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Thread: Hi! I'm Lycia, The $permFront Hoggess

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    Default Hi! I'm Lycia, The $permFront Hoggess

    Hi! I'm Lycia, The $permFront Hoggess . . . .


    . . . . . and I wish I could say that I too, like most whigger nutsionalists, haven't had pussy since pussy had me, but that isn't the case. I'm in an Internut virtual lesbian sexshul relationship with Debbie 'Klunt' Downey, since like most fat whigger sow/heifer gordas, I can't find no whigger to fuck me. And I'm much too proud to go out coal-hauling -- yet, and them jews and beaners have too short of peckers to find the honey-hole past the blubber.

    You got to realize that insofar as getting some whigger pecker, I was at the back of the line. Not since the Neolithic has calorie-saving fatties like me been an object of sexual desire. Which is why I like Klunt, the formerly hottt Klailiff who functioned as the Washington State Klan Sexual Mascot, i.e. the Klunt. You see, the Klan really shouldn't allow us split-tails to hold Klan office, but Klunt was insistent and the Grand Dragon was horny, but generous. So Klunt was able to claim to be the Klailiff, up until the time that happy Klan was split up by the Klailiff/Klunt running off with the Kludd. After that, the Washington State Klan becum known as Kooks' Klunt's Klan, and was drummed out of recognition.

    So I used to hang around the National Alliance, until it went bust. So now I'm into ASSturu, desperately hoping that some nearly blind Pussy-Whupped Dolt (PWD) or whigger meercat will somehow think that there is a Valkurie hidden below all this blubber, that they are somehow mounting a baby seal instead of a walrus or manatee. So, since the best meercat hunting grounds are now on $permFront, I'm now the HFSIC -- the Head Fat Sow In Charge. Below is my picture, old number 21. When I suggested to Dr. William Pierce that he save money (and the whales) by harpooning not-so-little me with his Wrangling Reltney of Rectitude as opposed to importing all them Slavic woods-coontangs from Rumania, I was simply patted on my many double chins and given a brand new dustbuster with vibrating attachments to ride for my Christmas bonus. I'll get you Dual-Seedliners and your little dogs too!!! Dee-dee-dee-dee-dee-dee. That and a new round tag held on by sweat to wear on my chins as I got so tired of having my ears notched and pierced to hold my numbered tag of #21.

    For some unknown reason, most White People don't want to breed with us $permFrontians

    So, sometimes Klunt, being [de]generous, allows me a virtual pickle-tickle from her meercat Markkk, her past-her, her AnnanaANUS to her Sapphira in her Sapphirate. Me, I'm so horny, but I have no choice but to stay here on $permFront, hoping that my Prince Meercat will cum.

    Well, when I got back home to the sty early the morning of Oct. 15th, I had many voice-mail and Private Messages from Klunt Downey. It seems that there were some of them evil Dual-Seedliners led by Satan hissself, Martin Lindstedt, out causing trouble. You see, that idiot meercat Markkk Downey doesn't 'oafishully' believe in Satan, because they want to spread the jewnitarian notion that evil is caused by 'bad thoughts.' And 'devil' cums from the Geek word "diablos" which means "malicious gossipers" and Klunt sure has had contact with a whole lot of "diablos" -- every one of them wimmen Kluckers sure pissed off that Klunt gave out Klap to Klansmen and they got some Kooks Klunt's Klap too.

    So by then Klunt Downey was all Gadarenian on me, foaming at the mouth, jumping up into the air and with her huge pancake tits making out like a whirligig. She demanded that even though she had virtually sucked Don Black's golf balls through a garden hose begging to cum on back to $permFront and not cause too much trouble with the Dual-Seedliners by banning them because neither of them were moderaturds anymore, and behaving herself was the deal, Klunt huffed, and puffed and blew her meercat down[ey] and in order to be kind to meercats, I banned everyone DSCI who looked like he/she was infected by Lindstedtitis.

    Of course Chaplain Bill turned out to be a baal-priest, making many a Private Message to the Klhumper of Klunt, Klunt, and myself that now he would pretend to be Dual-Seedline just as Klunt and her Past-her Meercat pretend to be One-Seedline/OSLers. Even though not a single real OSLer, not even race-mixers like Dave 'Latrinesses R Lamanites and I got the Nephite Pecker For Them' Barley, and Pete 'I got me a pet jew' Peters even remotely claim that there is no Satan or yap Downey's 'No Devil Dogma.'

    So, in order to keep $permFront/Stormfront around as the Foremost Whigger Nutsionalist ZOG false-front, sucking up all that geezergelt and whiggaz-mites for David Duke to buy pollack pussy in the Wild Wild East and Don Black to keep looking relevant as something more than an Internut brothel-keeper, it is necessary that us fat wymmyn simply censorsheep/ban any discouraging word. And so my initial sqeal/squall of porcine outrage is preserved below for all to see, even though like all fat sows not wanting my shit to ferment in one of my cracks I sponged it away. Pig pisspul don't get along nicely with Wolf-Benjamites like Pastor Lindstedt and his DSCI Wingman Pastor 6Killer. Itz a Genesis 3:15 thang.

    That said, I'm on here because I'm sorta like a kikess, wanting some Israelite man-seed in order to stabilize my piglets. I might go as high as 666 Canuckistan ZOGbux for some frozen man-sickle from Pastor Lindstedt -- I hear he loves us little fat grrrrlz -- and so I'm here to abase myself and tell it how itz at $permFront.

    That, and I banned you DSCI Lindstedtards because I'm a Heathen Ass-hole, a horny, horny sowess-jewkal, and just an all around cunt.

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