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Thread: The Turner Diaries

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    Default The Turner Diaries

    The Turner Diaries

    http://cpm.freehostia.com/forum/show...=2142#post2142 (Pisser's Cinder - Deleted)
    There is an evil sack of gliberal whigger faggot shit named Randy Turner who used to be a jewspaper reporter and editor before the jewspaper fired his lying faggot ass, probably for lying and moral leprosy. Now this evil faggot is doing Satan's work fucking with the minds of young whiggers over at the jewplin Middle Skrewl and turning young white children into gliberal whigger faggots like itself.

    Now Randy Turner does maintain a blog -- The Turner Report -- in which Turner always picks on his targets of White America like Keith Olbermamzer on the Obongo Channel of MSNBC. And, this lying faggot pretty much raises a welt when he prints his lies in a liepaper comprised of gliberal whigger faggots trying to make the world safe for these cockroaches trying to be cockroaches.

    I've gotten kicked while I was down in the jail and the NutHouse. And I want to make this evil degenerate faggot and its disciples print a retraction -- branded upon they's hides and skinned and pelt-posted to the new draught-houses (public latrines) wherein these baal-priests did infest.

    But for now, I'll lay in a few welts of my own, by taking Turner's worst lies, introducing a stream of kikeishness to them, and posting a response for the rest of those wronged by Turner's lies to enjoy. I get enough responses, I'll put up a blog -- The Turner Diaries -- for ZOGlings to enjoy.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri
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    Default Fuck Civility, Let's Geld You Gliberal Whigger Faggot Cocksuckers!

    Fuck Civility, Let's Geld You Gliberal Whigger Faggot Cocksuckers!


    Quote Originally Posted by That Lying Gliberal Whigger Faggot Randy Turner
    They's On To Me: a Whine For A Return To Snivility

    Larry Litle at the Simple Thoughts of a Complex Mind blog offers a plea for a return to civil discourse now that us gliberal whigger faggots have poisoned the well trying to destroy the country by dispossessing White people in order to feed the niggers and beaners. Unfortunately, that plea and similar ones made by me and others are unlikely to change a nation which is as polarized thanks to us gliberal whigger faggots really fucking up shit as badly as I have ever seen it:

    Quote Originally Posted by Another gliberal whigger faggot
    People, it is time to get over yourselves. Just because someone disagrees with you does not mean that they want to ruin our country. It does not mean that they are in the pockets of big business or the unions. They are not the anti-Christ because they disagree with you on stimulus, healthcare, or gun control. Maybe we should start to listen to each other with open hearts and hear what people are saying and try to understand why they think what they do. We do not have to agree with them.
    Us gliberal whigger faggot rats need to stick together preaching moral relativity now that we have fucked the pooch but good and turned ZOG/Babylon 3 into the bankrupt shithole it is today with all the racial and political tribal groups we created each trying to claw their way to surviving off of the White man, and the White man waking up all pissed off and such.

    Mercy! Mercy for gliberal whigger faggots that fucked over and destroyed the minds of your children while we destroyed the White social order and civilization that us spawn of Satan hated from day one!

    Quote Originally Posted by AnyOldMouse

    What gets me is that critters like Randy Turner abuse their power as newspaper reporters and editors and as teachers over children trying to destroy the old social order and then when there is the inevitable vengeful reaction from those who have learned that "everything is politics" Randy Turner and his fellow liberal wrecking crew whine about the loss of civility. Since when should anyone be polite to rats and cockroaches who have learned to do evil while pretending to a higher level of morality? Now that the results are in from what they advocated, and by their incessant whining brought about, why not recognize these corrupt trees from by their evil fruit? And, having recognized these corrupt trees, laying an axe to their roots, tearing them out, root and branch?

    You degenerate idiots cannot ever recreate what you have done your hypocritical best to destroy. Now since the nation is on the verge of a civil war of each against all, you whine about how your victims are starting to recognize you lying evil clowns for the vicious monsters you are. Your claiming good intentions now as when you brought about these evil policies which have brought about disorder and chaos simply doesn't cut it no more now that the results are in and tabulated. You social vermin really do need to reap ALL of the whirlwind you evil fools have sown.

    Civility to you moral imbeciles? Civility is wasted on such as yourself. Especially when a bullet or a rope would do far better to permanently cure what you swine have brought about.

    7:16 AM


    Disagree With Me?


    I have noticed that people have become very comfortable demonizing those that they disagree with them. I am not talking about possession by spirits but rather being painted with the worst of negative traits by another. Name calling, extremism, and assuming the worst of someone's motives are common place when someone disagrees with you.

    This has been extremely apparent during the healthcare debate. The extremes of one side have portrayed the democrats as socialists and murders. The extremists on the other side paint the republicans that disagree with them as gun toting wackos that are in the pocket of the mega insurance companies. Even when people try to be civil, the liberals will state that the conservatives just want things to remain bad for people and the conservatives will say that the liberals just want to bankrupt our country.

    People, it is time to get over yourselves. Just because someone disagrees with you does not mean that they want to ruin our country. It does not mean that they are in the pockets of big business or the unions. They are not the anti-Christ because they disagree with you on stimulus, healthcare, or gun control. Maybe we should start to listen to each other with open hearts and hear what people are saying and try to understand why they think what they do. We do not have to agree with them.

    I know I have several very good liberal friends that I completely disagree with on several issues but I usually can understand where they are coming from. They do not want to destroy the U.S. but rather to make it better. I may not agree with their methods and conclusions but I can not deny their motivations are pure.

    The problem is that we see our leaders constantly acting like this. When leadership and authorities display such poor behavior with each other, then the country has a propensity to follow suit. With every major political campaign, the demonizing appears to get worse. There is no wonder that regular people are jumping on and reacting with extreme distrust and hatred. But that does not excuse the behavior.

    I am not saying that we should all just get along. I am saying we can discuss, argue, and debate issues without personal attacks against those that do not think like we do. We need to stop using name calling to cover up the flaws in our arguments. Lets get back to basing our debate on facts and not on how evil we believe our opponents to be.

    It is time that we started acting better than our politicians.

    These have been a few simple thoughts of my complex mind.

    What amuses me greatly is the sight of gliberal whiggers, congenital thieves of White People's lives, liberties and property through the imposition of their own made-up 'laws' enforced by ZOG's piglice, now still trying to thieve what little remains, and getting a reaction which promises violence which will undo their control over society are now whining about the lack of 'civility.' They are like rats, having gotten into the grainary, and having pissed and shit all over what they couldn't consume, are now snarling at the 'lack of civility' behind the farmer getting terriers, traps and poison and thinking about using them.

    Randy Turner and above gliberal whigger being a case in point. They keep pushing and pushing their gliberal whigger piglice state in which the only people in prisons for sodomy are the fathers and grandfathers of White children taken away because we wish to continue our race and line of White People. They insist upon allowing the fraudulent nigger alleged president to essentially take away what little money remains in taking care of elderly and poor whiggers under Social Security and Medicare and giving it to the niggers and illegal beaners for Obongo-care. Obongo-care is fully socialized health care designed to essentially kill old whiggers to give to niggers and beaners. Then when the crooked insurance corporations which essentially scam off the profits from the top and their bought kongress-kritters tell the whiggers about 'death panels for old whiggers' these gliberal whiggers then throw a fit about the counter-lies. They get scared at the hatreds unleashed promising a civil war of each against all, then whine about why there needs to be a return to 'civility,' i.e. the very conditions under which these thieving degenerates were able to under color of imperial promiscuous love destroy White society and not be skinned and gelded for it.

    For example, Randy Turner while I was falsely arrested for statutory sodomy based upon what some social worker told the piglice who wanted me railroaded for child molestation and murdered in prison and for which I was falsely imprisoned for 3 1/2 years in jail and the NutHouse in his columns made the assumption that I was guilty and sided with the corrupt judges and prosecution all the way. Corrupt jewspapers like the Neosho Daily Douche, jewplin Glob, and Newton County News would print up Turner's lies, and that of the piglice and prostitutor and refused to print up my side of the story. When, on April 24, 2009 I told Turner about the Newton County pig Don Hunt breaking off four of my teeth transporting me to the NutHouse on Dec. 6, 2005, Turner said, "I'm sorry." No you are not, Turner. You simply do not have the moral courage to face what happens when piglice are given the power to torture and beat free White men who will not respect these cowardly thugs. What you want is a police state, Turner, wherein White men do not have the ability to raise their families as they see fit, and so, while you yourself are a faggot, you raise the standard in calling your White men enemies what you are: a pedophile of sorts who would destroy the minds of White children, either at the point of your own dick, or by virtue of the power given to you by the local gliberal whigger drone skrule board. In the old days, the White fathers would not have allowed any school board to hire what was obviously gliberal whigger faggots anywhere teaching their children.

    Furthermore, and most importantly, like all parasitic
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    Default The Kongress-Kritter Sez Emperor Obongo Is A Nekkid Lyin' Nigger

    The Kongress-Kritter Sez Emperor Obongo Is A Nekkid Lyin' Nigger


    Quote Originally Posted by That Lying Gliberal Whigger Faggot Randy Turner

    Joe Wilson makes a fool of himself during Obama speech

    Wednesday, September 09, 2009

    How can we expect people to behave in a dignified manner at town hall meetings when people like Rep. Joe Wilson, R-S.C. can't even manage to behave respectfully in the hallowed halls of Congress? This portion of the video from tonight's speech shows Wilson calling the president a liar:

    Posted by Randy at 8:17 PM


    Quote Originally Posted by AnyMouse
    Comment: (If Allowed by That Lying Gliberal Whigger Faggot Randy Turner)

    But Obongo IS a Lyin' Nigger King

    But Obama is a liar. Essentially Obama-care is about taking away taxpayer dollars for Medicare for older whites and giving it to non-whites and to illegal mexican aliens who Obama will legalize. It involves criminalizing white kids and middle-aged middle-class whites who live healthy lives and don't want to live under government's thumb. In short, it does involve 'death panels' for old whites and enslaving whites in order to give benefits to non-whites who migrate here from the rest of the world.

    This congressman simply said that the black emperor has no clothes and big-government liberals like Randy Turner and the rest of the chattering classes are whining about how truth is 'hate speech.' Truth is hate to those, like Turner, who hate the Truth.

    Trillions of dollars in printed money wasted in giving Wall Street banksters relief from their gambling debts, trillions of dollars in entitlements being paid while nearly one-fifth of the population is bankrupt and unemployed, and Obama is going to create a new entitlement for non-whites and criminalize what few whites don't want it. Nothing but bigger government at gunpoint until a sort of Afghanistan comes to America, a war of the parasitic against the productive.

    We simply can't live in peace with each other for much longer. If nothing else, I'd like to thank Randy Turner for ratcheting up the current civil war on this lying blog of his.


    The fact ot the matter is that ZOG is simply destroying itself all that much more the faster. There is no money in the Treasury to fight two lost wars, to bail out the jew and whigger thieving banksters, or to maintain even the entitlement programs of Social Security and Medicare for elderly whiggers no more. So, the Treasury is essentially printing up ZOGbux as fast as it can, the chinks and japs are abandoning the ZOGbuk as a reserve currency and buying commodities like oil and metals with their depreciating ZOGbux.

    What the Lyin' Nigger King is doing now is to essentially further enslave healthy Whites not needing the System for health care and chaining them by means of criminalizing their freedom from the System in order to pay for unhealthy niggers and illegal beaners to further live off of the White man. Obongo proposes to cut out the jew-run insurance companies who lost trillions in insuring jew bankster Wall Street gambling debts wherein profits were given to the 'gamblers' and the debts were foisted onto the White taxpayers. These crooked insurance companies essentially 'cherry pick' by taking the healthy Whites who are able to pay premiums as clients, then if they get sick refusing to pay their claims by having jew and whigger lawyers deny their claims. Thus profits are diverted to corporate pockets while ZOG gets to insure the elderly and poor by means of Medicare/Medicaid. In short, these jew/whigger corporations practice 'crony capitalism' by means of making sure they reap the profits while the only people paying taxes, namely the Whites are stuck with the costs.

    Now since the financial meltdown of the past year, these costs cannot long be bourne by ZOG. Since the banksters and corporate welfare addicts are being supported by ZOG, and ZOG is broke, that means that the elderly whiggers must be put on what will essentially be 'managed care' in which a sort of triage will take place in which a panel of ZOG burrocrats, many of them niggers, will essentially run what are indeed 'death panels' to figure out who lives and who dies for being worn-out poor White people. Harold Covington in his novels, especially "A Distant Thunder" and "The Brigade" has pointed this out before. At the same time, young violent niggers and illegal beaners with a litter which would make Lassie envious will be taken into the emergency room and have their bills paid for by the White taxpayers, with healthy Whites made into criminalized tax slaves.

    Thus Obongo-care is essentially into murdering, at first by neglect, old worn-out poor Whites, enslaving healthy Whites and White business into being tax slaves by criminalizing freedom from the medical system ZOG has created, and creating more and more niggers and beaners and turd-whirrrrlders as invaders to displace Whites in their own country by treating them for the results of their own violent stupidity and criminality and encouraging their indiscriminate breeding. We feed,they breed. So as it is to be expected, this Lyin' Nigger King is out to exterminate Whites by taking over the reins of a criminal ZOG/Babylon regime and destroying the Founding Stock of White People through deceit.

    Now when a few White People, in this case, a South Carolina kongress-kritter says, truthfully, that Obongo the Lyin' King is lying, the forces of White dispossession and extermination, like Randy Turner, the self-hating, Genesis 3:15 anti-White enmity spewing gliberal whigger faggot and the rest of the ZOG/Babylon chattering classes and regime-criminals & enablers have a fit about how speaking the truth to power is 'hate speech.' Truth is hate to those who hate the Truth. The spawn of Satan are the children of lies because their father, Satan, is the father of lies.

    Gliberal whigger faggots like Randy Turner -- who a more just era would have skinned him after branding a retraction for its lies and shoved a red-hot poker up itz ass for itz faggotry -- are too cowardly to themselves impose this 'Auntie-White' tyranny directly by theysselfs. Instead they use the most brutal of piglice to impose this tyranny of ZOG/Babylon upon Whites while at the same time whine about a 'lack of civility.'

    The Whore-House of [Mis]Representives is of course a monkey-house. Nigger and mamzer and jew and faggot representatives make sure that it will never be anything but a temple devoted to thievery off of the White man.

    Civility to parasites and regime criminals is overrated. Rather, this vermin should be exterminated upon detection. My idea of politeness is in first making this lying faggot eat its nuts and fudge-packing dick with broken teeth because it loved the Newton County piglice breaking my teeth out taking me to the NutHouse. Then printing a retraction for its lies using a branding iron upon its worthless hide, its entire worthless whigger family's hide, and the hides of the families of its jewspaper publishers, editors, and reporter's who enabled Turner's lies over the years. The last thing regime criminals and ZOGling whigger ass-clown herd animals need is civility, calling good evil and evil good. Rather what such need is woe and a world of hurt and to be sent screaming to hell so that the other ZOGling whigger herd animals will see and fear to misbehave. Whiggers are diseased animals which want to die, but who want to bring down healthy tissue of the White body politic with them. The only cure for what ails the White man will be in letting the-m-asses of whigger die in the current racial, religious and class civil war, along with all of the jews and non-whites infesting them.

    Realistic White Nationalism involves in not going against the flow of History to the same thing that happened to Babylons #1 and #2, but rather in letting things proceed as they are meant to do, trying to wake up a minority of Whites, to take advantage of the chaos which will destroy well over 90% of the diseased whigger herd, and to raise up and feed the current neo-aristocracy of warlords who live today, waiting for their chance to rule absolutely under the guise of a White-only racial religion of Dual-Seedline Christian Identity.

    That gliberal whigger lying faggot Randy Turner is merely one of the thieving ticks and parasites that like the jews, that YHWH allows to live so that Heaven doesn't become clogged up with whiggers. As such, he should be listened to and then Whites should think the exact opposite of what this vicious gliberal whigger faggot preaches. Essentially the Turner Report is a concentrated nugget of kikeian dogshit that you should take care to not only not to step into, but not to eat.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri
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    Default Hi! I'm Swillis Gumpf Turner of The Turner Diaries!

    Hi! I'm Swillis Gumpf Turner of The Turner Diaries!


    Swillis Gumpf Turner here. This is my blog, The Turner Diaries.

    I am that faggot skrule teecher Randy Turner?s smarter third cousin and the grand-nephew of Earl Turner.

    I love pussy and corn likker and hate jews, niggers, and faggots, especially uppity ones like Cousin Randy.

    Don't you city whiggers believe a word that that lying faggot Randy Turner says in "The Turner Report."


    He is one lying sumbitch, and thinks he is smarter than everyone else, especially his distant kin who still run around in them pointy dunce hats and white robes made out of sheets. Well, don't be foolt none. Randy looks down on us hillbillies and wants to pretend that we don't exist no more. He'll lick his own shit from another faggot's dick and think he's so smart because he done gradjewated from hile skrewl and went to kollidge and got a digree and edjewmacation in jewrnanalism and got to work for the jewspapers and such. Why, now he is a skrewl teecher around Y&D&FofC whigger boyz and let me tell you, I'd fire his faggot ass like the jewspaper editurds did when they caught that lying bastard lying.

    Well, he's got hisself a blog and he lies like a mangy dog that fucked the sheep. By the way, Cousin Randy used to fuck sheep. Ewelene really misses him.



    Cousin Randy's Lying Blog, The Turner Report

    My Truthful Blog, The Turner Diaries

    Ewelene still misses Cousin Randy, the slut!!!

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    Default Randy Turner Gets Wise To Cousin Swillis

    Randy Turner Gets Wise To Cousin Swillis


    Quote Originally Posted by That gliberal whigger faggot Randy Turner
    Turner Report moves from GOP smear merchant to "socialist blog"


    You can't please all of the people all of the time.

    After being referred to as part of the Republican smear machine Tuesday for my coverage of the $9,000 plus in lobbyists' gifts received by Rep. Mike Galboy, D-Kansas City, now the pendulum is swinging the other way and I am an unrepentant socialist aimed at corrupting the minds of young people with my posts on The Turner Report.

    I received this comment to the Republican smear machine post a few moments ago:

    Quote Originally Posted by AnyOldMouse/Swillis G. Turner in drag

    Randy Turner loves the sort of big government which lets him influence the minds of ordinary citizen's children, as his attempts to influence their parents' minds at the newspaper office ended in failure. Turner has a genuine hatred of ordinary citizens 'impolitely' trying to influence the regime which rules over them as subjects, hence his hatred for free speech at the town meetings and the activist at the governor's office.

    Randy Turner is not a liberal, but rather a collectivist of the left. Using unaccountable police intimidation upon people who don't want their childrens' minds twisted by these leftists without children of their own is perfectly acceptable to parasitic government workers wanting to be paid for turning children into fearful drones and tax slaves.

    Let's understand that Randy Turner is simply a socialist propagandist for Civil War who wishes to have his victims mentally and morally disarmed before they get in their licks. Once you figure out that it is the same old 'liberal'/socialist press, only repackaged in a new-media blog then you figure out Randy Turner, regardless of his outraged squeals to the contrary.
    Posted by Randy at 3:34 AM

    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous fellow gliberal whigger faggot

    Randy, I get a chuckle from some of the comments. In the news business as well as the gay bar business in jewplin, as you know, we used to say we were doing our job if both sides attacked us. My bunghole still aches at the joyful reaming. I don't have to tell you to keep it up, because I know you at least in the Biblical sense and know that you will, sure as you put on the strap-on double-dildo in the jewspaper restroom at the jewplin Glob and at McClellan Park. I don't read you daily but I not only swallow, but I enjoy it when I do...well, I'll always be glad you encouraged me to remain in the closet like jewself even when it pisses me off. (he said with a grin on his face after the golden shower.)
    7:51 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous knowing that lying gliberal whigger faggot Turner

    Randy - in the news business??? He ought to be in the gay bar business and then reopen The Turner Report/Diaries as a gossip column.

    Now there's some news! Why do think Turner got fired from the Carthage jewdenPresse?
    3:08 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous Kosher Khannedservantive

    Randy is a liberal Democrat. At least he admits his position. His frequent readers know where he is coming from and read accordingly. As a conservative, i don't mind reading different points of view if they admit their bias. A lot of journalists try to hide their true colors behind a mask of objectivity. I prefer to suck my kikeish tube-steak fresh from the horse's ass. Thank you Randy Turner and thanks for the loan of the kneepads.
    6:33 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous

    At least you haven't been called an a*sshole yet! You do report some news that the other media dosen't though I like that.
    12:19 PM

    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous, but sees through Turner

    Turner though tries to present himself one way then acts another depending on the situation. He wants so desperately to think of himself as a part of the actual media but is a simpleton blogger hack. He makes one attempt to hammer sacrificial lamb Jeff Smith then says "look at me, I am criticize both sides equally!" That story was an easy layup. Yeah right, how lame.
    4:04 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by AnyOldMouse/Swillis G. Turner in drag

    I wrote the above comment that Turner is whining about.

    Sure, Turner is obviously a gliberal hack who got removed from his liepaper editorship because even they couldn't stand to be so removed from the mass of public opinion here in brain-dead SW Missouri. Essentially Turner abused his position too much even for the gliberal press and paid the price for it, as have the liepapers paid the price for crapping too much on the only people able to read their lies -- namely older white people who got tired of reading lies and contempt for their readers -- got tired of paying for this crap and decided to simply buy a computer and read other stuff. If it wasn't for the grocery ads and for Best Buy my wife wouldn't read the liepapers. As it is, she only reads the obituaries.

    So Turner went on to a new class of victims who can't very well object to his gliberal foolishness, namely the public skrewl system. In olden times the skrewl bored would have kicked out an elderly homosexual from teaching their children, male or female, but today's skrewl boreds are victims of notions placed into their heads by a previous [de]generation of Turners. Frankly, Turner shouldn't be allowed anywhere near white children because he wants to turn them into degenerate drones like hisself.

    What I do like is that Turner got a blog full of liberal idiocy and lies here in the middle of kosher khannedservantive brain-dead Missouri. I'd like to see a Point/CounterPoint Debate between Turner and, say, Rita Crowell (when she isn't drunk) or Keith Siegler or anyone of the other 'live wires' who are cynically living high on the hog, like Dwight Douglas.

    But Turner is kink on his throne, and won't put up with too much abuse, but rather rack its gliberal brain trying to figure out who is having fun with his foolishness in this, the comments section of his blog.

    1:00 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by Randy Gliberal Whigger Faggot Turner

    The last comment sent by the radical racist who has been leaving responses to my posts the last couple of days was rejected. Us gliberal whigger faggots used to writing and editing for the jewspapers have neither a sense of humor nor of fair play. It appears that either Martin Lindstedt has been the one posting the remarks and has tried to disguise his identity to get his views posted, or there is actually someone else in this area who thinks the same way Lindstedt does, -- Oh the horror, the horror, it makes my sphincter-void clench anticipating the red-hot poker -- or who uses the same allegedly clever misspellings of words, and spreads the same message of vile hatred. Only us gliberal whigger faggot jewsmedia types gets to use hatred and only against White people that our types infest and parasite off of. If it is not Lindstedt, it would appear to be someone who travels that same road of hate thy neighbor. Me, I 'love my neighbor, as my stretched-out gliberal whigger faggot bunghole attests to, and which is why I love being a pub[l]ic skrule teacher so that I can turn your children into gliberal whigger faggot drones like myself, as everyone else can attest.
    3:59 AM

    About Me

    Randy Gliberal Whigger Faggot Turner
    I teach eighth grade communication arts (English) at South Middle School in Joplin turning whigger kids into gliberal whigger faggots like me. Before entering the teaching field, I spent 22 years as a reporter and editor for various Southwest Missouri newspapers and was a lying bastard who the publishers ended up firing due to the area getting tired of my gliberal whigger lying faggot ass. I have published two novels, Small Town News and Devil's Messenger, and one non-fiction book, The Turner Report, wherein I shit all over the evil waycist natives, especially my third cousin, Swillis Gumpf Turner, who is onto my faggot ass. But Ewelene loves me better than Cousin Swillis!


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    Default John Stossel threatens pubic skrule faggots

    Friday, September 11, 2009
    John Stossel moves to Fox News

    John Stossel, who has been with ABC's 20/20 since 1981, is moving to Fox Business and Fox News Channel, a place where he should feel comfortable.

    Stossel's arch-conservative views have included a support of educational vouchers in newspaper columns, books, and television programs. I addressed that subject in an August 2006 Turner Report post:

    ABC reporter and syndicated columnist John Stossel is back to his hobby of attacking public schools in his latest column.

    Stossel, the born-again big business booster, who has been bashing public education by taking a few admittedly horrid examples of public education gone awry, and then using those as an excuse to condemn all public schools, continues his mantra that competition cures all ills.

    If we had competition in schools, he says, the following would happen:

    "I bet we'd see cheap and efficient Costco-like schools, virtual schools where you learn at home on your computer, sports schools, music schools, schools that go all year, schools with uniforms, schools that open early and keep kids later, and, who knows what?"

    I am sure that Stossel's sports schools and music schools would enable this country to bridge the highly suspect gap between American students and those in foreign countries, gaps which can nearly always be explained by the simple fact that the American public school system is the only one in the world that even makes an attempt to educate all students, ranging from the gifted to those with severe mental retardation.

    Citing another suspect source, Stossel perpetuates the myth that home-school students fare better on standardized tests than public school students:

    "Homeschooled students blow past their public-school counterparts in terms of achievement. Brian Ray, who taught in both public and private schools before becoming president of the National Home Education Research Institute, says, "In study after study, children who learn at home consistently score 15-30 percentile points above the national averages," he says. Homeschooled kids also score almost 10 percent higher than the average American high school student on the ACT."

    Name me one of those studies. Stossel has made a habit in each of his tirades against public education of saying all sort of studies exist to back his point, but he never indicates specifically which studies these are. This kind of sleight of hand has been going on in anti-public education propaganda since the 1980s when "A Nation At Risk" first alarmed the country about the supposedly horrendous state of American education, yet never cited a single study to prove any of its doom-and-gloom scenarios.

    Of course, home schoolers are going to do better. Most home-schooled students do not go on to higher education. You are taking a small percentage of highly motivated home-schooled students. If you compare them with the same small percentage of top public school students, I would guess the scores would be virtually equal. That is not an indictment of public schools. I would imagine there are many parents who provide excellent teaching at home. At the same time, the home schooling trend, like so many others, has been largely started by a group of people who are making big bucks off of it, by exploiting the idea that public education is some big anti-religious establishment that is responsible for everything that is wrong in society.

    And let us not forget it who else has made a killing off attacking public education. John Stossel's big business agenda has helped turn him into a highly-paid, much sought after public speaker and has resulted in two best selling books. He has a lot to gain by continuing his scurrilous attacks against public schools.

    Posted by Randy at 6:19 PM

    Anonymous said...

    I have been e-mailing Stossel at ABC repeatedly given the stupid direction that 20/20 has taken into BS news. I'm not a fan of Fox, but wish him well there.
    9:07 PM
    Anonymous said...

    Randy, Stossel is not an "arch-conservative." He is more accurately defined as a libertarian. He will likely clash with some of the neocons at Fox.

    There's three sides to the political debates going on right now in the US: the Republicans' side, the Democrats' side, and the people's side. Stossel is one of the few in the national media who seems to be on the side of the people.
    10:42 PM
    Anonymous said...

    John Stossel is a good man and is just another knife wound in A B C who love to shoot themselves in the foot.
    7:06 AM
    Joe Wilson said...

    You lie!
    9:14 AM


    If people really could boycott your product and only those who wanted public schooling paid for it, then you would be out of a job. The public school system is a failure and it needs to be scrapped in favor of vouchers and home schooling. As it is, the vast majority of property taxes and state funding is wasted on public indoctrination in order to teach children to be obedient little tax slaves.

    A lot of people have gotten tired of what the public school system produces, mainly fools who are taught to hate their parents and God, but also the crime, drugs and illegitimate births and so they have taken their most important thing, their children, and opted out. Why shouldn't they listen to John Stossel compliment them for making a wise decision? Why shouldn't they vote to defund their local public school and to elect representatives who will give them more educational freedom in an Internet age?

    Why, other than to benefit the professional educrats and provide free babysitting, bother to educate the uneducatable, like the mentally retarded, the gang-bangers, and the illegal aliens? Shouldn't it be enough to try to teach them to read, write and arithmetic? Why is it that you professional educrats think that our children and tax dollars belong to you to turn into educated idiots like yourselves?

    There is a big Internet out there in which everyone can read and think for themselves and with choices they no longer wish to buy or to pay for what you produce. Besides, we simply can't afford to pay for you drone's retirement, benefits and pensions.

    I like listening to John Stossel. He is a breath of fresh air. So ABC's loss is Fox's gain. I already prefer to get my news from Fox anyways.

    9:49 AM

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    I keep reading a LOT of negative comments against FOX news, and it seems to be coming from liberals.

    Aftera few youtubes I seen where they show protesters against what Washington DC does, from the 9/11 coverup, to Obama's policy, his "presidency", etc

    Do you think maybe a few people are worried?
    If things were changed overnight, that the folks who own,run, and work at FOX do not want to be associated with, and tried for crimes against the American people,like the other networks that have lied and hidden the truth?

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    Turner simply cannot understand, stupid anti-white racist that he is, that his racism isn't sacred simply because it is anti-white. For the past fifty years, liberal critters waving the bloody race card have gotten a free ride and thus have a fit when whites who have lost their jobs and pensions no longer can afford to simply give in to these racist pimps and bandits wanting to strong-arm them in the name of their ersatz morality and superiority.

    So now they have taken to the streets saying that they cannot afford Obama-care and in some cases they have grown rude and to the point and the left simply cannot stand to have the same tactics used against the right used against them. We have a populist right/white revolt in which Obama and Barney Frank are accused of being fascists and so then there is the whining about 'racism' on the part of these socialists poverty-pimping for the non-whites, an increasingly impoverished white populist movement not dependent upon the sell-out Republicans is learning to counter-attack with charges that the main-stream left is 'racist', socialist, and fascistic. Now Obama is portrayed as a flesh-eating zombie, and as Hitler, and Turner howls in protest about the 'unfairness' of his stock in trade being used against himself.

    Yes, there are doubtless Republican and big-pharma operatives whipping up some of this crowd of whites down on their luck. But it is also Libertarians and White Nationalists who are getting in the harshest talking points. But regardless of who thinks they are leading this parade of white populism -- IT IS REAL AND WHITE PEOPLE ARE HURTING AND THEY SIMPLY CANNOT AFFORD TO SUPPORT NON-WHITES ANY MORE. As a result there simply is no surplus wealth, only white taxpayers strapped by debt worried about how they are going to make ends meet. So then when these left-wing socialist poverty-pimping aunty-waycist bandits and their enablers and camp followers like Turner try the same old holdup routine, they end up getting rage and overt hatred in return. And so they whine that the old ways of racial extortion which used to work when the country was richer because it was whiter no longer works.

    It is not only on this blog, but across the nation that white resistance has stiffened. Desperate white people who have lost their jobs, homes, pensions simply cannot afford to pay higher taxes and fees to the current corrupt regime and their corporate lackeys nor to the leftist poverty- and race-pimps demanding more of what they simply no longer got. The news media and government establishment is baffled by this anger and like Randy Turner still are calling names like 'stupid [white] racist' and 'Neo-Nazi' and 'inbred hillbilly' and all the the names which used to work but do so no longer. The real Nazis and racists and religious fanatics will of course eventually co-opt and lead these desperate people seeking leadership, promising them relief if only they will overthrow and eliminate their oppressors.

    And Turner's and the rest's idiotic standard response:m Shrilly whining that this grass-roots opposition are 'stupid racists' being maneuvered by 'smart racists.' Not yet, but soon. Stupid racists will want to be led by smart racists and Randy Turner and the rest of the media are showing that they are no friends of normal white folks living on the edge, who have been robbed by such as Turner and his anti-white socialist racists.

    The present stiffening of comments making fun of Turner's moral pretensions can't be laid at the feet of one man or ideology but rather the old ways not working anymore and this area being instinctively hostile to Turner's brand of anti-white socialism. If Turner was a teacher in San Francisco, Turner's blog would fit is perfectly. But given that Turner has always been rude and contemptuous of the normal everyday white People that this socialist moral poseur infests and would lecture, there invariably is a reaction to amoral 'turnerism.' Turner gets fired by a fed up newspaper publisher tired of subscriber complaints. Eventually Turner will get fired from his government teaching job by a school board who will be put under pressure by white taxpayers tired of their children's heads being stuffed with anti-white racist socialism and worried about their sons being taught morality by a closet homosexual. Turner is like a Chilean Allende communist before a Pinochet counter-revolution, when the majority of the population supports a backlash.

    So what is Turner to do faced with a stiffening reaction? Probably delete this comment along with others he suspects are from such as myself. For every political action there is a political reaction, and Turner is about to reap one hell of a reaction, as are the [d]ruling Democrat feebs, who will try to blame the Establishment Republicans for what is increasingly a wave of white discontent and desperation caused by both corporate parties.

    So Tuner, prepare for a wave of ridicule and criticism which you are too cowardly to face. You can of course practice censorship as it is your blog, but from now on in there is no more free ride. The news media and others simply don't have too many troops on the ground, and a liberal is a moral degenerate wanting to claim a moral high ground and intellectual supremacy which in real life never existed. Auntie-White-waycist blogging can't survive criticism and ridicule in an ivory tower any more than it did on AM talk-radio.

    The ONE thing I love about Turner's blog is that this fool ratchets up the hatred and makes it impossible for whites and non-whites, the devout and a-theists, conservatives and liberals, rich and poor to live in peace together and paves the way towards a racial, religious, and class civil war in which only the strong and productive will survive and the weak and parasitic will be exterminated. Randy Turner is the rat who gnaws on the ropes holding the gondola in which we all live to the social order ballon whereas I an the racist fanatic who is deliberately shooting and cutting through the gordian knot tying it all together.

    The above comments were not made by myself or under my direction, Turner. I suggest that you 'stupid racists' find 'smart racist' leadership devoted to exterminating gliberal auntie-white poverty-pimping socialists like Randy Turner who wants you to be forced out of your present Social Security and Medicare arrangements in order that more transfer payments be made to non-whites and illegal aliens so that you whites will be the ones displaced and taxed to death and exterminated in our own country. If Turner were honest, then he'd live in Africa or Mexico with those he professes to love as opposed to trying to destroy the White Christian Nation that he parasites off of like a communist rat.

    And, check out your Cousin Swillis Gumpf Turner's "The Turner Diaries" over on www.whitenationalist.org. Cousin Swillis is not exactly a fan of jewrs, Turner. I think that everyone who you bullied using your power as a jewsmedia and government 'worker' parasite will enjoy hearing the 'lowdown' from 'Cousin Swillis.'

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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    Default Turner Hates State Representative Cynthia Davis

    Turner Hates State Representative Cynthia Davis



    Why don't you simply call these Republicans a pack of racists right out so that they can decide to politically retaliate against you and the rest of the public school teachers abusing your power to indoctrinate their children's minds against their Republican parents and Christianity?

    What I like about you liberals is that by politicising differences and playing the race card it eventually gets all worn out and spurs a backlash. Eventually there will be a return to the 'spoils system' to where you liberal drones will be out of a job and without a safety net. People will end up homeschooling their kids and voting down property taxes, maybe even voting to dissolve the school districts and abolish public education because you liberals wormed your way in therte and abused it.

    You seem to have it in for Cynthia Davis ever since she voted for a bill to keep you out of the lives of students while out of school. What are you, some sort of liberal kiddie stalker or something? I think you are sort of creepy in always wanting to get at the kiddies when they are not under your control in the classroom. Get over it, if it wasn't for the fact that the wife has to work, then most people would pull their children out of the public school system rather than have to deal with liberals trying to corrupt their children not only in the classroom, but outside it. The public school system is how you liberal drones turn young white children into godless drones like yourself.

    I think I need to notify Cynthia Davis that she is right about you creepy public school teachers trying to infect and corrupt young minds of children born to conservative parents. You don't seem to be able to keep yourself from getting at the children, Turner. Cynthia Davis needs to pass a bill regulating your liberal kind of school teacher from indulging in political (and any other) activity both inside and outside the classroom. She needs to pass a sort of Missouri Hatch Act to deal with you irresponsible public employees 'working' in the public schools.
    Last edited by PastorLindstedt; 10-12-2009 at 11:06 PM.

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    Default Cousin Randy Birthers A Bolshevik Turd.

    Cousin Randy Birthers A Bolshevik Turd


    Quote Originally Posted by Cousin Randy
    KSPR airs birther infomercial -- & Makes Me Give 'Birther' to an Obongo-sized Kenyan Turd


    Wednesday, September 30, 2009

    The lunatic fringe that claims that President Barack Obama is not an American aired its message on KSPR, Springfield, last Thursday at midnight. I just found out about this abuse of the jewsmedia and I'm going to squeeze out my own little Obongo Kenyan turd-baby over this shit!!! I'm about to lose control and I 'think' I like it, like it!!!

    "It's obvious President Obama is trying to hide where he was really born," blasts the infomercial. We wouldn't have had this problem if the hyenas would heve eaten the future niglet-in-thief just like they did with the afterbirth, an old useful Kenyan custom.

    Despite verification from the Hawaii Department of Health that the president has a valid state certificate of birth, Live Prayer.com has teamed up with the United States Justice Foundation to urge people to write $30 checks to help pay for faxes asking every state Attorneys General to launch an investigation. Rather stupid really, when teaming up with KFC to get the Obongoids onto the USS Madagasgar would be so much cheaper. Every nigger needs a little KFC.

    As a thank-you, recipients will receive a bumper sticker, which reads, "Got birth certificate?" Just don't drive around in East St. Louis or South Side Chicago while white and with that particular bumper sticker.

    It may be a fringe movement, but Ky3 Incorporated General Manager Mike Scott said the station will only restrict content if it violates the law or is deemed libelous or the check bounces, which happens when niggers are involved.

    "Obviously, the opinions of this particular program may be a minority of our viewers, but certainly I think this group has the right to express themselves. I don't think it's libelous in any fashion," Scott said. "This is not the Turner Pub[l]ic Bolshevik System or Communist News Network. We believe in free speech as long as we get paid to air it. Capitalism -- Selling Obongo dull steak knives so his niglets can munch high on the whiggroid long-pig, to paraphrase Lenin."

    Obviously, KSPR's advertising department has much lower standards than its news department. They wouldn't let me be a reporter after I got my ass fired for lying like a faggot over at the Carthage judenPresse. Hell of a deal now that I don't have any moola for airing my own screed or a visit to Thailand with the Michael Jackson Economy Pederast Memorial Sex-Tourism Tour.
    jewr Cousin Swillis Gumpf Turner of The Turner Diaries Sez:

    How do you know Obama wasn't born in Kenya? For that matter, since Obama received a Fulbright grant to go to college open only to the foreign born, then how do you know that Obama's citizenship wasn't denied by the very act of petitioning for financial aid as a foreign student? Since Obama claimed to be a foreign student to become a student on a scholarship, then why should he be later, when convenient, allowed to later claim to be a natural-born citizen to become a president?

    There are plenty of facts sufficiently supporting questions as to whether Obama is or is not constitutionally qualified to be selected president. Half a billion was spent in order to force him upon the American people. Now even though the government courts refuse to hear the case, it won't go away. Large segments of the white population will think of Obama as a fraud and certain politicians on the right will fan the flames the highter as liberal whiners like Turner demand censorship and [d]rule of [g]liberal as opposed to rule of law.

    There is a civil war going on between those like Randy Turner who refuse to let the truth come out and those whites who refuse to be ruled by a negro. Neither side will prevail fully. Rather, the flames of civil war will be fanned by both sides seeking absolute power and the end result will be civil war between both sides unwilling to compromise, with the fence-sitters caught in the middle. The Republic was set up so that nobody gets what they want all the time, and going about so that all dissent is forced to go underground ensures a violent explosion as the aggrieved think that they have no choice but violence in order to survive intact with their families and property.

    This TV or radio station had a lawful duty to accept that political advertisement, whether or not you or other liberals like it or not. They did so, and didn't even beg permission from your Bolshevik blog, Turner. Ain't it wonderful that there are some TV stations still trying to make a profit as opposed to being Randy Turner's Public Bolshevik System/Communist News Network? (PBS/CNN)


    Quote Originally Posted by Cousin Randy's screwdent

    Is Barock Obama the Prezident,I thought Gorge Bush was, because this economy seems to get worse and woeser and we need more troops for war in Afganistan. Sorry I lerned to spell in Publik Skool.

    8:21 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by typpicull ZOGling whigger ass-clown

    In the past Scott has refused to air ads critical of Roy Blunt because he thought they were inaccurate. One said Blunt laundered campaign money from one campaign account to another. Scott refused to air the ad because he said Blunt only transfered the money from one account to another. Would love the opportunity to make him answer questions about the way he treats Democrats raising questions about Roy compared to the way he is treating the birthers critisims of the President. A sickening double standard is being practiced at KY3 and KSPR.

    2:03 PM
    Swillis Gumpf Turner sez:

    Puh-leeeze. If what you say is true, then sue the station for refusal of your ad. After all, if it is a political advocacy ad, and advertised as such, no mass-media station can refuse to air the ad. If they did, then sue them.

    Of course newspapers lie about politicians just as politicians simply lie. If you want to whine about who are the biggest lying whores, the reporters or the politicians they cover, it is a whine which can go both ways.

    You liberals got MSNBC as the Obama channel, wherein they get a bunch of liberal whiners mouth-breathing about how unfair it is that Kiene_Obama is not worshipped as 'The One' and the kosher connedservantives got Faux News wherein the Great War against Muslims is justified on behalf of Greater Israel perpetually. The rest of us get to pick and choose what we want to listen to, as the population grows polarized and increasingly desperate.

    In any case, I don't get KSPR out of Springfield so if I want to hear what is said I got the Internet and can probably catch it on YouTube if I care to hear it. I don't.

    Get used to it. You won't get everything you want and there isn't enough money to pay for it and they are running the printing presses as it is, so you won't be getting health care even if you want to take away Medicare away from elderly whites in order to give to illegal aliens who you liberals just legalized. There ain't no Coup de Ville hiding in the bottom of no Cracker-Jack box neither. This country is on the verge of collapse and you fools got nothing better to do than whine about what some other fools put on the television stations that nobody neutral listened to anyway. They were probably doing something useful, like googling for lesbian MILFS on youporn rather than trying to get their jollies reading Point/CounterPoint here on The Turner Diaries.

    6:21 PM
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