Eric Thomson: Letter to Daniel -- 27 Oct. 2007

27 OCT 07

Hail Daniel! Thanks for your letter of 21 OCT 07. My policy is to reply to letters in case a ZOG-gulag inmate is on ‘diesel-therapy’ in the form of sudden moves. Unless you are otherwise advised, my address remains the same, as it has for 14 years. Yes, I’m still here in Brownest Yakima, ducking when I hear nearby gunshots in this barrio on gang-banger turf. As I see it, the turf battles are on behalf of dividing up the drug market for those who run it, along with apparent ZOG involvement, for we are talking about illegal aliens doing illegal business on U.S. territory.

Your persecution seems due to your “political incorrectness,” as was mine in 1969. The factor which rankles me is the hypocrisy of this Land of ZOG, in which we are encouraged to do ostensibly LEGAL things, as informing ourselves & others on behalf of an “enlightened electorate,” as I was told from my earliest edjewcation. Doing what I was allegedly supposed to do as a U.S. citizen was exactly what got me into the most trouble. I’ve lived under real, honest dictatorships, as in Terrorist Colombia, Fascist Spain & a short time in Communist East Germany. There, one knew what one was NOT supposed to say & do. Just obey & no trouble will ensue, but in the USA, it’s the reverse. As one Commie chief said, Khruschev, I think: “You people think you are free,” referring to the sheeple of the Jewnited States, as opposed to the Soviet Jewnion, where sheeple knew they were not free. My experience as a U.S. citizen reminds me of two former ‘spooks’’ experience: Former Mossadnik Ostrovsky & former Soviet Intelligence “Suvorov”, who got into trouble for obeying orders, just as they would have for NOT obeying orders. It appears that you have been victimized for exercising your alleged rights under The First Amendment. I’m not surprised. Just try to do what you know is right.

Surely, your zoggies have ways of finding out if a prisoner is “running a business,” which would involve income therefrom, unless zoggies do not know that. It seems pretty dumb & clumsy to throw you in solitary, for lack of information, but too much suspicion. I guess if your zoggies suspected you were over-eating, they’d just put you on a starvation diet in solitary, to make sure you weren’t. Someone needs ‘help’ for paranoia, & it does not seem to be you.

I did not know Colin Jordan is still alive. Last word I received was that he was under Britzog restrictions for ‘political incorrectness’ or outright ‘thought-crime.’ Please give him my best regards when you contact him. His former comrade, John Tyndall, has died. I understand their split was over a woman, who acted as a ZOG agent, based on their personal profiles. The scheme worked, although genuine doctrinal differences could have caused it as well.

I enclose my text of ‘The Hitler We Loved & Why,” ZOG willing, which you may use as you see fit. The other topics you mention are interesting, & I shall consider them. In my experience there never has been White Nationalism until Hitler, whom Zionist writer George Will described as “a Pan-Aryan Racist.” The jew, Franz Boas, misnamed place on purpose, for no place is a nation. A nation is A PEOPLE related by blood. A Nation is thus an extension of a Tribe, which is an extension of Clan, Family & Individual. Races are divided into Nations. The first abuse of this truth occurred around 1066, after the Norman Conquest of England. King is derived from kin which bonded the king to his people, not the land. But William the Bastard changed the royal title from King of the English to King of England. Suddenly, the king became a landlord, rather than one with his folk. The USA was always an empire, & empires are multi-national, hence they are not nations. My kosher edjewcators in elementary school assured me that World War I was caused by nations wishing to free them-selves from empires. They did not care to mention that the Soviet Jewnion was as much an empire as that of the Tsars, & the USA was likewise. All empires self-destruct.

The road to Nationhood is a step by step process. The first step is to conceive of our Nationhood. So far, this has not been done, neither in word nor in deed, by the remaining Whites, wherever they live. I have lived in lands where Whites never saw themselves as a Nation, so occupying the land is not the first step toward Nationstate formation. First comes belief, then behavior, then & only then can come the realization of true White Nationhood. You can understand how disgusted I am with the blightwing & its current irrelevance to my goal of ORION! Non-White Nationalists seem to be much smarter than Whites, in regard to their true National Interests. All the best & ORION!



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