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Thread: Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri Announcements & Comments

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    Default DeMangy & DeClueless $permFront jewkals killing and eating whigger lambkins as jewsual.

    DeMangy & DeClueless $permFront jewkals killing and eating whigger lambkins as jewsual.


    Quote Originally Posted by Pastor Visser View Post
    Thanks for the update!

    I feel it should be stated that posting a link to CPM at $camfront Theology/Telegony will earn the user an instant banning – this has happened to countless posters over the last four years. It’s not only us as many $F users have been banned for supporting seedliners like John Knight, Martin Lindstedt, Clinton Fultz, Morris Gullett, Jay Faber and whosoever else they disagree with.

    If you must, be on guard and use their hidden OSL subforum wisely.

    War for Christ,
    Downey isn't preaching to any Dual-Seedliners because they simply can't stand Downey's lies. Downey has nothing better to do than to pretend to be relevant as something more than Don Black's/David Duke's pretend OSLer baal-priest on the $permFront/$camFront ZOG false-front.

    I looked and see that Meercat Markkk is getting more polished in its lies about there being 'no devil' other than Pete Peters since Baal-priest Blanchard run off and Clowney was forced to anoint hisself with an unholy mixture of Crisco Oil and Jurgen's Lotion.

    I see that they made the lying baal-priest LiarBill DeClue(less) a moderator and the feeb is closing down threads and threatening to ban people, just like Klunt and her meercat used to do whenever they managed to get into power. When they did that in the early parts of this decade, Klunt's behavior scandalized everyone. Now it is simply part of bizness as jewsual for the spawn of Satan to overtly ban those of the Dual-Seedline Christian Identity belief.

    So I'd say that $permFront is proven to be a ZOG false-front organization dedicated to destroying insofar as possible the Dual-Seedline Christian Identity belief. Because, if the jews are not the spawn of Satan, then jews are not to blame for whiggers ruining theys' lives.

    What Klunt's Meercat Markkk wants to do is to pretend to be an One-Seedliner when in fact Klunt's meercat isn't even Christian. The lies that Klunt's meercat could come just as easily from some jewnitarian or even jew rabbi.

    So does the fact that stupid people sign in at the $permFront 'CI Telegony' thread mean anything other than that Don Black allows this to happen? And the answer is no. The vast majority of whiggers are doomed to die, so that they choose to believe lies and die in ignorance really means absolutely no more than that millions of white chickens are hatched in 3 weeks, raised for six weeks, and converted to KFC and niggershit in under four weeks. From dirt to crap in 13 weeks without having any meaning to theys' worthless lives. So too with whiggers.

    If Clowney's lies mean anything to whiggers, then this is proof positive that there is something base in that whigger's genetic woodpile that the fool believes Downey, indeed sought Downey out.

    And, I can well imagine that Downey is whining about myself as being profane and sending the feeb over here to tut-tut. If the feeb doesn't puke up the dogs' breakfast upon command by Downey, they get banned.

    Quote Originally Posted by Klhumper of Klunt

    Re: What's the deal with christian identity.
    Quote Originally Posted by magdalen
    And where are these sites with the vile profanity? Seems to me you are making an unsubstantiated allegation with no proof. Cite your sources on here so we can see them.
    It would not be productive to this forum and would only be giving them free advertising. Think of it as an armpit of invectives.

    Pastor Mark Downey
    Klunt's Meercat decided to give Magdalen a controlled taste though. After all, Annananus & Saphiraklunt are, kikelike, always the victims of us Christian haters, and so they got to show that they's personal Holohoax still exists:

    Quote Originally Posted by Pasturd Meercat
    Quote Originally Posted by Magdalen
    I prefer to think of it as an unfounded allegation until proven true. It's obvious CI has many rabid enemies since it can't be so easily infiltrated and taken over from the inside like the rest.
    Tell ya what, I'll PM you the URL. I wouldn't want children surfing into such a vile cesspool of demonic vitriol.

    Quote Originally Posted by magdalen
    BTW Pastor Downey, thanks for your great website, It certainly taught me a lot.
    You're most welcome.

    Pastor Mark Downey
    So I take it that Clowney found another foolish female playing at CI. Which is fine, for as Christ said, such wisdom is justified of such children unable to ever grow up.

    By the way, I have been known to be profane and crude. Not that it bothers me because I really don't have much use for sanctimonious pharisees too good to say "shit" when such have a mouthful for fear of being made to swallow. In the case of Klunt's meercat, I'd say that the idiot baal-priest is afraid that it won't be able to stop eating shit once made to start.

    In any case, Downey and the $permFrontians simply can't help but cum over here to hear what is being said about theysselfs. Which is fine, because they are only fooling fools determined to be fooled.

    And LiarBill DeClue seems to have dropped out without much in itz life to live for. He puked up an acceptable spaghetti dinner, sat glumly in a chair waiting for me to ordain it, and told Roxie that it got mumps settled down to itz nuts so that there won't be any more DeClue(less)es other than itz sisters' niglets. LiarBill was asking me whether or not to drop itz $permFront account, then renewed it for another year, and now is licking JackBoot's and Lycia the $permFront Hoggess' asses. A feeb without a clue or much of a life to live that it simply has got to pretend to be a pastor when it has no strong belief system in anything other than 'being nice' to evildoers, the literal spawn of Satan.

    So, if mangy jewkals and baal-priests kill and eat the last hope of whigger lambs, then what of it? Does YHWH really overgreatly need what will become nothing higher than wolf&jewkal shit?

    If, being a fool who loves lies, and believing those lies you die, then what of it? If Christ would talk in parables because Christ wanted His [de]generation to die in ignorance and moral squalor, c.f. Matt 13:10-17, how much less does Christ think of today's tare [de]generation?

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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