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Thread: Letter to Phil -- 9 June 2007 -- The Order & TraitorGlenn Miller

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    Default Letter to Phil -- 9 June 2007 -- The Order & TraitorGlenn Miller

    Eric Thomson: Letter to Phil -- 9 June 2007

    9 June 07

    Dear Phil: Many thanks for your note of 6-6-07 & the great enclosures! Train Wreck was detailed as usual in regard to what may be coming down the tracks, & the ABC Online interview of Gwynne Dyer was informative as to possibilities of the USA?s withdrawal from its Middle East Meddling on behalf of Israel. Dyer mentions the historical record in which dying empires become desperate & try to avoid their downfall by upping the ante, like a compulsive gambler who believes that one last throw of the dice can recoup his previous prosperity. In effect, he is vainly attempting to turn back the clock. One jew spewed that ?We can do it again,? (if we just turn up the Gershwin & pretend we?re back in the 1940s). Oh yeah!

    When I reflect on desperate empires, I recall in my readings of history that the Portuguese Empire was on its way down, so its crazy Christian king Sebastian took the flower of the Portuguese army & wasted it on a crusade in North Africa. The wogs knew he was coming, so they arranged a nifty ambush in which they captured, killed & enslaved the king?s entire army, as well as the king. Sebastian had been raised by priests, so he was crazy as a loon, as to be expected. Because he was such a disaster for the Portuguese, he was made into a saint, similar to Winston Churchill, who was the disaster for the British Empire. Historians have claimed that the Austro-Hungarian Empire was spread way too thin, but its rulers thought it had to expand or die, so it expanded into the Balkans & died in due course. The USA is criminally stupid & insane, so its death is likely to be even more messy. As for the former Soviet Empire, its fate is the best we could hope for, & that is not likely.

    The lesson of The Order is just what it should be: a lesson on what not to do. I warned about such tactics in my White Power Report article of Nov. 1976, based on my experience in Latin America. The unfortunate members of The Order who now complain about such lowlifes as Martinez (who was recruited by Bob Matthews) & Glenn Miller, whom The Order saw fit to fund, is much too late, as we know, but The Order should not escape its responsibility for putting itself at the mercy of such lowlifes. That is a lesson in itself. To attempt to hide The Order?s essential role in its own demise does White activists a disservice. I do not know why Matthews recruited the mestizo, Martinez, nor why The Order funded a known race-mixer & drunk like Miller. Nor do I know why Linder of VNN would allegedly chum with Miller. As they say, ?Talk is cheap.?

    Around the time of The Order, other phony combat cells appeared: Joe Tommasi wanted to play an NS version of Che Guevara, with his NSLF. I warned him against that, for I knew how Che had met his end in Bolivia. Tommasi was killed by a Koehlite, so he didn?t have the chance to ?head for the hills.? A creepy Christian named Ellison (sp?) led the CSARM Yahweh yo yos, who meekly surrendered to the ZOG, ?cause Yahweh told Ellison to do so. The pattern of these phony combat cells was virtually the same as those used to round up dissidents in Latin America, under ZOG. Che?s fate was similar: (1) Attack non-strategic targets. (2) Fail to gain the support of the local population. (3) Become isolated. (4) Get killed or captured by ZOG. Matthews performed all such dysfunctions, according to a book I read on The Order, & people who claimed association/collaboration with The Order. One critic of mine accused me of being a ?backseat driver.? I replied that was not quite appropriate for one who was involved in Latin American civil wars & political movements, nor for one who participated in Rhodesia?s civil war, & who was plotting to get rid of the traitor, Ian Smith. If I am a ?backseat-driver,? then my seat has a windshield & steering wheel, as well as an accelerator & brake peddles. I trust my knowledge any time, above others? ignorance. Covington accuses me of being a zoggie because I?ve studied the ZOG, also deported, handcuffed & incarcerated by the ZOG. He wrote in one of his books that I was ?much too close to the ZOG.? I guess you?ve never been close to the ZOG until you are handcuffed to a zoggie, as I?ve been on several occasions.

    I know the Whites are terribly short of heros, but that is even more reason to focus on reality, rather than romance. I don?t agree with the blightwing which seeks to sanctify mistakes, as do the Portuguese with St. Sebastian & the Brits with Churchill. In one article attributed to David Lane, he allegedly claimed that The Order were ?not revolutionaries.? If not, we are left with their role as bandits. The jew, ?Lenin,? noted that bandits are dangerous to a revolutionary movement, because they seek to enhance their own wealth under the status quo. Leon Degrelle was a political leader in his own right, & he wrote how easy it was to get money when his political appeal was popular. No amount of money to the blightwing can save Whites, as The Order proved in the case of Glenn Miller.

    All the best. DOWZ! & ORION!






    Write to:
    Mr. Eric Thomson
    P.O. Box 896
    Yakima, Washington 98907-0896
    Ek trui a matt minn ok megin.

    DOWZ! ORION! 88!


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    Default Why TraitorAlex Linder and TraitorGlenn Miller Are Joined At the Lip:

    Why TraitorAlex Linder and TraitorGlenn Miller Are Joined At the Lip:


    TraitorAlex Linder and TraitorGlenn Miller are 'chummy' and joined at the lip for the simplest of reasons: Sometime in 2004 TraitorAlex Linder took on TraitorGlenn Miller on as his paymaster to pay for running VNN and VNN Forum and to pay TraitorAlex Linder a small sinecure. In short, it is ZOGbux which is the main reason why TraitorAlex Linder and TraitorGlenn Miller are so chummy, to answer Eric Thomson's question.

    However, given that certain White Nationalist loyalists like myself and on occasion Harold Covington denounce these traitors and false-front ZOGling whigger and drunken anglo-mestizo ass-clowns, they don't have too much love for us as well.

    The following drawing of lines between the Hal Turner ZOG-rat as opposed to the TraitorAlex Linder-rat and TraitorGlenn Miller-rat was discussed in the following manner back on August 18, 2009, when the Turner-rat's lawyer admitted that TraitorHal Turner was not only a rat, but an agent provacateur.
    Quote Originally Posted by PastorLindstedt

    Rub-a-dub-dub, Three ZOG Rats In A Tub

    . TGM . . TAL . . THT .

    Quote Originally Posted by Rounder/TraitorGlenn Miller View Post


    No definite comment about this yet. Too soon to judge. Not enough credible information.

    It could be that Turner fed inconsequential disinformation to the JOG in order to prove he himself is against illegal activities.

    In the 80s, I regularly invited county sheriffs and Joe Momier of the NC Bureau of Investigation to our marches and rallies, and I allowed them to subscribe to our monthly newspaper - all for the purpose of proving the White Patriot Party operated legally. I even had them in my home where myself and other WPP leaders chatted with them and gave them WN literature. And of course, I reported all this to our members via my newspaper and at regular meetings. Not one single member ever objected.

    Has any WN sufferred, in any way, because of Turner's communications with law enforcement personnel ??
    Well, the most infamous rat ever in the ranks of the ZOG false-front whigger nutsionalists figured out that caught rats shouldn't fling rat-shit just yet. But as a drunken caught rat, TraitorGlenn Miller does figure out that as a 'forgiven' rat by virtue of ZOGbux that the time cums to denounce a lesser rat:

    Quote Originally Posted by Rounder/TraitorGlenn Miller View Post


    Damn, ole Hal really is a phoney, lying piece of shit. Before these recent disclosures by his own attorney I was willing to give him the benefit of some doubt.

    Did Hal speak against the jews efficiently on his radio broadcasts ?? Or did he confine his rants, almost always, to niggers and wetbacks, while making mild criticisms of the kikes, infrequently ?? Zat about it ??
    Well, Traitor Glenn Miller, at least Hal Turner hasn't testilied against anyone who used to make the big mistake of following a cowardly lying drunken sack of lifer-shit like jewrself. That has been avoided. But the VNNF colostomy-bag lickers are oblivious to irony as well as reality, as can be seen below. when the gut-sick guido-weasel with jew ass-cancer pontifuckates as to why ZOG rats with money to bankroll his own ZOG false front are so much superior to impoverished ZOG rats stuck within the belly of the beast:

    Quote Originally Posted by Alex Linder/Gut-sick guido-weasel with jew ass-cancer View Post


    I've given my opinion of Turner many times before.

    I don't trust him based on my dealings with him and the fact that he lies about both his own costs and simply invents stories out of thin air and runs them as real news. VNN's backer paid him a lot of money to host us a few years ago. During the half-summer we were on his server, VNN was down about half the time. Worse than any other server we've been with. I loaded stories for three days, and only then did he tell me I was loading them to the wrong server.

    There's no excuse for what he has done. Those of you claiming to be shocked are pathetic.

    When will some of you get it through your heads that liars do more damage than good?

    We hardly need to lie to advance our cause. All we need is the truth, put in simple, direct form, repeated endlessly. That alone won't get the job done, but it is certainly the starting point. The rest I lay out in "Strategy" and related forums below.

    Those of you defending Turner belong to the class of loser-fantasists that, even here, we see far too many of. If you think it costs Hal Turner thousands of dollars a month to run his network, you are too stupid to be of use to any political cause. If you can't tell that Hal made up most of his news...same thing. If you're making excuses for him, you're worse than pathetic. Your type will cause this thing to happen over and over again.

    Lying and blowharding do nothing for our cause. Wake up and realize that. It's one thing to be a patriotard+race, as Hal was, and at a truly professional level. That's fine as far as it goes. We can use a Sean Hannity or Rush Limbaugh-style radio voice. But to make stuff up and to issue threats you know you have no intention of following through on is incredibly destructive. Not merely to yourself, as White and Turner have found, but more subtly in that it attracts precisely the kind of easily impressed loser that is sheer avoirdupois on any worthwhile cause.

    Rounder, if you had done what Turner did, I would have nothing to do with you. There is no excuse for what he did. Whereas, in your case, the Order wronged you. And I have not seen a single one of the Order fangirls acknowledge that. The Order did nothing for our cause except destroy the most successful American White political group created since before WWII.

    Just one last time, in case you don't get it: You making excuses for Turner are pathetic losers. Your very comments show that you are not to be trusted.
    Just one last time, in case you don't get it: You whiggroid feeb idiots making excuses for TraitorAlex Linder and TraitorGlenn Miller are pathetic losers. Your very comments show that you are not to be trusted.

    What Whigger Nutsionalists simply cannot understand is that there simply is no longer any political solutions or WhiggerNut Leader on a whiggroid whorse which will save you whiggers. Rather, the only solution is to let the current civil racial, religious and class civil war overwhelm you like a great tidal wave and for you to swim your way to the top and to pray for YHWH to judge you worthy to live. Nothing can be solved until the Great Tribulation wipes out all the jews, muds, and well over 90% of the diseased and fucked-up-in-the-head whiggers. Nothing.

    I post Eric Thomson because Eric sees what ails us so very well -- the problem of whiggers is caused by diseased whiggers running amok both individually and in herds -- even though Eric is unable to see any solution because Eric is unable to see YHWH and YHWH's solution of simply letting Babylon/ZOG fall.

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri
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