeland, willing to work in peace with us in its own place?

    The current situation shall not last forever. Christ's Will shall take place. I myself don't know all of Christ's Will so that if TrashCan Man72 not survive, then so it shall be done. But Christ hasn't told me to go after the 'Righteous Mamzers,' not when there are so many jews, mamzers, and unrighteous treasonous whiggers needing extermination first.

    I asked Pastor John Britton if the Gibeonites were of Canaanite extraction. He didn't know right off. But the Gibeonites, even though they tricked the Israelites into surviving, and were made into slaves -- hewers of wood and drawers of water for the Israelites -- had rights and when King Saul murdered them in violation of the agreement, King Saul's sons and grandsons had to pay the price for his regime criminality, and after there was a famine in the land of Israel for three years. II Samuel 21:1-14.

    The Great Tribulation shall winnow out the non-white -- and the whigger. In both the short and long run it is up to YHWH to judge who is worthy to survive, even though I am tasked to make these calls upon occasion. Many and several is the time that I have prayed that a collapsing social order and not myself be responsible for killing those non-whites who have treated me fairly and decently and far better than whigger regime criminals have done. Now most non-whites are nothing more than beasts of the field without morals and decency, and a hatred of Whites.

    Yet what to do with the 'righteous mamzers?' Shall I reward their good with evil? And the answer is yes, if YHWH gives me no other choice. So I can make no promise to the 'righteous mamzers' but I can advise that they pray to YHWH that they find mercy in His sight, as they live life as if they were, except for an accident of birth, White. For these 'righteous mamzers' are they any worse off than the whiggers who pissed away their chance of Eternal Life by typpycull whigger behavior? No.

    Do right and pray to YHWH that YHWH make you 'righteous mamzers' the children of His adoption, and that He shall show you an earned mercy.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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    Move this post to where appropriate

    Today, 09:36 AM
    Pastor Bill

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    Re: Martian "Mad-Dog" Linseed
    Marty the molestor is now demanding someone prove he is a sick, lowlife child molestor, after the thousands of unproven claims against others he suddenly invokes ZOGs law and demands it be followed when discussing him. Well for one thing he proves over and over that he does in fact enjoy harming children by his constant rantings about wanting to torture them and he can't make a post without twisted sexual comments being prominant, that alone is proof to most that he probably did molest those poor children. It does not satisfy ZOG's laws, which Marty is suddenly a champion of when it will favor him but Marty is lucky, not so long ago molesting perverts like him had a tendency not to make it to the station, they would be killed escaping, oh for the good old days!

    p.s. Marty, I DARE you to come up here and try something with me, you know where I live but instead of coming to handle things like a man you hide behind your computer like the child molesting coward that you are and post my address, like some gutless nigger. I'm calling you out short eyes and am laughing because I know you won't do anything but wet your cowardly pants and make up more slander to post about me. You're a joke Marty, and everyone but you and your drinken mormon loverboy know it.
    Pastor Lindstedt,
    I see things are heating up.

    Anybody of our race and faith (CI) who knew for sure that one of our leaders/ pastors was a child molester and did nothing is garbage.
    If this goof (yeah , "GOOF", don't know about others but when that name is used it means the worst thing you can say, in specific situations) is so sure you are guilty and yet is waiting for YOU to visit, it is a ZOG trap.

    I have limited means, but I swear to YAHWEH and anybody reading, if I have no doubt that child molester/rapist was in my area, then something would be done.

    If you were a molester Pastor, I'd imagine you would have been done in a very long time ago.

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    Lightbulb Reply To Your PM.

    Tried to send this to you twice, but, for some weird reason or other, a thing came up on the screen saying that you had chosen not to receive PMs.

    How in the bloody hell can someone send pms and yet not be able to receive them? And why would you even want to?

    Anyway, here's my reply:

    Yeah, I can probably get those copied for you.

    My cousin used to be able to copy them, and may still be able to. Can't do it myself, though, as I'm a borderline cyber-illiterate.

    If nothing else, when I write my friend, Tim Hatley, next week, I'll ask him to copy the ones I sent him for you. I'm sure he'd be willing to do it if I sent him the blank CD-Rs.


    Hope I didn't embarrass you, partner, but I didn't really know how else to go about it. It's not like I know your e-mail @.

    "Lay down your silver and your gold
    I am a man who won't be sold
    And even when my heart grows cold
    I'll curse your evil stranglehold."---Horslips, from "Trouble With A Capital 'T'", 1977.

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    That's ok.
    I'll message you again.
    I thought I had removed the filters before messaging you before.

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