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Thread: $perm(ZOG-false)Front & The Return of Klunt (Debbie) Downey

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    Default $perm(ZOG-false)Front & The Return of Klunt (Debbie) Downey

    $perm(ZOG-false)Front & The Return of Klunt (Debbie) Downey


    Don Black's StormFront, hereafter $permFront, is really nothing more than a ZOG false-front operation whose entire purpose is to get the whigger feebs new to the Movement who are desperately seeking leadership and guidance on how to survive the impending day of doom which some call Civil War II and the DSCI devout call The Great Tribulation to waste time and money and effort better spent on real White Nationalist activism on himself and his crooked feeb David Duke. Stormfront/$permfront is a typical ZOG false front run from the top-down by crooks, not the genuine grassroots Movement alliance run from the bottom up in network. whiggers, being social animals, can sense impending social collapse and the attendant doom like animals like dogs and chickens can detect an impending earthquakes or tornados or natural disasters. Of course, because whiggers are whiggers and most of them want to die and because they are naive and stupid, whiggers as hue-man animals can't sense social seismology as well as the champs of just 'poisecution' avoidance -- the jew. jews invariably cause trouble and these spawn of Satan have gotten adept at leaving just in time leaving enough of the stupider and poorer jews to get to sample the mood of the outraged peasantry. niggers and beaners are nearly as smart in seeing the prevailing racial wind. The Ku Klux Klan seldom had to burn a cross twice back in the day of their power, not that they would bother. The nigger or coal-hauler would get its neck stretched and the rest of the niggers in the county would be walking on eggs the rest of the year. And beaners would probably stay on their side of the border if only an elderly James Von Brunn could be found to kill a number of beanerlets crossing the border.

    The recent town-hall meetings illustrated that elderly whiggers are beginning to wise up that Obongo-care means taking away Medicare and Medicaid for elderly whiggers and giving it to niggers and immigrunts. Simply put, killing elderly whiggers with not-so-benign neglect by taking away their ZOG-based health care and giving it to Obongo's niggers and beaners. Harold Covington has written a number of novels, especially the "A Distant Thunder" detailing how elderly Whites and White children will suffer the most when the muds and jews take over with the help of treasonous whiggers.

    But still, whiggers are still pretty stupid. Only one in twenty has any leadership potential. Leadership meaning knowing one's own mind, being able to communicate what needs to be done effectively, and then getting people to do something about it under leadership or independently. Even Jesus Christ in many ways apparently failed in leading His apostles, though it was not the time nor place to forestall His execution and sacrifice. So leadership within the [bowel] Movement means understanding that these ZOG false fronts like $permFront, VNNF/Voice of Retards/Reason and Hal Turner and skulking bowel-Movement hyenadons like Rabanger 'Albion' Miller, Bardamooch, Ashkenazi Asswipe or Bamzer the Sorta Mamzer Kryger even on lesser Movement forums. The only way to deal with such is to make accusations with some sort of proof and listen intently as such slugs writhe and wriggle like you are putting salt upon their slime. They use slime as a sort of cover and you will face counterattack. Yet the purpose is to build your own forums and publishing web sites and from that small fortified place with loyal men-at-arms have a place to counterattack and sally forth. Places like StumbleInn, my own Christian Nationalist, and allied forums like that of Pastor Visser.

    Hearing these slugs whine about how I am 'disrupting the White Nationalist Movement' by ridiculing the corruption, stupidity and treason of these regime criminal enablers is certainly music to my ears. It means that I got these lying mamzers and baal-priests and ZOGling whigger ass-clowns dead to rights and all that is necessary is the nut-cutting. Well, read what is said about you in a place you cannot censor, cannot hide away, while I reveal jewr shortcummin's. Bitch, ZOGlings, bitch!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri
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    Default KluntzFront on $permFront

    KluntzFront on $permFront


    Original 02-03-2009, 01:38 AM Post:

    $permFront is simply nothing more than a moneypit for the collection of geezergelt. ZOG found out a good time ago that it was far preferable to take weak whigger nutsionalists, make them 'leaders' and have the money and followership follow these ZOG-made 'leaders.' Scientists found out well after 'jews' that the way to destroy and control any species was to take gelded males, like Mediterranean fruit flies, irradiated into sterility and have them breed with the wild females. The sterilized males produce nothing and so the race of wild Medflies dies and thus the California fruit and produce crops are saved.

    The Movement is much the same way. The Internet has brought a bunch of typical Whites to the Movement, who in real life wouldn't ever interact with each other, mostly because of cowardice and social inability to interact with each other in real life. So those who are the natural leaders, the one-in-twenty, five percenters of the White Nationalist Movement must deal with the raw material we have. And most of it is whigger material.

    White Nationalism attracts Whites looking for leadership. But it also attracts typical whiggers who are looking to be amused, to play games, to be something that they are not in real life, like Aryan Warlords, or simply to troll. Some of them are looking for some fuerher to follow up until the time that the fuerher demands something like money or support and then they are gone. Some of these whiggers think they know what is best for the White Nationalist Movement over all, so they pen their intellectual arguments as to who is and who is not an acceptable White Nationalist leader. And they do it from behind the safety of a keyboard and a fake username. They obviously 'think,' usually correctly, that other whiggers like them don't want to get anything accomplished either, so it is safe and fun to tear down others, as long as they don't get their asses whupped for doing so. StevieBuck, VNNF boat pisspul was an example of that. The moment StevieBuck thought that it could be traced, it was whining for piglice protection from a 'certified maniac' that up until then he had thought it was safe to shit upon.

    The thing to realize is that 80% of the [bowel] Movement is comprised of whiggers. They might be higher-class whiggers, but they still are whiggers.

    The bowel Movement 'leadership' is not much better. Most of them are hollow men, Paytriots, out to sell something. They want to make some ZOGbux off the Movement. And they do, in return for selling out.

    You see, Movement propaganda as to what we must do if Whites are to survive is simple: we must kill all the non-whites or drive them away by a credible threat of killing them if they stay. Any 'leadership' which negotiates with ZOG for a cut is simply being like the treasonous Southern slaveholders who brought in niggers to become rich and today's corporate plantation owners bringing in the muds to become rich at the expense of the White race and social order. Such Paytriots conserve nothing but their privileges and pocketbooks. They are traitors and should be treated as such.

    $permFront is the Branson of the bowel Movement. It takes the compromised has-beens and never-wases of the Movement and gives them a venue to perform for Movement geezergelt. David Duke and Don Black and others who want to make racism 'respectable' put on their daily show for geezergelt and fame from whigger feebs new to the Movement and those who have never gotten over the fact that when they were young that these feeb paytriots had their 'greatest hits' leading to jail time or Movement leadership.

    As a result, $permFront stifles the next generation of rising Movement talent with fire in their belly and militantcy in their hearts. $permFront takes scarce Movement resources and channels it away from the Movement seed-corn and spends it on fat hogs who should have long since been slaughtered. There is room for the 'whigger-whimperers' like Edgar Steele, but since they can and will lead only so far, they should stick to what they know of whipping up the whigger masses and leaving it up to those who want to actually fight a war against ZOG to do so -- without their 'modifying' defeatism.

    The heart of the Movement has always been the Christian Identity people, especially the militant Dual-Seedline Christian Identity [DSCI] clergy. The vast majority of DSCI aboveground activists are First Generation. There are some, like 6Killer, the extremely rare CI people who were British Israelism believers, then became DSCI with Swift, Comparet, and Butler. DSCI is a relatively young religion, being formed from 1940s to the 1970s. Within a time period of 20 years, ninety percent of DSCI was formed by Wesley Swift and codified by Bertrand Comparet, from 1947-1967. Yes, DSCI has advanced in sophistication, but our racial religion is an austere one, which sees things in blacks and whites and occasionally in shades of grey. We are not out to argue the jew and the nigger and the mud and the whigger to death. Rather we are out to take advantage of the coming Great Tribulation to fight as soldiers of Christ. While we may well have a sense of humor, woe betide the victim of it!

    ZOG hates and fears DSCI because there is no 'reasoning' with us. There is no buying us off. We want our immoral lives and we want our crowns as YHWH's Saints instructing the whiggers during the Millenium. We are religious fanatics not adverse to using criminals and lunatics to serve our ends, as long as they are White. ZOG was afraid of DSCI militiamen and extremists and 'lone wolves' in the summer of 1999 before Y2Kaos, and wrote accordingly its "Project Meggiddo" report about how CI was going to take advantage of Y2Kaos to destroy ZOG. And so they brought in some weak pretend One Seedliners to disrupt this, by bringing in Klansmen who couldn't think straight, usurping baal-priests, femnisheviks, Babtist Hobbyists, and New Covenant Corn-holers to disrupt CI. That and jews.

    Meanwhile, they persecuted the actual Church that they could find, be it Pastor Butler. They finished off Butler's compound. (And then whined that they had created more 'lone-wolfism' because Butler wasn't around to ride herd over skinhead drunkards). They advanced August Kreis after Butler's death to be the 'head' of Aryan Nations, and Kreis allowed Muslim sand-niggers and skinheads into the 'Aryan Nations.' They got pastors like Gulett compromised with snitches and induced Gulett to take a plea 'bargain.' And they trumped up charges of child molestation absent any proof other than what they coerced from my slightly retarded grandson, and imprisoned me without trial in jail and insane asylums for 3 1/2 years, without bond, access to the korts, habeas corpus, and doped me up.

    Meanwhile, the Paytriot Movement continued, in circles.

    $permFront has an extremely evil bitch named Debby Downey, aka Klailiff, nicknamed by myself Klunt, who runs the SpermFront CI section. And she invariably bans DSCI men, leaving only the OSLer feebs and baal-priests. She got her worthless meercat second husband, to feign ordination, and to be a pastor, so that he can spread their worthless, self-serving OSLer nonsense. As everything else about this Sapphira and Annanianus, Debby Downey claimed to be something that she wasn't -- the second in command of a Klavern, as her first husband was the Grand Dragon of Washington State. That, according to Debby DunSeattle, made her the Second-in-Command, even though women are not supposed to rule over men, especially in a Klan. Debby's specialty was in screwing the 'lucky' Klansmen after the Klan meeting. She ran off with the third in command, a witless meercat named Mark Downey. And she did not take it kindly when after she got an elderly White man/teacher, Pastor Willie Martin banned from a listserver, that I found out her past history and said, "You're not no Klan Klailiff, you're the Klan Klunt!" And ever since that day, that has been her nickname within the Movement -- Klunt Downey.

    The Downeys have pretended to have started out as DSCI -- a lie pioneered by one Andy Anderson, who took over a FBI listening outpost on jewhoogruppen back in May 2000. And since then, the Downeys have made themselves into some sort of Jim and Tammy Baker of CI on $permFront. Downey was ordained by himself, laying hands upon hisself with a mixture of Jurgens Lotion and Criso. They used to follow Larry Blanchard, the OSLer missionary to the flips, the 'little brown 'brothers' in Subic Bay and Manila. Klunt does all the screetching and preaching, and occasionally drags her meercat Downey from his pouch to be her cover.

    Paradoxically, they hate Pete Peters, the most successful OSLer as well. This has nothing to do with doctrine, but rather because they do not understand why Peters can drag in an audience of 400 OSLers 2,000 miles away, and they couldn't get anyone other than Andy Anderson to attend their services. So they will talk smack about Peters, and so I would send an anonymous e-mail or two Peters' way about what Sapphira and Aninnyanus was saying about him. As a result, they got to where they didn't dare show up at Peters' meetings any more.

    Back when I found out Klunt's history, she didn't dare claim that myself and a former follower named Hengist had lied. After all, after she got Willie Martin kicked off, I was wroth, and told Hengist: "Get me some shit on that bitch! Not just a dry rat turd, but a whole stinking pile!" I knew that this bitch was nasty and had something to hide even then. And so Hengist, who lived 65 miles away from the Downeys, found me that shit. Klunt was essentially nothing more than a whore who spread for the rest of the Klan.

    Not that she ever denied it when I spread the story about. Rather she accused myself and Hengist of "spreading malicious gossip." She tried, like most liars, to find out who had narked on her, aand was told that the entire state of Washington knew if they were CI or Klansmen. Her didoes were no secret.

    This bitch, her meercat, Andy Anderson and a few others hung around a Finnish jew lt. colonel named Richard Niemela. This jew was associated with whigger goyim who deliberately destroyed the Missouri Constitution Party on behalf of the Republicans in the 1990s. Of course, being a jew, Niemela would shat on Klunt and her meercat from time to time, but they had a hatred of DSCI thaat would bring them together.

    Any time someone claims that DSCI is from the Talmud because the Talmud says that jews are the spawn of Satan descended from Cain, then you are dealing with a jew. Why? Does not DSCI say the same thing as the Talmud? Yes. The Talmud was compiled by jews from Babylon up until the 1200 AD, and was the 'oral tradition' of the Pharisees, Christ's enemies. At the same time the Old Testament was being compiled, these books were being perverted by jew/edomite/chaldean rabbies. These mamzers, having a Genesis 3:15 hatred for Christian Israel, OF COURSE know where they cum from -- Satan's pee-hole.

    Whenever some kike wants to pretend that DSCI comes from the jews, it unleashes the charge that the Talmud says that jews are the spawn of Satan. The trick is to then turn the tables on the jew by taking the jew under scriptural machine-gun fire across the open plain: "OK, dirty jew, where in your Talmud does it admit that you dirty jews are the spawn of Satan?"

    The jew then gets it either way: "Either he has to show where in the Talmud it says that Satan screwed Eve and she gave birth to Cain, the first jew, and thus admit that #1) DSCI is absolutely correct. jews are the literal spawn of Satan and #2) That it is a dirty jew that knows its dirty Talmud. --OR-- Evade the question.

    KhazarDick Niemela/Niematoad/Niematurd the Finnish Nigger-Kike never could advance against myself or Willie Martin on that front. The rest of the DSCI element loved the fun as well. Which is why Niemela claimed, like Cohen the CoonTard, that the Lindstedts were Swedish jews like the ones who married its aunts in the 1920s. jews call non-jews 'jews' when having to clinch.

    To understand the viciousness of Klunt, you would have to have spied on them on their jewhoo listserver, and see Klunt, knowing that Niemela was a jew, yet associate with this jew who ridiculed her as a slut and a whore because she hates DSCI White men more. Klunt has such a Genesis 3:15 hatred for White DSCI men that it overcomes what should be her Genesis 3:15 hatred of jews. But like Eve, she'd put out for a serpent or a nigger if it would help her get a leg up over White men.

    Willie Martin had the heresy that Satan disguised himself as a nigger to seduce Eve. I loved to repeat it to both niggers and jews and whiggers to show how low the contamination goes in the jew bloodline.

    Bill White/Weiss advanced this jew story on VNNF/TGMNNF/GFRTCNNF, and none of the whiggers had the sense other than to mill about when told the jew lie. By the time the CI element sorted it out, Bill White/Weiss had scurried off like a jew rat from that topic. Whiggers never think of challenging jews when they lie.


    In any case, the idiot Passt-her Meercat-Mark Downey will still quote Niemela the jew. But then again, Downey has always been a cowardly feeb. Klunbt made him send me an e-mail threatening me, sorta, back in 2003, but it was the most evasive 'threat' I ever seen, more pathetic than StevieBuck of VNNF. Essentially it said that if I somehow found it and hurt it, it would bleed all over me. I told Klunt to not send a meercat to do a klunticum-bitch's job.

    One of the e-mails I did immediately work on and post to my web page was from the summer of 2003. Klunt and her sidekick Meggie/Gabbyrelle have a history of demanding that White men, and especially myself be censored. They can't make it among the OSLers (because of their jealous attacks on Pete Peters) and they CERTAINLY can't make it among the DSCIers, mainly because of their hatred for DSCI but also because of Klunt's nickname. Here is what I posted at the time. It made Klunt back off for a while as it made the rounds:

    Klunt Goes Wild!!!

    Recently, Klunt was removed as a moderator from the $permFront CI board. Yet because she has been a fixture there, and because she has paid money, she is still there, whining that she is hanging on by her nails. Don Black has decided to hide to the public eye the embarrassment of the CI Theological Forum. The other moderators, despising Klunt, will sometimes whistle for her meercat to appear, front and center, and meercat Mark will show up to snarl a little, then run off.

    I cannot say that $permFront was ruined by Klunt. Klunt was exactly the sort of cunt that $permFront loves: hypocritical and amoral. Always trying to dominate men and run their churches. Hostile to any White man who will not knuckle under. Like the gooks and jews and mamzers and faggots at Mutant$permFront, she would not let me live with them -- not virtually. No, not in real life either. Klunt is a baal-priestess, the temple prostitute that hates sex but loves to hear a man moan as she leads him by his dick. From what I hear, she is a dry hole, having never given birth to another Lilith regardless of how much meercat input. A whitened sepulchre, outside looking good and inside raving with all manner of corruption. An evil baal-bitch that should be burnt at the stake in front of the other disobedient amoral cunts as an example that you are not fooling any White man.

    KluntzFront on $permFront. They both deserved each other.

    I have saved some interesting items from spying on $permFront and other places over the years. Some of them are locked away on my old computer. Yet Klunt remains as evil as ever. She has not changed her spots -- or her sins. I can think of nothing better than for Klunt to see this -- and screetch. For just as I spy on Klunt, so too does Klunt spy on me, and DSCI.

    Genesis 3:15. The only Law of YHWH that the jew and mamzer and child of Satan obeys as well as the Sons of White True Men, the DSCI devout obey.

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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    Default The Trashin' of the Klunt on $permFront

    The Trashin' of the Klunt on $permFront


    Original Post on 02-03-2009, 04:40 PM at:

    Quote Originally Posted by COCKATOO View Post
    Since you brought up the Baal priests, I thought I'd go over and check out $permfront (haven't been over there in a long time, the whole place is so oily and smarmy).

    Found this thread - apparently they've also kicked "pastor" Robb out as well, no more broadcasts. Klunt is at it with some admin there who kicked them both out and the meercat popped in on demand by the admin for one of his monthly or fewer posts:


    She posted a link to Robb's website. I think its interesting that an Identity "pastor" has on his front page the lyrics and music to a song entitled "For A World Wide Revival" :weird:. If you can stand the music, here's the site address:


    In poking around, I noticed that William Finck has apparently signed up recently and has joined some DSCI Believers sub group over there with another old DSCI poster, Son Of The Mist, so maybe there is some hidden haven for the real deal over there...
    Robb runs a CI and Klan business. So of course he wants the entire Turd-Whirrld to send him some ZOGbux. (Not!) Robb practices priestcraft and simony, so he wants the Babtist Hobbyists new to the Movement to send him money. You see, most Movement whiggers don't have sense enough to figure out that if they love Robb for being a Klansman, then why would they want to give him money to convert a bunch of niggers and gooks to Christianity? Nor do they know, merely sense, that DSCI is certainly not out to 'save' even whiggers, much less muds, from their stupidity and wickedness. Robb knows this.

    Harrison, Arkansas used to run a tourist trap called 'Dogpatch' after the Lil' Abner cartoon series. It was sort of like Silver Dollar City in Branson. So they don't get upset if the whigger city slickers send robb their money for that vicarious 'Old Tyme Klan experience.' Where else can a jew yawk shitty whigger becum a Klansman except by giving Robb some ZOGbux?

    Yes, Harrison is the 'capital' of CI. You have Hallimore's Kingdom Identity Ministries, and they have the copyrights to Comparet's AIT course. Perhaps it is time we set Clifton Emahiser and Pastor Visser to revising an open commons Bible Course to take its place in creating DSCI clergy. As it is right now, we have a bottleneck in place with having to pay the toll there.

    The thing about $permFront is that it is all about money. I was spying there yesterday. Son of the Mist is the ONE DSCI poster who did the ONE thing that kept him from being kicked off by Klunt: He is a Sustaining Member of $F -- he paid Don Black the only tribute Don Black loves -- money. So Klunt had no choice but to let him post as long as he maintained a superficial politeness.

    All the DSCI backwoods boys without ZOGbux who fell afoul of Klunt got banned. You see, she has been banned herself before, her and Meggie Baal-Bitch Butts/Gabbyrelle from Mississippi. And she in turn bans people right and left. I was looking at old e-mails last night. And her purging of the old Holy_Wars jewhoo listings of DSCI and purging of Willie Martin and my finding out of her Klan pecadillos and posting it to the rest of the DSCI community had a backlash she never expected. She never did deny at the time being the Klan sexual mascot, running off from the Grand Dragon, and marrying the Klud. All she could do was to impotently whine about myself and Hengist spreading 'malicious gossip.' She was writhing about like a gut-shot dog frantic about the fleas. Andy Anderson was running about like a crazed weasel, both banning open dissent and trying to flush it out at the same time. This crazed whigger eventually dissolved the Holy_War listserver with its imcriminating archives, and thus the FBI listening post crafted to pay attention and keep track of CI pastors and leaders in the summer of 1999 before y2Kaos.

    That is always the problem with 'secret' listservers. they invariably attract spies, both jews and people like myself who want to see what is going on. So the 'secret' listserver owner is then faced with the problem of internal security and attracting an audience. He wants a wide audience, else why have a listserver in the first place. Yet he has the desire to control the debate through censorship and hide his wrongdoing. Nor does the censoring owner of the list have any power over other listservers -- the opposite in fact because they have made rivals and enemies who will enjoy their discomfiture. Which is what happened to Andy Anderson and Klunt Downey on Holy War. I had Hengist and others spying on them and had an account spying on them as well, even though Andy and Meggie had me kicked off of my Granby ISP so I couldn't find my e-mail all the time.

    So eventually the Holy_War archives disappeared with the list, Andy made a new jewhoogruppen which was spied on as well, but having kicked off the old enemies, nobody cared as much any more. The Missouri LibberToons had a similar problem. They closed off their archives to non old members.

    Aryan Front has a similar problem regarding myself as I am able to use spies to check it out on other computers with a ISP. $permFront's CI Forum has an even bigger problem of spies, having created far more enemies.

    About two-three months ago, $permFront figured out that it was creating enemies with Klunt's 'moderation.' Yet $permFront is about money, not the Movement. So they demoted Klunt from being moderator, put the CI Forum to where unregistered 'guests' cannot see it, and left only the past two or three months on the forum. Klunt is thus 'taken care of' but not any longer in power. In fact Klunt cumplains that she is only barely hanging on. This might be true because DSCI is the heart of the Resistance, keeping them out makes it plain the $permFront is not really a Movement board but rather a paytriot board. I think that sooner of later Klunt will be banned as she did ban others, and then she will become totally irrelevant to the Movement. Her meercat Mark can go back to being a graphics artist and he will do so.

    You mentioned that Klunt and her meercat are dismissed: Well, here is the thread in which the new moderator makes it clear in what disesteem Klunt and meercat are held:

    Quote Originally Posted by Whiteman Jack, Editor-In-Chief

    Re: Thom Robb Sunday Sermons

    Is that how it was?

    Well, where's hubby? He's got an account here, send him in. We'll talk.
    White Man's Translation: Bring out jewr meercat, Klunt! I want to talk to your pussy who is supposed to have the penis. Its supposed to be your husband and accountable for your behavior. Drag it out by the scruff of its neck so I may whup its ass!

    And Downey came, prodded by its master, Klunt. And Downey sniveled, did its pastoral covering duties, "Whatever Klunticums does is fine by me" and run off some more.

    Klunt and Meggie/Gabbyrelle can't run wild no more amongst the CI community. They are only safe with the clueless whigger nutsionalists on $permFront. However, the Klunt domination over CI is over at $permFront and Klunt may find hersself out on her ass.

    Klunt and Meggie could only prosper where they could dominate. They would find an idiot OSLer and act like vicious weasels, then kick out the DSCI men. There would be a backlash led by the DSCI men. Sometimes, like 'Rick Savage's C-ID private list, he would win the counter-revolt and then ban Klunt, Meggie, and Andy. Sometimes, like Holy_War, the FBI plant gave it to Andy to cause trouble, and so I formed my own jewhoogruppen and the DSCI men would quarantine Holy_War. Then Andy in turn, running paranoid would kick off the DSCI remnant. After doing so, he no longer needed Willie Martin as cover and concealment, and the jew Niemela and Klunt was clamoring for Willie's head. So Willie would get banned. (There was another jew, named John Perna, who ran a 'gay preferred' resort in South Carolina. Perna still infests the paytriot whigger jewhoogruppen with his spam. Pernalenin's 'chicken ranch for faggots' was one of the straws that broke Andy's temper with the DSCI element.) What was left was Andy, Klunt, Niemela, and one hundred spies, five of them for myself, and unknown others. All whining about the DSCI element circling their ghettos and whining about what was said about them on other CI listservers that they could not control.

    V-Bulletin Forums are like and unlike the jewhoogruppen that dominated the Movement from 1998-2004. They can ban by IP number, something that jewhoogruppen couldn't. Get banned by a jewhoogroup, simply make up another jewhoo identity and resume spying after a safe interval. Create a number of them over the months, and then burn off an alias by going on the attack. Andy or the LibberToons then ban that alias, and in the throes of paranoia, ban everyone else as well who looks like it could be Martin Lindstedt. Meanwhile, watch the fun with another alias or four, then wait until the fuss and feathers dies down and strike again. I learned to do this with the LibberToons during the 1990s.

    Bill White and Harold Covington used to be nearly as good as I was at this. Covington would mainly use his abilities to create the impression that he has a following. Bill White would mainly use it to spy on his enemies and put it on his web page. I used it on the LibberToons to make them look like idiots. But I used it on fake CI because they needed to be exposed.

    So whenever DSCI men would get on $permFront, Klunt would get nervous. When Pastor Visser wanted to get on Klunt's good side in Feb. 2007, he told Klunt that he helped Gulett kick me out of Gulett's church. A month later, having to "work on the ditches with the sh*tskins" Visser had a change of heart, and a few months later had his Klunt encounter. So he came around to my way of thinking and actually quoted what I had found out about Klunt.

    Klunt is out of luck. She doesn't really belong in CI. She runs wild and drags in her meercat to snarl for her. Whether or not you do believe she was screwing all the Klansmen after the meetings, she and Downey are admitted adulterers under CI Law. Klunt takes over a listserver like kudzu and runs off the DSCI element. Nor is she any more popular with the OSLers. Many is the time I'd take something Klunt or meercat said about Pete Peters, and then there would go a hotmail e-mail to Peters saying: Look what Klunt and her meercat are lying about you on $permFront. Knowing Peters, he would run over there and fume about it some. Yet another time, they praise Peters and his pet jew Charles Weismann to the skies, thus annoying further the DSCI devout by showing that they are consistently liars who lie for their own profit at the spur of the moment.

    I also hear that she's aged quite a bit the past few years and so will have to settle with her meercat she got. If Klunt dropped over dead tomorrow and thus emancipated her meercat with the trophy sex-mascot wife, most people think that 'past-her' Downey would run off and bother CI no more. Like most meercats, Downey hates confrontation with White men.

    When ZOG is out to get you, its terrifying. ZOG will grind you up and spit you out, like what happened to me. But most of the problems the Movement faces is simply because of the low quality of whites 'manning' the Movement. The Movement attracts a higher class of racially aware whiggers, but when it cmes down to it, they still are whiggers. The Great Tribulation might well transform them like heat and pressure changes the structure of rock, but until then we are dealing with whiggers.

    It is to draw out the better class of whigger in the Movement that those like us recruit. Sometimes we are policemen and prosecutors, bringing up past crimes against the Movement, like I do with Klunt and $permFront. But most of the time we are 'pastors' from the word having to do with sheep herding. We are herding whiggers, grading and sorting them, castrating a few. Running off the weak so that the rest of the herd might prosper.

    I'll clean this up not at all and post it to my forum. I'll have to clean it up a lot to post on Visser's Forum.

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri
    Last edited by PastorLindstedt; 08-17-2009 at 04:19 AM.

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    Default Meggie/Gabbyrelle demands that I be banned at Original Dissent Embalming Society

    Meggie/Gabbyrelle demands that I be banned at Original Dissent Embalming Society


    Original link posted on 02-04-2009, 06:33 PM at:

    Looking at old Eudora E-mails, I found this one from Late January - Feb 4, 2005. Since it has to do with Klunt and Klunt's ally Gabbyrelle/Meggie Baal-Bitch Butts and their love of censoring White DSCI men, I think that this is an apt post to show.

    I ended up getting banned at ODES by Sertorius, but have since decided to forgive him. I was pretty wild in my writings back then. Still am. And I have no apologies for how I deal with Klunt and her allies who hate DSCI. I intend to drive them out. So I notice how likewise Gabbyrelle/Meggie understood what was at stake back in 2005, back in 2002, back in 2000. They have not changed over the past nine years. All that is happening is that they are now older.

    Genesis 3:15 holds true, 6,000 or 600 or 6 years ago. The Sons of Man and the spawn of Satan cannot ever get along in peace. One will get into power and enslave and exterminate the other. Genesis 3:15 never changes.

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri


    Quote Originally Posted by Gabrielle
    Texas Dissident, would you allow some guy to come here and speak about your loved ones like Martin is doing in this thread? This slander and filth has NOTHING to do with free speech. With freedom comes responsibility!

    This unchristian badgering and persecution of a woman is doing nothing for Christianity, or your board’s good name. Do you think God would approve of this?

    I am asking you not only to please close this thread, but to please remove this ungodly filth.

    Please consider my words. Thank you.
    Texas Dissident, Gabbyrelle is a liar. Several posts ago she claimed that she was not a friend to the Downeys. Of course that was after I had caught her in a lie concerning her going to VNN/TGMNN and voting in a poll for myself as "Dumbest VNN Poster."

    Gabbyrelle is simply like that. Just another lying femnishevik whining that I seek to remove her pals Sapphira and Downey from this Forum by repeating what is common knowledge among Christian Identity concerning the unsavory past of the Downeys.

    Gabbyrelle got ridiculed last spring for my repeating the common knowledge about the Downeys on VNN, back before Alex Linder decided to open up his own ZOG Witness Protection Program for Traitor Glenn Miller. Then she told Sapphira and Sapphira joined VNN, followed by Downey. These goofy 'Christian' femnishevik females screetched for my banishment. Of course they were ridiculed by the largely a-theist VNNers, even though I wasn't loved overmuch myself there. It was because these 'christian' females were EVERYTHING which a-theist and non-atheist despises about estrogen-drip churchianity.

    Since both Gabbyrelle and Sapphira were calling for my censorship and banishment on VNN, the VNNers most certainly believed my side of the story, that Sapphira Downey, as part of some jew plot for some reason had Pastor Willie Martin banned from a jewhoogruppen taken over by a FBI informant calling himself Andy Anderson, a known misceginator. AndyAnderson had taken over a CI group set up by ZOG in order to keep tabs on CI activists in the summer of 1999. By May 2000, when Y2Kaos went bust, the jewhoogruppen was given over to this 'Andy' and Andy proceeded to censor off White men. In my case, Andy claimed that I had been a victim of ASUS -- Accidental Self-Unsubscription Syndrome. In any case, I asked willie Martin to quit, but Willie did so, then signed back up, and was used by Andy to serve as moderator for cover.

    However, like 6-Killer, the Dual-Seedliners would get disenchanted by one Meggie (Baal-Bitch) Butts, who had me kicked off my ISP, and the promotion of jews, like one John Perna, a jew caught advertising his motels as 'gay preferred.' And then one Lt. Colonel Richard Niemela, a Finnish jew hating Dual-Seedline came into the picture. As a result, the Dual-Seedline element got angry and like 6Killer, would say something arch, or even 'hateful' about these jews and femnisheviks, and would be banned. Whereupon they would look me up, and I'd send them to genuine DSL listservers. Sometimes an idiot named James Templeton (Simpleton) would drag one of my screeds to their board, and get cussed for dragging that dead skunk of contention (like Ill Fagno did onto ODES) onto their listserver, and then they'd delete the offending dead skunk, er, post, and then whine about what was said on the deleted post and people would come over to my listservers and read it in its entirety. Used to provide all manner of entertainment.

    But by April 2002, Andy got tired of being called a liar and hypocrite, and so he banned every single Dual-Seedliner except Willie Martin and one of the very few second-generation Christian Identity men, who was, of course, Dual-Seedline as his parents had followed Gerald L.K. Smith, then migrated over to Wesley Swift. This second generation CI couldn't understand what the fuss was about. Weren't ALL CI Dual-Seedline?

    This is where Sapphira comes in. Since there were no more DSLers on that jewhoogruppen, Sapphira, like Salome of King Herod Andy demanded Willie Martin's head, er, banning. And Salome, er Sapphira, er, Klunt got it!

    Now I had begged, pleaded, demanded of Willie that he quit. And I was pleased that Sapphira had in effect gotten Willie kicked off. But nobody but nobody does dirt to a Dual-Seedline brother. I sent some markers due out and said that I wanted some dirt on that damned bitch and I wanted it yesterday. You see, I don't consider myself a pastor. I consider myself a hatchetman and an executioner. Strike at the root, trunk, branch. Exterminate unto the Seventh [De]Generation of the spawn of Satan. I'm not a 6Killer, I'm a 666Killer.

    Well, to my great pleasure, some dirt appeared. It seems like the Washington State Grand Dragon has an unruly promiscuous wife abrogating to herself the title of 'Klailiff' and so, he would pimp her out to the rest of the Klan. Eventually the 'Kludd,' the third-in-command ran off with the Klailiff, and a divorce was sought and given out. The Kludd was Downey. The Klailiff was Debby. Debby DunSeattle DunOlpympia, DunPortOrchard, and maybe even Debby DunDalles. Of course, with the divorce, the Klan wasn't the same as it used to be now that the sexual mascot was not putting out and the cow was putting out only for one steer. But still, Klailiff and Kludd kept their self-given titles. But I prefer to give them more useful descriptive titles, which have stuck, i.e. 'Klunt' and 'Ksludge' or 'KlhumperofKlunt.'

    Now what brought that on? Now if it was just a matter of some ex-whore making good and settling down and behaving herself, then like Jesus Christ, I'd have had to forgive, and, more importantly, forget. After all, living in SW Missouri and the Downey's didos occurring in Washington State, what is it to me?

    But it is something to me when the Downeys and Gabbyrelle take it upon themselves to fight with Christian Israel, be it Dual-Seedline, or even the One-Seedline nurseries of baby lambs of YHWH. When I see some ravening dogs, and especially rabid baal-bitches, well, ALWAYS pump a slug or two in their guts so that they won't be in any mood to be chasing lambs of YHWH and they'll have something to think about how their father, Satan, has seen fit to reward them before they fester and croak off before they enter Hell.

    These spawn of Satan are not Dual Seedline. They are not One-Seedline. For whatever reason they associate with jews, yap the jew lies, scheme and plot against Christian Identity, and then, when their past criminal activities and the new ones identical to the old ones are brought up, these pewling spawn of Satan whine that their past victims and the devout are 'slandering' them.

    Yet when asked to explain their past history, and why they cause trouble for both Dual-Seedline and One-Seedline alike, they have nothing but lies, half-truths, and evasions in response. For over a year, neither Klunt nor Ksludge Downey could say anything about my published findings other than that myself and others were spreading 'malicious gossip.' No denial that it wasn't true, merely that it shouldn't be aired. Yet what do they expect, but that those they silence by their whines and sanctimony to repeat this common knowledge concerning both their past -- and present? Then in July 2003, there was another whining on the part of Klunt asking that I be banned on a different listserver, and an extremely evasive 'answer' from both Klunt and Downey, each of which merely confirmed their past infamy. If, like on VNN, Klunt is pressed to tell her side of the story, she will whine that "This is only giving Lindstedt more ammunition" -- which it is. I've been notorious the past decade in ferreting out agents provacateur and informants.

    (changed URL from defunct martinlindstedt.org)

    Are they or are they not demanding censorship on this forum after having practiced it on $tormfront? The answer is 'yes,' they demand censorship of those who know their past history. They practice ruthless censorship on $tormfront.

    The question is whether or not Original Dissent owes anything to $tormfront, or owes anything to the enemies of Christian Identity, both Dual-Seedline or One-Seedline.

    If I ran a v-bulletin Forum, I would let both contending sides compete for the decision as to who is telling the truth. But that is not good enough for either Gabbyrelle nor Klunt. When given a chance to speak on VNN, they merely infuriated the young a-theist punks not with a defense of their past, but rather got bogged down whining that the audience of the hostile VNN Forum should be ashamed for being anti-Christian, and then demanded, without an iota of intelligence, that the VNN hostiles should be banned.

    Texas Dissident, Gabbyrelle lies that I have slandered your loved ones. Insofar as I know, you don't care overmuch about Christian Identity, but you don't bother to attack us. Gabbyrelle, with all the intelligence of some femnishevik jew, is claiming that I've holoco$ted Klunt and Downey, and need to have some limitation produced upon what she deems to be a limitation upon a White man's free speech. Gabbyrelle has as much respect for free speech as the jew Paul Bremer did when he shut down Shia cleric Sadr's newspaper because it was 'telling lies' about jews and ZOG. The end result was intensification of the Iraqi freedom fighters against the ZOG occupation of Iraq.

    I consider Gabbyrelle and the Downeys to be the spawn of Satan. They have no place within Christian Identity. But, like their brethren, the jews, they have but a short time left, seeking what little Christian Israelite lambs they may devour. Now I am not asking, much less demanding, that you silence Gabbyrelle or the Downeys. Any sheep wanting to end up as a deposit of dog-shit deserves what it gets, especially after being given warning. But why should Texas Dissent get involved in religious disputes concerning Christian Identity? Is this not the thread which has been allocated for these disputes?

    I think that Gabbyrelle and Klunt will vacate the premises if they are not given what they want, censorship of Dual-Seedline White Men. They leave whenever and wherever they cannot prevail. Because of their past history and present conduct, they can survive only in their ghetto on $tormfront.

    (Ed note: They did leave ODES when they didn't get me silenced or censored there. MLDL)

    And what, does ODES owe $tormfront?

    --Martin Lindstedt
    Malleus Klunt

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    Hiding from that baal-bitch Klunt Downey.

    Default You are back to do WHAT? Re: We're back!!!

    You are back to do WHAT? Re: We're back!!!

    http://www.stormfront.org/forum/show...75#post7222875 (since deleted by $permFront)


    Quote Originally Posted by Chaplain Bill View Post


    I am glad that Theology has been reopened and I want it to stay open, in that spirit it is my intention to report ANY guideline violators in the CI section to Lycia, even those who are CI and I will be visiting this section daily, the petty arguing that used to take place here is not going to happen again.
    Quote Originally Posted by Birder View Post


    While this forum is again open to us, you all should know that admin does not support the Theology forum to allow religious discussion to public viewing. When you log out, you'll even see Sustaining Members with a "private" sign on it, but absolutely no sign that there is any religious discussion going on at all.

    I won't be hid in a dungeon. I am Christian Identity, proud of it, have not broken the rules to Stormfront and Christians continue to be treated as second class citizens on this secularist and atheist controlled board.


    "Klaliff has chosen to move on and resigned as Theology forum leader. Her reasons are her own. It's a difficult job, keeping a forum like this civil, or at least not unacceptably unruly. Speaking for myself I would never put as much effort into it as Klaliff has seen fit to do. For her it was a labor of love, and for that, Klaliff deserves our gratitude and congratulations for a job well done."
    Quote Originally Posted by Lycia View Post

    If you see that happening, please let me know. It's difficult for me to tell the difference on a computer screen with no tone of voice to go with the question. This is particularly true in areas such as CI that I am no expert on.

    I do want the Theology section to remain open and will appreciate all the help I can get.

    So I take it that Lycia is the moderator, and that the Downeys are no longer in power. Debbie Downey was notorious for banning every Dual-Seedliner under any pretext. Quite a few of us lurkers didn't dare post but rather watched over the years as unwary Dual-Seedliner man was banned under sundry pretexts by Debbie Downey and her quasi-male baal priest.

    So what are the new policies here? It doesn't make sense to bring this forum back merely in order to detect and ban us lurkers into thinking it is safe to post now that Debbie Downey is out of power -- or does it? Stormfront is regarded with wary suspicion by the Christian Identity community, both One-Seedline but especially us Dual-Seedliners for the bannings and censorship practiced with unholy glee and fear by the sanctimonious Sapphira and Annananus Downey duo. Yes, Debbie Downey is all sulllen for now at being deposed, but give her any power and StormFront will be back to being what it was for the CI community as it was for the past seven years -- a place where any White man who talked back to Debbie Downey was banned under any pretext without warning.

    I suppose what is needed is a sort of Bill of Rights, which while it will guarantee nothing really, does serve to tell us posters what we can get away with in posting. We also need to know that chain-of-command so we will know who we are dealing with, as opposed to being pounced upon and banned by the wicked witch of the Stormfront Theology section.

    Yes, the StormFront CI Theology section is back. Most of us in the CI community want to know if it is safe to get back into the pool or not.

    I've decided to risk being banned by bringing this matter into the open. I have another computer on a router and if banned, then I can sign up under a different username and go back to lurking and spying. The CI community will continue to hold Stormfront under suspicion nevertheless based upon what Don Black allowed the Downeys to do against White men who would not bend a knee to that wicked female of Baal. I am a scout who is daring to take fire so that many of us who didn't dare speak before can see the limits -- and there are limits -- on this subforum to free speech for Whites.

    I fail to see how it is possible for there to be any discussion of such a central issue as theology to the CI community without it generating rancour and heated debate, especially given the presence of two miscreants like the Downeys who would censor and ban that debate as they did in the past. Stormfront may well be better off to not even try something which it failed at the past seven years in doing, like establishing a CI theology section, and may well be best simply shutting this down again and this time leaving the Downeys to sample the reaction of the CI community that they did oppress while here. They simply don't have any place to go any more, and some of us resent that Don Black decided to reopen this forum and let them back in in any capacity whatsoever. Don Black simply seems to be letting criminals who were banished for six months this year back to commit the same crimes for which they did oppress the CI community under the name and authority of his forum. Under their banishment, these baal-priests were confined to their own web page, as they did not have wit or worth to establish their own CI forums, as has Pastor Visser and others. Frankly, most of us in the CI community, especially the Dual-Seedline Christian Identity community were extremely pleased that Don Black and Jack Boot shut down this cesspool playing at CI with sewage piranha infesting it. I don't think that any of us are too thrilled with it being back. In fact, we would just as soon Don Black shut it down so that those like me don't have to bother with spying on StormFront any more, letting it be the 'Walmart of Racialism' with a perpetual sale on beige bath towels for beige whiggers.

    What is going on? Why are you back? What do you hope to accomplish?

    All questions which now are asked and which need to be answered.

    This open question will be posted in due time to the which were set up because of the misconduct of the Downeys enabled and enhanced by Stormfront which many of us regard as a mere agents provacateur for the current ZOG/Babylon regime.

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    The Baals Return To Stormdrain

    Cockatoo Originally Posted at 08-12-2009, 05:51 PM


    I last checked in briefly at Stormdrain about two months ago. Checked in today to see what's happening and I find that the "theology" section has been returned along with what they refer to as its "Christian Identity" subsection (it remains locked off to general viewing).

    I guess this abomination was put back up on 8/9 with this announcement post from some "sustaining member" called Chaplain Bill IKA Kludd:

    I am glad that Theology has been reopened and I want it to stay open, in that spirit it is my intention to report ANY guideline violators in the CI section to Lycia, even those who are CI and I will be visiting this section daily, the petty arguing that used to take place here is not going to happen again
    who also mentions in that thread:

    There were also a fair number of nutjobs that called themselves Christian. Two examples are a guy that prayed for God to kill all non Christians and another who said that after whites win the race war Christians are going to round up and kill all pagan whites and those are only 2 of dozens of examples. Personally, I am embarrassed by such behavior.
    and who apparently doesn't understand or care about the meaning of "Israel":

    We Are All God's Children
    I believe that all whites are God's chosen people, the true Israel and that when we argue with each other and are disrespectful to the beliefs of other WNs that we are doing the work of Satan and his offspring, the jews (hmmm, has he discussed this with the Downeys??) by helping create division among whites. I have always been fascinated by the development of different religions from a historical standpoint and respect the beliefs of white Pagans and only ask that they return that same level of respect for my beliefs. We do not have to agree on religion to be Brothers and Sisters, in fact we already hold that status as members of the Adamic race. We are all part of God's special creation and we need to understand that and show the proper respect to our fellow Aryans, regardless of their religious beliefs.
    Of course, the Downey's are back as well, with Kludd's first offering, "Christian Ear Piercing: The Door Of Opportunity". I don't know who is moderating that section, but assume it isn't the "missus" judging from the tone of her few entries so far.

    I suppose the return was to be expected as this hub of false teaching has too much potential value to the enemy. I guess the Downeys and their ilk are not departed from the scene after all.
    I am The Librarian

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    Default Re: Return of the Baals on Stormdrain

    Cockatoo posted below on: 08-15-2009, 11:38 PM


    Well, Bravo Spermfront Refugee! Very well and thoroughly stated. Of course, we all know that Censorship-Central-of-White-Speech is not a place you should expect much of, but I certainly think it is great if any true CI believers take advantage of even a minimal window of time to post through some truth to that sewer. Of course we all know why the section is back - simply another anti-White Adamite tool for dissemination of lies. I expect it was shut down initially because the whole board is anti-Christ at its core and the CI section in particular probably because the arrogant attitude of the High Priestess and her lap dog were not restricted to the true Israelites and they spilled over to the powers-that-be there.

    I still cannot post to that section so I have again asked for such "permission". We shall see if they grant it or not.

    I am The Librarian

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    Cockatoo Originally posted the following on 08-16-2009, 02:08 PM:

    Reply posted at Spermfront to the post by forrestgumpf/$permfront Refugee:

    Quote Originally Posted by phantomubermensch View Post

    Yes, forrestgumpf states the case quite thoroughly and succinctly in post #22 above.

    We anxiously await some clear, complete answers to the questions he raises.

    What is going on?
    Why are you back?
    What do you hope to accomplish?
    So what are the new policies here?
    It doesn't make sense to bring this forum back merely in order to detect and ban us lurkers into thinking it is safe to post now that Debbie Downey is out of power -- or does it?
    We also need to know that chain-of-command so we will know who we are dealing with, as opposed to being pounced upon and banned by the wicked witch of the Stormfront Theology section.
    This subforum has been used too long by the enemies of Yahweh to spread lies and pervert the Word while those in power moved rapidly and relentlessly to extinguish any glimmer of the light of truth that might rear its ugly head in this domain of the Baals.

    And one additional, critical question that must be added to the list above:

    Will the legitimate CI posters, like Pastor Visser, who have been banned by the Baals in the past, be allowed to return and post again?

    As I said, we are all awaiting clear, concise responses to these questions.



    I am The Librarian

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    Default Re: The Baals Return To Stormdrain

    Cockatoo Originally posted on 08-16-2009, 07:24 PM

    Stormdrain "CI" section update. Below is a response from the mod, Lycia - she made this response after deleting the two posts listed above:

    Quote Originally Posted by Lycia View Post
    As I know little of CI Theology, I can't comment on single/dual seedline thought.

    What I will say is that there will be no further bashing of other members, regardless of past actions. Be happy that this forum was reopened at all and keep your discussions on philosophical points, not on individual personalities.

    As for Pastor Visser, he won't be back. His vitriolic attacks earned him a permanent ban from Theology.

    Now, if you want to discuss your dual seedline beliefs, feel free to start a new thread about it. No one will be banned or chastised for expressing their views in a civil manner. Anyone breaking the Guidelines for Posting will be removed.

    Here's another response from what appears to be a Stormdrain/Downey "taught" devotee:

    Quote Originally Posted by Eyes Wide Open View Post
    Hello to all and thanks to Lycia for opening the door up for me.

    Probably the only thing that is hated more than Stormfront by some are the thoughts and beliefs of the CI people and this forum. Those that dislike Stormfront sure don't need to be in here in the CI forum or have access to it.
    I really like the signature from Pastor Bill:

    That's how I feel about this forum. If someone is not open to CI, then they are not going to be opened by this forum. Let's use this to educate ourselves and we can open people in the real world. That's what really counts....
    Thanks to all of those that have shared in the past, and I'm looking forward to continuing to learn in the future. As for me, I'm going to get along with everyone here.
    So it appears the answer is clear - little has changed, Stormdrain "CI" section will be the same old, same old except that High Priestess Downey is not currently a mod.

    It is ironic that the next comment is this one:

    Quote Originally Posted by c bird View Post
    What is dual seed-line? I have an inkling but am not sure.

    Is it the lineage from Cain? Aren't modern day "jews" Ashkenazi?

    I'm not trying to start any dissension here, I just want to know more about C.I.
    Last edited by Librarian; 08-20-2009 at 02:25 AM.
    I am The Librarian

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    You would think that they would put a header in their section giving the basic facts in two sentences,like -

    Read Genesis Chapter 3 verse 15, and John Chapter 8 verse 44, and starting with just that you will start learning there is an "evil" race, and a"good" race.

    WHO's side are you on ? -
    YAHWEH's children of light
    Satan's kids of darkness?

    also.I googled this Mark Downey, and just from reading quickly,guess he understands Identity...until I read one of his articles on "Christian ear piercing"... seems he gives some long winded "reasoning" it is ok?
    ANYBODY who pierces their ears is a slave. In ancient times, was for a slave to stay with the master, to show his choice of staying instead of leaving when he/she had earned their freedom.
    NOW, earpiercing symbolizes you as a slave to Satan, to Mammon, to this world,and NOT a servant of Yahweh.
    Am I correct?

    IS this the same Downey who had 2 skinheads briefly live in his trailer in the early 1990s and they went and killed their parents or grandparents?
    Or am I thinking of another "identity preacher" ?

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