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Thread: The Banning of 'Dick Reltney'

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    Default The Banning of 'Dick Reltney'

    The Banning of Dick Reltney


    Whiggers simply cannot help theysselfs. Especially the degenerate whiggers over at Neosho Forums/FukTards.
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    Default The Banning of 'Dick Reltney'

    The Banning of 'Dick Reltney'

    Why this place is pathetic


    Quote Originally Posted by admin View Post
    We are only getting 9,000 - 10,000 page views per day... What gives? I know we are still the leading media source in town, but we are losing numbers... And I want to know why!
    Right under your very nose, Admin. You have allowed the liberal idiots to get to run their own asylum. They proceed to censor or ban everyone who made the forum 'interesting' under various guises, some perhaps true but usually not. You seem to be a rather weak sister in and of your self.

    As a result, there really isn't anything to argue anymore because you banned or censored or 'warned' off everyone willing to make an argument against the 'right-meaning' f-tards running your forum -- right into the ground.

    If you have any interest in this forum, it is because as a 'bitch-board' everyone likes to see those in power revealed to be idiots. But boredom sets in when you figure out that this board is likewise populated with idiots of the left, who would in turn make things even worse.

    So if your clowns are no better than the government official clowns, then of course boredom sets in. You have no conflict on this board and thus it is a snoozer.

    Also, half the time I try to go to this web page, every odd week or so, this page is down or under construction or something. That might have something to do with it. But mainly, I think it is because of the low quality of people you have posting on it. The only reason I come over here is to get the dirt from these liberal swine -- who occasionally unearth a truffle. Most of the time they are simply nothing but liberal swine bitching on a bitch forum.

    Also, the v-bulletin options on this forum are limited. No linking or embedding to youtube like most blogs and forums. No interesting smilies posting pictures. This place really is sorta low-rent compared to most forums.

    But mainly I'd say that it is because of your sanctimonious liberal idiot posters with nothing much interesting to say who don't like people making fun of them and their doctrinaire liberal silliness.

    Quote Originally Posted by Revolution View Post
    Hello DICK!
    Keep on scripting on this thread like this and these liberals will edit you off the forum….LOL
    Well, Revolution, it seems like dissent and humor is none too much appreciated where these evil liberals [d]rule.

    And, when it comes down to it, we both probably know how to use sockpuppets. But to what end? There are thousands of idiot forums just like this one all over the place. The difference is that we live here in Southwest Missouri and thus know the government idiots that these liberal idiots are bitching about, and like liberal idiots even less than the idiots running things who at least are smart enough to get elected because they mouth the idiocies that the majority of idiots living here subscribe to.

    So, in effect, we are outsiders looking in on outsiders.

    Quote Originally Posted by Heather Bowers View Post
    Anyone catch on to what a reltney actually is?

    Tee hee hee...
    Years ago, while in the army and having nothing else to do, I was reading some fine technical literature, i.e. Penthouse. I came across a letter from England wherein the protagonist wrote about his 'reltney' getting something strange. So, I thought, what a fine English name to use as a joke alias.

    So, I used this name in signing up as a joke name. I knew you idiots were dim -- after all you liberals are evil, not intelligent -- but probably not dim enough to use 'Dick Reltney' as a username. So, Heather, glad to see that we share similar tastes in reading material. :think:

    In any case, I think it is better than the idiot names that the [d]ruling idiots choose for their idiot postings, and it has the advantage of showing that even a 'DickReltney' can see better with his one eye that idiot liberals can see with two. Frankly, the name was chosen to show my contempt for you fools.

    Quote Originally Posted by shinobi View Post
    About to be history on this site is what I'm thinking.
    Liberals have no sense of humor. For that matter, they have no sense at all.
    Do you know why God made women and liberals so that their pu$$ies and bungholes are so close together?

    Because God knew that redneck conservative men need to handle them like a six-pack!!!! :7up:
    Liberals really have nothing to do with their dreary lives other than bitch about how other people are running things. Which is why all of your plotting and scheming to change things has amounted to nothing over the years. Everyone looking in knows that things can't get any worse unless they are stupid enough to let liberals like these run things. Then its SNAFU and FUBAR all the way.

    I wondered where to put this thread. I went up to the 'General Information' thread and was about to start a new thread when I seen this thread. It seems that admin and the rest know what is ailing this forum: It is because the idiots running it can't stand to be made fun of, so they threaten to ban or censor anyone who comes on here and makes fun of them.

    Which is fine. But it leads to you fools simply circle-jerking yourselves. The only benefit is that if we need to watch, it is free. The newspapers had to charge for their little conformity dictatorships, and so they lost readers and an audience. Here, all that will happen is that when you censor or ban the interesting people, nobody much has a reason to go to your little private outhouse on the Internet.

    Quote Originally Posted by Scutter View Post
    Indeed he is Shinobi. Your input is requested at the "other place".
    A 22,000+ post idiot with nothing else to do with his miserable, otherwise pointless, life. He's going to bitch to his other idiot about someone crashing the private outhouse.

    Quote Originally Posted by shinobi View Post
    Just visited. Left a comment.
    I wonder what that comment is gonna be? :cry:

    Quote Originally Posted by Shinobi

    Warning!!! Danger Will Robinson! Danger! Liberal Censorship Ahead!!!

    We are getting complaints of your use of the word "tits" and your request, however intended, for pictures of tits and the use of the word "fuktard". It made our sphincter-voids slam shut, cutting off our turds!!! Oh No, Mr. Bill!!!

    You must beleive me when I say this, I support your right to say anything you feel you must. You'll just have to say it elsewhere. This is how us liberals get around censoring free speech, is to throw out those who speak it and tell ourselves what wonderful enlightened people we are. We follow the same 'gated community' principles as Ted Kennedy so that we can keep the poor whites, negroes, and beaners from swimming at Hyannisport beach while we make you desegregate your lunch counter. We are such smarmy hypocrites, us liberals.

    Failure to comply will result in suspention of your account or deletion of your account. It's my private outhouse and I'm cutting off quarter for you to use the pay-toilet.
    If it was up to me, I'd put all these 'liberals' on an island -- say Madagascar -- and let them sodomize each other to their heart's content.

    You see, it is really impossible to live in peace with those liberals so far gone that they think that public discourse belongs to them alone as a matter of right, whining and puling about how conservative public officials and the conservative public that elected them run things, and then on their own little outhouse clubhouse run things like Joseph Stalin did from the Kremlin.

    Such people should be treated as the potential and likely criminals and parasites eroding civilization when possible and with all due contempt for their hypocrisy when they think they are in power, like now.


    Cousin Randy's Lying Blog, The Turner Report

    My Truthful Blog, The Turner Diaries

    Ewelene still misses Cousin Randy, the slut!!!

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    Dick Reltney Guest

    Default Neosho F-Tards 'Discover' private-property rights -- for theysselfs only

    Neosho F-Tards 'Discover' private-property rights -- for theysselfs only


    Quote Originally Posted by kay9_medic View Post
    They proceed to censor or ban everyone who made the forum 'interesting' under various guises, some perhaps true but usually not.

    so they threaten to ban or censor anyone who comes on here and makes fun of them.

    Here, all that will happen is that when you censor or ban the interesting people,

    In the real world (the one we live in), I'm told that only two posters have been banned in the entire time this site has been active. Having never had the pleasure of exposure to them (both were before my time) I don't know what exactly precipitated that action but I've seen samples of Martin Lindstedt's work, so I can imagine. So, to borrow the words of the immortal Twit Of The Tundra, how 'bout in honor of the American soldier, ya quit makin' things up. We call that lyin' where I come from.
    You don't know what the truth in the matter but rather must imagine what you think it was based upon what side you were on. Since the above-mentioned bannee's work was deleted, you are left to imagining what was said that was so bad. And then, since it didn't fit with your reality, whatever is said then which goes contrary to your little notions is defined as 'lying.'

    I suggest that if you wish to call someone a liar that you need to have some proof that they lied. But since you don't, like most people who think that they are in power, you simply make sweeping statements that their adversaries are 'lying' and then make threats about how you are going to banish their enemies from bringing in new thoughts incongruent with their delusions of adequacy.

    Case in point: The MSNBC/Obongo Channel vs. the Faux News/Dumbya Channel. Neither of them are real news channels, but rather the partisan channels of the mainstream pretending to stand for something, like the fake Democrat/Republican two-party scam. No matter who 'wins' the People get screwed.

    Not that like every other 'tard of longstanding whom the admin of this third-rate forum made a moderator you are any different than all of the rest. In fact, I'd say that you are typical of those infesting this forum -- some loser in loserville demanding that anyone visiting be subject to being exactly like yourself. When in Rome, do as the Romans do, and when in Loserville, do as the Losers do.


    Quote Originally Posted by Dr Doggie Goof
    With that said, there isn't any vulgarity you come up Johnny that I haven't heard before a hundred times in ten different languages so you aren't going to shock me. There is absolutely nothing that you can ham-fist mash your keyboard in our general direction that will bother anyone here. Not that any of us were going to take any chances, which is why I sanctimoniously deleted your little off-color joke. Like most liberal idiots I just gotta show how tough I am while at the same time menstruating about the horror of what you said. George Carlin would have a field day with such as myself and the rest of the Neosho F-tards
    George Carlin used to ridicule your sort of idiot relentlessly. He hated to be known as a liberal.

    I fail to see why you think that for all your protestations you shouldn't be regarded as a hypocrite. Since a hypocrite is a caught liar, thus as a liar as well.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dr Doggie Goof
    You might be a touch grateful to the commies and libs for providing this virtual private property -- which is the first time that us Neosho commies and libs ever had any great love for private property, what is yours is ours and what is ours is ours -- (free of charge!-- and worth every penny you paid for it)) forum on which you can shake your tiny impotent fists at the world, but thanks aren't expected or required. What we commies and libs do demand is that you don't ridicule us and rupture our little delusions and make us bleed at both ends. Us commies and libs don't like getting our butts stomped in our own little private clubhouse!
    What I like about you liberals is your everlasting sense of earnest hypocrisy. Why, none of us have any right to freedom of association or private property whatsoever. Yet, when you provide a liberal club/outhouse, a unibrow tweezing salon and circle-jerkiery on the Misinformation Stuporhighway, why that is when you liberals discover the joys of private property.

    Well, this idiotic hypocrisy is why being a right-winger is coming back in style. Because you liberals make it moral for a lunch-counter to refuse to serve blacks. And, that private property behavior thus goes up to the tribal level. If you liberals get to censor, ban, or regulate to your own parochial interests what happens in your scruffy clubhouse/outhouse against conservatives, then shouldn't the Afghans decide that they wish for a Taliban form of government and have Osama bin Laden as a houseguest indefinitely? Is it not their own country for them to decide who lives and who dies there? And, if the Germany of 1933 wanted to elect a chancellor who will refuse to serve jews, then did they not have that moral right to decide what to do with their social property via democracy?

    Of course they do and did. The Taliban and the Nazis and the Confederate South didn't have any moral weaknesses. Rather they had military weaknesses in being forced to fight for their lives against a stronger bully and thus got beat down. Liberals, in addition to being liars and hypocrites, are also bullies who have nothing except force to compel obedience to their whims. They know this, which is why you liberals are evil, because nobody who knows what liberals are like will ever let them near power, which is why you must lie and sneak around to get your way.

    Liberals like yourself really have nothing except power to do whatever you want in your own little pariah circles. Take away power from a liberal, then the end result is a powerless whiner claiming that he has a moral right to tell others what to do.

    So, I'll grant that you and the other Neosho F-tards have the power to censorship and ban me and any others of your enemies who come onto this forum, your private clubhouse, to make fun of you. However, like the retarded five-year-old faced with the Hobson's choice of having your cake and eating it too, censoring and deleting the comments of your enemies will result in those looking on figuring out, correctly, that you are nothing other than typical liberal whiners unable to hold your own in debate.

    So, now that you liberals have resurrected the moral superiority of the Ku Klux Klan and National Socialist German Workers Party -- they were merely embarking upon the popular political methods demanded by their fellow citizens and having the right to associate with whom they pleased and do with their property as they wished to the exclusion of their enemies -- please feel free to ban me and Revolution given that we are running rings around you in your own little club/outhouse.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dr Doggie Goof
    You won't get censored or banned for your views, satirized maybe, ridiculed possibly, but not censored. It's not censorship when a liberal does it. And in case you haven't noticed yet, us liberals can't satirize conservatives, just threaten to ban them if their humor gets cutting. You see, if it weren't for folks like you, people would have to actually think up new jokes, which is hard for liberals with no sense of humor. Also, if it wasn't for people like you, people like me wouldn't have government jobs and thus might starve.

    However, you can (may yet) get bounced for vulgarity. That's a no-no. Us liberal faggots don't dare say 'crap' even if we have a mouth full of it because once we start eating that nazti brown stuff, we simply cannot stop eating. Please, don't make my castration fantasies cum true!!! You might be the pride of your row at the middle school, but playground vulgarity for the sake of being vulgar won't fly here. Us liberals are, well, edumacated with the finest of pub[l]ic skrule edumacation, to where we are really really smart, if we, and even if nobody else, says so oursselfs. Before you go get all huffy about your first amendment rights to be a pest on someone else's virtual property, I suggest you actually, you know, read it. Wez not gonna open up our little liberal club/out-house up to you conservatives even though we insist that you open up your private property, like lunch counters to whoever we liberals say you have to open it up so that we will think we are so morally superior.
    That's what I like about you liberals and government workers. You have absolutely no morals but even better, you have absolutely no sense either.

    Civilization depends upon recognizing that even your enemies have a right to exist, to think as they please, to have 'free speech' even when they come onto your crappy self-congradulatory forum. When you say that anyone who comes onto your forum must do whatever you say, must conform to whatever little laws and rules you make up on the spot, then you open the gates to where your enemies can do the same thing where you and they live. Once you make it a matter of power who gets to make the rules and enforce it accordingly with your police, thus you fragment the social order to where such matters are determined by violence and terrorism. I don't think us conservatives will forever let you do whatever you please at our expense.

    So given that I think that the Right is organically stronger, when you liberals tear up the unwritten social civil rulebook in order to get your transient way, I rejoice.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dr Doggie Goof
    If all that bothers you in any way, all i can say is...
    I've been looking at this forum the past couple of years. It is a prime example of liberal silliness in what is probably the most conservative area of the US.

    A number of people asked me to come on here and rip you idiots a new one. I myself despise politicians, and see no reason to keep liberal idiots perpetually on the outs from dishonestly ripping into them. They have power and you idiots, for all your whining over the years, have certainly proven that if given power that you would certainly screw things up a lot worse.

    So why am I ripping you idiots a new one? Well, I had nothing better to do. That and someone I wanted to post on one of my blogs promised to come onto my blog if I'd tear into you liberal idiots.

    And, this gives me material for my own blogs and forums, so censor away. A number of others elsewhere are reading and giggling and so I ask them to not let the cat out of the bag until I've had plenty of fun at Neosho F-Tards' expense and you idiots do choose to ban me under whatever excuse you make up to do so.

    You Neosho F-tards really do need to thank me for stirring up the crap in your unibrow tweezing salon & circle-jerkiery, your little club/out-house. You were as complacent as turkeys a month before Thanksgiving and if you are able to think in order to respond, with a thinking response as opposed to censorship and bannings, then you have me to thank.

    Also, you might get some people to actually look at your dead forum now that you got some opposition other than 'Revolution.'

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    Default Pol 'Piss' Pot 4 City Kouncil-Kritter


    Quote Originally Posted by Chris Wright/Pol 'Piss' Pot View Post


    Actually that also is not completely true either. I'm not a liberal and I have the privlage to be a moderator. I saw part that was deleted by kay-9. There was no room for what was said. Completely sexest and just plain vulgar. I'm not doggin on you Revolution I'm just tryin to tell it like I see it. Just continue with what you want to say on the forums, just dont be vulgar like Mr. Realty
    I see that you are the Neosho F-tard choice for city kouncil-kritter.

    I certainly hope that your behavior here on this forum will warn everyone not to vote for you.


    Well, the current kouncil-kritters, for all their faults, will allow insofar as I know, for any ordinary citizens to make an appointment to criticize them without using the police forces to arrest them for this dissent.

    Whereas you, on a crappy little 'liberal' forum which has no power other than to whine and bitch about how the current idiots on the city council run things, would make up rules in order to justify censoring myself.

    Since those little petty men who show that they cannot be trusted in little things will show a tendency to uncivil and uncivilized action in the big things, I suggest that if the voters were stupid enough to [s]elect you as a city council-kritter that if you had the power you probably would have the police arrest or harass anyone who publicly criticized you. If given a choice between a crook and a sanctimonious moral imbecile always go with the crook. The crooks will steal trifles from the common purse, but the do-gooder moral imbeciles will destroy your lives, your liberties as well as the basis for the holding of private property, and thus the entire social order itself.

    Why you are another little two-bit Joseph Stalin, another Pol Pot. So for the benefit of whoever you are running against, hopefully an incumbent, I have a nickname for you: Pol 'Piss' Pot.

    Pol 'Piss' Pot for c[sh?]itty kouncil-kritter. Endorked by Neosho F-tards!!! It has a wring to it, like "A Crow in Every Pot" and "Forty Acres & A Jackass!"

    Well, you lost my vote, Pol 'Piss' Pot. Thank God I don't live in Neoshole.

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    Default Do you know that Dick-Dicks can beat the crap out of lyin' hyenas?


    Quote Originally Posted by kay9_medic/Dr Doggie Goof View Post


    Ahhhh... it's like a mountain spring of pure, sparkling, distilled, wingnut wharrgarrbl.

    You need to be more subtle Johnny John. Seriously. Trolling is an art. You can't just vomit objectionable nonsense into a thread and hope your little act catches fire. You need to plant little sparks here and there, and let that fire start on it's own.

    Also, be funny. Trolling is great if the person doing it is funny.

    Please keep those tears of impotent rage coming. They are tasty!

    What to say to such an invincible act of arrogant stupidity? Well, at least I've never had to put my thumb on the scale and censor anyone, but rather always have given back with interest whatever thrown my way.


    Your silliness reminds me of a joke.

    Two liberals are in Yellowstone Park and they annoy a grizzly bear. The bear goes after them. So one of the liberals digs deep into his backpack and pulls out a set of running shoes. The other stupid liberal stops and says something about how the shoes ain't gonna help him outrun a grizzly bear. So the other liberal tells him that it is not necessary to outrun the bear -- all that is needed is to outrun his soon to be ex-best friend.

    The fact of the matter is that this forum is essentially filled with a bunch of liberal idiots running a mutual admiration society and circle jerk. Which is fine, as long as you at least retain the necessary hold on reality to realize that nobody but yourselfs are enthralled by your self-congradulatory nonsense.

    The minute you get opposition then you will have to make the admission that only censorship can save you or you must decide that you are going to put up a fight. But when the tariff walls of censorship are removed, then you are essentially doomed.

    Of course, as liberals, you have no means of winning the 'trade war in ideas' because you are essentially bankrupt in that regard.

    I have no doubt that those you have been lying about will probably be watching and giggling. And I'll be sure to tell my conservative friends to log on and ridicule you idiots. Why, the entire Reltney clan might show up at your door!

    I don't like being called Johnny John. Call me Dick-Dick, instead.


    Do you know that some Dick-Dicks can beat the crap out of lyin' hyenas?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sceutter_The_Neutered
    You take your Neo Nazi Bullstuff back to Granby Martin, or i am going to have another oops.
    Calm down Sceutter_The_Neutered not everybody that is outsmarting you is Martin Lindstedt, or lives in Granby, nor are they neo-nutzis, or do they make threats that only you can hear.

    Cousin Dick Dick and I had a fine time tag teaming you idiots, and now we must leave to inform the rest of Al Gore's internet what idiots and criminals infest neosho forums. I'll now leave you and the rest of neosho F-tards to look underneath of your bed to be sure that this Martin fellow isn't underneath it. QUICK call 911, OB1Shinobi are you listening?

    Quote Originally Posted by Sceutter_The_Neutered
    I banned one IP and got three Members. How is that for a triple hit?
    Sceutter_The_Neutered lies again, as how could he have banned one IP and have gotten rid of both Dick Reltney & Cyril Reltney, when Dick Reltney lives in Southwest Missouri and Cyril Reltney lives in England?

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    Default Another Typpycull Neosho Forums Fuktard

    Another Typpycull Neosho Forums Fuktard


    Quote Originally Posted by K9 Medick/Dr Doggie Doo-doo

    http://www.neoshoforums.com/MO/forum...p?t=780&page=4 post #35

    In light of the revisit by ML this week, this thread seems like an appropriate one to resurrect and help throw some light out there. Maybe I'll even be able to add a little something to this.

    This is one of the grayest areas I've come upon lately. There is nothing inherently wrong with conflict, it has it's benefits, but it can also be of no benefit at all. It can even cross into dangerous territory.

    I think freedom to speak isn't unlimited - we have the shouting "fire" in the crowded theater analogy, i.e. the weighing of detriment vs benefit to the public good. There are actors like ML, a pea in the same pod as Fred Phelps, driving their business by using (exploiting really) that freedom to drive their want of a platform. Phelps and his bunch make their living by provoking others into emotional reactions, then exploit the legal system to bring home a payday, then invest that money into more of the same - traveling from place to place to provoke others, keep up an internet presence, the publicity etc etc. ML is no different. He provokes, then he cashes in. These people are nothing but cynical, parasitic vampires on the Body Politic.

    ML's message? It's simply base hate wrapped in a smoky stream of purple prose and nothing more than that. I've spent some time now examining his "manifestos" , cruising his "Aryan Christian" blogs and their forums. Pure and simple, the dude hates the world and everyone in it. He even hates his fellow haters in his own "movement" - it's like they have contests to see who can out-hate the other haters. The rhetoric is dishonest, the ideas are intellectually feeble and in my opinion, his whole schick is bereft of value. ML isn't nearly as astute as he thinks he is, he has no special insights into matters that anyone else who pays attention to currents doesn't have and commanding a large vocabulary of descriptives doesn't change that. How many different nouns, verbs and adjectives can one string together to say the one word HATE? Ask ML, he's got it down to an art form.

    So it comes down to this. What ML wants the most in this world (well, next to cashing in) is a platform and a megaphone, because all that hate speech is just boiling over wanting an outlet and a reach-out toward a steady supply of new recruits for fleecing. He's still ranting today about being banned from NF and having his 600 posts blown into oblivion in 2005. I see a value in some exposure to his brand... most importantly, it serves a purpose by raising awareness to the kinds of nutters there are walking amongst us and demonstrates the mechanics of conflict exploitation. An examination sample is fine, but any more than that becomes hate doing what it does best - breeding more hate - and I see no value in supporting that platform. Sorry ML (not really) but I'm personally going to nuke any post and any user account that smells of your taint, ifn' somebody else doesn't beat me to it first.

    Now you go right ahead and add the name kay9_medic to this week's blog rant on your Missouri whiggers, jewry and ZOG operatives that are keeping the White Man down. It'll make my day knowing I'm in the same company as Scutter, Shinobi and Randy Turner. Add my name to your list of those warranting SPECIAL TREATMENT when your revolution overthrowing ZOG begins and you finally get to play dress up in your jackboots, riding crop and Iron Felix costume.
    This is a rather typpycull Neosho Forums FukTard -- the standard ZOGling whigger ass-clown who when it really comes right down to it is nothing more than a degenerate diseased herd animal needing the culling which a Great Tribulation provides.

    Every mighty Evil Empire on the verge of collapse doubtless had degenerate sub-hueman animals just like this, who were had their heads full of similar degenerate notions as to their place in the order of things and that their particular mighty Evil Empire would last forever. Just like the shitizens of Nineveh and Tyre, they were wrong and left nothing, not even their bones to attest that they ever existed. Their lines were miscegenated and they died out, leaving nothing behind except degenerate descendants who doubtless died and who make up the shit-brown mamzer whordes of the Levant.

    One moment the degenerate whordes were living, oblivious to the political, economic, military and social cracks appearing within theie empire's social order and the next day they were killed or enslaved or scratching out a living amidst the ruins of their parents' homes, unable to bring back what they used to have, still not sure what happened, but sure that it was not their own fault but that of others, who were 'hateful' or divisive to cause their little personal ZOG/Babylon to fall apart. Thus these natural-born slaves realize at some level that their world is falling apart, things are not as they were when the meat-whigger or meat-mamzer was young, but this is the fault of those 'evil-doers' who predicted that Babylon would fall, and would not extend their lives, liberty and property to keep their degenerate social order intact just a little bit longer.

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