Eric Thomson: Letter to Brandon

16 FEB 08

Hail Brandon! Many thanks for your letter of 13 FEB 08 & the great enclosures. I appreciate your thoughtful analysis & insights in regard to our current role in Zionist Global Capitalist society. The old term was “International Capitalist” &/or “International Finance (Bankster) Capitalism,” which founded, funded, fostered & fed “International Socialism” &/or “Global Communism.” So it’s no wonder you dislike both the left & right-hand of ZOG. Karl Marx promoted the idea that man was merely material, so all he needed were material items such as food, clothing, sex & shelter. Yet, to believe in Marxist Communism required faith & self-sacrifice worthy of proverbial saints. Materialists were required to sacrifice for a future “workers’ paradise” in which “the new Socialist Man” would thrive. Then, according to Marx, would come “the withering away of the state,” & mankind would return to the mythical “State of Nature” of “Noble Savages” living in “Perfect Anarchy,” as the madman Rousseau desired. We may laugh at the silliness of Marx, but people took his twaddle so seriously that they fought & died for it. Apparently, the only remaining “true-believers” of Marxist Madness reside in our universities.

British journalist Douglas Reed pointed out that a nation which wants to exist must be exclusive, whereas a nation which is to be destroyed must be inclusive, in regard to diversity. That’s why our rulers want more diversity in their territories.

Our people are being taught to hate themselves & to feel guilty. We ‘must’ hate our selves & love others, so you are correct in stating that our people would be put off by words in their favor, although there are some who are fed up with the rulers’ indoctrination of self-hatred, & who react by displaying the ‘forbidden’ symbols & the words associated with them. So far, reactionism is not very productive for the survival of our folk. In the mid-1970s I wrote of “The Devil Theory” in regard to politics: If your god leads you deeper into The Dismal Swamp, it is normal for one with an iota of self-preservation to turn around, before he drowns in quicksand, & follow his ‘devil’ out of the swamp. Adolf is our ‘devil’ which our rulers incessantly bring to our attention. How amazing that his enemies make him so popular, for if the people see how wrong their god of diversity is, they may see how right their ‘devil’ is. Any ideology which the powers that be dislike will be deemed “Nazi.” “Hate” is whatever our rulers hate. That’s the law in practice.

Skinheads whom I’ve known are reactionary at best & self-destructive at worst. They have chosen a ‘no-win’ lifestyle which cripples them with booze, drugs & prison.

The Strategy of Target Selection was meant to warn our people against being duped by our rulers. Any knowledgeable, determined individual can attack strategic targets, so no organization is necessary under present circumstances. As you can appreciate, I shall say no more. To paraphrase “the great humanitarian, Lenin,” strategic targets can produce his “objective conditions for revolution.” I merely quote him. I do not advocate his program.

We can utopianize until the proverbial cows come home, but I think we most first have major crises to break up the logjam of our thoughts & actions. These crises will not be pleasant, but they will require us to think & to act in terms of self-preservation. That will be the first step toward our collective survival as a people. We must be aware that our folk are capable of all sorts of cowardice, treachery & folly, as I experienced in former Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe. The drastic change in circumstances did not produce any change of mind in the White sheeple, but they sure had to change their place, pronto, or experience the decisive sensation of a machete blade slicing their throats & other appendages, as happened to two friends of mine in Bulawayo, shortly after handover to Black Marxist Misrule. My correspondent, who’d left the country, said they found sufficient remains of the father & son to bury them in separate coffins.

Remember: a nation is a people, not a place. As you say, we must develop our will to survive, by ceasing to hate ourselves. Our task is that simple, & that difficult.

I wish you Strength through Joy. ORION!


P.S.: I actually knew skinheads who were not yet in the ZOG-gulags! Their ‘leader,’ George Burdi alias Eric Hawthorne, soon got heat from ZOG & quickly joined a Black rock band. One of his associates had “BRAIN-DEAD” tattooed on the back of his head. I asked him how he got all the round bruises on his forehead. He replied that he’d been banging his head on the lips of empty beer bottles, on behalf of his nation, no doubt. It’s time to get real, folks. Such behavior showed no will to survive, I think you’d agree.


The Strategy of Target Selection


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