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Thread: The Turner Diaries

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    Default When Politicians Talk Sense . . . .

    When Right-wing Politicians Talk Sense . . . .

    Cousin Randy Has a Cow, er Sheep, er, Ewelene.


    Quote Originally Posted by Cousin Randy

    Cynthia Davis: Cap and trade (legislation) a punishment for all of us

    In her latest newsletter, Rep. Cynthia Davis, R-O'Fallon takes aim at federal cap and trade legislation:
    Recently I attended a tour of the Ameren UE nuclear power plant in Callaway County. This is the first time I have toured a power plant in my seven years as a Missouri House Representative. Although the plant is visible to motorists from the I-70, I have never been very close to it. The steam column always looks ominous from a distance. Although the steam column is the most visible, the nuclear power generation actually takes place in the domed building next to it. This plant is so well reinforced, I felt as though I were in the “mission-control room” of a well constructed fort!

    Our electric rates are projected to double or triple if the congress in Washington DC creates new hardships and punishes those who use coal fueled power plants through the proposed “Cap and Trade” Bill. Nuclear power is the least expensive form of electric generation available, but only about 20% of our electricity comes from a nuclear source. Electricity has been the source of our financial development and stability. Ask your grandmother how it improved her life when the washing machine & dryer, air conditioning, refrigerator, vacuum cleaner, electric mixer and other labor saving devices were made available!

    Despite what you may have heard about wind and solar, Missouri does not have ideal conditions for either. To get enough sun requires building in the southwest where they don’t have so many cloudy days. To get enough wind requires building in the Northwest. Missouri has days when we have neither sun nor wind to produce any electricity whatsoever, so building a supplemental power plant remains in our future.

    While you may not think your electric bill is anything to brag about, our rates in Missouri are currently among the lowest in the nation. Part of the reason for this has to do with our ability to use plants that were built and paid for decades ago. Current projections show that our demand for electricity will increase 20-30 % over the next 20 years. Our current power plants will not be able to supply enough for this demand. In general, people are using more electricity per capita with all the new electronic appliances, flat screen TVs, phone chargers, AC adapters and every other gadget you can imagine. I love living in the age of modern conveniences and appreciate all the utilities that save us time and make our lives better. This has an economic impact of making us more productive, well groomed and able to spend more time doing what we truly enjoy.

    If our congress passes the “Cap and Trade Bill” get ready to see your electric rates really go up. The best way to understand Cap and Trade is to consider the game of musical chairs. Right now, there are enough chairs for everybody, but Cap and Trade seeks to remove chairs every year until there are only a few players left in the game. The end result will be less electricity available at very high prices. If you didn’t like what happened when gas went up to over $4 per gallon, you are really not going to like this!

    Link here to read: Who Really Pays For Cap & Trade? And here to read What Cap & Trade will cost families.

    I asked my source at Ameren UE what happens if those in Washington don’t pass the bill once they realize that a recession is a horrible time to inflict additional, undue hardship on the American people. He said the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) already has enough power to levy these taxes. The blame still falls to Congress who created and gives this power to the EPA. Our congress has the power to create, direct and dismantle the EPA like a robot.

    Here is the bottom line: Those representing us are asking all the wrong questions. Instead of trying to further destabilize the economy by increasing the cost of living expenses on the citizens, they should be asking, “How can we help our citizens and free markets gain access to less expensive utilities?” Perhaps the best answer is for congress to curtail their interference in our lives. This Cap and Trade experiment may turn out to be a great test of whether Congress cares more about their constituents or the lobbyists.


    Swillis Gumpf Turner sez:

    Turner just can't leave alone a state legislator living 300 miles away around St. Louis, and thus another one of 163 members of the House but with the exception that she wanted teachers like Randy Turner to leave them kids alone outside the classroom and to make sure that they had no criminal record inside the classroom. Turner hasn't forgiven or forgotten THAT.

    Now it makes sense that she should be against increased taxes and 'cap and trade' legistreason which will not do anything for the environment -- "global warming" being revealed as a hoax used to increase the power of government and the fact that China and India put out a new coal-burning polluting electrical generator every week or so -- in the midst of a big government/central bankster derived depression. Representative Davis fails to see how anything is to be gained by cutting into the supply and cost of electricity which is necessary to make all our lives richer and better, or even as it was. Certainly not when there is a 'jobless recovery' with a real unemployment rate approaching 15-20 percent.

    So how will things be improved by making electricity more expensive? I can see how a public school teacher like Randy Turner thinks that the government does things so much better than us private citizens can hope to manage -- at least during Democratic administrations and Congresses -- but do we really wish a corps of edumacated idiots already turning our children into drones like they are deciding how public utilities should be run or taxed?

    It could be argued that since Representative Davis talks good sense that it is foolish to raise taxes and give power to those who got us into the Greatest Depression, but rather to use more non-carbon generating nuclear power in a geologically stable area of the country, that Randy Turner decided to show that he could be balanced and fair in his usually biased reportage concerning an elected official (living across the state, no less) that he doesn't like.

    Naaaaahhhhh! There is a tone in this article that only liberal dogs and drones can hear and methinks I sense the smell of sanctimoniousness, the all-purpose slime that vicious evil slugs use as both armor and to leave a trail upon which they glide.

    Oh well, what to do . . . . where's my salt shaker?


    Quote Originally Posted by gliberal whigger ass-clown

    There's a tone in Davis' OWN newsletter that appeals only to liberals? Your comment attacking Turner is funny given that the only part of the post that is in his writing is this:
    "In her latest newsletter, Rep. Cynthia Davis, R-O'Fallon takes aim at federal cap and trade legislation:"
    Yeah, I can smell the self-righteousness eeking from those words. It's quite revolting to the conservative ear.
    Swillis Gumpf Turner sez:

    Let's see. 160-some other State Reps in the Missouri House and Cynthia Davis lives across the state and Turner is obsessed with her?

    I am simply wondering why . . . . when we all know why. Davis is someone who stands for everything Turner is against, like parents taking care of their own children and keeping liberal drones like Turner at arm's length. And thus Turner has to incessantly attack her, when in reality, there are plenty of state reps in this area like Emory, none too much different than Davis.

    You see, in Cynthia Davis' Ideal world, and in mine, you liberal drones wouldn't be able to use the power of the government to get to our children and our wallets. You could all move to San Francisco or New York City and live out your sterile liberal lives without ever affecting our lives in the slightest.

    But I must admit that the main reason I like Cynthia Davis, is that Turner and you other liberals hate her and all she stands for. If not for your hatred, I doubt that I ever would have heard of some state rep living on the other side of the state.

    As mentioned above, you can see where a slug has been by simply noting its trail of slime. And but a single grain of salt cutting through the slime to the oozing flesh beneath, sends the slug into a rolling agony as it threshes about.

    What we really should do is simply admit that we hate each other, put an end to hypocrisy, and get to the task of killing each other by means of civil war. You liberals want to bring Sans Francisco and New York/New Jersey to Southwest Missouri, and we can't have that.

    Quote Originally Posted by Concerned

    Cap and trade legislation will be devastating to our economy. It will kill jobs and raise energy costs. One has to wonder why we would intentionally pass legislation we know will have such catastrophic consequences. Write your Senators and tell them you do not support cap and trade at http://tiny.cc/pxIgi.
    Swillis Gumpf Turner sez:

    Concerned Citizen is right. We don't need no higher electric bills devastating our economy. But Cousin Randy is such a faggot that he hates State Representative Cynthia Turner saying that he can't get his nose and pecker into skrule-children's affairs, so he talks shit about her all the time.

    Besides, Cousin Randy is a really really stupid gliberal whigger asshole and won't rest until he got his electronic vibrator, butt-plug, and mechanical sheep taking the place of Ewelene is sidelined for lack of juice, the stupid whigger faggot.

    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous

    Well, we the people wouldn't intentionally pass such legislation, but our would-be masters in D.C. are happy to given the massive possibilities for graft and corruption in the handing out of "carbon credits" and how this allows D.C. to regulate every aspect of American life, right down to your gasoline powered lawnmower.

    The only saving grace to this mess is that of interregional warfare: parts of the country like ours that mostly depend on fossil fuels will be hit a lot harder than the coastal regions. So everyone expects this will die in the Senate (at least until after the 2010 election).
    Swillis Gumpf Turner sez:

    Well, you are right. The brain-dead stupid whiggers and anglo-mestizos areound here are not going to want to pay higher electrical bills from coal-fired plants. But being real brain-dead whigger pussies always wanting to suck ZOG's dick, you must never underestimate these ass-clowns, lead by Cousin Randy, wanting to take it up the poop chute.

    So time will tell whether Obongo the Magic Nigger will get what he wants from the professional politicians and moneyed whores in the CONgress.

    The whole point of this article was for Cousin Randy to bitch like a faggot bitch about a righteous bitch like Cynthia Davis.
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    Cousin Randy's Lying Blog, The Turner Report

    My Truthful Blog, The Turner Diaries

    Ewelene still misses Cousin Randy, the slut!!!

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    Default Cousin Randy Writes Hisself Another Book 4 Gay OutHouse Consumption

    Cousin Randy Writes Hisself Another Book 4 Gay OutHouse Consumption


    Quote Originally Posted by Cousin Randy

    Link to "jewspaper daze" of course featured on my idiot lying blog.


    A link to Amazon.com's page for my new book, Newspaper Days can be found on the right-hand side, as well as links to the pages for my previous books, The Turner Report, Devil's Messenger, and Small Town News.

    Smug goofy gliberal whigger faggot, ain't I?

    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous Who Gotta Know Cousin Randy

    hope the paper in the book is the new, cushiony comfort Kleenex Cottonelle Ultra 2-ply paper for that luxurious feel. Then your book will have some salvageable value.
    Swillis Gumpf Turner sez:

    Ditto on Anonymous #2's comment on how to make your latest book more useful.

    That said, it seems that you didn't give a correct link to Amazon, and in addition a Google search don't reveal where to find it on Amazon.

    I am amazed that anyone thought that your idiot opinion did a $1,000 worth of damage because everyone within this area should know that your opinion means nothing much to those in the area who know you, much less $1.5 million or billion. You really belong with that Rouse boy who wrote about how Granby was not kind to your kind of liberals. Your kind = faggots, that is.

    In any case, I was hoping to read some pages of the freebie and decide whether I wanted to review it for the rest of the idiots like yourself moaning about how horrible life is among us denizens here in flyover country.

    Quote Originally Posted by Wade Rouse

    From "AmeriKwa's [Faggot] Boy"

    Growin’ Up in Granby

    YOU DON’T really have a say in where you live. It is predestined. Some people get Malibu, Taos, or Aspen; I get Granby, a tiny farm town in the southwest Missouri Ozarks.

    My parents grew up in the Missouri Ozarks, in little places that don’t even warrant dots on a map, places with deserted main streets and town squares, old bandstands and courthouses, and very little hope.

    My family has hope. And that’s what makes it all so very hard.

    My mom, Geraldine (“Geri,” for short), grew up in Granby with my grandparents, Viola and Wilbur “Web” Shipman, and my aunt Peggy. My dad, Ted, grew up in Neosho, the county seat, about eight miles from Granby, with my other grandparents, Fred and Madge, and my aunt Marilyn and uncle Roy.

    Everything in Granby is white or off-white—the people, the cars, the clothes, the houses. It is like the black-and-white opening of The Wizard of Oz. When you finally see color, it’s overwhelming.

    Even the food in Granby is white or off-white. When I go to dinner at friends’ houses, they eat only gray-looking meat alongside a potato. They snack on potato chips and vanilla ice cream. They drink milk or beer. “We don’t like any food with color,” a friend’s mom said to me once, when I asked if there were vegetables. “They’re weird.”

    And so am I. I like to wear starched pink oxfords, sweater vests, and shoes with buckles. I do not like to get my hands dirty. I did not wipe my own butt until I was in junior high.

    There is not much to Granby, Missouri, a town where trailers outnumber homes and teeth. There is one gas station; one lonely, dirty little grocery store; a post office; and one restaurant—Rita’s—which rotates its “fried buffet” daily. That’s how Rita’s publicizes it: “fried buffet.” The food is deep-fried and all-you-can-eat; people wobble in—literally wobble—and eat until the steaming silver bins are empty. Monday night at Rita’s is fried chicken with mashed potatoes and cream gravy; corn with mountains of butter that slowly melt until the kernels are actually floating; green-bean casserole; and apple pie, crisp, cobbler, and ice cream. Tuesday is fried fish and hush puppies. Wednesday is fried frog legs and french fries. Thursday is breakfast-all-day (fried eggs and hash browns), and Friday, Saturday, and Sunday repeat with the chicken, fish, and frog legs. There is, of course, a salad bar, but it contains only iceberg lettuce and four dressings: ranch, Thousand Island, bleu cheese, and creamy Italian; the rest is mayonnaise-laden “salads”—macaroni and potato—sitting next to bacon bits and chopped-up ham. My family eats at Rita’s two or three times a week and always shows up for the Sunday buffet during the school year. I try to avoid the buffet—any buffet—but it is impossible in the Ozarks. When I ask for oatmeal, I am told that “oat” isn’t a “meal.”

    Granby doesn’t even have a stoplight—just a flashing light in the middle of town whose only purpose is seemingly to highlight the town’s two deserted main streets. The town is so quiet that when you drive by with your windows down, day or night, you can actually hear the blinking light blink—the click, click, click of the yellow.

    Granby does, however, have its own language. For instance, the word “nary,” found only once in Webster’s, actually has three distinct meanings in Granby: nary as adjective meaning “narrow” (That’s a nary bridge, or Don’t be nary-minded); nary as contraction meaning “isn’t” (Nary a motel in town); or nary as a noun meaning “contrarian” (Don’t be a nary).

    Granby’s claim to fame is trumpeted proudly on its lone water tower: THE OLDEST MINING TOWN IN THE SOUTHWEST. How true that is, I never know. Granby had been—for the briefest of periods—a buzzing ore-mining town. The town had swelled to about 5,000 people at its height. There were dance halls, bars, places to eat, and more bars. Men swarmed for the work, and women followed. One of those men was my mom’s dad, Grampa Shipman.

    The beauty of Granby, or of any small town, is its simplicity, its absolute nothingness, where you’re free to concentrate on nature.
    Much as I hate to admit it, the faggot kid's right about Granby. That's why we'uns so pissed about it. We'd be even more pissed if books written by faggots were even as common as teeth, even yellow or green ones, around here. Much less read. His older brother was one of my younger brother's friends until the stupid whigger fuktard got likkered up in his motorcycle and got plastered onto the grill of an 18-wheeler around 1:00 a.m one morning. So the faggot kid moved off to jew yawk and wrote crap about us Granby racist redneck piss-pul.

    Here's hoping that that faggot cousin of mine will join the faggot Rouse kid soon and they all die of GAIDS.

    Swillis Gumpf sez:

    Cousin Randy has no sense of humor, no more than any other gliberal whigger faggot skrule teecher messing with the minds of young whiggers at the whigger factory, giving out the edjewmacation. Why, he deleted my comment and the other two comments as well, particularly the one about how to make his witless lying book useful for normal pleasure. So Cousin Randy deleted the comments.

    Anyone else want to tell Cousin Randy how we are on to him? Cousin Randy hasn't deleted the comments section yet. He might, but not yet!!!
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    Cousin Randy's Lying Blog, The Turner Report

    My Truthful Blog, The Turner Diaries

    Ewelene still misses Cousin Randy, the slut!!!

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    Default A Review Of Cousin Randy's New Lying jewspaper Memoir, "MeinDikkk!"

    A Review Of Cousin Randy's New Lying jewspaper Memoir, "MeinDikkk!"


    Quote Originally Posted by Cousin Randy

    Smug goofy gliberal whigger faggot, ain't I?

    A desiccated turd review of my new book 'jewsPaper Daze'

    I have always been amused at Bill and Hillary Clinton's complaints about being the victims of a "vast right-wing conspiracy." Unlike Bill, I don't like humping the little girleys -- there will be no blue dress in my future -- but jewplin sure got a lot of faggot bars in which a discreet faggot skrule teacher like myself can always get me some, if you know what I mean.

    As far as I can tell, they made it through the White House days just fine, even surviving the Monica Lewinsky scandal. I, on the other hand, actually did lose my job because of a vast right-wing conspiracy of sorts, essentially comprised of swinish hillbillies like my Cousin Swillis, who mounted a counter-whispering campaign which I outline in several chapters of my new book, [j]Newspaper Days, which is on sale at Amazon.com and which will be available at other internet sites and at Joplin-area retail outlets in the next few weeks. Essentially it is a print-to-order deal in which I write lies to other whigger feebs across the fruited and nutted ZOG-plains.

    Following is a review of each of the 26 chapters in the 232-page book:

    "Newspaper Days" takes me from my first journalism job in 1977 with the Newton County News in Granby until I stepped into the little trailer outside of Diamond High School to begin my teaching career in the fall of 1999.

    The following is a breakdown of the chapters in the book

    1. Goodbye Carthage judenPress - The book begins with Ralph Bush firing me on May 17, 1999.

    2. A Little Background - My first job at the Newton County News, how I landed it, ran a stopsign and was involved in an auto accident the same day, the murder of Barbara McNeely, being fired, landing a job as Lamar Democrat sports editor, losing that job due to budget comebacks, taking the job as editor of the Lockwood Luminary-Golden City Herald and the closing of that newspaper. (It's a long chapter, but it's broken up into smaller parts.)

    3. Returning to the Newton County News - I return to the Newton County News, working for Emery Styron, the [d]ruling anglo-mestizos helping run Granby-- right into the ground -- get another chance as editor and deal with some fascinating people, including City Marshal Duane Beaver, who is now dead and can't defend himself against a lying faggot piece of shit like myself like he could back when I was a cowardly younger lying whigger faggot jewranalist, Mayor Bob Snyder, and my cartoonist Scott White, my first interview for a teaching job, my showdown with some drug dealers who wanted to do me bodily harm, getting fired through the U. S. Mail, and then being rehired at the Lamar Democrat.

    4. Lamar Democrat Revisited - How Tommy Wilson and Dave Farnham ruined the Democrat as a daily in my idiot whigger faggot opinion and turned it into a weekly newspaper and how Doug Davis saved the Democrat from going out of business, the return of the Democrat to local ownership, the younger reporters I worked with, Murder at the 71 Motel and leaving the Democrat to go to The Carthage Press.

    5. The Early Days in Carthage - How I almost left a couple of months into the job to return to the Democrat because I didn't have anything to do, the Webb City Police Department investigation, the Nancy Cruzan case, my battles with the late Bill Denney, when he was sports editor,

    6. The Transition from Reporter to Editor - How I found out about my promotion weeks before Jim Farley or Neil Campbell finally told me, teen drinking, the Joplin Globe reporter who accused me of making things up with the Webb City police investigation (and how she had to eat crow when everything I wrote about was testified to under oath in a civil suit), eavesdropping on closed sessions of the Jasper City Council (us whigger faggots get real good at sneaking and snooping around and spying on people so we can lie about them later) and Lockwood Board of Education, the rise of Bubs Hohulin -- an honest small-government politician who I hated as much as Cynthia Davis -- the state senate race between Marvin Singleton and James Spradling, Bill Webster and Roy Blunt battle for the GOP nomination for governor, and finally becoming managing editor in which as a skulking whigger faggot I got to lie about everyone I pleased without fear of being shut down.

    7. Taking Charge of the Newsroom - Starting with Amy Lamb, Randee Kaiser, Ron Graber, and Jack Harshaw as my staff, the Doug Ringler murder, how Amy Lamb energized the Press staff with brilliant coverage of Terry Cupp's preliminary hearing and with other strong features,

    8. Nothing Succeeds LIke Excess and I certainly am one excessive gliberal whigger faggot - Early stories during my time as managing editor including Amy Lamb's coverage of the execution of the man who murdered Harold and Melba Wampler of Jasper, Ron Graber becomes a hero in his hometown of Freeman, South Dakota, following the arrest of Lamar con artist Pat Graham, Randee Kaiser leaves vacation to cover Carthage developments in the Oklahoma City bombing case, my Sports Talk columns on former Lamar volleyball coach Armando DeLaRosa, who murdered his wife and then killed himself, and on Seneca football coach Alvin Elbert and his friendship with eight-year-old drunk driving victim Abby Phipps

    9. The Lamar Press - This chapter details our 49-week adventure in printing the best weekly newspaper this area has ever seen, including columnists Nancy Hughes, Kim Stahl, Katie Gilkey, Doug Oakes, Susan Davis-Mabe, and Marvin VanGilder, Cathy Bland's trip to the Vietnam Memorial in Washington to visit her father, Lamar war hero Howard Layne Jr., who was killed in Vietnam, the Leigh Hughes story from first kiss to lasting love, and how we closed the newspaper in style with Cait Purinton's investigation into the Lamar Guest House.

    10. The Sale of The Carthage Press - American Publishing Company buys the newspaper from Thomson and we come under the regional management of the Cope family of Neosho, bookkeeper Carolyn Baker embezzles $42,000 and costs Jim Farley his job (and then sues us for vacation pay) How American Publishing became Liberty Group Publishing, using a process that later put the company CEO in prison, and then how Liberty became GateHouse Media

    11. Red Oak II - Artist Lowell Davis recreates his hometown Red Oak three miles outside of Carthage, then in a weak moment, burns his studio. Eventually, former Carthage resident Terry Reed reaches an agreement to buy Red Oak II, and attempts to attract investors through an event called the American Heritage Festival. The speakers' lineup for the festival is a who's who of conspiracy theories in the U. S., as opposed to the lies us jewspaper editurds make up and put out as real.

    12. A Storm Brewing in Carthage - As corrupt thieving ass-clown Jasper County officials become needlessly concerned about the American Heritage Festival, Terry Reed takes his case to the people through the Mornin' Mail which invariably pisses off us jewsmedia ass-clowns 'thinking' only we get to lie to the Piss-Pul.

    13. The American Heritage Festival
    - With The Press at its lowest point, thanks to my faggot Managing Editurd mismanagement, Amy Lamb, Tricia Gould and Brian Webster had left, Ron Graber and I team with three interns, Jana Blankenship, Brooke Pyle, and Marla Hinkle, to cover Janet Kavandi's space shuttle flight, the KOM League Reunion, and eventually the festival. And we lie like lying faggot whigger dogs. . . . and really sodomize the pooch.

    14. And Those Nuts... - Thanks to my whigger faggot lies, the shit really hits the fan. The Kansas City Star makes it look as though Carthage is a hotbed of racism, with the difference that Kansas City is a lot more racist because it is awash in them niggers and Carthage isn't, just got beaners, and I write the column that marked the beginning of the end of my newspaper career, as I am about to get caught lying to where it will cost money. Lowell Davis decides not to sell to Terry Reed, I hear Reed tell a radio talk show host that he is suing me for libel, the Globe and the Mornin' Mail beat me on the story. By now I'm known as such a lying weasel that everyone doesn't believe me when I ask for information.

    15. Monday Morning Coming Down - The details of the lawsuit, how we handled it in the pages of The Press -- essentially we simply lied some more as usual with us lying bastards of the jewsmedia.

    16. Our Response to the Libel Suit - Ralph Bush pens an answer to the Reed lawsuit, as he wants to simply tell the truth and make an apology for me being a lying bastard while, ratlike, I just keep on lying. I dig up new information about Reed's past lawsuits and the background of some of those who spoke at the American Heritage Festival trying to cover the fact that we all were a pack of liars by painting the Festival speakers as nearly as big of liars as we are, when in fact they were merely nuts in believing their own bullshit.

    17. Moving Forward - I am allowed to add Jo Ellis, John Hacker, and Rick Rogers to the Press staff, coverage of the death of Congressman Gene Taylor and Staff Sgt. Kenneth Hobson of Lamar, who died when the U. S. embassy at Kenya was bombed, Rick Rogers and Ron Graber redesign The Press, The American Heritage Festival receives national coverage in a far right wing magazine concering how and why nobody should listen to a jewspaper run by a lying gliberal whigger faggot. Liberty Group Publishing does not contact a lawyer, as it would be a whole lot cheaper to simply fire my gliberal whigger faggot lying ass and publish a retraction and apology, but the Kansas City Star's attorney launches a full-frontal assault on Terry Reed, but they tell me that they don't need any more lying gliberal whigger faggots causing trouble for them no more as the lawyer is already busy enough in litigation coveringing the screw-ups of a lot smarter, even gliberal gliberal whigger faggot jewrnanalists than me.

    18. All the Way to the White House - Terry Reed says the American Heritage Festival lawsuit will take him all the way to the White House, which goes to show that he was as big of a nut as I was of a gliberal whigger lying faggot uncovering a conspiracy against him and others involved in the festival, Ralph Bush tells me to make a move i.e. offering to beg Terry Reed to take it out in trade -- gliberal whigger lyhing faggot blowjobs -- that eventually costs me my job as the Carthage Press oafishul gliberal whigger lying faggot .

    19. Number Five in the State
    - This chapter details how The Press was the number five newspaper in the state in the Missouri Press Association Gold Cup contest in 1998, thanks to the hard work of Stacy Rector, a high school senior whose work on our Teen Tuesday section won the press the Community Service Award but mainly my going ass-to-mouth with the big jewspaper media faggots in the Missouri [juden]Press ASSociation's executive washroom, Work by Ron Graber, Cait Purinton, and Brian Webster was also rewarded, I find out that the judge almost ruled against us in the Terry Reed lawsuit because it was obvious that in addition to being a lying gliberal whigger faggot jewspaper editurd, I was easy to prove malicious in my incessant lying.

    20. Abandoned - The Press runs a weeklong series on drunk driving that receives much acclaim, I receive a bill for nearly $8,000 for attorney fees in the Reed lawsuit, which everyone else thought was only fair giving that it was my malicious lies which caused the problem in the first place.

    21. The Beginning of the End - Ralph Bush puts me on probation for, among other things, having too much local news on page one, but really trying to get my worthless ass kicked off because I'm the one who started the shitstorm thanks to my lies. Ralph decides to fire John Hacker, Rick Rogers decides to leave The Press for a job at Missouri Southern, Jennifer Martin celebrates 30 years at The Press, though her departure would come only a few months after mine. The jewsmedia rats were leaving a sinking ship.

    22. The New Regime - Rick Rogers and Ron Graber replace me as managing editors of The Press, Ralph Bush fights to keep me from getting unemployment, and when you are one lying weasel fired for cause then it really hurts to be out on jewr ass penniless when you've certainly lied about everyone in the area. I become paranoid about Rick Rogers' possible role in my departure, this old war horse is put out to pasture to become a gliberal whigger skrule-teecher destroying the minds of young whiggers in the pub[l]ic skrewls.

    23. Third in the State and Nobody Knew It - The Press was beaten only by the Kansas City Star and St. Louis Post-Dispatch in the 1999 MPA contest, but no one at the Press realized it. THe newspaper wins first place awards for community service, the drunk driving series, investigaative reporting (the drunk driving series) and best feature story (written by teenager Stacy Rector), but plays up its wins for sports coverage and design, the American Journalism Review looks into my firing, Terry Reed drops the lawsuit against me, and later against The Press, I discover the real reason why I was fired, other than because I'm a malicious lying weasel who cost the jewspaper money and reputation over a libel suit.

    24. Looking to the Future - The Joplin Globe tries to take advantage of my firing, as they were nearly as big of lying weasels as I am, plus homophobic.

    25. Newspaper Job Possibilities - I talk to Jim Farley, the Siloam Springs newspaper, the Springfield News-Leader and Neosho Post about jobs. The Nevada Daily Mail hires me to sit around and wait until the managing editor is fired and I can take over, I interview for teaching jobs at Webb City, Diamond, and East Newton, but get passed over, I have to choose between taking the managing editor job at Miami, Oklahoma, or being a substitute teacher for a year. Another teaching job opens up and I have to make a final decision on whether to stick with journalism or teaching. Whether to continue as a lying gliberal faggot weasel lying to the relatively hard-headed parents via the jewspaper in a profession that everyone was getting on to me, or to fill young innocent whigger skulls full of mush into becumming as big of gliberal whigger faggot drones like myself. Well, we all know how that turned out. Being too cowardly to move away from the places I shat on, I decided to becum a grubbermint 'worker' in a profession crammed full of other gliberal whigger faggots like myself.

    26. School Days - I become the shortest teacher in the Diamond Middle School Language Arts Department (I'm slightly under five-nine, the women were both six feet tall) I found myself surrounded at Diamond by many familiar faces from our clandestine chapter of the North American Man-Boy Love Association. My teaching career begins.

    That is just a capsule summary of what is included in the book. I would guess that anyone who lived through those times will see some things they had totally forgotten about, or find out information they had never heard before. I am an inventive liar and hopefully there will not be any more libel and slander lawsuits.

    Posted by Randy at 8:57 AM
    Commentary on Cousin Randy's kikeshit self-review:

    Quote Originally Posted by anonymous

    Guess I don't need to read the book now.
    Quote Originally Posted by He knows the quality of Cousin Randy's work

    I hope the paper in the book is the new, cushiony comfort Kleenex Cottonelle Ultra 2-ply paper for that luxurious feel. Then your book will have some salvageable value. But...t, I repeat myself.

    5:26 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Dubious

    and why would people want to read this ???????

    6:16 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by anonymous

    I like Randy's writting . . . it helps my insomnia.

    6:30 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Neosho Daily Douche competing auto-fellator

    My Gosh!!! What gall...revewing your own book....what a sleazy thing to do. So glad to learn there really is a right-wing conspiracy...and, of course, it attacked Randy...sounds like people who say they were picked up by aliens from outer space...

    I don't think Randy has a monopoly on doing good work on high profile stories....right in little ole Neosho there have been plenty of big stories from tornadoes to ice storms, to the killings in a local church, to the death of the little girl in Stella and on and on and on....come on Randy...wake up to reality

    8:04 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Cousin Randy

    That last comment sure sounds like someone in the upper hierarchy at the Neosho Daily News. And I have consistently complimented the staff at the Neosho Daily for its ability to handle the big stories. I question the commitment of GateHouse Media and the Daily management to digging up the type of investigative stories that will best serve the community.

    8:43 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Daily Doucher?

    What right have you to question the commitment of anyone? Who made you king?

    I suspect most people at every small newspaper works as hard as they can. I would guess they get satisfaction for their work when they cover a big story or a little one for that matter. And I doubt if most of them do it for the same of having their names on a story...some people leave their egos at home when they go to work.

    Finally Randy, why do you only address comments such as this and not the ones from comments such as 3:17 p.m or 5:26 p.m. or 6:16 p.m.?

    Ignoring things won't make them go away. And hooray for 8:04 p.m.

    4:57 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by Gabby L. Ass-licker

    Gabby L. said...

    4:57, I was wondering one thing when I was reading your comment... Who made YOU king?
    Oh, and I would figure he didn't reply to the first 4 comments because they were juvenile at best, and they don't deserve his acknowledgement.

    And to 8:04, he didn't review his book, he gave a summary of it. Hopefully you would have known the difference if you weren't out to attack him in the first place.

    I personally think that the book sounds very interesting. I'm looking forward to checking it out!

    9:19 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by The AuntieGabby

    Gabby, you're not going to BUY this masterpiece...you're going to check it out...whoooah...that's really showing your support of the author...unless you didn't make yourself clear and "check it out" means you will buy a copy to read...You may have to wait until Randy gets a copy from his on-line vanity press

    1:08 PM
    Swillis Gumpf Turner sez:

    I look at the synopsis of Turner's latest self-serving memoir and it is typical of that written by incompetents and losers throughout History explaining how everything that they screwed up is somebody elses' fault.

    Of course Turner's main fault -- a sort of malicious love of lying for its own sake and twisting the truth to get at his right-wing enemies -- is the same fault of the media in general, which is why the Main-Steam Media, MSM, especially the liepapers, are now on the ropes. The liepapers got the mature sudience to simply cancel their subscriptions once the Internet came along because why should anyone pay to be lied to while being treated with a disdainful sort of off-hand contempt? The younger generation never even bothered to subscribe. Yes these feebs really 'thought' that we would put up with it forever, as opposed to holding grudges, and didn't see the reaction coming their way to where they would no longer be read by fools, and now these former 'reporters' and 'editors' of lies have only a little 'news' to publish on their dwindling audience of free blogs.

    It is extremely difficult to sue lie-papers for libel, especially if the lawyers for these liars claim that because of the lies they told you are now a public figure. You have to prove that the lies are not simply typical lies which all these media tell, but that there was malice involved. With Randy Turner, maliciousness was always quite apparent, and so the Carthage Press decided to simply make peace with Turner's victims by forcing out Turner.

    Yet Turner claims that a judge nearly ruled against Turner's liepaper. Perhaps quite a few of Turner's victims were lined up to testify as to Turner's vicious malice out to destroy the social order as it was here in SW Missouri.

    In any case, people simply stopped buying the liepapers against other victims and when lied about simply said nothing, knowing that this sort of vicious scum enjoying its power to ruin lives wouldn't print a retraction. What could they do, except refuse to buy or listen any more? But certain people, like this Terry Reed, did people a service by engaging these liepapers in litigation and making them careful to stop engaging in malice while they were under the gun in court. Through lawyers and legal action they ground down the local liepapers that the extremely malicious Randy Turner wrote for and eventually forced these liepapers to simply make Turner move on to other venues, regrettably now the public schools where the children don't have as much experience in how to deal with the likes of Randy Turner as their parents did.

    I have no doubt that this self-serving memoir will have Turner simply reciting all the miniscule good deeds Turner thought he did while ignoring all the heartache Turner caused by indulging in his lies against the enemies that he made. Turner is argument #1 for why maybe it is a good thing that the remaining liepapers have been consolidated because they won't put up with a local reporter or editor's malicious lies simply because they have no axe to grind with the local community. Because their bottom line doesn't include maliciously settling old scores in the local arena, these national newspaper chains probably did indeed clean up the industry somewhat by making sure that a vicious malicious critter like Randy Turner couldn't do as much damage before being cut loose. Because they are into newspapers as profit machines, they have no incentive for maliciousness like ideologues like Turner do. And so, contrary to Turner's thesis, national, and thus business control over the media may well indeed be a better thing.

    What destroyed the Main-Stream Media is it's penchant for social engineering and lying to accomplish same. But what also destroyed the MSM is also its penchant for speculative liquidity in which they took on much more debt than they could manage, especially given that the debt-bubble burst.

    If Turner's butt-wipe sells locally, it will be because of Turner's local enemies wanting to get a little bit of their own fun at Turner's expense. After all, we are on equal footing -- we all have our own blogs and forums and access to same. And whether Turner censors this or not means nothing because after all, it will show that Turner is a coward and bully unable to take some of what he dished out. And I doubt that we will be as indulgent as Turner is in reviewing his little memoir. Hopefully it will cut into national business as well.

    Turner does need to receive a bit of what he dished out to the poor, weak and downtrodden who stumbled over the years.

    Quote Originally Posted by Area Il Ragno

    Soon to be a major motion picture starring:

    * Wilfred Brimley as Ralph Bush
    * Rosie O'Donnell as Marshall Duane Beavers
    * Larry "Bud" Melman as Jim Farley
    * Lindsay Lohan as Amy Campbell
    * Harry Reid as Ron Graber
    * Dan Blocker, Jr. as John Hacker
    * Hal Holbrook as Lowell Davis
    * Cotton Mather as Marvin Van Gilder
    * Paris Hilton as Cait Purinton

    and, as Randy Turner .....

    3:08 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Gabby again, probably

    I say, if Nancy Grace, Barrack Obama, and Glenn Beck can promote their own books, why not Randy Turner???? Good for you!!!! If you don't toot your own horn, than no one will!

    3:28 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Carthage Press Never Forgets

    3:28 p.m. is right- no one else will promote it!

    So go for it Randy, brag all you want and push your revenge all you can...

    or, Randy, how about buying a nice big ad in the CARTHAGE PRESS to sell your book? They would love to take your money...you take their good name all the time...so let them take your money

    3:50 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by AuntieGabby

    ..........."regrettably now the public schools where the children don't have as much experience in how to deal with the likes of Randy Turner as their parents did."

    Do you mean to tell me that Randy Turner is in a classroom? With children? With no adult supervision.

    Surely, any school district with any concern for what the students are being exposed to will have another adult in the classroom to monitor Mr. Turner and his attitude and aptitude (or lack there of).

    And you, Gabby L., are truly like a spare tire with coffee breath.

    4:41 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Carthage Press Never Forgets

    That's the point 3:28. Nobody, and I mean nobody is tootin' Turner's horn......but Turner.

    Gosh, this is fun on a rainy day.

    4:46 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Gabby gets clever


    I am somewhat perplexed by the amount of criticism this blog receives. If people don't like what you say- then why are they taking their time and energy and thought process to read and post comments? Really....

    6:15 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Another gliberal whigger

    4:41---Obviously, you lack a definition of what a teacher does or what a teacher should be. I would love for my child to experience Randy Turner as a teacher. What an opportunity for any student, 8th grade or college, to have someone with life experiences, a real world view, and an ambition to reach others through teaching. I do not always agree with Randy politically but I love this blog.

    6:35 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Skeptical Parent

    "This blog features observations from Joplin East Middle School communication arts teacher Randy Turner, formerly an award-winning reporter/editor for various Missouri newspapers."

    6:35....I don't know about 4:41 but it appears your favorite teacher spends a large amount of his time trying to make up for his past journalistic failures with The Turner Report. Is this part of his Career Ladder justification?

    Are his students suffering from his lack of classroom effort.

    I have yet to read blogs from students with glowing reviews of how Randy's dedication to teaching is inspiring them. Have you?

    8:16 PM
    Cousin Swillis sez:

    My critique of Randy Turner simply involved how Randy Turner was one of the worst offenders promoting godless liberalism upon the unwilling readers in what is probably the most socially conservative area of the entire nation. A left-wing fanatic, Turner played fast and loose with the truth until he found someone that he slandered and libeled who filed a civil lawsuit and which obviously had the end result of removing Turner from the newspaper industry which largely agrees with Turner. The end result is that what happened to Turner -- a sort of social antibody reaction to a nasty bacillus -- has an analog in the larger society. Liberalism in the Main Stream Media (MSM) has largely failed. The end result is that you now have the Dumbya Channel of Fox News, the Obama Channel of M$NBC, and CNN taking up the middle. So today we have niche markets and the Internet wherein everyone can read what confirms his own prejudices.

    Now the problem is that Randy Turner was driven out and he found a haven in the public school system to 'teach' his failures and to help create more liberal drones out of your children, having for whatever reason no children of his own to legitimately create in his own image. Just as the MSM, the failures of the public school system is increasingly made manifest as well, and they are by all standards a failure except in the areas of trying to indoctrinate political correctness, in separating children from their parents and God, and in giving lying liberal drones like Randy Turner a sort of welfare check for creating more worthless liberal drones like himself.

    So as time wears on and there is less money in the system because people are losing their jobs, retirements, and homes due to in large part because of indoctrinating fools to accept thieves and parasites to rule over them and hold their money, likewise a sort of antibody reaction will more than likely remove liberal drones like Randy Turner and others from their jobs and positions. I must confess that I hope that like other real-life drones they starve to death in a cold world they have helped make, just like bees shove out their formerly pampered drones this time of year as (social) winter approaches.

    Now I will grant Turner some points for allowing this criticism to appear on his blog, while also understanding that if Turner doesn't allow criticism, then he as a drone might as well just give it up and take a last flight into the wintertime. Turner is a particularly sanctimonious drone facing a harsh world in large part created by other liberal drone Baby Boomers just like himself. And thus, like stegosaurus with two walnut brains, one located in his anus, Turner will have to simply live with rabid possums and dire wolfosauruses chewing on his idiot butt while he thrashes his spiked tail in the air. You other witless stegosauruses can do nothing to help.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gabby L.oon

    Gabby L. said...

    Well, since I am the ONLY person on here who has had the guts to put their name on here other than Mr. Turner, I have come to find my name mentioned in a few comments, and I'd like to respond.

    10:27-Yup, reserve a copy for me, and yes, I'll only require one.

    1:08- You have it wrong. I didn't intend "check it out" to mean anything less than getting the book and reading it. Does that narrow down the meaning for you, or would you like to try to take another crack at me by questioning my support for the author?

    And 4:41- Funny thing, I don't drink coffee. Try Dr. Pepper, I do drink that.

    It's funny how I'm required to use times as names. It makes responses feel so impersonal even though their comments are intended to be taken personally. It's just hard to take it personally that way though. Oh well, I'm sure that's what they rely on to be able to be so hateful.
    9:50 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Mariah

    Mariah said...
    "I have yet to read blogs from students with glowing reviews of how Randy's dedication to teaching is inspiring them. Have you?"
    I just happened to stumble upon this. I find it rather distressing. I'm almost afraid to post this, because all these bold, anonymous people seem to be quick to jump on anyone who supports Randy Turner. But post I will.

    Mr. Turner's class is the reason I aspire to be a journalist today. In the class, we were encouraged to have our own opinions and express them freely. I can say without doubt that the year I spent with Randy Turner is the year I decided where my passion could be found.

    While this class was nearly 6 years ago, much of what I learned in that classroom still influence what I do today. Randy Turner is an amazing teacher. He is dedicated to his students in a way I never experienced in another educator. This dedication inspired me and my classmates alike. I know of countless stories of students who hated putting pen to paper, and found themselves writing with a fervor their parents couldn't pay them for.

    I know none of what I said will change any of your minds. While I realize this post will most likely be torn apart by the anonymous mob that prowls on this blog, I stand by it. In all my years in compulsory education, I had the pleasure of meeting very few teachers like Randy Turner. His class was a gift for which I will always be grateful.

    Thank you, Mr. Turner.
    9:19 PM
    Cousin Swillis Sez:

    First of all, Randy Turner has not abandoned the weapons that liberals in the media always use to preserve their power to try to frame the dialog, namely censorship. Randy Turner has deleted comments which hit close to home on his blog. And when liberals have made many enemies in their censorship attempts, they like to then whine about how their detractors have learned to be anonymous when making their derision public. In short, both Randy Turner and his defenders want to be like Chairman Mao in yapping about 'letting a thousand flowers bloom and a hundred schools of thought contend' -- just before engaging in a Cultural Revolution purge of their political enemies.

    Now for every one of all the feminized students like Mariah above loving the force-fed liberalism that no doubt Randy Turner shovels out in class, doubtless there at least four or five boys and two or three girls who found Turner the most sanctimonious smarmy old poofter that ever bored the living crap out of them in class. When I went to junior high there was this homosexual math teacher who would give his little five minute lecture to his students about how one of his victims was retarded, or, in my case, mean, to the other grade-peer class of thirty or so. Then the victim would hear about it from the other students within a day or so after being treated badly by the indoctrinated students. This happened to me twice, and ended when my father deliberately went to class and confronted that two-faced faggot directly to his face about talking about his students in class and threatened a lawsuit if not allowed to humiliate that teacher like he did with me. After that, this 'teacher' behaved -- a bit.

    This is why I think that there should be no compulsory education whatsoever. None. And if there is, then it should be limited to four years between the ages of eight and twelve wherein the students learn basic reading, writing and arithmetic. After that, let the parents and students simply save their time and money on deciding as a family what they wish to learn and let the free market decide, via Internet learning and in boarding school, how to get training in their own trades and how to make a living.

    No more twelve-plus years of government-provided daycare or kiddie-jail or indoctrination or government jobs for a class of liberal drone parasites. A cutting of property and sales taxes by two-thirds. True freedom of speech and thought because there is no provision for regimeist political enforcement for those connected politically. Parents teaching their offspring to respect them and God. Separation of School and State.

    Now Mariah is another drone who wants to get into the Main Stream Media looking for a job which doesn't exist any more. There is not any more local papers which can afford to relentlessly print up lies about its citizens and expect to enjoy support from those citizens. All that will be left is a few national lie-papers and a weekly local with grocery advertisements being printed on dead trees. Best Buy no longer gives out an ad in the Joplin Globe. So I'm thinking of simply getting up to buy only the Wednesday paper any more and letting the rest of the week well enough alone.

    So Mariah, you would be probably in journalism school today, piling on massive debt for a job which no longer exists. That is one of the good things of the MSM blowout, is having drones like yourself starve. I took a journalism class in college and was always fighting the estrogen deluge from leaking liberal douchebags. This in large part why I detest reading female and homosexual writers is because of their own inability to stop looking, not at their navels, but their own nether parts, and then writing it up like I just have to look at and smell the real world from their idiot viewpoint. I don't think so.

    Randy Turner will doubtless write what he thinks is a glib and cunning book which will sell a few hundred copies. The people he libels are dead, like Duane Beaver, or simply living their own lives, and probably won't do anything but suffer and steam in silence. Some of us locals with our own blogs will buy our own copies and review Turner's book with open contempt. And thanks to print-to-publish, Turner will have a copy at Hastings or Barnes & Nobel in this area on sale, and sell some via the Internet at Amazon or Lulu.

    Every political action creates a somewhat (un)equal and negative reaction. You liberals have been on top a long time. Now us reactionaries will soon have our day and hang or skin some liberal dogs who had theirs and were base in their actions when they did.
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    Cousin Randy's Lying Blog, The Turner Report

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    Ewelene still misses Cousin Randy, the slut!!!

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    Default Cousin Randy Wants to Try & Convict the Accused in His jewsmedia

    Cousin Randy Wants to Try & Convict the Accused in His jewsmedia


    Cousin Swillis Sez:

    Innocent Until Proven Guilty by Jury, Not Turner said...

    Turner is one of them newspaper reporters who 'think' that they have a right to accuse, try and convict people in the media they control. Of course, there is never any punishment of Turner any more than there is any punishment of the police for making false accusations.

    Why not allow the accused to be tried before an uncontaminated jury pool other than that Turner and the rest of the media want to play god and tell us what we are to think.

    There is a reason why most people think that you are a liar and you ended up getting fired as an editor and reporter, Turner. You abused your position and somebody simply decided to call you on it, and so the management of the newspaper got rid of you.

    I have a solution: Hard and fast laws that if newspapers print propaganda concerning a particular court case, that if the accused is found innocent, that newspapers and reporters like Turner be found guilty and imprisoned for years for denial of the accused rights to a fair trial.

    If you wish to engage in speculation as to guilt and innocence and get found out to be wrong, then there should be some penalty for it. As it is, I think that the Branson newspaper is acting in a morally responsible manner in not speculating or being used as a propaganda tool for the police and prosecution. Something that Turner never learned about, even though run out from the positions he abused.



    Cousin Randy's Lying Blog, The Turner Report

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    Default Cyndi's Gotta Gun!!!

    Cyndi's Gotta Gun!!!

    . . . . . And Cousin Randy Don't.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cousin Randy Turner

    Cynthia Davis, a pistol-packing mama

    In her latest column, Rep. Cynthia Davis, R-O-Fallon, addresses gun laws and lets the world know she now has a permit to pack heat.

    Here I am at my St. Charles County Sheriff’s Department to pick up my permit. I paid $100 for the privilege of participating in my second amendment rights. I still would rather have a strong hero come to my rescue if in trouble. At least that’s the way it happens in the movies! Then again, I only like to watch movies with happy endings.

    Going through the process was valuable and helpful in understanding our gun laws. One concern I have with the current law is that guns are prohibited in churches. This means there is no defense for the members if a criminal act is attempted or perpetrated. There is a provision in another section of Missouri statues allowing an override of this prohibition, but why should this section of the law exist it at all? This subjects churches to state laws in an area where the state should be silent. It’s as though the state does not consider churches capable of defining acceptable standards within their own jurisdiction.

    Churches do not belong to the state. Therefore the state is overstepping its bounds by taking gun-possession decisions away from the churches. The state would do well to delete this issue for the same reason that we do not dictate what people can do in the privacy of their own homes. Most of us were taught as children that the church is God’s house. Just think how differently things may have turned out if it were not for a heroic woman with a gun at the New Life Church in Colorado.

    When well motivated and properly trained people demonstrate personal responsibility to protect themselves against law-breakers, it saves costs of law enforcement and human suffering. The State of Vermont does not require a permit to carry a concealed gun. Former Vermont Representative, Fred Maslack, went a step further in 2000 by introducing House Bill 760 which encouraged residents to protect themselves against crime. Under his bill, adults who choose not to own a firearm would be required to register their names, addresses, Social Security Numbers, and driver's license numbers with the state. "There is a legitimate government interest in knowing who is prepared to defend the state should they be asked to do so," Maslack says. This bill did not pass.

    I am not intending to introduce anything like this, nor do I know of any other states entertaining this idea, but it shows how other people in our country feel about the benefits of gun ownership and the importance of being able to protect the innocent.

    When I was on the O’Fallon board of Aldermen I went through the Citizens Police Academy. During the classes the police officers emphasized the importance of the good guys staying in control at all times. I don’t like violence, yet I recognize that a strong defense is the best deterrent to violent behavior.

    (Photo: Cynthia Davis is shown with her gun permit)

    Thursday, November 05, 2009
    Quote Originally Posted by Tired of Turner

    Anonymous said...

    Randy, why do you feel the need to constantly dish out childish name calling? Are you that lonely that the only way you can fill your evenings is to serf the net looking for new opportunities to try to put down your “enemies”?

    9:06 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by Randy Turner edjewmacated me

    Anonymous said...

    It's called surf the Web, first you misspelled and no one has used the term net regularly since about 2002.

    12:34 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Stick it up jewr ass

    Anonymous said...

    Hey, you’re right I made a typo and I'm out of date, thus my point has been totally invalidated. Kudos! (that's another old-timer term for you)

    1:44 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Everybuddy needs guns

    Anonymous said...

    Maybe if Rep. Davis had been packing some heat at Fort Hood today, there would have been fewer killings.

    Hey Anonymous 9:06 - I surf the web now and then myself...don't you love being out of date....I do

    Sorry Anonymous 12:34 (Edjewmacated), you're just gonna have to live with us ... we're not going anywhere...maybe you can get some hand sanitizer to guard you from the unclean masses

    7:30 PM

    Swillis Gumpf Turner sez:

    I like Cynthia Davis said...


    And Turner don't. When liberals say that right-wingers equate gun registration with castration it is because they have already willingly undergone the process, and like the eunuch priests of Cybelene, never really miss much what they didn't have no use for neither. What steams their little crock is the well-grounded, for once, suspicion that us reactionary neo-nazis here in flyover country are having fun with our guns and know how to use them -- preferably on liberals.

    Pore Turner. Obsessed with Cynthia Davis who probably doesn't even know a pathetic critter like Randy Turner exists, and if she did, would probably emit a girlish, "Ohhhhh, yuck!!!" if she seen one, even though she knows liberals, pathetic feebs demanding power, exist because she always runs agin them.

    Turner is like a rabid chihuahua chasing an eighteen-wheeler, foaming at the mouth and out of breath trying to cock a leg to spray on the steer tire. Pore Turner, always seeing the southern end of a northbound lead female dog in estrus and being already cut, can't do anything but impotently snarl and snap and yap about the unfairness of life. Woe is Turner.

    Perhaps you should give it a rest, Turner. Cyndi is living well and that is the best revenge.

    9:54 PM
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    Default The Revised Missouri "State Coercion of Child Witnesses" Statute 491.725

    The Revised Missouri "State Coercion of Child Witnesses" Statute 491.725

    Quote Originally Posted by Cousin Randy 'Big Fag' Turner's Report

    New law may be used in Pete Newman sex case

    The Taney County Prosecuting Attorney filed a motion Monday to protect the child witnesses expected to testify about former Kanakuk Kamp director Pete Newman when he comes to trial on felony sex charges. If Judge Tony Williams approves the state's motion, it will be one of the first times that Missouri's new Child Witness Protection Act, has been employed since it became law Aug. 28.

    Newman is charged with two counts of sexual misconduct and single counts of statutory sodomy and sexual misconduct involving a child under 15. The Taney County prosecuting attorney has said that Newman's acts, all with underage boys, took place over a 10-year period.

    The Child Witness Protection Act is printed below:

    The “Child Witness Protection Act” was created in 491.725 RSMo. to give courts the discretion to make numerous changes to
    court procedures to help prevent children from becoming confused, intimidated or harassed when they participate in court prceedings.

    Some of the accomodations include changes to the oath required of witnesses to make it more easily understood by children, limiting the duration or timing of questioning, rephrasing confusing or harassing questions, changing the layout of the courtroom, or allowing the child to hold a toy, blanket or similar item during testimony. Perhaps most importantly, the court may designate a “support person” who may accompany a child to the witness box and remain near the child but who may not obstruct the defendant’s view of the child-witness or influence the child’s testimony in any way.

    Posted by Randy at 5:30 AM, Tuesday, Nov. 10, 2009.


    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous 11:43 a.m.

    Hey Randy check out Ozarksfirst .com
    11:43 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by chilly

    It was my understanding that the majority of these children are now 16-20 years in age now. I'm not sure holding a toy while being questioned is going to apply here.

    12:48 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous AssClown

    Chilly, you're just plain stupid.

    8:20 PM
    Swillis Gumpf Turner sez:

    For uncoerced child witnesses said...

    This 'revised' law is yet another way to allow the baby-stealers at Department of Family Services/Child Protective Services and the 'advocates' to coach and terrorize the children that they stole in order to testify against their parents. The US Supreme Court decided back in 2004 that no longer would the DFS and police be able to refuse to put children on the stand to testify against their parents by using a video deposition which they controlled. Eventually the results of that law was filtered down so now the 6th Amendment right to confront one's accusers was upheld in Missouri. So this new law is a means of allowing these baby-stealers and social services to continue to try to influence the testimony that they elicit, coach and coerce. In short, it allows those government workers who stole the children in the first place to be in the view of the stolen children to remind them that regardless of what the kid says, that they still will be in the foster-care system and can be punished until they are eighteen, and then shoved out to fend for themselves.

    In short, this new law should be called the "Subornation of perjury of child witnesses by social workers and therapists" law, because that is what it will be used for. Because that is exactly what this law was designed to do, is to allow the social workers to keep their thumbs on the scales of justice in these court cases drawn up against those parents deemed unfit by the state to raise their own children to become probable enemies of the state.

    Well, hopefully some day these very same tricks will be used against the perpetraitors who steal children today under color of law and the politicians who enable them. Let them get back what they dished out. I bet if I had control of their children I could make them say anthing against their former parents.

    But Turner loves these sort of laws because he is against parents being able to counter-indoctrinate their own children. Turner foams at the mouth at parents getting to teach their own offspring independent of what those indoctrinators of State choice, the public school teachers get to do in order to make more liberal drones like themselves.

    Plus, Turner is the one who wants these people accused to be pre-lynched in the news media so that they can't get an untainted jury.

    9:36 PM
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    Default Let's leave the mass-murdering to qualified Muslim Mental Health Professionals!!!

    Let's leave the mass-murdering to qualified Muslim Mental Health Professionals!!!


    Quote Originally Posted by Cousin Randy Turner

    Cynthia Davis: Keep an eye on those Muslims


    That Cyndi legisheifer sure chaps
    my skrule-teecher faggot ass!

    Considering the murders at Fort Hood, Rep. Cynthia Davis, R-O"Fallon in her latest column, says we need to keep an eye on those of the Islamic faith in our military:
    When we heard the news last week about Army officer, Nidal Hasan, who opened fire at the Fort Hood Army Base, I felt compassion for all who have a loved one on any military base. This tragedy serves as a reminder that there are major philosophical clashes between Christianity and Islam.

    Christianity is the foundation of tolerance. American laws are based upon Judeo-Christian principles. Jesus teaches us to love our enemies. On the other hand radical Muslims, such as Hasan's imam (Islamic cleric) teach it is honorable to kill non-Muslims. In the Koran, Sura 2:191 says, “Kill the disbelievers wherever we find them.” There are some Muslims who are praising Hasan’s actions and condemning the Muslims who condemned this act. While some Muslims may be unaware of what their faith teaches and others do not adhere to these parts of the Koran, we as a country should not ignore the obvious.

    And her conclusion:
    At first glance, it would seem like we could protect our military if we allow Muslims an opportunity to be discharged based upon a conscientious objection. However, it may not have helped in a case where an individual is using his position in the military to harm our country. It is critical that our leaders identify the cause of this attack. It would be difficult to protect ourselves against those who are mentally ill. However, if this proves to be an act of terrorism and nothing is done, we can expect more of these types of attacks and even worse. We owe it to our military personal and all the citizens to have policies that support unity and patriotism.
    Posted by Randy at 5:24 AM, Thursday, November 12, 2009



    Quote Originally Posted by gliberal whigger ass-clown needing plugging by ragheads

    Although I'm sure her constituents will eat up this us vs them rhetoric, she should shelve the talking points about religions she knows nothing about (other than scans of Wikipedia). Anyone from any religion -- Christianity, Islam, whatever -- can cherry pick quotes to justify acts of violence in the name of God. What we need to do is identify people who have mental illnesses and watch them (which she gives lip service to later), not watch people from certain faiths in general.

    8:27 AM
    Swillis Gumpf Turner sez:

    Let's leave the mass-murdering to qualified Muslim Mental Health Professionals said...

    Anonymous @ 8:27 is a typical idiot like the fool sheep killed the other day by this Muslim 'Mental Health Professional.'

    As the news comes in, it is apparent that the FBI and others in his chain-of-command knew that they probably had a problem in this Muslim officer of Palestinian descent talking about being a 'holy warrior' and wanting to leave an army which is killing his fellow Muslims, men, women and children civilians, but because of Politically Correct notions needing saying that "This is not a Crusade against Islam", this potential problem was simply wished away until the matter literally blew up with over 40 people being shot and 13 killed so far.

    Cynthia Davis is absolutely correct. Muslim soldiers who don't want to be killing their fellow co-religionists shouldn't be forced to deploy to a war zone, much less given guns to kill our soldiers in an act of betrayal. They have divided loyalties, and when we force them to choose sides, we may not indeed like the end results.

    I don't know why Turner obsesses on some state legislator who lives across the state, but so far Turner's attempts to show how stupid Cyndi is ends up with the result of showing how very stupid and out of touch Turner is, especially given this area. You're batting a perfect .000 so far Turner.

    Anonymous 8:27 knows nothing about religion or history. The Christians of the past 2000 years had no problem in reconciling their religious beliefs with killing Huns, heathens, Turks, and Christians among others and within this country during the 17th-19th centuries in keeping negro slaves and slaughtering redskins. In fact, the idiotic notions the above-mentioned fool holds explains precisely why the Muslims are winning the current two wars of occupation in places we have no business in occupying. Trillions of dollars wasted and thousands of lives lost in order to make people into our own image when they like how they are now just fine.

    And concerning those who use religion to justify their acts of aggression against others; that is caused not by mental illness, but rather rational manipulation of soft-headed fools who are mercilessly exploited or killed under color of religion. These predators are often far more calculating in assessing the reality on the ground than these feeble-minded fools wishing that their 'reality' was only real. Insofar as claiming that those who either calculatingly or naively use religion as a political tool are mentally ill, I can only hope that that Mental Health Professional Doctor Nidal will perform something useful on such nitwits to improve their lack of intelligence -- like another lobotomy.

    I certainly wouldn't want some Muslim guarding my six in Iraq and Afghanistan. But then again, I'm able to learn from the unfortunate experiences of others who were forced, because of Army Political Correctness, to have a 'job enriching' diverse workplace like that at Ft. Hood.

    Idiots. I'm sure glad that I'm not in the Army no more.

    4:10 PM

    Quote Originally Posted by another ass-clown

    Anonymous said...

    wouldn't you like to be in a war zone somewhere and have this guy assigned as your fox hole partner?

    what are the non-Muslim soldiers to do now? Let's listen to them...those boots on the ground are way ahead of the airheads in the White House....

    7:28 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by He Likes Cynthia Davis Too

    Why Randy doesn't like Cynthia Davis:

    1. She's female in a power-type position

    2. She's Republican

    3. She speaks her mind openly

    4. She doesn't fear the press

    5. Some national TV clown (the kind of fool Randy sheepisly follows and believes) (Olbermamzer) doesn't like her and tries to make her look bad on his show

    Randy obsesses over people with these traits...makes me think we need more people like this.

    5:05 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by Had Enuf Ragheads

    Muslims need to go back from where they came from.

    6:21 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by gliberal whigger ass-plunge


    I am amazed at the vindictiveness in these comments!

    11:17 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by Not amused at gliberal whigger bloggers

    a "blogger" is AMAZED ... you have to be kidding! Bloggers, as a rule, live in a maze

    4:25 PM
    Swillis Gumpf Turner sez:

    I like Cynthia Davis said...

    William Lind, who writes a great deal about Fourth-Generation warfare isn't too surprised about what happened at all:


    "Last week’s shootings at Ft. Hood, in which thirteen U. S. Soldiers were killed and 30 people wounded, appear to be a classic example of Fourth Generation war. The shooter, U. S. Army Major Nidal Malik Hasan, was a practicing Muslim. He sometimes wore traditional Islamic dress and carried a Koran. He reportedly cried “Allahu Akbar” before he opened fire. Though American-born and a U.S. citizen (and army officer), Major Hasan appears to have transferred his primary loyalty away from the state to something else, Islam. For his new primary loyalty, he was willing to kill. That is what defines Fourth Generation war."

    Nov. 10, 2009
    Seems to me that Cyndi has a better grasp on the situation on the ground than all of you liberal fools who seem to think that a 'good Muslim' is one who repeats your idiot notions before he kills his fellow soldiers or detonates a suicide bomb OVER HERE as opposed to an openly unfriendly 'bad Muslim' OVER THERE who plainly tells us that he wants our soldiers to go home now because they are tired of having their cities bombed and civilians murdered.

    Such a conservative notion that maybe we should not open the military ranks to jihadists. Why, the next thing you know Cyndi will be saying things like we ought to have parents feeding their own children as opposed to having you idiot liberal school teachers keeping them over the summer so that they can get a free school lunch.


    11:48 PM

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    Default Trile by jewspaper



    Swillis Gunpf Turner sez:

    I still foolishly believe in holding fair trials said...

    Anonymous 7:03 gave the real reason why the Branson liepaper didn't print the news that yes, surprize, there are perverts in the Family Entertainment mecca of Branson. They don't want common sense to intrude upon people trying to take a vacation from their normal life. Why, Branson might have the same amount of perverts and molesters as any other area of the country.

    I suspect that 10-20% of the population are perverts. Most people living today have neither intelligence or strength of will to resist doing whatever pleases their glands at any given time. I blame this upon the pub[l]ic edumaction system populated by liberal drones like Turner.

    And here I thought that the Branson liepaper wanted to let this alleged molester have a fair trial as opposed to allowing the news media to convict him in advance. I should have known that all of you liepaper editors and reporters are liars and that they refused to cover this event not because of any principles of civilization such as rule of law, not rule by mob, but because they didn't want to cut into the tourist trade.

    A degenerate population ensures that nobody is safe nowhere.

    4:15 PM


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    Default Sexy Sarah Bars Hostile jewsmedia Whores From Starting Shit At Skrule of the Ozarks

    Sexy Sarah Bars Hostile jewsmedia Whores From Starting Shit At Skrule of the Ozarks



    Time for some Megan Fox photoshopping!!!
    Quote Originally Posted by Cousin Randy
    Gutless Palin bars media from College of the Ozarks appearance

    I am sure this post will bring out the legions of Sarah Palin acolytes who believe the Alaska governor can do no wrong, but the agreement between Mrs. Palin and College of the Ozarks to bar the media from her Dec. 2 speech is indefensible and shows that for all of her legendary "mavericky" tendencies, she is simply a politician who plays too fast and loose with the truth (when she has any idea what that truth is).

    College of the Ozarks is a private institution and has every right to bar whomever it wishes from its premises, but For Mrs. Palin to set such guidelines is a clear sign that she is still unable to cope with the media, so she takes the next best approach- demonizing it to try to cover all of her shortcomings.

    It would be nice if Mrs. Palin relented and agreed to let reporters cover the event, but that would require Mrs. Palin to admit she was wrong about something and that day will probably never come.

    Posted by Randy at 4:28 AM, Thursday, November 19, 2009



    Quote Originally Posted by Knows Cousin Randy is a faggot

    I don’t blame Randy for his hate filed rants against female politicians. If I was a middle-aged “confirmed bachelor” I would be bitter too.

    10:31 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by OwlGore, who censors the judenpress, is better

    Regarding Al Gore:

    Personally, I think Gore should let the media into all of his conference talks. It's gutless to do otherwise, just as it is gutless for Palin to refuse to let the media -- even a hostile media -- question her.

    However, there's one big distinction. Gore is giving talks about the environment. Palin is clearly gearing up to run for the office of President of the most powerful country on Earth.

    If ANY candidate for POTUS refused to regularly meet the media (no, not Oprah, a press conference) and be questioned, there's no way in hell I'd vote for them.

    Palin included. She has something to hide, which is clearly that she has no real grasp of the issues.

    The whole "the media is out to get me" nonsense don't fly either. Nice cover story, flies with her true believers, but it don't wash with the independent voter. You run for POTUS, you answer questions. Democrat. Republican. Independent.

    In the end it won't matter. Palin refuses to try to expand her base of supporters with cowardly silliness like this. And you can't get elected POTUS with the same old 22% of the population voting for you.

    1:15 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Thinks Cousin Randy is a gliberal whigger ass-clown

    Actually, I think Palin is doing the same thing Gore is doing, selling books and trying to control their image.

    Everybody is entitled to their opinion on Palin. However, it seems to me if you are going to call someone “gutless” or a “coward” then you ought to have the balls to run for office yourself and not just pontificate on a blog.

    2:04 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Cousin Randy whines like a censorsheep pussy

    Considering that I allow anonymous jerks like you to make comments about me all of the time and I sign my own name to what I write says a lot more about my courage than it says about yours.

    2:07 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Give it a rest, Turner

    Yes Randy, you are a real hero. The abuse you take from jerks like me far exceeds the attacks made on Palin and her kids.

    What impresses me the most about your posts is how you excel at childish name calling while eschewing intelligent debate.

    BTW, I see that the editorial review for your new book at Amazon states that you enjoyed “a storied newspaper career” that earned you “ more than 100 awards.” Could you share with us what awards you won (or at least the top ten)? Also, the review mentions that your latest book is “the follow-up to the highly successful The Turner Report.” I see that The Tuner Report has an Amazon sales rank of #2,597,282 is that your definition of “highly successful?”

    3:57 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Yes, Turner is a gutless ass-clown

    It is just amazing that Turner continues to criticize others for their personal attacks but his "gutless" attack on Palin is okay? I have asked you many times on this blog why you have this double standard but you have never been able to answer. I doubt that she has ever personally attacked you Turner so I don't see the need for the hostility. Oh that's right we are the fools for reading your babbling. Anytime you put down Nodler's name or Palin's name....it increases your blog traffic and makes you feel important even though it is not you people are searching for. perhaps you should put a bit more effort into your lesson planning in order to get those comm arts MAP scores up. Lord knows that craphole school district could use improvement. It's no wonder the reputation the district has with teachers like you continuing to add to the embarrassment.

    8:12 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Codney Kink "Can't weez all gets along?"

    I know this may seem to be a big jump for some or maybe many, but it amazes me how divided our country has become.
    Let's go back to WWII and how our country, all political parties, all individuals, united together to fight a common enemy.
    Do we not now have a common enemy trying to destroy our nation. Is not our economy and our standing in the world not at risk for our survival?
    Must we be so petty about our little differences that we can't unite with a common cause!

    5:59 PM
    Swillis Gumpf sez:

    Send in the clowns said...

    Sarah Palin is a politician and all politicians are whores. The politicians who are not whores and who honestly show their disdain for the public and thus are running for office in order to cause trouble or demand certain things get done are called 'nuts.'

    The news-media are all whores. They lie and connive in order to put forward their idiot notions. They get caught and then lose audience share and then get fired. Right, Turner?

    So the secret to political success given that whores lie is to get their johns in a row. Palin wants to sell her idiot ghost-written book before an audience of Republi-tards as surely as OwlGore wants to only appear before worsheepfull Demo-tards. Neither are able to think on their feet, to engage hecklers, so they choose a safe path, like Obama with a back-up teleprompter and Flush Rimblow with call screeners.

    So the sundry partisans choose their safe grounds and safe audiences and turn it into a media event and bar the hostile whores of a different faction. Then the barred whores then screetch outside in the 'free-speech' area about how they can't set up shop in that particular brothel area, how the opposing whores are diseased, and how their johns are pathetically stupid to buy their tail from their preferred prostitutes.

    I say that all of them are poxed and morally and mentally syphilitic. And so I don't take any of them seriously. Why should anyone? The whole country is polarized and so they pick and side with politicians and bloggers who cater to their prejudices. What else is new?

    I do, however, appreciate Turner screetching about how cowardly and idiotic the Republi-tards are, especially given that the Demo-tards are usually smarter, just eviler.

    And Turner, if you want to cut off the comments section which is what most of us read in order to see you you yelp and scramble, then go ahead and make your blog irrelevant. You are a performing clown -- a swine who sometimes finds a truffle -- and if your audience wants to see a free circus then you will need to go with the flow and shuck & jive and juggle for our entertainment with a smile. You really do need to understand that in the great meaning of things you are really nothing but a whore-clown needing to stop taking yourself so very seriously. You have the drawback of any politician or reporter in that your political half-life is determined by how much you got caught lying in the past. Your only cure is to move to a place where nobody knows you. Otherwise, stop threatening to 'pull a Palin' (Ashcroft, OwlGore, etc.) on us. OK?

    Whores galore. Buy you a ghost-written book and leave twenty Federal Reserve Note$ on the nightstand when you go to see the clown of your choice. Ain't De-mock-racy wonderfool?

    By the way, I think I'll stay at home this season and rewatch the youporn video of a Sarah look-alike cherry-picking some Y&D&FofC feeb that I bookmarked from last year.

    9:45 PM

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    Default Cousin Randy Wants To Deflect Suspicion From Hisself

    Cousin Randy Wants To Deflect Suspicion From Hisself


    Quote Originally Posted by Cousin Randy

    News-Leader: Judge in Pete Newman case ignored law with decision to close hearing

    When he was using a new law to close a preliminary hearing for former Kanakuk Kamp director Pete Newman, Taney County Circuit Court Judge Tony Williams did not even check to see what the law said.

    Williams told the Springfield News-Leader:
    "They agreed to do it, so I never did actually get the book out" to review the new law, Williams said.

    Told of the controversy generated by the attempt to close the hearing, he said: "My concern is children. If that is no one else's concern, then that's their problem."
    It is sad that it is so easy for Williams to make decisions that close the workings of the judicial system to the public and open the door to all kinds of possible mischief. What he should have considered are ways in which the children could have been protected without closing the courtroom doors to the public and to the press. These types of procedures are used on a regular basis in cases in which people are testifying who might be in danger if their identities are revealed, such as confidential informants. Why couldn't the same methods be put to use in this case?

    It turned out to be a moot point since Newman waived his preliminary hearing at the last moment.

    The News-Leader story indicates the Taney County prosecutor never asked for the closed courtroom and offered other options. It was the judge who immediately suggested the public and press be removed. That kind of hair-trigger reaction should concern people.

    No one wants children to suffer when testifying about evils that have been committed against them, but at the same time, when you start closing public court hearings you are starting a dangerous precedent. Once it has been done for a case like this, soon it will be done for all cases involving children, and then it will spread to other cases where people have been victimized and soon we will have no way of knowing what is going on in our courts.

    Friday, November 20, 2009, Posted by Randy at 3:42 AM

    Quote Originally Posted by Believes in ZOG korts

    Anonymous said...

    Courtrooms have always been public forums...and with good reason. To protect our system of justice and to hold the judge, attorneys, clients and witnesses accountable to the adherence of the rules and regulations of the courts. I understand the desire to protect children from possible public humiliation and scrutiny...but, also know the importance of not beginning the practice of closing courtrooms. The closing of courtrooms allows for the potential of so many violations of justice and is against everything this country was built upon.

    5:30 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by Kathlee Byrd


    But those right make our justice system work. Judges are not above the law and Williams should have looked at the law before ruling on something he didn't have knowledge of.

    10:25 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by Loves crooked jewdges

    Judge Williams was big enough to admit that he didn't look at the book, okay!!!!!! He didn't have to say that, but he was honest. He didn't make that ruling to undermine the law! He was thinking about the victims!!!!

    Pete waived his right to the hearing so shut up and stop trying to prove your point! I take it that this is a rich whigger who had one of his spawn ass-raped by the pervert to the spawn of the Rich & 'Tarded.

    11:23 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by Screw the Law!

    What he did WAS within the law. He did the right thing. Wish more judges around this country would follow his lead. When they fail to protect these child-witnesses or give minimal sentences to their abusers, O'Rielly should expose them on his show.

    When Mr. Peter's sentencing comes around, the judge should give him the MAXIMUM PENALTY.

    11:56 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by Whigger that thinks it knows what the law should be

    This is yet another example of Randy not letting his ignorance of a subject stop him from expressing an opinion.

    It sounds to me like the issue wasn’t that the Judge ignored the law, rather it was that no one objected. Judges only make rulings when there are controversies, in this case there was no opposition and thus nothing for him to decide. For example, hearsay is not allowed in a trial but if a lawyer does not raise the objection then a judge is not going to do it for him. It was the same way here, no one objected so there was no controversy for the judge to rule on.

    12:51 PM
    Swillis Gumpf Turner sez:

    For once this idiot Turner is correct. The judge violated the written law and if a judge can't obey the law which gives him power over others, then why should anyone else obey the law when it is inconvenient?

    The idiots on this blog seem to think that judicial lawlessness is OK as long as the results are with their prejudices. They never figure out until they are on the docket in a secret court that perhaps civilized behavior and rule of law is a good thing, but like criminals in the prisons everywhere that everyone is guilty except theysselfs.

    Right now the lawyer and defendant are cowed, hoping that if they let the judge have his way that the judge will cut them some slack later. When the course of events arrive, the defendant and his probable later lawyer will then claim that the judge and prosecution went along with public hysteria whipped up by the media and move for an acquittal on all charges based upon being railroaded in a secret court without the right to confront uncoached witnesses and challenge the constitutionality of the new law misused to justify closing the courtroom.

    The U.S. Supreme Court overturned the old Ohio v Roberts allowance of hearsay testimony and said in recent cases that the accused MUST be able to confront the witnesses against him in open court. The old Roberts-era 'hearsay exceptions' have been so scrapped that people who 'testify' against their killers using previous 911 calls can't use that 'hearsay' evidence in court any more. The recent Missouri statutes are an effort to get around those Constitutional protections and will more than likely be challenged by a smart convictee with a lot of time on his hands and a law library available in prison.

    Not that there is any need to use this new law 491.725 for the benefit of social workers in coaching children in court to reach the desired conclusion. This 'law' was designed to entrap working-class daddy for allegedly diddling his kids without there being any real material evidence present while welfare mommy was off at the casino so that the social workers could sell the children to rich yuppies and perverts. The alleged victims in this case are well able to confront the accused in open court as it seems that they are 10, 12, years old. So this new law shouldn't be used and abused to do away with the established trial process of open courts and open witness testimony. The end result might be that a smart manipulator will 'lose' in court and end up having all the charges dismissed upon appeal by getting a new attorney claiming that his client didn't get a fair trial thanks to a hysterical witch-hunt whupped up by the media and allowed by a corrupt weak judge to using an unconstitutional set of laws abused by the prosecution.

    Best thing that can happen is for the prosecutor to file a motion that the current judge be replaced and the arraignment be redone and that the case be started over without using the latest legal 'trick' of RSMo 491.725.

    Weak, stupid, arrogant judges, corrupt prosecutors, idiot press and degenerate people. So much for rule of law. Let civil war decide who wins, who loses, who lives, who dies in favor of the strong and unscrupulous able to think clearly.

    5:15 PM

    Quote Originally Posted by Savvy whigger ass-clown

    Well Randy I guess you got Maddog's vote.

    7:53 PM
    Swillis Gumpf Turner sez:
    The Springfield paper had one of the drafters of this suspect legislation say the following:

    "The purpose of that statute -- and I think it's clear on its face -- it was never intended to close a courtroom," Moore said. "It was intended to create certain safeguards so children could feel comfortable testifying ... it's designed to help them testify in open court."

    The purpose of that legislation was to allow social workers and divorce lawyers wanting to break up families by having the kiddies testilie that daddy diddled them while welfare mommy was gone to the casino would have those who got the children under their thumb easier ability to coach the nippers while obeying the requirements that they no longer can use a videotape of their production out of open court. These lawyers and social workers are upset that their handiwork will be destroyed by some ham-handed judge and idiot prosecutor trying to shoot fish in a barrel and by closing the courtroom destroy the entire case AND their legislative machinations and let an egregious pedophile run wild upon appeal.

    Quote Originally Posted by Baby-Stealing DFS fuktard

    Well 5:15 you were giving a pretty good arguement until you started talking about social workers selling kids, then you showed your real lack of intelligence. Your a moron.

    8:21 PM
    Swillis Gumpf Turner sez:

    So I take it that you, 8:21 are some sort of social worker or enabler who is uncomfortable with the amount of hatred generated towards the current regime for their baby-stealing ways.

    Them little white babies born to poor white trash are the only valuable thing that you white liberals really want. There isn't much market for them little tar babies and wealthy couples will go to Eastern Europe or China and adopt some surplus female children that the Chinese don't want. But what fetches the highest dollars are healthy white babies from poor white families.

    So it is a simple thing for you social workers to make up some rules and take little white children and buy and sell them. Happens all the time. Occasionally some kids get sold to rich yuppies or homos and there is a big stink for a few years like happened in Washington State. But most of the time everyone knows what is happening and there is some sort of agreement not to speak of the matter because those the social workers victimize are poor and uneducated and powerless.

    However, the possibilities of retalitory violence against social workers and the entire social system is enhanced because some people won't forget or forgive what has been done to them in destroying their families under color of law for the personal profit of those in power.

    In any case, this thread was about judicial overreaching in these alleged child molestation cases. The particular law was passed in order to give you social workers a thumb on the scales when the brainwashed and terrorized kiddies, suitably prepped and coached to claim that daddy or mommy molested them when there is no physical evidence and send daddy and mommy to prison for the rest of their lives.

    Reading the Springfield newspaper, you find that the lawyers and social workers who created this law are all annoyed that this judge has so far over-reached in creating a secret judicial process that the law AS APPLIED will be ruled unconstitutional. Or it will create an atmosphere of hatred and suspicion for the minions of the System that they get scared to go outside among the general population.

    As it is, this current alleged molester will doubtless get the entire ball of wax overturned because of this stupid and corrupt judge couldn't be bothered in reading and obeying the law. Reversible error/prejudice has already occurred and the Defendant, with a new lawyer, should let all these errors pile up and then get the entire conviction overturned upon appeal, probably with prejudice. But for now it is the prosecution's turn and the best thing to do is to let the prosecution shoot its wad and muddy up the water with prosecutorial misconduct.

    As for Turner and you other baby-stealing liberals, I have no intention of arguing with your kind. Rather, like a remorseless prosecutor, I prefer to point out the issues and facts involved so that your kind can continue to do evil because you are evil and have an agenda of evil and make 'points' so that when it is your turn on the docket you can be judged as you did judge those who you accused when it is your victims' time to judge you. A political rule of thumb, especially around here, is that conservatives are invariably stupid and liberals are invariably evil.

    So if something was said that smote what little conscience you still had as a government 'worker' or regime enabler, then I can only hope that it made you sick enough to quit and repent or that you continue to do evil and thus damn yourself and your family when what is going around finally comes around to you and yours.

    8:23 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by Coonservantive Ass-clown 4 Baby-Stealing

    This isn't a liberal vs conservative issue for me. I'm politically conservative, my kids knew Pete Newman and thankfully weren't victimized by him, and I can think of no good reason to have the courtroom closed to the public.

    I'm sure it will be difficult and embarrassing for these teenaged guys to sit in a witness chair and describe what Pete did with them. I have no doubt, however, that they now fully understand that Pete, as the adult, manipulated and abused them. Pete should feel shame for his actions; his victims should not. Hopefully these young guys know that they're heroes for telling their stories to their parents and the authorities so that Pete could be prevented from continuing these heinous acts.

    By the way, social workers don't coach kids to lie in court about abuse. In cities with Children's Advocacy Centers children who have made an outcry of abuse tell their stories to social workers in videotaped interviews. The social workers have been trained to ask questions which are phrased in such a way so as NOT to lead them to exaggerate or say something untrue. The authorities want truthful and accurate testimony so that it can't be torn apart on the witness stand. The police and DA's study these videotapes to build their cases. They get accurate info and the victim doesn't have to tell his/her story over and over during the investigative process.

    Obvious a DFS/CPS baby-stealing bitch or an enabler of the same. I certainly hope that this Randy Newman did rape the spawn of this rich & powerfool whigger who loves to see the children of the poor stolen and their parents jailed on bogus child molestation cases. -- Swillis Gumpf Turner

    Furthermore, the kids get to practice testifying in court ahead of time so that it is less stressful when the time comes. They know where the defendant will be sitting, what his lawyer may ask, etc.

    Judges: don't close the courtroom! The brave victims are prepared to tell their stories, otherwise they would have never come forward in the first place!

    3:20 PM
    Swillis Gumpf Turner sez:

    What goes around comes around said...

    Saturday night there was some fat bitch from the Social Services on the TV whining about how there were over 400 children in Jasper County needing foster parents. Thus the lie that these social workers are not about removing white children from the homes of politically incorrect or poor white families for those chosen to raise these children to become good little government lovers is revealed for the grossly idiotic lie it is. Four hundred children removed from so many families in one county alone so that the baby-stealers got to in effect advertise for somebody to raise the children they stole like they are giving out so many Thanksgiving turkeys if you will only fill out a credit card application. And on this forum, rich liberal/conservative liars think that they can pull the wool over us all when there is such a wrenching in the social fabric from these policies.

    Let me tell you what it seems like to the discerning:

    None of these 400 childrens' parents have the money to send their children to some 'Christian camp' where they can live in the equivalent of gated-community kiddie care. The lying fools on this forum have no problem with the children of poor white people getting put in foster care where they are abused and molested in the equivalent of human puppy mills for the foster check or adopted by rich yuppies or perverts who the police dare not arrest. And no, they have no problem with homosexual social workers and school teachers for the children of the poor and middle class. Why homosexuality isn't an abomination but rather a legally protected lifestyle to be protected by 'hate-crime' laws.

    But there comes a disconnect in such 'thinking' when they farm out their own spawn to some expensive 'Christian camp' where their little bi-curious nippers learn the joys of rump-ranging, fudge-packing, and wiener-munching, not from other little twelve year old gaywads but from predatory homosexuals typically churning out more homos just like them.

    And, it goes to show that God has a sense of humor when the very laws designed by the rich and powerful in order to steal, buy and sell the children of the poor in order by convict their daddies and mommies of child molestation absent forensic evidence comes back to bite them by these laws then being openly abused in order to railroad a genuine sexual predator who turns the spawn of these rich 'Christians' into sexual, as well as social predators and parasites. All of which goes to show that in a decaying plutocracy that the laws are routinely made by the rich and powerful in order to be enforced selectively against the poor and weak.

    Wouldn't it be ever so just if someone who lost their children to the state was to get past the jury-tampering phase and vote "Not Guilty" because in a world full of evil people the misery and despair of broken-up destroyed families should be democratized?

    Perhaps Pete Newman, pervert pedophile of the spawn of the rich and powerful, is nothing more than an unlikely agent of God's Justice.

    4:47 AM

    Well, Cousin Randy deleted the above comment. Cousin Randy loves these laws designed by the social workers and lawyers in order to convict the parents of poor and middle-class children of bogus child molestation cases and put the White children being raised White into foster care and the whigger factory so that pervert skrule teachers like Cousin Randy can get to them.

    But when these laws are abused in order to close the kortroom when the sexual predators of the spawn of the rich & whiggroid can be railroaded, Turner is caught in a quandry. What happens if Turner gets caught.

    The rich gliberal whigger shitheads have no problem with child molestation of the children of the white working poor but have a cow when the perverts teach their bi-curious whigger spawn the 'joys' of faggot sex. Then when it hits them, they go ballistic.

    Well, part of me hopes that the jew pervert gets away with sodomizing and turning into faggots the spawn of these jewdayo-whigger rich ass-clowns. What goes around comes around.
    Last edited by Swillis Gumpf Turner; 11-29-2009 at 09:20 PM.


    Cousin Randy's Lying Blog, The Turner Report

    My Truthful Blog, The Turner Diaries

    Ewelene still misses Cousin Randy, the slut!!!

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