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Thread: The Importance of Being Earnestly Ass-Clown

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    Default The Importance of Being Earnestly Ass-Clown

    The Importance of Being Earnestly Ass-Clown


    Quote Originally Posted by Dokturd "I like being fucked up the ass by South Afrikoon niggers while I bitch about ZOGling whigger nutsionalism" Kemp

    Can This ZOG Be Saved?

    Please, please save ZOG, please, please, please!!!

    I am currently busy with a new book directed specifically at white Americans. As a South Afrikoon edjewmacated whigger who wrote a book which was read by the very same people I am about to piss on, I actually think I know what the fuck I am talking about. That I am about as clueless an idiot whigger will becum apparent as I am going to talk out my capacious ass stretched by Africoon nigger bucks about thangs, like polytricks that I don't know jack shit about. You see, as a former South Afrikoon whigger, I think that I should tell you Turkeys in the Kwa about racial polytricks since I cum from the biggest bunch of whigger fuktards who gave away their country to the niggers by, get this, voting to die. That's really fucked up, ain't it? It will start with a brief overview of the racial demographic problem facing the United States of America, but is mainly focused on a solution rather than restating the obvious. Yes, by yapping idiotic stupid whigger shit about how I, as an edjewmacated whigger, know better what works in some country that I don't live in, and to propound 'solutions' that I am too much of a clueless whiggroid chickenshit to actually try myself, I am hoping to appeal to my own kind of pisspul: ivory-tower egghead assclowns living in ivory towers. Nobody else should take my idiot notions seriously.

    The solution, the book will argue, lies in real political participation. Of course, this is from an idiot academic whiggroid ass-clown who never run for pub[l]ic orefice. But the fact I have no idea of what I am actually talking about doesn't stop me from writing an idiot book full of defeatism and kikeshit.

    For too long, pro-white activists in America have been led down the garden path by a bunch of unedjewmacated psychopaths, losers, and do-nothing cranks. Itz time for edjewmacated whigger psychopaths, losers, and do-nothing cranks to show idjits properly worsheepfool of us edjewmacated fuktards how to accomplish nothing.

    I have identified these groups as ?cancers? in the so-called ?right wing.? Whereass, us edjewmacated whigger fuktards are mere pimples on the asshole of the [bowel] Movement.

    Only once these cancers have been firmly expelled or closed down, will there be any chance of realistic political action. But don't expect me to get my hands wet or dirty as I'm busily sucking kike cock and having my bunghole expanded by nigger bi-sexual bucks. You see, I'm hoping to find some fuktards who will listen to an even bigger fuktard to do the heavy lifting in order to give us edjewmacated philistine sophister nutjewbs something that we are too pussified to attain, namely power.

    In fact, I will argue, one of the primary reasons why America sits on the edge of a racial catastrophe is because of the malignant influence of these cancers. Why, since I am too much of a shithead and coward to 'name the jew' and bitch about them niggers sodomizing my bunghole, why I think I'll blame the following for the fact that I am a fuktard in my flog-log opus:

    The Nazi-costumed freaks, the mentally ill-Christian Identity adherents and the disgraceful skinheads have all allowed the enemies of white America to smear anybody who opposes the destruction of that country as crackpots. Why, the fact that my fellow whiggers and jews won't even recognize how really important I am in academe is all because of the aforementioned uncouth-nards. Why, my little jew-chawed pecker shrivels in fear and my sphincter-void slams shut whenever some other edjewmacated gliberal whigger says: "You with them?"

    The irony of this is not lost: those groups are indeed crackpots. But why then is there no ?sensible? white American political movement? Sensible, as in amenable to being run by edjewmacated whigger fuktards as opposed to some kulaks who think that they should get to run what they built.

    Why did the Ron Paul-type politics not emerge twenty years ago, like it should have? Ick ben ein gLibberToon whigga ass-clown.

    The answer is because the majority of people who understand the issue of racial demographics have been sucked up into the dead-end politics of the cancers listed below. They have been doing things without the permission of edjewmacated whigger fuktards.

    The chapter headings of the new book are as follows: Well, you can buy this flog-log that I'm plugging on my flog-blog.


    I'll close the comments section because I'm a whigger pussy unable to defend my thesis.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hunter Wallace/Fade the Butcher

    Can America Be Saved?

    Nov 8th, 2009 by Hunter Wallace
    Arthur Kemp, author of March of the Titans: A History of the White Race, has written a new book about the failures of the White Nationalist movement in America. If this name rings a bell, it?s because he is the same guy who wrote about Nordics bringing civilization to China, Egypt, Greece, Italy, South America, and Easter Island. Now he is full of advice for racialists on this side of the Atlantic.

    Kemp?s prescription:
    • 1.) Strip the movement of ?cranks and crackpots? who infest the American ?right wing.? The short list includes Christian Identity nuts, Neo-Nazis, Neo-Confederates, the KKK, WW2 hobbyists, and skinheads ? in sum, everyone offensive to the bourgeois sense of propriety.
    • 2.) Reject the National Alliance vanguardist approach.
    • 3.) Engage in modern democratic nationalism. Imitate the Ron Paul movement.
    • 4.) Reject Judeo-obsessivism.
    • 5.) Create a ?European-American Political Action Committee.? Draw up an electable platform. Have EUPAC select and endorse Republican and Democratic candidates.
    • 6.) Target state senate seats.

    Five years ago, I would have found Kemp?s argument a lot more plausible than I do now. I?m not convinced the White Nationalist movement is marginalized because it is infested with kooks and fringe characters. If all of the above types were expunged from the White Wing, which is not really possible in a liberal democracy, I doubt that our media image would change. The BNP?s treatment by the British media is proof of that. Our enemies will continue to smear us regardless of whether or not we wear costumes.

    Kemp?s caricature of White Nationalism is twenty years out of date. The typical White Nationalist isn?t an uneducated, hate mongering, tobacco chewing Christian Identity redneck. Even our professional monitors like Leonard Zeskind and Carol Swain are willing to grant that much. White Nationalists are usually middle class, college educated, white male professionals who have joined the movement out of concern about third world immigration, multiculturalism, or affirmative action.

    The debate between the ?mainstreamers? and ?vanguardists? has been going on since the 1980?s in the United States. There is nothing original about any of Kemp?s observations. I?ve seen it all before over the years. David Duke famously took off the Klan robes and got involved in Louisiana state politics. He was running for president when I was eight years old. If there is anything to be said for the ?mainstreamer? approach, it is that there wasn?t nearly enough follow up in the wake of the Duke campaigns.

    White Nationalists targeting state representative and state senate seats is only plausible in the Deep South states (South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Louisiana) where White racial consciousness is still relatively strong. I?m not opposed to this. Building a base is a good idea. Unfortunately, no one except Jim Giles is doing it. I?ve complained before that there is no national organization on the ground trying to recruit explict whites into White Nationalism.

    As a radical political movement, I also think our time and money is better spent trying to change the culture than engaging in expensive, fruitless political campaigns. The mainstream right dominated the U.S. from Nixon to Obama, but you would never know this from the state of our culture. If we can change the culture, political victories will naturally follow. Political victories that don?t capstone deeper cultural triumphs will only prove temporary.

    Can America be saved? Possibly ? but I remain unconvinced that plunging into mainstream democratic politics is the way forward.

    It looks like this typpycull whigger nutsionalist edjewmacated idiot Kemp, like most whiggers with a pretense to 'larning' is yapping about things the highly edjewmacated have no idea about. Edjewmacated idjits 'think' that because other edjewmacated idjits told them that 'they's smart' that they know something about everything as opposed to everything about nothing.

    This whigger fuktard has no experience in running for sheriff, or even dogcatcher. Thus the edjewmacated fuktard has no practical experience in how to get publicity -- and there is no such thing as 'bad publicity' when running for pub[l]ic orefice. Because if you have no publicity then you are just another whigger fuktard running against an experienced politician with plenty of money behind him for 'business as jewsual' and thus going to go down electorially without even a whimper being noted.

    And, I'd just like to see one of you anonymous ZOGling whigger nutsionalist cum out from behind jewr keyboreds to a NSM or skinhead or CI rally yapping some stupid shit about "How they make anonymous ZOGling whigger nutsionalist ass-clowns look bad." The skinhead will probably assume that you shitheads are some sort of kike faggot and give you a few lumps or loosen a few teeth in order to show who really looks bad. Me, if you disrupted my rally or cross lighting ceremony, I'd simply find out who you are and where you lived so that you could someday discover within jewr whiggerself a highly advanced case of Piglice Testicle Eating Syndrome.

    It is violence or the threat of it which makes you shitheads credible. Nothing more. The pub[l]ic 'mind' ASSociates White Nationalism with Nazis, Christian Identity, Klansmen, and skinheads. Otherwise, you stupid whigger faggots too chickenshit to put it on the line are simply deemed as stupid whigger faggots too chickenshit to put it on the line.

    I got in the Movement as a militia leader back in 1994, before the Internut. And yes, I've used the Internut to propagandize and publicise. But the reality is that just as before the Internut came around, if you want to be a leader, then the White Nationalist activists -- and the public -- have to know who you are. And if they don't, then chances are great that the clown trying to take down this leadership from behind Internut safety is a kike or Euranusian mamzer like 'Yosemite' trolling what the White Man is supposed to do.

    And, who exactly among you ZOGling whigger Internut faggots are going to 'bell the cat,' i.e. tell the skinhead, NSM, Nazi, and Christian Identity leadership and their followers to leave the bowel Movement to you ZOGling whigger, mamzer, and kike anonymous Internut faggots? An edjewmacated whigger ass-clown like Dokturd Kemp might or might not be able to learn from a good ass-whupping if the goofy faggot were to try to 'remove' from White Nationalism the primitives who make being an edjewmacated ass-clown so em-bare-assed to be ASSociated with such amongst his fellow edjewmacated kind, but I think that the idiotic pussy is much too chickenshit to even try the first step to political supremacy, i.e. intimidation. Just as power is the rate at which work is accomplished, political power is measured in terms of ability to accomplish political (and WN racial) goals by means of violence or the threat of same. But like whigger pussies everywhere, whigger nutsionalists are desperately seeking a Fearless/Dickless Leader who will give them something -- racial survival/supremacy -- without having to do something, like exterminate jews, muds, and most of the diseased whigger herd animals supporting ZOG/Babylon. A real White Nationalist leader needs a backbone, not a wishbone, and followers with spine as well.

    Now lest you whigger fuktards yapping on-line say -- not that anyone with sense much cares what yapping whigger fuktards say -- that Christian Identity has no program, let me say that we indeed have a program. Since ZOG/Babylon the Third is doomed to collapse, we simply go with the flow of History and let it.

    And if the NSM and the skinheads and Klan and Nazis want to have a little costumed fun, then we sure are gonna let them. The jews, niggers, beaners and faggots as well as the whiggers need to see the stick of Racial Holy War before we even bother to show them the carrot of rebuilding a White Civilization after the collapse exterminates all the jew muds & cruds and 90 percent of the whigger herd animals.

    It is not the 'nuts' who are destroying the shit edifice of whigger nutsionalism. Like I said on numerous occassions when I was imprisoned in the NutHouse, "Us Christian Identity and Nazi types may be crazy, but you ZOGling whigger ass-clowns are typical. And I'd far rather be jewdged insane by you whiggers than judged 'typpycull' by the flow of future events.'

    What is keeping the White Nationalist Movement from advancing is cowardly typpycull whiggers too chickenshit to do anything to save theysselfs. Such need to die, one ass-raping, killing, and skinning & eating by beaners and niggers at a time.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri
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    New interview with Arthur Kemp at Radio Free Mississippi:

    Online version of

    The complete and comprehensive history of the White Race, spanning 350 centuries of tumultuous events.


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    Dick Reltney Guest

    Default Edjewmacated Idjits Are An Ass-Cancer In The Bowel Movement

    Edjewmacated Idjits Are An Ass-Cancer In The Bowel Movement


    Two points:

    #1: How exactly is Arthur Kemp going to proceed to 'excise the cancer of neo-nazis, klansmen, Identity Christians, Piercites and skinheads?

    Is Arthur Kemp going to kick in their doors and make them repent? Turn their names in to the local police or to the $PLC/ADL?

    If the abovementioned are not afraid of the jews or ZOG, then why would they pay any attention to Arthur Kemp?

    If they do pay attention to Arthur Kemp, it will probably be to kick or beat his ass and make him one sorry edjewmacated idjit.

    #2: Arthur Kemp was born and raised in what used to be Rhodesia. It was 'mainstream' politicians like Ian Smith and the Bothas who pretended to be pro-white supremacy who actually turned over these former White-ruled nations over to the Africans. Since then the Whites have been driven out or murdered in Zimbabwe and Anzania.

    None of the 'cancers' above sold out the Whites, but rather respectable mainstream politicians.

    So it would seem that Arthur Kemp seeks to have a better class of race-traitor politician to sell him out so that like a jew or edjewmacated whigger he can run to . . . . ???? . . . . . where exactly to write an idiotic screed about how his foolishness which was a disaster just needs to be repeated in the Kwa.

    Edjewmacation. It turns an unedjewmacated idiot into an edjewmacated idjit thinking that it is really really smart because it knows a whole lot of useless and idiotic things of immense value only to other edjewmacated idiots.
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