Re: Faber's hitting the bottle again!

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The breakup with Sci-Fi was caused by Sci-Fi breaking our alliance, not because Hal Turner was a rat.
Well I'm sick and tired of this garbage.

I was asked by Faber (who assured me Hal Turner was his legit friend) to help his ministry grow by working together.

After the FEDs kick in my front door, strip search my wife and children and basically TELL us Faber is an informant he's allowed to bear false witness like this?

He has the balls to edit my e-mails and call ME the FED when he KNEW Hal Turner? Eli has proof that Faber moved against Wickstrom yet he does NOTHING?

Rest assured - I'm officially retired after 9-9-09. Screw 'em.

I can barely afford to feed my family and this is how the people of CI pay me back for ten years of free service?

Enough is enough,

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