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Thread: Its Over -- The Charges Against Me Have Been Dismissed

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    Default Former Sheriff's Office Worker Charged With Sex Crimes Against Foster Children

    Former Sheriff's Office Worker Charged With Sex Crimes Against Foster Children

    By Jordan Aubey, Reporter
    Dec. 8, 2016



    David J. Milligan, former pig now accused by DFS scum of foster-child molestation

    PINEVILLE, MISSOURI - A former McDonald County Sheriff's Office worker says sexual abuse allegations him are false, and he has proof to support his defense. The McDonald County sheriff says the suspect, David Milligan, is no longer employed with the sheriff's office, as of earlier this week. Milligan was arrested on Tuesday. He has since bonded out. Today, he talked to us about his defense.

    MIlligan faces two felonies of sexual abuse from alleged incidents that happened six years ago.

    "As far as I know, the allegations just came to light within the last year or so," says McDonald County Sheriff Mike Hall.

    Hall is going off information from the Newton County Sheriff's Office. McDonald County detectives wanted to avoid potential conflict of interest, and asked Newton County detectives to investigate.

    "I believe we were contacted through the DFS through a hotline," says Hall.

    Investigators say Milligan, who booked inmates into the McDonald County jail, forced two foster children in his home to inappropriately touch each other. Court documents allege Milligan and his wife also forced the foster boy and girl, ages six and four at the time, to have sex with each other, and Milligan and his wife laughed while the sex and inappropriate touching took place.

    Milligan and his wife did not want to be interviewed on camera, but told us the allegations against them are false. They say this is revenge from a former DFS worker.

    According to Milligan and his wife, the children's former foster parents warned about the kids' sexual behavior. Milligan says he put security sensors on the kids' separate bedroom doors, and installed a video monitor outside the bedrooms to prevent anything inappropriate.

    Nonetheless, Milligan says in 2012, two years after the children were placed in his home, DFS took the children away because of sexual abuse allegations. Court documents show the foster kids themselves accused Milligan and his wife of the crimes, while Milligan says social workers coerced everything.

    Milligan says he has plenty of evidence to support his defense. The McDonald County prosecutor has been assigned this case.

    Milligan says he resigned from his job with the McDonald County Sheriff's Office. His next court date is scheduled for January ninth.

    Probable Cause Affidavit made by a lying Newton County Pig upon DFS lies: (pdf)


    The small house in which they lived four years after the DFS took their perverted foster children


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    Default Children's Division documents (leaked to Randy Turner): Grandfather attempting to manipulate Jayda Kyle murder investigation

    Children's Division documents (leaked to Randy Turner): Grandfather attempting to manipulate Jayda Kyle murder investigation


    Hi-yaller jewpliin niglet killed by adult silverback

    While Jalen Dashawn Vaden, 22, the live-in nigger boyfriend of the mother of murder victim Jayda Kyle is behind bars without bond facing second degree murder and felony child abuse charges, the investigation into the three-year-old's death is far from over. The Jasper County Baby-Stealers want to have an excuse to steal the dead niglet's little brother and sell him to their pedophile ring and their grandfather lawyer wants to forestall this from happening.

    Jasper County Children's Division documents allege that the child's grandfather, Joplin attorney Judd McPherson "has attempted to manipulate/direct the investigation" by the Carl Junction Police Department and Jasper County Sheriff's Office and said that McPherson and his wife Carmen, who are the parents of Jayda's mother, Devyn Kyle, have given "inconsistent statements" to investigators. The Jasper County Baby-Stealers knowing that I'm a creepy old perv have "leaked" me the documents so that they can do whatever they please in buying and selling area children to lesbian and homosexual rich couples as sex slaves.

    The statements were made in a report assessing who should have custody of Jayda Kyle's brother -- the rich lawyer who dabbles in adoption law who wants to keep his remaining grandson or the professional baby-rapers of the Children's Division who have already contacted a buyer from out of state. The self-serving report determined that the McPhersons should not have contact with the child unless supervised by the Children's Division because biological parents and grandparents won't pay to get stolen children back.

    The one-sided report given to this creepy old perv detailed the Children's Division investigator's problems with answers provided by McPherson concerning the injuries that Jayda Kyle suffered.

    Children's Division is having increasing concerns as more time has been allotted to look at the self-serving] facts of the secret case. There appears, at this time, to be several inconsistencies which would cause concern for (the child) as well as the ongoing investigation. What these so called "facts" are all about is secret and cannot be revealed except partially by this creepy old perv who has been caught "grooming" his students by the Joplin School Distriict as the jewplin Glob knows better than to get involved with this baby-stealing scheme.


    Quote Originally Posted by DFS Baby-Raper Secret Sales Report Leaked to Creepy Ol' Perv
    On 11/29/2017 at 3:46 a.m., Judd McPherson contacted me stating that all doctors had said this was a medical thing. However, medical records show that Devyn and family were notified by Dr. Michelle Pannell at Mercy in Joplin on 11/28/2017 at 10:37 p.m. that this was suspected non-accidental head trauma.


    The Turner Diaries RULES, The Turner Report drools

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    Default Cousin Randy Turner is a creepy Ol' Perv who supports the Baby-Raping Pedophile Ring claiming to be the "Children's Division" of the Missouri Departme

    Cousin Randy Turner is a Creepy Ol' Perv who supports the Baby-Raping Pedophile Ring claiming to be the "Children's Division" of the Missouri Department of Social Services


    Both sides use public opinion said.../ Alias to Counsin Randy's Blog (not allowed on the Creepy Ol' Perv's Blogspot blog)

    The Jasper County Children's Division is dedicated to buying and selling children. In the state of Missouri once they take your children away you only have a less than 26% chance of getting them back. In Jasper and Newton County the odds are around 11 percent.

    So whenever something happens the only smart thing to do if you want to see your kids again is to lawyer up. The problem is that poor parents who only are rich in the resource which the State wants cannot afford anything other than public defenders if that. Which is why their children are routinely bought and sold.

    The grandfather of the mother of the mixed-race child who is dead happens to be an attorney who goes against the cops and on behalf of middle-class people who need an adoption lawyer.

    So the Jasper County Division of Family Services, angry at them having opposition, wrote about how they were forestalled by having a real lawyer defend his client and "leaked" their self-serving report to . . . Randy Turner, who promises to obstruct justice in "protecting his sources" of his slander-blog. If Randy Turner is obstructing justice then he will of course have something more to write about as if the First Amendment protects from legal process.

    After all, Turner was found via a public hearing to be unfit to remain a teacher, but still whines about "leaked" and open documents and findings regarding his case.

    Likewise this case should be open to the public and decided by a jury as opposed to crooked lawyers acting in secret family courts who benefit from the destruction of families. This won't be done, although Attorney McPherson has the advantage of knowing the law to help his client -- who happens to be his daughter. If it is found out that the Children's Division bureaucrats are "leaking" documents in order to obstruct justice they should all go to prison and have their families destroyed.

    Let's understand something: Having the resources to hire an attorney, especially if he is your father, doesn't mean that you are automatically guilty of something, regardless of what the rabble in the comments section and Facebook claim. Likewise, it isn't far fetched to imagine that Attorney McPherson is using every trick in the book to contain the consequences for his daughter and to keep contact with his remaining grandchild by her.

    No telling what is going to happen when children are being bought and sold but some of the combatants are evenly matched and not just pore white trash & welfare sluts wanting to keep their offspring.



    Cousin Randy's Lying Blog, The Turner Report

    My Truthful Blog, The Turner Diaries

    Ewelene still misses Cousin Randy, the slut!!!

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    Default Documents drive wedge between families in abuse case

    Documents drive wedge between families in abuse case

    Jayda Kyle died Dec. 1 after suffering severe brain injury



    For the father of 3-yearold Jayda Kyle, who died of suspected child abuse, purported Missouri Department of Social Services and local juvenile office documents posted on the internet and social media raise some unanswered questions about his daughter’s death.

    The girl died Dec. 1 at Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City after having suffered a severe head injury the night of Nov. 27 in the Carl Junction home of her mother, Devyn Kyle, and her mother’s boyfriend, Jalen Vaden.

    Vaden, 22, has been charged with second-degree murder and child abuse resulting in the girl’s death.

    In an interview Friday in the company of their attorney, the girl’s father, Mackenzie “Mack” Kyle, and

    KYLE -- FROM 1A

    grandfather, Jeff Kyle, told how their family learned of Jayda’s injury and drove to Kansas City the night she was transported there by medical helicopter.

    Mack Kyle said he told the doctor when he came to speak with them to give it to him straight: How was his daughter? The doctor told him Jayda was not going to make it, that she had suffered too severe blunt-force trauma to her head “from child abuse.” That was more than he could stand to hear, and he turned and walked out of the room, the girl’s father recalled.

    “I wanted to believe it was an accident,” Mack Kyle said.

    “We did not want to believe that she was murdered,” Jeff Kyle said.

    But what they have learned about the matter since then from purported Children’s Division and Jasper County Juvenile Office documents, which have been circulating this week on the internet and social media, make them wonder if the law enforcement agencies involved have gotten things right.

    The reports that have popped up appear to be the type of documents often provided to families involved in DSS and juvenile office cases. They are not records normally made public or released to the media, and the Globe has not been able to obtain them through official channels or to confirm their validity.

    The documents raised a firestorm on social media this week because the report that is being attributed to the DSS alleges that Judd McPherson, a Joplin attorney and the father of Devyn Kyle, attempted to “manipulate/ direct” the investigation into the girl’s death and because both reports provide new details of the accounts that Devyn Kyle and Vaden initially provided doctors and investigators.

    Devyn and Mack Kyle were divorced in June 2016. Court records show child custody issues preceding Jayda’s death that have included questions about the visitation rights of Mack Kyle in light of an alleged assault of his girlfriend and an arrest for a burglary this past year. Those lingering issues and new questions raised by their daughter’s death resulted in a juvenile court decision to place the girl’s 5-year-old brother, Quincy, in the temporary care and custody of his paternal aunt rather than with his mother or father or either set of grandparents.

    The situation led to some finger-pointing and denials this week between the two families.

    “It’s unfortunate that confidential documents have been released by the other side,” Springfield attorney Joe Passanise, who represents Devyn Kyle and her parents, told the Globe. “This is a tragic situation, and the McPherson family is grieving at the loss of their granddaughter and daughter.”

    Passanise said the McPhersons have reason to believe that the Kyle family released the documents to third parties, who then posted

    them on social media. He said the McPhersons understand that the Kyles are grieving, too, but the posting of confidential documents on social media “is not the appropriate venue” to discuss the matter.

    Mack Kyle acknowledges having received a copy of the DSS report from the state but denied posting it on the internet or providing it to anyone who did. He declined to provide the document to the Globe. He claims he was never even provided the report that appears to have been prepared by the juvenile office.

    There is nothing in either document that refutes or contradicts the probable- cause affidavit filed with the charges against Vaden.

    The affidavit states that Vaden admitted in an interview Dec. 6 with Detective Jason Hutchins of the Jasper County sheriff’s office that he entered Jayda’s bedroom and “became upset over the child not being dressed in the pajamas he instructed her to put on.” He admitted that he picked her up and threw her down, causing her head to strike the floor.

    Vaden told the detective that when she came out of the bedroom a short time later without the pajamas on that he told her to wear, he threw her on the bed. He admitted that when he went back in the bedroom again and she was still not wearing the pajamas, he threw her on the bed a second time and then grabbed her leg and tossed her face-first on the floor.

    He told the detective that the next time he returned to the bedroom, she was lying there, “bleeding and unresponsive.”

    Mack Kyle and his father told the Globe that they have have received little information about the investigation. When they read that Carl Junction police Chief Delmar Haase told the Globe that Devyn Kyle had been cleared of any wrongdoing, they wanted to know why, especially in light of the DSS report that expressed concern with her father’s alleged attempts to influence the investigation.

    Jeff Kyle said they made an appointment Dec. 14 to see Sheriff Randee Kaiser about the matter and he assured them that the investigation remained ongoing.

    The sheriff told the Globe this week that the investigation remains open and that investigators are following up on all aspects that require followup. He declined to discuss if that meant anyone else could face charges in the case.

    “If there’s no evidence of criminal activity, then, obviously, we can’t bring charges,” Kaiser said.

    Passanise wishes to put to rest concerns about the investigation raised by the DSS report.

    “I can say that the McPherson family denies any wrongdoing and has been fully cooperative with law enforcement and the DSS office to assist in their investigations,” Passanise said.

    Sunday, 24 Dec. 2017 P A1

    All the shit unfit to print


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