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Thread: There Will Always Be A [Bowel] Movement -- And It Will Be Dysfunctional

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    Default There Will Always Be A [Bowel] Movement -- And It Will Be Dysfunctional

    There Will Always Be A [Bowel] Movement -- And It Will Be Dysfunctional


    Quote Originally Posted by VONBLUVENS View Post
    To be honest I think the whole "da movement" is almost completely infiltrated and yes that includes CI; Take that observation for what it is worth. Just a little advice to anyone reading this: If you care anything about your race, family or even yourself, you will extricate yourself from ALL OF THESE groups...AND I MEAN ALL OF THEM; This includes what I call the newly formed "garage band" variety.

    Quote Originally Posted by Fugasnaya View Post
    Lindstedt has written extensively about infiltration of CI. One of the key features of DSCI that he advocates is that it is a family religion instead of some club you hear about and sing up for. Even the Third Reich was riddled with traitors, agent provocateurs are everywhere and have been since the Jewish plot for world domination really got under way with the establishment of the Federal Reserve and international Communism. Anyone who has any kind of standing in the media, even a radio host, is highly suspicious. You can't trust anyone in the media who is making money by advocating revolution.
    The fact of the matter is that the jews have ALWAYS set up their own false-flag operations, especially within the bowel Movement, and even within CI. Any well-funded and 'professional' slick organization such as Internut Radio like Voice of ReTards/Reason, Hal Turner, and Forums such as VNNF and $permFront are collecting ZOGbux to drain money from the whiggers and keep an eye on 'militants' that ZOG is worried are going to go 'lone-wolf.' The Poplowski kid who shot three little piglice and James Von Brunn sure told ZOG that the natives are getting restless and need to be paid attention to lest they run wild. Thus ZOG is jailing without remorse while worried that the whigger herd is going 'birther' and buying guns. Looking at a '60 Minutes' piece last Sunday, all the gun show attendees looked like a Reform Party convention -- nary a nigger or beaner to be seen anywhere.

    When you see something with the production values of a slick group aping jew talmudvision, like Voice of ReTards/Reason or the Hal Turner Show run by whiggers who are disorganized, it pays to wonder where the money comes from. Does it come from selling 'wheat berries' and colloidal silver? Or from no known funding. If the funding isn't known, then chances are that since the funding has to come from somewhere, it comes from ZOG.

    Was James Wickstrom and Jay Faber associated with Hal Turner ZOG rats? I doubt it. They were likely nothing more than useful fools used for cover. I must laugh that Jay Faber broke our Aryan Nations Alliance because of his vanity and foolishness, but didn't figure that Turner was probably telling the FiBbIes that Faber was a drone who wasn't worth jailing on any pretext. When ZOG jails its opposition, it pays to keep the drones and feebs and rats untouched.

    So what is hurt, besides Hal Turner, for having his lawyer reveal that Hal Turner is a sometime rat? Hal Turner is not exactly a snitching machine but rather a sort of whigger feeb who tells the FBI about the provocations of their agents provacateur. Like certain militia generals, they jewstified protecting known agents provacateur by claiming it would weed out the psychos -- like myself. Hal Turner likewise thought he was doing the Movement a favor by:

    > Once again, my fierce rhetoric has served to flush out a
    > possible crazy.


    But there is indeed an iron law of the Resistance: No taking back snitches or dealing with rats. There is no excuse for Hal Turner ratting out others, no matter how crazy. When I get a suspect e-mail or contact over the years, my solution was to do a cut and paste to a new e-mail message, then publish my take on the matter, and make no effort to reply to the suspect but rather let him read it along with the several thousand others. If the person providing the information is either a suspected agent provacateur or a suspected nut, I would then delete the e-mail along with the address of the sender on the basis that I certainly didn't need to know who they were. Can't have a conspiracy if everyone knows about it.

    I am a propaganda node, but much stuff I don't really need to know. Rather, if as with James Von Brunn, I act as an apologist after the fact. Since ZOG already stole Von Brunn's computer and uploaded child porn to it, it doubtless got my e-mail address, what messages Von Brunn spammed to me and what stuff I wanted Von Brunn to spam to others on his list.

    Looking back the past week while my Internet was down, I was recollecting the events of 1999-2002 when this mamzerizer named Andy 'Blanchardsmamzer-Belialsson' Anderson, Klunt and her meercat past-her Downey, KhazarDick Niemela/Niematoad, and Meggie Baal-bitch Butts/Gabbyrelle took over a jewhoogroup named Holy_War which used to be a FBI observation post to keep us CI militiamen under scrutiny and then after Y2Kaos went bust, into an OSLer baal-priestery. My point is that ZOG never misses an opportunity to spy on the Movement and that no forum, no matter how humble and small, is free from infiltration and subversion. ZOG is scared shitless and has ample resources.

    I once asked Louis Beam if it wouldn't be cheaper for ZOG to simply pay dangerous White men $50,000 salary a year and immunity from prosecution to simply stay home and shut up. (General Betrayus paid the Sunni militiamen $10 per head per day and their leaders millions to stay home and not bomb since 2006, so it can work.) Beam asked if I'd take $50,000 per year, tax free, to behave and I said no. So there you go. Some people can't be bought off so ZOG has to keep an eye on them. ZOG kept me confined to a NutHouse for a minimum of $150,000 per year, and was able to keep an eye on me for that time a minimum of every 30 minutes.

    So these false fronts are really pretty cheap. Linder isn't getting rich. Don Black isn't getting rich. The government workers get paid more than the Movement rats. All it took for TraitorGlenn Miller to snitch was giving him a bottle of Jim Beam in prison and TraitorGlenn was snitching as soon as he changed his pants after pissing down his leg after getting caught in his famous war against ZOG.

    So since we will have these agents provacateur among us always,then what to do? And the answer is the same -- decentralization.

    Since I got out of jail, I've been kicking the asses of clowns pretending to be Aryan Nations. I fought with this ZOG false-front called Aryan Front because I refused to recognize that whigger and CreaTard feebs were Aryan Nations simply because they gave a $25 membership fee to August Kreis. I demanded that anyone calling himself a member of Aryan Nations MUST be Dual-Seedline Christian Identity at a minimum. And I got banned from there for my insistence and perjured about being a child molester and I intend to get my payback. But I did get done what needed to be done and got them gone from calling theysselfs 'Aryan Nations.'

    What needs to be done is massive Decentralization coupled with Networkization. The aboveground DSCI Church needs to grow, with only our racial religion keeping us together, like the early Christian Church did in the face of oppostion.

    (I need to get some other stuff done, so I've posted and will come back later if Internet is up. --MLDL)
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