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Thread: The Turner Diaries

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    Default Me and Cousin Swillis Visit Cousin Randy Turner's Book Signing

    Me and Cousin Swillis Visit Cousin Randy Turner's Book Signing
    The Turner Diaries Rules, The Turner Report Drools!!!


    When me and Randy Turner's Cousin Swillis Gumpf Turner heard that this gliberal whigger faggot Cousin Randy was going to have a book signing at Hastings' Book Store in jewplin over his lying book, 'jewspaper Daze' which Cousin Swillis had already reviewed, why Cousin Swillis wanted to actually read Cousin Randy's lying mass of shit. Yup, Cousin Randy was doubtless gonna lie about how the lying bastard had been driven from the jewspaper industry and sent to molest the little skulls full of mush at the whigger factory, also known as the pub[l]ic skrewl system. Cousin Swillis, a fair, yet stern man, was gonna actually read Cousin Randy's kikeshit before writing about what a lying sack of shit his Cousin Randy was. But, Cousin Randy and Cousin Swillis don't like each other too much since Cousin Randy jilted Ewelene and left her broken hearted, and prey to looking for love in every mangy hound with a pecker.

    Ewelene still misses Cousin Randy, the slut!!!

    When we got to Hastings, Roxie refused to go in to see Randy Turner. She said that Randy Turner, while in her high skrule class, was a stuck-up asshole who thought his shit didn't stink, even though it did. Randy Turner was a first-class nothing, except a suck-up who would kiss the asses of the teachers and smarm off to everyone else, except the big boys who could and would whup his ass. Cousin Swillis in the back seat agreed. Roxie said that Randy Turner wasn't anyone to screw the girleys. Cousin Swillis asked what they had that Ewelene didn't have. Roxie said that the reason she don't go to high-skrewl reunions is because Randy Turner goes to every one and is still an asshole. Cousin Swillis said 'ditto.' Roxie said that she didn't want to go inside to see Randy Turner. Cousin Swillis said that he wanted to beat Cousin Randy's ass.

    So I said that there was no sense in anyone doing something that they didn't want to do (looking at Roxie) or which would end up having to bail them out (looking at Cousin Swillis) or would put any extra money in that gliberal whigger butthole fag Randy Turner's pocket (looking at my wallet). I would go in and have Randy Turner sign his latest lying book for both me and Cousin Swillis. So I picked up the hardcopy of Cousin Swillis' review and walked in.

    Well, Randy Turner was surrounded by whoreds of ugly skank fag-hags. I don't know what it is about them gordas, but when they can't get any whigger dick, they want nigger or beaner dick that they are not supposed to have. I didn't see the skank with the Michael Jackson fetish, or the fairly good looking one that looked like she would fit in on a Stevie Nicks LP album cover, but I did see a number of the sort of fag-hag lesboskanks common in a creative writing class, wherein I was the only critter with a dick, and still no grabbers or groupers.

    Anyway, I walked up to where Randy Turner was forted-up behind his paperbacks and said that me and his Cousin Swillis wanted to buy a book from him to review further. Cousin Swillis had written a review based upon Cousin Randy's synopsis. Randy Turner snarled that he knew who Cousin Swillis was. The Neosho Fuktards had ratted me out. What to say?

    So I decided to brazen it out. I told Randy Turner that his Cousin Swillis had written a review and I wanted him to see it. Randy Turner said, "I know what he wrote!!!" in a tone which said that Swillis' Cousin Randy was not amused. "Well, are you too chickenshit to accept his work to enjoy as much as Cousin Swillis did when he wrote it?" With little grace, Randy Turner took the hardcopy of around seven pages.

    "So if I buy your book, will you dedicate it to your Cousin Swillis?" I asked. "No," snarled Cousin Randy, "I won't. You'll take what I write. And I won't talk anything further with you (or Cousin Swillis) at all." Oh, well, if that's the way itz gonna be. So I nodded at Randy Turner to go ahead and sign his name, although I had hoped to get Cousin Randy to write to his Cousin Swillis: You keep on pitching, Cousin Swillis!!! To which then Cousin Swillis would write: "And I'll keep on catchin'!!!" atop his Cousin Randy's signature.

    Anyway, I went and paid for the book. Randy Turner looked like he would croak of apoplexy and I could only hope so. He was all red-faced and clearly annoyed and his lesboskank fag-hags were looking around in the air, anywhere but at myself or Cousin Randy.

    So, I went back to the car and told Roxie and Cousin Swillis what had happened with me and Cousin Randy. Cousin Swillis swore, "Damn that cocksucking sheep-loving&leaving Son of Belial. Gimme the damned sales receipt." Well, not wanting to chance not being able to take the book back if it was a bigger dog than I suspected it was, I palmed off a McDonald's receipt onto Cousin Swillis. Cousin Swillis, his face thunderous, stomped out of the car and into the Hastings.

    Cousin Swillis came back five minutes later looking like the cat who ate the canary. "We ain't gonna have to make a quick getaway, are we?" ""Nope," said Randy Turner's Cousin Swillis. "Me and Cousin Randy discussed it peacefully, man to faggot, and I put in a quick 'cum to Jesus' request and Cousin Randy seen the light. Cousin Randy wrote down what I asked and inquired as to how Ewelene was doing and promised to cum over with flowers for Ewelene next time he was in Newtonia. All is well with me and Cousin Randy."

    Then Randy Turner's Cousin Swillis handed me the receipt:


    The Turner Diaries RULES, The Turner Report drools


    What to say? What COULD I say? 'Cousin' Swillis Gumpf Turner sure looks like a typpycull Ozarkian inbred Neanderthal, but he gets things done. And I am NOT a Man of YHWH who argues with results!


    Hello World! Ah's Swillis Gumpf Turner!!!

    Swillis Gumpf Turner
    Cousin Randy is a gliberal whigger butthole fag!!!


    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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    Default Cousin Randy's "Diary of Anne Finkle-Heichestein"

    Cousin Randy's "Diary of Anne Finkle-Heichestein"


    Quote Originally Posted by Cousin Randy

    I helped make up this lying kikeshit
    and all I got from the dirty jew
    was one copy of this lying book.


    Watching television news Monday provided a clear look at what our society has become...and why it is important to maintain newspapers.

    The stories that were covered offered a wide range of interesting, though not particularly important events:

    -Former St. Louis Cardinal first baseman Mark McGwire finally admitted what nearly everyone believed from the beginning, that he used steroids (though his claim that he could have hit 70 home runs in 1998 even without the chemical help was a bit hard to take).

    -Former Alaska governor and vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin has been hired as a contributor to Fox News (interesting, but not much of a surprise).

    -Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, with his comments about President Obama lacking a "negro dialect" remained under fire.

    -NBC's in-house drama, trying to juggle the volatile situation with Jay Leno, Conan O'Brien, and Jimmy Fallon continues with no resolution in sight.

    -Simon Cowell announced he will bow out after the current season of American Idol.

    While all of these stories were covered extensively in newspapers, as well as on the cable television news shows, there was one story, about the death of a woman whose contributions to society were probably more valuable than those of all of the aforementioned celebrities combined, which was almost exclusively relegated to newspapers.

    It was announced Monday that Miep Gies died in a Netherlands nursing home after suffering from a fall a few days before Christmas. She was 100.

    The name Meep Gies may not ring a bell with you, but Meep Gies was one of a small group that hid eight Jews from the Nazis for slightly more than two years, an act which could have cost her her life. And when the Gestapo finally discovered the eight, it was Meep Gies who managed to preserve the writings of the youngest of the eight- Anne Frank.

    Her first thought, she always said, was to hold on to the diary to give it back to Anne after the war. That did not come to pass, as Anne Frank died of typhus in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. Eventually, Meep Gies presented the papers to Anne's father, Otto Frank, and then she helped him put them into the form that has become known to generation after generation for more than six decades, continuing to offer an indictment of the Holocaust, as well as to deliver a message of hope.

    In a 1998 interview, Meep Gies said she did not consider the risks she took to protect the Frank family and the others in that annex to be heroic. "They were powerless, they didn't know where to turn. We did our duty as human beings: helping people in need."

    Though it would have been nice to have seen more television time devoted to Meep Gies and her continuing contributions to the world, it was not surprising that the airwaves were filled with Sarah Palin, Mark McGwire, Harry Reid, Simon Cowell, Jay Leno, and Conan O'Brien. That left it for newspapers to pick up the slack and most of the ones I read this morning featured stories on Meep Gies, whose gift to posterity will be recalled long after the names mentioned above are just dim memories.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dubious

    The Diary of Ann Frank is one of the most famous forgeries in existence. After the war, her father, one of millions of Holocaust survivors, undertook to write up what he thought would be profitable. Vast portions of the 'diary' were written in ball-point pen, the first which was available after 1951. Ann Frank's father, Otto, after suspicions were raised, refused to allow scholars to inspect the alleged diary that he had allegedly 'found'.

    So to anyone but the professionally credulous,or those who have something to gain from it, this Diary of Anne Frank is a fraud. What was probably a few pages of diary by a child have been expanded into a polemic against the Nazis, who were quite aware of whom had betrayed them in the First World War, brought about the injustices of the Versailles Treaty, and the puppet Weimar Republic, which brought about the perceived need for a savior in the form of Adolf Hitler, whom most Germans loved.

    And the silly woman who harbored Jews in her home is no more to be admired than some silly senile old cat lady hiding a score of diseased fleabags from the animal control officer. Southpark did a parody of this several years ago. Yet predictably Turner has nothing better to do than to bemoan the end of idiot lie-papers which used to publish reams of liberal polemic drivel which usually bored the proles to tears and amused and enraged white men to where they refused to pay for this vicious silliness any more.

    No wonder the mass media, especially the lie-papers, is on the ropes. Good riddance to dog-awful lying rubbish.
    Quote Originally Posted by Cries at Holohoax Movies

    What on earth is dubious talking about???

    Meep was a heorine who MUST be recognised for the work that she did

    I have read the book and saw the film, and was heartbroken on both occasions,

    Dubious should be locked up and the key thrown away
    10:35 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by Mamzer AssClown
    Typical Southwest Missouri hatred by Dubious.

    Go play with your guns, freak.
    12:33 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Luke LaVellian
    Diary of Anne Heiche-Stein

    ONLINE AUCTION ON E-Gay.com ---- Bidding starts at $66,666.66 for the original stained-with-angelic-tears copy!

    ***** "A one in a six million find" - - The Diary of Anne Heche-Stein, dedicated to her "friend", Melissa Etheridge-berg

    DESCRIPTION: "The moving memoirs of a sensitive, talented jewish girl who meets "the love of her life" in the murder factory of Bergen-Belsen, where she slaved 18 hours a day pitching her dead relatives into the ovens. Little Anne and Melissa sneak off behind the crematoria every chance they get and play a "game" together that later inspired the family "fave", "Twister".

    666 pages, Publisher, WoeIsMe Books 2001
    Order a copy Online at: www.Amazonia.com

    . --Luke LaVellian

    1:07 PM
    Oh well, above post was deleted by Cousin Randy, who as a gliberal whigger faggot can't be expected to appreciate Luke LaVellian.

    But some nutzis did show up at post theys' little tributes to Hitler:

    Quote Originally Posted by Ryan

    I want to know this. Why didn't the Gestapo haul Miep Gies off along with her husband when they came for the Frank family?

    4:33 PM
    And Hadding:

    Quote Originally Posted by Hadding


    Only Jews not born in conquered western Europe were deported. The Frank family was not deported because they were Jews. They were deported because they were immigrant Jews. Many Jews born in France, Belgium, and the Netherlands lived through the German occupation without being disturbed. I suspect that Miep Gies was one of them.

    There's a lot of gratuitous drama in the way Miep Gies tells the story. She says that the Franks were sent off to a "death camp": how is that credible or even relevant when Otto Frank survived at the "death camp" of Auschwitz and Anne Frank, being well enough to travel, was evacuated thence only to die of typhus (not gas) at Bergen-Belsen? This is not rational. Miep Gies seems to have been working with Otto Frank to hype the story.

    4:39 PM
    Looking at above blog and comments, it seems that 'Hadding' knows and appreciates Hitler even more than I do. Cousin Randy will throw a hissy fit nearly as bad as he did when I threatened to send Ewelene to the packers if he didn't sign my copy of his lying book 'jewspaper Daze' at the jewplin Hastings book store like I wanted him to. I don't expect that Hadding's remarks will stay up unless Cousin Randy is working his nerve up to ask him for a date.

    Harold Covington makes his appearance:

    Quote Originally Posted by HAC Hisself/The Old Man

    Part of the so-called Diary of Anne Frank was written in ball point pen, which had not yet been invented in the 1940s. The forgery appears to have been carried out with the collusion of Otto Frank, who sued his ghost writer in the 1950s over a royalty dispute. All of this is why the original document is so carefully hidden away from prying eyes in a safe deposit box in Israel, where historians and scholars have been repeatedly denied access.

    7:44 PM
    There we go again. The Diary of Anne Heche-Frank[enstein] being a forgery made up, like all them jew Holohoax whoppers. Why, is there any limit to the misconduct of them jews and theyz shabbes whigger enablers? Apparently not.

    But I would like to thank Harold Covington for making an appearance after Pastor Lindstedt sent out an e-mail for his friends and allies to wolfpack Cousin Randy. As it is, Cousin Randy is now the Quean of DeNial thinking that that crazoid discharged mental patient Pastor Lindstedt has becum all schidzoid.

    Another friend J.A. Whiteman/whiggerthumper chimes in:

    Quote Originally Posted by whiggerthumper

    whgrthumper asks:

    Where are the ashes, bones or any other forensic evidence of this so-called holyhoax?

    Are we to believe Steve Spielberg the lying hollywierd kike when he puts out propaganda pieces like Shitlerz's List and Saving Ryan's Privates.

    Are we also to believe Benyamin I. Met-a-yahoo when he waves a piece of paper that supposedly proves Adolph Hitler (may his name live in infamy), had a final solution for the lice-infected jews that went beyond just getting them the hell out of Germany?

    I suspect that this new "documentation" floated down from the sky right along with those AL-CIA-DuH ID cards that magically appeared at the Pentagram after it was bombed. Were these new documents that Meta-yahoo waved in the air recently written in ballpoint also?

    Some of us no better. Only a jewtool whigger like you and the other twats that read your tripe would fall for the 2000 year old lie.

    7:55 PM
    Well Cousin Randy is so coonfused. Must be suffering from inverse male whigger faggot telegony from all them nigger poop chutes he has rump-ranged and from all the congoid trouser-trout blacksnake he has 'entertained in his gliberal whigger faggot mangina. You would think that an idiot gliberal whigger faggot skrule teacher like Cousin Randy would know the difference when grading papers, but then again a gliberal whigger drone like Cousin Randy has doubtless reduced his ZOGling whiggerlet ass-clowns in his pub[l]ic skrule class to jewniform idiotic degeneracy. Cousin Randy whines:

    Quote Originally Posted by Cousin Randy


    I am curious as to just how many different names Martin Lindstedt can come up with to spread misinformation.

    8:02 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Keith Partridge

    Keith Partridge said...

    We are tired of this Anne frank lie shoved down our throats for so many years (me, only heard this since the 1980s, and boy was I mad when learned how I had been lied to by jews and the educational system!)

    Look at the evidence why we don't believe it.

    If you still continue, then it's obvious you are doing it for an evil agenda.

    8:16 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Uncle jewlius

    Uncle Julius said...

    "The Diarrhea of Anne Frank" is a wonderful work of fiction. Well, ok...it's not really wonderful, but that it's definitely a piece of fiction was first revealed in 1959 when a Swedish journal reported that a jewish novelist named Meyer Levin was suing Otto Frank (Anne's father) over nonpayment for the dialogue Levin had written for the "diary". It's no wonder that any question of the "official facts" about the Holoco$t is a jailable offense throughout Europe and Canada. Unlike fabrications, REAL history doesn't need to be enforced at the point of a gun!

    8:22 PM
    One of Cousin Randy's edjewmacated whigger drones decided to jump into the wolfpack:

    Quote Originally Posted by Mistuh T

    T said...

    You're all joking, right? A forgery? A work of fiction? You all should be ashamed of yourselves. There were many Jews in hiding during the Holocaust and many non-Jews that were willing to help them. If any of you have even read Anne Franks diary, you wouldn't question its authentensity. Instead, you sit at home and agree with protestors that protest subjects you know nothing about, just so that you can say you're diffferent. Congratulations. You're different, and completely wrong. Miep Gies courage is inspirational. Americans today could learn a lot from her.

    8:55 PM
    Then the One Who Is Legion With No Name responded:

    Quote Originally Posted by His Name is Legion

    Anonymous said...

    Hey Dandy Randy, I did not even know who you were until directed to your worthless blog. Whenever I encounter a fool such as you, I just have to say something. Martin is at least 1000 miles away from where I am.

    We are legion. Don't think for a minute that there are only a handful of us out here. When your nigger pets start to riot overtly, you will see just how many of us there are you fk'n retard.

    9:06 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Randy Turner is to teaching what he used to be to journalism said...

    Randy Turner is to teaching what he used to be to journalism said...

    Looks like you must be a rather poor school teacher since you cannot detect the difference between all them different posters and their styles. Some are highly educated. Some have had the misfortune of being taught by a sorry excuse of a public school with their teachers like yourself.

    What sort of school teacher are you, anyway, Turner? Are you filling up them kiddies' heads full of tripe so much that they end up like little brainwashed drones turning in the exact same papers? So alike that you can't tell any difference in what they write? Or do you simply mark down for punishment by low-grading those independent young minds who are not buying into your liberal garbage?

    The 'problem' is that this Anne Frank silliness has become as suspect as the atrocity stories of Nazis turning jews into lampshades or six million lies or whatever. Sort of hard to maintain the wartime fiction that millions of jews were killed in a Holocaust when so many of them survived these 'death camps' like Bergen-Belsen in order to live to sell another Holocaust memoir which later turns out to be fraudulent. Most of these Holocaust stories have in the fullness of time been revealed to be forgeries made so that jews could extort the Germans, then the English, American, and now Swiss taxpayers for causing something which didn't really happen like it did as the jews claim. Yes, jews were hated in Nazi Germany for what they had done to the Germans in the First World War and for what the Russian jew bolsheviks did to the ethnic Russians and Ukranians by starving them to death and putting them in gulags and murdering them. Joseph Stalin killed far more Russian Arny colonels and generals that the entire German Army did in WW2. But merely because the 'Diary of Anne Frank' is a hoary old forgery doesn't make it sacred, especially given that so many of these Holocaust whoppers have failed the test of time and second scrutiny.

    For example, Russian jew emigres to Israel only get half the 4500 sheckles due them per year as 'Leningrad Siege' Holocaust survivors if they are over fifty and under 65 years old, and thus not even born during the German siege of Leningrad from 1941-44. Yet the German people still are paying half-price Holocaust reparations for something which didn't even happen to those jews not even born but who claim as a sort of birthright reaping the benefits from the Holocau$t Industry.

    Even some jews like Finklestein are urging other jews to stop poisoning the well of civil discourse by these fraudulent reparations. This is especially the case given that so many American and English taxpayers have lost their homes and jobs thanks to the rapacity of bankster jews like Goldman Sachs. There is not only likely to be plenty of compassion fatigue, but also a backlash which might well lead to a real Holocaust if fools like yourself don't exhibit, if not shame, but good sense.

    But then again, you don't seem to be much of a real teacher, Turner, but rather a sort of wannabe brain-washing drone, who when washed out of the newspaper business by your lies, decided to find a more innocent, vulnerable, and captive audience to peddle the politically correct garbage that their parents rejected.

    10:52 PM

    Well, keep them comments and love for Cousin Randy cummin' y'all. Cousin Randy needs to know that he hasn't had that much loving since he run off and broke Ewelene's little wooly-headed heart.

    And tomorrow at this time, I'll let Cousin Randy in on how he has been wolf-packed and rat-f*cked.

    Heil Hitler!!!

    Swillis Gumpf Turner
    Editurd, The Turner Diaries

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    Cousin Randy's Lying Blog, The Turner Report

    My Truthful Blog, The Turner Diaries

    Ewelene still misses Cousin Randy, the slut!!!

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    Default Being Mean To Swillis Gumpf Turner's Gliberal whigger faggot Cousin Randy.

    Being Mean To Swillis Gumpf Turner's Gliberal whigger faggot Cousin Randy.


    Quote Originally Posted by Sertorius View Post



    It didn't take that one person anytime at all to realize you posted that comment.
    Nonsense. Swillis Gumpf Turner's Cousin Randy Turner is a gliberal whigger faggot. Cousin Randy won't look into what he would regard as a neo-nazi chamber of retards until such time as Cousin Swillis posts this up to his "The Turner Diaries" blog or he sees it at Whiggerville/Neosho Fuktards section of my Christian Nationalist forum. Then Cousin Randy will want to check out all the links posted to see how bad he got diddled by the Nazis.

    You see, once somebody starts ragging in on Cousin Randy, everyone else that he screwed over as a jewrnalist and editurd of a local jewspaper will want to pitch in and so they will post quite a few comments. Then Cousin Randy will have to wonder whether or not to keep his comments section open. If Cousin Randy keeps the comments section of his blog up, then he is a stupid gliberal whigger faggot. If Cousin Randy doesn't, then he is a stupid gliberal whigger faggot pussy. The key is to post the post, then make a copy of it where Cousin Randy can't delete it, and then show that Randy Turner is a coward and liar and weaking without any moral courage and scruples as well as a lying gliberal whigger faggot mis-edjewmacating the kiddies in the whigger-factory pub[l]ic skrewls.

    What I also like to do is to sometimes send an e-mail to Cousin Randy's former victims, urging them to 'pile on.' They usually enjoy seeing Cousin Randy get his cum-uppance.

    Either way, Cousin Randy, like all gliberal whigger faggots who used to have a jewsmedia monopoly, is whining that the Internet has opened up the way for open debate and scrutiny. It used to be that the jews used to post theyz' Holohoax Whopper of the Month or Week or Day and nobody White or Nazi got to say anything. Now like jews in theyz own little virtual ghetto, they must huddle and bemoan the daze when they used to have a monopoly in publishing with nary a discouraging word from Whitey.

    Turner might suspect a lot, but he won't know jack shit until the fool goes to see what I've posted to the Lindstedt forum and Swillis Gumpf Turner blog. Yes, I'm more than a little bit 'Over the Top' but I'm a long way from being the only Net-Nazi running wild nowadays plucking any and all low-hanging fruit.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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    Cousin Randy's Lying Blog, The Turner Report

    My Truthful Blog, The Turner Diaries

    Ewelene still misses Cousin Randy, the slut!!!

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    Default Don't You Just Love It When jewdayo-whiggers Get Theyz Gaywad Spawn Punked Out By jew Camp Counselors?

    Don't You Just Love It When jewdayo-whiggers Get Theyz Gaywad Spawn Punked Out By jew Camp Counselors?


    Quote Originally Posted by Cousin Randy
    Pete Newman arrested on Colorado sex charge


    Pete Newman was on time for his hearing on felony sex charges this morning in Taney County Circuit Court, but the hearing had to be postponed nevertheless, when the former Kanakuk Kamp counselor was arrested on a Colorado warrant on similar charges according to Kathee Baird at the Crime Scene blog:

    Newman was arrested this morning when he and his attorney Tom Carver appeared in a Taney County courtroom on a motions hearing. Newman was arrested for sexual assault out of La Platta County, Colorado.

    At this time court records in Colorado have been sealed and Newman is being held without bond pending extradition to Colorado.

    The Taney County hearing has been rescheduled for 10:30 a.m. Thursday, March 4.

    Posted by Randy at 2:39 PM Thursday, January 21, 2010



    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous
    Wonder if his family is now going to advise him to confess, be contrite and go take his consequences. If they continue to support his "pleading not guilty" each and every time, they have a long haul ahead. Colorado and Missouri are not the only states. It would be better for him to confess and go into the system, before every single state comes forth and they are humiliated all the more. Newmans, Galloways: If you want him to get right with God, repenting and being truthful is not optional. You can't say, "Repent to God, but lie to the authorities." That's not true contrition. And you all know that.

    Pete: Good riddance. You are FINALLY where you need to be. Have fun. Hope you get some of your own medicine. You deserve way worse.

    2:57 PM
    I love it when sanctimonious whiggers 'advise' family members to turn on each other to the piglice. I have no doubt that this whigger family will be eating each other for lunch when the supermarket closes.

    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous
    Thank the Lord he is FINALLY behind bars where he should have been all along.

    3:10 PM
    So much for having a trial. Another typpycull whigger degenerate.

    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous
    how could you possibly think his family supports his 'not guilty' plea, are you his family? do you even know his family?

    3:11 PM
    This ass-clown whigger will be the first to turn in family to piglice, no doubt. Call it a New AmeriKwan ZOGling whigger ass-clown. The Soviet jewnion tried to make their own New Soviet Man and it failed. But that was under Khazar Communism. Khazar Capitalism makes for a more stupid typpycull whigger worshipping its Babylon/ZOG.

    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous
    They come to court with him and sit there over and over when he pleads not guilty. Now, do you think that's NOT supporting him? Additionally, they have bailed him out of jail and signed his bonds. Sounds supportive to me.

    3:20 PM
    jewdayo-whiggers have no real family values.

    However, my brother and mother were also treasonous whigger pieces of shit who abandoned me in my hour of need, so why should other whiggers be different?

    'Newman' is a jew name. Which goes to show that jews have more fellow spawn-of-Satan loyalty to theyz own than jewdayo-churchian ZOGling whiggers.

    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous
    well, i guess that's where your ignorance comes in, 'sounds supportive' isn't a very factual statement

    3:31 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous
    Well then, describe how coming with, bailing out, signing bonds, IS NOT SUPPORTING him. Do that. Because obviously you do know him, or them. Careful, because no one really knows Pete.

    3:35 PM
    whigger 'thinks' it knows Peter, when it don't know Jack Shit.

    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous
    When I don't support something or someone, I distance myself from them. I don't pour my time and resources into them. I don't risk my name, reputation, etc. for them. I CERTAINLY DON'T ENABLE THEM!!!!!! Wake up from your denial!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3:37 PM
    Looks like we have a mob of anonymous whigger gathering on the comments section of faggot Cousin Randy's blog. Gotta love it when jewdayo whiggers gets theyz gaywad spawn punked out by a jew faggot at a rich jewdayo private camp but overlook an obvious gliberal whigger faggot like Cousin Randy at a pub[l]ic skrewl.

    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous
    Is Pete Newman employeed? How does he financially support his family? The answer would tell you who supports who.

    This isn't rocket science, people.

    3:40 PM
    No whigger, it isn't rocket science. Sooner or later the piglice will be filing so many charges that it will be impossible to make excessive bond. So then jewboy will have to rely on his pub[l]ic pretender and then get sold out.

    What I like about this mob of whiggers is that they would be reduced to such a pile of quivering whiggershit if ZOG decided to go against them. None of them would have any friends or family and to the jewlag they would go -- especially if 'innocent' of the charges.

    ZOGling whiggers don't seem to have any idea as to how legitimate rule of law should be run. That is because they are such whigger degenerates. Not whigger savages, albeit savage. whigger degenerates who act savagely.

    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous
    you are sad

    3:41 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous
    Anyone supporting Pete is sad. You can love without supporting.

    3:44 PM
    All of which goes to show that whigger 'love' is a rather unsubstantial thang. whiggers have no loyalty to other whiggers, even when the whiggers are family. Itz every whigger for itzself.

    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous
    glad to know your not into 'life-risking' thats pretty brave of you.

    3:46 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous
    and how do you suggest to show that 'love'?

    3:47 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous
    Does anybody out there know if he'll get extradited to CO before the MO cases are wrapped up? How does that work? What about when the other states press their charges? In the past, how has this been handled.
    Will they finish the MO cases, then move on to CO, then when that's finished, move on to each state where there are crimes until they're done? What if he's sentenced in MO to life or close to it? Will they keep going?

    3:50 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous
    If your support heaps more pain on these already-victimized families, then it should stop. If they love him, he probably already knows that, without them further wounding.

    3:53 PM
    Another whigger who doesn't believe in holding a trial. I just wish that whigger was an open jew-hater, but that requires courage.

    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous
    @3:50: Generally the state that conducts the initial investigation will get first crack at him, then its 1st come 1st served. That's likely why this Colorado jurisdiction went ahead and arrested him - to "stake their claim" when he is done in MO (through being found guilty, a plea bargain, being found not guilty, etc, and then serving whatever sentence he receives). So that AR, TN, GA, TX or whatever states you hear have investigations going don't get him first. The extradition in this case will likely be only a couple of days in Colorado to be formally booked, arraigned, and then released back to the care of the MO authorities (presumably back out on bail). MO/CO law may be different, or the states may have worked out a deal that would allow CO to keep Pete in jail without bond which would serve the purpose of revoking what many think is an undue bond while avoiding the issues of revoking the bond of someone who did not violate his terms. The above is just my semi-educated guess.

    4:03 PM
    Lawyer-whigger has speculated.

    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous
    heaping more pain is the last thing needed in this situation. that is something we definately agree on. questioning the integrity of the family is painful too.

    4:05 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous
    Unfortunately, what Pete Newman has done will cause many people to "question the integrity" of not only Pete's family, but the integrity of everyone. He violated the trust of children, their families and everyone who knew him while he was performing these heinous acts against his chosen victims. To not understand this is to be naive and unsympathetic towards his victims, their families and every family who trustingly sent their children to Kanakuk Kamps. His family is supporting him. No doubt about it.

    4:22 PM
    It seems that all the jewdayo whiggers with a gaywad whigglet who gave up itz ass is now on this blog and howling for kike blood.

    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous
    In 2001, as a staff member at K-Kountry, I remember a male staff meeting in May during staff training week when Pete and Will (who was the director then) mentioned that we always needed to be careful that we don't do anything that even appears bad. They then mentioned that a parent had brought an allegation against Pete to the effect that Pete had abused their son. I remember Pete talking about how the "ridiculous" allegations were the "worst thing that had ever happened" to him.

    I can't believe I didn't ask more about that incident. I worked for this guy...he personally hired me...I received counsel from this guy...I looked up to him. Hearing in 2001 that he had been accused of stuff made me raise my eyebrows and wonder why he would even put himself in a position to be accused, but I foolishly overlooked it.

    I'm so concerned about some of my kampers who were close to Pete because they lived in Branson and I remember they had regular contact with him.

    I just found out about this last night and have wanted to throw up all day.

    Does anyone know anything more about the allegations before 2001? I really wished I had asked more about it then. And I agree with the mom who said she sensed something kinda weird and slightly effeminate in Pete...I did too. While I was always in awe of Pete, I was also always distanced from him...like it was impossible to really connect with him like it was possible to connect with Will. Pete almost seemed too placed on a pedastool and I think he wanted it like that. Was he abused as a kid or something (not that I think that excuses his behavior in the least!).

    Finally, why aren't these comments dated (there's only a time of day, not a date)

    4:37 PM
    Probably another faggot camp counselor all pissed off that jewboy got to plumb gaywad whigglet bunghole and he didn't. Another Cousin Randy who wants to imprison the fathers and grandfathers of White children so that he can turn them into little gliberal whigger faggots and get the scrutiny onto other pedophiles.

    The Ass-Clown Offensive said:

    Sure looks like 'Anonymous' has been busy. Probably your tax dollars at work from the prosecutor's office.

    Unless you are willing to place your name out in front, I don't see why accusations should be believed.

    Frankly, I look forward to the day when everyone who is making accusations and essentially demanding that 'sinners confess' without getting a fair trial are themselves judged as they did judge others.

    Civilization itself demands that all the accused receive justice, and justice demands that the accused have a right to a fair trial. Otherwise, all you have are a bunch of false accusers having people judicially murdered with nothing -- nothing -- to restrain the cycle of accusation and conviction.

    I pray that everyone who makes a false accusation -- like the little boy who cried wolf -- has happen to them that which they accused others, without proof or accountability.

    And, since it is obvious that I live among degenerates, I think that I myself had better remain 'anonymous.'

    6:31 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous
    Where is he in jail?
    What will get him out?

    6:50 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous
    to ass of clowns offensive..you are a disgust. you obviously do not have the heart invested in this like some of us that have been totally victimized....i have no words to express the pit you must come from and dwell in. he confessed and its true. your words are worth nothing talking about justice. nothing.

    8:49 PM
    Anonymous whigger, I can only hope that jewboy gave jewr gaywad little jewdayo whigger a 'learning experience' and that he becums as big of a faggot as Judge Gregory Stremel, and a total pig faggot who works at the Children's Division like Doug Baugh, who destroys whigger families until such time as there is a Revolution and jewr grandspawn all suffer from Piglice Testicle Eating Syndrome.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ashley Marie
    Ass Clown Offensive:
    You have GOT to be kidding me. You're such a hypocrite! You didn't even post your own name! He is guilty, guilty, guilty I went to Auburn with Pete and knew him VERY WELL through Campus Crusade and the 3 summers I worked at Kanakuk and the rumors about him and kids have been floating around for 10+ years! His own fraternity had to ask him to stop bringing young boys in the house because everyone was so creeped out by it and they were concerned about their own propriety. Pete put himself on such a pedestal that he was untouchable and if anyone made a mention of him doing anything inappropriate he would flip out. This is NO SURPRISE to any of us who know him. Frankly, we're all just glad that it's finally coming to an end. He got what he deserved today and I hope the rest of the states pile on.

    8:50 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous
    8:50--Can you say any more about his behavior back in his college days. What do you mean he brought young boys to the frat house? From where did he find these kids?

    We've heard from past "girlfriends" and college friends that everyone thought he was gay. That people thought he had the propensity to be a child molester back then. How is it that so many people suspected his creepiness back then, but he was able to fool so many people once he joined the Kanakuk staff????????

    His 3 brothers all seem so normal, including his twin brother. He has the most wonderful family and WONDERFUL parents!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Are there any old "girlfriends" out there who can shed any light on this psychopath????

    It's so hard to wrap my mind around this still.

    Were any of these suspicions never discussed with the kamp leadership??

    9:56 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous
    4:37, how is it that you just found out about this last night? what planet do you live on? dont mean to be rude, but really how did you miss all this for the past few months?

    10:11 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous
    10:11 :
    I'm the guy who posted at 4:37 (actually I posted that a week ago on another thread and someone has been copying it over on to other threads). I just don't have any contact with kanakuk people very much; strangely enough I found out bc I went on the kanakuk website to check things out bc I was about to recommend that someone I know send there kids there. When I saw Pete wasn't the director I was really suprised but figured he had started some other ministry, so I googles his name and couldn't believe it till I saw in the police report he admitted to doing some things.
    As if you really care about that...
    I'm just worried sick for some of the kampers I had who knew Pete well...I mean I want to dig up their addresses or facebook them or something, but atthe same time it's like I don't want to creep them out any more than they already are! Kanakuk is such an amazing place; I know it's gonna be crazy with how secure they're gonna be now, but I'm afraid this will be really hard for parents to feel safe enough. The one thing I would point out to all concerned parents is this: everything that happened with Pete preying on these kids happened after camp (at least I'm pretty sure hats true, am I wrong?) The structure of Kamp really makes it almost impossible for your kids to ever be alone with anyone - camper or counselor.

    10:30 PM
    The Ass-Clown Offensive

    It's me, The Ass-Clown Offensive here again:

    You idiots don't seem to get it. You evil fools are helping to destroy the social order by blaming the accused for his family sticking by him. Well, since among your sins of hypocrisy, self-righteousness and stupidity, what should be numbered among them is disloyalty as the telling sign that if one of your own was accused of a horrendous crime you would of course be numbered with those who would sell him out. So on a scale of animal family loyalty you should rank yourself lower than hyenas and slightly higher than . . . . wildebeests??? No, not wildebeests. Wildebeests don't do much of anything when one of their own is killed and eaten by lions and hyenas, but at least they don't actively send their own out to be eaten by the lions, or try to tell the prey's mother and female companion and children that they ought to give him up to the hyenas.

    You got to love it when you 'Christians' show how very despicable, lawless and corrupt you are and how there is no such thing as a fair trial possible.

    Osama, you and the ragheads won. The 'Christians' will destroy themselves without you having to fire a shot. They created a police state where all it is necessary is to make an accusation and they will then convict and sentence and execute somebody behind their backs. But good luck in getting a surrender, as none of them have any capacity for organized anything.

    Oh, and Assley Marie . . . . You didn't leave YOUR name. You should, because YOU are the one making the accusation. I am merely the only one, like Lot in downtown Sodom, who wants the stranger to be treated decently. Since I'm outnumbered by cowardly anonymous moral degenerates by at least twenty to one, I think it is best for me to remain 'anonymous.'

    12:46 AM

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    Default The Portrait of Dorian Turner

    The Portrait of Dorian Turner


    Quote Originally Posted by Cousin Randy 'Dorian' Turner

    No open season on abortion (mill) providers: Jury finds Scott Roeder guilty

    The Outlaw Scott Roeder


    The jury just declared Scott Roeder guilty of murdering abortion provider De. George Tiller at a Wichita, Kansas, church on May 31, 2009.
    The decision was made after 40 minutes of deliberation.

    Roeder admitted he committed the crime during three hours of testimony. Any possibility of Roeder being convicted of a lesser crime, such as manslaughter, was eliminated Thursday when the judge ruled that the only charge that could be considered was murder. The jury could only decide between guilty and not guilty on that charge.

    Both sides made their closing arguments this morning, with the prosecution pounding home the fact that Roeder admitted he committed the crime, that the crime was obviously planned out beforehand (Roeder testified that he considered killing Tiller on several earlier occasions.

    Stripped of the possibility of arguing that Roeder was guilty of a lesser offense, his attorney argued that Roeder was simply following the path of civil rights pioneers Rosa Parks and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who broke laws for the greater good. Of course, the defense attorney failed to mention that Mrs. Parks and Dr. King's lawbreaking was always done in a non-violent fashion.

    After the judge's decision to remove consideration of the lesser offense as far as Dr. Tiller's killing was concerned, the only question mark remaining in the case was how the jury would handle assault charges filed against Roeder for the other people who were shot, but not killed, by Roeder. Roeder was also found guilty on the assault charges.

    Even that doubt had been pretty much removed after Roeder admitted that he also committed those crimes.

    Court officials, concerned about the possibility of violence in the wake of the verdict, had added extra security, including bomb-sniffing dogs. The courtroom is surrounded by anti-abortion activists, who are offering a show of support for Roeder.

    Posted by Randy at 8:45 AM Friday, January 29, 2010



    All depends on what side you are on said...

    Quit whining, Turner. Roeder shot and killed 'Tiller the Killer' and so if a new regime comes along likely Roeder will be granted a pardon and a pension.

    All this does is to legitimize and politicise killing. Tiller the Baby Killer got a free pass to murder babies on the ground that they weren't human and so now Roeder on the other side killed a legalized murderer. So all that awaits is who is in power to decide who gets rewarded for killing the enemies of the state and who gets punished for killing the states' killers.

    So all it is now is that killing and violence to achieve political and religious ends is acceptable. Randy Turner is merely whining about how what goes around came around to Tiller the Baby Killer.

    3:35 PM


    (Cousin) Randy said...

    At times, I am amnzed at the kind of jerks who leave comments on my blog. Anyone who has followed my work for the past 30 years is aware that I have pro-life beliefs. That extends to not taking a gun and killing people. I find the late-term abortions that George Tiller provided despicable, but I also find it despicable to shoot someone to death (especially in front of his family and in a church). A not guilty verdict for Roeder, would have been an open invitation for more violence.

    3:44 PM


    Anonymous jewdayo-whiggerwuss said...

    How much better and effective to pray that those people who participate in abortions would have a change of heart...like Abby Johnson, a Planned Parenthood Director in Texas. After being asked to help with an abortion and seeing the image of the baby trying to move away from the probe, she realized what was really going on, walked out and is now pro-life. Her actions will have far-reaching results. Imagine the huge impact on the abortion industry if Dr. Tiller could have been convinced that abortion does indeed end the life of a human being.

    4:49 PM


    The Picture of Dorian Turner said...

    I really fail to see why you are so amazed at all the kinds of people who leave disparaging remarks on the blog of a poseur, a liar, a hypocrite, a moral leper like yourself, Turner. After all, like all politicians and those pretending to an odor of sanctimony who end up getting caught and then run off of the trough, you as a journalist and editor were run off by popular demand and now are peddling your liberal wares to a captive audience those too young and innocent to see you for what you are. You Turner, perform an abortion of the minds and spirits of our young.

    Your whining reminds me of the story by an honest homosexual named Oscar Wilde, about this character named Dorian Gray who had a picture made of himself and every time Dorian did something evil and vicious the portrait would age and corrupt, leaving Dorian Gray as young and handsome as ever. It got so that pore Dorian couldn't bear to look at the picture because even when Dorian wanted to be good, the hypocrisy would still leave its mark. Dorian murders quite a few people, including the painter of the portrait, blaming him for getting his wish that the portrait would age and corrupt while Dorian sinned with a fresh face to the world.

    So Dorian Turner, the comments section of this blog is is your portrait, and yet you whine like a wuss when some of us use our artistry to paint you like we really see you.

    Tiller the Baby Killer murdered tens of thousands of infants, some of them illegally for which he was about to undergo a trial and for which he was protected by then governor Sibelius and others. Tiller the Killer got anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars for performing these murders. And all the way protected by thinking, correctly, that he would be morally backed up by pius degenerates like yourself yapping about how they wish that these babies didn't have to die for the convenience of sluts raised no better in the public schools.

    You even had so-called Christian churches which honored Tiller's good deeds. Why as if Jesus Christ came to save the shriveled raisin soul of an abortionist murdering for profit over ten-thousand unborn infants who never did anything bad in their unfinished lives. A pity that Roeder didn't go into these temples of Satan and perform a post-natal abortion on every single one of these evildoer enablers of Tiller the Killer's.

    No, Dorian Turner, some of us have eyes so that we do see, and some of us have a nose that we do smell the stench of evil regardless of how much attar of liberalism you drench yourself with in order to hide your true nature. As Socrates said, the unexamined life is not worth living, but I can well suspect that sometimes even the strongest-stomached moral jackal doesn't want to and cannot stomach peering dead-on into the Picture of Dorian Turner.

    3:06 AM


    Anonymous Liar said...

    Well 3:31 that was a pretty good speech. It seems you can talk but apparently you cannot read. Randy expressed his views on the post before hand but you accused him of just the opposite. Which means you do not have a clue what he stands for but it was an opportunity to say what you want. At least learn to read.

    6:32 AM


    Terrible Swift Sword said...

    No, Liar 6:32 am and Dorian Turner, there is no inability to read on my part, but rather simply that some of us get to where we learn to discount lies. Simply because you claim to be against abortion because it is indefensible morally to claim that you are in favor of murdering those who are innocent, and then whine because some MAN kills a murderer of those babies that he is a murderer for killing a killer, then in reality you are indeed for murder, but wish to try to fool the idiotic and morally decrepit.

    When being talked down to by politicians, lawyers and journalists, the wise don't pay much attention to what these criminals say, but rather what they do.

    The social order is decaying and falling apart simply because there no longer is anything keeping us together. We no longer believe the common lies, we no longer have any interest in remaining together, we are simply incompatible. What we do is hate and despise each other and so soon enough we will be tearing each other apart. We are no longer able to live in peace with each other.

    I think that if this Scott Roeder lives to see the new nation which shall emerge, that he will be granted a pardon and recognized as a hero by those of us who appreciated him putting an end to the murder of innocents. Of course, there is no place for either Turner, nor yourself, Anonymous 6:32, any more than there is a place for the innocent in your wicked evil heart of mud.

    Who gets to live and who gets to die will be determined the old fashioned way -- by those willing to take a stand and willing to use violence to enforce their morality upon others. I suspect that the new order of things will not have any use for lies and hypocrisy, or those who tell such, as such are the trademarks of those who love the old Sodom and Gomorrah of today.

    I applaud the comeback of the politics of the gun.

    8:57 PM

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    Default Cousin Randy Discovers an End To a Desirable Piglice State When It Cums To Hisself

    Cousin Randy Discovers an End To a Desirable Piglice State When It Cums To Hisself


    Quote Originally Posted by Cousin Randy Turner

    "Drug testing of welfare recipients, legislators continues trek down slippery slope"


    As much as I have often wondered what kind of hallucinogenic drugs Missouri state legislators are on when they pass one ludicrous bill after another, I never dreamed the same thoughts were running through their heads.
    That revelation came this week as the Missouri House of Representatives debated a bill that would require anyone receiving public assistance to undergo periodic random drug tests.

    From all appearances, it was just another election year bill designed to warm the cockles of the Republican majority in our state as it tries to further increase its advantage in both houses. After all, what stirs up voters in this Tea Party era more than a chance to stick it to the poor?

    And then, the debate took an unexpected turn. An amendment was offered that would require state legislators to undergo drug tests every two years before they take office. Even more surprisingly, the amendment passed by a wide margin. The entire package then sailed through the House on a 113-40 vote.

    The bill should have no problems making it through the Senate during an election year….which means Missourians will have taken another step in the continuing march toward eroding our freedom of privacy completely.
    It is not just welfare recipients and state legislators who are the targets of this drug testing frenzy. Another Missouri bill would require random drug testing of public school teachers.

    The U. S. Supreme Court has already approved school policies that require random drug testing for students who participate in extracurricular activities, and my school has adopted such a policy, even though you would think in a country that prides itself in its freedoms that someone would have to have probable cause in order to invade a student’s privacy in that fashion.
    Even worse, the students have bought into the same line of reasoning fed to them by those who instituted drug testing. “Why should a drug test bother me if I don’t have anything to hide?” I have heard that comment many times.

    Some day in the not-so-distant future, when everyone has to submit to random drug tests and we have been stripped of all expectation of privacy we may look back and see what a precious freedom we have lost.

    Posted by Randy at 5:24 AM Friday, February 05, 2010



    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous

    So those who are teaching in our schools..and those who are taking government money shouldn't be subject to the same rules that a very large percentage of others in the country who work in the private sector. How convenient.

    7:08 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous

    I support it completely. You want my hard earned money so you can sit home on your butt? Fine. But you're going to have to prove to me you're not sitting home popping pills and smokin' hooch. That's not what my money is for.
    7:43 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous

    What happened to innocent until proven guilty? Now we have to prove to you we're not "popping pills" and smoking antiquated slang terms?

    This is exactly like red light and speed enforcement cameras. Seems fine to most, but when you think about it all they do is chip away at your privacy and rights.

    8:03 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous

    You can have all the privacy you want as long as you don't insist on taking my tax dollars.

    8:50 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous

    Now let me get this straight, all legislators will be required to take a drug test before they take office? If they know they will be required to take the test on a certain day, will they just not do drugs for 30 days before that date? After that, they can go back to doing drugs if they are so inclined. How convenient. Where is the word "random" in the amendment?

    10:48 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by [URL="http://www.blogger.com/profile/15330613997333646488"

    Chief Justice Price said it best: For years we have waged a “war on drugs,” enacted “three strikes and you’re out” sentencing laws, and “thrown away the key” to be tough on crime. What we did not do was check to see how much it costs, or whether we were winning or losing. In fact, it has cost us billions of dollars and we have just as much crime now as we did when we started. We have created a bottleneck by arresting far more people than we can handle down through the rest of the system.

    11:23 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by Hypocrisy Turner

    What has got to be hilarious is seeing some former hack journalist and present school teacher who used to be in favor of expanding the power of the government to essentially determine whether or not who we could associate with and how high of taxes we could pay now is all of a sudden in favor of limited government when that same government proposes drug testing those bottom of the trough tax-feeders like himself.

    Hypocrisy, thy name is Turner.

    12:21 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous

    looks like we still have some real seriously hostile hard core people out there. wonder what would/could ever happen to calm them down? sometimes it appears that there are a number of people that can only settle for "my way or the highway".

    how are as a nation ever survive with this diverse attitude?

    3:14 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Rockin Bea

    Hey anon 12:21, you need to mellow out.

    Stay away from that meth, it makes you mean.

    4:30 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous

    Why stop at welfare recipients? If you receive government money than you should take a drug test. Social Security. Medicare. Medicaid. Unemployment benefits. FHA mortgage recipients. People who accept FDIC coverage on their bank accounts.

    And why just "drugs" - why not alcohol and tobacco. In terms of cost to our health care industry and economy, alcohol abuse and tobacco addiction are just as expensive as other drugs.

    And then ..........

    10:18 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous

    It always seems like we are very supportive of intrusive programs for "those people." But when WE become, through whatever circumstances, THOSE PEOPLE, it's an entirely different issue. It's not just a slippery slope...it's throwing people off the cliff in the name of judgment. What about the children of "those people" who have no say in what choices their parents make? Guess they are thrown off the cliff, too. After all, they'll probably grow up to be just like their parents...right?

    6:23 AM


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    Default Cousin Randy's Fagophile Exceptions to the First Amendment

    Cousin Randy's Fagophile Exceptions to the First Amendment


    Quote Originally Posted by Cousin Randy Turner


    Daily Kos readers rip into my post

    I knew it was coming when I wrote about the Westboro Baptist Church in my latest Daily Kos post, and the readers there did not disappoint me. My belief that the hate-filled group has every right to express its beliefs, but not at the funerals of soldiers who have given their lives for our country did not go over well with Kos readers. The post was a rewritten version of an earlier Newton County News column, which became timely once again when the U. S. Supreme Court agreed Monday to hear a case involving the church.

    Posted by Randy at 3:31 AM Tuesday, March 09, 2010



    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous AssClown

    One day, when we ALL will be held accountable for our lives, including the decisions we have made and actions that we have taken, the hatred these "church" people have will not be met with "Well done, good and faithful servant."

    6:36 AM

    Phred Felps said:

    Turner, along with the other wretched scribblers infesting this coast-to-coast nuthouse, labors under the delusion that his amoral arbitrary silliness should be made law.

    A loser unable to find a job in an economy ravaged by private interests protected by public thieves could find no other employment other than to be shipped over to foreign lands to murder innocent men, women and children on behalf of a Zionist criminal regime and a no-longer so mighty Evil Empire. This loser was duly dispatched by a bomb or bullet placed by free men wanting imperial forces removed from their nation. This cannon-fodder thug is no more to be mourned by what few free men remain in this country than we should mourn Russian or Chinese or North Vietnamese soldiers enforcing their regime's will on others.

    Yet here comes this corpse shipped back home and there is a demand that this armed criminal's deserved demise be treated as 'heroic' and that this deserved death have a 'higher patriotic meaning.' And thus the demand that a regime criminal be made into a demi-god by these enablers and profiteers.

    Saying at a funeral that someone who died serving an imperial criminal regime in a foreign war deserved exactly what he got from the natives, is political and religious speech, which everyone living in a free society has an obligation to themselves to allow. Allowing every little despotic idiot and meddler like Turner and Anonymous 6:36 to carve out exceptions to free speech means exactly what we have today: The pretense to living in a free society but the reality in which we really live under the despotism of the whim of every little bureaucrat, police officer, public 'servant,' journalist and sundry meddlesome snoop wanting to impose their notions of appropriate behavior upon others.

    Where it will all end is in a racial, religious and political civil war in which violence, not yammering, decides who rules and who gets what. Then any meddling snoop trying to enforce his will upon others by trying to control the speech of others will either learn to mind his own business or face a nose-slitting or public castration. And thus we will live in a truly free society in which people are polite because there are consequences.

    1:31 PM


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    Default Blame It On the Waycism That Was Falling Down

    Blame It On The Waycism That Was Falling Down


    Quote Originally Posted by Cousin Randy Turner

    Racism is thriving in America


    I do not remember much about the day Martin Luther King was assassinated. It was just another day to someone attending an all-white school in the southwestern corner of Missouri.

    I vaguely knew that Dr. King was important, but I had no idea why.

    I was an adult when I discovered the civil rights movement and I remember thinking, ?Why have I never heard anything about this? ? And I quickly began devouring books on the subject, immersing myself in the stories of the Freedom Riders, the Birmingham church bombing, Freedom Summer, and the murder of Emmett Till.

    Today, I teach an eighth grade English class that was made possible by the U. S. Supreme Court?s 1954 Brown v. Board of Education decision and each year my students spend almost the entire third quarter writing a research paper over some aspect of the movement.

    One thing I have been able to tell my students is that the civil rights movement changed the way the United States thinks of race. Because of the sacrifices of so many during the 1950s and 1960s, I tell them, even though racism still exists, we have made great strides toward a more harmonious society.

    Recent events make me wonder if I have been mistaken.

    While the election of Barack Obama was undeniably a step forward for the United States, it has also served to expose the dirty little secret that has been there all along- there is still a significant racist component in this country.

    How can we say otherwise when one of the heroes of the movement, John Lewis, is attacked with racial epithets as he approached the House to cast a vote on the most significant bill since the civil rights legislation of the ?60s.

    How can we say that when protesters have no qualms about spitting on Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, an African American Congressman from Missouri.

    How can we say otherwise when so many in the Tea Party contingent boldly wave signs with racist caricatures of our president, and when the ?N? word slips so casually from their lips?

    How can we say otherwise when we see venom directed toward Barack Obama that goes far beyond simple disagreement with issues?

    The election of Barack Obama has exposed a cancer that has been there all along, but appears to be far greater than we ever realized.

    While the majority of those protesting different policies of the Obama Administration most likely are simply those who oppose the expansion of government in our lives, it is becomingly increasingly evident that racism is playing a key role, especially among those who appear willing to use violence and who are willing to brazenly sling racial epithets in public.

    My students have completed their research project for this school year. Next year, I may have to rethink how I teach the subject. Those great strides that I have proudly pointed out to my students each year for the past 11 years may have been just a fleeting illusion.

    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous
    Might be a good idea to rethink that, Randy. Why don't you teach them -- ENGLISH.

    3:54 AM

    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous

    You mention the "sacrifices of so many during the 1950s and 1960s" as if it is the blacks who were sacrificing, then. African Americans had been making sacrifices for hundreds of years. The 1950's and 60's were when they said "no more".

    No, they didn't sacrifice anything except 'the back of the bus'...what they did was fight for the equality they should have had all along...and they are still fighting for it.

    Maybe, when you "rethink" you should really rethink the "English" you use and it's context. (but keep teaching)

    Your old pal,
    Jim F.

    4:24 AM

    Quote Originally Posted by Cousin Randy

    Jim, you are quite correct. I was still thinking more about the way John Lewis was treated over the weekend.

    As for anonymous at 3:54, teaching students how to write a research paper is much a part of teaching English as providing instruction on how to conjugate verbs or the meaning of a short story. While they are researching the civil rights movement, they not only are writing papers, but they are doing the non-fiction reading that constantly shows up as a weakness on middle school test scores, they are learning the uses of similes, metaphors and other types of figurative language in the speeches given by Martin Luther King, Robert F. Kennedy, and others during that era, and they are being given valuable research techniques that can help them not only in English, but in the other classes as they progress through high school and college.

    4:52 AM

    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous

    If I understand correctly, you spend that much time on a research paper each year and each year the topic is the same for every student. No wonder you are brainwashed if you read that many papers each year on the same subject which I suspect is slanted to your opinion because of what you tell the kids to begin with. Why are you ignoring all the other great movements and events in history and doing the same thing year after year. Why don't kids get to select their own topics instead of just being channeled by your bias and preference? What about the life and death challenges of the brave pioneers; what about how the Native Americans have had to adapt to a larger culture; what about the heroes in battle (the Sgt. Yorks and the Audie Murphys); what about the struggle to find cures for disease such as smallpox and polio?

    The more I learn about your teaching methods, the more I worry.

    5:11 AM

    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous

    Having grown up in the Deep South and then moving to Joplin, I was always amazed at how little difference I saw in terms of racism.

    The only real difference is that people in the midwest THINK they aren't racist because there are so few minorities for them to actively discriminate against. But all you really have to do is listen to how they talk about other races. Then it's clear.

    5:14 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by Cousin Randy

    The students in my class are given 15 topics concerning the civil rights movement. They also are allowed to select a related topic of their own, as long as I can be convinced there is enough material available for the topic. We also have a large collection of civil rights books in the East Middle School Library, which, when added to my own collection, offers the students the ability to employ book, as well as internet research. I am sorry anonymous 5:14 that my choice of a research area does not meet with your approval, but it fits well within the district and state curriculum, and prepares the students for the type of research projects they will have to do in high school and college.

    5:28 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Durbin

    Randy- this would br a good post if the slurs or spitting had happened.

    Neither did, and there's a $10,000 bounty on any video showing a single mention of the n-word.

    Are you going to be honest enough to write about it once you've studied up?

    And the real question - what do you teach your students about how politicians use race to divide white and black communities for their own benefit?

    Racism will always exist in some form, but so will those who falsely accuse their political opponents to get some press.

    6:28 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous

    Jim Durbin: You're being silly, reporting bourgeois truth when only revolutionary truth matters to people like Randy.

    One only hopes his students figure out someday the difference between the two and which is most important to them.

    7:35 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous

    Randy, I wasn't criticizing your choice of research projects. I WAS criticizing the latent racism I've seen in the midwest--which is so often combined with a denial that the speaker/community is really racist.

    My point was that, when you listen to all the talk about "us" and "them," and when you hear all the talk about "the blacks" or "the Mexicans," the language midwesterners use gives them away just as much as if they were using racial epithets.

    7:56 AM
    The Gimlet Eye said...

    Randy Turner is the typical liberal school teacher trying to make children into liberal drones like he is through a process of educational assimilation. Call him Goofballus of Borg.

    For example, Turner admits to forcing his students into writing some lauditory silliness about the civil rights movement. It would be a foolhardy student who wrote up a hagiography about General Nathan Bedford Forrest and how that worthy was the first President/Grand Dragon of the First White Civil Rights Organization when it became necessary to protect the interests of Southern White People in the face of Northern Black Republican oppression post 1865. Or about how Adolf Hitler protected ethnic Germans from the predations of jew banksters who betrayed Germany in WWI to suborn the Balfour Declaration and brought about the ruinous Versailles Treaty and the hyperinflation of 1924 which destroyed the savings of the German People.

    No, Turner would be foaming at the mouth and give the little rebellious White boy an "F," probably call Social Services on the parents of the little budding Goebbels, and personally shovel 200-mg tablets of Ritalin down the nipper's throat.

    You see, allegations of racism are the only way that liberals have in trying to maintain their own way and to feel good about theysselfs. They think that their anti-white racism is so moral and fine, and ignore their own hypocrisy.

    The fact of the matter is that white people are no longer able to maintain enough to feed themselves and their children, so they don't have anything to give to minorities who are becoming the majority. And if whites are unable to take care of themselves, then they won't have anything left to give as their government due to invading minorities. Things get rough and they get sort of testy and short to these demanding minorities and demanding hypocritical liberal drones -- like Turner.

    The fact of the matter was that $500 billion was taken out of Medicare for the care of elderly whites in order to create a trillion-dollar new entitlement for blacks and hispanics. So an entitlement created for elderly sick whites is being destroyed to give to non-paying minorities, most of them not even legally here. So yes, there will be increased racial friction as whites rebel against having to pay higher taxes and having their social safety nets cut. Be grateful that it is still in the talking stage and hasn't turned violent -- yet.

    Turner needs to be mindful that he is not teaching in Zimbabwe. Instead, Turner wants to turn this country into Zimbabwe and then whines when we are not grateful for the anticipated results of Turner's rancid moral pretensions.

    Turner is an idiot doing his damnedest to create even more idiots in his own idiot image. The same things that made him have to leave journalism should make him leave teaching. Turner should apply his manifest intellectual and moral talents to something fitting Turner's abilities, like used-car sales or becoming a politician.

    1:05 AM

    Quote Originally Posted by Black Racism is wrong too
    Anonymous said...

    Racism is wrong. The most important thing that has not been mentioned is that the racism comes from all races, not just the white americans. Randy, you talk about the alleged spitting and racial slurs. I may have missed it during the elections if you spoke out, but what about the black thugs that were outside of election places with sticks. Think that isn't a form of racist threats against voters? It is not just the whites but all races that discriminate against each other.

    I am for teaching about the civil rights era, but spending that much time on it takes away from an opportunity to teach about so much more about the beginnings of our great country. The politically correct left has robbed our kids of a balanced learning environment over the last several years!

    10:25 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by Don't want Turner around his kids

    I have said it time and again and I repeat.... I would not allow my child in this man's classroom.... I have a great appreciation for public education and come from a long line of teachers (including myself) but it becoming more and more easy to understand home schooling... something I have long opposed... even if home schooling parents have their own agenda... that is no worse than a public school teacher who pushes his or her own agenda....

    11:35 AM
    The Gimlet Eye said...

    Turner abuses his teaching position in order to advance his own liberal agenda.

    Not as big a problem back when Turner was simply writing lies in the liepapers. Then, if you didn't like what self-serving lies Turner wrote and the idiot publishers published, the solution was simple: simply don't buy and read Turner's garbage or sue Turner for libel and slander. Something like that happened, and everyone was the better, except the schoolchildren, for it.

    But Turner forcing children to write some liberal drivel goes too far. These public school teachers need to be sternly told that intellectual development and independence means these children writing about what these children know and love and not writing some stupid liberal crap so that they can keep up with the class suck-up in Turner's class. There are plenty of blogs and citizen's journals on the Internet and now everyone can read whatever they like, and write about it as well, if they learn to think for themselves.

    I think Turner needs to be fired from the current job that Turner abuses -- trying to teach children to disobey, despise, and eventually hate their parents, and then, given time, God. Turner is an anti-Christ liberal wanting to turn our children into another liberal drone like himself. Turner can't control his impulses to ruin our children, and wants to turn them into anti-white racists like himself.

    Have you noticed that Turner now compares anyone who disagrees with him to Adolf Hitler? Makes you wonder who beat Nazi Germany -- liberals like Turner? Or white men who, now it seems, should have let Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia fight it out, then finished off or made peace with the winner.

    4:50 PM

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    Cousin Randy's Lying Blog, The Turner Report

    My Truthful Blog, The Turner Diaries

    Ewelene still misses Cousin Randy, the slut!!!

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    Default Cousin 'Moby Dick(less)' Randy Is Cunting Capt'n Bruce Speck

    Cousin 'Moby Dick(less)' Randy Is Cunting Capt'n Bruce Speck


    Quote Originally Posted by Cousin Randy Turner

    Joplin Globe hangs Chart reporters out to dry
    (The following is my post on today's Daily Kos.)

    A tradition of journalism I have admired since the first day I worked for a small town weekly newspaper in 1977 has been the way newspapers stand up for college and high school journalists when they run afoul of the powers that be.

    Newspapers, whether in metropolitan areas or in the backwaters of the United States, have banded together to aid student journalists who refuse to back down in the face of overwhelming pressure.

    I had the privilege of being one of those newspapermen who backed the youngsters and I never hesitated. The First Amendment is the backbone of this nation, and its first line of defense should always be those who practice journalism.

    Sadly, in these days when newsmen are no longer in control of their business and have seen it run into the ground by a neverending stream of those who have risen through the advertising ranks, it is no longer a given that newspapers will defend the First Amendment.

    In Joplin, Missouri, the city that I call home, the newspaper appears set on providing a roadblock to the First Amendment and leaving a group of courageous young journalists and their advisor out to dry.

    Controversy has never been a stranger to Missouri Southern State University’s student newspaper, The Chart. The newspaper has provided a steady stream of top-notch journalists to Missouri and in doing so has received many honors.

    The newspaper has never been tested as much as it has since the hiring of Bruce Speck as the university president two years ago.

    Speck was the only person to interview for the most important position on campus and since taking the helm he has been at the center of much criticism, both for his management style, his efforts to dismantled the university’s much praised international mission, and an abortive, secretive attempt to bring a medical school to Joplin.

    The Chart has been on top of each controversy involving Speck, thanks to the hard work of Editor Brennan Stebbins and the guidance of advisor T. R. Hanrahan. For that diligence, Speck, his aides or board members have removed copies of the newspaper from a recruiting fair, have done their best to undermine it in the community, including the use of planted comments on my blog, The Turner Report and on other venues, and have threatened Hanrahan’s livelihood.

    The community’s “professional” newspaper, The Joplin Globe, has been 10 steps behind The Chart on every MSSU story, but for a short time appeared to be making an effort to catch up.

    Bruce Speck was under so much fire; he completely stopped talking to the media. All requests to talk to him had to go through his public information director, and every one of those requests was denied.

    Enter Michael Beatty.

    Beatty, the former publisher of the Baltimore Examiner, took the top position at the Joplin Globe at the beginning of the year. And if there was any hope that he would usher the Globe into a brave new world of hard-hitting journalism it ended April 6.

    As I noted on a Turner Report post last night, Beatty sent an e-mail to Bruce Speck, which revealed that the Globe had dropped public information requests on items that could have embarrassed Speck, offered to arrange a meeting with him, Speck, and the Globe’s editor to give him “examples of positive stories” the Globe wanted to run about MSSU, and offered Speck advice on how to manage the news.

    I suppose it comes as no surprise that the university is a major advertiser in the Globe, as are those who have been pushing for a medical school in Joplin.
    So it is sad, but no surprise, that Michael Beatty failed to follow the rich tradition of newspapermen who battled to defend the First Amendment.
    And it is no surprise that he has left Brennan Stebbins and the band of intrepid reporters at The Chart, to fend for themselves.

    There is one consolation to the story, however. Michael Beatty’s e-mail to Bruce Speck was not uncovered through a leak from some disgruntled university employee. It was revealed through good old-fashioned reporting.
    The e-mail came to light thanks to a Freedom of Information request from the Chart.

    Now that is the First Amendment in action!





    Quote Originally Posted by Chad Stebbins is Lame
    I always thought that Chad Stebbins was full of himself and his lame attempts at "reporting" were just to keep the campus entertained. In my opinion, they always "hand pick" the students that they interview to try and start some controversy.

    Naturally the Chart is ahead of the Globe in reporting things that happen on campus....duh! I recognize that is Chad's vision that runs the whole operation, but he should be more open.

    8:06 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by The Stebbins Family
    Slur the father for the nationally recognized, award winning work of the son...What the....?? Low, DD and Bruce...very low.

    8:22 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by The Stebbins Family Psychological Report
    8:22 PM

    It's quite clear you have no idea how the Chart works.

    The work of the Chart and its students must hurt you deep somewhere so you must strike back at the students...

    Sorry, 8:22, Stebbins, Hanrahan, the Chart and the students reporters have far more credibility than the Globe these days.

    8:33 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Phil Cross (has man-crush on Chad Stebbins)
    Chad Stebbins is a credit to MSSU and was a great influence to many journalists. The Joplin Globe has been an embarrassment to journalism. MSSU was a great school and I am proud of the work I did there as a journalist and student. From what I have seen the new administration has done its best to ruin the school. The Globe has done little to shine a light on the shady backroom deals and thus the "journalists" at the Glob have allowed the fungus that is corruption to grow out of control. Shame on the Globe for being an embarassment to the entire community.

    -Phil Cross (not afraid to post openly)

    9:48 PM
    Cousin Swillis Gumpf Turner/ Go tell it to the Marines sez...

    Turner is whining again that his detractors use his blog comments to make fun of Turner's pretensions. If you don't like what we comment upon, Turner, simply disable the comments section and reveal yourself as a hypocrite once and for all.

    The fact of the matter is that Speck enjoys the confidence of the Board of Governors and they renewed his contract. So Speck can fire anyone he pleases and thus nobody who works for MSSU wants to cross him in these days when the job market is poor for academics.

    Now if Speck wants to use his power ruthlessly, then this is simply nothing different than Turner and the local left-winger chattering nitwits would abuse it as well. Anonymous @ 8:06 PM simply gave his impression that Chad Stebbins and son were not the second coming of journalistic Jesus Christ or really all that good in the overall scheme of things and the rest of the yappers and Turner 'think' that Anon 8:06 is either Speck or Dwight Douglas. Such is their 'excellence in reporting.'

    For the vast majority of us, whether Speck and Dwight Douglas run things as opposed to Turner and friends means little. Somebody is going to be MSSU President, and Speck seems to have held the line on keeping tuition in line and not cutting any jobs. In an era of declining state aid and taxes, this is actually pretty good, and whether or not you like Speck, it shows that Speck is competent. And thus since Speck is competent, then best leave things be as they are.

    So Turner's whining that these idiotic scribblers unable to run paper newspapers as a profitable business might not get grown men to jump at whatever they command or explain themselves every five minutes shows that Turner is out of it. Speck doesn't have to explain himself to you wretched idiot scribblers and most people with any sense wouldn't speak to members of the fifth column in any case. Nor does the Joplin Globe have any duty to engage in mischief or idle speculation against the president of any local business which advertises in their paper.

    Now what this means is that you get to write whatever foolishness you please in your blog, Turner, and delete critical comments, including or especially this one. But I fail to see why someone who abused members of the community when they were a reporter and editor 'thinks' that they have any moral ground in which to squeal about how anyone with good sense doesn't want anything to do with you. So maybe you should quit whining that you are not the only one who gets to abuse the First Amendment, Turner. You've deleted comments before, so threatening to do so again, and acting as if you are doing us all a favor by allowing some select criticism merely goes to show that you probably wouldn't do as good a job -- or as honestly as Speck.

    Speck's doing a good enough job as MSSU President and if he is smart enough not to want to talk to someone with an agenda of causing him and the college trouble, then that goes to show that Speck has good sense. Plus, some of us like listening to Turner whine.

    10:32 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Former edjremacated student/teacher

    @Go tell it to the Marines -- You obviously don't know jack about journalism, or about proper management techniques; in fact, your post, which is a rambling rant that appears induced by drugs or alcohol, offers nothing new. Bruce Speck is an embarrassment and should be fired or resign. Of course the board "supports him." The board is heavily influenced by Dwight Douglas, who has an iron-clad grasp on who is on the board, and what the agenda is. This type of rule by one group is paramount to fascism. Sadly, the present situation is likely to end with a tragedy of come sort. Let us all hope that before that occurs, clearer minds will prevail.

    2:22 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous Ass-clown
    Also to "Go tell it to the marines" -

    Speck did not "hold the line on tuition increases". The Governor and Senate of Missouri is doing that. It's called Senate Bill 389.

    And if you think that Anonymous 8:06 was not trying to imply that Chad Stebbins is "behind all the monkeyshines" at MSSU, then you don't understand how to read. Here is a direct quote: "I recognize that is Chad's vision that runs the whole operation, but he should be more open."

    And if you think you would like to work for Dr. Speck, since he is such a great leader, come on out to MSSU and pick up a job. You should have a doctorate in some field as that is a small requirement for most university professors. Also you should be prepared to feel completely baffled everyday as to why things are happening as they are. You will never know from day to day what random policy might be enforced or what new person may be your boss that day or why you continue to care about a university where you know that your work and input are not valued.

    5:08 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous and wanting to stay that way
    This board of governors has been "out of it" by design. Douglas design. That's why they went along with Douglas and "told" Speck they would renew his contract for two years. When they realized "there really was trouble in Dodge City", it was too late. There was a majority on the board to fire Bruce BUT since Dwight had convinced them earlier to TELL Speck they would renew his contract for two years, they argued for a while about what to do. No contract had been signed, but not wanting to spend $400,000 to buy him out since they had already "told" him and Bruce would legally have them by the balls, they acquiesced and resigned themselves to wait and see if "things would get better."

    They never did. They got worse.

    Messich, the respected VP of Acadsemic Affairs, and former dean of arts and sciences and head of Biology resigned "to go back to the classroom", a couple of years away from retirement, when he could have just stayed as VP at the higher salary and greatly enhanced his retirement pension. Bruce appoints Jack Oaks, and after 18, just 18 days on the job, Oaks resigns (giving up 40 grand a year) and goes back to the classroom. As he does, he issues a scathing letter "outing" Bruce and his incredibly poor leadership and vindictive behavior. Bruce then starts a national search, and one by one the finalists withdraw when they see who they would be working for. Bruce declares the search a "failure". We are now operating with another incompetent as interim vp of academic affairs. Terri Agee, the vp of business and a pal of Douglas, also quits and goes "back to the classroom" although she had never taught. The loss in salary by going from vp to professor is around 50 thousand. Why did she do that?... Of course, her pal Dwight arranged for a cushy internal legal "consulting" for her at extra pay. Venture to guess how much extra she will get for this "extra" work?

    Speck doesn't even have to fire people. The rats abandon the ship on their own.

    Douglas pal, Nodler, got a 2 million dollar pork for a "stadium storm shelter" HA!The football coach wanted to transform the shelter into a indoor practice facility. They spent 400 thousand in planning and the project was misteriously abandoned. To this day there has been no accounting of the 400000 dollars and neither Bruce, nor Douglas nor Nodler will speak about it.
    The Globe, of course, has not dare ask the questions that should be asked about these wasted 400000 of TAXPAYER MONEY. Way to spot the sunshine on public officials, Globe.

    All of this, and much more, (no room to detail it all) under the poor leadership of whom "Go tell it to the marines" calls "competent"

    Give me a break!

    The faculty at Southern are right. They are whining, yes, whining about poor leadership. They should!

    Who wouldn't. The Chart is right. They are the only ones bringing sunshine into the nefarious affairs of Bruce, Dwight and company. Keep it up, Chart!

    8:18 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by Don't want to talk to Marines
    Go tell it to the marines: said...

    You said: "Speck's doing a good enough job as MSSU President and if he is smart enough not to want to talk to someone with an agenda of causing him and the college trouble, then that goes to show that Speck has good sense."

    First of all, you cannot defend a policy of blanket refusal to grant interviews by the president of a public institution. You just can't. Second, since you refer to "college", I'm guessing you've been observing a while. Right, DD?

    10:09 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous
    Worse, Speck is not a man of good sense. He is also a man with no integrity. Julio may have had a benign dictatorship during his term, but he had integrity. He was also smart enough to know what to say and not to say to the media. The faculty knew whom they could trust and not trust…and they knew how Julio would react to just about every possible thing that might be asked of him. Speck, however, is a loose cannon; and the "meda policy" proves he is a man without a lick of sense. But he was handpicked for the job by two guys with even less sense. So what did we expect?

    12:27 AM
    Cousin Swillis Gumpf/Go tell it to the Marines 2 sez:

    Listening to all these idiots claiming -- correctly -- to be what 'modern journalism' is all about simply goes to show why newspapers and media are going bankrupt. The reason is because you fools are morally and mentally bankrupt. The only reason for reading your drivel is to think on the matter some, then do the exact opposite of what you fools want.

    Nobody intelligent has any 'duty' as Anonymous 10:09 claimed to speak to any journalist simply because these importunate idlers have claimed some sort of perogative to bother people going about their business. Since Speck has gone about minding the store as the Board of Governors set him to doing, anything less than a subpoena by a court of law is the only means under which he has to testify against his own interests. Some liberal whiners who want to hector him about why he doesn't do things as they wish doesn't cut it. But why don't you try holding your breath or hopping on one foot until Speck's contract is up for all the good it will do you?

    Insofar as making sure that no positions have been cut and that the University -- actually, I don't think that MSSU rates being called a 'University' -- has enough funds to survive a tuition freeze means that Speck is doing a good enough job financially. A lot of colleges and universities have lost much of their financial base during this bankster-induced depression, and if Speck's management has MSSU financially sound, then what more is required?

    The whiners, starting with Turner, 'think' that Speck should be removed simply because they don't like him. Which is tough, simply because the vast majority of us out here who would otherwise not care one way or the other about Speck or Dwight Douglas like these whiners even less. Guess what "Mean Girrrrlz"? Nobody cares and so Speck is in and you fools are out. Life after High School can be so cruel. Go whine your way towards further alienation for all we care.

    So, regardless of what is said and whined about, if some of you college types don't like the way Speck runs things, please feel free to quit. Plenty more eggheads living on the edge of financial destitution without benefits with worthless degrees willing to take your place. I bet that they'd kiss Bruce's butt for a chance to feed at the public trough some of you dissatisfied swine want to tip over.

    And no, I don't mind you whining and moaning about Speck and Douglas. I so love listening to the yelps of real perceived pain coming from you idiots. You may call Bruce and Dwight the biggest idiots in Joplin -- but anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear can see that you woeful snot-nosed mattoids are on the outside looking in with your snouts pressed against the glass.

    Nobody believes everything -- or really much of anything -- that they read in a newspaper or blog.

    Especially this blog. Pore Pore Pityfool Turner.
    12:53 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by Cun't Beeleeve Reality

    Dear Go tell it to the marines 2 1:02 a.m.


    OK. You've jumped the shark this time. No one is going to believe you're for real.

    10:36 AM

    Cousin Swillis Gumpf Turner/Go Tell It To The Marines 3 sez:

    The comments section on Turner's Blog is far more interesting than anything Turner has to write. Turner is a knee-jerk liberal trying to tell the natives that he is one of them while engaging in a great white liberal whale-hunt on Capt'n Speck and Capt'n Douglas. Call Turner, who is well out of any position of power and thus unsuccessful in his crusade, 'Moby Dickless.'

    Reality is that Speck has the better part of a two year contract ahead of him. And if Speck manages to keep MSSU solvent while funding for higher education is drying up, then Speck will likely get another extention on his contract.

    Julio Leon was a begger in a day when there was plenty of money in the Missouri treasury. Speck did away with this laughable 'international mission' silliness -- we have enough third-world refuse thanks to Tysons Foods already -- and tried to actually bring in a medical school given that there are plenty of hospitals in this area needing doctors. One of the keys to lowering the demand for medical services in an ageing population is increasing the number of mechanics in the doctor licensing monopoly and making it cheaper for them to get a license. So it fell through because of the current educational paradyme of educrat turf wars.

    In an age of "University of Phoenixes" and other on-line schools, I think that Dr. Speck's hunker-downism and Dwight Douglas's relentless Joplin boosterism might actually turn out correct. It is time for MSSU to hunker down during tough economic times and become more relevant to LOCAL interests as opposed to the demands of liberal journalism types who can't even get a job in a dying irrelevant industry.

    Reality is something which happens whether you liberal nitwits like it or not. The public funding cupboard is bare. Time to stop irrelevant internationalist silliness and work towards solutions geared to local interests. Speck and Douglas, whether you like them or not, seem to have a greater grasp of reality than Turner and most of his fellow liberal fish-out-of-water-in-SW-Missouri edumacated fools on this blog.

    This entire blog entry came about because one entity dependent upon the well-wishing of the public, the Joplin Globe, decided to work well with the other publicly funded entity dependent upon the good will of the public, Missouri Southern State 'University.' There is good sense in both of these reaching an accommodation for the good of the region. There is no need for constant back-biting and whining. And so they came to an accommodation. And, as long as it is above-ground and known then what of it? Is it so very wrong when society's leaders co-operate for the good of us all? Regardless of what the chattering nitwits like Turner 'think'?

    Reality sucks. Reality bites.

    Reality IS. Get used to it.
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    Cousin Randy's Lying Blog, The Turner Report

    My Truthful Blog, The Turner Diaries

    Ewelene still misses Cousin Randy, the slut!!!

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    Default Cousin Randy Blames The Top Maggots For The Decline of the jewspapers

    Cousin Randy Blames The Top Maggots For The Decline of the jewspapers


    Quote Originally Posted by Cousin Randy Turner

    Arrogance leading to the decline and fall of newspapers


    I am so tired of the hand wringing over the failing newspapers in the United States. I worked for newspapers for 22 years and I can tell you without the slightest doubt that the major reasons you read about in every tearjerking story over their decline and fall are only symptoms and come nowhere near to accurately describing the disease.

    Newspapers are not failing because they gave away their product for free over the Internet.

    Newspapers are not failing because a younger generation does not want to read and has more interest in social networking and video games.

    Newspapers are failing because of the arrogance of the people who are running them.

    I am not talking about the editors and reporters on the front lines. They are playing with the meager hands they have been dealt. The problem is at the top -- the companies that decided it was more important to squeeze every last cent out of the newspapers without putting any quality back into them.

    Companies like GateHouse Media, which I worked for when it was known as Liberty Group Publishing bought up one newspaper after another, chose center production hubs and eliminated jobs in communities without doing anything to improve their products. News staff sizes were cut drastically, production jobs eliminated entirely, while all the while company executives boasted of an improved product. Usually, this improved product consisted of a redesign, some advertising initiatives, and more special sections and niche products than can be counted. And that devotion to outside products cut down on the quality of the daily newspaper.

    In small communities, obituaries, wedding anniversaries, engagements, births, all of which had been considered news in the past, were now just sources of revenue. If a family cannot afford to pay outrageous prices to a newspaper during its time of grief, the loved one's death will simply go without notice.

    And no one at the top of these newspaper chains was able to figure out they were creating a disconnect between the community and the newspaper. Newspaper owners of the past, most of whom lived in the community, were smart enough to know that membership in the Chamber of Commerce and sponsoring a fireworks display or a concert (or more likely some kind of business expo) only reached one segment of the community and not a big one at that. It doesn't matter how much time you play footsie with the business community if you are not reaching their potential customers. Each time newspapers cut back on news coverage, or charged for it, they lost more and more of those potential customers.

    Are there any signs that anyone at the top of the newspaper chains recognizes this problem and is doing anything about it?

    Sadly, no. If anything, the companies are headed in the opposite direction. Instead of putting more money into their news products, newspapers continue to create niche products, each of which brings in some revenue, but do nothing to stop the hemorrhaging taking place in the core product. More attention is paid to the type of national celebrity news that readers can and will find more easily on the internet. What they usually will not find on the internet is the local news they need.

    And the practice of centralizing production and cutting jobs continues. If even some of the savings that the newspaper chains realize from these moves were put back into the journalistic product, there might be something to say for them, but that is almost never the case. All it does, is improve the company's bottom line, cut more jobs, and slash even more ties to the local communities that eventually will determine if the newspapers are going to survive.

    The most recent move of this sort was announced this week by Gannett, the country's most powerful newspaper chain. As I noted Tuesday, Gannett is centralizing pagination at five hubs across the country, and considering the company has nearly 100 daily newspapers, that means a number of people will receive pink slips in the near future, affecting every local community Gannett is supposed to serve.

    While Gannett and other newspaper chains cannibalize their own products in search of every nickel they can find, the long-term health of those very products is being sacrificed for short-term profits for stockholders and a killing for the executives who are destroying the foundation on which their companies were built.

    In the March 18 Turner Report, I noted the massive bonuses Gannett CEO Craig Dubow and other Gannett executives have received while cutting jobs and forcing employees to take two weeks of unpaid furloughs:
    In a proxy statement filed today with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Gannett, owner of USA Today and daily newspapers across the United States, including the Springfield News-Leader, announced more than $2.1 million in bonuses for its five top executives, including $1,450,000 for CEO Craig Dubow.
    And while Gannett employees have to wonder if they will have still jobs and have to take meager severance packages and/or unemployment pay when they are fired, Dubow and his fellow executives can wreak havoc with others' lives while being guaranteed they will not face similar upheavals:

    And while many Gannett employees were shown the door to help the company's bottom line, Dubow has no needs to worry on that account. If he ever leaves the company voluntarily, it has already invested nearly $9.6 million for his pension, he has nearly $6 million in stock options, and more than $3.8 million in restricted stock units, for a total of $19,312,688, according to the proxy statement.

    After Dubow leaves the company, he will have medical coverage paid for life, home computer assistance for three years, use of the company plane for the same amount of time (though he will have to reimburse Gannett for that), use of an office, secretarial assistance, for a total of $47,000 worth of perks.
    If for some reason, the ownership of Gannett changes hands, Craig Dubow is guaranteed $39 million under his contract, with the other top four officials guaranteed a combined $48.5 million, for a total of $87.5 million.
    Please don't blame a fickle readership for the rapid disintegration of newspapers in the United States and don't consider using taxpayer money to prop up this cadaver so it can pillage our communities for more profits and provide little of substance in return.

    Readers only left newspapers because the newspapers left the readers.

    POSTED BY RANDY AT 9:05 AM, Thursday, July 15, 2010



    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous Turner-licking Ass-clown

    Well said Turner. Well said.

    I went back a few days and reviewed what someone wrote. I got a chuckle out of it, and believe it to be true.

    "Have you seen the News-Leader lately? It has no local character in any of the content. Some type of page lifted from USA Today is stuck inside and the news is whatever comes down the pike from who knows where.

    There are not enough pages to wipe with. I mean we are talking about a thin newspaper in more ways than one.

    I was told the delivery route that serves me has gone from over 900 daily deliveries from subscriptions two years ago to 86 today. WOW! And I don't mean Wonders Of Wildlife.

    It is sad for our city but I must say from some of the stupidity over the last 20 years on editorial content, the chickens have come home to roost and they too are crapping on the NL."

    The News-Leader at one time had 'Randy Turner' like folks out and about getting facts and reporting them. Now they are only interested in a return for the share holders, and that ain't much, if anything.

    9:20 AM
    Cousin Swillis/Flyswatter sez:

    Most of what Turner says is correct: Big Media decided to skim everything from off the top for theysselfs and put nothing back in at the local level. As a result, fewer people read the lie-papers, preferring to get what they think the criminal regime wants them to hear from the TV or major media on the Internet. Then for agreement on what they want to think, they have their choice of bloggers, forums, and web pages. Thus people have chosen their own media of choice and the end result is fracture and Balkanization as everyone finds out what he wants to believe is true.

    But Turner lies about how the 'good ol' daze' of how it was good when Turner and Turner clones/clowns ran things. Essentially Turner was a liar and bully who abused his power as an editor, and then Turner ran afoul of someone much like him on the Right, and in the commotion of a libel lawsuit, the publisher/manager of the local paper was able to ship Turner out on his ear, and thus end Turner's career of shoveling liberal BS to a discerning audience. Of course now Turner is now shoveling his offal to a captive audience. Sooner or later the parents and taxpayers will stop supporting Turner and his fellow corps of parasitic liberal nitwits, and funding will follow children as the best parents take out their progeny and the taxpayers can't support the pub[l]ic skrewels.

    Actually, I love seeing all the pain and hurt as clones of Turner lose their jobs and professions essentially lying to anyone stupid enough to read these lie-papers. So it is nice to see what is going around coming around to liberal idiots who advocated exactly what they ended up getting. But now that the effects of globalism and centralization and political correctness is coming around to them, commences now the puling and moaning concerning how they have been downsized and terminated and hung out to dry with the rest of the garbage.

    All of the former pillars of society have been picked apart by people like Turner, first in the major media and now in the public school system. Now these parasitic termites find out that the mound in which they lived yet picked apart is falling down, and they whine that when they wanted the social order to fall apart, these silly silly fools never thought that they would be caught up in it.

    Turner whining about the management destroying the major lie-papers is akin to a maggot lower on the totem pole whining about the fatter maggots living at theys' expense on a declining carcass. Maggots have no loyalty to anything other than theysselfs, and cannot understand how they had anything to do with the way things have come about due to their own misconduct.

    1:06 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Turner, Leave Them Kids Alone!
    Thank you Flyswatter - not because I believe everything you say, but because you say it. He will never figure this out, but Randy Turner isn't the great sage and "knower of all things" that he wants people to believe. And it scares the living daylights out of me to think of him teaching children...

    1:10 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Cousin Randy's Ass-Clown Sock-Puppet

    Anonymous, perhaps you would have been better off if you had Mr. Turner as a teacher since you appear to agree more with Flyswatter, which appears to be another pseudonym for Martin Lindstedt. Mr. Turner isn't always right with what he says, but his honesty and integrity have never been questioned by anyone with intelligence.

    1:40 PM
    Swillis Gumpf Turner/Flyswatter 2 sez:

    The problem with a drone like Turner is that after those who actually had to deal with Turner's causing the Carthage Press to be hated and despised because of Turner's sanctimonious stupidity -- which other drones like Anonymous @ 1:40 claim is "honesty and integrity" -- turfed Turner out on his ear, this drone immediately glommed onto the other maggots' paradise of the pub[l]ic skrewl system, wherein more self-righteous maggot drones are programmed to be nothing more than consuming excreting animals in a declining system about to collapse hated by both its subjects foreign and domestic.

    Yes, the public school system needs to be defunded and its captive audience of institutionalized children set free of the likes of Turner. Last month, Turner was shrieking like a maggot deprived of new fodder over Glenn Beck telling the Tea Partyiers that they need to take out tax money as well as their children from the pub[l]ic skrewls. Turner then yapped about how the current regimen of drone-programming just had to continue because otherwise . . . . liberal drones like Turner would be out of a job programming more worthless drones like Turner.

    In a free society, Turner and Turner's army of murmuring mattoids would be free to publish whatever they wanted, and to create as many other mattoid drones as they pleased -- at theys' own expense. The children of ordinary citizens do not belong to them, nor does tax money from their parents or anyone else.

    Thus Turner can of course publish his blog and, admitting that Turner has lost the public debate on his own blog, Turner can block commentary at [s]will, and thus admit that he never was or is able to deal with free men able and willing to think for themselves. Of course Turner and his sock-puppet ass-clowns routinely threaten to declare their moral and intellectual bankruptcy by closing the comments section whenever hearing a disparaging word from hostile readers with their own opinions upon whose minds pub[l]ic edumacation didn't take much hold.

    As a way to get from the current degenerate state to freedom, private school vouchers, cutting property taxes, and closing down marginal schools, limiting taxpayer-funded public education to three years from the ages of ten to fourteen for the purpose only of teaching the Three-R's or reading, 'riting, and 'rithmetic, closing down and privatizing higher edumacation by closing state universities and abolishing the state-sponsored accreditation and licensing systems (which have the sole process of limiting education and training to politically connected parasites) and any other measures to separate schools and the State.

    We have an Internet system to use as a library and a school. We simply don't need drones like Turner and Turner-like drones to function as toll-keepers any more. Since Turner and his fellow drones are no longer necessary at the local and regional level, let them be sent out to live in the real world, to either perish or to change their parasitical world-view and become actually productive people living on their own dime.

    It also looks like quite a few people are less than enamored with Turner. That Turner needs adult supervision is the consensus, and the Management of the Carthage Press did, and the school board should, grow tired of bothering with someone needing such great amounts of moral and mental supervision to not run amok.

    My point is that Turner and those like Turner idiotically insist that it is all management's fault, and not manning up and taking responsibility for theys' part in the collapse of local and regional lie-papers. They were the first at fault. Anyone able to think for himself got into the habit of going to the Internet to read their news. A parasitical Management eating their own seed-corn is finishing the process. But when the big maggots kill and eat the littler maggots, it is hard not to cheer when it is the littler maggots like Turner who are now finding out that what goes around to others eventually comes around to them.

    3:06 PM




    Mein Twattt!!!

    Elizabeth Lundstrum sez:

    Okay, people Break It UP. This discussion was not an invite to neuter Randy Turner. This was a comment on the demise of newspapers. This is not a local issue- this is happening all around the country. I believe the New York Time is going strictly web based.

    Don't get me wrong- I love newspapers. I like the physical feel for them and also the local reporters passionate views of their topics. I love magazines and paper books. For me and my generation. this will never be replaced by Kindles or e-books, or e- papers. But let us face the facts- the production of paper products has increased. Paying staff, selling copies, and distribution are sinking newspapers and publishers.

    Also, I can read something on an internet news source at least 10 hours before it hits the paper. The internet has basically scooped the paper business.

    The push by certain climate groups for "greener " practices by businesses has also hurt newspapers. Paper is made from wood, bleached with chemicals and than the ink is used. Disposal is expensive. Yes, you can recycle but many just want us to be a paperless society- "save the trees, save the earth".

    My last point is that I know Randy Turner personally. You have not worked with him, had him as a teacher, had a child in his class, or even read his stuff. You read his blog for what? information, fun, to post petty insults? I am pretty much sure that you are exercising your first amendment rights by telling him your opinion (behind an anonymous post) but he is also exercising his. Get a life and read something else.....

    7:04 PM

    Mein Twattt!!!

    I suffer from solipsism.

    But I don't contemplate my navel, I contemplate my PUSSY !!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Trying to Tell Head Tard Betty How it Works
    It is simply not credible to say that "the editors and reporters on the front lines" are blameless when they are delivering center-left to hard left editorial content to a center-right country.

    5:30 AM

    Cousin Swillis Gumpf Turner/Flyswatter sez:

    Betty, you might be the Head ReTard in the local Tard Corral known as the pub[l]ic skrewel system, but you are simply wasting your time trying to treat grown white men as one of your little idiot tards regardless of whether, judging by your ability to use the English language and ability to 'think' you must have put the 'Special' in Special Edumacation. If anyone needs to get a life, it is you, and for what it is worth I think that you are fit for nothing other than maybe drawing a plow when the Social Order goes down another few notches after the Great Collapse.

    Like all drones and parasites in a declining System about to collapse, you seek to whine that this collapse is caused by the predators and parasites who are simply mopping up. The fact of the matter is that the inmates now run the asylum, and as a result the rest of us simply fled it, which is why we home-school our children and don't want to pay higher and higher taxes for you liberal idiots any more.

    Turner and those like Turner essentially destroyed the lie-papers because the minute there was an alternative to getting the news of the day, we went onto the Internet, created our own blogs, web pages, and alternative media. We networked and created our own alternative media and schools of thought. We no longer need your kind any more. And thus, we sit and gloat while the former mainstream media is simply looted for what is left, leaving the former parasites who did the grunt work of lying and sleazing being left high and dry to starve.

    Now insofar as whether we know Randy Turner better than you do, Liz. You think you know Turner better than we do because you are a drone parasite just like Turner is. Some of us have known Turner its entire life and despised Turner because Turner is a liar, coward and degenerate. Regrettably 'tolerance' leads to toleration of that which should have been eliminated when found. Turner wore away at the patience of the Carthage Press management and readers, and when an excuse was found to rid themselves of Turner, Turner was run off, chop, chop.

    If I had a child 'under' Turner, then I'd be kicking up a fit to where that wouldn't happen, or Turner would be teaching children whose parents don't much care how they turn out -- which is the majority. In my father's day, critters like Turner wouldn't have been allowed to teach children in any case.

    You parasites are like dinosaurs. You have recreated the world in your image with the result that the social order is on the verge of collapse and simply can't afford to keep you drones and parasites up any more. State and local governments have had to turn loose you useless, evil eaters. Just as the media is in terminal decline because nobody wants their product and a poorer population can't afford to pay the salaries, wages and pensions of the media, likewise nobody really wants you degenerate liberal idiots anywhere near their kids and no longer can pay high property taxes. As a result, soon enough most of you parasites will be out on your ears and out on the street.

    Insofar as whether Turner decides to censor the comments section of his blog, if Turner wishes to admit defeat in the war of ideas, then fine by me. Turner never was one to allow free speech when he ran the local lie-paper, and neither are most editors. That's why none of us buy lie-papers anymore unless we are in it. Whatever Turner censors will doubtless show up in another blog in any case.

    It definitely is a high-lite of my golden years to see what James Kunstler calls you 'Yeast People' dying off from the toxins from your own foul byproducts after a long decline and season of starvation.

    No, Randy Turner and his fellow corps of liars in the media destroyed the foundations first. When us, the disgusted, found the Internet, we left and never looked back. Now all the moneymen are draining what is left in the corpse, nothing more.

    6:19 PM

    Quote Originally Posted by gliberal whigger/mamzer pooper&scooter

    All of you that are bitching about Randy Turner, keep this in mind... You do not have to read a single thing he has written, you are not forced to believe anything you don't want to. I'm not sure what you complainers believe in, but you are a typical bunch of Republican "againers". If you didn't say it or you don't believe it, then you are again it, and to you its obviously wrong for anyone else to think otherwise. Yep, I work in public and hear your kind every day. Most of them are also called "Baptists".

    Now take after this, won't you say doesn't make one little bit of difference to me.

    4:26 AM

    Swillis Gumpf Turner/Flyswatter 4 sez:

    All of you liberal trough feeders who support Randy Turner keep this in mind . . . .

    The responses to Turner's silliness involves arguing as to what has finished off the liepapers and mainstream media (MSM). Turner and Liz and the other fools want to blame the looting maggots which are cleaning off the bones off the corpse. Myself and a few others want to put the blame for the initial decline squarely where it belongs -- on Tuner and his corps of like-minded drones who made the lie-papers unreadable and not even remotely honest, triggering the first exodus of working white males and taxpayers who resolved to not pay to read lies aimed against their own interests. So along came the Internet and off went we. We formed our own media for which we pay nothing except if we want to support our own media with our own efforts. Now Turner and the rest of you liberal parasites are whining that since we don't need your kind any more, that we are taking our attention, children, and soon tax dollars elsewhere.

    Something that you parasites only dimly understand is rushing up to bite you: The host -- us -- don't need the parasites -- you. You parasites, on the other hand, need us, and cannot prosper or even live when we close our minds, wallets, and doors to the likes of you. You all are parasitical drones surplus to society and thus are left to make it on your own.

    Now to these realities, like all liberals you whine and say given the shambles of the New Reality facing you which you created and to which we reacted, "Well, I meant well!!!!" Which is a lie that you liberals tell in order to advance your parasitism in the first place. Your kind was always evil and stupid and vicious, and the end result will put paid to the likes of you.

    So, again. Turner can at any time close the comments section to hostile commentary using any excuse Turner pleases. But in doing so, Turner declares moral and mental bankruptcy. And while I and the rest are sure that Turner might well think that he has no choice but to admit defeat, whining and sitting in a corner pissing hisself and having other liberal parasites pulling his finger is certainly no victory.

    7:11 AM

    Last edited by Swillis Gumpf Turner; 07-17-2010 at 08:22 AM. Reason: Add Links


    Cousin Randy's Lying Blog, The Turner Report

    My Truthful Blog, The Turner Diaries

    Ewelene still misses Cousin Randy, the slut!!!

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