Eric Thomson: Letter to Claude -- 18 Feb 08

18 FEB 08.

Dear Claude: I just received the FEB/MARCH 08 issue of IMPACT, with your cogent comment that Africa’s chief plague is not AIDS, but over-population. This has largely been the achievement of the Whites, who made the Black population explosion possible. Without White rule, the present Black population would not exist.

As I said previously, when the first Whites settled in the territory now called Zimbabwe, after its famous Arab ruins, there were some 300,000 Blacks chasing one another around the region, but when we handed over to Black Marxist Misrule in 1980, there were over 7 million Blacks, by actual census. White rule produced security & surplus food, adequate to sustain the increasing Black population, AND produce food for export. When I left Africa, I saw the Whites’ job as playing nanny to the Blacks, on the basis of “the more we feed, the more they breed.” That factor alone convinces me that Whites must only rule Whites, never non-Whites. Of course, rule of Whites by non-Whites = No Whites, as we are seeing ourselves under jew-genocidal rule.

How jewish is the “New Russia?” Wishful-thinkers refuse to log onto The Canadian Jewish News website to check on Putin’s possible jewish background, so as not to jar their dreamworlds, like the blightwingers of the ‘Stalin” era, who claimed that the USSR was no longer under jew rule, just as Yockey & jews like Fred Farrel of ”Common Sense” told us. I have a vague recollection of reading a CJN article which alleged that Putin had a jew background, similar to “jew-hater” Zhirinovsky (sp?). As I say, it is a vague recollection, for attempting to read news in the Z?ndeljammerkammer was futile. I just advise revisionists et al. to log onto the CJN website & look up “Putin”. Surely that is not too much to ask. I have no computer, just that vague recollection of the CJN news story of the late 1980s or very early 1990s. This recollection was refreshed by the radio appearance of an alleged Putin comrade by the name of “Schwartzman,” which is jewish, not Russian, in the Russian context.

As simple-minded Goyim, are we to believe that we now have ‘good’ jews, who have our interests at heart? That’s what we thought under jew Capitalism & jew Communism, just as we did under jew Christianity, but The Protocols of Zion reveal the real jew program of leading all points of view, on behalf of the jews. Jews have not changed, nor have gullible Goyim.

My suspicion is that jews never put all their eggs in one proverbial basket. Goyim focus their attention on Israel, the jews’ “World Capital” to be, but most jews don’t live in Israel. If ”God is the jewish people,” then it is logical that the “jewish capital” is where most jews are. I understand that more jews dwell in Europe & the former British Empire, including USA, than live in Israel. This fact was noted by Benjamin Franklin who said that “Vampires do not live off Vampires,” so jews will have all sorts of reason NOT to move to Israel. It was true when Franklin said it in the 1700s, & it is true now. As Werner Sombart wrote at the beginning of the 20th century: “America is the distilled essence of Judaism.” That statement is obviously true, from my own experience, as well as my reading of history.

The International Mafia, whose current rnanifestations are evident in Africa, is typically jewish: A co-ordinated effort to control natural resources & trade, according to the ancient jewish traditions. In effect, this Mafia is the Jew World Order, which Global Capitalism has enlarged to control symbolic wealth.

So why would jews abandon the land & resources of their Soviet Empire to a bunch of Goyim? I pointed out the fact that World War I had put the Romanovs into Rothschild hands, via debt, even if Tsarist Russia had ‘won’ that war. When the war grew so unpopular, Tsar Nicholas II was forced to abdicate, but the jew Menshevik, my former teacher, Kerensky alias Kurbis, who led the Provisional Government wished to continue the war; when he failed, “Lenin” & Company took over for the Rothschild interests. Whoever ruled Russia was a Rothschild employee. The Putin opposition to the jew rob & run oligarchs was no different from Meyer Lansky’s feud with Mafia competitors, as I understand it. The bankster vampires have sucked the blood from the U.S. Dollar, so they hatched the Euro. As long as jews control, Goyim cannot win. God is Truth, whether we like it or not.





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