The Pisser-Possum, Phil-in-Booze Morrow, LiarBill MumpsNut & Me


I don't believe a word liars say at all. FWIW, here is the whole story regarding "Phil in Boaz:"

After having been out of the loop with Christian Identity for a number of years, Visser was the first person whose site I ran across. The atmosphere there was contentious and most of my time was spent arguing with somebody called Joe and a couple of others like seedliner, Archivist, Admin, K 2, and Astragoth - all of them personas of the same individual, Jeromy Visser.

While on that site, I was contacted by some guy called Phil in Boaz. He had a discussion board called remnantsite. I posted there a couple of times. remnantsite, like most of these "Identity" sites had very few members (less than here or Visser's site.) So, Phil contacts me one day and all the contact we've had has been is via two discussion boards. He asked if I would mind running the board and being a moderator. He even gave me full access to the board.

A week later, he contacted me via phone. So, we've had a total of ONE phone communication. He was trying to get me to completely take over the board, but I already had one and none of us are doing too hot. He did not fully explain the situation. The real situation was Phil was having personal problems and was about to lose the board. He did not have the money to keep it up and have a couple of rocks of crack. In fact ZOGbot Silly Roper was furnishing the 25 ZOGbux per month on the Bronze Plan. When, as a moderator, I found that out, I tried to purchase the board and keep it going. When I attempted to call this Phil up, his phone was disconnected. He probably was sent back to prison for a parole violation from a DUI. Without his written consent, I could not take over the board.

Tracking down Phil's parents and telling them to have him call me yielded no results. The money due to keep the board up lapsed and remnantsite disappeared because it was on the $25-per-month Bronze Plan. So, three PMs and a phone call are the extent of the relationship between myself and Phil. He did register on a militia board I over-see, but he introduced himself and that was the last we heard from him there.

I don't know him personally; don't know his background and there was nothing wrong with him offering to have me take over the board. Had I known he had to come up with a couple of hundred bucks or lose it, I would have bought it from him and kept it going, but that would have been a business decision as a bowel Movement ZOGbot for hire.

If Jeromy Visser would like to say something to me personally, I'm not like the rest of the people on these boards. I'm an hour or so drive from Visser and he can meet me face to face any time he likes. BTW, I have access to professional quality video people that would gladly record any kind of face to face Visser is up for. Like MumpsNut, I'm a pussy, but an older ZOGbot pussy with a license to ill.

Let me tell everybody this:

Visser has no more qualifications to be teaching the Word than I do. I got involved in by way of people like Dan Gayman (my primary mentor and still personal friend & fellow ZOGbot), Sheldon Emry (a fellow Sephardic Melungeon "No Devil" ZOGbot), Bob Miles, Earl Jones, Thom Robb (another ZOGbot pseudo-See-Eye Dentist Lite & FiBbIe for-profit Klansmamzer), George Udvary and another of my own mentors (and co-founder of the Militia of Georgia) Lt. Col. Gordon "Jack/Squirrely" Mohr. Single seedline, Dual seedline and everything in between & especially papist-preterist No Devil See-Eye Dentistry are not new to me. The people I mentioned are the ones I personally (like face to face, one on one) knew at the time. When you've been around since 1976, you tend to meet a lot of people while acting as an agent provocateur.

As a fellow mamzer playing See-Eye Dentistry Visser is not in much of a position to talk down to me. When I went on his site, like that of Baal Finck's papist-preterist No-Devil "us jews are not the spawn of Satan" ZOGbot site, all he wanted to was belittle and demean anyone that did not agree with him 100 percent. If / when you challenged his lordship, he tries to pretend that you are somehow unfit to even claim Christ as your personal savior.

Everybody else can have their petty problems with Visser, but if he and his sockpuppet entourage want some, then come get some. Visser does not have a monopoly on Christian Identity; his message does not square with the teachings of Swift OR Comparet. visser only got "ordained" by some desperate Identity advocate who went to prison over a scheme to rob banks in Alabama for Bolivian nose-candy three generations behind Wesley Swift. Visser has never taken the course that Comparet used to train potential pastors which Mike Hallimore uses as a profit center selling it to mamzers and ZOGtards wanting to claim to be a See-Eye Dentist "pastor".

Visser's mother was still changing his nasty diapers on the Eastern Cherokee Indian Reservation the first time I gave a sermon in an Identity church. BTW, it was a physical church, not in front of a camera hooked to a computer in my bedroom. If Visser wants to challenge my qualifications versus his, game on. Some days I think that the more we acknowledge Visser, the more we help him - even if he does want his name to be associated with conflicts that always end with him getting schooled and then having to run back to his little discussion board and use his various personas to try and convince himself of his greatness.

Most of my career since 1987 was spent trying to make a difference in the political, legal, and related arenas. Despite that, I have remained a student of the Word. Like Obie, I've probably won over more people to the Word by accident than Visser has on purpose. Any time Visser wants to cut the crap and talk to me face to face, I'm not a hard man to find. For him, or anyone else supporting him, to pretend they are any more qualified in C.I. than yours truly, let's find out in person - not on the net. And, finally, if there were any more involvement than what I described above relative to Phil in Boaz, I would disclose it to you.

Your 85 IQ on a good day, 250-lbs of dogshit in a 150-lb meatsack, lying delusional MumpsNutted alleged niglet-niece molesting ZOGbot troll will be back. He won't be able to resist reading what others had to say about his waste of time rant which you dug up and recycled on your Aussie poofter-tranny fake-forum.

Posted 29 September 2018 - 11:12 PM