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Thread: Bill Johnson, 1994 LibberToon US Senator Candidate, Running for Governor of Alabama

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    Default Bill Johnson, 1994 LibberToon US Senator Candidate, Running for Governor of Alabama

    I Wonder What Kind of Politician Bill Johnson Turned Out To Become.


    Former Birmingham City Councilman Bill Johnson enters Alabama governor's race


    Saturday, June 27, 2009
    News staff writer

    Make it a half-dozen seeking the Republican Party nomination for governor in next June's primary.

    Bill Johnson, a former Birmingham city councilman and, for the past four years, director of the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs, abruptly resigned that post Friday and declared his candidacy for governor.

    "I think I have demonstrated over my years in public service that I am a passionate conservative Republican who believes small government is best and in low taxes," Johnson said. "But I also feel government has a role and responsibility to help those citizens who cannot help themselves."

    Johnson, who lives in Prattville, said he has been encouraged to run by a host of people across the state who still have not found a candidate to their liking among the other five Republicans.

    "Every time another one of the other candidates would announce I would get a phone call from someone encouraging me to get into the race," said Johnson.

    After a number of such calls, Johnson began thinking about a bid and said so publicly. Word that he was mulling getting into the race caused Gov. Bob Riley to set a deadline for Johnson to make a decision.

    "The governor felt that it might be seen as a conflict, me talking about making a run for governor while I was still at ADECA," Johnson said. "He gave me until Friday to make up my mind. I met with him Friday morning and told him I was running and then I resigned."

    Riley praised the work Johnson has done at the state agency.

    "Bill Johnson has done a great job at ADECA and I am truly grateful to him for his outstanding service to the people of Alabama," Riley said in a prepared statement.

    This will be Johnson's second run for statewide office but his first in Alabama. In 1994, Johnson ran as a Libertarian for the U.S. Senate in Missouri, where he campaigned for the legalization of marijuana and prostitution. Johnson has since renounced those views, explaining that he was running as a Libertarian and as such was loyal to the party's platform. . Johnson has since renounced those views, explaining that he was running as a Libertarian and as such was loyal to the party's platform.

    Johnson joins a crowded GOP field: former state senator and two-year college Chancellor Bradley Byrne, state Rep. Robert Bentley, Alabama Treasurer Kay Ivey, Greenville businessman Tim James and former Chief Justice Roy Moore.

    Democrats in the race include U.S. Rep. Artur Davis and state Agriculture Commissioner Ron Sparks.

    Riley wasted no time filling Johnson's old job with ADECA's Doni M. Ingram, who had been assistant director of the agency.


    Well, it looks like Bill Johnson went from being the best LibberToon vote-getter in the State of Missouri back when he ran in 1994 for US Senate to someone who is seeking the brass ring, the main chance, back in Alabama today.

    Let me make something clear: Bill Johnson is pretty much the smartest, most personable politician with a gift for getting along with ordinary people I have ever met in my entire political life. I've been doing research on Bill, and people I both respect, like Gadsden Militiaman Mike Kemp and dirty kike mamzers I despise, like Red Mike Vander(kike)bogus detest him as a sell-out politician. There are others, who respected him greatly, like the late Harold Sheil and others, who trusted in his decency and decency.

    I learned the hard way, back in 1994, how petty-minded LibberToons and any petty politicians can be. Essentially the LibberToon Establishment hated and feared Bill Johnson because Bill threatened to bring in new Republican-oriented members who could and would set these LibberToons aside and make them give up the political party which no LibberToon ever really wants to grow and succeed because a successful Libertarian Party means that these fourth-rate political hacks and rejects will be out on their ass given an influx of talented newcomers. What the LibberToons did in doing their best to drive out Bill Johnson and then myself simply because of fear of being replaced showed me that there simply cannot be any successful third party because any political party is made of of politicians, power seekersm and any other thief wanting to steal from White People using the power of the pen backing up and justifying the power of the sword.

    Bill Johnson was a pretty efficient organizer. He would get all manner of gifts from all over. But he did work behind the scenes to help establish the 24th Missouri Militia in Springfield and the Missouri 51st Militia in Kansas City. And then he stepped back and let the suburban whiggers in Kansas City establish their militia and let us Christian Identity types establish our militia in Springfield. Bill Johnson actually allowed people to make their own decisions without butting in

    Bill Johnson, once he left back for Alabama and in charge of his diminished faction, pretty much seemingly decided to abandon his Missouri and LibberToon past. Bill called in his loyal troops one day in July and essentially said that he was going back home to Alabama and left unstated was that the looking for adventure was for him pretty much over. He was cutting ties, leaving the girlfriend, and me to fight over proxies and letting the rural people and the militiant faction

    By 1996, Bill Johnson hooked his wagon
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