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Thread: Jay Faber Breaks Aryan Nations Alliance/Agreement

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    Default Jay Faber Breaks Aryan Nations Alliance/Agreement

    Why Things Fall Apart -- Alliances With Whiggers


    Quote Originally Posted by Jay Faber

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    Delivery-date: Wed, 17 Jun 2009 22:34:30 -0600
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    From: "Jay Faber" <PastorJayFaber@msn.com>
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    Subject: Re: MTV Casting Call: Ick bin ein Waycist Whigger Fuktard!!!
    Date: Thu, 18 Jun 2009 00:35:22 -0400

    At 12:35 AM 6/18/2009 -0400, Jay Faber wrote:

    Pastor Lindstedt, one thing Yahweh God Orders us to be is pure, and

    Now in modern times, few do not deserve a severe slap, however, I have two
    thoughts about this article
    , first, turn the other cheek to your brother,
    and second, live by example.. Fornicating-Tards, well, as far as all
    members and potential recruits from judeo-cultianity can see, there is no
    example set......

    I recall the opening verses of the ministry of Yashua Messiah, where he sat
    in bars with drunks and whores, or for example, modern America, and did not
    judge them, but educated them, further, "I have come but for the lost sheep
    of Israel", also spins in my mind as stating that those willing of the
    Church Apostate, pre-Christianity, Pharisaical murderers of Yahweh's
    messengers, much of the resistance against the Messiah was Synagogue Based,
    and Syndicated Worship Based, leaders of worship, rather than educators.....

    The Aryan Nations has consisted of many persons, some joined pure, most
    joined when Yahweh God awakened them to their treachery... Pastor Butler
    appointed me as the last General of the Aryan Nations, because I never
    looked down on any Aryan Brother, unless they refused consideration of
    Identity, I was friends with Matt Hale, as well as many others, the WCOTC
    endorsed us against August Kreis, because they do not see things our way,
    but see our people as the most vicious......

    I met Matt Hale, for the last time at the Martin Library in York PA,
    Since January of 2009, at the urging of other CI brethren, I went over to visit Aryan Front and introduce myself to Pastor Jay Faber. Faber had the reputation of being mercurial, even goofy, as one of these skinhead types that Pastor Richard Butler would let into his church after Butler couldn't get the old-school DSCI types to join after Neumann Britton and the more active like Ray Redfearn died as well. Having lost the better quality DSCI regulars, in Butler's old age in exile, what happened was that these young skinhead types who wanted to be Aryan Nations without being Dual-Seedline Christian Identity showed up and claimed that Butler gave them offices and honors. Plus, New York/New Jersey is NOT common recruiting areas for the predominately rural and small town Southern Ozarks and Appalachian areas or Western areas in Idaho and Montana that produces most Christian Identity devout.

    However, I have always advocated that the aboveground DSCI church is NOT a hierarchy, but rather a network of like-minded DSCI churchmen with a common faith and an interest in growing the aboveground and underground churches. Having come off of Pastor Morris Gulett's giving his church to Joe Johnson, who immediately did his best to run off any opposition to his misrule and who had to be run off himself, I hoped that I would do better by dealing with Faber. However, Pastor John Britton did warn me that Faber hadthe reputation of being a flake and of absolutely no help to DSCI over on VNNF. But, as I looked at it, what did it hurt to try to form an alliance? If rebuffed then I would simply continue on as before. I was already on good terms with Pastor Visser and posted on his phpbb3 forum and had already run off the miscegenated thief Bryan Wright. Faber in New York/New Jersey had absolutely no footprint that I could tell in SouthWestern Missouri. So nothing was risked and perhaps something could be gained by contacting Faber.

    What ended up happening is that I found out Aryan Front Forum was a probable ZOG listening post

    Quote Originally Posted by PastorLindstedt
    I really don't have any idea as to what you are talking about, above. For
    some reason some MTV kikess sent me as admin of my new v-bulletin forum an
    invitation for some 17-27 year olds to appear on a new MTV show. I didn't
    take it seriously because my new forum is for discussion of White
    Nationalist issues and not a social gathering or dating group. All it meant
    is that some TV jews take my forum seriously.

    I have not heard anything from you for over two months. I understand you
    are working with Hal Turner and that is to the good. I have supported Hal
    Turner's plight and fought with bowel Movement whiggers who called him a
    fed agent. I said that you vouched for Hal Turner and that was good enough
    for me.

    In our Aryan Nations alliance, I thought it was understood that each DSCI
    pastor runs his church and organization as he sees fit, of course under
    DSCI law. Pastor Visser has done his thing. I have done mine. We assumed
    that you were doing yours. Every DSCI pastor has absolute responsibility
    and authority over his area of operations. How can it be any different when
    we are the only aboveground DSCI pastors in our sundry states and regions?
    Never agreed to or contemplated was making our linked network into a
    hierarchy. Thus there is never any need for conflict as I have no interest
    in interfering with events in New Jersey and you have no ability to change
    matters in Missouri. Rather than fight like the idiotic apostles over who
    is the greatest, we have agreed to simply have a loose alliance of
    aboveground churches led by independent pastors.

    Because you are younger and live back East and in an urban area and have
    more in common with, and thus patience with the urban Creators who want to
    play nazi, you were made the contact for outreach to them. I want a
    decrease of tensions with them, although most Southern and Western DSCI
    people simply can't stand them because of past practices spurred by
    immature Creators. And, there is the suspicion that Benny Klassen was a jew
    pedophile common to the older DSCI membership. Just as I encouraged you to
    work with the Creators, so too did a number of my Western and Southern DSCI
    friends and supporters tell me to go ahead and work with you if I saw fit
    as they did not want to do so themselves because you were deemed too
    mercurial and impulsive.

    Last week I tried to give you a call on the telephone and leave a message
    and heard that your phone number was disconnected. You did not bother to
    leave me a new number to get in contact with you. Then I get the above
    e-mail from you and can't figure out what you had a problem with. Tonight,
    I log in to your small phpbb3 forum to find out that I have been IP banned.
    I then go to your main page and see that the links to my web pages have
    been taken down, without warning.

    Perhaps you heard that the jew judge dismissed my lawsuit against Obongo on
    Wednesday. Not to worry, I'll be filing papers on that. But I did hear
    Reichskritter claim that you were only with me because of the lawsuit.
    Perhaps since you heard it was dismissed you wish to go your own way.

    So, what to do about this matter. And I have decided to do . . . . nothing.
    We are not bound to each other by ties of force. Any time you decided you
    want to do as you please you are free to go your own way. Neither of us are
    subordinate to the other. I did think I was due the courtesy of you
    explaining why you wanted this separation of our alliance, but that you
    have unilaterally severed the connection after being silent for over two
    months is upon you, my brother pastor, and not upon me.

    I shall maintain my links to your web page as long as I hear that you
    continue to practice Dual-Seedline Christian Identity. Anyone in your area
    who needs a DSCI minister shall be referred to your ministry. Perhaps you
    will do the same. Again, we are not enemies or rivals. I had hoped that we
    would remain allies, but it was your decision to not continue with that
    loose alliance in which both of us had freedom of action.

    I pray that this e-mail finds you and your family and your ministry in good

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri
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