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Thread: $perm(ZOG-false)Front & The Return of Klunt (Debbie) Downey

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    Default Is Debbie "Klunt" Downey, formerly Badnyski, a kikess?

    Is Debbie "Klunt" Downey, formerly Badnyski, a kikess?


    Hi Martin,

    I was listening to your last show and you again mentioned Klunt's story, including her husband's name, Badinsky. I have always wondered about this woman and she has a name that is very popular with jews - Debbie (Deborah). I suppose no one has done any kind of thorough search on her background but I did look up her husband's name, Badinsky:


    (scroll down the page, it is listed alphabetically)

    I don't suppose it would be a real stretch to imagine that jew Badinsky (clearly a lover of porn and pimping, such a jew trait) married a fellow jewess . . . Deborah.

    Just something to ponder...

    See you at the next show,

    Meercat #4


    Itz Fun Being A Witless Meercat!!!

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    Default Is Deborah "Klailiff/Klunt" Downey of Kinsmanredeemer.com a jewess?

    Is Deborah "Klailiff/Klunt" Downey of Kinsmanredeemer.com a jewess?




    In this video, Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt, ArchBishop of Missouri and Senior Pastor / President of the Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations explores the often-asked question: Is Deborah "Klailiff / Klunt" Downey -- former wife of the Washington State Klan former Grand Dragon and allegedly the sexual mascot of said Klan until the "Kludd" or Chaplain of said Klan, run off the the Kooks Klucks Klowns' hump-slut and took the yenta-kikess for his own meercat cock-dock -- a jewess or not?

    Pretend Christian Identity is full of mongrels and jews. I call it See-Eye Dentistry for "Wandering Mamzers & jewboys of WikiPedia-Talksjew See-Eye Dentistry" because while these jews and mongrels have a few open jews like Rabbi Bill Finck-Potok or Rabbi Eli jewseph Stalin Kutz-Putz-November James and Melungeons like Dan Johns and Jeromy Visser, most of them like Obie-gender-bender and Bryan Reo / SwordBrethren much prefer to remain hidden because they are so obviously mongrels or degenerates whose "appearance does testify against them" that they not be one of us racial Israelites. Johnny Tonto Britton was an Okie anglo-mestizo who would refuse using any pretext against coming by to see me for years for that same reason. Jeromy Visser pretends that its full-brother, an obvious mestizo, is somehow a "race-mixer" for marrying a darker Latrina. They don't want to be seen because if anyone, especially myself, sees that they are not White, then they are finished in Christian Identity.

    These mongrels and jews like to remain hidden for another reason: They hate genuine Two-Seedline / Dual-Seedline Christian Identity and those who practice it because of their inherent Genesis 3:15 nature. They seek to destroy us genuine Christian Israelites and our racial religion while pretending to be one of us. A prime example of this is Debbie "Klunt" Downey and her Merkkkat Markkk Downey, who have for years, ever since the 90s, and especially since the use of the Internet, to harass, annoy, and oppress through banning each and every single Dual-Seedliner that they can harass.

    In the late 1990s Debbie and Mark Downey would get onto e-mail listservers like major-domo PO-Box and e-groups/yahoo-groups and pretend to be godly Christian Identity followers. Then they would, when on a listserver, proceed to try to take over and proceed to ban each and every Two/Dual Seedliner that they could. They did it with MoGulett and others.

    In 2000 Debbie/Klunt Downey, along with Meerkat Mark, Meggie Baal-Bitch Butts the Pelvis Mlungeonette from Tupelo Mississippi, the Finnish jew ZOG-Kernal Khazar-Dick Niemela / Niematoad used Andy "Blanchardsmamzer-Belialsson Anderson to take over the "Holy_War@yahoogroups.com" listserver. Whereupon, when I was kicked off I immediately created a number of other yahoogroups along with the others kicked off and we would resume speaking out against these vicious Spawn of Satan. Debbie Downey along with Andy Anderson took over the Identity list on majordomo @ PO Box but the owner took the listserver back and ended it after a month.

    In 2002, I found out through using a Washington State DSCI activist, Rex "Hengist" Thibault, about Debbie and Mark Downey being part of the local klan. Debbie Downey had just gotten Willie Martin banned from Holy_Wars and I was pissed. So Hengist found out all about "The Klailiff" -- Debbie Downey -- running off with "The Kludd" -- Mark Downey -- and getting a divorce from "The Grand Dragon" -- Badynski. Thus according to Christian Identity doctrine, since the probable jew Badynski is still alive, both Debbie/Klunt and Meerkkkat Mark are adulterers.

    Hengist also found out that Debbie Downey wasn't only an adulterous whore in the legal sense, but according to six women whose menfolk were in the Klan, Badnyski, with a jew name, seems to have pimped out his kikess wife, making her the "sexual mascot" of that Klan organization. Most Klans do not let women hold an office, certainly not one in which they will in any way be "on top of" men. But if this was a jew Klan then letting the "main attraction" get on top of quasi-men to mount them could be expected. Badynski was running a jew klan with a jewess in charge, and the "Kludd" was a dudd.

    When this matter first came to light in late April 2002, neither Debbie/Klunt nor the Merkkkat Markkk denied any of the allegations. They were trying to find out who "fincked" them out, and Klunt -- she was no Klan Klailiff, she was the Klan Klunt -- named two out of the six. Claimed that me and Hengist were "diablos" or malicious gossipers for repeating what was true or true enough. In fact, Debbie-Klunt is a smart enough jewess whore to understand that since the allegations are largely true, then responding to them if the listserver or forum owner won't censor me outright means that she has to run off to a place where she can dominate the dialectic.

    Debbie/Klunt Downey failed to get me censored on VNNF or Original Dissent Embalming Society back in 2003. However, for some reason she and Meerkkkat Markkk Klowney were allowed to set up shop on $permFart for an entire decade until Milton Munster Don Black got tired of Klunt costing him money and Meerkkkat Mark Klowney and Klunt lying about him and so he banned the Meerkkkat but not the pancake-titted kikess.

    If someone is against the Two/Dual Seedline message it is because they are jews or shabbes mongrels. Two/Dual Seedline, with its message that jews are the literal spawn of Satan and thus absolutely born evil and not to be trusted by True Israelites who know their Christian Identity doesn't allow for "good jews." Thus jews like Rabbi Bill Finck and Eli James and jew melungeons like Dan Johns and Jeromy Visser have to pretend to not be "No Devils" if they are to survive scrutiny. When the jew becomes confident enough, like Bill Finck-Potok, they then claim that there is no Satan, even though the Bible is full of reference to Satan. The Satan. From Genesis Chapter 3 to Revelations Chapter 20 or 99.9% of the Bible.

    So being a "No Devil" is a sure sign of being a jew or a jew mongrel or a shabbes mamzer. Debbie/Klunt Downey and Meerkkkat Markkk have always been "No Devil" and hostile against Two/Dual Seedline Christian Identity.

    Therefore, Occam's Razor says that Debbie / Klunt Downey is a jewess who was married to a jew running a ZOG false-flag Klan, and when she was getting of less use as being a sort of "Josephine Marcus" Esther-kikess whore, that the jew Grand Dragon Badynski divorced her and let she be the the coonsort of another whigger goofhead who would becum-cum ordained by her using an und-gly anointing formula of Jurgens Lotion, Crisco Oil, and Klunt stanky.

    Debbie Downey is a "No Devil" jewess. I make my point.

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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