jew'll Get jewr Zyklon-B Fleabath Soon Enough, jewnson.

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Come back, nerds. We need you.
Missing jewr Zyklon B flea-bath, jewnson?

All of which goes to show that jews are dumber than Buddy the Poopy Dawg/Lil' Cujo/Baalzepup. Whenever he sees Roxie heading for the kitchen sink, be it to wash the dishes or whatever, and then me pulling the sheets off the waterbed and the sound of running water, the little bastard starts trying to make hisself scarce, and then when cornered, shows his belly and submission all in order to try to get out off his flea-bath twice or more per week.

Whereas you dumb-ass kikes have nothing better to do than holler, "Heeeer, Pastor, Pastor, Pastor."

Me and 6Killer were putting down a mamzer incursion from Bryan Wright over at Visser's forum, me and Visser were fighting with Sci-Fi Jay Faber over Hal Turner on the CI forums, I was busily fighting with Red Mike Vanderkike and Claire 'the jewkal' Wolfe and getting banned and winding up sockpuppets over at Claire-the-jewkal's Mental-Mattoid Militia and I got to work on my Obongo lawsuit this weekend, but you will get jewr Zyklon-B flea-bath soon enough jewnson.

6Killer is up doing ag-spraying in Washington trying to look up Bryan Wright, and can't get online as much as he'd like as at home.

To everything there is a season, jewnson. And a time for every purpose under the sun, cf. Ecclesiaastes 3:1-10.

jew'll get jewr Zyklon-B fleabath soon enough, jewnson.

Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri