Tubby Covington beats WhiggerSwill Welass Williams and Hadding the Loveless KAS-Fluffing Mattoid Meercat


Harold Covington sucks, but nevertheless he is the superior to Willie Wilbert Wilford (AKA 'King Billy', 'Billy the Kid', 'Billy Batts', 'Bill Riccio') Williamson Wilton ''White Will'' Williamson and Hadding ''Kid Autism'' Scott.

So that settles it. The fat guy in the bad Horst Wessel costume is superior to the cult that he has spawned, as is often the case with men who inspire crank religions.

Please close this thread -- Sheltered Workshop of the White Nationalist bowel Movement -- and force Hadding and Billy the Kid to observe their worship of Harold Covington elsewhere away from the AB-normals.