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Thread: A Brief History of the White Nationalist Movement

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    Default Let me lick jewr mangina, WhiggerSwill

    Let me lick jewr mangina, WhiggerSwill


    All genuine WNs owe you a debt of gratitude for your continuing exposes of Big Lie Covington. Some of your recent exposes were previously unknown, even to me.

    Again, many thanks, and keep up this essential work, for the good of The Cause.



    My Side of The Story

    The Whigger Fuktard Party

    My FBI Ghostwritten Book - "A Whigger Mamzer Rat Sqeaks Out"

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    Default Covington Will Hijack Your Identity -- And Make Itz Virtual Mangina Bleed Too!!!

    Covington Will Hijack Your Identity
    (And Make Itz Virtual Mangina Bleed!!!)


    In order to secure credibility for himself and his works, Harold Covington has fraudulently used the names of a number of well known White Nationalists. Recently the name of Ron Doggett, a longtime racial patriot, has appeared on Covington's Northwest Front blog. This screenshot was taken on 11 April 2011.


    Covington also has posts on his blog more vaguely attributed to "Ron D.", and in his podcast of 18 November 2010 Covington claimed to be reading a letter from "Ron in Richmond." (Click here to listen.) All of this was clearly meant to convey the false impression that Ron Doggett was favorably disposed toward Harold Covington and receptive to his views. Ron Doggett has responded to this hijacking of his identity as follows:

    It has been brought to my attention that a blog run by Covington had posts on it from a Ron or Ron D., Ron from Richmond and one even stated Ron Doggett, attacking Will Williams.

    I want to make it clear I'm NOT the author of those posts (most likely Covington is), I consider Will Williams to be a long time friend and one of the best White patriot's I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. His dedication to the cause has been proven time and time again.

    If any "movement" Northwest or otherwise has Covington as its main spokesperson it is doomed regardless of any other issues. [Ron Doggett, VNN Forum, 14 April 2011]

    Covington did the same to Fred Streed. While the full surname was not used, it was clear circumstantially who "Fred S.", ostensibly a former member of the National Alliance staff, was supposed to be.


    Fred Streed gave the following response to this unauthorized use of his identity:

    I was recently contacted by someone who informed me that Tubby was posting comments on his blog from a "Fred S."

    That is not me. I have never posted anything on Harold Covington's blog, or even read it.[Fred Streed, VNN Forum, 15 April 2011]

    Jerry Abbott notes that Covington has a long history of hijacking identities, sometimes for the purpose of harming the person to whom the name belongs:

    Sixteen years ago, in 1995, Harold Covington impersonated me on a newsgroup to arouse antagonism toward me among National Alliance posters. His deception was discovered and criticized, and to the criticism he responded with the words "Booga! Booga! Booga!" [Jerry Abbott, VNN Forum, 16 April 2011]

    Some other identities that Covington is strongly suspected of using fraudulently are Keith Fulton, Joe Bishop, and Oren Potito.

    In addition to the use of names completely without permission, Covington has a history of drastically altering comments made by people who actually did say something to him. For example, there is a new comment on Covington's Northwest Front blog, allegedly from Robert Campbell, that according to Campbell is not at all what he said. Circassian, a.k.a. Ivan, makes exactly the same complaint. Robert Layne says that Covington did the same with messages that he posted on one of Covington's Yahoo groups a decade ago.

    Even after years of this happening, our manginas still bleed like we'z ass-virgins!!! Oy, oy, oy, oy, oy vey!!!

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    Mrs. Steele says that she heard some strange things in the audio, like background noise subsiding when Mr. Steele spoke. I think automatic level-control in the recording device could explain that, if Mr. Steele's voice was loud. To suggest that the FBI would attempt to use as evidence a fraudulent recording so amateurish that the fraud is discernible to the ear of a non-expert is a bit absurd.

    I can't blame Mrs. Steele for wanting to believe that Mr. Steele is innocent, but some people have been irresponsibly hyping the conspiracy angle, for example Jamie Kelso. After the conviction I heard Jamie Kelso refer to Ed Steele twice as "a top-notch criminal defense attorney": Steele is not a criminal attorney at all. He's a civil attorney. That famous Aryan Nations case was a civil suit. So, Kelso has been going on and on about Ed Steele for over a year, insisting that he was framed, without bothering to sort out the most basic facts. I'd say that Kelso and some other people, e.g. Covington, have been irresponsibly exploiting the case by telling their audiences what they wanted to hear. This is pseudo-leadership that reminds me of the old line, "There go my followers! I must hurry to lead them!" The tendency of "the movement" to behave as an irrational mob is thus exacerbated rather than tempered.

    Despite the complaints of conspiracy theorists assuming that Dr. George Papcun's testimony would have made a difference (because Kelso, Covington, et al. told them so), Mrs. Steele's hired expert said that he did not find anything "suspicious."

    ... George Papcun, who has a doctorate in acoustic phonetics, testified that he examined the recordings and found anomalies that could have been triggered by editing, or by other factors including electronic glitches. He said he wouldn’t use the term “suspicious,” because a variety of factors could have caused the glitches he observed." [Betzy Z. Russell, "Judge Says Steele Witness Unreliable, Spokesman-Review, 22 April 2011]

    Put briefly, Papcun did not conclude that the recordings had been altered. Papcun's testimony as represented in the Spokesman-Review would not have changed the outcome of that trial.
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    Default Me and Roid-Rage-Retard Jim Giles Insist the Edgar Steele is Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity

    Me and Roid-Rage-Retard Jim Giles Insist the Edgar Steele is Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity


    Edgar J. Steele suffered a severe cardiac trauma in late 2009. In early 2010 he was charged with attempting to hire somebody to kill his wife and mother-in-law. The key evidence against Steele was an audio recording made by the FBI.

    Steele claimed that the recording was a fraud, and that he was being framed in a "Mission Impossible, world-class operation." That is an extraordinary claim and I did not believe it. Neither did Jim Giles, who had a daily internet talkshow at the time.

    Giles and I collaborated last summer in studying the Steele case. Giles conducted interviews and I wrote up the results and did research and made suggestions.

    There were essentially two different, mutually exclusive approaches to the case.

    The first approach was to take Steele seriously. If Steele really was being framed with a fraudulent recording then he would need a forensic audio expert to demonstrate that it was a fraud. Giles interviewed two top forensic audio experts; the name and contact information for the more experienced of the two was given to Steele in the letter below.

    The second approach to the case was to try to explain why Steele would have done that of which he was accused. I discovered that after serious heart traumas and surgery, people are often not in their right minds, sometimes for a long time. Giles interviewed a forensic psychiatrist who said that an adverse effect on Steele's mind and disposition as a result of the trauma was entirely possible. Since Steele had done a number of things that suggested that he was not thinking clearly, I strongly favored this explanation, and a suggestion relating to it was included in this letter to Steele.

    Jim Giles asked me to write this letter to Edgar J. Steele for him. Essentially it tells Ed Steele how he should pursue his frame-up defense if it is true (which, believe it or not, nobody else was discussing at the time, since they were preoccupied with squawking like Chicken Little that he was being railroaded and had no chance), and gently suggests that he should pursue a psychiatric defense instead if the "Mission Impossible" story is not true.

    Jim Giles
    Radio Free Mississippi
    173 Pear Lane
    Pearl, MS 39208-8749
    July 15, 2010

    Edgar Steele #361857
    Spokane County Jail
    W. 1100 Mallon
    Spokane, Wash. 99260-0320

    Mr. Steele:

    I have been making inquiries relevant to your case and have turned up some information that may be of great use to you.

    I understand that the key evidence against you consists of audio recordings, which you say have been manufactured. Recently I discussed your case with one of the leading forensic audio experts in the country, Mr. Tom Owen. Mr. Owen has worked on many prominent cases, and he has not been afraid to find that the government has at times done wrong. If in fact the recordings have been falsified, he can help you by scientifically demonstrating it to the court, even if the counterfeit is very sophisticated. Mr. Owen is one of only four or five audio experts in the country with this level of expertise. His contact information is as follows:

    Tom Owen
    758 S. Middlesex Ave.
    P. O. Box 189
    Colonia, NJ 07067

    Voice: (732) 574-9672

    Fax: (732) 381-4523

    E-mail: owlinvestigations@comcast.net


    What I wish to see is the truth of the matter brought to light. If it happens to be the case that the recordings are genuine and that you did that of which you are accused, I still think you could make a credible defense based on diminished capacity, because there is a well known condition called post-operative psychosis, which is especially common as a sequel to heart surgery. If you have not had a psychiatric evaluation since the arrest, by all means, do.

    If it is at all possible, I would also urge you to seek a private attorney rather than relying on the Federal Public Defender. Somebody like Jerry Spence would be ideal. Can you have your counsel seek a private attorney for you?

    Do you have access to adequate funds? I have heard that your personal assets are frozen. Can you instruct your counsel to seek to have your assets unfrozen?

    I would strongly advise for your sake that you make no further statements to anybody except your legal counsel about the case, and conduct all communication with the outside world through your legal counsel, including any response to this missive.


    Jim Giles

    On May 5, 2011 Ed Steele was found guilty after a very short trial, where the defense really had no argument, since their forensic audio expert Dr. George Papcun essentially found nothing suspect about the FBI's recording. I am hoping that the sentencing will reflect some awareness that Ed Steele is not of sound mind, and I hope that on appeal he will use a psychiatric defense. I hope that some rational person will get to Steele and advise him to do that, and that his family and his friends will allow him to do that instead of continuing to insist that he was framed.

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    Default Covington Still Putting Fake Posts on his own Blog

    Covington Still Putting Fake Posts on his own Blog

    My Mangina Still Bleeds Over That Shit!!!


    In April it was brought to the attention of Ron Doggett and Fred Streed that Harold Covington's Northwest Front blog bore comments favorable toward Covington that were attributed to them. Both men subsequently posted on VNN Forum emphatic declarations that they were not responsible for those comments. Fred Streed referred to Covington as "Tubby" and Ron Doggett went so far as to declare: "If any 'movement' Northwest or otherwise has Covington as its main spokesperson it is doomed regardless of any other issues." (Setting the Record Straight, 14 April 2011)

    Within a few days, Covington put on a dramatic performance in which he alleged that the fraudulent posts had been made by "humorists." This was not a very convincing explanation, since Covington has sovereign control over the content of his blogs and he certainly was aware before April 2011 that Fred Streed and Ron Doggett were not admirers of his.

    While Covington was acknowledging that his blog contained fraudulent posts, he did not demonstrate good faith by removing those posts. Moreover, he continues the practice, apparently believing that his readers have a very short attention-span.

    In June 2011 a new comment attributed to Ron Doggett appeared on Covington's blog.

    In addition to Fred Streed and Ron Doggett, Covington's blog also bears comments attributed to K.A.S. (Kevin Alfred Strom) and Bob Demarais, all former prominent members of William L. Pierce's National Alliance.

    The obvious motive for Covington in doing this is to create the impression that he, Harold Covington, is the heir apparent to Dr. Pierce, and that remnants of the National Alliance are gravitating to him. This is a development that Covington wishfully depicted in his novel Hill of the Ravens, which he wrote immediately after Dr. Pierce's death (and in which he accused Dr. Pierce of having been a Federal informant: see my post of 17 February 2011 about that).

    Covington even boasts that former members of the National Alliance are in his "Northwest Front." It is hard to imagine who those former members might be, since Dr. Pierce took the extraordinary measure of warning members against having anything to do with Covington, and all of them in my acquaintance (with the temporary exception of April Gaede, who, as a result of bad experience, has recently come to her senses) have taken that warning seriously.

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    Default Me and muh beaver have turned on Tubby

    Me and muh beaver have turned on Tubby


    Not sure which of those I would have been, probably stupid and I hope I am wiser now. Tubby simply wasn't interested in my Great North-Wettt Camel Toe/Catchers Mitt.

    I hoped that just trying to promote the NW migration would be enough common interest to get HAC to stick to the issues and actually get something productive done. 'Productive like . . . opening up little Pussineer Little Cameltoes to CreaTarded solipsistic anglo-mestizo whigger nutsionalists. We need more WhiggerSwills, TraitorGlenn Millers, and gut-sick guido-weasels with jew ass-cancer in the bowel Movement. they all may have little organs, but I have a 'big-tent' cathedral!!! But I have come to learn that no matter what the situation he will always resort to lies and even worse, truthful attacks on fellow WNs, and he is quick to overlook major character flaws in some of his followers just to be able to continue to use them, no matter what the hypothetical risk that creates for the rest of us.

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    Default Hadding/Scott David Spiedel is Kevin Alfred Strom's stalking horse

    Hadding/Scott David Spiedel is Kevin Alfred Strom's stalking horse


    'Maguire' says:

    Hi, HAC:

    You should always bear in mind that the National Alliance was, and remains, a FOR-PROFIT Virginia corporation. When Dr. William L. Pierce died, his former top associates on the Board of Directors started ripping into his financial carcass like vultures, each trying to tear off a piece. One of the biggest vultures was Kevin Alfred Strom, was was getting paid something like five thousand dollars per month to sit in Charlottesville, Virginia and do one recorded internet show per week. He wasn’t very good at this due to his high, squeaky, and effeminate voice, which earned Strom the nickname of “The Weenie.” I would recommend that if you do set up your Northwest headquarters, Harold, you make sure that all your employees are there with you and not scattered all over hell and gone. You will need to supervise them and know what they’re up to, to prevent more KAS incidents.

    This man Scott David Speidel was in some way associated with Strom and Strom’s American Dissident Voices about this time, 2001 and 2002 or so, using the name “Hadding Scott,” which I have always found ironic in view of his hysterical rantings about you allegedly using false names on the internet, as Speidel doesn’t even use his own. Like many of our self-proclaimed internet leaders, Speidel apparently lives with one or both parents in Florida and is afraid that the JDL will appear on his doorstep and scare the old folks who might ask him to leave, or some variation of the usual paranoia.

    To be fair, this was before Kevin Alfred Strom was arrested and pleaded guilty to pedophilic acts including the sexual stalking of a child and possession of child pornography (paper magazines and glossies, not just internet downloads, so there is no question at all of Strom being “framed by the feds” who “snuck it onto his computer”.) It is possible that Speidel was unaware of Strom’s perverted tendencies, but I strongly suspect that Speidel is now shilling for Strom on the internet.

    Strom was always enraged that his arrest and conviction and new legal status as a registered sex offender prevented him from assuming his “rightful inheritance” as Pierce’s successor, including of course ownership of the 330-acre compound in Pocahontas County and the income from the music CD business. Erich Gliebe managed to make off with both, and Strom is desperately trying to stage a comeback and at least reclaim enough status to give him an internet donation income, which is understandable since no one wants to hire an aging pedophile in his 50s and even aging pedophiles have bills to pay. There is a lot of quiet desperation in the professional Movement these days, as I am sure you know.

    But now there is a rival for the true Throne of Hadley, if you want to call it that, in the form of you, HAC. Your novels are better written and more prolific than Pierce’s, and I understand you’re still writing more. Your command of English and intelligence and your political savvy are equal to or greater than Pierce’s, although you lack the string of college degrees. You also have a much better speaking voice, and the potential for your Radio Free Northwest is infinitely superior to anything Pierce and certain Strom ever achieved, if only you can ever attain a wide listenership.

    I think the pedophile and registered sex offender Kevin Alfred Strom is using the nonentity Speidel in order to stalk and harass and belittle you on the internet, in order to make sure you never achieve your full potential and do not pose an even more serious threat to Strom’s “comeback” than you do already. Strom can’t attack you openly himself, because his past and his perversions are too well known, so he uses his old sycophant “Hadding Scott” as a sock puppet.

    This is sound political strategy as it goes to restoring Strom’s status and thereby his personal income from his writing and internet material. Just what the hell it has to do with the 14 Words is more difficult to say.

    Good luck, Harold.

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    I am The Librarian

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    Default Moby Tubby is my Meercat Dickless Obsession!!!

    Moby Tubby is my Meercat Dickless Obsession!!!


    Quote Originally Posted by Banjo Billy

    Better to use proper English if you want a proper understanding. You have too narrow of an idea of what an urban legend is.

    "Urban legends" basically means urban legends. And like any legend, they may or may not be true. You are only using a limited and narrow side of the phrase's meaning.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hadding
    It's a euphemistic name, since what I really mean by "urban legends" here is vicious lies.

    However, I wanted a title for the thread that would make it look fun so that people would check it out. Urban legends are fun. So far as I know the term was invented by some author in the 80s writing about stories of alligators living in NYC sewers and the like. Some of those "urban legends" turn out to be partially true. But they are called urban legends because they are stories that demand skepticism.

    I couldn't really object to somebody posting a debunk of a false story that originated from somebody other than Harold Covington, but it should be concise and well demonstrated so as to settle the matter, whatever it is, and not launch the thread into some endless tangent. It should focus on a specific claim that is in the realm of fact (and thus able to be settled) rather than opinion. Any question that is going to provoke page after page of rancorous dispute should be on a different thread.

    I have touched a little bit on some claims made by people before Covington in the matter of George Lincoln Rockwell's death. The conspiracy-theorizing started when the event itself occurred. But apart from Covington's stuff I could only find a piece attributed (somewhat suspectly since it doesn't appear on FAEM) to Robert Frenz. (I am told that there is an old pamphlet by James K. Warner along these lines, but I could not find it.) If I could have found more of that kind of material from people other than Covington, I would have written more about it. I am sure that people would have found that interesting.

    Harold Covington just happens to be by far the greatest source of vicious lies in White Nationalism that I know, and one who has been promoting his lies recently and inducing some people to repeat them.

    The general idea is to keep it somewhat fun and interesting but also credible and convincing, and keep knocking down lies.

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    Default Telltale Signs That I Did Not Write This

    Telltale Signs That I Did Not Write This

    Since last April it has been demonstrated that Harold Covington's Northwest Front blog contains posts falsely attributed to Ron Doggett and Fred Streed, which have the obvious purpose of contributing speciously to Covington's credibility. Thereafter Jerry Abbott came forth and stated that in the mid-1990s Covington had also pretended to be him, although in his case Covington was doing it to discredit him.

    Recently Harold Covington has drastically increased the frequency with which he makes fake posts on his blog in my name. He first did it in January 2011 when he had "Hadding Scott" admit to being "one of Cass Sunstein’s Cognitive Dissonance operatives," which was the fiction that Covington was peddling about me at the time.


    Now he is making fake posts in my name that are a bit more believable.

    This fake post actually contains an argument, consisting of ironically expressed skepticism about the feasibility of Covington's secessionist project. Some people might be fooled into thinking that this is authentic. This is not obvious tomfoolery like the post from January.

    Covington however was not very careful in observing certain features of my writing. For one thing, since the early 1990s, following the example set by Dr. William Pierce, when referring to our race I always capitalize White.

    Covington also did not pay much attention to the correct English rendering of German words, about which I am careful.

    Covington writes "national socialism" -- two separate words. As I explained three weeks ago in a post on VNN Forum, this is wrong. In all my writing on this blog and on my other blogs and in my posts on fora (at least in the past few years), you will find that I consistently render the German word Nationalsozialismus in English with a hyphen, national-socialism.*

    Another mistake that Covington makes is that he has me referring to him as "Fuhrer Covington." The German word is F?hrer or Fuehrer. "Fuhrer" is not a word. Those two little dots over the u are not just an ornament (as in some metal band's name). They represent the letter e. You either write the two little dots (called an umlaut) or you insert an e. Otherwise it's not correct.

    If you see my name attached to any post on Covington's blogs, it is not I who wrote it.

    * I make an exception when I write the name of Frank Collin's and Harold Covington's goofy 1970s "Hollywood Nazi" group, which called itself the "National Socialist Party of America." Since it's a proper noun I write it the way they wrote it, even thought they wrote it wrong.

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    Default The Origin of Harold Covington's Conflict with Hunter Wallace and Robert Campbell

    The Origin of Harold Covington's Conflict with Hunter Wallace and Robert Campbell


    This account was originally posted on Occidental Dissent.

    Hunter Wallace says:
    April 12, 2011 at 11:10 am

    The incident happened about a year ago.

    I was on the road traveling in North Carolina at the time. While I was gone, Jack Ryan had posted a link to a Radio Free Northwest podcast, and Harold Covington showed up here to respond to his critics (Will Williams, I think) in the comments.

    Apparently, Covington was using several sockpuppets to defend himself and to make it look like he had lots of followers. The sockpuppets were all coming from the same IP address in Washington state.

    Robert Campbell was an OD administrator, caught HAC using the sockpuppets, and deleted several of them. At that point, Covington created some kind of Yahoo group where he accused Campbell of being a government agent and Occidental Dissent of being a false flag operation set up by the government to discredit him.

    Like I said above, I was on the road at the time and thought the whole matter was silly and hoped that it would blow over in time. I didn’t think it was a big deal that Harold Covington was using sock puppets. I also just thought he was being paranoid to assume that we were government agents out to get him.

    Remember the context here: I didn’t have a problem with Harold Covington at the time, regularly listened to his show, and was allowing Jack Ryan to promote Covington on Occidental Dissent, which is why Will Williams and others were over here fighting with him.

    Far from trying to discredit Covington, OD was promoting him and exposing his work to a wider audience, even if some of us had some objections to his theory. That was the status quo for months after that whole incident.

    We continued to link to his podcast. Robert Campbell complained about that for months. That eventually changed when Covington continued to attack us and accuse us of being government agents for no other reason than the fact Campbell caught him using sockpuppets on OD.

    As silly as this may sound, Harold getting caught using sockpuppets on this website (by someone else, no less) is what led to him writing a whole book about me being a sexual pervert and President of the United States and arch enemy of the “Northwest Front.”

    I’m sorry to say that I don’t remember the names of the sock puppets he was using. Robert Campbell would know. He was the one who deleted them.

    According to Robert Campbell, these are some of the posts to which Hunter Wallace refers. The IPs of "Ricky Lang," "Brad Davis," and Harold Covington speaking as himself all match (but it is not his current IP). This is from March 2010:

    Ricky Lang
    valkyra2001@yahoo.com |
    Will Williams has been obsessed with Harold Covington to the point of insanity for 20 years now, and he has filled up megabytes of internet space with nothing but attacks on HAC. Back in 1998 it got so embarrassing to Dr. Pierce that Pierce had to kick him out of his post as membership secretary because Williams was misusing NA facilities to fight his feud with Covington.
    From Re: Covington — an apology, 2010/03/10 at 5:25 PM 2010/03/10 Approve | Spam | Delete
    Brad Davis
    http://www.northwestrepublic.com | bdavis27607@earthlink.net |
    Will, could you do us all a big favor, and shut the F. up about your stupid little lawsuit? Nobody’s interested any more. Truth be told, nobody ever was, not even back when you were leeching off the National Alliance.
    From Re: Covington — an apology, 2010/03/10 at 5:05 PM 2010/03/10 Approve | Spam | Delete

    [Intervening post omitted.]

    Harold Covington
    http://www.northwestfront.org | nwnet@earthlink.net |
    Ref. Mr. Rudisill’s comments, I actually make it a total of five identifiable individuals who are generating at least 90% of the Space Madness. I deeply regret to say that one of them appears to be my own brother.
    From Re: Covington — an apology, 2010/03/10 at 8:32 AM

    Robert Campbell announced the discovery and warned Covington at the time:
    Robert Campbell says:
    March 10, 2010 at 7:52 pm

    Mr. Covington,

    Using various pseudonyms, you have attempted several times to post derogatory comments about Will Williams to this thread. The names you have attempted to use for this purpose include Ricky Lang and Brad Davis. I know with certainty that these are your posts, because all of the comments originate from the same IP address as the user “Harold Covington.”

    You came here under your own name, pretending to have moved past these petty interpersonal conflicts and seeking to mollify damage you’ve caused over the years, while at the same time you were pouring gasoline on the fire using anonymous sockpuppets. You didn’t even have the good sense to mask your IP address. Most of your comments were not allowed out of the moderation queue, nor will they be, and I will ban you if you don’t stop engaging in this counterproductive and ignoble behaviour.

    You can read Campbell's full comment on Occidental Dissent.

    You can get an idea here what kinds of things Covington will say when talking through a sockpuppet, in contrast to when he is speaking in his own voice. As Campbell explains, and as you can see, Covington tends to use sockpuppets for his dirty work while pretending to be above it all.

    Another reason why Covington attacked Will Williams only through sockpuppets is that he is barred by a court order from making any public statement about Williams. Covington already owes the State of North Carolina a 30-day incarceration for violating that order, which was why he packed his suitcase and hurriedly left North Carolina in 1998.

    "Brad Davis" and "Ricky Lang" is clearly not a complete list of all the sockpuppets that Covington had in play on OD. Covington refers to "Mr. Rudisill," which is yet another well known Covington sockpuppet name, discovered by VNN Forum moderator Ben Vinyard in October 2004.

    The confirmation that "Brad Davis" was really Harold Covington is particularly valuable, since some material attacking Dr. William Pierce ("Thirty Questions for Dr. William L. Pierce") has been published under that fictitious name of a supposed former National Alliance member.

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