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Thread: No Innocent Whiggers

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    Default No Innocent Whiggers

    No Innocent Whiggers



    This thread was started by our resident whigger regime criminal or whigger animal enabler Bardamooch, who bears all the marks of a shabbes whigger regime criminal inherently trained by the jews in that they fear to even spell my name right for fear that other whiggers might come across my name and read my writings and be cured of their whiggerdumb and learn to think for theysselfs and stop being a whigger and save their own whigger-no-more life.

    What these whiggers also have is whigger cowardice as well as whigger stupidity. Maude DeFraud/karkass ran off like the Eurowhigger faggot pussy it was two months ago, whining about how I would detect it and not allow it to be a [d]ruler over its fellow whigger faggots, as did FeeWhiggerMeerCunt and Alleytwat. Maude/Karkass is back, essentially telling us all about its own peccedillos such as masturbating over Internut porn, forgetting like the shabbes whigger it is that like the jew, when it points one cloven hoof at the White man has three hoofs pointing back at itself.

    YHWH's Law is quite explicit: The children of ordinary regime criminals are not to be punished for the sins of their fathers. Deut.24:18 (Even though a criminal's first victims are his family.) However, the spawn of regime criminals not only are to be punished for the sins of their fathers, but the entire family is to be denied even burial. Anyone siding with the regime criminal, being part of their regime, is to be exterminated absolutely. (II Kings Chapters 9&10, Judges Chapters 19, 20, & 21) Not only entire families of regime criminals were destroyed, but entire tribes simply because they supported regime criminals. The history of the 'lost' Ten Tribes of Israel after Jehu's four [de]generations of rule is instructive: YHWH simply let their kings do evil and there were five or six revolutions in which kingship changed hands and the ancient regime was put to the sword.

    My own family has been destroyed by ZOG with the moral assistance of ZOGling whiggers who love Babylon. Dual-Seedline Christian Identity holds that whiggers are mainly Israelites, but also that ZOG is also Babylon, determined to destroy the White race by means of whigger agreement. Just as the First Babylon was destroyed by a local flood because the whigger Adamites had allowed not only mud but demon miscegenation, and Noah was so reduced to not being able to choose a wife from among the miscegenated Adamites to where Noah had to marry a sister or first cousin. (6Killer would know.) So AmeriKwa is both degenerate Israel and Babylon the Third and Last, and must of course be destroyed -- as it will.

    Now whigger degenerate animals like Bardamooch and Maude DeFraud/Karkass are complete cowards and degenerates unwilling to pay the price of being personally culled from the herd and made an example of to inspire fear and terror among the weak degenerate whigger animals that infests the ZOGland. They will be ever-so-righteous up until the time that you make such degenerate vicious evil animals swallow their sanctimoniousness along with their testicles. You never can make such stupid vicious degenerate animals ever sorry for anything other than that they got caught. And thus, there is no cheap way to deal with such, nor regime criminals by bringing them to an individual justice, but rather since such will hide among the whigger herd, the only solution is to purge the entire herd -- after it purges itself through civil war.

    And that is what I advocate is a racial, religious and class civil war just as surely as I advocate that the sun should continue to rise in the east. I am on the side of History, going with the flow of History, not against both the inevitable and that which is just.

    The generation of the Founding Felons and Expansion understood that it was cheaper and smarter to exterminate the red nigger population through not only killing young redskins before they got old enough to be dangerous, but through selling them firewater and smallpox blankets, and they never lost a moments sleep. Less than three [de]generations ago, ZOG jews decided to firebomb not only Japanese, but even White Germans as well, especially civilians. Ever hear of Dresden? And, in the ZOGland, Dishonest Ape, in order to keep ZOG together for the looting of politicians, started a civil war which murdered 350,000 of his own ZOGlings and 250,000 of the rebels against ZOG pretend CONstipational authority.

    Now if the present false 'peace'of ZOG tyranny continues, there will not be a White race left a hundred years from now. There won't be 12 billion or six billion or one billion mud animals left, but rather perhaps a few million muds grubbing about like something out of Mad Max, if that.

    So listening to cowardly degenerate treasonous whiggers yapping shit while afraid to show their snouts merely confirms me in this position.

    The purpose of the article introduced by the whigger piglice degenerate Bardamooch was to show how Timothy McVeigh may be still alive. Well, maybe, but I doubt it. A criminal regime which knew that he was coming and set him to set off a small little truck bomb provided by ZOG in order to set up another bomb which demolished the support columns, thus killing the majority of regimeist spawn over which Bardamooch and Maude DeFraud/Karcass moo over can't be trusted to play true with their assassin.

    Around the time Timothy McVeigh was on trial, I was fighting with Red Mike Vander(kike)bogus who was the $PLC false-front militia general peddling his comspiracy theories about Elohim City. I pointed out that even though the Christian Identity community knew Timothy McVeigh and may have well known what Timothy McVeigh planned, both ZOG and some people in the Movement both knew OKC was coming down, and wanted the preliminaries to civil war to come about. Red Mike Vanderboegh printed his self-serving lies and I wrote a short story called "The Manchurian Oswald's Right Buttock" in which, knowing some of the secondary players, I say that ZOG implanted a microchip in TMV's left buttock and the Phineas Priesthood implanted a microchip in TMV's right buttock, and they both were fighting over Timothy McVeigh's soul. But both sides wanted this to happen, and so they let it happen indeed, just as happened at Pearl Harbor and 9-11.

    When a civil war rages, there are no such thing as 'innocents' -- only sides. Were not my grandchildren innocent of my agitating for White Revolution. Yet they were taken, crying and screaming by self-righteous regime criminals and three and a half years were taken from my life. Indeed the Newton County regime criminals intended to railroad me and have me murdered in prison. So if I escaped that fate, it was by being tough. And knowing that whiggers supported this and continue to do so, then for the good of the remnant of healthy Israelites, the vast majority of the diseased herd must be exterminated, and a harsh eugenics kort imposed upon the survivors.

    I would prefer that five to eight percent of the White population survive, so that every worthy warlord will have at least ten slaves of lesser intelligence to serve him. However, I suspect that Christ will choose to let less than one or two percent of no-longer degenerate ex-whiggers to live.

    But, my point in writing this response is simply to show how idiotic regime criminal whiggers like Bardamooch and Maude DeFraud/Karkass are. Piglice and regime criminals idiotically ASSume that they can destroy the social order under color of the authority they possess and forget that these social constructs are mere paper protections. They turned their precious CONstipation and Bill of Goods toilet-paper 'protections' into mere shit, but 'think' that their vengeful victims will show them the mercies that they refused their victims. Well, what goes around comes around regime-criminal motherfucker, and I'll have you eating jewr spawn's nuts as the last thing you will see before I put out jewr eyes and put you up on a tree, hanging by jewr own handcuffs, strangling on a rope made of jewr family's intestines.

    Any whigger left alive will be wise to simply keep jewr moth shut -- like you did today when the new Revolutionary regime was paying their dues. You won't be wanting to show jewr ass then.

    I'll write at length some more about this. StumbleInn has a higher proportion of whites able to think. It is because of such musings that I was expelled from that hive of whigger and mamzer villany, phorafags/feebs, where predictably, Bardamooch and Maude DeFraud Flanders is a moderaturd sucking Stan the Belgian Fruit-Loop's dick. But, I need not miss hunting whigger and mamzer there given that there is some limited whigger and mamzer hunting here on StumbleInn.

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri
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    Default Maude DeFraud/Karkass Is Really Regressing 2 Typpycull

    Maude DeFraud/Karkass Is Really Regressing 2 Typpycull


    Quote Originally Posted by Maude DeFraud/Karkass View Post

    Quote Originally Posted by MartinLindstedt View Post


    Maude DeFraud/Karkass 'Thinks' It Is Making Progress


    You are sort of a Eurowhigger faggot version of Wile E. Coyote, ain't you Maude DeFraud/Karkass.

    I'm getting my material printed on ZOGling whigger jewsmedia forums and blogs, Maude/Karkass. I do that by agreeing with their fears, just like you can't resist me because you are hoping I'll make all jewr faggot castration fantASSies cum true, Maude DeFraud/Karkass.

    There are all manner of whigger vermin needing extermination in the Great Tribulation running around like ants with liver fluke spores infecting their little ant-brains. Trying to tell them that there is no point to what they are doing is largely a waste of time.

    Yet you persist. You don't look like jew'll get any better. So, why not simply post a video of you suffering from advanced Piglice Testicle Eating Syndrome, Maude DeFraud/Karkass and we'll call it even. Think of it as 'taking down Lindstedt' as you are swallowing with Blotter and Darryl.

    jew'll still have Flanders and a mangina hole for nigger & whigger AuntyWaycist pole therein.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri
    What the fuck is wrong with you and this Great Tribulation hooba hooba? There isn't going to be some stupid Great Tribulation. You know why? Because us typpycull Eurowhigger faggot ass-clowns REFUSE to admit that there will ever cum an end to The Greatest [De]Generation of Eurowhigger faggot fuktards! That's why!!! Because you morons are too lazy and too stupid to start even doing something because the only thing you guys want to do is complain about whiggers and niggers like a bunch of inbred hillbillies in your cozy little trailer parks. See, being the Eurowhigger faggot token waycist on Mutant$permFront and being porked by Darryl Lamont Jenkins and sucking Blotter the Ponderous-sow Poofter's wanger means that along with drinking down a quart of jewlian-Lee sauce I can then yap about how you evil White Nationalists are nothing more than hate-fillied hillbillies and thus feel good about my worthless stupid Eurowhigger faggot self. Stop talking about this Great Tribulation, dude. Stop or else I'll suck up even more of Darryl's blacksnake and get even more ass-to-mouth on 666 more niggers! You and your band of backwoods muskrat-skinning hillbillies hating us Auntie-Waycist nigger sodomisers aren't going to do squat besides making us idiot Eurowhigger faggot ass-clowns make even bigger idiots out of us wretched dregs of Eurowhigger faggot refuse. That is why I am compelled to write in blue my Eurowhigger faggishness stream of [un]consciousness, even as I refuse to let you speak for yourself.

    Biggest thing that might happen is that you and your army of three might start shooting blacks or mexicans (about two maximum) my favorite customers for free blow-jewbs before they or the police pop your brainless head -- I am [d]ruled by my little wee brainless head -- and shoot your fuckbuddy 6Killers small penis off. Part of being a Eurowhigger faggot is to ASSuME that everyone was shorted on both ends like I was. Which would be a good thing for Eurowhigger faggots and their mud and faggot humpmates everywhere because you and your band of pigfarmers creating a market for us Eurowhigger faggot pigfuckers are giving decent and serious White Nationalists -- and as an anonymous Eurowhigger faggot sucking off Blotter and Darryl over on Mutant$permFront I love to pretend that I get to decide who is a 'decent and/or serious' White Nationalist -- a bad name. It is a source of eternal annoyance that us cowardly Eurowhigger faggots hiding behind a keyboard are never taken seriously because for all anyone knows we could be tools of jews. Well, I want to tell everyone on this forum that Maude DeFraud/Karkass is not a tool of anyone because Blotter the Ponderous-sow Poofter anbd Darryl Lamont Jenkins bit off what little wee whigger tool I had a long time ago. I'm not a pole, but rather a mangina hole at both ends!!! You dumbasses are even worse than skinheads and they are known to have more hair than brains. Many's the time I, Maude DeFraud/Karkass, got my little nose buried in skinhead pubes!!! So what does that make you and the Christian Idiocy team? Other than hated and feared by jews and us typpycull whiggers and faggots, that is.

    No one respects you, Lindstein. Of course that is why I run off, screetching like a whupped Eurowhigger faggot when you threatened to expose me and made me cry like the Eurowhigger faggot bitch I am. No one likes you Lindstein. No one cares about you, Lindstein. And no one takes you seriously Lindstein. Unless, of course, you threaten to make us eat our nuts, in which case I drool. You have been rejected by every pretend whigger-nutsionalist ZOG false-front forum, like VNNF/TGMNNF/GFRTCNNF, $permFront, Mutant$permFront, A-hole Fuktards and phorafags/feebs except this one, along with ODES, and the genuine White Nationalist forums for yourself and your gang of your group of social rejects from us typical ZOGling whigger ass-clowns and Eurowhigger faggots. They only like you, Lindstein because the outside world scares and rejected them and you happen to have the biggest mouth, not skilled in the Eurowhigger faggot arts of being able to suck a niggers balls through his stovepiping garden hose.. Funny that you didn't tell them that you were everyone's biggest bitch in prison because that is what all of us Eurowhigger faggots would do -- and have. It is your rudeness and crassness and overt contempt of us worthless cowardly whigger faggots which does make you the guy with the biggest asshole too. You are part of the trash of society, people would rather fuck a dog with no legs -- where do you think I learned how to practice to where I'm the biggest Eurowhigger faggot on the sundry forums -- than even listen to you for ten seconds. Like all jews, I get physically sick listening to what you write and lose sucktion at both ends. You are just a bum on the street with a carton sign with some mumbo jumbo on it. Well, itz the Christmas Season -- time to do them bums for faggot charity.

    You are respected and feared in the Movement whereas as for myself, me and my kind of anonymous ZOGling or Eurowhigger faggots are worth NOTHING! You are right in that us Eurowhigger faggots have no value for society, absolutely no value in humankind and definitely no value for the White race. That is why we get all foam-flecked in fear when we see your kind, Lindstedt. And guess what, you'll always stay that way. As will a worthless Eurowhigger faggot such as myself, ever projecting. So, do yourself a favour, Lindstein and stop embarassing us idiotic ZOGling and Eurowhigger faggots by being yourself. Everyone is making fun at you in the red-light faggot districts. Why, Blotter and Darryl was beating my Eurowhigger faggot ass with a riding quirt and calling me, Maude DeFraud Flanders, Squirrel with Glanders/Karkass the Condom Snorter 'Marty' and making my mangina sore on both ends. I was almost too tired to go ass-to-mouth that night.
    Maude DeFraud/Karkass, you are getting wretchedly worse. Which is fine by me. YHWH has blessed me with extremely stupid racial, religious and political enemies.

    The fact that ZOG false-front forums like VNNF, $permFront, and lesser forums like phorafags/feebs and the pretentious Mutant$permFront has banned me -- when detected (and suffice it to say that I have my sockpuppets and spies to tell me them rare times when they are dangerous) -- and that these degenerate forums pretending to be whigger nutsionalist accept you, an idiotic Eurowhigger faggot unable to outgrow jewr adolescent silliness is not a good advertisement that these places are able to accomplish anything. Rather, they are places where degenerate whiggers and silly poseur mamzers and faggots can pretend that you are relevant, when you are not.

    Back in May of this year, I ran you off, along with a number of other poseur whigger simpletons and vermin. The fact that you were welcummed over at Mutant$permFront and already a fixture over there simply goes to prove what sort of 'White Nationalist' you are -- merely a weak-minded stupid young Eurowhigger faggot wanting to play at being something you are not -- a tough Nazi able to whup up on the jew muds and whigger cruds.

    You hide behind an alias, yap the same stupid shit that us real White Nationalists hear all the time from whiggers and muds and jews about how we are mere haters, and then insist that you get to lead from behind that keyboard. Understand this Maude/Karkass. I'd geld 6,666,666 of you whiggers, give your stupid whigger cunts to be the rape-slaves of my White Nationalist followers and do exactly like every other racial and religious leader did in exterminating his enemies and rewarding his followers in order to set up a new regime to rule absolutely over the herd animals. Only one-in-twenty whites have leadership ability. Eliminate competing degenerate leaders and the brainless sheep will fall into line simply because they have no competing vision, no ability to carry forward a competing agenda.

    So when it comes down to it, Maude/Karkass, you are simply a cowardly Eurowhigger faggot feeb playing at 'taking down Lindstedt.' You know as well as I do that the last thing you want is for me to figure out who you are because then you would be a very very sorry Eurowhigger faggot. But you like playing games like a stupid jew thinking that you are so very smart, and you will squeal like a gelded bitch some more when you inevitably get caught.

    Anyway, the signs of collapse are evident to anyone who looks. There are a lot of whiggers out there who lost their jobs, their homes, their pensions, their reason for living. When whiggers can't make it, then neither will the niggers, beaners, jews and ZOG itzself that lives off of whiggers.

    Now even as idiotic a Eurowhigger faggots like jewrself are in essence 'whistling past jewr graveyard' in denying this reality. But, being an idiot Eurowhigger faggot as degenerate as all get-out, you insist, like TraitorAlex Linderstein, that CI is stupid because you idiot whiggers don't want to believe in it. To which we Dual-Seedline Christian Identity Resistance fighting men say, "Who cares what stupid ZOGling whigger ass-clowns or Eurowhigger faggots think?"

    As surely as Christ was not out to save the typppycull whiggers of his day, but told them parables so that they would not understand His message, and in not understanding would die an eternal death, (Matt 13:10-17) so too do we figure out that the problem lies in the nature of whiggers as whiggers. Eliminate the whigger sub-hueman herd animals that support ZOG, than as surely as YHWH eliminated the problem of the First Babylon by drowning the disobedient Adamite pre-flood whiggers miscegenating with demons and muds and jews, then so too shall YHWH allow the inevitable destruction of this Third and Final ZOG/Babylon by means of racial, religious and class civil warfare as this mighty Evil Empire collapses in an inevitable civil war. Us DSCI Resistance activists prefer to call this great civil war 'The Great Tribulation.' What you whiggers want to call the most efficient whiggercide/whiggerbane is irrelevant to anything.

    So, you are less-than-worthless, Maude DeFraud/Karkass, other than serving as an object lesson on why there can be no solution other than the mass extermination of whiggers caused by their own weakness, their own stupidity, the fact that degenerate whiggers really do want to die but are too cowardly to do theysselfs in. A chore we White Nationalists must undertake as circumstances dictate, and one in which we will profit in by appropriating for our own use the choicest pussy, lands, and property. The whigger herd needs purging by at least ninety percent, and far be it from us to let Nature and Necessity to do the heaviest lifting in eliminating the burden of ZOGling whiggerdumb.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

    Fight Club Ending

    Pixies - Where Is My Mind? (Fight Club Ending Song)

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    Default The Fate of the Yeast People

    The Fate of the Yeast People
    by James Howard Kunstler

    November 17, 2009
    Every time I do a Q and A after a college lecture, somebody says (with a fanfare of indignation) ? so as to reveal their own brilliance in contrast to my foolishness ? "You haven?t said anything about overpopulation!"Right. I usually don?t bother. Their complaint, of course, implies that we would do something about overpopulation if only we would recognize it. Which is absurd. What might we do about overpopulation here in the USA? Legislate a one-child policy? Set up an onerous set of bureaucratic protocols forcing citizens to apply for permission to reproduce? Direct the police to shoot all female babies? Use stimulus money to build crematoria outside of Nashville?

    It?s certainly true that the planet is suffering from human population overshoot. We?re way beyond "carrying capacity." Only the remaining supplies of fossil fuels allow us to continue this process, and not for long, anyway. In the meantime, human reproduction rates are also greatly increasing the supply of idiots relative to resources, and that is especially problematic in the USA, where idiots rule the culture and polity.

    The cocoon of normality prevents us from appreciating how peculiar and special recent times have been in this country. We suppose, tautologically, that because things have always seemed the way they are, that they always have been the way they seem. The collective human imagination is a treacherous place.

    I?m fascinated by the dominion of moron culture in the USA, in everything from the way we inhabit the landscape ? the fiasco of suburbia ? to the way we feed ourselves ? an endless megatonnage of microwaved Velveeta and corn byproducts ? along with the popular entertainment offerings of Reality TV, the NASCAR ovals, and the gigantic evangelical church shows beloved in the Heartland. To evangelize a bit myself, if such a concept as "an offense in the sight of God" has any meaning, then the way we conduct ourselves in this land is surely the epitome of it ? though this is hardly an advertisement for competing religions, who are well-supplied with morons, too.

    Moron culture in the USA really got full traction after the Second World War. Our victory over the other industrial powers in that struggle was so total and stupendous that the laboring orders here were raised up to economic levels unknown by any peasantry in human history. People who had been virtual serfs trailing cotton sacks in the sunstroke belt a generation back were suddenly living better than Renaissance dukes, laved in air-conditioning, banqueting on "TV dinners," motoring on a whim to places that would have taken a three-day mule trek in their granddaddy?s day. Soon, they were buying Buick dealerships and fried chicken franchises and opening banks and building leisure kingdoms of thrill rides and football. It?s hard to overstate the fantastic wealth that a not-very-bright cohort of human beings was able to accumulate in post-war America.

    And they were able to express themselves ? as the great chronicler of these things, Tom Wolfe, has described so often and well ? in exuberant "taste cultures" of material life, of which Las Vegas is probably the final summing-up, and every highway strip, of twenty-thousand strips from Maine to Oregon, is the democratic example. These days, I travel the road up the west shore of Lake George, in Warren County, New York, and see the sad, decomposing relics of that culture and that time in all the "playful" motels and leisure-time attractions, with their cracked plastic signs advertising the very things that they exterminated in the quest for adequate parking ? the woodand vistas, the paddling Mohicans, the wolf, the moose, the catamount ? and I take a certain serene comfort in the knowledge that it is all over now for this stuff and the class of morons that produced it.

    A very close friend of mine calls them "the yeast people." They were the democratic masses who thrived in the great fermentation vat of the post World War Two economy. They are now meeting the fate that any yeast population faces when the fermentation process is complete. For the moment, they are only ceasing to thrive. They are suffering and worrying horribly from the threat that there might be no further fermentation. The brewers running the vat try to assure them that there?s more sugar left in the mix, and more beer can be made from it, and more yeasts can be brought into this world to enjoy the life of the sweet, moist mash. In fact, one of the brewers did happen to dump about a trillion-and-a-half teaspoons of sugar into the vat during 2009, and that has produced an illusion of further fermentation. But we know all too well that this artificial stimulus has limits.

    What will happen to the yeast people of the USA? You can be sure that the outcome will not yield to "policies" and "protocols." The economy that produced all that amazing wealth is contracting, and pretty rapidly, too, and the numbers among the yeast will naturally follow the downward arc of the story. Entropy is a harsh mistress. In the immediate offing: a contest for the table scraps of the 20th century. We?ve barely seen the beginning of this, just a little peevishness embodied by yeast shaman figures. As hardships mount and hardened emotions rise, we?ll see "the usual suspects" come into play: starvation, disease, violence. We may still be driving around in Ford F-150s, but the Pale Rider is just over the horizon beating a path to our parking-lot-of-the-soul.

    It?s a sad and tragic process and, all lame metaphors aside, there are real human feelings at stake in our prospects for loss of every kind, but especially in the fate of people we love. The human race has known catastrophe before and come through it. There?s some credible opinion that "this time it?s different" but who really knows? We have our 2012 apocalypse movies. The people of the 14th century, savaged by the Black Death, had their woodcuts of dancing skeletons. Feudalism was wiped out in that earlier calamity but, whaddaya know, less than a century after that the Renaissance emerged in a wholly new culture of cities. Maybe we will emerge from our culture of free parking to a new society of living, by necessity, much more lightly on the planet and for a long time, perhaps long enough to allow the terrain to recover from all the free parking.


    [Yes, yes, I know, he's a kike, but some of his stuff is just so damned good and on the mark I can't help passing it on, just as I occasionally will pass on the work of the bugger boy Justin Raimondo. At least I do it with all the proper caveats and disclaimers and full disclosure. Damn it, are we SURE this guys is a hebe? If ever I was inclined to grant a Jew "honorary Aryan" status, which I'm not, Kunstler would be the no doubt bemused recipient. - Harold A. Covington]

    Got above from e-mail from Harold Covington, and what this jew Kunstler is saying is what is simply being said by anyone able to think, from Kurt Saxon, to the late Robert Frenz, to myself all the time. What this jew Kunstler calls 'Yeast People' I prefer to call whiggers. And while to paraphrase Eric Thomson to say that while a whigger prays on its knees, jews prey on their whiggers.

    I post this to prove a point. The point is that you whiggers, and your idiotic whigger form of [d]rulership/sheep under a sacred scrap of toilet paper, the CONstitution and Bill of Goods as 'interpreted' by jews and whigger supremacists, is doomed. You can end up being a whigger sheep or a White wolf, your choice if you have enough drive, leadership and intelligence to choose to do so and carry through and have a bit of ability to make your own luck.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri


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