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Thread: Hi! I'm LiarBill DeClue(less), Phony OSLer Baal-Priest of St. Louis

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    Living & Loving with the niglet nieces in Misseryi

    Default Call me 'Aryan War-Hog,' Mullet&Gullet Missouri State Leader.

    Call me 'Aryan War-Hog,' Mullet&Gullet Missouri State Leader.

    Well losers like that can't do anything but rant and rave, it sounds like you got called by the second clown that called me, he couldn't get a rise out of me so he tried you, from now on I'm not accepting blocked calls or anything that doesn't come from a legit phone number. Like my ADL/$PLC/FBI coontact from the Department of ZOGland Insecurity after I took a plea-'bargain' and got a Suspended Imposition of Sentence in return for snitching. Well, it helps when you want to get niece pussy, niglet and otherwise. I'm only dealing with people that have the guts to be as in the open with their beliefs as I am because I am an agent provocateur ZOGbot. Call Me TraitorGlenn Miller. If course those beliefs are rather flexible -- one moment I want Marty to ordain me as a DSCI minister in his faction of the Aryan Nations. Then, within three daze I'm sucking on Klunt's sacred twat and getting my mumps-nuts sack bit on the downstroke by her little past-her Meerkkkat Markkk Clowney because Pope Marty told me to be a hater. If they want to hide like cowards let them call someone like Martin Lindstedt, a crypto-jew Aryan Nations wannabe who is as much a loud mouthed coward as they are. Many is the time that Mad Marty has told me to cum on down and get gelded into a proper sale-a-bray-tion of Cybele/Klunt, and I've still yapped about how tough I am. But I am on the lookout for Geo Metros driven by half-bearded maniacs in Florrissant.

    Well, even though I only lasted less than three daze with Marty, I was able to be a ZOGbot spy on Ron Edward's Klan of Mamzers for years. Now I got a promotion into the Mullets&Gullets and I'm moving on up as a rather fat mole within the Mullets&Gullets.

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    My goal is to convert and edjewmacate those who are open to the [s]will of Klunt & her Meercat Markkk Downey and the teachings of of their jewnitarian 'No-Devil' baal-priest doctrine while pretending to be Dual-Seedline. I'm such an 85 IQ (on a good day), 250-lbs of dogshit in a 150-lb sack, alleged niglet-niece molesting delusional mumps-nutted KookKluddKlown snitching Son of Belial.

    So you have any niglets I can molest?

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